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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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and down the u. k. is the government's boost, the jap program continues apace. the dilemma facing the politicians on that side of the river is whether the jobs alone will be enough to slow the progress of the on the cross variance. so we have to look at what we can do to slow only crohn's advice when it comes to deciding which options to reduce the infection rate. the advice from the w. h o, do it all. oh, the best friend for enemies that hispanic ukraine urges citizens to stay calm. as the u. s. warns of an eminent russian invasion. several embassies ought of their stuff to leave thousands of veterans. martin pierre was the fragile war. busy looms ever closer, but russia denies its planning and invasion. ah,
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roberson, this is august here, alive from dough also coming up. thanks. police begin intercepting vehicle was trying to enter paris to protest against corona virus restrictions. to lancaster president, bonds strikes by health care workers ignoring demands for better pain conditions. ah, ukraine has urgent citizens, not to panic, saying it's critically important to remain calm as warnings grow over a potential russian invasion, something that moscow denies ukrainian president vladimir zalinski is visiting this site where more than 1000 police are undergoing intensive training. it's our borders. it's our territory, you, you know, i have to speak with our people, like in unit 3, you know, like, like breasted and, and said,
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people throughs. and the tools that we have different information. and now the best friend for enemies that hispanic in our country. and all this information details only for benny doesn't help us. it's well on the streets of the capital. he have hundreds of people, including veterans, have been marching, a civilian show of strength sang, but whatever happens, they're going to fight for their country. that's as the united states begins evacuating, non emergency stuff from. it's embassy in kiev, germany, the netherlands, and the u. k. are among the latest countries, the order their citizens, to leave immediately, the russia has mast, an estimated $130000.00 soldiers around the north and the east of ukraine, including in bella, luce was conducting 10 days of the biggest ever wargames between the 2 countries and we've got 3 correspondence on the story. this are in a moment, we're going to have reactions from step vaskins, who's near home mouth that's on the russia,
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ukraine. boyer. we're going to get the latest mark white house correspondent kimberly hawk at 1st. we're going to talk to natasha butler, who's in the ukrainian capital key f. natasha. let's talk about that march. that's been going on. what have you been seen? well, hundreds of people were walking through kiev. are they stopped here? the madden crowds, aren't he sent out? quite a bit now that's probably why he can't see so many people behind me. but in this rally we had a veterans from the conflict in the east where ukrainians have been fighting, brushing back separatists vanity 8 years now and lots of other people. people from the city who came together to say, look, we know that if there would be a russian invasion, we would not be scared. we would be strong ukrainians a strong and we would be prepared to fight. they are very proud of their country. they hate to say that nobody can just invade ukraine. that's what one woman told me
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. we also spoke to one man who came from britain. he's lifted the last 2 years. and he said that amongst the farmers, the expert community, even though they've been notes of messages and advice from various embassies about a foreigner and foreign, is leaving the country advised to leave ukraine as soon as possible. he said he knew many people who were deciding to say because they have connections if they have a family here. although he did say that over the last few weeks, most people felt pretty calm. no great sense of panic. but in the past few days, they have certainly started to feel a lot more nervous. yeah. and that com is a recurring theme, isn't particularly for president serv. ludmilla zalinski, whom we heard of the top of the show was calling for people to, to stay calm short of all of us. yet we're seeing foreign governments pulling staff out of embassies. it's a very difficult job for the ukrainian president because you know, he is calling for calm. he's telling people not to panic as you say,
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but at the same time, oh, what ukrainians are seeing is a country's telling their citizens to leave the country. we've seen a, several of them, australia, japan, a several european nations. and then of course, the us pulling out all of it's a diplomatic staff. so it's a very confusing picture. in many ways. it is the sort of thing that might, inside people to panic below russia has said all along and it maintains that a, it has no intention of invading ukraine, but that is not the story, not the picture coming out of from the white house from various western powers that are saying the russia has the capacity to do so, because there has been this military build up on ukraine's board. does that they could be ready to go. that could be an attacker any. and any moment, some, a western intelligence source is even talking about a possible attack on the capital creating a key of. now, of course, we know that the diplomatic efforts are continuing. they have been phone calls
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already between the french president emanuel mcgraw and the u. s. pro and the russian president vladimir putin. we don't know whether or not that call is over and we don't know what will come out that call the later today. they will also be a call between the kremlin leader and the u. s. present joe biden. natasha, thank you very much. and in natasha talking to us there from kia. are want to go to white house correspondent kimberly hawk it. let's follow up from one to touch. was telling us about the diplomatic efforts going on here with some very high level phone calls taking place today, particularly between the us and russia. yeah, i just want to get to some breaking news. we've just heard in the last few moments that in fact the defense secretary lloyd osmond has spoken to his russian counterpart. we are just hearing about this that they talked about the defense build up a long the ukraine border, something that the u. s. has called russian aggression. this of course, is a series of phone calls that are taking place because of course,
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not only has the defense minister spoken with his russian counterpart, but we've also had a read out of the phone call that took place between anthony antony blank in the u . s. secretary of state and his rug russian counterpart survey. laugh rob the foreign minister. get to that read out in the moment. and then of course, the big phone call that everyone's focusing on. and that is the phone call between the russian president vladimir putin and u. s. president joe biden sat for a couple of hours from now, very quickly, we'll talk about the phone call that took place in just the last hour or so between the foreign ministers. and essentially what we've gotten from that read out is that once again, the u. s. is underscoring the importance of diplomacy, essentially that the diplomatic path remains open according to the reader from the state department. that is something that the secretary of state stressed that there's still a chance to resolve this crisis. in fact, he said it would require moscow to de escalate and engage in good faith discussions
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. he reiterated that moscow should pursue the path of aggression if that were to happen and further to invade your crane. it would result in a resolute, massive, and united trans atlantic response. now, we assume that this is also the message that joe biden will be communicating when he takes the phone call with the russian leader. that is set to take place at any time. and as we should point out, this is a call that has not taken place between these 2 leaders sent late since late last year. and of course a lot has happened. and also what's interesting about this call is the fact that. 6 it was at the invitation of the russian side, but initially that invitation was for monday. the counter proposal from the united states was no, we'd like to have this call on saturday because of course u. s. military intelligence indicates that we are now in this window where this invasion, the u. s. says without evidence,
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could happen at any time. so the u. s. we assume is trying to take sort of one last ditch effort to try and avert some sort of crisis through diplomacy. they say however, if that does not happen, the transit land leaders are united and resolute in the way they will react not only militarily, but also with punishment, punishing financial sanctions. that's our white house correspondent, kimberly hawker, kimberly, thank you very much. indeed. more rushes, holding military drills with bella roost, not far from the ukrainian board. upset volume is joining us live from home. so you are pretty close to an air force in. but near there for these have been taking place. just talk us through what you've been seen. well, absolutely. these are largest drills, military drills between russia and bella. roofs are really in full swing here in this region, which is asked to say very close to the ukrainian board and also very close to the ukrainian capital key of what we saw today. we're helicopter gun ships flying above
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us, a helicopter gunship practicing also we saw like russian trucks, military trucks passing by around 40. we've seen, we've heard a shooting exercises happening. so it is, it's all part of these military drills that are happening across this whole region here. in the south of barrows next to the ukranian border, there's a lot of anxiety about the said trails, because this could be a front to, for flooding. we're put in for russia to invade into ukraine and be very near to the ukrainian capital t f. but there's also a lot of activity by russian forces outside of these exercise, zoe's, that's something that the ball a russian authorities have confirmed in a response of questions from the baltic states. and that means that they said that russian forces actually guarding this border, which is very unusual. they haven't done this before, because valerie says we simply don't have enough people to do that here in home.
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well, the situation is still very calm. people are not expecting an eminent war, but some people have told us there are really concerns also among people here. because if there's an invasion, if there's a war barrels will definitely be drawn into it. so awesome. talking to us from the bellows on ukraine border stuff. thank you very much. indeed. french calling so far, tear gas to break up a rally in paris against pandemic rules. a convoy vehicles is blocking traffic and central paris to making it past for these checkpoints. the so called freedom convoy has been inspired by similar protests in canada. thousands of police have been mobilized several rallies expected over the we can be to whom it is a professor and a freelance journalist. he says the protests are being driven by more than just pandemic. restrictions i think it's a mixture of reasons and various causes. of course we have the anti vax is taking
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part in this and those that one, some of the restrictions that have been in place for so many months, if not years in france and elsewhere in the world to restrict access without the green pass, the vaccine, pause the fact that you have to wear masks from the age of 36 at school. ironically, all of these restrictions are eventually going to be lifted according to french authorities, probably by towards the end of this month, the end of february. and then we have those that are complaining about the state of the economy are rising energy costs, which as it countries across, across the world, certainly being felt quite strongly here in weston western europe and in france. and also the cost of living in general. and incidentally, these last 2 economic factors, so reasons for the protest are likely to dominate the upcoming french presidential elections in about 2 months time. an estimated 10000 has trillion protesters have
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condemned, covered 19 vaccine, mandates that em all outside parliament and camera force. the cancellation of a charity fundraising event nearby. it's the latest show of anti government anger in the run up to the re election bit by by minister scott morrison in a few months. still hadn't ology 0 canadian putting start cleaning protesters blocking the u. s. canada bridge is many truckers planned to move to a new city. i'm going to take you to the deserted spanish village that's re emerged after a major drugs. ah the. it's still really rainy season, se, asia, this fossil for indonesia, the see, the clouds are moving further north, up into thailand, vietnam, the average rate was not high. this time the, it's that 20 males in bangkok. so when you get
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a big shell at these blue centers suggest that probably more than 20 minutes is maybe small shouts of flash flooding. same is true and lose all central and southern philippines looked dry still away. see, and again, java could see some pretty wet weather. damn pause, he has the potential flood. we seen the 1st real snow of the winter in for the winter olympics in beijing. it's been artificial. up to now keep snowing throughout sunday, a few centimeters. and in hon. shoot this, taylor know, hook and if you like the frontal system producing significant snow in the middle of hon. shoot, this is from a suddenly perspective rather than the north tokyo states at 10 degrees. there's nothing significant here. and the whole thing rolls off shore. sure. monday, that's those gone from beijing to north korea? maybe a bit in south korea as well. but soul stated 7 must charter is fine. by this time, shanghai was back at the 10 sunshine 18 in the sunshine in hong kong and sunshine is predominant in india. but you can see,
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this is indication of mr. fog and poor air quality on the northern plains. ah, the international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between it about respect, poor people. and we are planning promised to ensure the safety of women. what happened just the 15th until back people actually have more. why is the u. k. feel hostile to play in the mid threes? all of us join me if i take on the line with men or the misconceptions and debate it contradicted time to get up front. on al jazeera lou ah, ah,
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you're watching old, is it a reminder of our top stories? this are the ukrainian president search citizens, not to panic. as warnings grow of a potential russian invasion, something moscow denies. the u. s. is evacuating non emergency american style from its embassy in kiev. the russian foreign ministers accused the u. s. of conducting up propaganda campaign about a possible invasion. such a law firm was speaking with us secretary of state antony blinking ahead of a planned cold between the u. s. and russian presidents later on saturday. badge please to far tear gas to break up a large body in paris against pandemic rules. and a convoy of vehicles is blocking traffic in the center of the city of to making it past police checkpoints for the protest in front and has been inspired by events in canada. police are beginning to move in on protesters in the capitol ottawa, they're continuing to block a bridge connecting canada to the u. s. despite an order from
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a judge to leave rob reynolds reports, and ontario superior court judge, ordered right wing protestors to stop blocking a vital bridge between canada and the united states. on friday truck drivers and others clogging the ambassador bridge over the past 5 days have disrupted industrial supply chains on both sides of the border, forcing some auto factories to close, the bridge carries one quarter of all trade between the countries. earlier prime minister justin trudeau gave a warning to the occupiers who have been severely disrupting everyday life and the canadian capital ottawa for 2 weeks. it is time for these protestors to go home. it is time to recognize that this protest, this blockade is it legal? everything is on the table because this unlawful activity has to end trudeau spoke with you as president joe biden, about the demonstrations and their conservative american supporters. we discussed
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the american and indeed global influences on the protest. we talked about the u. s . based flooding of the 9 on one phone lines, in ottawa, the presence of us citizens in the blockades and the impact of foreign money to fund this illegal activity. the occupiers who call themselves the freedom convoy, have been lavishly praised and encouraged by personalities. on the right, leaning fox news channel, police officers moved among the trucks and other vehicles snarling city streets, collecting license, plate information, demonstrators heckled and jeered at them. oh, the protests started among truck drivers, angered by a requirement they be vaccinated against coven 19 when crossing back and forth over the u. s. border. but it has metastasized into
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a general anti government movement. how to and the convoy? yeah, he got and the mandates got and the mandates and personally all want to round whoever's point groceries, pull dawn, not of canada. i don't care what happens to them, but they got to be banished. us authorities are on guard against similar protests in los angeles aimed at disrupting this weekend super bowl. the department of homeland security is searching additional staff to its incident command, post their strong cooperation with the california highway patrol, the los angeles police department, the anti vaccine protesters are certainly a minority in canada. 88 percent of its citizens have received at least one dose of the vaccine. rob rentals al jazeera, showing his president's declare that health and power workers provide essential services, and that means it's a legal for them to take strike action. public health care workers walked off the jobs early this week to demand a better pain conditions. and al fernandez is outside the national hospital and
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combo. obviously, these services are continuing without disruption or as cancer treatment, or women's and children services. for example, there was a man who i caught a few minutes ago walking out of the accident service. he'd fallen off a roof. now. yes, he was treated, but he had to go off site to our place close by to actually get an x ray. because lab technicians, i included in the nursery, the other technicians and services that are affected by the strike. the health worker said that they are still in consultations with their lawyers. they haven't called off the work stoppage. it's in the 6th day. and they said that this is a very, very serious fact that the government should not be bringing in this essential services act to force them to come back to work. on the other hand, the electricity engineer say that this is a very cosmetic solution. they agreed that obviously electricity is part of the
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essential services, but they seem the same when the government should give it do recognition. the problem is the effect it has on ordinary people. people who do not have the resources to seek private healthcare. and this is the worst part of this work stoppage where the health strike is concerned. and that's what the government says is the key factor that has prompted them to take this measure to bring in this essential services act, provision a rendering all such work stoppage as by these sectors as illegal. yours, president joe biden signed an executive order to distribute $7000000000.00 held in afghan funds. the money was deposited in new york by the afghan central bank before the town of on to power in august. half of the funds will go towards humanitarian efforts in afghanistan, the other half to relatives of victims of $911.00 and other detox point on groups. so he is a spokesman for the taliban and he says the money belongs to the afghan people.
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they said it was one of the part is done by the stability of the cutting shop. one can see, and it is the property of the people above one is found was of those funds out of boise money deposited by the people up on a sunday in the accounts and that was kept i would find some bank. so these are many of the people and it isn't for is everyone being kept by the point is time bank for its implementation of money policy. we are not in control. we are not using that either. or we want to the freezing of that either . that is the, the issue, and that is the issue. this was approved in want and freezing on the entire of the bank. we do not use the money. we just want best. this is not to be kept as
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this one is from bank. we read navarro or walter to, to, to temper with the many are to use it. and any field or by the government to be used for, we do not want that. we won't, but this it has to be kept as it is, there is some bank some palestinian families are being forced out of their homes multiple times a year because of his really military drills are forced to live in temporary accommodation until the exercises wind up. and his liter, abraham reports will be occupied westbank, the constant disruptions of caused many families to move out for good in yearly hours of the morning. these palestinian families are being forced to leave their homes and belongings. these really military sometimes uses this area in the north of the occupied west bank as a training ground. this means that people who have lived here for decades have to
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stay away for as long as the army decides is necessary. israeli military jeeps, move between homes to ensure every one has left palestinians here. say it's not their 1st order to leave their home this year and fear it won't be the last or then while the frontier not they'll stay here until each one of us leave their home. they'll say, why aren't you old yet? it's a day and you have to leave explosions like these often break the peace here . good. no, you must. i fear for the children they get scared of the bombing. i tried to calm them down, but we're scared to. i remind them not to touch anything. the army leaves behind because it might explode with the bad people here say they have nowhere else to go . so they have to stay out until they're allowed to return to their home. after midnight, the military drill will continue for 3 days, which means they'll have to go through this again twice this week. these really are
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me told al jazeera that it takes measures to protect civilians during the exercises . but is really officers previously said that trainings are used to push palestinians out 7 families left their homes on tuesday, but many more people used to live here. 48 families once lived in this village called bleak. now there are only 22 kids command says he had to relocate his home 5 years ago because he was tired of these displacements. still, he says his land is under threat ox, armando. so i've lost half of my crush because the thanks went over them. i've had a piece of land landed with bodily and they completely ruined it. these videos are from his really through his in january. people here say 8 structures were demolished, then farmers we spoke to said they're not leaving their land. some even snuck back in before the end of the drill. they wanted to take care of the cattle and you lamb
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was born. while sam took the risk to return home, others remained without a roof over their heads until they're allowed to go back home. neither abraham l just eda, the occupied, was thank a stop presidential election in turkmenistan as likely to be held on march. the 12th preserve, the co bungling belgrade, but went off, reportedly told parliament he had reached a tough decision about his role and he wanted young leaders to steer the oil rich nation. the president san solder is expected to take over authorities in thailand, erasing to contain the 2nd oil spill in less than 3 weeks off its eastern coast. and the 5000 liters poured into the senior, the province over young are all came from the same underwater pipeline that spying a leak last month. the world health organization says the acute phase of the pandemic could bend by the middle of the year. but around 70 percent of the world's population is to get a covered vaccine. first,
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the head of the w. h. o visited the south african pharmaceutical company after jan, which is producing the 1st made in africa covered vaccine. united states is set to open an embassy in the solomon islands that's being seen as a diplomatic pushback against china's expanding influence in the pacific region. secretary of state antony blanket is in fiji for a virtual summit with pacific island leaders. so clark has more the announcement to open. an embassy in the solomon islands comes as a u. s. secretary of state antony blink and touched on in fiji. to hold talks with 18 pacific ladies on key issues like climate and security. it's a move that's being seen as an attempt by the united states to re establish diplomatic ties almost 3 decades after it downgraded its presence in the island nation. the u. s. close. it's embassy and honey, our in 1993. over the last 2 decades, china has been building up its influence in the south pacific, emerging as
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a diplomatic and economic partner to an increasing number of countries. china is also committed to st. police advises to the solomon islands after the riots which devastated the capital last november. the u. a state department says the embassy would start as a small set up in honey our with 2 employees and about 5 local staff. but it's not just the embassy. there are also plans to reopen an office for the u. s. peace court in the capitol. saturday's announcement is part of president biden strategy in the inner pacific, which aims to build partnerships in the region with its allies to counter china's growing ambitions and influence. a rate of military police in brazil targeting a major drug dealer has killed at least 8 people. come on to say the dead all worked for the largest criminal organization in we're diginero. supreme court judges ruled last week. the real estate government must come up with a plan to reduce the number of deaths during police raids. security forces have battled for years to reclaim the slums,
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controlled by gangs of ancient spanish village. submerged under the reservoir for decades has resurfaced, after years of drought, as only cause, some reports, the easy ruins, adjoining tourists and abandon the village reappeared. it was submerged in 1992. when, as he read in spain, northwestern glistening region was flooded. to create a reservoir, but a major drought has revealed the coast village beneath. sent him into his then spell his feeling is the soldier cuz i see the home of a family member their own. or if someone they know via merge in younger people, those who are not from chicken curiosity, i think there must be the ruins, make for great viewing visitors, walk down muddy parts to see partially clapped root bricks. and wouldn't they be that once formed holmes test. okay. show the progress bases. well, it's impressive to see it like this. it is rare to be able to enjoy the scene. and
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this is why we came to take pictures into at least have a picture of what this was like. no notions, i feel gifted. okay, well my feeling is that what will happen over the years to drought and all that with climate change with them for months now, spain has suffered from low rainfall and tito from the environment. ministry shows reservoirs of the below capacity for taurus, enough time to trip around coast. village is also a reminder, the region is facing a tough reality. so michelson, agency ha, ah, this is audra 0. these are the top stories. the ukranian president deserves citizens not to panic. as warnings grow of a potential russian invasion, something that moscow denies. b, u. s. is evacuating non emergency american staff from its embassy in care of it's
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our borders, it's our territory. you, you know, i have to speak with our people like.


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