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laura gay in the game. my son bob way on al jazeera. ah, we're leading eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet. on al jazeera, [000:00:00;00] ah, the u. s. president warner, russia of swift and severe costs. if it invades ukraine, the kremlin accuses the west of war hysteria. while in care of thousands, march against russia as border threatened ukraine's president cautions against panic. the best friend for enemies that hispanic in our country. and all this information details only for benny doesn't help us.
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ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera la you from dough are also coming up sounding off against pandemic restrictions, a convoy a protest as descends on paris spot by similar values in canada and jail down to government protest as in hong kong, the now returning to society, why they say it's hard to move um ah, yes, president dr. barton, i've spoken to russia's vladimir putin over the phone about moscow's military build up on ukraine's border. but the white house says it doesn't result in any fundamental change. the crammed m, colby discussion, business like and balanced. but criticized what it sees as war hysteria in the west . our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit has more. according to a senior administration official, the telephone call between the us and russian president last
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a just over an hour. the call was apparently professional and substantive in nature, but there was apparently no change in the dynamic. in other words, the united states reportedly put forward a number of ideas that it believed were in the best interests of the west of the alliance and addressed the key security concerns of russia. however, it is still unclear in the eyes of the united states, whether or not russia has made a decision to take the diplomatic path to resolve the security differences. or go with the use of force and war in for the united states is what they're seeing on the ground, the continued build up of military troops. and the united states saying, according to this administration official, that is the belief of the united states. if russia is to pursue that military
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option, that the result would be nothing short of catastrophic. now, earlier in the day on saturday, we do know that the secretary of state antony blinking, did also communicate to his counterpart that the diplomatic path remains open. that b, there is this chance to engage in good faith discussions, but that russia needs to de escalate immediately. this is something that was underscored by the u. s. president. otherwise there would be a reaction by the west. in other words, there would be a resolute, massive united transit land tick response, and the u. s. president underscoring as well to vladimir putin that this transatlantic relationship is more aligned than ever before. meanwhile, to hear a secretary of state and to me, blink and reiterated that a diplomatic path remains open with moscow that it must be escalate. if moscow chooses the path of aggression and further invades ukraine,
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the response in the united states and our allies will be swift. it will be united, it will be severe. yesterday we order the departure of most of the american still at the u. s. embassy and keith, the risk of russian military action is high enough and the threat is imminent enough that this is the prudent thing to do. no one should be surprised of russia instigates a provocation or incident, which it then uses to justify military action. it had planned all along while the kremlin says the phone call with president biden failed to address its key security concerns. dosa jibari has more now from moscow. apparently vladimir putin told us president joe biden dead, the information the united states has is false and that the hysteria that is created is at an all time high. the russian president reiterated that he does not have any interest in invading ukraine, but wants some guarantees from the americans about nato's expansion. now,
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the russian president also said that ad nato's expansion could lead to direct russia nato confrontation. this is that the core of the disputes that we're seeing on fault and increase tensions. that is, that russia does not want to see nato increase its memberships, and further expand eastwards, something that the russians say is very much a security concern for them. now, the russian president, vladimir putin also spoke with a man whom i called earlier, and they had an hour and 40 minute conversation. and according to the elisa palace read out of that call, the french president did not get any indications from the russian president that russia is looking to invade ukraine. the french president also has been speaking to the ukranian president as well as i will be speaking to the u. s. president. later on. so a very much a reassurances from vladimir putin to the world leaders that russia has no interest in invading ukraine,
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but it's very much concerned about his own security. at the moment. apparently, according to the russians, a u. s. submarine ensured the russian territorial waters and ignored the 1st sign that was sent to them to leave the area. but the submarine eventually did. now. following dies, we heard of a very rare phone conversation that took place between the russian defense minister survey, chicago, and his american counterpart part lloyd austin. we're all we heard from that conversation was that they discuss mutual security measures. soon after that, the dead russian defense ministry summoned the u. s. military a say here, a musto to answer some questions. and then the russian defense ministry issued a few statement saying that the united states has to be more careful to avoid these kinds of aggressive actions and that they should understand russia will do whatever is it is in its best interest to ensure its own security. when his daughter mentioned there rushes,
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military sans it used appropriate means to force that us submarine to leave its territorial waters. osco claim, the u. s. wrestler was chased away by a russian maple ship near the pacific coral islands, but the u. s. has denied it, had carried out any operation in russian waters. ukraine's president said, warnings of a possible invasion are provoking panic and in the capital key on saturday, war veterans are among thousands who march in a civilian show strength. patasha butler schools, on ha ha. so out of the clear message from key if to moscow at a rally with thousands of people are choo crane's government to stand up to russia some here, ford for ukraine. veterans of the country's bull with russian back separatists in the east. and they say they'll fight again. we are ready. we are at the white. if it happens, we don't want to, but it will happen. we are here to say,
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this kind of meter is about the brand new people do get together on to present to. so that we're not separated reliable content, and we also can protect it if it needed in any time. so that's why we're here. some demonstrators gathered beneath the statue of ta ta us, shift jenko, and 19th century poet, an artist, a symbol if ukrainian national pride as moscow continues to build up its military hardware and forces on ukraine's border. some western intelligence official, se key, it could be a target. washington says that russia could attack ukraine at any moment. kremlin says it has no plans to invade, but some countries are taking no chances and advising their citizens to leave. the u. s. is evacuating its diplomats a difficult situation for ukraine's president who called for com the truth. did we have different information?
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and now the best friend for an image that hispanic in our country. and all this information details only for fanny doesn't help us with so much conflicting information. most people here don't know what to believe. some say they've heard it all before. others anxious, but no one wants another generation growing up with another wall. latasha butler, al jazeera keith the canadian government is warning of increasingly severe consequences for any one participating in blockades of cities or border crossings. anti vaccine protesters are slowly moving their trucks off a key u. s. canadian border bridge. they've been blocking since monday, but they say they're still angry. they must be vaccinated to drive across the border. more protest as are congregating in ottawa but demonstrations of paralyzed the canadian capital for a 3rd weekend or independent journalist done carbon joke says that as police moved in to disperse the blockade, many demonstrators began leaving without resistance. a lot of the protestors did
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leave. they got in there in their vehicles and left. now as fully slowly advanced, they that there was a hard core of protesters that were still left about a 100 and police have have sort of moved slowly in on then placing them into a corner of, of the year of the area. and that is now us at a standstill. however, there's another problem and that is a growing number of protests of protesters have gathered nearby. and there's a fear that they may try to get on the bridge as well. these protest began about 3 weeks ago and they came in response to the federal requirement that all long haul truckers who bring goods back and forth across the canadian u. s. border must be fully vaccinated. canadian truckers who weren't or who, who refused would have to go into quarantine. foreign truckers like u. s. truckers were barred entry. that was the catalyst that started this is so what you had then was it was an organization of of groups that then i brought
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convoys of truckers from the east and west coast over a period of a week. 2 o 2 ottawa, they were joined by others along the way and that's where the, the, the 1st protest started was in ottawa, economically there are, there are now shortages of the supply chain is being choked off. and a lot of pressure is, is coming on a prime minister trudeau to, to do something about this. he said that everything is on the, on the table as far as dealing with the protesters. what he meant by that is not clear. he did, he did refer to not wanting to say more because of fears of violence. he's been in contact with the us. i mean, washington has taken notice. so he's been in contact with the president biden out off the u. s. has offered help, but what kind of help we don't know and have been similar protests in paris, french police broke up a convoy of vehicles that tried to block traffic in protest against pandemic restrictions that the buck report. oh, like
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a company of car horns has demonstrates his opposing covey 19 restrictions converge on the most famous street in paris. oh, they seem spy by home blaring freedom convoy demonstrations elsewhere. small the canadian flag. if he does on north because it's been 2 years and we know with fed up now the people are suffering and we don't understand anything there law is, but we don't understand them. all i've understood is that when now in a nazi dictatorship, honestly, pain as ego, oh, paris is no stranger to scenes like this, demonstrations of frequent and passionate, ah, no stranger also to the liberal use of t, a gas by french police. on the edge of paris,
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hundreds of vehicles was stopped before they could enter the city with on the spot, finds handed out in abundance. the pandemic seen, european governments exert power over people's private lives. like never before. most you come trees, including from the beginning to gradually eas, restrictions, mosque wearing and most indoor settings will be lifted later this month. but a vaccine passed to and to public places will remain in force until hospitals are able to function normally. a campaign by president manuel my crohn against anti vax is, has the backing of most french people. but the government's demands of too much of an intrusion into the liberties these demonstrators are out to defend the bulkhead out you 0. well those protests have also spread to the netherlands. truckers arrived in the hague where they've been blocking the city center, lisa calling on him to move, but convoy. organizers say the blockade will stay put until all covered
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restrictions are lifted and police in the xena and abuse, water sprinklers and music to try to break up similar protest there. but the strategy hasn't worked. hundreds have been camping outside parliament in wellington since tuesday. we're testing against underneath restrictions more than a 120 people have been arrested, said fall not, not so come here now just here including fighters roll into tripoli, ann protested. hit the streets as the appointment of a new prime minister. nice traditions of spotlight on security in the asia pacific region, the u. s. japan and south korea me to discuss the threat one north korea moreland steamers. ah how low they will start in the middle east and there's some unsettled weather to come across areas here. thanks for weather system that's pulling its way east
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across iran, bringing rain sleet and snow to areas here, smoother showers, creeping into western areas of pakistan. but behind it we've got the shamar when that's blowing down the gulf. and that's going to strengthen on sunday. bringing a bit of a wind chill to areas dropping a temperature down in doha to 20 degrees is going to cause some hazy sunshine with lifted dust. we could see some sandstorms. by the time we get into monday, it does is the temperature around this area likely to pick up. now the wind is still an issue across northern areas of africa. we are going to see it swirl away, particularly across parts of to nuclear as well as algeria and libya. it's a rather dry picture here with some of the temperatures below average for this time of year. but for the wet weather. c we have to head further. 6 south, we're seeing some strong storms roll all the way from angola across the d. r. c. onwards to tanza, near we have had some flooding issues. we could see some more here. and we're watching more wet and windy weather approach. madagascar, we'll have
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a look at that system over the next few days. but for some africa, there'll be plenty of sunshine in cape town. ah, the warning all night last night to meet with me consistency and he investments. ah
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ah, welcome back. a quick reminder about top stories. this al, the white house says a phone call between the us and russia. leaders on ukraine did not result in any fundamental change. the company said the coal was business like, but criticize what it sees as war hysteria in the west. the canadian governments wanting of increasingly severe consequences for anyone participating in blockades of cities or border crossings. anti vaccine protest as are slowly moving trucks off a key u. s. canadian border bridge. they've been blocking since monday in french police have used to a gas to break up a similar protest in paris. they're running against vaccine passes, which are required to enter restaurants, and many other public venues. well known on our top story, those tensions between russia and ukraine, some green is director of the russia institute at king's college london. he says, the build up of russian troops is the largest since the end of the 2nd world war. i
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think there are some, some valid questions over you see, i haven't seen the intelligence that the u. s. says that they have, it's very hard to evaluate where that might be coming from or whether it, whether it's reliable. i mean the perspectives are different, right? the reality for ukrainians is that they have been at war one way or another with russia since 2014. and so what's on the table for them is not something new. it's a continuation of something they've been dealing with for, for quite some time. it looks and feels new to those of us in, in the west, in a very different way than it does in, in ukraine. but i think there's also a certain amount of pressure that by the other western leader is going to keep on putting in order to de escalate. right? there is a willingness to continue these strategic dialogues in the conversations and to explore areas where there might be compromise that would increase russia sense of security, but they don't want washer to continue to hold ukraine hosses. there are also isn't a great explanation for why there are something like 130000 troops along ukraine
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border. yes. has the right to move troops within its own territory, although it does have certain obligations under the u. s. e to, to, to notify if it was from corporate partners. about that, i suppose, you know, maybe what has no other space within which it could move these troops around. but this is, this is the largest military build up in europe since the end of world war 2 by, by most count for. and so it, it rightly is going to have people very, very nervous. and frankly, is only because those troops are along the border that fujen is having, you know, with daily conversations with western readers. effective state, anthony lincoln's as washington is open to dialogue with north korea. but he hasn't ruled out the possibility of further provocative actions from young young lincoln. this meeting is japanese and south korean counterparts in hawaii talks are focusing on north korea as recent flurry of missile tests from brian as the latest from sol
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. these tests have certainly raised the stakes here in asia pacific and i think it's been important to from and to be lincoln's point of view. and also from his counterparts from south korea in japan, really to put on a united front in their joint statements. and also in that joint news conference that they have delivered in hawaii with all of the participants condemning what they called provocative actions by north korea. also hinting at the possibility that can juggle on the north korean leader has possibly said that he might end the more a tory among nuclear testing. and also the launch of longer range intercontinental ballistic missiles, which would certainly really step up with that would certainly be an increase provocation and blink. and also accepted the fact that, that the north koreans could use the current crisis in ukraine and exploit that to launch more missiles, but did not seem phased by that saying he and the allies here in asia pacific already to meet that challenge. as far as the americans are concerned,
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he said that we walk and chew gum at the same time. interestingly, he also made a direct comparison between north korea and what russia is doing at the moment, saying they are of a piece saying these are actions ro, actions that challenge the international rules based order. and that the allies should stand up against such actions about here in the asia pacific and in europe, that they should combine, stand up on behalf of the citizens and citizens worldwide, saying it's a traditional role that the u. s. is taking, taken in rallying such opposition to these actions, accepting and that the us now faces multiple challenges at the same time. come by a fighters from libby as joint operations forces as rolled into tripoli to support the in trim prime minister abdul hamid debate. but they were ordered by him to secure the capital. awfully eastern based parliament moved to replace him. to baby says he wasn't kind of a power to long delayed elections are held appointment and the new prime minister
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has read night divisions with protest is taking to the streets. malik, china has more from triplet now we're here in mortar square in the capital tripoli where a large uh, large group of people, especially armed men in view and uniform, have gathered to protest the move buy of fitz. he besought to take over as prime minister. yes, i understand people are sick and tired of these legislative branches, both the parliament and the high council of state. now the parliament. oh, hold it in put tuba out to become the new crime minister on thursday when the current intern prime minister aba has said that he will not hand over power until elections or until elections happen. elections were scheduled to take place in december up, but they were delayed. they were postponed. he called on people to take to the
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street and to demand that elections happen. he said he's putting court to plan for elections to happen in june. speaker of the high council said another legislative body. hearing tripoli, i said that betsy bizarre received enough recommendations for him to take on the position that he bershana still has to form a government a he'll put that list forward, swore to the parliament. if they give him a vote of confidence, it's going to be really difficult for obs hamid to be able to continue to stay in power of the. i mean the baby might be losing on the political level. but here in the capital tripoli in martyr square i, we can see that on the ground there is a large oh, there is a large support, especially armed men that support abdul hamid vega. we're going to have to wait and see how the situation developed and the coming days and weeks at the been protests against the cost of living in the u. k. hundreds of march to the center of
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manchester. they're frustrated about rising inflation, tax hikes, and soaring energy bills. the british government announced a one time rebate in response to the energy price site, but protest to say it's not enough sedans, military leader, abdel fata alberto hand says officials are investigating the desa protested since last year's qu, health official. sadly, 79. people have been killed in demonstrations against october's military takeover. crowds have returned to the streets in the past week, demanding civilian rule and justice for those killed. but had also said he's committed to holding elections next year. now, a former nicaraguan rebel leader who was arrested during a political crackdown 8 months ago has died. who got on it was 73. he held free. the current liquor, ivan president, daniel ortega from jail when he was also rebel in 1974 ortega's government, arrested torres and dozens of other opposition leaders last year or together in one
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. his 4th consecutive term in november in an election and critic say was raked. the u. s. r suspended in ports of avocados. mckee, mexican state because of security concerns. it comes after an american official received a threatening phone call while carrying out inspections and mature come state is a major producing region, but struggles with gun violence. mexico says it's carrying out an investigation to assess the threat of sports court has set to meet in beijing to decide whether russian figure skater camilla valley ava shouldn't be allowed to continue competing in the winter olympics. a week ago, the skating superstar began the 1st woman that olympic history to land a quadruple jump organizers, delayed, presenting her team at gold medals. after report surface, she tested positive for using a band drug before arriving in beijing. a decision from the court as expected, before valley of escape and the woman short program on tuesday. we have to, to keep also a, the human side of the story and speaking about about energy is the think about
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a person of 15 years old being in this situation. and we have to, you know, to, to, to treat the situation extremely carefully. now, there is a process on going and this process will, will go through the next steps and there will be a result. and there will be a competition on the 15th now, years after being detained during anti government protest in hong kong, many of the territories young people are facing a new challenge. despite being released some form of protest, i still carry criminal records. are now many say they faced barriers to finding jobs and pursuing education, but kenneth has more now from hunker. it's been 3 years since months of anti government demonstrations rocked hong kong for some, such as former frontline protested derek tie. the memories linger when i took her cross hobble bus and,
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and i just trouble bipolar university. and then i just sort of footbridge where people fly down to escape from from poly. and then that was quite from other tie was a 21 year old philosophy student when he became one of the 1st protesters arrested by police in june 2019. he was charged with and awful assembly and sent to prison for 4 months. he is one of $4000.00 protesters detained for their role in the pro democracy protests. many who have been released say they've found it difficult looking for jobs or higher education places because of their criminal records. those what me, who have served their times in prison, and then they decide to state in hong kong, probably what their name is, john opportunity, a chance to a foster and hangs themselves. that's where a group called project change has stepped in to help thousands of arrested protesters providing life planning, counseling,
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and legal support. we don't accept funding from government because we want to be autonomous. i mean, a lot of arrest that you felt like this restful of government funds and be a, get them nations from individuals and private parties. the hong kong government says it has a system for rehabilitation, but it's being criticized for not doing enough to help protesters. china's leaders in beijing intensified their crack down in hong kong in 2020, imposing a controversial national security law. in the name of restoring stability. hong kong democracy movement has been silenced. if you come here 3 years ago, this, the whole area was closeted in protests. are now most physical reminders of the resistance movement have faded or been scrubbed out. a changed hong kong is in its place. the school principal leaky man. it's important not to abandon the protest is even as the territory moves on nina ting,
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i don't know fond toll. it's normal for young people to make mistakes hot. we want to give them an opportunity to turn over new legal. they need the 2nd chance local, but with hong kong society still deeply polarized. it appears there's still a long road ahead. brit, clannish al jazeera hong kong bell as a 2 week luna, new year's celebrations come to a close people in taiwan. never least hundreds of lanterns into the sky and made of colorful paper. i'm have candles inside like this 17 me to tiger. celebrate the year of the tiger lanterns i meant to symbolize the release of open prosperity into the world. the festival was cancelled last year due to funding venice as well famous carnival has returned though on a smaller scale than before. the pandemic festival is a huge tourist rule, but last year was held on line this year. though revelers are welcome with local media reporting around 50000 visitors, many have dom the traditional mosques,
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but the main parades wouldn't be held to prevent large crowds from gathering and cannibal is also under way in the french city of nice festivities were cancelled in 2021, but this year, king of the animals themes, celebrations, had been able to go ahead with some minor corona, vice restrictions in place. around 200000 spectators are expected for its parades and traditional battle of the flowers. ah, doctor creature of the top stories here on al jazeera, the white house says a phone call between the u. s. and a russian leaders on ukraine did not result in any fundamental change. the kremlin said the call was business light, but criticized what it sees as war hysteria in the west. you effective state, anthony blink and sans a diplomatic path remains open with moscow when that it must deescalate. if moscow


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