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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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on the rise, what makes them life count him? the cost on al jazeera, ah, bold and untold stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello i marianna mossey. welcome to the news, our life from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. fresh warnings from the united states security advisors suggest that is a credible prospect. the russia could invade ukraine. within days. us release is frozen afghan assets, providing a 3 and a half $1000000000.00 boost for humanitarian aid. but warnings that much more is
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needed. protests is risk jail and fines after a state of emergency is declared in canada's ontario province. i call it a siege because that's what it is. it's an illegal occupation skating on thin ice a fell drugs test means a court will decide whether russia wins in olympic. gold metal. and i'm devin ash, with sport will have more from those winter olympics including a new trick lans gold for this japanese snowboarder boxes. it's therefore farewell for a trifle champion. ah, hello, welcome to the news out will in the past 2 hours, the united states national security advisor is issued a blank warning russian invasion of ukraine of his increasingly imminent,
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possibly within days. jake sullivan again urged us citizens to leave ukraine immediately. he said that while the kremlin may not have made a final decision on this build up of troops and equipment around ukraine's board is that they could be further escalation as early as next week. meanwhile, world leaders have held a tele conference to address the crisis. the us, french and polish president, the german chancellor prime ministers of person, italy, and canada. european union leaders and the head of nato were all on this call. is some of what jake sullivan had to say. we have to think about the range of scenarios that we confront in it's our job to be ready for all of them. so what i will say is that the way that he has built up his forces and put them in place, along with the other indicators that we have collected through intelligence, makes it clear to us that there is a very distinct possibility that russia will choose to act militarily and there is
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reason to believe that that could happen on a reasonably swift timeframe. now we can't pinpoint the day at this point and we can't pinpoint the hour. but what we can say is that there is a credible prospect that a russian military action would take place even before the end of the olympics. if a russian attack on ukraine precedes it is likely to begin with aerial bombing and missile attacks that could obviously kill civilians without regard to their nationality. a subsequent ground invasion would involve the onslaught of a massive force with virtually no notice communications to arrange a departure could be severed and commercial transit halted. no one would be able to count on air or rail or road departures once military action got underway. has got a party call and she's been following developments from washington, a new sense of urgency to us warnings. now. what more did jake sullivan have today?
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well, we're seeing even more indications of just how concerned the u. s. is little bit of breaking news. we're just hearing from the russian spokes and that they expect russian president vladimir putin and us president joe biden to speak on the phone on tomorrow. so on saturday here. so that is an indication that they think that they need to up the communication. we've also just now heard from the pentagon that an additional $3000.00 troops from the 2nd airborne are going to be sent to poland. and briefing with press secretary john kirby. he said, what those forces would possibly do. they haven't started doing it. we don't believe. but they set up tents and processing facilities on the border of poland to help with any evacuation who might come so more concrete steps that the us thing. so something is potentially going to happen. and really the stark is warning yet. we heard the secretary state anthony blink and say, we don't think that innovation isn't going to happen if the olympics are under way
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. it could happen. but then we out heard the national security adviser come out and say americans, you need to get out within 24 to 48 hours and you heard him explain why. so he's really putting that in a compressed times line there. he said that they didn't believe that the president putin had made an inter determination to invade, but that they are want to take every precaution on the off chance that he in fact takes those steps. so with their words and with their actions, like you mentioned that nato, the call with the allies in nato. that really wasn't on the agenda. we saw it, jake sullivan, in the briefing room, which is somewhat unusual. with that warning with this troop deployment, it really seems us is giving every indication that they think an invasion is possible. and the national security adviser shed any more lights on how the u. s. would respond to this they've pretty much laid out all that they are going to be able to do all the pressure points. they think that may have an impact
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1st and foremost, devastating financial sanctions. this is the way they describe it, not just from the u. s. but from the allies, basically cutting russian banks out of the u. s. financial system and most international transactions have to be done in the u. s. dollars. so that could be potentially devastating. they're talking about the cost to russia because they said they are going to continue to said lethal military age. busy ukraine, and that they said that the craniums would launch in insurgency something. the u. s . is very familiar with the costs of after the war's in iraq, afghanistan, the president had the chancellor of germany at the white house, who said north stream to would stop. it would add without question, and that is a large source of revenue for russia. so they're talking about signaling that people who are close to a lot of putin. so really they've gone through the wide variety of all the lovers. they think they have against russia taking this action. but again, the us president has said in no uncertain terms that us troops will not be sent
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into ukraine, not to get americans out, not to get involved in the war. he said that just simply unthinkable. thank you. very much patty calling, following those development in washington for as well. p j. crowley is an author, and for me, united states assistant secretary states of public affairs joins us now from washington via skype. mike and i thought by asking you about that a bit of breaking news party was just mentioning that the, the russian president vladimir putin will have a conversation by phone with joe biden. now that was announced by the kremlin, what will the us president be looking to accomplish in that conversation? i think the united states is trying to do 2 things together with the european allies on the one hand, continue to offer a diplomatic path to de escalation. while the same time acknowledging publicly that, you know, when you look at what's happening in an around ukraine,
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is there is, every indication of russia currently continues to escalate the situation. and that could also mean putting russian forces in to ukraine at any moment. what prompted this renewed sense of urgency on the part of national security advisor jake sullivan to some extent and briefing earlier, it was echoing remarks that we've already heard from the president, from the secretary state anthony blinking. but in terms of the, the inner workings. what might be happening at the white house in the state department of append to can, can you perhaps shed some light as to what might have prompted that warning? well, i think it's a, it's a continuation of a very interesting strategy. the by demonstration has adopted. you know, in many times you, you try to quietly resolve the crisis behind closed doors. in this particular case,
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you know, the administration has taken its concerns about russia, you know, very publicly, very earnestly, very forthrightly. and there's a potential reward here, if putin eventually takes an off ramp and, and begins to de escalate. there's also the risk that putting russia on the spot putting, put on the spot requires him to do something to say face. but it is, if you ministration has decided that it's going to public and confront putin, you know, both to prepare the american people for the prospect of something happening in ukraine and also preparing europe. that should, that happen, they'll need to be this aggressive response. did you have any thoughts on the timeline that was given the possibility of something happening within days and jake sullivan mentioned? you reference the, the lympics and said that that could be some move as early as next week,
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probably before february 20th, which is when the winter olympics and beijing conclude. i still think it's more likely that putin will hold off, you know, given the emerging alliance between russia and china. i think you'll be hesitant to embarrass president. gee, you know, while he has this olympic moment. but i think, you know, jake's oliver is simply saying that given the increased level of activity of russian forces in around ukraine, you can't take for granted that we still have a number of days to resolve this. making the statement so publicly. which, i mean, do you see this going? any number of ways, could it infuse, i mean, obviously, obviously, then there are a number of different scenarios move, how risky move is this? could it give renewed momentum to the diplomatic track does?
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does it increase the chance of a miss calculation and possibly mean that some kind of conflict becomes a self fulfilling prophecy? that's the $64000.00 question. right? i do think that it does give, put in one thing. he now has the world paying absolute attention every single day to him, including the american administration. and, and so, you know, he, he has the current cards here. you know, this is a crisis that he has created. he's drawn attention to himself. and as the administration said today, even now on the cost of, of possible russian action, they still don't think that to miss made a final decision which leaves us in style made, i suppose,
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how much room is after diplomacy. if the russians are saying that, that, that security concerns and the sort of post cold war security arrangements and not being addressed. i mean, how do you, how do you sort of balance that against any sort of us precondition that nothing is going to happen unless russian troops withdraw? well, the reality is that what, what putin is trying to do is reestablish a sphere of influence. he wants to control the future of ukraine's relationship with the west and the nature of that relationship. he can do that through a lightning strike by invading ukraine. he can do that by at, at this juncture, seeming to retreat, but just continuing to surround and eventually strangle ukraine. you know, so that you know, that, you know, to, to complete the short game,
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put and can play the long game. and in reality, all the united states and european allies can do is react to whatever decision russia makes. thank you for joining us. i do appreciate it. p. j. crowley there in washington. thank you. you're welcome. alistair, a step vastness, falling development forest on the galleries. ukraine border this is the am a highway running from the city of whole mile in the south, east of values all the way to key s ukrainian capital, which is around 200 kilometers away. and this is, see, this is faster route in case russia would invade into ukraine, going to the capital p f. meanwhile, russian and bellow russian military drills are ongoing in this area in several places. there are several air fields and also other training grounds that are currently being used for the fence exercises. all kinds of infantry exercises are happening right now. also near goal mile,
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there is an air field being used for the fence by russian tropes right now. there is around 30000 troops according to the nato present here, although nobody can confirm this number on the way in here we saw some military convoys, the army personnel, carriers being carried into this region at the border, but also going back. meanwhile, the border was still open, trucks are passing in to ukraine, coming back into battle was also some buses we've seen. but so far, nothing else is people here are still very relax and on face about tensions that are building up here with the news. our life from london much more still had all the court security alliance as meeting and australia after moscow moved to strength and relations with china. on tony cho, you're heading into the golden triangle, where methamphetamine smuggling soon stood increased dramatically. noon was military and his fault. we'll hear from danish international christian ericsson as
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he prepares for the next chapter of his football life. following a cardiac rest, last year. ah, u. s. government plans to free up frozen afghan central bank assets on its soil using half of it for aid for the afghan people while keeping the other half in the u. s. to fund payouts from lawsuits brought by victims of terrorism. last month, a judge gave the biden administration until friday to come up with a plan for $7000000000.00 frozen after the taliban takeover in august. u. s. government refuses to recognize the country's new leaders who say they need the money to avert a growing humanitarian disaster. the u. n. has one that 22800000 people in afghanistan face acute food insecurity. at more than half of the country's population. applied emphasizes the 3 and
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a half $1000000000.00 will benefit to the afghan people, but it doesn't include details on how these funds would be distributed. afghanistan has another $2000000000.00 in reserves held in countries including burson, germany, switzerland, and the u. s. e. most of those funds are also frozen, or kristen through me joins us now from new york and what details on how the release of these funds are going to be managed right, so this is money that was frozen by the federal reserve here in new york. and this move by the biden administration allocates some of the money for humanitarian response and some of it to be set aside for 911 victims and their family members. ultimately, it will be a judge and federal court who will decide how much, if any of this money actually goes to the victims of those
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september 11th attacks, which happened here in new york and around the country. there's some, 3000, nearly 3000 people killed. they've already won lawsuits that were filed years ago here in new york against the taliban and al qaeda against the taliban for its role in those attacks. and so they are suing to get access to that money as a result of those judgments. at the same time, the biden administration is dealing with increasing calls to do something about the dire humanitarian situation in afghanistan from the united nations. and domestically here as well, people are concerned about what's happening there because of the taliban takeover. the bind administration does not want to recognize the taliban or let them have access to this money. so they're saying that they are going to set up
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a trust that will be overseen by a 3rd party to get this money into the country while avoiding the government. now, there, this is still months away. they're not saying how that's going to be done. it leaves many questions on answered, and that has humanitarians concerned. the united nations again has warned that the country is on the brink of economic collapse. and already we've received a statement from one humanitarian group, refugees international that says that they're worried that this will further cripple the banking system in afghanistan and perpetuate the suffering of afghans. but for now, this is what the biden administration has decided to do. protecting some of that money for the lawsuits that are pending here in the new york while at the same time, freeing up the money for humanitarian purposes, although not quickly or not enough for some who are concerned. thank you very much, kristen salumi. so joining us now by skype from the united states is now strength
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khalid. he's the founder of a seal app, an online humanitarian fundraiser for afghanistan. so it's perhaps worth putting into context that international aids has really been a lifeline for the country. i think it made up about 80 percent of the previous afghan government's budget. how have sanctions the freezing of the banking system? economic paralysis affected the import of basic things like food, fuel, medical equipment. hi mighty. yes. right now, our guns are left without a working economy system collapsed central banking system and is predicted that 97 percent of the country is going to be affected by this crisis. the, the lack of support in terms of service delivery for people
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has major impacts. the lack of the banking system and any address through which a proper accountable system that doesn't exist right now could be transferred to the people. so the situation is, it's worse right now and it seems like it's not headed the right direction at all. we are already and catastrophe, and it seems to be getting even worse. can you tell me about your own humanitarian efforts in the country and what people are telling you about the challenges facing just in terms of survival? yes. so i think the, the death of the issue in here is not off resources just after the collapse of the previous government. the united united nations
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call for support. got pledged for $1200000000.00. it's also notable to know that before the collapse of the government over 50 percent of honest on was in poverty. and so this is as much as systematic issue even bigger than the resource issue right now. the way we are dealing with this and we have a lot more progress in the last 6 months, even when the government off, i'll be honest, on collapsed in the u. n. and other agencies evacuated. we and the people are honest on what they're trying to address the ibp problem. as it started i this point, the way we're responding empowering people themselves. we're empowering anybody from anywhere in the world to start a campaign online through the i feel
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a mobile app or the platform that and then in takes other people who these people know and they donate to this cause. and i've got to start having a people based response where every beneficiary is provided and will meet hope, card, and work properly being able to use the community to assist themselves. i think the problem and the magnitude of the problem is very big. this is 22000000 people with no basic resources and we are taking it upon ourselves to innovate at this point because these broader institutions and the political climate which is very slow and this process has left the african people behind. thank you very much. i appreciate you explaining that to us nestor hollard, joining us there from los angeles. thank you. now,
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in other stories of falling, a delegation from the world health organization and belgium is in south africa as it looks at setting up an m r i n. a vaccine technology hop in the country. a week ago, a south african pharmaceutical company announced it was releasing a new vaccine to help poor nations. oxygen is designed, developed and produced its own vaccine based on madonna's part of a w h o project to support poor countries and making their own vaccinations. it'd be own notice of emma emerging technology to share them with the hub. we could expedite manufacturing, removing the need for large clinical tribes and cutting development and approval time, but at least one year. once again, i can relate all those involved in bringing the money into technology transfer. have to this point, and i look forward to it started the development. how many mila has more now,
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from cape town? much of the emphasis really has been on the disadvantage, that african countries are in or facing regarding access to vaccines. the, the director general of the w h o is said that while half of the people in the world have received at least one jab, just 10 percent of africans are awfully vaccinated and echoes down to about 5 percent for lower income countries. and so really, the vaccination programs and rollouts have been concentrated in rich countries and so africa largely forgotten. and now, the establishment of a trans, for hub in south africa, is meant to accelerate that vaccination process, largely bringing the manufacturing of vaccines to african countries with that information. that technology and science will be transferred both locally and across the continent where the vaccine manufacturing can be boosted. they are expecting that an increase in vaccination of manufacturing. whoa,
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help lower income countries. africa really is at a disadvantage at this point. and we also heard from the belgian develop, administer, who's here supporting the w h o program in south africa saying that the patent waiver issue is one that has continued for 2 years and hasn't moved. so a transfer hub is really an ideal solution, a structural solution to the problem that african countries i've faced, but also is 2 years to late. it will still be a while before we see them manufactured and distributed or with regards to average . and in particular, as they have developed to the vaccine, but they're likely to only start clinical trials in the 4th quarter of this year. around november perhaps, and only in 2024. get the approval. they need to manufacture these vaccines on mass and distribute them. and we look at bio vac, they say that they have the ability to manufacture about 50000000 doses or over the
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next period. but even then that will beginning the months to come. so still some time before african starts receiving jobs. a with vaccines made in africa. now canada's ontario province has declared a state of emergency in response to a trunk drivers blockade in protest of the country's covey restrictions. we stand off on the ambassador bridge, which connects canada to the us. it's called cause parts shortages for major automakers, including ford, general motors and toyota comic is already been challenged by a global shortage of semiconductors. it is illegal and punishment all the walk in impede the movement of goods, people and services along critical infrastructure. this will include protecting international border crossings, $400.00 series highways, their porch, porch bridges and railways,
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or processor occurring around the world. and this is what some are demanding. and also they want the federal government to lift all vaccine mandates and pandemic restrictions, most of which are set by provincial governments are also calling for the resignation of prime minister just intruder is called the siege unacceptable. local residents have complained about noise and harassment from protested as well as racist flags and symbols thousands of anti cove at vaccine mandate. protests is also in australia's capital. cambra organizers want to ensure borders remain open and independent body to investigate federal government for misconduct during the pandemic. and are rejecting moves for a society based on digital identity and police and new zealand. capital. wellington expect a covey linked sit in outside parliament to last for several days to spend their of voice concerns about vaccine safety, so called pandemic as they call it and it concerns over gene therapy, manipulation,
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94 percent of new zealanders over the age of 12 are vaccinated, so we can now speak to doctor benjamin mason, naya, he's the presser of global health policy, university of north carolina at chapel hill, joins me now from there. so how do you explain the way in which these protests in canada, against vaccine mandates have grown into this broader movement against the government? in many ways, fear fear, and misinformation are driving the rise of cases and beth throughout the world. and it's unfortunate in miss 3rd year of the pandemic that there are still those who don't fully grasp that this is a public health threat, unlike any other one that is taken $7000000.00 from this world and more to comp. and so it will be crucial to address those who are unwilling to follow public health guidance with vaccines and mask serving as our best response for preventing
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disease and saving lives. now, at the same time, we see these protests as legitimate political discourse. those who perceive that their rights are being violated and trying to draw attention to their claims of injustice. but where the civil disobedience violates laws are harms others. as we're seeing in many countries throughout the world, governments have an obligation to prosecute those who violate laws. and threaten the public. we need to remember that health as a human right to how do you communicate with a part of the population that is using? i mean, they're saying that these, they describe it as a freedom convoy. this is the kind of rhetoric that using a saying that this is a fight against depression as they put it. how do you, how do you sort of communicate the, the scientific and medical research to people who feel as though these restrictions
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that are in place are effectively crushing their, their liberties and their freedom. and the most important thing the governments of sought to do was to inform the public mandates of really been a last step in order to encourage public action to protect public health. to recognize in this context, the collective action is necessary to face this common threat. it's crucial to understand where we were before we got to these mandates, trying far less restrictive interventions to encourage vaccinations and mass where from education about the effectiveness of these health measures. the thinking about incentives for vaccination and mass where and, and this incentives for failure to participate. and now we reached the point where we have mandates is mandates at this point or the least restrictive measure available. our last best chance to protect public health and save lives. what is it
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feeling about this on rest? is it a short lived kind of protest or could it take on this sort of bold quality, if you like, where we see it spa king protests elsewhere. i was just speaking about demonstrations that are taking place in australia and new zealand in the last and the most important thing to consider is how governments have been trying to pursue public health interventions thus far. to try to do so with community by and, and to only limit individual freedoms when absolutely necessary. we begin with the idea that public health mandates are often necessary in order to protect public health. and yet all mandates will raise concerns among, in some cases of vocal minority. and so the questions we need to ask are our threefold 1st, are these limitations seeking to protect the public and to do so in
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a non discriminatory way? second, are these limitations based upon scientific and public health understanding? and finally, are these limitations proportionate to public health benefit? here we've seen governments go out of their way with vaccines and high quality masks that have been proven again and again to promote health save lives and or pro discouraged community transmission to press individuals to voluntarily take on these measures to protect themselves and to protect others this is really a small price to pay to protect so many. and it will be important for governments to recognize the civil disobedience as the legitimate expression of a vocal minority. but to recognize where these were these expressions of individual liberty threatened public health. that is the government's obligation to protect
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the public 1st. thank you very much. talk to benjamin mason. maya. thank you, mary. you can use our life in london, still ad. look gone as e levy protests, people say a government plan to tax electronic money transactions will hit the pool. the hardest hanging in there, australia declares kuala bez, endangered off to population numbers plummets and in sport, gold at loss for swiss care is injured and then pick disappointment. ah hello. that is quite a bit of sunshine to be enjoyed across central, on eastern parts of europe. at the moment after that weather system swept well away
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from the southeast even behind clear skies. and it is going to start to wal mart in places like fronds stretching across to the east for the south. we are seeing some sunshine here, but also a smattering of showers in stronger winds. but for much of the wet and windy weather, we have to head to the north west. we've got a big wind to depression sweeping in from the west. that's going to bring heavy rain to britain, an island and more snow to norway. a lot of that wintery weather edging across scandinavia. by the time we get into sunday, it's going to be fun and, and western areas of russia that see the heaviest snow no further south. so this is looking more settled across the low countries. we're going to see some one coming into cities like paris and, and, but if we have a look at paris for example, the 3 day will well above average on sunday, before the showers come into play on monday. now further south of this, lots of fine weather to be found. if you showers across it to be strong, the winds, with warnings for croatia and north western parts of italy. but for much of the wet
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and windy weather, we have to look to the iberian peninsula with heavy rain in spain on sunday. ah, the, the sports star mom flying the flag for her nation oil. i've been putting, i'm getting busy and playing cricket and rugby for her country between ring maximum . my dream play in the world while providing for her family price in bubble is cleaning games. that's my super precious moran gay in the game. my zimbabwe on al jazeera, when the news breaks, the canyon says that if the united states were to impose sanctions on president and foot, and it will be comparable to severing ties with russia. and the story builds, we want to find out more about how offers have been taken from the wild insult.
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with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, al jazeera has teens on the ground. there hasn't been a train running by for almost 2 decades to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied nice. lou. ah, ah, welcome back made stories. now. you. i says that russia has all the troops in place for a major military action against ukraine, and that an attack could come within days wanting all of its citizens to leave you crying. in the next 24 to 48 hours. us president joe biden assigned an executive order $287000000000.00 in frozen afghan reserves off of that will go towards
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humanitarian efforts in the country. the other half to relatives of the victims of the 911 attacks or crisis on the ukrainian border was top of the gender to meeting of the quad security alliance. foreign ministers from the u. s. india, japan and australia met melbourne, where they also discuss china is expanding influence in the endo pacific region. sarah clark has more for nations for democracy, all with the united message on the indo pacific region. what brings us together, what is an affirmative vision for what? the future can bring about, but also a commitment to defend the, the rules based systems that we have spent tremendous time and effort building. that's the overriding focus of the quote grids of foreign ministers from the united states, india, japan, and australia. the security alliance says it supports an open and inclusive vision
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and offers an alternative to a china lead order in the region. and it came to push back on china's expansion. origin easing a period of rising strategic uncertainty. the rules and norms that have provided a foundation for us to ability, and hence our prosperity are under pressure. in particular, from authoritarian regimes, full of increasing concern to the quad is beijing and moscow's announcement last week of a strengthening relationship with presidents shading ping vladimir putin declaring uno limits partnership with mutual protection of each country's core interests. as tensions between russia and nato countries escalate over ukraine, the us secretary of state told the quote, the same principles in the indo pacific apply to russia. one of the reasons for working so intensely to defend the core principles threatened by russia's aggression toward ukraine is because those very same principles are crucial to
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enduring stability in this region. and every other part of the world. the u. s. secretary of state flies to fiji on saturday with this joint statement, his aiming to reassure pacific late is that washington at its allies, are committed to providing security and distributing cobit 19 vaccines as was boosting investment in infrastructure across the region. and all of this fall, china is wrapping up. it's an influence. aging has labeled the quote lines as an inflammatory initiative designed to undermine 3rd parties like china. these foreign ministers have pledged increased humanitarian relief terrorism and cyber and marine security for indo pacific nations. the court members are expected to make further commitments when they made in japan. in the middle of the year, sarah clark out 0 prison australia. people have been protesting in libby as capital . tripoli, calling the parliament to be dissolved and parliamentary elections to be held on thursday, the government in the east to the country, which is not internationally recognized votes in the former minister of the
12:40 am
interior, fatty pasha guy as a new prime minister. it means the nation again has to rise leaders, united nations has back that call for national elections to happen as soon as possible to journalists working for the united nations. you might italian agency and in afghan stone have been released along with 2 afghan national is after being briefly detained by the taliban for prisoners warehouse for several hours after being seized in the capital campbell. at will now street protests been taking place in garner against a color proposal to tax payments made electronically demonstrate the complaining that so called e levy is going to hurt low income earners already facing high food and fuel prices . victoria gates and b reports. protest is march through gone is capital acro, they're angry about a government plan to introduce attacks known as an e levy. a charge of nearly 2 percent will be added to all electronic transactions
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of more than $16.00. recent polls show up to 85 percent of the country's population opposes the tax protest in say people on low incomes will suffer the most to pre if it's worse or more money. what you got kept in my pockets, physically, or kept in my electronic wallet. you start to tig, the electronic money immune transaction. army is simply immoral, is criminal. the government says the money raised from the levy will pay for development projects. tax revenues have fallen sharply and gone, or in recent years, from 32 percent of g, d. p. in 2009 to 15 percent in 2020 part of the reason is nearly 3 quarters of the countries. 10000000 workers are employed informally. many don't pay income tax. some economists say the levy is not a bad idea, but must be implemented fairly. others say the timing is wrong process, i'll ask
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a little bit out. well, prizes aguirre at even launch with one big well buzzword and chris twice. now we open classes. what i've written covered come in, at least of brendan olive, vision to the people were raw dot whoa, boss to per corporate taxes. some pretense to say they cannot afford to live and de kooning on the government to go live in france. all my grandchildren are homeschooling, i cannot feed them if we cannot access water or food. i don't have anything to survive on. so i'm asking the government to hand over power to someone else. we are really suffering. gonna has one of the fastest growing mobile money markets in africa. protest is one the government to think again about the impact of the levy on the poorest in the country. victoria gate and b algae, 0. drug smuggling is on the rise across southeast asia. ty authorities a confiscating millions of pills every week allows is reported in
12:43 am
a 100 percent rise in seizures. the un says the crew and me and mar is driving this such out there as a tiny chang explains. in the hills on the border with me and my an army patrol and thailand emerges from the mist. in this visibility, they can barely see 10 meters ahead. but this is one of the busiest smuggling roots on the border. in recent months, they've seen several 1000000 methamphetamine pills and shot dead sick smugglers from me and mom. and their commander knows why they're so busy. yet how i think it's to politics and conflict between the people in chart and ethnic groups in the provincial capital, cheng ry. the authorities are showing off their latest bust seized the night before . more than 6 and a half 1000000 methamphetamine pills. in the last 6 months, the amount of crystal meth a meth pill seized as exploded. the produces, often linked to ethnic tom groups inside myanmar appear to be raising funds. these
12:44 am
groups need money at the moment, or money in general that they can jerry through this trade can buy them arms. i can either mother supplies, which they may or may not need to support themselves that populations are one. sam is a drug smuggler and a police informant. he wants his identity. hidden would have been milan. the he says that although the amount of drugs being intercepted has increased sharply, far more is getting through. and even more than that, um is waiting to come across the border cut nova. i cannot even guess the amount of drugs that are waiting to be delivered. but i know that there are tons of them so that the produces can produce whatever amount of drug that the client would smile. and the cost of production is so cheap. can the tie authorities stem the flow of drugs? they say they know where the drugs are coming from, but with fighting between mere mas army and ethnic dom groups,
12:45 am
no one over there is thinking about stopping smugglers. the tie army try, make regular patrols down this river, adding towards the golden triangle. this is miramar. this is tyler. they say often during the dry season and so little water, their boats can get down with the smugglers just walked straight across. 12 hours after this patrol, nearly $9000000.00 mess pills were seized just down river. a brief interruption in the flow of illegal drugs into the country. tony ching al jazeera on the time you're my border, are still following events in madagascar more than a 100000 people in the country. a waiting for emergency aid almost a week after a powerful cycling head. bus righty made land for last saturday, destroying thousands of homes over 100 people are also known to have died. this was the 2nd most destructive storm to hit madagascar in 2 weeks before that cycling anna had killed 55 people and also displaced thousands. the either nation was
12:46 am
already struggling with food shortages because of severe and prolonged drought. now the quote of arbitration for sport is to rule where the russian skater camilla valley ever can stay at the winter olympics. after it was officially confirmed, she failed a drug test, a 15 year old tested positive for a band stimulant used to treat heart conditions. the sample was taken in december. the liver is due to compete in the women's figure skating on tuesday, where she's a strong favorite. she also helped russia to victory in the teen event 4 days ago. the medal ceremony that has been delayed. such cases are not helpful to the games. i think hopefully most people see that of the, the 3000 people are competing here though, some wonderful sports and graceful, and hopefully we can continue to concentrate on that. but you'll also appreciate that we need to the, these cases need to be prosecuted properly taken care of properly and due process
12:47 am
needs to be got, needs to be gone through. one of australia's best known and most loved animals has been declared and endangered species kuala populations of promising because of climate change. land clearing and disease var mentalist welcoming new measures to try and protect the animals. on the call soon has more. a global symbol of australia's unique while life is now on the brink of extinction. loss of land, bush fires, shout and disease are being blamed for the decline and kuala populations or would decades. the endangered listing means they will be better protected and details action that needs to be taken was true that we live or we like to live where co allah's live. but those developments require what are called offsets, which means that there needs to be a qual, habitat put back. so what this announcement is about is making sure that that's done in the best and strongest possible way so that we do have long,
12:48 am
continuous areas of habitat that are good for quality. and that we also make sure that we've got the population strength in those areas. the kuala has been listed as a bung notable species for a decade. but experts say devastating bush fires in 2019 lead to a 30 percent reduction in its population inches 3 years. the listing today is really important to give the species that legal recognition. but what needs to follow is really strong regulatory protection for the corolla. and the government has recently committed more money. we have the legal and status as endangered now. they're really good parts of the equation, but what's missing is the stronger regulatory protection. so while as need stronger laws and they need regulations that prevent the clearing of their habitat, which is their keith rat. late last month,
12:49 am
the government announced $50000000.00 in funding to help conserve the quality. but conservationist criticized it for putting a price tag on what's widely seen as a national treasure. and they say the only way the color can be saved is if the government protects the physical environment eclipse in. michelson, al jazeera sports coming up off to break for you general will be here for that. and she'll have a spectacular performance by this japanese no border to kind a lin pick gold. while a legend of the sport says good bye. ah, ah, with
12:50 am
mm. pool. ah,
12:51 am
he's now the latest on the beijing winter olympics on the rest of the sport today is jemma. thank you, mary. i'm a figure skater, who's winter olympic gold medal hangs in the balance because of the diving control . vesee is getting top level russian backing. 15 year old camilla valley has been urged by the kremlin to perform and defeat everybody international. and then pick committee and international skating union are appealing against russia decision to allow value able to compete in aging. she tested positive in december for metabolic agent that's prescribed to treat angina and vertigo, value. but let the russia then pick committee to go in the team event. clearly we took 2 cases to but clearly in this specific case, it is an active case and we are waiting for it to be fully seem to the end that it
12:52 am
would be role of anyone to make any comments on this. actually, particularly because we are talking about case of a minor protective person. it's a legal issue and legal issues unfortunately, can be very, very complicated. but for all that concern, not just the russian fleet, but obviously we're concerned in the previous competition. we all mean to see as quickly as we can a resolution of this and we are working as fast as we can under the circumstances together. we spoke to a p sports correspondence. steven wait, he says, the se is an a no win situation. thomas bhakti i see president has said, we don't feel it's fair to ban the entire team. we feel like we can't prejudice one person for sins of the whole team. what we can't prejudice the team for sins of one person. the our see has a black eye here, no matter what happens if they, if she loses the metal, they look bad. if she's law to escape, they look bad. she's a minor. so it's possible that she will get off and be allowed to keep this metal
12:53 am
under the grounds that she's a minor. she's not responsible for what she took. perhaps an adult gave it to her. she may get a get off and be able to keep the mental. but imagine your 15 year old young woman skating, she's the best in the world and she gets caught up in this mess. it seems incredibly unfair to her. i'm sure right now it must be difficult for her to practice what she is. but how can you practice and keep your focus when this sort of thing is hanging over you? it's a terrible mass for those young 15 year old woman. it's really a mess for everybody know whichever way you look at it. it's a m e s. s. as in a high flyer in the mens snowboard half pipe japan's a ye me herani and mailing goes with his final grad included at triple cool. that's 3. had a the heels flips and twist while grabbing the board around it. any introduced the dangerous trick in december after 6 months of intense training, doing 60 thrills a day. there was an emotional farewell american show in white when at freeland
12:54 am
picks and crashing on his final run to finish. the $35.00 route assess is grateful to be leaving behind a legacy for the next generation. my listening, okay, did he? he's the oldest athlete in the sport for this have been so i'm sure there are a lot of emotions that i wouldn't even dream of being able to understand. and he has to live at the beast of his performance. just riding on the spin you itself was much more important than the result itself. and that's a great message for everybody. and i've been very much that by and by his run a swiss scare one gold and i'm event that's been got trenching the her previous. i didn't fix while champion larkey barometer took out the stupid g. the finished 4th at the last game. you know, how go to the wrong place in which i bought it to time and if it sounds mikaela different, it was at this the night. but at least i can finish the course off the failing in her previous the races. sweetest speed skater nails van de paula to
12:55 am
match his own well record it when the man's 10000 meters. it's his 2nd go to the game. the 55 wrote shape more than 2 seconds of your previous answer and the very next one, a 3rd gold metal in many olympics in cross country skiing, he added the 15 kilometer title to his 50 k acid and fuel tank. and the teams printed in 2040 gemini, remain on top of the metal table with 7 golds neu, a 2nd, but they've taken the most metals over, along with austria. japan has now moved into the top 10 danish football at christian ericsson says he's not anxious about returning to play following his cardiac arrest at the european championship. last year that had filled out joined at premier league side brentford on a 6 month deal. and we'll make just come back in a friendly game. on monday, erickson was released by previous club in some alarm because players fitted with the fibrillation and not allowed to play in the italian league. i think if there
12:56 am
was any excise, i wouldn't go back. i mean if i, if i was be fully committed and to the leg, trusting the doctors and trusting my and my heart on trusting my i c, d. in me, then i wouldn't go back so no, i feel 100 percent. sure. to go back for like i need to prove that you can play with a nicety. and if something that bad has happened, i mean, you can, you can be returning to a normal life. christiano. rinaldo has been challenged by his manchester, united manager to school. more goals, the portuguese still haven't found the back of the net in his last 5 appearances that we should score more goals is obvious. i think we are creating enough chances and enough opportunities in the last couple of games, but we just didn't score enough goals. but this is not only an issue with christiano, it's also an issue with all the other players, especially with the offensive plays that we do not score enough goes. if you bear in mind how many jobs we create,
12:57 am
and this is also something that needs to get better in the next couple of weeks. green bay packers quarterback aaron rogers has been named the nfl most valuable player for the 2nd year in a row. the 38 year old is only the 2nd player in our history to win the award for times. peyton manning holds the record with 5. they're all been unique in their own way as you know. i think the latest one always feels the sweetest and so many great memories from the season and an incredible guys i've gotten to play with them because i could dream you know and surreal for sure. obviously not how we want to finish the season, but to be sitting near as a for time to be as crazy. and i'm so thankful that soil thought for me and i was back to marianne in london. very much, jenna. that's it for the news. but i'll be back in a couple of minutes with much more of the day news for you round up the told stories coming up very shortly, feeling
12:58 am
a bit. ah news. news. news, news ah, ah, ah.
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which is a whole. i fresh warnings from the united states security advisors suggests there is a credible prospect that russia could invade ukraine within days. but russia dismisses what it calls weston lies about its plans to invade while its troops carry out drills with that. a roost near the ukrainian border. ah hello, i'm mary. i'm no mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program.


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