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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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rest of the world, i cover foreign policy, national curity. this is very much a political impact. here's the conflict. how do we illustrate it? are we telling a good story? will people get what we're trying to do here? they're living outside and make. this is not the way any family wants to raise their children. we're really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise. and to actually feel as if you were there. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, this is and use our on al jazeera. i'm fully back to bo lined from our headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. we're dealing with one of the largest armies in the world. history, very different situation. my french her go crazy quickly. you as president joe
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biden urges americans to leave ukraine immediately. washington warns of a possible russian invasion at any time. the ukraine crisis and china is expanding, influence dominate talks between foreign ministers of the u. s. ed squad. security block in australia. also the sar will tell you about our new tax on electronic payments. that's dividing opinion in ghana. and running out of time warnings, australia's famous callers could become extinct unless more is done to protect them . and rushes at the center of another doping scandal humpy to stammered on in sport will have more on the 15 year old to tested positive for a band substance before the winter olympics, a court will decide if she can keep competing. ah, thank you very much for joining as we begin with
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a warning from the us that russia has deployed more truce to the border with ukraine raising fears it could invade prison. joe biden says things good courts get crazy quickly and is urging american citizens to leave ukraine immediately. a crisis has been discussed in australia at a meeting or foreign ministers from the u. s. lead quad security block. the u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin. had this warning, simply put, we continue to see very troubling signs of russian escalation, including new forces arriving at the ukrainian border. and as we said before, we're in a window of when an invasion could begin at any time. and to be clear that includes during the olympics, while diplomatic efforts to defuse the crisis are continuing, the u. k. defense secretary ben wallace is in moscow and planned to meet his russian counterpart sag assure eagle,
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ukraine's foreign minister for his pont has told al jazeera russia's insistence that they talk directly to the separatist as part of the minsk process is unacceptable. earlier, separate is leader accused to the ukrainian government of raising the stakes by moving military haunt way. while we have correspondence in ukraine, russia, bela rose and the u. s. this our in a moment will be speaking to our white house correspondent, kimberly hall kit services. is that the better with ukraine border dose jabari is in moscow with the latest russian reaction. but we begin with child stratford in car kid that's in north easton, ukraine. so tony, you've been speaking to the ukrainian foreign minister, what c had to say about the rising tension and the efforts to diffuse that's right. yes. to meet her collaborate here in the car cave, you'll be attending the national security council meeting laser. we understand am we spoke to him earlier, put
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a number of questions to him. and one of the big things that he said was that there, the west really needs to, as he describes it, change its logic. he said that so the logic that there should be any kind of concessions given by ukraine in this crisis needs to change. it is russia, sorry. it is russia, the aggressor that needs to make those concessions. he also spoke to us about some meetings he'd had with the organization for security and cooperation in europe. that's the monitoring team that monitor the a tent said a cease fire along the contact zone. he said that the monitors need to do a report or start working up a report on a number of russian passports that have been issued to ukrainian citizens in the separatist controlled areas. this of course, is an issue because there are a phase amongst some analysts and politicians here that russia could use. the pretext of actually having to protect russian citizens is ukrainians now with
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russian passports as a, as a pretext to launch some sort of escalation. he also spoke about sir the o s. c, getting greater access and movement in and around the contact zone. he said that so the o. s. c needed to see to make sure that there weren't russian weapons and russian troops in that separatist controlled area. and very interestingly, as you say, he made a statement about the normandy format. now these are negotiations only comport normally format comprises of france, germany, russia, and ukraine. there was a meeting yesterday in berlin with representatives of those countries and that is all to do. we're trying to push forward with the minsk agreement and that is something that the ukrainians have repeatedly been criticized for, for not implementing their side to that agreement. and i asked him whether in fact the ukrainians had
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a plan to possibly change the agreement or at least change the sequencing. and he told me what he said was the main stumbling block according to the ukrainians for implementing minced to there is only one major stumbling block on the way or 2 implementation of music agreements. and this stumbling block was not placed there by ukraine. it was done by russia when it started to insist that the only way forward in the implementation of means is the direct dialogue between ukraine and the so called don, it's going to move on to the people's republic. now if you creating except that notion, then the stages of russia in this conflict will change from park into the corner, to mediate or in the conflict. and this is unacceptable. and charlie, the pro ration separatist leader danesh michelin has also been speaking in eastern ukraine, and he's accused the federal government in care of raising the stakes by moving
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military hardware. what impact eyes comments likely to have on, on the current diplomatic efforts to ease the crisis? well, one can only presume that some kind of inflammatory remarks that were made or that's how it's being described here by dennis, with fuel in the leader of the self declared denette people's republic are only going to make any kind of diplomatic solution, potentially even more difficult he accused the ukrainians of planning a military solution to the crisis. you cues, the ukrainians of moving weapons into that area. he said that sir, the ukrainian, the forces were repeatedly breaking the seas far and eating civilian areas. and again, with reference to those pulse boats. he said that the cronies have been targeting that area. the ukrainian forces have been targeting that area for 8 years. but he said the difference now is that there are up to $400.00 ukrainians who now been
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issued with russian power sports. so ukrainian forces are potentially going to be wounding and killing russian civilians. of course, that has potential huge implications. and let's not forget that danish pushy leon is not going to be making any statements like this. giving that kind of press conference without a green light from russia. so of course, yeah, as i say, it has potential, huge implications for complicating these diplomatic efforts at finding the solution and making it even harder tale. thank you for that char stratford life or is that in concave in easton, ukraine. well, let's get the view now from moscow. dawson jabari is in russia's capital for his door. so let's start with that reaction perhaps to what the u. s. president has said, joe biden saying things were get crazy quickly in ukraine, west the crime in had to say about that. well,
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the kremlin has remained silent on the issue today. but in the past, when the comments like these were issued by various officials from the united states in general, the sense is that this is the con, the rhetoric that creates hysteria, that doesn't really achieve anything. and it's very counterproductive to the current, ongoing diplomatic efforts to try and de escalate tensions here. the kremlin has said that the united states has its own agenda. and that by making such statements, they're really generating this kind of a misinformation campaign that serves their own purpose. and according to vladimir putin, that is to try and incite russia into a conflict with ukraine, which is something the russian president has said that they're not interested in at this stage at all. now the diplomacy continues, meanwhile, door, so with the u. case. foreign secretary visiting moscow to day is his visit likely to be more successful than that of the a foreign secretary on thursday. well,
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we've certainly hope so. we just heard that the british defense secretary ben wallace has gone into the defense ministry here in moscow. and he's began his meeting with his russian counterpart and they've been in there for about just over half an hour now. and we understand that after this meeting is finished, the british defense minister will make a statement, but there will be no joints press conference with their russian defense minister survey short survey. sure. go and, and this is pretty, as standard protocol that the russian defense minister doesn't really speak at such things in public. and, but we understand that the british defense minister will certainly have something to say. but it comes after a very unsuccessful meeting and visit by the british foreign secretary, les stress on thursday, at many of the local newspapers are saying it was her visit actually has done more
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harm than good and some saying that if she were a man there would have been probably a fist fight with bring her and survey love rob after their meeting, which we saw the russian foreign minister leave the press conference before, even as she finished her last answer. and there was no interaction between the 2 of them. because saga lover of said that she came to moscow with her very own specific agenda and very rigid points she wanted to make and very much attacking their russian officials here without really trying to understand their position. he said it was like a mute person speaking to a deaf person, so we certainly hope that the british defense secretary will have better luck today . thank you for that door, said jabari in moscow. well, this all comes as russia is holding military drills with bella rose not far from the border with ukraine. fet boss enjoys is now alive from that border between bella, roost and ukraine. what is the situation there with those thrills? ah, jackie, this is the i'm
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a high away running from the city of whole mile in the south east of the roof, all the way to the capital of ukraine, kia, if you go that way, it's around 200 kilometers here to the previous capital. and this is also seen as the fastest route in a case that russia would invade from ballard into ukraine. and meanwhile, as you say, this joint operation, these joint drills between bellows and russia ongoing here in this area, there's several air fields and different training grounds in this whole region where i, i am right now trainings going on drills going on. there are any fun systems right near this being tested by the russians, right now, there are 400 miss on the phone system. so. so cory of fi, 2 jobs at display active at the moment. so there's a lot of anxiety about these drills on the way here. we saw some military convoy
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personnel left personal kerio. so being transported to this region but also some going back. 2 meanwhile, the border is still open as you see, the trucks and buses coming and going between ukraine and bella was still going on and finish if he still seems to be on face by these tension. tensions that i'm building up. thank you very much for boston, bringing us the latest there from the bellows. ukraine border and now to washington and our white house correspondent. kimberly, how can kimberly a pretty grim assessment from present biden, of what lies ahead in ukraine. both he and secretary of state john, tony blink, and raising the alert level. now why all the timing has a lot to do with the feeling of the u. s. intelligence community that the olympics may be an opportunity for the russian president to locks the invasion
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that the u. s. hand. the west has been accusing him of planning for some time. now the secretary of state has not provided any details, but says that there are worrying signs of escalation, something that the u. s. in the west have maintained for many weeks now, but now they are giving a narrow window saying that in the next 48 hours, there is this possibility of an attack, an invasion of the russian military into key at any time. now the u. s. president for his part has given an interview to an american news network talking. * about the consequences if this were to happen and urging americans to get out of ukraine, because the fear is if there are soldiers, russian soldiers in ukraine, the u. s. military will not be able to evacuate them. the u. s. president,
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being very clear about this, that if us soldiers were to go in to ukraine to rescue those americans that may be stranded, the possibility of russian military and u. s. military, confronting one another in his words would be equivalent to world war. in other words, he says this would be a different world than we've ever been in before. and so given that the u. s. state department on thursday issued yet another warning to americans, telling them to leave, telling them to evacuate. we do know that the u. s. is along with its nato allies, has said that it is prepared for the possibility that the russian military could invade, not only militarily, but also with steep financial sanctions. at the same time should point out that the u. s. president. is already we in terms of his calendar moving forward, looking ahead to the weekend planning to be at camp david the last time he was
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there, he spent the weekend with his national security advisors, as he continued to strategize about whether to send troops to support nato allies, he is going to be spending the weekend again at camp david, a very secure location. one can only surmise from that, that it will be to continue to monitor this situation. that both the secretary of state and the u. s. president have indicated is particularly precarious. kimberly, thank you very much for that. kimberly hancock is our white house correspondent live there in washington. while the ukraine crisis and china's expanding influence have dominated talks between foreign ministers of the u. s. fed squad. security block in australia. the fletch to deepen corporation against what they call coercion in the endo pacific region. the block which includes australia, japan and india. and i has seen its remarks as an effort to counter china's growing economic and military expansion. the group has discussed the growing ties between
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china and russia, as well as the current of iris pandemic, cybersecurity, illegal fishing, and climate change. san crock has more from brisbin, australia there reaffirm the support for an affirmative open and democratic order for the end of the civic. they also noted this is maurice pine whose australia is foreign minister, a who hosted this gathering in melvin. she noted that we are in a period of uncertainty and the prosperity in the region is under pressure to the lights of the authoritarian regimes. that of course, this was a veiled reference to beijing. the reference also to the growing alliance between russia and china. and you might recall vladimir putin sheet, him ping, announced a joint declaration with no limits at a recent gathering before the winter olympics. and this making this, this particular decoration by these 2 countries was also noted at the, at the gathering. and it was a concern raised by the court group. now this meeting is also an effort to reassure the region that the pacific and the quote group is committed to not just security
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arrangements for infrastructure investment, humanitarian. and i'd, and as mentioned also that maurice pie, and i also noticed that you are russia and ukraine milk, she crosses, and they raised it might be a global issue, but i raised it and the i'm antony lincoln. the u. s. secretary state knows that the same principles apply for the quote group should also be applied to russia, china's response to the quote group on multiple occasions. they've entered that this is a clique or an exclusive plate group that's targeting 3rd parties, the likes of beijing. and it's the quad groups, a japan, the u. s. a, india and astray. they're all trying to undermine at china's growth. fetch more head on this news, our including forced to cut production, us com acres bear the brunt of corn of irish protest said the border with canada. living in limbo why thousands of venezuelan colombian citizens have had their ideas cancelled. and a new trick of a trade lands gold for a japanese snowboarder,
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but he said, tearful farewell for a triple champion. he to has action from the winter olympics, coming up later in the new south. ah, 1st to ghana where a government proposal to tax electronic payments has provoked a st, protesting a capital, a cra. demonstrators complained that the so called e levy will hurt low income earners already facing high food and fuel prices. we target and be house details. protest is march through gone is capital across the angry about a government plan to introduce attacks known as an e levy. a charge of nearly 2 percent will be added to all electronic transactions of morgan. $16.00, recent poll show up to 85 percent of the country's population opposes the tax, protested say people on low incomes will suffer the most to pre if, if it's worse or more money. which is direct, kept in my pockets, physically,
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or kept in my electronic wallet. you start to tig, the electronic money immune transaction. army is simply immoral, is criminal. the government says the money raised from the levy will pay for development projects. tax revenues have fallen sharply and gone, or in recent years from 32 percent of g. d. p in 2009 to 15 percent in 20. 20. part of the reason is nearly 3 quarters of the countries. 10000000 workers are employed informally. many don't pay income tax. some economists say the levy is not a bad idea, but must be implemented fairly. others say the timing is wrong. process ask a little bit, a bit out. well, prizes aguirre at even last with one big well president and chris twice. now we up and not as well a britain called would come in at least a little brendan, ali vision to the people were rado. whoa, boss to per corporate taxes. some protest to say they cannot afford to live. and to
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cooling on the government to go is one. let me run through all my grandchildren are homeschooling. i cannot feed them if we cannot access water or food. i don't have anything to survive on. so i'm asking the government to hand over power to someone else. we're really suffering gonna has one of the fastest growing mobile money markets in africa. protest is want the government to think again about the impact of the levy on the poorest in the country. victoria gate and be al jazeera. what from on this story? let's speak to a fia a dorm, who is a journalist in a cry, ganeth capital. thank you so much happier for being with us. so the hash tag yen to our e levy, meaning we won't pay, has been trending in. gonna tell us 1st about why so many gun eons outposts to this tax at a time when their country has been facing its highest inflation rate in years. well, absolutely. gorman's economy isn't a bit of
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a free for the moment and the government has said they are the introducing new taxes, electronic levy, or the capital national money to find the i met. and they just want to be that mobile money is a huge thing here. and there's been a few things the past couple of years. at the moment we have 15000000 people registered to use mobile money across a variety of mobile networks. and about 80000000000 on a cd. went through the system last year in line. so it's a huge thing here. people use more money a lot, but there, i think the, at this point it could be a tax of about 1.51.75 percent on transactions that they will do that all electronic transfers for more money. one more money can, another bank can move on, money account will be introduced. now this is a time where petrol prices are going up, it could be a h p, be a leak up before march, and that's a huge jump from where they are now, which is about $7.00 c b liter. but the inflation is going up. yeah. food prices
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are going up and so people, i think this is the wrong time to bring in this tax. right. but the government, i said, and has guaranteed a waiver for transactions below $16.00, i understand which will be exempted from the tax to ensure that vulnerable groups can still access these these digital transactions without any cost increase. why is not that not enough for people? because people are still saying, you know, even if i send 16 or $17.00, we are still dealing with high prices across the board. i feel price is high food prices and it affects everyone whether you are low or middle income. well, they are saying is look as a levy if you want to bring in, that's fine, but not, no, not at this time. and everybody across the board is affected. and also the thing that the one that national to be higher one on our doors. why not $100.01 or $200.00, you know, make it more tired so that people who are sending to have those transactions can
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pay $1.00 or 1.75 percent? 16 dollars still isn't that much. and it's so maybe we'll affect people in the grant. so, so how is the government and the canadian government defending this move? how exactly will this e levy help the country sold some of the comic problems that is facing right? oh president, not a lot of the new patriotic policy that the m p p the ruling party are saying that this is the only way to get gone to financial crisis that it's in at the moment. neither m p p and not quite a bit very well, but they managed to keep numbers. and if they want to carry on, you know that great marketing neither. they need to pay the economy to be done by introducing the they're saying it's the only way that they can get on the financial mess that it's been, they don't want to go to the i am at 400. president slot is very famous for that. we have gone beyond age and he wants to pay, gone from this, you know,
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to this middle income country that's growing. that's a fast growing economy. and the only way to do that he says is to bring in this tax and to tax it by the opposition party. the nbc are saying that if they come over and the next election, the 1st thing that they will do in the 1st $100.00 days is repeal this is get rid of it. i think that's something that actually we will pay for the polls that will be in the manifesto and will be an election from it actually will be very divisive in the country in the lead up to the election. i fear. thank you so much for talking to us about this. thank you for your insight off. yeah, i don't a journalist joining us there from a car. we appreciate your time. now lawyers for a detained separatist leader in nigeria say he hasn't been allowed to change his clothes since june 9 because he has won this out 1st since he was arrested. a judge has ordered police to let him change, but lawyers say they haven't been allowed to hand over new clothes,
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can lead to the indigenous people of the offer group that wants an independent state for the ego ethnic group. he's accused of terrorism and treason. his trial is due to resume on wednesday. in libya, the newly selected prime minister is promising to be a leader for all citizens. fatty basheba was greeted by crowds of supporters. after his plane touched down in tripoli, he was appointed by the house of representatives based in to brooke in eastern libya. a chicago said to replace entering prime minister abdul hamid to buy bab, but he says he won't stand down until elections are held. a challenge to libby as unity government came hours after the bible survived an assassination attempt acumen 30 months because the upcoming gone. when would be for every $100.00 florida, every one we will reach out to everyone with no exception. we don't just started on some of the hallways, galbraith, with the parliament and the council of state because a government cannot succeed without gold breathing and working the legislative body . there's been an explosion in afghanistan at
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a mosque. one person has been killed and 14 others injured. it happen in the province of fact, gifts in the north west of the country. explosions hawes is unknown and is being investigated now more than a 100000 people in madagascar remain in need of emergency aid after it was hit by psychos by sierra. but sir, i the tropical storm made landfall on saturday, destroying thousands of homes. the death toll has risen to a $111.00 and time, not for a check on the world whether he is rob right cameras out again in argentina and uruguay. this is a line of developing thunderstorms and always dramatic as they come across the river plate. and they're really moving slowly north was just the picture for friday . and another one obvious one across rio and fat has been a lot of rain in the good part of brazil. no, not all the for sale in the last month or so. and this is the line of seasonal random moment. johnny into ecuador are seen flooding recently. same is true western
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columbia. it could be a few more big showers that it's not dry. every artifact is quite warm and hot. in some places. far north of brazil were setting new records the 2nd day in a row where there's been really high temperatures, but it's quite a limited area. and also this the season and weather continues with the trade winds, bringing shafts me. you might expect. we seen some big runs in cuba and the bahamas . we won't see a few more because the air that trade this line here, when he was quite co with it, came out of the u. s. and the still a contrast in the us. now you've got this article with temperature living below average the currently a blizzard, warding for parts of north dakota, minnesota. and then in contrast, that in southern california is 9 degrees above average in that last few days, yet whether it's cold and warm coming together, you tend to get active. whether that's not really for ne, but no worries, particularly stormy. i still ahead on the news, our antonio chang. you're heading into the golden triangle when methamphetamine
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smuggling seems to have increased dramatically, young man, military group. and go that last for a swiss kia, who's in george olympic disappointment. people have to be testing scores, macon state. ah, with frank assessments for china as well, benefit from the 0 call it strategy. if the rest of the world cannot get informed
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opinions at all costs luckiest on needs. and on fridays thought of that statement. critical debate, why group would claims that nato constitutes an existential threat to russia, but it's precisely his actions that's rated this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou. ah ah, they're watching the news our on al jazeera with me for leave actual a reminder of our top stories, the sour, the u. s. president is wanting things in ukraine. could quote, go crazy quickly. his urging americans to leave immediately as concerns grow that
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moscow could invade ukraine. imminently. foreign ministers of the u. s. lead choir group have met in australia. the security block includes japan and india. it's delegates discussed growing ties between china and russia, as well as cyber security and climate change. and it's been confirmed that a russian figure skater camila valley ever tested positive for band substance before the winter olympics began. 15 year olds case will now be taken to a court of arbitration for sports and more now on our top story and the tension between russia and ukraine, the you can quit ukrainian, sorry. foreign ministry is formerly protesting against plants by russia to block parts of the black sea for naval exercises. ukraine says the war games are of an unprecedented scale and make navigating critical waterways virtually impossible. the week long drills are happening in the black sea and the sea of us all. and the street that runs between them gives accused moscow of breaking international law and says, the presence of russian warships amounts to
4:32 pm
a hybrid war list. blocking poses a threat not only to ukraine, but also to the entire black region and to global food security. as this see, commercial cereals are being used for traits for international trade. we. we reached out to our partners including the black sea countries, to come up with a coordinated response to these actions. and we will see how russia behaves. they, they see that. we are prepared to get every action. well, let's speak to glen decent about this is in our slow and he's the editor of russia in global affairs and professor of international relations at the university of se no way. thank you so much for being with us. so as you heard there the ukrainians are saying that as part of effect sizes in the black sea, russia has declared launch wise of the of the sea around the crimean bins and the
4:33 pm
ukrainian ford of death and fate for navigation. do you think? first of all, that ukraine's concerns are justified. all this is probably a lot of truth that is the russian naval exercise. and obviously it has been pension of putting pressure on ukraine and also a display of force. however, the rushing much like security, the dilemma considered to be some offensive intentions. that is the main purpose or the per ukraine from my parking boss and the turning united states, of course, because while the, you have someone who is calling for coming down relations, they're the same times of buying where ukraine selling us warships closer to russia and other provocative clustering, russia, so we also see the little to do with coming pensions about what they think the americans are trying to do is pressure russia to capitulate amanda and
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influencing the region. so this is what we refer, the escalation dominance that they want to have the ability to reduce tensions in order to get the other one from russia. so this is to contract this process, then we have to do it to show its military force preparedness to use it. so this is, i think are the current negotiations going on? well, what impacts could these maneuvers have on navigation and international shipping? oh, well, if you have a huge sham military exercise, their commercial course can obviously cause a disruption. but again this there is and then also i have to point out that this is obviously aim towards ukraine, which is also reasonable complained from the inside. because while again, q has refused to implement this un agreement, and the us is actually helping the key to ignore it and pushing for negotiation
4:35 pm
so. so this is in order to achieve this united states and have to be able to show some military force and pressure russia to open up negotiations. and this is rochelle way. i'm saying that it's more. yeah. and precisely on that does need to end ukraine. you think have the ability to deter moscow in the black sea? well, during most, from, during the day they will hold their, their exercises. and again, this is probably the problem of security. my mother with natal, arguing that there deterring russia, russia arguing, they're trying to deter nato from turning the black sea into the late and also the ukraine from making an encouragement to them. so the problem in both sides seeking to, to deter each other. this is how on 2 sides,
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claiming some defensive intention is actually escalating glen diesel. thank you very much for talking to us. thank you. finland has announced his purchase dozens of fighter jets from the u. s. in a deal worth $9000000000.00. it's government says it's finding the $64.00 warplanes as part of a long term defense plan and not in response to the ongoing standoff between russia and the west. finland shares a border with russia and is an e u member, but not part of nato. now the new c u. s. is urging canada to use federal powers to end afford a blockade along their shared border. thousands of truck drivers are protesting against i. current of ours pandemic restrictions and disrupting the flow of goods. john henderson reports from port huron in michigan. along the u. s. canadian border, the truckers blockade is slowly taking its toll. this paddle border is moving
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faster than traffic and is rebels in 18 wheelers demanding an end to cove at 19 restrictions continue using their freedom convoy to block the border on the canadian side, the pain is being felt on both sides. ford has stopped its auto assembly line in windsor. toyota has closed 3 plants across ontario, and general motors is cutting shifts in michigan, and those closures threatened to reverberate throughout the auto supply chain. despite the added time and traffic, this trucker says the demonstrators have a point. everybody. right? whatever. the other guy i was, i don't, i support him. you know? but i think it kind of sucked in all the traffic hearing. on thursday the truckers opened another front blocking all lanes on manitoba main. crossing to north dakota and with the ambassador bridge blocked from detroit to windsor traffic on the busiest land crossing in north america is shut down entirely from the u. s. to
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canada and all wood closed in the other direction. trucks carrying everything from cattle to car parts which under automakers just in time delivery system need to be delivered within 48 hours to keep assembly lines rolling. have been diverted to the crossing between port huron, michigan, and the canadian city of sarnia at the blue water bridge. these trucks are getting across to canada, but wait times have been up to 3 hours and traffic crawls. and that's likely to continue as long as the truckers blockade goes on and politicians seem unwilling to crack down. we are canadian prime minister justin trudeau insist canada will follow the science. not only are canadians, tired of this pandemic of, of the challenges so crazy. but they're also of course, tired of the restrictions hired of the rules hired of the lot. that is understandable. but you know what helps lift restrictions. you know, it helps move beyond lockdown. vaccinations with some canadian provinces,
4:39 pm
including alberta and saskatchewan, have east coast rule in quebec and prince edward island announced plans to do the se. but with plans for a freedom convoy in the us, the truckers protests show no sign of vending. john henderson al jazeera, on the u. s. border with canada. when it's feared supply chain delays caused by the truck has tri, could worse in inflation. in the u. s, it's already hit its highest level in 40 years. consumer prices rose by 7.5 percent over the past year. energy costs saw the biggest jump up 27 percent present. joe biden says he expects inflation to east by the end of the year. protests against the corona virus pandemic restrictions in new zealand during to their 4th day demonstrated blocked streets in the capital. wellington others camping outside the parliament building number of protesters is increasing as police, scaled back efforts to clear the area. hong kong is reporting another record number
4:40 pm
of corona, virus infections with more than 1300 new cases. the surge is happening despite the region being under strict restrictions, rich kind of reports another day. another record number of daily cases here at hong kong with authorities worried about the number of silence trains of transmission in the city. now, beijing is stepping in say it will ramp up assistance in the city, offering more tasks, offering more medical equipment, more man power to help hong kong, there's also talks of perhaps make shift hospital being built to treat and isolate patients to so may land at hong kong officials meeting on saturday to discuss the best way forward. will that be a city wide lockdown here at home called like we've seen across the border in places like c on. that's the big question that people hear. osgood, hong kong is already under the strictest requirements, strictest measures that we've seen since the pandemic began with a 2 person gathering limit,
4:41 pm
which police have been out and full 2 hands find those who breach that gathering role. that's on top of a dining van off to 6 pm trains of reducing capacity and is already flight bands and quarantine requirements to enter the city as well. so there's no sign that hong kong is about to a band it 0 cove, its strategy. despite the escalating cases here. the united nation says the military coup in the mar, a year ago is to blame for an increase in illegal drug smuggling in the region. police in thailand, confiscating millions of pills of meth every day, every week, rather. and loud, reported an 800 percent increase in drug seizures. tony chang reports in the hills on the border with me and my an army patrol and thailand emerges from the mist. in this visibility, they can barely see 10 meters ahead. but this is one of the busiest smuggling roots on the border. in recent months they've seen several 1000000 methamphetamine pills
4:42 pm
and shot dead sick smugglers from me and mom. and their commander knows why they're so busy. yet how i think is to politics and conflict between the people in chart and ethnic groups in the provincial capital, cheng ry. the authorities are showing off their latest bust seized the night before . more than 6 and a half 1000000 methamphetamine pills. in the last 6 months, the amount of crystal meth and meth pill seized has exploded. the produces, often linked to ethnic tom groups inside myanmar appear to be raising funds. these groups need money at the moment, ah, money in general, that they can carry through this trade can buy them arms. i can buy them other supplies, which they may or may not need to support themselves. that population to one, sam is a drug smuggler and a police informant. he wants his identity hidden would have been milan. he says
4:43 pm
that although the amount of drugs being intercepted has increased sharply, far more is getting through. and even more than that is waiting to come across the border cut over. i cannot even guess the amount of drugs that are waiting to be delivered. but i know that there are tons of them so that the produces can produce whatever amount of drug that the client woods and the cost of production is. so cheap. can tell your story to stem the flow of drugs. they say they know where the drugs are coming from, but with fighting between the amazon, me and ethnic groups, no one over there is thinking about stuffing smugglers, the tile. me try and make regular patrol down this for the heading towards the golden triangle. this is mamma, this is tyler. they stay off the during the dry season. so little water that boats can get down with the smugglers and just walk straight across. 12 hours after this patrol nearly 9000000 mess pills received just down river. a brief interruption in
4:44 pm
the flow of illegal drugs into the country. tony chang al jazeera on the time, m a border. around 40000 venezuelan fed across the border to columbia have have their citizenship cards cancelled about being told as alexandra to report some bug, a tough, many children of columbia and citizens, some have been arrested while others can't get hospital treatment or use their bank accounts finished well, in columbia and edward castillo and was doing his job in but with that recently, when he was stopped by the police for a routine check, he was them found that when he was told disco me an id, was fake and was arrested for 36 hours a week, okay, when i was in shock because i was sure i had done nothing wrong. they still handcuffed me and took me to the police station. edward was born in venezuela, but having a colombian mother, he was able to get citizenship when he migrated. here in 2019 but now he says he's
4:45 pm
living in limbo, fearing he could end up in jail again every time he leaves the house. if it's on the right to my identity has been violated. yes, i was born in venezuela. already have a life. yeah. a credit history, everything. now i live in fear feeling that i am some sort of criminal. and edward is not alone. 43000 venezuelan colombian citizens the last year i. d. 's in the last few weeks columbia, the national registry says they found the irregularities in their documentation as far of a purging up the electoral sciences. there were cancelled and the majority were not notified since then. more than 200 have been arrested and others have had severe consequences. the director of the civil registry says that while the difficulty many faith, unfortunately, they had no option given the fact the records show. some irregularity isn't made and it's the mechanism we have in our country to integrate people effectively into the rule of law that will give them all the guarantees that correspond to them as
4:46 pm
colombian citizens. but the adjustment to the law is inevitably applicable. but some suspect, darker motive. they have the so called irregularities, could be an excuse used by the government to reduce the participation in upcoming presidential elections, of citizens linked to socially been its way model. others claim it's the government's heavy handed response to allegations of fake id circulating in the country, whatever the reason it's having an impact. audi wasn't great, but i gabriela cadina's who ran so human rights foundation that assist venezuelan migrants has gathered almost 5000 wrongful cases. people is columbia, and we are colombian, and every administrative decision that you take effect the life of this people to day. we have people that have cancer and are not receiving their treatment because the situation leaving many to face the real life consequences of bureaucratic
4:47 pm
decisions. beyond that control allison, the m p at the i'll just eat up with that one. australia is best known and most loved animals has been declared and endangered species. a scientific committee recommended changing the colors conservation status to protect their populations. environmentalists are welcoming the measures to stop the potential wipe out. or michel soon reports a global symbol of australia's unique while life is now on the brink of extinction . loss of land, bush fires, shout and disease are being blamed for the decline and kuala populations, or would decades. the endangered listing means they will be better protected and details action that needs to be taken was true that we live or we like to live where co allah's live. but those developments require what are called offsets, which means that there needs to be a qual, habitat put back. so what this announcement is about is making sure that that's done in the best and strongest possible way, so that we do have long,
4:48 pm
continuous areas of habitat that are good for corollas. and that we also make sure that we've got the population strength in those areas. the kuala has been listed as a fung, notable species for a decade. but expect se devastating bush fires in 2019 led to at 30 percent reduction in its population inches 3 years. the listing today is really important to give the species that legal recognition. but what needs to follow is really strong regulatory protection for the corolla. and the government has recently committed more money. we have the legal status as endangered now. they're really good parts of the equation, but what's missing is the stronger regulatory protection. so while as need stronger laws and they need regulations that prevent the clearing of their habitat, which is that keith rat. late last month,
4:49 pm
the government announced $15000000.00 in funding to help conserve the quality. but conservationist criticized it for putting a price tag on what's widely seen as a national treasure. and they say the only way the kuala can be saved is if the government protects the physical environment. it lipson when we consume, under sierra, still had on the new sour as speedy swede smashes his own world records in grabbing a 2nd gold at the window. netflix. he says that mixed with
4:50 pm
with with whole ah
4:51 pm
ah tom never sports his pizza party. thank you very much, a figure skater, who's winter olympics gold medal hangs in the balance because of a doping controversy is getting top level russian backing. 15 year old camilla valley ava has been urged by the kremlin to perform and defeat every body. the international olympic committee and international skating union are appealing against russia's decision to allow valley ever to compete in beijing. she tested positive in december for metabolic agent, that is prescribed to treat angina and vertigo, that he ever led the russian olympic committee to gold in the team event. earlier we spoke to a p sports correspondent, steven wade. he says the ice he has to be seen to be taking action. and unfortunately, a 15 year old minor has been caught in the middle of the chaos. thomas bach, the i o c president has said,
4:52 pm
we don't feel it's fair to ban the entire team. we feel like we can't prejudice one person for sins of the whole team. what we can't prejudice the team for sins of one person. the our see has a black eye here. no matter what happens if they, if she loses the metal, they look bad. if she's loud escape, they look bad. she's a minor. so it's possible that she will get off and be allowed to keep this metal under the grounds that she's a minor. she's not responsible for what she took. perhaps an adult gave it to her. she may get a get off and be able to keep the mental. but imagine your 15 year old young woman skating, she's the best in the world and she gets caught up in this mess. it seems incredibly unfair to her. i'm sure right now it must be difficult for her to practice what she is. but how can you practice and keep your focus when this sort of thing is hanging over you? it's a terrible mess for this young 15 year old woman. it's really a mess for everybody know whichever way you look at it. it's a m e s s. well figure skating journalist jackie wong says this is not
4:53 pm
a good look at all for the rational limping committee. it's a really terrible place that can be valuable. it's in, like i said, she's, she's a minor, who knows what went on behind the scenes, but it, it, it really, it's, it shouldn't be on her. it should be on that system. if it does, it is found out that, that everything is what, what they say it was. right? so, you know, we'll see what happens. i think that, you know, in terms of the rational committee, part of why they are call what the, the entire reason why they're called the russian. oh, the committee here is because the state system doping in years past. and so you know, up to the i o c to really figure out what they want to do with those if indeed the be the doping, appeal stance elsewhere. there's a new high flyer in the men snowboard. half type of the legend tips out depends.
4:54 pm
are you moving around or nailing down? but the final run it included. of course, that's 3 head over heels slips and twist well grabbing the booed iran a only introduce the dangerous trick in december for 6 months of intense training. 6, the drove the day, but it was an emotional farewell for american show. why the winner at the past 3 olympics crashing when the final run to finish for 35 year old says he's grateful to be leaving behind a legacy for the next generation of professional writers. my name is he's the oldest athlete and the sport to this event. so i'm sure there are a lot of emotions that i would never dream of being able to understand. and he has delivered the best of his performance just riding on the venue itself as much more important than the result itself. and that's a great message for everybody. and i've been very much bye bye has run. a swiss skier has one gold in an event that's been gut wrenching for her previous olympics
4:55 pm
. will champion laura good bear army taking out the super g. a 30 year old finished 4th of the last 2 olympics. the gold comes on top of the bronze she claimed in the giant slalom to time olympic gold medalist coquettish schiffron was a distant 9th, but at least the american finish this time of the sky out in her previous 2 races. swedish speed skater nills fond of who has smashed his own world record to win the men's 10000 meters. it's the 2nd gold of the games. it's ready, 5 year old shaving more than 2 seconds of his previous best mock. and finland's evo, nice cannon has won a 3rd gold medal in as many olympics and cross country skiing. he's out of the 15 kilometer title to his 50 kilometer f, as in young chang and the classic team sprint at saatchi in 2014 norway now tops the table with 6 gold medals aid of germany and the netherlands. he'd honors when doubling japan,
4:56 pm
sally and putting it in the top 10. liverpool hebrides. the gap on manchester city to 9 points of the top of the premier league home side taking care of business at anfield against lester city. or to useful would be a good job for scoring either side of off time in the to know victory. livable can reduce the deficit to man, said he even further when they play their game in an when jimmy have no chance to to be due to to catch them. i would, i mean, we shall not try to play the best possible seas for us. so i can see that so 1st and foremost we have to win our football games. and this football club is massive. and since i'm here, i can't remember a game be lost and everybody. yeah. you can lose that game. a blockbuster, n b, a deal. as in brooklyn, star james hardon traded to philadelphia. but 8th grades, us in the 10 time, all sorts of the 70 sixes and exchange for unwanted young gun been summons. plus 2
4:57 pm
other players and a couple of 1st round draft picks ordinarily spent 13 months at brooklyn hoping to when he's supposed to be a championship. alongside superstars, kevin durant and kyrie irving, the head of major league baseball is optimistic a deal to end the lockout can be done in time to avoid a delay to the start of the regular season. despite the ongoing situation, m l b commissioner rob manfred says the schedule for spring training remains unchanged with pitchers and catchers due to report next week. owners locked out the players more than 2 months ago after the agreement, which lays out the rules of employment and financial structure of the game expired the 2 sides of the to continue negotiations on saturday. i am an optimist, and i believe we will have an agreement in time to play our regular schedule. i see missing games as a disastrous outcome for the, for this industry. and we're committed to making an agreement in an effort to avoid
4:58 pm
that. so that's all your sports is for the time being there'll be another update again in a few hours time. funny, peter, thank you very much. that's it for this news hour. just stay with us. so benjamin weldon is coming up a shortly after this break, including the latest on the rushing crane touches. ah julian, the debate, the eraser of black people from the american and global story was very powerful on online, at your voice. the comment section is right here during our conversation, we had unprotected when everyone is protected, it is not by being nationalistic about those. you just look at it in a very different way. said that perspective men and men meeting each other and they don't have any pollution. let me get put it clear for you. this dream on al jazeera, from international politics to the global pandemic, and everything in between. it did not respect poor people and your our planet
4:59 pm
promised to ensure the safety of women. what happens if the systems are full by that people actually have no fear? why is the u. k, so hostile to fancy, the mystery to all of us join me if i take on the live, dismantled misconceptions and meet the contradiction at the time to get up front on al jazeera, more than half a 1000000 booster shots were administered in the u. k. in just one day, fall short of the 1000000 a day, the government's aiming for the race to reinforce immunity is gathering pace. it's the extraordinary infectiousness of the owner. con variant though, which is really worrying global scientists and health experts in the u. k. on the current cases and now doubling every 2 days and with more than 200000 possibly infected every day, the number could pass a 1000000 within a week. long queues again at vaccination centers,
5:00 pm
up and down the u. k. of the government's booster job program continues apace. illema, facing the politicians on that side of the river, is whether the jobs alone will be enough to slow the progress of the on the cross variance. so we have to look at what we can do to slow only crohn's advice when it comes to deciding which options to reduce the infection rate. the advice from the w h. o, do it all ah, we're dealing with one of the largest armies in the world. this is a very different situation and things could go crazy quickly. us president joe biden edges americans to leave ukraine immediately. washington warms of a possible russian invasion at any time. ah,
5:01 pm
i'm fully back to go. you're watching al jazeera life from doha also ahead. the ukraine crisis and china is expanding.


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