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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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war we'd side to balance the stories, the good, the bad, the ugly, and eve, the people who allow us into their lives, dignity, intimacy as we tell their stories. ah. ready the u. s. is evacuating at the embassy staff from kiev wanting a russian invasion of ukraine could begin any day bought moscow accuses the west of lies and misinformation. ah, hello robin, isabel brought him and this is al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up canadian truck drivers defy a court order to clear vital border crossing with america. after days of protesting against cory, the 19 balls sri lanka,
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president ban strikes by health care workers ignoring their demands for better pay and conditions. and a 5th journalist as killed in mexico this year. the president promises to ensure media personnel wanted to be targeted with impunity. ah. the united states is evacuating all american staff from its embassy in kiev. it comes amid increasingly urgent warnings from the international community about a potential russian invasion of ukraine. the u. s. u. k and japan are among several countries which have told their nationals to leave immediately. patty calhane has more from washington dc. good afternoon, the u. s. national security advisor took to the white house podium friday with an urgent sounding warning. any american in ukraine should leave as soon as possible.
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and in any event in the next 24 to 48 hours, we obviously cannot predict the future. we don't know exactly what is going to happen, but the risk is now high enough. and the threat is now immediate enough. that this is what prudence demands. he warned that these russian military exercises could quickly turn into an attack on ukraine, possibly with bombings and missile strikes. and eventually a ground invasion. russia has repeatedly denied its intending to attack its neighbour, but with the current build up of forces and equipment along the russia, ukraine border, the u. s. believe it could. and in another sign of urgency, a virtual meeting friday morning, between the us president and his european allies, nato, canada, poland, and romania. soon after the pentagon announced an additional $3000.00 troops, will be headed to poland in the coming days. on top of the nearly 2000 that are already on the way, in addition to the 1000 soldiers deployed to remain ya,
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us president joe biden says, well, troops will go to nato countries. he's ruled out sending any into ukraine. if there is an invasion. still, the u. s. insist there is still time to come to a diplomatic solution. the administration has taken its concerns about russia, you know, very publicly, very earnestly, very forthrightly and, and there's a potential reward here. if putin eventually takes an off ramp and begins to de escalate. the white house has confirmed the president biden and russian president vladimir putin will speak on the phone saturday. a call that may provide a clear picture of the likely path forward. patty colleen al jazeera washington and the u. s. secretary of state is wanting russia is ramping up the military movements and for launch an attack. at any moment, we continue to see very troubling signs of russian escalation,
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including new forces arriving around ukraine borders. as i said yesterday, were in the window when a russian invasion could start at any time if president putin so decides that includes, in the coming days, we don't know whether present brewton has made that decision. but we do know that he is put in place the capacity to act on very short notice when it's going to our correspondent natasha butler. she is joining us live from kiev, and those very strong warnings being followed by americans pulling out staff from ukraine. natasha the reports of any other countries following suit. yes sir, the u. s. embassy, pulling out its diplomatic star from here for the ukrainian or capital, or as the u. s. c. the situation here as ever more critical were also, i hearing reports that the russian embassy may be pulling out some of its
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diplomatic stories. now, earlier in the week roches foreign minister said, a gay lover of sony, indicated that moscow could consider a pulling out some of its embassy style. fair as while we still though, have no a confirmation of that yet. and in the past 24 hours, a number of countries have announced that they are advising their citizens in ukraine to leave as soon as they can. countries including israel or japan, latvia, australia, canada, many countries concerned about their citizens. now russia, though, continues to deny that it has no plans to attack ukraine. they say that this is just all a u. s. a. the u. s. making up stories, if you like. this is propaganda from washington. however, that is not at all how western power said is certainly not of united states c fees . it, we've heard from the white house that an attack from russia could be imminent. the
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u. s. says that the, the russia has all the forces and the hardware that it needs in place to launch an invasion that the situation is extremely tense. and that is why, though, the diplomatic efforts to continue, even though some hope is fading, that diplomacy could break through and find a solution. we have a high profile, highest level telephone calls to day between the u. s. present joe biden. and vladimir putin just before that, the russian president will be speaking to the french president, emanuel macro and natasha. how was all this being viewed and kia itself is really serious warnings of possible? russian invasions look, series warnings, and also you have some western intelligence officials talking about ukrainian capital a being a possible target. some intelligent sources are from western powers,
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are saying that russian forces could be considering surrounding the capital key have very wearing indeed for people here in the city. as you can imagine. but you know, many people you speak to as say, but they have lived with what they perceive to be the threat from russia for many years. now. for 8, he is. ukraine has been a conflict with russian park separatists in the east. people here seem to be just going about their, their daily life. they know that the situation is extremely tense. there is a sense that it could be a lot more critical than before. we know, for example, that here in the capital city that authorities o m over forty's have been reopening, i should say, a bomb shelters the wood built during the cold war by the russians. russians now seen by some here as the enemy, those bomb shelters would be ready says the mayor of kyo. should they be needed? natasha. thank you for that for now. that is natasha butler with all the latest live for us and kia. thank you. we're going to move on to other news now. and truck
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drivers in canada are ignoring a giantess order to start blocking the largest trade route with the united states. 5 days of disruption to traffic on the ambassador bridge has for some auto factories across the border to shut down because of the lack of parts from canada. rob reynolds reports, an ontario superior court judge, ordered right wing protestors to stop blocking a vital bridge between canada and the united states. on friday truck drivers and others clogging the ambassador bridge over the past 5 days have disrupted industrial supply chains on both sides of the border, forcing some auto factories to close. the bridge carries one quarter of all trade between the countries earlier prime minister just and trudeau gave a warning to the occupiers who have been severely disrupting everyday life and the canadian capital ottawa for 2 weeks. it is time for these protesters to go home. it
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is time to recognize that this protest is blockade his illegal. everything is on the table because this unlawful activity has to end. judo spoke with you as president joe biden, about the demonstrations and their conservative american supporters. we discussed the american and indeed global influences on the protest. we talked about the u. s . based flooding of the 9 on one phone lines. in ottawa, the presence of u. s. citizens in the blockades and the impact of foreign money to fund this illegal activity. the occupiers who call themselves the freedom convoy, have been lavishly praised and encouraged by personalities. on the right, leaning fox news channel, police officers moved among the trucks and other vehicles snarling city streets, collecting license, plate information, demonstrators heckled and jeered at them. oh,
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the protests started among truck drivers, angered by a requirement they be vaccinated against coven 19 when crossing back and forth over the u. s. border. but it has metastasized into a general anti government movement. how to and the convoy? yeah, you got it and the mandate got and the mandates and personally all want to ruin whoever's point groceries, pull dawn out of town. i don't care what happens to them, but they got to be banished. us authorities are on guard against similar protests in los angeles aimed at disrupting this weekend super bowl. the department of homeland security is searching additional staff to its incident command, post their strong cooperation with the california highway patrol, the los angeles police department, the anti vaccine protesters are certainly a minority in canada. 88 percent of its citizens have received at least one dose of the vaccine. rob rentals al jazeera and a similar but small
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a protest is underway in france despite a police ban. police say they've intercepted around 50 vehicles trying to enter paris and a so called freedom convoy. checkpoints of being monitored by thousands of police officers. several 7 rallies are expected over the weekend. and around 10000 australian protest has have condemned cliff. at 19 backseat mandates. the demonstration outside parliament and can but full. the cancellation of a charity fundraising event near by. it's the latest show of antique government anger in the run up to the re election bit. by prod, mr. scott morrison, and a few months now, hundreds of prisoners in myanmar have been granted. and the stay as part of the 75th union day anniversary. the days elevating the unity agreement with ethnic minorities as are the shadowed by the repressive life of many under military vul. tony chang, the ports, a squad of soldiers marching through the dawn light,
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the man mas, capital ne pito. part of the celebrations for union day. the parade, mac, 75 years since the signing of an agreement, the united mia mas ethnic groups, senior general men on lie who lead last years military coups, the guest of honor. ye go, one wanderer, ali and his address to the nation. he praised the unity of all the people in myanmar saying they had come through thick and thin together. as part of the celebrations state, meteor announced an amnesty, but 800 prisoners across the country. since the coo, more than 12000 people have been arrested as military try to silence, protest has and stopped descent slow, whose identity were concealing, was a student when the protests against the qu started, he was arrested and jailed in march. the conditions he says were brutal. the god, there were intimidating us in prison, not to fight against the genta. the authorities in prison use the criminals to
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repress us. if something happened in the prison, not only the prison staff but also the criminals came to beat us. eventually he was released in october and despite the fear he felt in detention, he says he still prepared to show his opposition to the qu, the not bowler, ford. yeah, although i was arrested. my revolutionary spirit isn't gone. i still resent them and want to fight against them. protest is now appears flash mobs quickly, unfurling their banners and running down the streets before the security services arrive. despite the arrest disappearances and shows a false from the military. as seems to be one thing that unites the people of myanmar these days. their refusal to accept life on the military rule. tony ching algiers are still ahead on the bulletin where in chicago for america's longest running, which i shall at the industry is facing some major bumps in the road. and we look at how the us plans to distribute millions of dollars
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a frozen afghan funds and the sun's on its slow journey north now, but it's still february even so it's starting to induce showers moving further north as well. in for example, thailand, vietnam allows heavy rain, the 4th and so on, seems likely getting crawled on maybe singapore, maybe see marsha, this is very obviously wet weather just on his way towards java and head of it. i think it's a big thunderstorm. same is true silhouette, it's dry. and now in the philippines, as you can see, that's where most the action is. and in tropical areas where you spent a storm like over they went through new caledonia will get, i think, eaten up by this rain is falling in, nor found new zealand as frustrated here on the shore breeze. admittedly, but ahead of this next cold front coming through westminster is be very hot and the
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heat, i think, will be induced to go through adelaide and melbourne. melbourne, for example, by the time you get to sundays at 34 degrees, hangs on to 30 even by monday. well above for it should be after late summer. but i mentioned what's happening in north island that's already rain hugely in the last few days. and the include the remains the tropical soccer. you get something like 300 millimeters in the high ground of nor found, or even south on even weddington doesn't look that good. the full cost of gale force winds, at least a sunday, ah. on counting the cost to europe is divided over the nuclear energy. but is it green enough that you, when accuses north korea funding? it's miss all program with stolen crypto currency. how can digital wallace be protected and the african style up the on the rise? what makes them right? counting the cost on al jazeera and $1.00 documentary is that
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nice. i've got on al jazeera lou . the me watching i was there with me in the for ottoman doha, reminder of our top stories, the sour us is evacuating all american star from the embassy in kiev. come summit increasingly urgent, one on from the international community about a potential russian invasion of ukraine, which moscow denies hundreds of prisoners. and we have been granted amnesty as far as the 75th union day anniversary. celebration for a unity agreement with ethnic minorities are overshadowed by the press of life,
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many under military val and truck drivers and canada. knowing that john, just order to stop locking the largest trade route with the united states. 5 days of disruption to traffic on the investor bridge has for some us auto factors shut down because of the lack of parts from canada. while the u. s. auto industry is already suffering a supply chain crisis because of a shortage of semiconductor chips, which power vehicle computers with john hand and reports from chicago to industry show and it may be down, but it's not out. the largest auto show in north america rolls back to chicago and it's gone electric, new electric cars, trucks, even a hybrid camper of sorts of bound here as u. s. automakers plug into a trend say years ago by their european and asian counterparts. but just a few kilometers away,
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production lines at chicago's only auto plant have ground to a halt side line by a lack of the computer chips needed to power them as consumers around the world gumble up chips to run new home electronics during ongoing viral lockdown. the chip shortage has been going on for, let's just say a year and it's likely to continue. it has caused the, you know, decrease in the production of vehicles and that is cause prices to go up as always happens when there's a shortage in supply. both new cars and used cars. it's unfortunate and chances are it's going to last another year. is chip makers rush to build more semiconductor plants. the computer chip shortage is just one of the series of pandemic. you're a supply problem. assembly lines have also stopped it. ford and toyota plants in canada and shifts have been cut at general motors factories in michigan as anti vaccine truckers protesting covered 19 rules block border crossings and carmakers
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supply chain. i would say it's a supply crisis and on some level at all, really does trace back to the pandemic and in one way or another, even the blockade at the canadian border right now between the us and canada is what's it about? it's about masks and vaccines, so it, that, that micro chip shortish, all traces back to the pandemic. if you didn't make his really thrown a monkey wrench, you, the automakers just in time manufacturing system. it was pioneered by toyota and it works like this. say this part was made in the us on a monday. well it could be delivered on a tuesday and im stalls into a car manufactured in canada 2 days later. that way nobody has to warehouses the thing that works well in good times. there's not a nissan, as the auto industry accelerates toward an increasingly electric future. the question you as carmakers face is how soon can they increase production and lower
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skyrocketing prices to meet pent up pandemic demand. john henderson al jazeera chicago. the united states is set to open an embassy in the solomon islands. it's being seen as diplomatic push back against china's expanding influence in the pacific region. secretary of state, anthony blink, and as in fiji for a virtual summit was pacific island leaders. sarah clark has more the announcement to open. an embassy in the solomon islands comes as a u. s. secretary of state antony blink. and touched down in fiji to hold talks with 18 pacific leaders on key issues like climate and security. it's a move that's been seen as an attempt by the united states to re establish diplomatic ties almost 3 decades after it downgraded its presence in the island nation. the u. s. closed its embassy and honey, our in 1993. over the last 2 decades, china has been building up its influence in the south pacific emerging as a diplomatic and economic partner to an increasing number of countries. china is
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also committed to send police advisors to the solomon islands after the riots which devastated the capital last november. the u. s. state department says the embassy would start as a small set up in honey hour with 2 employees and about 5 local staff. but it's not just the embassy. there are also plans to reopen an office for the u. s. peace court in the capitol. saturday's announcement is part of president biden strategy in the inner pacific, which aims to build partnerships in the region with its allies to counter china's growing ambitions and influence. 3 lancoste president has declared that health and power workers provide essential services, which means it's illegal for them to take strike action. public health care workers walked off their jobs earlier this week to demand a better pay and conditions. michelle fernandez is outside one of the hospitals and colombo with health workers are on strike. the healthcare unions told me just a short while ago that they're still in consultations with their lawyers to try and
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figure out what the implications of this latest gathered that has been brought in by the president. under this essential services act, a piece of legislation that goes back to 979 now on the act does in research some very tough penalties if any offenders are found guilty through the legal process. are professionals can find their names struck off registers like, like doctors can be struck off. medical registers are their assets movable, any movable can be forfeited to the state. and there's a lot of very, very strict punitive measures for those convicted under the essential services act . so union still have not called off their trade union. yeah. union action. and that means that hospitals, like the one you see behind me, this is the colombo south teaching hospital, a major government institution that provides services, free health care services, just to the south of the capital that
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a lot of their services have been disrupted. and the problem with this is that people who can't afford private to health care, you know, i'd really inconvenienced you as president joe biden has signed an executive order to unfreeze 7000000000 dollars and afghan funds. the money was deposited in new york by the afghans central bank before the taliban to power in august. half of the funds would go towards humanitarian efforts in afghanistan. the other harsh are relatives of victims of mine, 11 and other attacks by on groups lathrop. carla is the founder of a seal app that's an online humanitarian fundraiser for of jonathan. and he warns that a financial catastrophe is imminent in the country. afghans are left without a working economist system. i collapsed central banking system and is predicted 997 percent of the country is going to be affected by this crisis. the,
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the lack of support in terms of service delivery for people has major impacts. the lack of the banking system and any address through which a proper accountable system that doesn't exist right now could be transferred to the people. so the situation is, it's worse right now and it seems like it's not headed the right direction at all. we are already in a catastrophe and it seems to be getting even worse. the death of the issue in here is not off resources just after the collapse of the previous government. the united united nations call for support. got pledged for $1200000000.00. it's also notable to know that before the
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collapse of the government over 50 percent of honest on was in poverty. and so this is as much as systematic issue even bigger than the resource issue right now. now, mexicans president has promised they will be no impunity for anyone who kills journalists . the body of the 5th mexican reported to be killed. this year was found in the southern state of walker, the tory gate beaver ports. these family and friends of murdered journalist, herbert lopez, a gathering for his wake. he was a manager of a news website in mexico, southern state of war haka and was shot dead on thursday. slow growing a little. he said this was a cruel leg, done without doubt, by unscrupulous people. i think our colleagues didn't deserve that kind of warnings, the se, if that's what they wished to convey by shooting him 5 times. prosecutors say 2 suspects were arrested as they tried to leave the murder scene. lopez had received
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threats before, but he'd not joined a government program that provides protection for around 500 journalists. his brother said, trust in institutions is falling and moved them over to put their mac roll. lately we've fallen victim to criminality, to abuse of power situations that are beyond our control. as a media worker, i'm very worried. i trusted the authorities and asked them to do their job as they should know. lopez is the 5th journalist we murdered in mexico. this year president andres manuel lopez overdraw says those responsible will be brought to justice. by the time it may be that these regrettable crimes are committed, but there is no impunity, 0 impunity. it is not the same as before. in all cases, reporters without borders says 90 percent of the murders of journalists go unpunished in mexico. many report is killed for working on stories about drug related violence or government corruption. my, he got, he, a sandoval in this place is mexico is one of the most dangerous countries for
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journalists. and we are seen like that by the rest of the world were seen as a country where the authorities are not able to contain these crimes and, and impunity. we've been asked time and again, what's happening and mexico journalists across mexico know the dangers they face are rising and they're urging the government to do much more to protect them. victoria gay to be al jazeera, a snap presidential election in turkmenistan as likely to be held on the 12th of march. according to local reports, president gl bungling birdie will come himself told parliament he had reached a tough decision about his role and wanted young leaders to stare the oil rich nation election commission officials. they have been instructed to prepare for an early vote. the president, son says, are as expected to replace him. now a ban on religious heads caused some classrooms in the southern state in india. as back before the courts on monday, schools are set to reopen the same day income nautica of enclosed because
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a violent protest against the ban. me method reports from monday or the con, con, has become a local hero. people from across india have come to take photos of themselves with her, and some give her gifts and money was con, shot to fame. after this, the deal went. virus she seen resisting a group of men demanding she removable car. i am not scared of anyone except the almighty. i thought of him, he was the one who gave me the strength and now all this respect. i am very grateful. i experience has highlighted a control over a ban on religious clothing in the southern states, canada that has led to a national debate about constitution, freedoms. women started protesting after they were banned from entering class. one ready had scott bespoke counter protest by him. the groups the marsh wearing saffron colored gulf to assert the identity. the color is considered sacred by many
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hindu. but after vital clashes schools and colleges were closed for 3 days. the state government has backed the ban in india, dumb way, know the bus is going, but yes, a biscuit induce us up as we may need to do. so this is what delegates is, is completed on and was yet acting to play to. so i did as an element protests have spread to other regions. authorities in new delhi have detain students demonstrating in solidarity with the women a court and cannot go, has allowed schools to reopen, but asked students not to wear any religious clothing until a final decision is made. many people are getting anxious in this muslim dominated neighbourhood in mound out. they say they only send their daughters to schools that allow head scarves. an activist say that the band could lead to more than god's. 2 becoming further marginalized and segregated from others in schools. some teachers are worried about the long term impact on students. the once you have stood poison
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into this a otherwise a loving gum earlier. well, it might job many people may use it for different reasons at the, in different stages. but that could be one of the i'm in our most unfortunate thing that might happen had after must gone, says she's grateful for the support she's received and is confident. the court will rule in favor of those objecting the ban. she plans to go to university next year to fulfill her father's dream of becoming a lawyer. pardon him, ethel al jazeera, cannot ga southern india. ah, i'm elizabeth bronman, john harvard, the top stories on al jazeera and the u. s. is evacuating all american staff from its embassy and key f. it comes in that increasingly urgent warnings from the international community about a potential russian.


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