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tv   AJ Selects Justice  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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itself for the arrival of estimates, 11000 people kind of 0 tolerance klivis strategy work. and despite diplomatic boy quote, which one is winter game trying? moving you the latest date is 2022 winter olympics on al jazeera. ah, ah. roberson. and do have a top stories and all jazeera, the u. s. is evacuating non emergency american stuff from its embassy in kiev, and comes amid increasingly urgent warnings from the international community about a potential russian invasion of ukraine, which moscow denies. natasha bottle has more form give. to usa diplomat sir, leaving ukraine, washington has ordered them to go. we've also heard off to say conflicting reports about whether or not russian diplomats are being evacuated. there's been some
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report saying they all they've been others saying that's not true. i mean, well though other countries are advising their citizens to leave ukraine if they can. and among them, australia, canada, some european nations, israel, japan truck drivers in canada are ignoring the judge's orders, is stop blocking the largest trade routes with united states. 5 days of disruption to traffic on the ambassador bridge is forced to some us or to factories to shut down because of the lack of parts from canada. french police have been intercepting vehicles trying to enter paris for so called freedom convoy protests. thousands of officers have been mobilized. should anchors president has declared that health and power workers provide essential services, and that means it's a legal for them to take strike action. public health care workers walked out earlier this week to demand better pain conditions. under the prisoners emir might
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have been granted amnesty as part of the 75th union de anniversary. the celebrations for the unity agreement with i think minorities are overshadowed by the repressive life for many under military rule. u. s. president joe biden assigned an executive order to unfreeze its $7000000000.00 in afghan funds offer the funds will go towards humanitarian efforts in afghanistan, and the other half to relatives of victims of $911.00 and other attacks by on groups a snap presidential election in turkmenistan is likely to be held on march. the 12th president go bungling body movement of reportedly told parliament he had reached out tough decision about his role. and he wanted young leaders to steer the oil rich nation. what health organization says the acute phase of the coven band, them it could end by the middle of the year, but around 70 percent of the world's population needs to get vaccinated 1st, coming up. next it's a j selects goodbye her
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a black male 30 or 40 years old. well, 46 or you guys are involved and killed by milwaukee police in the heart of downtown no one. she says the suspect ground, the officers baton, and started beating him with a yonder standard. this is the initial version of events. yes. now today is the grand opening party for mother or for jeff. it's for now,
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i'll just put it here. i'm going to be introduced to the mothers that are going through the same type of pain i i still got my days. i still have my you going to spend 15 years, right? you know, her phone was off work. do you mind which are 7 you're you're out of me was just said, why i'm here in our big down that i'm here in dietary was my brilliant chow. he never showed any sign of any kind of paranoid or skiff and friend that he was on had a drivers license. i paid is all bill we start saying signs when he was say things like they did it, you know on april 30th. busy dan trey went to read el
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part to something that he frequently did throughout his life. he was said in the park, and the manager, as starbucks, call the police down tre. we moved because he thought he was a homeless man. the price called the police out there is answering our call and they came out and, and they discussed it with dad try and they went and told her they found that he wasn't doing anything wrong. when the call came to dispatch, it went to chris for manny, be caught in a guy and back and forth words to the point where officer grabbed his baton out. is shrugged after a couple of times with the entree. take it from there. you have the officer
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standing boundary shark on. we have witness. santa don trey never heard it. the officer. we were told that quest for manny job to try to retrieve, dump a time for me that i'm try and he missed any pull. it is done out and he shot my baby, 40 tax in our say, i don't want to cash for a true. and i believe old to last. i was a shock. i felt like i had not then and i failed and they're saying dan, dan. trey was homeless and eat is crazy. just printing and that's
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why he was shot with our with me. i rod and my love repairs to table before me in the presence of mine. who and now you to minute. i was like, we don't know if they're to the song, so people know that one of them is right. there can't live people that don't have a weapon. all they have to say is our fear for my life that been a murder please. these are the one that, that this year on them. i found out that just this was in 3rd in any of these cases and it was overwhelming. all right, thank easily hard. it was good hearing from you and i'll pray for you and, and be dr. the bounder,
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mothers for justice you night i decided to name this was a 1000000 miles why it's not really expect it to get as big as it has her. you a little bit about the to where we're leaving here. we're going to wise to in d. c. may, 9th, may, 9th, this mark that, and that's ray was berry on may night. maria hamilton is the main organizer and will lead a mother's day march. that will take place saturday of this week and they're going to be meeting with people in the white house. you have been incredible calling people to accountability, organizing other mothers, meeting these moms and doing the research brought me to this place that i met. i'm not sure if i lost the child in such a terrible violent way. if i would have the courage or the strain, i just want to pray you ladies for having the courage to speak
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with them. i also personally believe that there should be some form of a civilian panel. yeah, that is involved as well. we're headed to proud to staff about holly's ital, etc. and video, any killings or we're going to give them our demand. we're just asking all mom right now. we have a meeting at the white house. we'd like you to come into this room. we're ordering a national call for the d o j to have a special prosecutor coupon. they do not have any time links to the police out paris or the da's office. hopefully we can get cases reopen and possibly get justice for their key is the lie.
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we didn't do the script. that was a reality. the voice that we gave today. you might have been quiet, but i think they heard and stuff cuz everybody seemed like they just wanted to break down at any given say can it be it was live. i think they don't qualify for. mm. i have closed for amanda smith disorder. i take medication to keep the phrase back to wake my thermostat feel in my home and my face in front of me and my daughter, brooke had 2 kids in the shoe teeth 10 times and i've been trying with all exactly with
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it is so many mom they didn't do anybody here. there are voices with us and is no stopping. oh, sitting here waiting while we're waiting more maybe a minute . mm. i won't be back here every or a day. ah, it with
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me dietary was the big and, and i am brad. as the weight is great, joy, but what i do a mom a a we are considering guys, mothers for destiny, chapters all over the united states. and i want to have an assay the organization again, i'm determined to get change. so mother, joseph is me, help her with
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me. ah, ah, the i
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got the letter up in the corner when i, when the guy will buy it all i little deal with that on that only. but i got your rent in the bedroom. i don't know how it influences them, but in the night on which in the state of guerrero, 43 students have been missing since september 25th. 2000. the young men were returning from a protest in the city of equality, women, the full police open fire on a convoy the group and they were sitting at a rural teacher training college known as well. and we have a history and a left wing political activism in am i eligible
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to get a hold of me and let me know, let me ah, that whole little book with what you see, my fellow and i was getting money when i started in the book but then in which you were planning to go by a boy with one of them on the maple getting metal where you got it. michel, pretty flat. they can get some 5. it is my my my, my stomach ah
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. must a maintenance love. amelia calling to see foss, this condo, the whole scene, bropa can think of in the area but, but a community ah, it's best fit for me in. ready less bit, i'm just, charlotte again. i think you know, they learn it in in, in that game less can that out. i think it really the me, i don't know part of it was a well and i've been able to get somebody the conference in and it will be
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able to find a head under my little rally. okay. and i'm getting your, ah, yes, and on the bills that got me to someone sending went in to the n, fiscal will come with mexico. the attorney general said, while i'm there and why we're likely the masterminds behind the events under their orders. local police or cheese have detaining the students beforehand, think them to the good drug game. their disappearance has triggered a way of demonstration. when we sent the man
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to look at it a little, not enough in the moment for spending on the company in what's meant they have to be with me. one of the other. hello. not those all but i'm not going to be on the front door. i don't want to get enough money here. so in the mail, i think it said it was going to be more than that so that i will return the call me oh
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i do. mm hm. mm pool for i am. mm. busy ah, a the
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a unit that makes that much good. i can then go talk childish, gone talk with her. who do i will not be my return phone letter. i normally get it on an octagon man. beautiful for miss kim is now danielle dick. nettie, give me just will you sung
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a need to connecticut to air duty on school, local say in our new them q. do you on any disclosure that mo, shit, the candy skin senate like good and nippy, let you shoot you an idea in a gentleman driven on a, be detained, to call it, we shall muster in santa kennedy mitchell. get the on the solomon. and i said she detailing window lines on that. him? yes. a lot of cautious in japan and not in the late but to my chevrolet, letterman, allege ana in wilson, willa marie upon kent. yes, helen. the audit is shaking the issue ha, missionary. ready became a chip or me
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off landsey our mission to the idea of the hogs that much he can leave behind on land by schlander. i believe you can get them to dounia to has she will not to panic. is, are the liberal museum a be to beat him as they can? the child you and then can to goes to play to mr. walker. thank you. signage. immediately the music tomorrow he reach for the excess of say, the menu say make choke. long ha allows go or is then our winner, young mitchell? sure to lead us. she didn't deserve missus you as soon as you, me should. banker, the letter was living and the candle in austin o'clock when that can be candle in all the youngish to real life. oh, little cherry, then you will be the one numbered almost to make love,
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one of the ultimate. she loves obama thought to share the took them what it was, was on my insurance, what you can have in the block shape. i i, i
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almost want to be pushed ma'am. why should you come on and take it out in june of last year and again, you want to take. ready the ah ah ah, then it occurs to it took me less all than i can either. jack sees the lit yoletta,
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tardy engagement. mock m and the retired. he has a wizard. they thought not to his exodus. all shimoda bin didn't show up a lot of so can you peter? look, a lot of them. they move out other collateral, nita colon allow us couple a dilemma. osler now i listen. yeah, she was in a so come eat us. what are the all malaria fearful that it's on them do learn obaskey if you sit with these linen bottom to didn't ms. ne, secure your deal to go cut them. you can look about or get those made. you get a hold on kish leah. i listen a little sheila and all the sheila mucus, sheila fullness must be low for that offer. the key beauty she live, it will do live, reach me let to give to you. i really did the awesome buffer, maybe symbol all the additional mutual get it on that it was didn't our son this movie enjoy? ah,
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the us them or peter urge, given it normal not own j. o. interested in door will not dorm on done. so listen or not you. she media bus, you boss, says it current looks like a little larger level will be an integral needs to be so normal busha, so older you should be less k o i miss another minute or so here go to the sugar read. they're called me oh,
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i. ready had to fit in it, i'm like that in it to you to mit near to us in the bullpen. i beg you the only issues in it shall i get your dish cruise i ah ah, ah, i i
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oh, stories of life and inspiration, ah, a series of short documentaries from around the world that celebrate the human spirit against the odds. ah, al jazeera select express himself ah ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored by cattle at ways. we have
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been up in the forty's in northern argentina recently, but this cold front we'll see to that we back into, well still with thirties in paraguay for another day, but these thunderstorms running out through you're going to the se, brazil will be spectacular. and will of course drop temperatures, that's one fairly regular system. the other one that still giving rain in rio stretches at the middle, brazil to pick up what is the band of rain that goes jacket, lee round the world. so ecuador and southern columbia see the seasonal range. it's already course flooding. it might do. so again, i think run a down phase. during saturday, up in the caribbean, the trade winds are blowing or frequent light showers, lesser antilles. this, this here looks like a combination of the cold air from the states, and of course, the tropics, combined big thunderstorms for the yucatan village and possibly welts again for cuba and the bahamas. the still contrasting temperatures in the us. this is the cold, ex arctic m, minneapolis high temperature miles 12, something of a heat wave going on in southern california. and that's going to carry on for
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a while. surprisingly apart from the temper difference, not much is going on this more snow. yes. still potentially going through the northern plain state, the upper midwest and of course in winnipeg. otherwise, enjoy the sunshine blue weather sponsored by katara always blue this is al jazeera. ah. although i'm rob matheson and this is the news our lives from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes, the best friend for enemies that hispanic ukraine urges citizens to stay calm. as the u. s. warns of an eminent russian invasion, several embassies, all their stuff to leave. russia denies its planning and invasion and accuses
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washington of raging a propaganda campaign.


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