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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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could you see a little bit again, that number that's in the last day in the center. so i was also. 8 i was out 14, i'm a san jose should documentary from around the world about those who won't give up their fight, that just it out. is there a select justice? ah, you're as president joe biden holds a teleconference with nato allies to discuss russia's military build up on ukrainian border. ah, i don't know about this, and this is 0. live from doe have also coming up. the u. s. president signs an executive order to unfreeze at $7000000000.00. busy in afghan reserves, we're going to have more on where it's going. candidates,
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ontario province declares a state of emergency is truck. drivers continue to block roads against covet 19 restrictions. bus up morning that australia's famous koala bear could face extinction unless more was done to protect them. ah, it's 17 g m t u s. president joe biden is holding a phone call with other nato leaders to discuss rushes ongoing troop build up around ukraine. earlier. the u. s. one that moscow has deployed more troops to the border, further raising fears it could invade russia denies it has any plans to do so. biden has urged american citizens to leave ukraine immediately. the crisis has been discussed in australia at a meeting of foreign ministers from the u. s. lead quad security block. you are a secretary of state antony blank and had this warning. simply put,
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we continue to see very troubling signs of russian escalation, including new forces arriving at the ukrainian border. um, and as we said before, we're in a window, ah, when an invasion could begin at any time. and to be clear that includes during the olympics you can defense minister ben wallace as talks and moscow with the russian defense minister survey, chicago world constructive. and frank chicago says ties between the 2 nations are close to 0. ukraine's pharmacist told alta 0 that russia's insistence that they talk directly to the separatists as part of the minsk processes unacceptable. earlier, a separatist leader accuse key of, of raising the stakes by moving military hardware. when natasha butler is live for us now in key f. so the u. s. president's telling us citizens to get out of ukraine . i understand there's some moves elsewhere as well. what's going on?
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yes, that's right. the dutch embassy in key advising its citizens to leave ukraine if they can, if they are non essential, a stall. we also understand from recalls on dutch radio that the dutch embassy would move its counselor services to a city if in the west or you cray not, that is not going to be making the ukrainian government very happy indeed because they have spent much of the day trying to down play the u. s. president j. biden's, comments and statements that us citizens should leave your crane as soon as possible. natasha, here is me for interrupting you there because we've been waiting for a press conference to me. friends, national kathy defense counsel are taking place in talking in ukraine. this is anna stacy secretary, alexia john alone speaking. let's listen the nozzle and lexie. we looked at this also at secret and we listen to very for so external intelligence,
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services, ministry of defense. and the separate report from the commander in chief from a ukrainian navy commander near papa. as melanie's president also listened to very poor. so various lo, inforcement bodies. we understand what is going on at our borders. we understand what is happening on the occupied territory of crimea. as well as in the maritime domain in us oven lexie. the next question is that we consider it was a the military or technical support to be received from international community. we looked at the report from 2014, which countries provided support. and as you might know,
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we receive additional support from our partners almost every day we have received $25.00 freight flights with various armaments. we also looked at it at secret menus. we had the report from the deputy minister of defense, the minister of finance march anchor. we also looked at another question and visit about ukrainian law on national resistance. this law was accepted on the 3rd of january and visit about forming national resistance moment. hi
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general's illusion. a commander in chief was speaking on this territorial defense, but also collect call from the keyboard administration and head of the hercule or blessed administration in new york, as well as the head of the a blessed having the rescue with miss thorough from patricia or blessed administration we approved a number of measures this be it can inter himself national defense and territorial resistance. this has been a press conference of ukraine's national security defense counsel in the car key,
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but it's been holding it. first press conference is the crisis between ukraine and russia began the counsels made up of senior military officers and also coordinates policy or national security and international affairs, and also house senior politicians on it as well. it ultimately advises the president of ukraine, vladimir zalinski, that was the anesthesia secretary alexi, daniel of saying that they had been getting reports of the situation of troop movements around ukraine's borders and reports to of what military support ukraine had received from foreign governments as well as details of plans for forming national i security forces within the country itself. let's go back to our natasha mom who was in a gym for us and natasha. i understand that you couldn't hear that, but i do want to go back to what we were talking about before. the fact that the u . s. has of that certainly the u. s. president has suggested that american civilians should be leaving ukraine. this seems to be followed up by other
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governments as well. just remind us what you were talking about before we went to the press conference. yes, indeed, we've got the dutch embassy advising a dutch citizens to leave ukraine if they can. you've got the u. s. president, oh joe biden, advising american citizens to do the same. and what i can say is that, you know, a few days ago, we were talking here in kiev about this sense of optimism. because there had been this flurry of diplomacy would seen the french president come through t as in moscow, various other western leaders. and there was a sense of hope that perhaps the situation was getting better. but what i can say is it certainly doesn't feel like that. now not only do we have some wes nations asking their citizens to leave, but you have a situation in which the russian military buildup continues on 3 sides. you have those russian military exercises to the north of ukraine and ben averse,
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less than 200 kilometers away from right here in key f in the south. you have in the black sea in the as off see, a russian naval exercise is going on for 5 days. the ukrainian government saying that those are outrageous. they are accusing moscow of a hybrid war. they're calling on the international community to do more. and then of course, that build up of russian troops continuing on the eastern border as well. so a very concerning situation here. there's no sense of panic here and kia, but there is certainly a low level of anxiety. people really don't know what will happen next. the situation is certainly very unpredictable. natasha roth. unclear. thank you very much indeed. ok. let's go to our white house correspondent, kimberly hall could. she's joining me now. kimberly, let's talk about this phone call that joe biden is holding with other nato leaders . what more do we know about what's likely to be in that coal?
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now we know that this is something that the united states has made a point of doing it. specifically the us commander in chief, joe biden. the u. s. president is that he promised that there would be close coordination with nato allies. and so this call with transit land leaders is a part of that, as there is a continued effort to try and resolve the security differences that the west has with russia. a one that has taken what the united states called a dual track of deterrence as well as diplomacy. this is what the crux of the call continues to be about now to that and what we know is that they are continuing to coordinate not just in that, but also their ongoing concerns about what the secretary of state has been talking about out of australia and that is the continued build up of. 5 military troops by the russians along ukraine's border. and also the concern that there is this military intelligence from the united states that indicates that some sort of
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invasion is imminent. and that this could be timed with the u. s. olympics. so to that end, we know that the u. s. president, in addition to this conferring that is taking place with transatlantic leaders, has also been talking to his national security advisers not only in the situation room on thursday evening. he also had, as. c daily briefing here at the white house friday morning. and we also know that the national security advisor james sullivan will be briefing reporters in the upcoming daily press briefing. that is set to take place in the coming hours. yeah, we're going to be keeping an eye out for that. kimberly thank you very much and do that. whitehouse coma responded. triple hawkins. us president joe biden signed an executive order to unfreeze $7000000000.00 in afghan reserves off of that is going to go to watch humanity and efforts in afghanistan. now, the hop towards relatives of victims of $911.00 other attacks by on groups. the 7000000000 was deposited by the african central bank in new york and it was frozen
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prior to the taliban takeover in august. kristen said him is lifeless now in new york question. tell us more about the cache and what's gonna happen to it. so this is money that belongs to the afghan government. some of it may have come from international donors, but it was intended for the afghan people and it's been frozen an account here in new york. now the last thing that the united states wants is for any of this money to get into the hands of the taliban, and that's why the assets, the money were frozen. but the humanitarian situation in afghanistan is getting worse. we've been hearing warnings from the united nations about an economy that is collapsing, people that are starving, and the threat of refugees flowing out of the country and elsewhere. because of this increasingly dire situation. so with that as a backdrop, and also
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a lawsuit from the families of 911 victims against the taliban is also a bit behind this announcement from the u. s. administration. they have also been trying to keep this money out of the hands of the taliban. and i are trying to get a hold of that. so with that as a backdrop, the biden administration announced that it would put this money into a trust to be used for humanitarian purposes. but without access by the taliban. now how they're going to stop the taliban? from getting that money, we're not clear yet, but they say there will be control. so it does not go to the taliban, but does go to the afghan people to help them. so that is what this money is intended for. but the administration is making clear that some of this money is being set aside for the families of the $911.00 victims. and for
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the $911.00 families, that situation has to be resolved in court. so the exact amount that might go to the families is something that actually be settled in court. president biden here attempting to address the humanitarian situation, pressure within washington, within his own party to deal with that, but also pressure from the 911 families to ensure that this money does not go to the taliban. so that is what is behind this emergency declaration. and moving of this money christian. so let me bring this up to date from new york christian, thank you very much. indeed. all the head of the world health organizations urging african countries to back efforts to have the continent own medicine regulator. that is, address yes is in south africa, which is working to set up a technology transfer for m r and a vaccines to help boost vaccine production in africa. the south african pharmaceutical company, african balance last week that it's the 1st in africa to develop its own job based
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on madonna's publicly available data, and it'd be own notice of a modern emerging technology share. and then when the hub, we could expedite manufacturing removing the need for large clinical tribes and catching development and approval time, but at least one year. once again, i can relate all those involved in bringing them out in a to let you transfer. have to this point, and i look forward to instead of the development still ahead on al jazeera students in india's state of come, nautica will return to school on monday as religious tensions remain. high overheads of band and the longest running also show in the u. s. is taking place in chicago, but the industry is facing some major bumps on the road. ah .
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i think we've passed the heart of winter storm. so the ones have been going through recently from the east and met down to run, not as cold, not quite as full of snow. all right, this latest. why don't produce showers in possibly q 8 more likely the iranian mountains, snow red leave cause a height. and usually when these go through and they have come from west to east, they give it a bit of a shamal afterwards. and this is it. so normally on north wesley breeze, the orange here suggest is quite a dusty one because the ground is drawing up in iraq that it brings dust with it down for eastern saudi or rain. kutrovitch to you. a dust spreads out of course and keeps coming in. and it's typical the temperatures drop, so hot out to 20 is a high temperature. and you can't quite think wind chill up. be extraordinary, but it will feel rather colder. otherwise the sun is acting. this doesn't quite back. as far as the eastern met nash's too early for any outbreaks, a significant rate in the horn of africa, which causes suffering drive the moment
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a few shower through ethiopia may be and down towards uganda, around late victoria, but this seasonal rainy's still further south and it's just line here through tanza, near northern mozambique and back through zambia and down towards the movie. quite a lot of rain in namibia, however, is quite possible at cape times, enjoying some late summer, 33 on tuesday. the frank assessments for china will benefit from their college strategy if the rest of the world got together informed opinions at all. lucky enough. reading that critical debate would be the claims that need to come to an interest in your threat to russia. but it's precisely, he's actually that created the insecurity in the region in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera.
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ah ah, what does it remind on the top stories this r u. s. president joe biden is holding a phone call with other nato leaders to discuss russia is ongoing trip build up around ukraine. biden's urged americans to leave the country immediately. britton's defense minister ben wallace is describing his talks with russians. defense minister said guy chicago, as constructive and frank shy guy who said bilateral ties are close to 0 a graham and says it will soon respond to reconciliation repulses from the us and nato. because president joe biden signed an executive order to unfreezes $7000000000.00 in afghan reserves off of that is going to go towards humanitarian
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efforts in afghanistan, the other half towards relatives of victims of $911.00 and other attacks by on the groups the premier of the canadian province of ontario has declared a state of emergency in response to ongoing trucker protests against covered 19 measures. doug ford made the announcement as protest continue to shut down parts of the capital ottawa and the city of toronto. there has been major disruption along windsor's ambassador. bridge it's a main trade route between the us and canada, or particle hanes, live for us in washington, d. c. this is a fairly significant move by the the, the state, the premier, what's going on? well i, it certainly seems to indicate the authority as i have had enough, and they're not going to negotiate. they're not going to give them to their demands . and so now the question is, what's next? well, the premier said by issuing this state of emergency for 42 hours, possibly longer, it allows them to start arresting people. and he said if they do that,
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people could face up to a $100000.00 fine to year in prison. they've also, authorities have gone to a judge asking for an injunction about the bridge, seeing that they are legally blocking it that would allow them to perhaps start trying to clear the traffic. one of the big concerns obviously, is the size of the protest. people been bringing children, the premier said, please leave your children at home, please go home. they're afraid with the weekend that those numbers are just going to swell. so really sending the message that officially, now they're tired of it and it's a clear indication that they could possibly take action very soon. and we're going to be, of course, watching for that action. and those arrests are going to be difficult to do. obviously if they're kids and families around as well how, how is this likely to progress? is there any indication of what their plan is? it's a really interesting way to protest me if you think about it. it's really hard to deal with something as big as a semi truck. so the question is,
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how do they go in and get them out if they were to get the drivers out of the cabs? how do they move the trucks? do they have to have them towed? where do they told them to? and obviously it's very scary because the truck of that size, somebody had a bad motives. they could do a tremendous amount of damage, especially in a large crowd situation. so we do know that the police and candidate have called in reinforcements. they don't have any sort of national guard like here in the united states. but obviously it's going to be a tricky operation if they want to go in. they'd 1st have to figure out how to get them out of the trucks, how to move the trucks and how to protect themselves well, facing down these huge semi trucks. so very interesting predicament, really for the police trying to figure out if they move in, how do they do it and how do they do it safely? as pedagogy and bringing it up to date from washington. d. c. parties. thank you very much. well, it's fair. the blockades could have a serious impact on the auto industry in the united states,
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which relies and carports made in canada. right of more production delays is overshadowing the chicago also show the largest showcase. so it's kind in the us factories of suffering from supply chain disruption and the global shortage of semiconductor chips, which are vital for vehicle computers. government plans in ghana to tax electronic payments has provoked a street protests in the capitol by mistake has complained that the so called e levy will hurt low income areas already facing high food and fuel prices. victoria gate and the reports protest is march through gone is capital across the angry about a government plan to introduce attacks known as an e levy. a charge of nearly 2 percent will be added to all electronic transactions of morgan to $16.00. recent poll show up to 85 percent of the country's population, oppose is the tax protest in say people on low incomes will suffer the most to
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print the situation for money which is direct, kept in my pocket, physically or kept in my electronic wallet. you start to tig, the electronic money. emily transaction, i'm me is simply immoral, is criminal. the government says the money raised from the levy will pay for development projects. tax revenues have fallen sharply and gone, or in recent years, from 32 percent of g d. p. in 2009 to 15 percent in 2020 part of the reason is nearly 3 quarters of the countries. $10000000.00 workers are employed informally and many don't pay income tax. some economists say the levy is not a bad idea, but must be implemented fairly. others say the timing is wrong. process was collected, dayton out. well, prices are going up even last week. one big well, brunswick and chris twice. now we are brand boxes. what i've written coverage come in and these double, brendan, ali, vision to the people, were raw dot whoa, lost to per corporate boxes. some pretense to say they cannot afford to live and to
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calling on the government to go. slowly. let me run through all my grandchildren are homeschooling. i cannot feed them if we cannot access water or food. i don't have anything to survive on. so i'm asking the government to hand over power to someone else. we're really suffering gonna has one of the fastest growing mobile money markets in africa. protest is want the government to think again about the impact of the levy on the poorest in the country. victoria gate and b algae, 0 schools. a reopening on monday in india's state of carlotta come after they were closed because of violence standoff between pupils. female students have been protesting against a ban on religious head, scarves in class. a lot ago is governed by the political party of primers and that ends ramadi. is being accused of fostering discrimination. parental reports from andrea musket con has become
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a local hero. people from across india have come to take photos of themselves with her, and some give her gifts and money must con, shot to fame. after this video went viral, she seen resisting a group of and demanding she removable car. wouldn't any like i, i am not scared of anyone except young mighty. i thought of him, he was the one who gave me the strength and now all this respect. i am very grateful. i experience has highlighted a controversy over a ban on religious clothing in the southern state of karnataka that has led to a national debate about constitutional freedoms. women started protesting after they were banned from entering class. one ready headscarf. this parked counter protest by him, the groups the marsh wearing saffron colored scalds to assert their identity. the color is considered sacred by many hindus. but after vied in clashes, schools and colleges were closed for 3 days. the state government has back the ban in india. dumb way nerdy. blossom is going on. yes,
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a prison in those are supposed to be me not it is. so this is what you had a dead aah! down to get his is completed on and was yet acting to go to. so i did a gentleman, protest had spread to other regions. authorities in new delhi have detain students demonstrating in solidarity with the women a court and could not go has allowed schools to reopen, but asked students not to wear any religious clothing until a final decision is made. many people are getting anxious in this muslim dominated neighborhood in mound out, they say been only send their daughters to schools that allow head scarves. an activist say that the bank could lead to more than god's becoming further marginalized and segregated from others in schools. some teachers are worried about the long term impact on students. the once you have stood poison into this a otherwise a loving gum earlier. well, it might job many people may use it for different good, but he lives at the,
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in different stages. but that would be one of the i'm in all most unfortunate thing that might happen had after must gone, says she's grateful for the support she's re, needs and is confident. the court will rule in favor of those object and the ban. she plans to go to university next year to fulfill her father's dream of becoming a lawyer. path in the middle al jazeera could not gar, southern india, although it is in thailand or racing to contain the 2nd oil spill in less than 3 weeks off its eastern coast, nearly 5000 liters poured into the senior. the province of a young, i'll came from the same underwater pipeline that sprang a leak last month, polluting near by beaches. the government says the latest bill is unlikely to reach the shoreline. indonesia has ordered $42.00 warplanes from france and an $8000000000.00 deal to upgrade its aging air force. the success for france follows australia's cancellation of a french submarine deal this truly
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a navy was nuclear power subs instead. now it's joined a strategic alliance with the us and britain. indonesia also wants american war planes, but it has been approved in washington, but it hasn't been finalized. one of us trailers, best known and beloved marsupials has been declared and endangered species. and environmental as are welcome in the change in conservation status and extra protection measures to stop the potential wipe out of co others on the coastal reports a global symbol of australia's unique while life is now on the brink of extinction . loss of land, bush fires, drought and disease are being blamed for the decline in kuala populations or would decades. the endangered listing means they will be better protected and details action that needs to be taken was true that we live, or we like to live where corollas live. but those developments require what are called offsets, which means that there needs to be a qual,
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habitat put back. so what this announcement is about is making sure that that's done in the best and strongest possible way so that we do have long, continuous areas of habitat that are good for quality. and that we also make sure that we've got the population strength in those areas. the kuala has been listed as a bung notable species for a decade. but experts say devastating bush fires in 2019 led to at 30 percent reduction in its population inches 3 years. the listing today is really important to give the species that legal recognition. but what needs to follow is really strong regulatory protection for the corolla. and the government has recently committed more money. we have the legal and status as endangered now. they're really good parts of the equation, but what's missing is the stronger regulatory protection. so while as need stronger laws and they need regulations that prevent the clearing of their habitat,
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which is their keith rat. late last month, the government announced $50000000.00 in funding to help conserve the quality. but conservation is criticized it for putting a price tag on what's widely seen as a national treasure. and they say, the only way the color can be saved is if the government protects the physical environment. it lipson. when we consume al jazeera, ah, this is all just here. these are the top stories. the u. s. president joe biden is holding a phone call with other nato leaders to discuss rushes ongoing to build up around ukraine. biden's are americans to leave the country immediately. our white house correspondent, kimberly hawk. it has more on that phone call. he promised that there would be close coordination with nato allies. and so this call with transit land leaders is
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a part of that, as there is a continued effort to try.


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