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tv   Up Front  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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the distinct possibility of action in a relatively near term timeframe, including along the timeframe that i've laid out the secretary link and talked about that is backed up by our view of what's happening on the ground. and it's backed up by information that we continue to acquire day by day, including over the course of the past few days. the why would, why, why would build a little more rush of written provoking china with an action during the olympics? and secondly, more broadly to the china. russia looks like an emerging alliance here on certain issues. and how much is that concern you? so i'd say 3 things about this 1st. you know, russia, calculus needs to be china, whether they're going to make beijing upset or not. you know, that's kind of between russia and china and put them will obviously have to decide what he wants to do on that front. china also has its own decisions to make and to the extent that they are giving a wink and a not, or a green light to
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a russian invasion of ukraine. for no justified reason. i believe the china will ultimately come to suffer consequences. a result of that in the eyes of the rest of the world, most notably in the eyes of our european partners and allies. and then finally, i would just say that we do not believe that china can compensate russia for the economic losses that would be sustained in the event of an invasion due to sanctions and export controls and the like that just one more thing on the broader issue of china and russia because there was quite a bit of hype about the statement that they put out. and it was a notable statement that we have taken careful. a careful look at i've said this before, i want to say it again and then i'll leave because janet is now standing up and i think, well, pass my time to go. the united states under the by the administration has confidence in us and in the west we are 50 percent plus of
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global g, d, p, china and russia. less than 20 percent. we have innovation, we have entrepreneurship, we have freedom. and when you put all of that together, the, the tools and capacities that we can bring to bear, now that we are more united, more purposeful, more dynamic than we have been in a very long time. we are well situated to be able to deal with any threat or challenge that would be posed to us by any autocracy in the world, including the 2 that you just mentioned. so let me just say thank you, you know, trying to bail out from thank you, right? to be clear, you can come as long as you want. i just don't want to get in trouble with your team. when we ask you to come back the next time, we get apps. absolutely apologize for the confusion. so he's the president still in a meeting. coreen here is going to monitor. when he gets out of the meeting, we all need to depart amr or others if you want to come back. sorry, we did not want you to miss the president departure, but we had a little miscommunication internally. we yes and he is. he is still meeting so that
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will not leave without him. we have been assured of that. okay, i don't have anything at the top. i know you've covered a lot of topics, but i know there's a lot going on in the world. so why don't we go to whatever else or that that you'd like to discuss? stay on that. what we expect that we can think of, obviously escalated or move forward as the president is going to be talking european leaders to what should we expect to sleep in the school school? sure. well, as you know, the president just spoke with a number of his european counterparts as well as prime minister to jo. i believe we put out, did we put out to have you seen a read out yet? of our, his call was prime minister today is not, i will give it to you right now. we've seen it yet in your inbox. okay. this is what happens when you don't bring your phone out here. so here you go. today the premise retreat was obviously part of the plan meeting as well. he also had a, a separate meeting with him, where he, they discussed the ongoing blockade of key bridges and crossings between the united states and canada, including detroit, windsor, sweet water, coots,
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and pembina. emerson, the 2 leaders agree that the actions of the individuals who are obstructing travel and commerce between our 2 countries are having significant direct impacts on citizens, lives, and livelihoods. the president expressed his concern that the united states that united states companies and workers are experiencing serious effects including slowdowns and production, short work hours, and plant closures. the prime minister promised quick action and enforcing the law . and the president thanked him for the steps he and other canadian authorities are taking to restore the open passage of price. john tarkey speaking that touching on a number of other issues. but of course we hear from national security advisor jake sullivan. he was warning that an invasion of ukraine is imminent. he said, possibly within days in terms of a timeframe. he was echoing marks that we heard earlier on from the us secretary of state antony blink. and who said that an invasion or some sort of minute reaction could occur before the end of the winter olympics on february 20th. so just
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referring that to the page in winter and he said that encouraging could initially involve ariel bombing. he cited a rapid assault here as well on the ukrainian capital kiev. i'm that it would then be followed by a ground invasion sullivan. now sullivan did also say that in that event, the us on the u. s. would act decisively and that would be changes to nato's eastern flank. but mainly the response would involve economic sanctions, coordinated with american allies. and so that's what we've been hearing from us national security advisor jake sullivan speaking very let's be to particle hanged cuz she was monitoring this as well. and patty wasn't clear to me if there
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was any new information in that briefing that from james sullivan, he seemed to say that is wanting is based on the continued build up of russian troops, equipment around ukraine, in combination with the large scale military exercise that is taking place and parts of that. a ruth, the caveat that no final decision has been made by the kremlin something is clearly up and something has changed the calculus for the united states government. and i say that because we started to see some tweets and some reporting from pretty well respected reporters in washington, that in fact, the intelligence community did believe that prudent had, in fact, the excuse me, russian president vladimir putin had in fact made the decision. and that the vision, if you could come within a couple of days now, national security advisor, jim sullivan, as you heard, he really, he said, we don't believe that vladimir putin has made that decision or that any orders have been given up to the military. but he did seem to give some credence to the
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potential timetable. what's new is that he's saying you, if you're an american, you need to get out in 24 to 48 hours. now we had heard the secretary state and he's like and say it could come before the end of the olympics because a lot, some people have been speculating that russia wouldn't want to upset china by stealing the spotlight basically. but this is definitely a more definitive timeframe. they're saying 24 to 48 hours. now again, they're trying to catch that. they're trying to say now it's not clear. that's in fact what's going to happen or exactly how any sort of invasion would happen. but they are saying to the americans, and again he said he doesn't know how many americans there are stressing again that if it happens and you're not out in the next 24 to 48 hours, the u. s. is not going to go in and get you, they're not going to be able to get them. and he stress it if it is the kind of invasion where it does seem quite possible where it involved and not only electronic warfare, but an aerial salt with invention, eventually with
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a ground invasion. you said you're not going to be able to get on a train or in a car or a bus. and so going as far as to say, the u. s. embassy and ukraine can help pay for your travel, but you need to leave now. so it's the clearest indication in not only his words, pretty new, the $24.00 to $48.00 timeline, but we see now nato, that meeting that the president biden had with the allies, including nato. that was at, on his schedule. it was a fairly longish meeting. and now he's going to camp david, he usually spends his weekends at his home in delaware camp. david, though is a place where he has all of the facilities that he would need to be able to communicate real time with his national security team. with the pentagon, so they're not saying straight out that they think an invasion is imminent, but they're putting a very precise timeline on when it could happen and saying, you know, the next 24 to 48 hours are pretty, pretty critical. and as you say,
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all this is prompted a flurry of activity and communication. how could the as a more, something more specific in terms of the timeline possibly influence all shaped diplomacy on this i'm not sure i understand your question the, the, the day they've been talking all there been so many different formats of talking. and he did say that president biden is going to be speaking to lot of our potent in come to, he didn't say exactly when, but we've seen all of these different were leaders go to russia. we've seen meetings of groups of diplomats trying to come to some sort of understanding and it doesn't appear that there have been any breakthroughs in that. the one thing you want to look for is if the talking stops, if the talking stops, then somebody has to make a move one way or the other. i think what they're basically counting on is
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that they've laid out exactly how painful this could be for russia and when it comes to economics. and basically they'd cut russia out of all 4 and transactions because everything is done in the dollar. so any company wouldn't be able to do sort of business with russia through international banks, because it couldn't use the us dollar that can have crippling effects. and i think president joe, by the likes to point back to crimea when they took crimea, the attitude at the white house at the time i was covering the white house, the time really was under president brock obama, that they could understand the move for crimea as ukraine moved away from russian influence. crimea isn't a very important russian base so they could understand that they are still a ramifications. but what the bite administration is trying to say. busy is look you thought you survive those sanctions and that's great. that's nothing like what we're going to do to you. so not only would they sanction people target people, they basically put them on a list of where they couldn't get specific equipment. they could be used for the
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military, and the bigger things there there said is we're going to keep giving arms and weapons to ukraine. so although officials here in washington say, it's really not a contest. if you put the russian army against the ukrainian military, although they are much better than they were in 2014, they will b outgunned out mand. but they are saying this is not going to end well for you, because even if you invade, even if you are able to put in a sympathetic government, the crating people will launch insurgency. and that is something the u. s. has quite a bit of experience with just how painful that can be as we saw in iraq, afghanistan. so what they're banking on because the president job is made clear. he has no intention of starting a war with russia. he said that that would be like nothing we had seen. so he's not going to put us troops in, but he is going to try and make it as difficult as possible for russia to succeed if it chooses that path. ok, thank you,
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patty. go ahead and washington ok . we've been following all the stories as well. and u. s. government plans to free up frozen afghan national bank assets on its soil using off of it for aid for the afghan people while keeping the other half in the u . s. to fund power from all suits brought by the terrorism. last month, the judge gave the bite administration until friday to come up with a plan for $7000000000.00 frozen after the taliban takeover in august. u. s. government refuses to recognize the countries new leaders who say they need the money to have a great humanitarian disaster. the u. n. is warned. 22.8000000 people in afghanistan, faith, acute food security. at more than half the population plan emphasizes the 3 and a half $1000000000.00 will benefit the afghan people, but does not include details on how these funds would be distributed. kennesaw has
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another $2000000000.00 in reserves. housing countries, including britain, germany, switzerland, and the united arab emirates. most of those funds are also frozen because since loony is in new york and joins us now. what happens in terms of the release of these frozen funds? chris then well, in terms of the money for the victims of the attacks of september 11th, which happens right behind me here in new york, a court will decide a judge will decide what claim if any, those victims have on that money. they already won a lawsuit years ago against the taliban, for its role in the attacks of september 11th, in support of al qaeda at the time it was considered largely symbolic us back
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government was in charge in afghan a stand. the taliban was on the run. hey, this is how a ban took control. in afghanistan, the u. s. government froze that money and not long after the $911.00 families laid, made a legal claim about money because of the students that had already been settled. so now today was a deadline. the judge must decide if that money should, in fact, go to the family. some of that money should go to the families. this at the same time that the united states is under increasing pressure to release more humanitarian funding to afghanistan because of the dire humanitarian situation. there are the united nations has been warning of economic collapse and certainly humanitarian aid organizations have also been found in the alarm about starvation in the country and so on. so the biden administration, facing increasing pressure there has put this money into
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a humanitarian trust. but as you said, we don't know how that money is going to be allocated, or what the controls will be to keep it out of the hands of the taliban, which is a goal shared by the biden administration and the $911.00 families. ultimately though, this was money that belonged to the afghan government and the african people. so some are saying including group refugees international that while they understand the desire to keep the money out of the hands of the taliban, they're worried that this will actually just perpetuate the terrible situation and further exacerbate the economic concerns in the country there. so. c a lot of unanswered questions at this time moving forward, but the 1st step would be for the judge to decide in terms of what the 911 families got and then for the by the administration to clarify how exactly this money is going to be used to help the afghan people, christian, thank you. well, the course is only ukrainian border, was top of the gender at
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a meeting of the quad security, a lions foreign ministers from the united states. india, japan and australia met in melbourne where they also discuss china is expanding influence in the in the pacific region. sarah clark has more now for nations for democracy, all with united message on the indo pacific region. what brings us together, what is an affirmative vision for what the future can bring about, but also a commitment to defend the, the role based systems that we have spent tremendous time and effort building. that's the overriding focus of the quote, groups of foreign ministers from the united states, india, japan, and australia. the security alliance says it supports an open and inclusive vision and offers an alternative to a china lead order in the region. and it came to push back on china's expansion origin easing
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a period of rising strategic uncertainty. the rules and norms that have provided a foundation for us debility. and hence our prosperity are under pressure. in particular, from authoritarian regimes, full of increasing concern to the quad is beijing and moscow's announcement last week of a strengthening relationship with presidents shading ping vladimir putin declaring uno limits partnership with mutual protection of each country's core interests. as tensions between russia and nato countries escalate over ukraine, the us secretary of state told the quote, the same principles in the indo pacific apply to russia. one of the reasons for working so intensely to defend the core principles threatened by russia aggression toward ukraine is because those very same principles are crucial to enduring stability in this region. and every other part of the world. the u. s. secretary of state flies to fiji on saturday with this joint statement, he's aiming to reassure pacific late as washington at its allies are committed to
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providing security and distributing cobit 19 back thing that was boosting investment in infrastructure across the region. and all of this fall, china is ramping up its age and influence. aging has labeled the quote lines as an inflammatory initiative designed to undermine 3rd parties like china. these foreign ministers have pledged increased humanitarian relief terrorism in cyber and marine security for indo pacific nations. the court members are expected to make further commitments when they made in japan in the middle of the year. sarah, clock out a 0 prison australia, a delegation from world health organization and belgium is in south africa as it looks at setting up an m r n. a vaccine technology hop in the country a week ago, a african pharmaceutical company. now that was releasing a new vaccine health coordinations african has designed, developed and produced its own vaccine based on the done as part of a w h o project to support poor countries. and making their own vaccinations,
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it'd be own notice of em are immersed in technology share. and then when the hub we could expedite manufacturing removing the need for large clinical trends and catching development and approval time, but at least one year. once again, i can relate all those involved in bringing them out in a technology transfer. have to this point, and i look forward to it started the development. i'm going to mila has lauren this now from cape town. much of the emphasis really has been on the disadvantage, that african countries are in or facing regarding access to vaccines. the, the director general of the w h o is said that while half of the people in the world have received at least one jab, just 10 percent of africans are awfully vaccinated and echoes down to about 5 percent for lower income countries. and so really,
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the vaccination programs and rollouts have been concentrated in rich countries and so africa largely forgotten. and now, the establishment of a trans, for hub in south africa, is meant to accelerate that vaccination process, largely bringing the manufacturing of vaccines to african countries where that information that technology and science will be transferred both locally and across the continent where the vaccine manufacturing can be boosted. they are expecting that an increase in vaccination of manufacturing. whoa, help lower income countries. i'm africa really is at a disadvantage at this point. and we also heard from the belgian develop, administers here supporting the w h o program in south africa saying that the patent waiver issue is one that has continued for 2 years and hasn't moved. so a transfer hub is really an ideal solution,
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a structural solution to the problem that african countries i've faced, but also is 2 years to late. it will still be a while before we see them manufactured and distributed or with regards to africa. and in particular, as they have developed to the vaccine, but they're likely to only start clinical trials in the 4th quarter of this year. around november perhaps, and only in 2024. get the approval. they need to manufacture these vaccines on mass and distribute them. and we look at bio back, they say that they have the ability to manufacture about 50000000 doses over the next period. but even then, that will beginning the months to come. so still some time before african starts receiving jobs. a with vaccines made in africa. now canada's ontario province is declared to state of emergency in response to a truck driver's blockade in protest over the country's cove at 19 restrictions. stand off at the ambassador bridge which connects canadas the u. s. calls parts,
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part shortages for major automakers, including ford, general motors, and toyota. comic has already been challenged by a global shortage of semiconductors. is illegal and punishable the walk and impede the movement of goods, people and services along critical infrastructure. this will include protecting international border crossings. $400.00 series highways, their porch, porch bridges and whirlwind. a protest in new zealand against coven rules and restrictions is growing despite dozens of arrests by police. people have been protesting in a capital. wellington, for 4 days, several 1000 people inspired by truck has demonstrations in canada of occupied at parliament loans and blocked surrounding streets. they're demanding an end to vaccine mandates. thursday police arrested a 120 people with 2 more on friday. drug smuggling is on the rise
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across southeast asia, ty authorities a confiscating millions of pills every week and louse is reported in 800 percent rise in seizures. the united nations as the coon min mom is driving this surge. tony chang now explains in the hills on the border with me and my an army patrol and thailand emerges from the mist. in this visibility, they can barely see 10 meters ahead. but this is one of the busiest smuggling roots on the border. in recent months they've seen several 1000000 methamphetamine pills and shot dead sick smugglers from me and mom. and their commander knows why they're so busy. yet how i think is to politics and a conflict between the people in chart and ethnic groups in the provincial capital chain, right? the authorities are showing off their latest bust seized the night before. more than 6 and a half 1000000 methamphetamine pills. in the last 6 months,
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the amount of crystal meth and meth pill seized as exploded the produces often linked to ethnic tom groups inside myanmar appear to be raising funds. these groups need money at the moment, ah, money to generate that they can jerry through this trade can buy them arms. i can buy them other supplies, which they may or may not need to support themselves. that populations are one. sam is a drug smuggler and a police informant he wants his identity. hadn't really been milan the he says that although the amount of drugs being intercepted has increased sharply, far more is getting through. and even more than that. huh. is waiting to come across the border cut nova, i cannot even guess the amount of drugs that are waiting to be delivered. but i know that there are tons of them so that the producers can produce whatever amount of drug that the client woods and the cost of production is. so cheap. can tell
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your story to stem the flow of drugs. they say they know where the drugs are coming from, but with fighting between the amazon, me and ethnic tom groups, no one over there is thinking about stopping smugglers. the time me try and make regular patrol down there for the heading towards the golden triangle. this is mamma. this is tyler. they say, during the dry season, so little water that boats can get down with the smugglers just walked straight across. 12 hours after this patrol nearly 9000000 mess pills received just down river. a brief interruption in the flow of illegal drugs into the country. tony chang al jazeera. on the time, ma'am i boarded the course of arbitration for sport hyster all whether russians gator camila valley ever can stay in the winter. olympics office was officially confirmed that she fail the drugs test. 15 year old tested positive for a band stimulant used to treat heart conditions. the sample was taken in december
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for live is due to compete in the women's figure skating on tuesday. but she's a strong favorite shows how russia to victory and the team event 4 days ago, metals, harmony for that has been delayed. such cases are not helpful to the games. i think hopefully most people see that of the, the 3000 people are competing. here are some wonderful sports and graceful, and hopefully we can continue to concentrate on that. but you'll also appreciate that we need to the, these cases need to be prosecuted properly taken care of properly. and due process needs to be needs to be gone through and out. there is katrina, you has more now on the legal technicalities being debated at the moment in beijing . or there are a number of athletes, the russians included who are waiting to see whether they will be able to keep their gold medals from the event this week. and also a valley ever herself. the 15 year old figure skaters waiting to see whether she can still continue on at the olympic games. now, according to the ira c, there is an urgent legal case being put forward by the international testing agency
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. the i a on behalf of the i or c. no, they are appealing for a suspension ban on value, but to be lifted. now this ban allowed her to compete engaging in the olympics despite testing positive f, a, t and z, t and z, or tru metacity. is a medication given by doctors to heart patients to treat angina, but it's banned by most sporting agencies because it's also known to boost insurance. now what is going to complicate this legal issue is that value eva herself, is only 15 years old. and the world anti doping agency has protections in place for minors, which means that she may just receive a reprimand. and in that case, attention would turn to her team, her entourage and her coaches. and this case is already raising suspicions of the russian athletes who are competing at the beijing games. and they're already competing without their flag and without the anthem,
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because of previous doping violations. that's it for now. but i'll be back in a couple of minutes with around up the top stories there with me. ah ah, with well, that's at least to pass the winter. olympics aging is bracing itself with the arrival of an estimated 11000 people kind of 0 tolerance corvette strategy. what? and despite different marching boy quotes, which one is which again, trying,
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moving you the latest date is 2022 winter olympics on al jazeera vehicle with a shot for shot. well also. 8 i was out for the time, i was just 7 sure documentaries from around the world about those who won't give up their fight for justice out. is there a select justice bmw ah .
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on counting the cost to europe is divided of a nuclear energy, but is a green enough that you wouldn't accuse? is north korea funding it's missile program with stolen crypto currency? how can digital wallace be protected and african stops on the rise? what makes them right? counting the cost on al jazeera ah hello, i'm marianne demise in london. a quick look at the main stories we're following. this our. now the us is saying that it's becoming more confident in signs of pointing to rush in action over ukraine. it's urgent citizens that leave in the next 24 to 48 hours and says it won't send anyone to get them. if that is a conflict, the u. k. in several other countries are also advising versus isn't to leave you
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crying, saying they should do so while commercial flights are still available. washington also.


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