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tv   101 East The Great British Curry Crisis  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2022 6:30am-7:01am AST

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on a tuesday and install into a car manufactured in canada, 2 days later, that where nobody has to warehouse the thing that worked well in good jobs. there's not a nissan. as the auto industry accelerates toward an increasingly electric future. the question you as carmakers face is, how soon can they increase production and lower skyrocketing prices to meet pent up pandemic demand. john henderson, l g 0, chicago. ah, hello, you're watching m 0. these are the top stories. this our view as president is set to speak to russia's vladimir putin on saturday, to discuss tensions with ukraine. washington says russia has amassed enough troops to attack at any moment. moscow's accusing the west though of spreading lines protested as i continuing to block a bridge, connecting canada to the u. s. despite an order from the judge in ontario to leave
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the injunction gives police the power to end the demonstrations against a cove at 19 vaccine mandates. thousands of extra officers have been mobilized in paris ahead of a demonstration inspired by the protest in canada, motorists from across the country are heading to the capitol despite a police order not to enter the cc. me and my is marking the 75th anniversary of union day with a grand parades. the military lead government has also announced an amnesty for hundreds of prisoners. the ceremony comes days after police found another corruption charge against opposed later on son said she you as president joe biden has signed an executive order. busy to i'm the phrase $7000000000.00 in afghan funds. the money was deposited by the afghan central bank in new york and with frozen prior to the taliban tyco bye. in august, half of the funds will go towards humanitarian efforts in afghanistan,
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the other half to relevant victims of $911.00 and other attacks by on groups in the us, children under the age of 5, a warrant received their corona, virus vaccines for at least a few months after household's already delayed their approval for the shot, the f t a says it needs more data from drug makers. find that and by in tech, before it can improve their vaccine from children aged 6 months to 4 years. and more than a 100000 people in madagascar waiting for emergency aid, almost awake after a powerful cycle and hit that sir. i made landfall last saturday, destroying thousands of himes at least 111 people unknown to have been killed. those are the headline time. emily anglin, the niece continues here on out jazeera after one on one aisd, the great british curry crisis. did you know you can watch out to see were english streaming live on like youtube channel?
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plus thousands of our programs. award winning documentaries and in depth musical. subscribe to youtube dot com forward slash al jazeera english ah. from london to lead. to sorry, bruce is dinah's love, nothing more than a bowl of indian car. forget chips serve with basset fish chicken tikka. masala is the u. k. national in every down in the country, there's like one or 2 or 3 houses put every way industry says to south asian restaurants, a closing down to, to financial strains exacerbated by the pandemic in those. no, wistfully,
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they wouldn't be no high suite. i think lily in london, any action otherwise we are in problem joined one or one east on a cone. arie jenny, across the you tied to see why britain he saying to, to lou, to been doing ah, i move to when i was too young. oh, 08 is i love bitten because there's no boundary to what one can achieve the hudson. my father came to to make a landmark breast went in hopper funding. so i like to keep this tradition in the legacy for my father. ringback ringback
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jack inside is the proud co owner of one of britain's oldest surviving curry have. sooner to migrating from bangladesh. his father established doorbell back in 1956. 0 hello. good evening, nick. hi, how are you? good. ever since this tandoori restaurant has been an institution in the posh london district of notting hill, we have a customer who comes from afar to you, just dine, we dies the key to our success. if i wanted to see with the food that my father is started, it's still a family affair. 2 of his brothers cooked the carries in the kitchen bar jacket and his other sibling work front of house. oh, the fab full serve. all the classes from the super spicy been the lou to the much
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more the very popular chicken tikka masala in the early days, dirt bar and the 1st wave of tarry houses had to think creatively to we know the bushes dawn with. oh, they reinvented south asian cuisine, cooking, richest, sweet to carries with butter, left hot spices, the news back on. well i the dishes that we traditionally habit in from this the source is quite feisty. the forty's quite different, but the people here they like the t my source cream. you saw the
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love to be present in want to daughter bars most devoted customer say well what do you like for tonight? i would love chicken orient the 93 year old. it's a curry houses once a week. i play natalia in the quiet. i've noticed no one's only going to go away. june stuff about my birthday party in the past 10 years at least. can you explain to an audience watching at home? what you think makes a good time when you're sickly? not too. yeah, i will never. i'm living there. remember years ago. so somebody was a bit on the wise when they didn't do it without having the faintest idea what he found out. what happened to him? oh wow, i keep in
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mind, traditional brushy spare is largely plies and mash food that's crazy ferocity landon bassett, beef salt are all roasted and don't get me started on york. she put it from the meat 20th century. the good old fish and chip shop had a new competitor. 12000 curry houses across the u. k. run by a growing south asia diaspora. the change the palace venetian. and this is a inspiring, what do you think the secret mythic that the food distant, better simply put they bought on the sheet, they bought and chillies. if you talk to anyone in the sixties and asked them what was the most exciting meal they had, it was a fuss dime. they went to have
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a carry. asthma con is reviewed in being born british ship confounded dud, dealing express, a popular upscale london restaurant with a team of female ships. i really don't trust me to do this that i might bonnet, she says the south asian food scene is critically important because of the employees, 100000 people in contribute 5000000000 dollars every year to the u. k. economy. so this is not something that you know, you can dismiss and disregard the thing. is that the impression that awful is chief on chef or ethnic food snacks of faces. and i'm saying it because the whole idea that in someone's placene is more innovated and more sophisticated, they ought to be restroom closings. this really upset me and i wasn't gonna have a conversation. i just priced it really high. perhaps such perceptions
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exist because the quintessential curry half experiences written not always a high class affair. indian restaurant established themselves as affordable, light night, warm, welcoming workers, pipe from public and not the word. curry was used as an umbrella term to describe the school see spicy concoction, vol, asthma, migrated from the ninety's and describe. so 1st dining experience in the british curry house as a culture shock, was her thought it was so hideously decorated someone's house, looked like this in my childhood. and there was just so much cream and sugar. i just was amazed that there were all his people eating this, loving it and i was like, you know what, i'm thinking, what are the eating oh, south asia, mid migrated to britain during the economic boom of the fifty's and sixty's feeling
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labor shortages in the textile industry, when civil unrest triggered the violet, splits of the british raj into india, pakistan of bangladesh. more families came to britain and the diaspora kept growing . when factories with bossed these margaret, set up, indian restaurants and other small businesses, they started in a very, very racist 19 sixty's, england, where they couldn't get jobs for they, you know, people who run them houses, but they couldn't grace finance. and this was debbie, forward. they set up an empire in this place, you know, using food as a way out. this is remarkable. and unfortunately too many people ask questions. you know, this is not authentic. you know, you know, talking a mocking the food that they, they cooked. i will never criticize them. and i stand on the shoulders of those giants. ah. unique
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enclave moves across. did you tie around famous curry house precincts? what requires? ah, ah, raj vgm out that was born here. it is. live all his life and these are corner part of east london. his father arrived from india during the fall and was one of the 1st tory chefs who tried other migraines. how to cook around, reclaim the identity of reclaimed from the late seventy's eighty's own would. was with the carry houses, my dad died in the mid eighties and i was young and i said, look what you've done. you know, the reason why there's so many restaurants opening up a they bought in shafts, way says they will in grocery shoves butch's. and so it became the center point of the community. everybody. i knew i grew up with the chef and i didn't know anybody
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who has no restaurant tow your own. i started working part time in restaurants, of the painting, the potatoes, shuffling their earnings and washing the pots in. and i still think about, oh, the thing they just run through my mind. ah, after working in restaurants, roger picked up a camera in the night and i and has been a prominent photographer around brick lane is capturing a precinct family called dudley town during its ida. ah, at its peak in 2010, there would really 70 kerry houses around break line bow only 20 remain routes on the latest one to close. that suffered obviously lack of business. and then the pandemic hasn't helped at all. or how does it feel to hear that you know
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what to carry, houses away, shutting down a written. i mean, i just personally feel that the legacy that my father was part of is not dying. it just makes you feel that in coming to her end is something a traditional british part of life. me after 3 years raj, dogwood, curry house, hot stop shop. no frills hole in the wall was an affordable place to go. even celebrity shift as the what ain't a golden ramsey called in on a friday not what was his place like? it was crazy. nice. really. are people getting drawn people dancing tables and what
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people love to buy? it wasn't just like settled music and people in like suede waste, coach and bow ties. there was no answer braces when you come to watch stuff. you're like everybody else. we had a cult following, as everyone rooms were safe to watch the pandemic in did the party locked down to push small businesses like hot dog. he's a financial straw. raj says he's clientele disappeared because london became a ghost town for it was a big hit for us. and there was times when this, when you sat there all night and literally had 2 or 3 customers for the whole evening. it's a sad ending in 0 rods. now 49 began working with his mother here as a teenager. today all of the signage is being removed from the restaurant won't put blood, sweat, and tears into this double emotional because i'm my mom is the one who started off of 1988. i lost my mom 5 years ago. this is often great for my mind. seeing them
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is more about my mom's legacy. so i didn't lose the business. i lost family or lost friends because i spent most of my time in ah, i dotted curry houses here are owned by bangladesh, migrants restaurant to top was all mia advocates on their behalf. there are many challenges about one of them we're facing is a shortage of staff, which includes clean. is portez called me waiters and waitresses. before permission voted to leave a you 26 day he needed. restaurants was struggling to breathe. experience curricle from south asia. use a visa restriction to pro breaks it movement, curry favor with the south asian community by promising ease. immigration at the
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time. did you support it? well, look, i'm the one to shy away from it. i was sold the dream that probably is broken. it turned out to be a false information and a pack of light for the british government is now east some be the restrictions but south asia. cool. it's still difficult for rest, montoya to bringing a higher help. high taxation on food. why the rent and food prices, other reasons why a 3rd party houses across britain, now base closure, close to the rising, gay by day. but i'm hoping the government will listen to us and act fast for you to such pressures. the children of restaurant who has largely are interested in taking over the family business. i've got a container ship my telephone sons tammy,
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and for him have university degrees and would rather pursue other opportunities the toil away in the kitchen. me, my brothers, tony spent a lot of time that she helping with the russian and the take way spend on weakens the as young 16 euro ken system on exactly what you want to be doing and you're finding sunday night i'm, i think ultimately boils down to opportunity, i'll draw this sort of go for a corporate job. it definitely is difficult to run your own business. he can't switch off. i mean, my dad for example though a yes, where he wouldn't go and hold it. how about, for example, in the corporate job? i have 25 days leave. do you feel sad that not none of your sons wondering her and continued the family business is a kind of one way? yes, little disappointing that they don't want to follow my staff and light a small legacy. i built over the dirty odd years, but i'm happy for them because they're going about their career and we're trying to
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be successful in their own li, bmw, bridge alley is known as the charging, his amassed wealth status, and even a royal honor. building up the indian restaurant sector here and he's hired a 3 the bangladesh she margaret, can save that. south asian families. don't see the restaurant game as a respectable career for their children. within our community, my son become a waiter affiliate, our children don't wanted to check with to address staff shortages. he worked with the u. k. gov to establish one of 5 curry colleges. but trade, british workers, in half of cooking, ending with a list of 30 students, entered the whole program and it ended up being a massive failure. all of them are thing. i don't want to be a chef, but i don't want to be karissa. so it was
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a very difficult for me to continue with all more in a career. i waited and i have to post enough has to romanians working in the kitchen to believe europeans and be trained to cook delectable south asian cuisine . the question is will die to see a white shift curry as authentic will be just putting about? is it the right even there is being about. dish may have if so it take time with today's written the land of culinary diversity, gastronomical wonder. come to eddie through market across london. it's clearly curry is no longer because the exotic offering with a this is also the case. manchester's bane with curry mom with diamonds as
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well. the choice with plenty of unique dishes on alpha for tingle taste by ritz are also increasingly ordering takeaway using delivery of a trend that's accelerated during the pad. im sorry, you're probably thinking by now that the curry crosses is about as gloomy as a british winter. but there are some people here in the south asian dining and catering st who are adapting to the changing times. and that's what brought me here to birmingham lateesha patel is a consultant who's helping the local food sector, adapt to changing tight. she set up a cloud kitchen called darling's in mid 2021, serving indian,
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big and food for the growing takeaway market. and there are various kitchen units that you can rent out in may a monthly fee. now they form the less coin up. this is darling's kitchen. this is the one i've taken, not also commonly known as doc hitches. these businesses without shop fronts booming as more people get big meals to live. it enabled me to showcase my money to the city, to showcase my fate. but with a quarter of the costs, we don't have to cover the cost of waiting stock. restaurants. a bar, we don't need to pay for any seating area or we pay for our rent out ingredients, and i was salaries of the stuff the teachers, local staff learned to quit the small menu in a 2 week course. so our menu, i mean the size of a quarter of a normal curry house menus. and as a result that i wish i have the time spend a little bit more time in quality on the tissues that they produce. really of
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darling's plant by dishes originate from the indian state of could europe, when the teacher's family is wrong. this is childhood. they fitness dial it reminds me of my mom. it's all things come. but this is what i grew up eating food. phenomenal. she called this country and all the g p and potato pause. i'm not a fan of the wed curry. i believe that every day she is different. i don't like umbrella times that porch everything and the same boat. i track hot tea, she says curry, how does need to move with the times? i think in 30th time, unfortunately we like so many of them. if the industry doesn't move forward now it's going to be too late. they need to reinvent their menus and they eating habits . now, i do see an increase in smaller indian restaurant specialize in regional coffee anytime we celebrated those cuisines, as opposed to an umbrella term of indian curry ah, in. she'll
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a small village outside manchester. i'm braiding the be so cold to experience one such restaurant divan go who is the owner of bugs paul, which i've been here in 2019. so i've been very well very unusual. but one of the most popular dishes on him and his restaurant serves cuisine inspired by western india. and i went to my team and said, you know, we were hoping we can rest on and add a literally, i to fight everyone to open this restaurant. this really thought that you know, opening all weekend restaurant, we would lose the 75 percent a lot in all weekends. budget policy is booked out there. award winning innovation . many features carries made from beetroot egg, land and toe foods. do you think a british consumer will 8 about a chicken without the chicken? like they're already doing it? we are so popular. so we got her to full mccartney, which is like a but
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a chicken. it took the 17 different office to find the right of divan. believes dine is now recognize the complexity into versity in regional sat, asian food. the goes beyond chicken, tikka, masala. i think what we have seen from indian will in you kister is hardly 2030 percent of indian food causing there's so much variation to come in future. another break from tradition is had to van, runs his business, starting in the big city from the bottom. as a dishwasher. he said, family run, curry have treat their employees like cheap labor and attitude doesn't work in a time of staff shortages. i've seen a lot of families running businesses like, you know, how would you bring the house ac shit and on this fighting a lot. and i've seen chef on a set in a business. so this thing is implement this working. now, what many nation do you want to do within your own comment just like in getting,
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especially for most of my shifts, are either partners with me or they're on a very good commission structure with us. so that if they had to go out and look for a job, they would probably not get the same feature. i make sure if i'm making money, people are on me, make money as well. what would you say to the owner of a carry house that is struggling? i'll tell what i did. i took a risk. i've been adventurous. we did something which was completely different to others. and you know, it has had the spot for us. oh, to push the boundaries often down in national price. the u. k. u has a number of awards to celebrate the very this south asian cuisine, including the bush. how are you? it's tories no, i could not save the red carpet. dog restaurants was no one, did i called the surveyed the carrier in 2005 in m ali started the survey to elevate and most about union street people loving what
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the one single ticket to be here to see the showcasing of the study and look at our sod wouldn't be nice, would be though we know one of the witness could be the son who yes. those brothers from 2, bob, a nomination for curry, also get an on we hope really get did we work together all these years? and this is going to be like, and i thing on the cake is a smorgasbord of entertains and no surprises as to what's on the menu. in this competition, customers nominated direct curry have then judges award the best restaurants by region. it really means a lot to the rest where he can promote and let his customers know that he's the best of the best. so did the about when the winner is benares ah, jotted,
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put the positive id on the result. lot of you all windy awards and they are happy and by end of the day, what counts is the customer, they're your loyal customer. they will come to your risk and they did get the mysql to keep and get on restaurant. in my li says to not is dedicated to the unsung heroes whose cuisine captured a nation fast. because my grandfather father connection what he said, thank you because of them. i'm ahead and i tribute them once upon a time. the courier was like a ugly duckling noise become a beautiful song ah, whither a classic fin delux or a vague and bay tree. hurry it's all the spice and flame is transformed. the way the british aches, from sheep and cheerful curry houses to the high and donna,
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the south, asian restaurants, are all evidence of what migrants can achieve with delectable dishes, and a drain ah, ah, ascending vietnamese children walk into slavery in europe. one, the one east investigates how the traffic is on of 18 justice on out, is there a unique here endangered bio diversity lies in the heart of one of ecuador, tropical jungles. there was a lot of misinformation about the animals that we have here. and now they're probably allergens become ambassadors of conservation in their communities, out there, a journey deep into the rain forest to follow a scientist and her team's effort to save the flora and fauna. so precious in the region. women make science, ecuador is hidden treasure on al jazeera. there is no channel that covers world
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news like we do. we revisit places, state al jazeera, really invest in that, and that's a privilege. as a journalist, ah, the u. s. warnings, russia invasion of ukraine could begin any day now, but moscow excuses the west of life and misinformation. ah, hello, i am emily anguish this is al jazeera live from dough. also coming up canadian truck drive as defy. a court ordered to clear a key border crossing with the u. s. after days of anger over cargo to me in mines military ladies mock $75.00.


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