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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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lies in the heart of one of s, produced tropical jungles. there was a lot of misinformation about the animals that we have here. and now they're probably allergies become them by others of conservation in their communities. out there a journey deep into the rain forest to follow a scientist and her team's effort to save the flora and fauna. so precious in the region. women make science, ecuador hidden treasure on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello, i'm rob matheson, this is the news are live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. the u. s. evacuated says embassy stuff from kiev morning. a russian invasion of ukraine could begin any day now. but moscow accuses
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the west of lies and misinformation. president putin is set for more talks with nato leaders shall anchor's president banner stripes by healthcare workers ignoring their demands for better pain conditions. plus another journalist is killed in mexico. the 5th, in 2 months, the president promises 0 impunity for anyone who targets the media. the way to decide the fate of a russian figure skater until december to this sport, camilla valley, ava trains. well, it is decided if she can have a wool at the individual event of the failing of drugs test. ah, we're going to begin this news are in ukraine for the united states is evacuating all american staff from its embassy in kiev. it's again warning of a potential russian invasion of ukraine at any moment. the u. s. the u. k. and
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japan are among several countries that have told their nationals to leave immediately. oscars denying the charge and accusing the west of spreading false information. article here begins our coverage from washington. good afternoon, the us national security advisor took to the white house podium friday with an urgent sounding warning. any american in ukraine should leave as soon as possible. and in any event, in the next 24 to 48 hours, we obviously cannot predict the future. we don't know exactly what is going to happen, but the risk is now high enough. and the threat is now immediate enough that this is what prudence demands. he warned that these russian military exercises could quickly turn into an attack on ukraine, possibly with bombings and missile strikes. and eventually a ground invasion. russia has repeatedly denied its intending to attack its neighbour, but with the current build up of forces and equipment along the russia, ukraine border, the u. s. believe it could. and in another sign of urgency,
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a virtual meeting friday morning, between the us president and his european allies, nato, canada, poland, and romania. soon after the pentagon announced an additional $3000.00 troops, will be headed to poland in the coming days. on top of the nearly 2000 that are already on the way, in addition to the 1000 soldiers deployed to remain yet us president joe biden says, well, troops will go to nato countries. he's ruled out sending any into ukraine. if there is an invasion. still, the u. s. insist there is still time to come to a diplomatic solution. the administration has taken its concerns about russia, you know, very publicly, very earnestly, very forthrightly. and there's a potential reward here. if putin eventually takes an off ramp and, and begins to de escalate, the white house has confirmed the president biden and russian president vladimir putin will speak on the phone saturday. a call that may provide
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a clear picture of the likely path forward. patty colleen al jazeera washington author, weeks of diplomatic talks to deescalate the crisis. us secretary of state antony blank and has described this as a pivotal moment. we continue to see very troubling signs of russian escalation, including new forces arriving around ukraine borders. as i said yesterday, were in the window when a russian invasion could start at any time if president putin so decides that includes in the coming days, we don't know whether present student has made that decision. but we do know that he has put in place the capacity to act on very short notice or services. joining us live from zebra k airfield near home l. it's close to the bellows. ukraine border. first, we're going to go to natasha bato. she's talking to us from kiev, so the americans are pulling out more stuff from kiev. any more countries seeing
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that they're going to take their stuff out as well. yes, you at u. s. a. diplomats being a pulled out of the embassy, a kia in kiev. we also hearing some conflicting ripples as to whether or not moscow is pulling out some of it's diplomatic stuff. their reports to suggest it was there are others that deny that information. we're trying to get a bit more clarity on that. but meanwhile, are other countries all advise in their citizens to leave ukraine as soon as possible, if they can, amongst those countries? a japan, australia, canada, some european nations. now russia denies that it has an intention of attacking a ukraine. it says, such talk is all propaganda from the west propaganda from washington. but that's not a tool. how western powers, in particular, the white house sees it, the white house that says that russia has all the military hardware and the forces
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in place ready to be able to launch if they so choose an attack at any moment, an attack could be imminent. they say in the coming days at any moment. so a very tense situation. indeed, the diplomacy, though the efforts of diplomacy do continue, even though certain amount of hope of forgot track is fading. the a u. s. present jo bite and we'll be talking to the russian president vladimir putin, a by phone a bit later, a phone call that will be proceeded by a cold between the kremlin leader and french president emmanuel mackerel. what's cubes, reaction to the fact that all these countries are beginning to pull out their stuff from the country? well, i mean, if you are walking around the streets of kiev, you wouldn't really have the sense that a possible,
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eminent invasion was attack about to take place. most people here are going around the daily business, many say look, we have lived with what we perceive to be the threats of, from russia for many years. now there has of course, be a conflict in the east of ukraine, ukraine fighting russian back to separate his forces that they feel that they have heard this sort of thing before. even though some people certainly concede the things seem to be at a far more critical a point than in the past. and then you have those western intelligence reports. some sources say that perhaps if russia was to attend to ukraine, they may a tank here right here in the capital that they may surround the cap is also very worrying. indeed, the mare of ki, i have meanwhile, has said that some a, some crucial infrastructure in the city is certainly being looked at and also bomb shelters. thousands of them are across the city. they were built during the cold
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war, while some of those bomb shelters have been reopened in case they are needed. natasha . thank you very much. this natasha barto talking to us from key of. well, this all comes as roches holding military drills with bella. luce, not far from the ukrainian border. steph vaskins joining us live from near there. and the step just talk us through the latest about these military drills. well, arm around 200 kilometers away from where, where natasha is, sir, standing. and now keith. and it is in their south of, for barrels and we are very near to, we are one of these sir. air fields is being used for exercises. so between the russian forces and baller ocean, no forces. it's basically an abandoned air filter it, sir, until recently, been used as sir a sport sir. event our location. but we now have seen a dozens of for russian trucks coming out of this air field like around to half an hour ago. and it is military activity here for sure. we've heard
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a helicopter. so taking off for we also heard some or what seems to be shooting exercises, but it's also at the other hand, also quite calm here in this area, the village, nearby, everything is ordinary. every one is going about their own, a normal business that, that definitely here, some exercise is going on some military activity that we can confirm. a sub i want to pull up a map of a can just to show our viewers are the kind of geographical locations that we're talking about. here you can see, bellows are towards the center of the screen there just to the north of ukraine. no . as her step was saying, she's about 200 kilometers from kia, but at that border at ballers actually gets as close, i think is about 90 kilometers away from, from kia at its lowest point. and this map shows you the basic delineation between nato forces and orange there to the left hand side, and the russian and rushing supported forces excluding of course ukraine, m in the darker color. on the right hand side step, there's going to be
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a lot of interest from the nato countries, which are close to bella luce, particularly about the kind of material and kind of equipment that is being moved towards the border. because of course, the closer it gets to the border, the more likely it would be able to fire missiles into a ukraine, use electronic jamming equipment, for example, without actually having to cross the border. one would imagine those nato countries are going to be vet watching this very, very closely. absolutely, and now only 2 days ago, the satellite images from this exact air field were published and released in that the united states. also saying that there was an increase of troops coming to this air field. well, we have spoken to villages here and they say indeed russian forces have arrived here some time ago. they all went into this airfield, but they haven't seen any increased activity in the last couple of days. of course,
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that doesn't mean anything, but at least it shows that the intensity of the escalation that we're hearing, of course, from the american side can't really been found here right now. but indeed, there is a sophisticated, a russian equipment i have to say been brought into vellows. it's not the only location where the exercise that have taken place around his whole border. and this is literally around 20 kilometers from the ukrainian border around his whole border . there are training grounds, air feels being used by the russian forces at the moment to actually have this show of force. but officially, of course, they say we're training for a threat coming from nato. and what is also interesting to point out is that there's also reports, but also confirmed by the abortion authorities, that not only the grounds that worse is that he catered for these exercises are being used. but the russian forces are also outside of the training grounds. so called to god aboard because bella was,
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says we don't have enough troops to actually goddess border. so it's not only in the exercise grounds. and of course, there's a lot of questions on how many troops from russia are here. there is, of course, this so called agreement that the organization for security in europe has signed and values is also a signatory. and the baltic states have asked bellows how many russian folks are here. and barrows has, and so they didn't give any numbers, but they said it still within the limits of or agreement, had stepped vassal talking to his from zebra sky airfield sneer the bellows ukraine border step. thank you. truck drivers in canada are ignoring a judge's order to stop blocking the largest trade routes with the united states. 5 days of disruption to traffic, and the ambassador bridges forced some auto factories across the board to shut down because of the like a pots from canada. rob ronald supports an ontario superior court judge ordered right wing protestors to stop blocking
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a vital bridge between canada and the united states. on friday truck drivers and others clogging the ambassador bridge over the past 5 days have disrupted industrial supply chains on both sides of the border, forcing some auto factories to close, the bridge carries one quarter of all trade between the countries. earlier prime minister justin trudeau gave a warning to the occupiers who have been severely disrupting everyday life in the canadian capital ottawa for 2 weeks. it is time for these protesters to go home. it is time to recognize that this protest is blockade his illegal. everything is on the table because this unlawful activity has to end trudeau spoke with you as president joe biden, about the demonstrations and their conservative american supporters. we discussed the american and indeed global influences on the protest. we talked about the u. s
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. based flooding of the 9 on one phone lines, in ottawa, the presence of u. s. citizens in the blockades, in the impact of foreign money to fund this illegal activity. the occupiers who call themselves the freedom convoy, have been lavishly praised and encouraged by personalities. on the right, leaning fox news channel, police officers moved among the trucks and other vehicles snarling city streets, collecting license, plate information, demonstrators heckled and jeered at them. oh, the protests started among truck drivers, angered by a requirement they be vaccinated against coven 19 when crossing back and forth over the u. s. border. but it has metastasized into a general anti government movement. how to end the convoy? yeah, you got it and the mandate got and the mandates and personally, all on sharon, whoever's point groceries pull dawn out of hand. i don't care what happens to them
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. but the guardian banished us. authorities are on guard against similar protests in los angeles. aimed at disrupting this weekend, superbowl the department of homeland security asserting additional staff to its incident command, post their strong cooperation with the california highway patrol, the los angeles police department, the anti vaccine protesters are certainly a minority in canada. 88 percent of its citizens have received at least one dose of the vaccine. rob reynolds al jazeera french police have been intercepting vehicles trying to enter paris for so called freedom convoy protests. but inspired by the similar rallies in canada, thousands of police had been mobilized. checkpoints had been set up and rise. control barriers had been brought in. several rallies had expected. over the weekend, an estimated 10000 strong crowd of australian protestors have condemned coven 19 vaccine mandates. the demo outside parliament and camera force,
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the cancellation of a charity fundraising event nearby. it's the latest show of antique government under in the run up to the re election bid. i promise the scott morrison and a few months. stay more ahead on the news r, including we're going to look at how the us plans to distribute billions of dollars of frozen afghan funds the head of the w h o. visits of vaccine research hub in south africa. we're going to tell you what he's urging other african nations to do . and chelsea and palmera so hoping to be crime fifo club of world cup champions. first time later, peter is going to be here with that story in sport. ah shrank as president has declared that health and power workers provide essential services and that means it's illegal for them to take strike action. public health care workers walked off the jobs earlier this week to demand a better pay and conditions. and often others is in shlang,
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has cavity colombo as the strike enters its 6th day manella. however, the strike is gonna respond to this declaration by the president. so for what we're hearing from them, particularly the health workers unions, is that they are in consultations with their lawyers. they're trying to look at the implications of that gathered that's been brought in. now under the essential services act, it, which goes back to 1979. those convicted of offenses under that act as listed in this guys it, ah. 5 basically can be sentenced between 2 and 5 years, really good as the imprisonment or any of their assets can actually be forfeited to the state. and any professionals can be struck off, obviously professional register. so it's fairly serious on the gas. it also includes electricity supply and all those involved in that sector. in fact, the electricity engineers unions. a did see that they have no qualms with
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electricity being described as an essential service. but they're saying that this gather is a very cosmetic solution. that if the government is serious about this being an essential service, then they should give it do recognition. so as much as there are some very serious kind of punitive measures that can be taken against any one convicted under this law on the unions. at the moment i stood digging in, they said they've been pushed to the wall and they've been left little choice. but to take to this action, no one can imagine that people's daily lives are being affected by the strokes as far as the power sector is concerned, but took us through the impact on health care services, particularly of course, at this time of, of covered yeah, unfortunately, we seem to have lost our, our link to michelle in columbus. we will try and get her back as soon as we can.
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but in the meantime, we're gonna move on. hundreds of prisoners in miramar, have been granted on the stairs. part of the 75th union day anniversary day celebrating the unity agreement with ethnic minorities is overshadowed by the repressive life. from many under military vol. tony chang reports a squatter's soldiers marching through the dawn light, the man mas capital nippy dog. part of the celebrations, the union day. the parade marked 75 years since the signing of an agreement. the united mammals, ethnic groups, senior general men on lie who lead last years military coups, the guest of honor, hugo, one, amanda ali, in his address to the nation. he praised the unity of all the people in myanmar, saying that come through thick and thin together. as part of the celebrations state meteor announced an amnesty for 800 prisoners across the country. since the qu, more than 12000 people have been arrested as military, try to silence,
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protest as and stop descent. clue whose identity were concealing was a student when the protests against the crew started, he was arrested and jailed in march. the conditions he says were brutal regard. there were intimidating us in prison, not to fight against agenda. he authorities in prison use the criminals to repress us. if something happened in the prison, not only the prison staff but also the criminals, came to beat us. eventually he was released in october, and despite the fear he felt in detention, he says he still prepared to show his opposition to the coo, not bowler for the although i was arrested. my revolutionary spirit isn't gone. i still resent them and want to fight against them. protest is now appears flash mobs quickly, unfurling their banners and running down the streets before the security services arrive. despite the arrest disappearances and shows of force from the military, as seems to be one thing that unites the people of myanmar these days. their
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refusal to accept life under military rule, tony ching al jazeera, you know, as president joe biden signed an executive order to allocate $7000000000.00 in afghan funds. the money was deposited in new york, but the african central bank before the town to power. and all this off of the funds will go towards humanitarian efforts in afghanistan, the other half to relatives of victims of $911.00 and other attacks on groups. salamis in new york and explains why the relatives of the victims are being given some of of canisters money. they have already won. lawsuits that were filed years ago here in new york against the taliban and al qaeda against the taliban for its role in those attacks. and so they are suing to get access to that money as a result of those judgments. at the same time,
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the biden administration is dealing with increasing calls to do something about the dire humanitarian situation in afghanistan from the united nations. and domestically here as well, people are concerned about what's happening there because of the taliban take over. the bind administration does not want to recognize the taliban or let them have access to this money. so they're saying that they are going to set up a trust that will be overseen by a 3rd party to get this money into the country while avoiding the government. now, there, this is still months away. they're not saying how that's going to be done. it leaves many questions on answered, and that has humanitarians concerned. the united nations again has warned that the country is on the brink of economic collapse. and already we've received a statement from one, humana, cherry and group refugees international that says that they're worried that this will further cripple the banking system in afghanistan and perpetuate the suffering
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of afghans. but for now, this is what the biden administration has decided to do. protecting some of that money for the lawsuits that are pending here in new york while at the same time freeing up the money for humanitarian purposes. although not quickly or not enough for some who are concerned. that's not, holly is find out of i feel up. it's an online humanitarian fundraiser for afghan has done. he ones that a financial catastrophe is imminent. afghans are left without a working economist system. i collapsed central banking system and is predicted that 97 percent of the country is going to be affected by this crisis. the, the lack of support in terms of service delivery for people has major impact the lack of the banking system and any address through
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which a proper accountable system that doesn't exist right now could be transferred to the people. so the situation is, it's worse right now and it seems like it's not headed the right direction at all. we are already in a catastrophe and it seems to be getting even worse. the death of the issue in here is not off resources just after the collapse of the previous government. the united united nations call for support. got pledged for $1200000000.00. it's also notable to know that before the collapse of the government over 50 percent of honest on was in poverty. and so this is as much as systematic issue even bigger than the resource issue right now
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to journalists working for the you and humanitarian agency and kind of stuff have been released along with 2 african nationals after being briefly detained by the taliban. that were held for several hours. the taliban says the journalists were detained because they didn't have the necessary documents of what is what i borders says journalists are facing increasing harrison by the taliban. lydia and in the capital, tripoli have protested against the appointment of a new prime minister that he was hug. i was chosen by the to brook faith parliament on thursday. a former interior minister said to replace the honey that the baby who says he won't stand down demonstrators demanding the dissolution of parliament in the capital and the date set a long delayed national elections. while health organization says the acute phase of the pandemic could end by the middle of the year, but around 70 percent of the world population needs to get a coven, 1900 vaccination. first, the head of the w mitchell visited the south african pharmaceutical company. oxygen,
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which is producing the 1st made in africa, covert vaccine. it'll be own notice of a modern emerging technology share. and then when the hub, we could expedite manufacturing removing the need for large clinical trends and catching development and approval time, but at least one year. once again i can relate all. ringback those involved in bringing them are in a technology transfer. have to this point and i look forward to it started the development family. meta has more from the factory and kept on much of the emphasis really has been on the disadvantage. that african countries are in or facing regarding access to vaccines. the, the director general of the w h o is said that while half of the people in the world have received at least one job, just pin percent of africans are fully vaccinated. let goes down to about 5 percent
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for lower income countries. and so really the vaccination programs and rollouts have been concentrated in rich countries. and so africa largely forgotten. and now, the establishment of a transfer hub in south africa is meant to accelerate that vaccination process, largely bringing the manufacturing of vaccines to african countries with that information. that technology and science will be transferred both locally and across the continent with the vaccine manufacturing can be boosted. they are expecting that an increase in vaccination of manufacturing will help lower income countries. africa really is at a disadvantage at this point. and we also heard from the belgians development of stows here, supporting the w h o program and south africa saying that the pay cont, waive the issue is one that has continued for 2 years and hasn't moved. so a transfer hub is really an ideal solution,
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a structural solution to the problem that african countries have faced, but also is 2 years too late. it would still be a while before we see them manufactured and distributed with regards to african. in particular, they have developed the vaccine, but they're likely to only start clinical trials in the 4th quarter of this year. around november perhaps, and only in 2024. get the approval. they need to manufacture these vaccines on mass and distribute them. and we look at bio vac because they say that they have the ability to manufacture about 50000000 doses over the next period. but even then that will beginning the months to come. so still some time before african starts receiving jobs with vaccines made in africa under 5 year olds in the united states won't receive their corona, virus vaccines for at least a few months. the federal drug administration's delayed approval until pfizer and by tag provide more clinical data. the pharmaceutical companies expect to have the
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information acquired by early april. still ahead on al jazeera, we're going to take you to the spanish ghost village that is re emerged after a major drugs america's longest running all to so fires up of the industries facing some major bumps in the road, had a win for the ages. the so borders who won gold at the winter olympics against rivals. after age peter as more in sports. ah. it's getting stormy again in northern europe. this is not unusual. we seen these time time and again. and this line of white his conference pushed out all the heat that was in romania. so that is, that is forecast progressive is going down about 10 degrees typically. and then that normally breeza start when you shout, i think of the jetting grease spots on get in the saturday sunday. this might be
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a little bit more interesting, particularly as it develops into western france and portugal, a northwestern spain during sunday. because these area, particularly in spain and portugal, had been suffering from near drought conditions and been declared in the middle of portugal. this is a river and a reservoir that should be rather following this after winter range. what, when to range? you might say, well here's some late winter rain come again. this is the forecast for sunday, just about uses some in the middle of portugal. suddenly something in northwestern, spain there north africa. you don't expect much rain risen very much there is that hamas and still blank. this is the season right. it picks up the dust and blows it off the west coast of africa. eventually on that please, there's an example. it goes all the way across to brazil and starts to feed the amazon. did you know that you do not in southern africa, seasonal rains, dylan, norton, madagascar, curly, all way back down through namibia. ah,
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the latest news as it breaks after the killing of 2 isolator is why the united states over the last 3 years, many a close the war. their fear will be that as a challenge with detailed coverage opposition to the mine runs strong signs against it. like this one are found across the community from around the world. very hard to get a sense of public opinion inside me. i'm up with the military arresting people for their political beliefs. frank assessments for china will benefit from the 0 call it strategy. if the rest of the world cannot get informed opinions at all cost luckiest on needs, i'm not ready for that statement. critical debate. why group would claims that native constitutes an interest and she'll thread to russia, but it's precisely his actions that's rated this insecurity in the region. in depth
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analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou . ah, watching out is it a reminder of our top stories? this are the u. s. is evacuating non emergency american stuff from its embassy in kiev, and consummate increasingly urgent warnings from the international community about a potential russian invasion of ukraine, which moscow denies truck drivers in canada or ignoring a judge's order to stop blocking the largest trade route with the united states, 5 days of disruption to traffic on the ambassador bridge was forced to some u. s. auto factories to shut down because of the like, apart from canada,
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under the prisoners and leonor have been granted amnesty as part of the 75th union de anniversary celebrations for unity agreement with ethnic minorities are overshadowed by the depressive light from many under military rule. okay, let's return to our top story and take a closer look at how russia has been increasing its presence in the region around ukraine and surrounding ukraine on all 3 sides, while russia has mast and estimated a 100000 soldiers around the north and east of ukraine. that includes areas the put moscow with an easy, striking distance of the capital kiev. for the past 8 years, ukraine's been battling around 35000 russia backed rebels who controlled to its eastern provinces. russia reportedly has military personnel station there, though the kremlin denies this. moscow's also deployed forces in crimea, that it annexed from ukraine in 2014 russian warships are blocking large areas of the black sea and the sea of ourself for naval drills and moscow's move to 30000
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soldiers and heavy weapons to bela roost for the bigger wargames between the 2 countries, charles stoffers reporting now from khaki in eastern ukraine joint russian embellish and military exercises neither ukrainian border up to 30000 russian soldiers. and most of the better rouge and army are taking part in the 10 days of drills, including missile defense systems, tanks and fighter jets. moscow has around a $100000.00 troops station close to you grains borders. ukraine invoked a clause from the so called 2011 vienna document, which is an international agreements on military transparency, which russia is a signatory of demanding moscow provide detailed information timeframes. the military maneuvers. several western countries, including france, launched fresh diplomatic efforts this week to persuade russia to back down. so far,
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those efforts have failed to bear significant fruit. moscow says it's demand that they never be further. nato expansion east, including ukraine, is being ignored. ukraine's farm, as the told al jazeera roches concerns are illegitimate, and ukraine would not concede to moscow's demands. russia violated virtually every rule of international law related to secure in the year. so now it wants to impose on others, the discussion that you guys are expanding nato, are doing something else and that inflict damage my security. the last thing the west should do in response to that question using is actually to agreed to take this concern seriously. instead, it's us, ukraine and other countries who suffers from russia as actions should ask them
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a question how, how will you rush to ensure your security without inflicting damage on the secure, on our security new satellite images published by a private u. s. company. show what it says is new russian military deployment, new ukraine's border. more nato troops and weapons are being sent to bolster the alliances eastern flank. in a rare press conference in the russian bank, separatist held territory, the leader of the self declared the nets, people's republic accused ukraine of planning a military solution to the crisis. something ukraine denies. i do not rule out that ukraine can attack at any time. they have everything ready, the concentration of forces and capabilities allows them to do it at any moment. as soon as there is a political decision,
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russia says it has no intention of inviting ukraine, but it says it will be forced to take unspecified military technical action if it's demands and not med. most goes main demo and is the ukraine never becomes a nato member. and that's something for the us, and it's nate. so allies say is a non starter diplomatic efforts to defuse the crisis. continue to fail. charles stopped, but al jazeera, called cave eastern ukraine, marquez, it's a retired military general. and former assistant secretary for political military affairs under president george w bush. he says the deployment of thousands of us troops to nato countries bordering ukraine. isn't an escalation by washington sending those. ready troops into poland. ready during the romania, fundamentally to show our willingness to support our nato allies, the president has already said that we're not going to be putting troops into ukraine. but at the same time, those who border ukraine have recently be worried. and this is simply
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a statement to vladimir putin that if he wants to go into romania wants to go into poland, he's going to be doing that over the bodies of american soldiers. i wouldn't be announcing when i was going to attack where i was going to attack what washington is saying is that there's legitimate reasons to be concerned. and you need to take the proper defensive responses. but i find that the silence of the rushing to be more disturbing than if they were talking. you can be assured that the don boss separate to see creating separatists are doing everything they can to get the russians to come in. so the risk of mistake and miscalculation in my mind is a higher ability than a decision by russia to intentionally attack us. auto industry is already suffering a supply chain crisis because of a shortage of semiconductor chips. which power vehicles computers. as john hendern
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reports from chicago, the industry is showing as not done and out. the largest auto show in north america rolls back to chicago and it's gone electric, new electric cars, trucks, even a hybrid camper of sorts of bound here. as u. s. automakers plug into a trend say years ago by their european and asian counterparts, but just a few kilometers away. production lines at chicago's only auto plant have ground to a halt. sidelined by a lack of the computer chips needed to power them as consumers around the world gumble up chips to run new home electronics during ongoing viral locked downs. the chip shortage has been going on for, let's just say a year and it's likely to continue. it has caused the, you know, decrease in the production of vehicles and that is cause prices to go up as always happens when there's a shortage in supply. both new cars and used cars. it's unfortunate,
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and chances are it's going to last another year. is chip makers rush to build more semiconductor plants. the computer chip shortage is just one of the series of pandemic. you're a supply problem. assembly lines have also stopped it. ford and toyota plants in canada and shifts have been caught at general motors factories in michigan as anti vaccine truckers protesting covered 19 rules block border crossings and carmakers supply chain. i would say it's a supply crisis and on some level at all, really does trace back to the pandemic on in one way or another. even the blockade at the canadian border right now between the us and canada is what's it about? it's about masks and vaccines so that the microchip shortage all traces back to the pandemic. if any damage is really thrown a monkey wrench, the automakers just in time manufacturing system. it was pioneered by toyota and it
1:41 pm
worked like this. say this part was made in the us on a monday. well, it could be delivered on a tuesday, an install into a car manufactured in canada, 2 days later. that way nobody has to warehouse the thing that works well in good chimes. just not a lisa. as the auto industry accelerates toward an increasingly electric future, the question you as carmakers face is how soon can they increase production and lower skyrocketing prices to meet pent up pandemic demand. john henderson, l g 0, chicago. that i to say to set her open an embassy in the solomon islands that's being seen as a diplomatic pushback against china's expanding influence in the pacific region. said o'clock has more the announcement to open. an embassy in the solomon islands comes as a u. s. secretary of state antony blank and touched down in fiji to hold talks with 18 pacific leaders on key issues like climate and security. it's a move that's been seen as an attempt by the united states to re establish
1:42 pm
diplomatic ties almost 3 decades after it downgraded its presence in the island nation. the us close its embassy and honey, our in 1993. over the last 2 decades, china has been building up its influence in the south pacific emerging as a diplomatic and economic partner to an increasing number of countries. china is also committed to send police advisors to the solomon islands after the riots which devastated the capital last november. the state department says the embassy would start as a small set up in honey our with 2 employees and about 5 local staff. but it's not just the embassy. there are also plans to reopen an office for the u. s. peace court in the capitol. saturday's announcement is part of president biden's strategy in the, in the civic, which aims to build partnerships in the region with its allies to counter china's growing ambitions and influence. britain's prime minister may be fined for breaking his own covered rules for us. johnson's been center police questionnaire. they're
1:43 pm
investigating at least 12 parties that is turning st home, or many brookings, were being prosecuted for breaking the lockdown in law. elisa, expected to question dozens of all the people. johnson continues to resist. pressure to resign and deny is breaking the law. on lying about what happened, mexico's president has promised there will be no impunity for any one who kills journalist the body of the 5th mexican reporter to be killed. this year was found in the southern states of walker. victoria gave me repose these family and friends of murder, journalist, harbor lopez, a gathering for his wake. he was a manager of a news website in mexico, southern state of war haka and was shot dead on thursday. slow broil a little que, seattle. this was a cruel leg. done without doubt of you, by unscrupulous people. i think our colleague didn't deserve that kind of warnings, the se, if that's what they wished to convey by shooting him 5 times. prosecutors say 2
1:44 pm
suspects were arrested as they tried to leave the murder scene. lopez had received threats before, but he'd not joined a government program that provides protection for around 500 journalists. his brother said trust in institutions is falling and moved them over to put their mac roll. lately we've fallen victim to commonality to have use of power situations that are beyond our control. as a media worker, i'm very worried i trust in the authorities and asked them to do their job as they should. so lopez is the 5th journalist we murdered in mexico this year president andres manuel lopez overdraw says those responsible will be brought to justice. by the time it may be that these regrettable crimes are committed, but there is no impunity, 0. impunity. it is not the same as before. in all cases, reporters without borders says 90 percent of the murders of journalists go unpunished in mexico. many report is killed for working on stories about drug related violence or government corruption. may he got?
1:45 pm
he gets yellow. spices mexico is one of the most dangerous countries for journalists, and we are seen like that by the rest of the world were seen as a country where the authorities are not able to contain these crimes and, and impunity. we've been asked time and again, what's happening in mexico, journalists across mexico know the dangers they face are rising and they're urging the government to do much more to protect them. victoria gate and be algae 0. a road by military police in brazil targeting a major drug dealer has killed at least 8 people. come on to say the dead all worked for the largest criminal organisation in rio de janeiro. supreme court judges ruled last week. the real state government must come up with a plan to reduce the number of deaths during police raids. security forces of battled for use to reclaim the for various thumbs controlled by gangs. an ancient spanish village submerged under a reservoir for decades has resurfaced. after years of drought, as i'm a costume reports,
1:46 pm
the ruins are drawing and tourists and abandoned village reappears. it was emerged in 1992 when, as he vedo and spain's not best and galicia region was flooded to create a reservoir. but a major drought has revealed the coast village beneath isn't the mean thursday, most tallahan oil feeling is the soldier, as i see the home of a family member, their own or of someone they know re emerge in younger people or those who are not from here it triggers curiosity. lot of them are the ruins, make for great viewing vistas, walk down muddy parts to see partially clapped roofs, bricks and wooden debris that once formed homes as the k ciocca promise wife is much of its impressive to see it like this. it is rare to be able to enjoy the scene, and this is why we came to take pictures into at least have the picture of what this was like. really no letters of your gift to look over that my feeling is that what will happen over the years to drought and all that with climate change. what
1:47 pm
do a lot of them for months now? spain has suffered from low rainfall and data from the environment. ministry shows reservoirs of well below capacity for taurus and nostalgic trip around the coast. village is also a reminder. the region is facing a tough reality. michelson agency. i snapped presidential election and took manor. stan is likely to be held on march, the 12th president, good button. golly, bedroom or commander of reportedly told parliament he had reached a tough decision about his role and wanted young leaders to steer the oil rich nation. the president's son said that is expected to replace him. still ahead on al jazeera, the super bowl is less than 48 hours away. peter's going to have the latest from cincinnati bengals on los angeles robinson spores ah,
1:48 pm
americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command, it seemed like tried to cover what's your take on why they've gotten this so wrong . that to me is political malpractice, the bottom line on us politics and policies, and the impact on the wealth on al jazeera and with ah, investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera.
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ah ha. started sport, here's peter ra. thank you very much. a decision on a russian teenagers fight to stay in the winter olympics. despite a fail, drugs test is expected within 24 hours. come in a valley. eva has been training in bay jing ahead of tuesday. the individual figure skating competition of faith is in hands of the court of arbitration to suppose the 15 year old, stored in the russian and limby committee teams, gold performance. 5 days ago it since been revealed, she tested positive for a band substance in december. we know that the pressure is strong because the time
1:50 pm
is very short. so we, we guarantee normally with decisions within 24 hours. so we need to stick to that because the, the games are so intense. the program is so tight that we need to deliver decisions on time. some kids are more complex than others, but we try to just stick to that rule. so that would say them metal can be delivered during the games or not later, but we know it's not always possible. that's our mission. and we try to do our best for that. a veteran pe have one goal for the united states in the inaugural mixed snowboard, cross for hero, nic baumgartner setting up the when and breaking the record for the oldest snowboard middle winter. been lindsey jack, a bell is coming from behind. so we clips her italian rival, it's a 36 year old 2nd goal of winning the women's events. it makes up for a fool let the 2 written games. 16 years ago when she was treating victory, the united states claimed bragging rights in a clash of the men's ice,
1:51 pm
hockey heavyweights, they've beaten canada for to take a big step towards advancing to the quarter finals. ukrainian skeleton rider has made a plea for peace and his country. the thesis. he won't faith repercussions for flashing the know wall in ukraine. message of the heats race. the united states is up the 3rd on the middle table behind germany in norway, which has taken the most metals over all host nation is sitting 7 with full gold. chinese athletes who were born in the united states are under intense scrutiny at the winter olympics. and to your political tension between washington and aging is adding to the pressure to win a middle. katrina, you report from china capital. her picture is under cover of chinese magazines and billboards. you have well now the woman and she's become the unofficial face of the beijing winter olympics. chinese skia island goose popularity has sought since she won gold in the women's big air freestyle skiing event on tuesday. excited fans
1:52 pm
overwhelmed chinese social media. crashing the network label. following the competition quadrangle, eileen google is around my age and she has always been my idol. she wasn't expected to win gold in the big l competition. that's why i'm so excited and very moved to 18 year old was born and raised in the united states that has a chinese mother and has chosen to represent china. goose background is similar to another chinese athlete. u. s. bond figure skater, 2 e, but her reception by the public in china has been very different. do came under vicious attack on social media after stumbling twice during separate team events. chinese internet users labeled her a disgrace and criticized her american upbringing and poor grasp of maddron. some claimed she was chosen over a chinese born athlete, because her father is an elite scientist. expert say chinese olympians are under
1:53 pm
enormous pressure to wind. read this one narrative that says it doesn't matter how many medals we win. but then of course, behind the scenes, it's all still about the goal so. so there is still that balance that i think china is trying to to find. oh, switching nationalities for sport is not uncommon in these went to games. there is an unprecedented number of foreign born athletes competing for china. but geopolitical tensions between washington and beijing mean both grew. andrew faced difficult questions around perceptions of allegiance. critics of the us have accused, grew of prioritizing profit are the concerns about china's human rights record. the athlete has refused to clarify whether she holds an american passport. dual citizenship is not allowed in china, that isn't ship. so american, when i'm in the u. s. and i am chinese lamb in china, and i have been very outspoken about my gratitude to both the u. s. and china for making me the person who i am. internet senses have deleted tens of thousands,
1:54 pm
of course, related to the winter olympics. and over hundreds of others for causing trouble. tourneys, media has since been flooded with comments supporting. do you say more tolerance of failure and her background on needed? not as china continues to push, it seemed to succeed. it's unlikely that any of it's a will be free from all the president for any time soon. katrina you out a 0 making chelsea and palmera us will aim to win the fee for club woke up for the 1st time later on saturday. chelsea lost the corinthians in the 2012 final at also the last time a south american club on the title. the european champions will be boosted by the return of coach thomas to call who has set out the tournament. so for of the contracting coven 19, of course it gives you. it gives you more, because it's your course as your manager, and it's more energy in, in the change room. and of course it's,
1:55 pm
it would be really important for us if he could be here or one of these a sewer broken. um, when people say that palmer's other favorites, they're not talking reality. we're talking about chelsea that spent 615000000 euros to build their squad while pam errors have spent just 32000000 euros to build this squad. but i believe and our players believe that our competitiveness is what can make the difference in the finally the forensic while the with high drama at the end of porthos to to portuguese, li, drool with sporting lisbon on friday for id cards were handed out by the referee after pep, it took a kick to the head and players from both sides, including those on the bench then took matters into their own hands. both are on top of the standards in portugal, 8 points, care supporting. the biggest sporting events on the u. s. canada american football super bowl is less than 48 hours away now. the cincinnati bengals are aiming for
1:56 pm
their 1st title. as recently as 2019, they were statistically the worst team in the league. their opponents, the los angeles rams will have the rare honor of playing the championship game in their home stadium. ramps have not won the super bowl since relocating from st. louis 6 years ago. what i really like about this team is one of the best teams i've been around in terms of veteran leadership, true player ownership in autonomy. and a lot of that is reflected by the guys that you see that are here right now. i feel really fortunate to, you know, to be able to go to work with these guys every day and, and looking forward to watching them attack this app on sunday. our guys are prepared. we practice last 3 days miss whether they ever mr. b, we've had probably 3 of our fresh practices. we've had all your guys were moving out a great speed. i feel really good about where teams out from a health standpoint, from a conditioning standpoint and they'll be armed up, ready to go on sunday. it is a good night for donovan mitchell and the utah jazz in the in be a on friday. mitchell's school 24 points and contributed 7 rebounds in
1:57 pm
a 114 and 99. when over the orlando magic, it's a 5th straight home. when for utah, they lie fulton the western conference standings. as for orlando, they are struggling well out of the play of picture in the east. elsewhere, lamentable was in cellphone for the charlotte hornets. he schooled $31.00 points and 12 cisco, but there was also a triple double full. terry rogia. sharla server coming the detroit pistons 141119. not a bad way at old snap a 6 game losing streak. however, it's 7 defeats in a row for detroit. natalie leave is now most full, sees on the way again later rob fe to thank you very much indeed. now elizabeth corano is going to be here in a couple of minutes with more on all these stories, including our top story, the us evacuating non emergency personnel from its embassy in kiev. it's coming
1:58 pm
amid increasingly urgent warnings from the us and from the international community about a potential invasion of ukraine by russia. we're gonna have a lot more of analysis and pictures and stories from there in our upcoming bulletin . i'm rolled mothers, goodbye. ah ah. a legal issue with the so there's always a shot for sure. i was right also i was out 40. i'm a salmon. sure
1:59 pm
documentaries, from around the world about those who won't give up there. fight for justice out is there a selects justice from international politics to the global pandemic, and everything in between. it's about respect poor people and your our planet promised to ensure the safety of women. what's happened the just the forms are pulled back, that people actually have more feel. why is the u. k. feel hostile to transfer the mysteries? all of us join me if i take on the live with man or the misconceptions and debate the contradiction. time to get up front on al jazeera in just under a year's time catalyst al bait stadium will house. the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many friends were already counting down to the big kick off. next november,
2:00 pm
see you are going to move as this tournament unfolds over the coming days. it will play a key role. organize is getting ready to house the middle east's biggest ever supporting event next year for the castle. national seems like it used to playing in front of expected home crowds lobby, hoping to convince both the fans and themselves. so they really are ready to take on the world. ah, us evacuated the embassy staff from kiev as diplomatic efforts to ease tension continue. emanuel macklin is due to speak to vladimir potent later this out. and i'm stuff fossil reporting from the sun roof got air field in the south of butter was closed due to your premium border rejoined military military, braille between battle roost. i'm russia are ongoing
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