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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 13, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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and you all ceremony has been launched. the whole parish's in individuals pay $5000.00 yes, dollars to me. and if it's the aim this year is to raise one megabyte on this much of it for conservation initiatives. oh, telephone diplomacy. the u. s. president's on a call with ukraine's that modem as zalinski right now after filing to achieve a breakthrough with the russian leader over the trip build up. ah, hello again, i'm kim, i'll santa marie here in doha with the world news from al jazeera, tennessee, his opposition balance to unite his anger grows against president chi saheed and his moose. to continue his grip on power. canadian plates clear a keyboard,
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a bridge with the us, not for days by protest as opposed to corona virus restrictions. and the super bowl show down. a 100000000 american football fans are all set to tune in for the ally rams versus the cincinnati bengals. ah, so starting with ukraine, the latest diplomatic efforts to prevent what the west fears is an imminent russian invasion. the u. s. president is speaking to ukraine's later on the phone right now . overnight jo biden's called to vladimir putin failed to reach any sort of breakthrough whitehouse as president biden repeated warnings of severe consequences if russia invades you crime more with mike hannah in washington d. c. i guess we will get some sort of read out on that call a little bit later, but what we know going into it is that biden and zalinski are coming at this crisis from very different sort of angles. it would appear. so what we are told the
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call started about 15 minutes ago. we'll wait for a official white house read out of the cool. but as you say, yes, they may be coming up slightly different positions. the bite in administration has repeatedly insisted that the russia is moving to a war 14. it insist that and prepare preparations for an invasion of ukraine or well on the way that's the queue structure of conducting cyber attacks up full splash operations as it puts it. we've understood from reports out of ukraine that this degree of confusion about this that some believe that the u. s. is overstating the situation, creating a very difficult situation for ukrainians on the ground. so that is likely to be part of the conversation, perhaps from the ukrainian president. questions about what information the u. s. is basing these allegations on that would be part of the conversation. of course the u
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. s. is likely to continue to operate at most support to ukraine. it says that it is there, should ukraine need it and that it will maintain its close relationship with the nato allies in terms of continuing with dealing or attempting to deal with this crisis. mike, sunday is the day when we often hear from political figures on the sunday morning. political tv shows what's been said today. well, the biden administration is providing a united front and clearly a coordinated series of messages from the spokesman for the pentagon to the national security adviser at repeated what has been said in recent days that the russian invasion is imminent. perhaps all american should leave ukraine while they are still commercial flights available. so certainly there is a rhetoric, a heightened sense of rhetoric, which continues. and as i said on a clearly coordinated basis, at the same time,
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the message from the national security advisor is that there's still a path to diplomacy, which is what the u. s. would prefer to do. but interestingly enough, we've also heard from a republican senator lindsey graham, who on one of the talk shows a very clear he believes that the bite and administration is talking too much and doing too little. these absolutely insistent that the administration should be clarifying its tension. now, and among those sanctions that should be threatened is a closure of that very important note to pipeline between russia and germany. now that's been a contentious point. and in a way, the republican senator is now upping the ante on that particular point because a bite and administration has been insistent to this date that that pipeline will not be a precursor to sanctions that it may be closed. should russia invade? but it's certainly not going to be a preemptive sanction imposed on russia, because that would hom, it's close ally germany. so that is ongoing domestic dispute as well within the
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united states in terms of what the biden administration or at some republicans would have. what it is not doing my kana in washington dc. thank you so much for all of that. gemini, chancellor is not heading to moscow in tears. that'll happen. monday. all of schoultz says he will warn president vladimir putin not to underestimate the consequences of an attack. the kremlin continues to deny, though it's planning any sort of offensive, despite that huge military build up on the border with ukraine, his mo, from natasha butler. she's in kiff, a senior ukrainian official. dave has clarified the situation. he says that there's absolutely no intention on the behalf of the ukrainian government here to close ukraine's and a space he says that would be absolutely pointless, is completely nonsense. he said, he said, of course, as i space will stay open. anything else would amount to a blockade, but it just goes to show you ah, how difficult the situation is becoming in terms of messaging for,
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for the ukrainian a government we saw on saturday, the president, lord mayor zalinski saying look, we need to stop making people panic. panic is actually fueling our enemies. he said, you know, we need a car. many people to continue life as usual. yes, the german chancellor expected here in the capitol on monday. he'll be meeting wits, zalinski. they will of course be talking about the crisis. all actual, sir, this is his diplomatic push his part and trying to avert a war in europe. he has said that this is really the goal of europeans to have a avert war on their european soil, and also be talking to the ukrainian leader about ways in which germany could help ukraine's economy, which is suffering deeply in this crisis. until once again, reiterate european support a for ukraine's territorial, a sovereignty who then travel on to moscow on tuesday for a much awaited
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a visit to the russian president vladimir putin. the 2 will sit down for talks and they're a 1st face to face a meeting to discuss the crisis sholtes expected to say, look, if russia were to invade or attack ukraine, the west will respond with very strong sanctions. indeed. and the cremeans dismissing us warnings of an imminent invasion of hysteria, but new satellite photos do show the military build up. continuing in belarus and in russia joined the military drill is expected to start next sunday as well. meanwhile, moscow voicing its concern over a decision by the o. s. c e. the organization for security and cooperation in europe to read a kate from done yet in eastern ukraine. several countries are shutting their embassies and also urging their citizens to leave ukraine immediately. the later to do so, it's a strange situation, as you are all hearing as well,
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is deteriorating and is reaching a very dangerous stage. and i want to say a very clear message on behalf of the stranger, a liberal democracy who believes in freedom and the sovereignty of states, not just in europe, but in our own region as well. that the autocratic unilateral actions of russia to be threatening and bullying you tried is something that is completely and utterly unacceptable. i have some thoughts now from richard soccer, a professor of russian and european politics of the university of can't. he told us there's no appetite for war in russia and patients using the sound of to address the larger security concerns. the can crisis is a symptom of a larger crisis, which is i thought, most concerned the failure of the breakdown of european security order, which it was not happy about so many, many years yoke and wasn't happy with it and put in as constantly said, look,
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we really need to have a system in which we are not simply faced by enlarging later to voters. the idea of russian invasion, of course, nothing can be excluded, is extremely unlikely. because what on earth would russia do with trying to occupy country with 40000000 people who would put up stiff resistance? it would mean damaging russia not just were talking about sanction from hell being imposed on it, but also massive internal divisions. but my feeling is that you actually will keep these forces and keep this up for many, many months. and so the west will get exhausted and my oh to my play the game as if, as i argue the game is ultimately all about diplomacy. i'm trying to get issues onto the agenda, which should have been on the agenda for most concerned many years earlier. so they can keep this up free for months and then they can just just go back home and say, look, exercise is completed, no face lost. there's no mood and appetite for war. within russia,
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i've been somewhat heads of coast are talking about this, but they'll go home. no face last and it's a west which will have a lot of egg on his face as it were for having talked by an imminent invasion. even during the begging olympics, which by any standard is extremely unlikely on other news and opposition parties and tin is yes, i value night against president. i said after he announced sweeping changes to the judiciary. the more process happening and soft, he gave himself the power to dismiss judges. supreme judicial counsel was replaced under a new decree. it was one of the last institutions, independent of the site is made several new consolidate power in sacking the government and suspending parliament in july or from eliza of oakland in tennis. this decree by the time prejudicial council was initially a sort of 8, appeared like a rollback by cai side because the international response, when he dissolved the supreme judicial council was very,
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very firm. that the g 7 un and european union have, i have said strong words, demanding chinese returned to the democratic path. but what we seen with the decree today is that he's gambling on their support. and that he's more interested in gathering the 3 main powers of state of legislative executive. and finally now the judicial power within kenisha. so this is another step forward to what's the protesters was saying is a complete dictatorship. an authoritarian rule by cai side to day citizens against the crew who are an independent, aquinas little broad church event. she joined together with the largest political party tunisia, an actor, which is the muslim democratic party, which has its opponents, a lease of democratic henson of a socialist wing and all say the dist, dorian wing of politics. and in the lot of the,
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the opponents of an act to say that they're to blame. so this isn't she quite a, a controversial alliance between the 2. but as we're seeing, there are thousands of people gathering and she a, despite a chi psi and green bit protests, a band. yet under the rules of caveat and sanitary laws, they are out in force saying we want the supreme judicial counsel reinstated, is ready. police of clear protesters and the flash point suburb of shake gerra in occupied east jerusalem. demonstrations broke out as a far right is ready. and he opened a parliamentary office in the neighborhood, checked, it has emerged as a symbol of palestinian resistance against israel. hundreds of palestinians heavy to been evicted or facing eviction from the arms. iraq supreme court has ruled her she's of ari is not eligible. busy to run for president follows a complaint filed against him by impedes of a corruption charges which he denies. the kurdish politician was chosen by
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parliament as the favorite for what is largely a ceremonial post i made up to wired with more on this one from baghdad. following the supreme court's decision to disqualify her, she or the body, the presidential candidate nominated by the code of the ship democratic party, he has just denounced the court decision considering get in his words politicized judgment by the court. the body deny the court decision, and he said that despite the fact that he was acquitted by the court in 2016, but yet some, as he called some adversary's insist on excluding him from the presidential race. now the supreme court embedded dad has just disqualified, was who she at the body based on a low sort submitted by
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a number of lawmakers. and that is based on, as they say, they accuse her out of the body of corruption and mismanagement. when he was finance minister in 2016, they say that he was sacked from his job in 2016. and that's why he is not the right person to be nominated for the president of the country. now the question now is whether or not this could this democratic party will have even time or chance to submit all to apply for other candidates to replace the betty. meanwhile, the incumbent bar homesite, the president current president, but homicide, which is the no many the candidate of the debt. could this turn union party, he is now taking the lead as a frontrunner in the presidential race 5,
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you and staff members have been abducted in southern yemen. they were taken on saturday, well traveling to the indian region to the city of 8, and 4 of them examined the national internationally recognized government in southern evans. if it is working to freedom, we will check the wild weather for you next and then arrested released and facing barriers. why? hong kong, young pro democracy protests. and so they helped find work or get into school. i'm adarine in southern italy. police are on the lookout for members of the mafia. after a string of bombings in the city of forger, upset people on it. ah, ah, look forward to brutus goes through with sponsored point cutoff airways. hello. they will start in south asia, and you can see from the satellite image, it's a fairly quiet weather picture for much of india. but what it's not showing are the
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fog and smog issues that persist in new delhi. we've got poor air quality here. it's going to remain rather unhealthy for the next few days. but to the west of this for pakistan, it's a largely dry picture with just a few showers creeping into the west. lots of sunshine as we head further south. it's why across central parts of india with a bit of popcorn cloud for the wet weather, we have to head to the south. some shop showers for corolla, wetter as well for southern parts of sri lanka. but by the time we get into tuesday, a lot of that wet weather has cleared out remains rather dry across eastern areas as it does across southern areas of china. thanks to a weather system that's pushed off to the east. taking a heavier rain to tie one on monday, there is going to be some wet weather edging in to western areas. from tuesday. we had another weather system drop, some heavy snow across northern areas of china and beijing. the 1st real snow of the winter olympics. but that's going to move across the korean peninsula. by the
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time we get to choose day. and we're going to have a dramatic temperature drop in soul of about 10 degrees. by the time we get to wednesday, that to weather. oh, the weather sponsored by casara, always britton's beloved curry houses are in crisis to india. don is shut down every week due to breakfast, financial thrive, and the pad in one 0, one east investigate on al jazeera ah al jazeera. when ever you. oh i
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i knew it with al jazeera and things of the top stories. u. s. president joe biden is speaking to ukraine's president's ultimate zalinski on the phone right now. western nations have been warning if an increased threat of russian invasion in ukraine, a claim which moscow still denied. germany's chance of schultz is warned of immediate sanctions if russia attacks you pray, he'll visit moscow and kip this week. and in all the news opposition parties into 0, promising to unite against president chi psi after he announced changes to the judiciary protests to taking place in china south the site gave himself the power to dismiss judges. police have cleared the remaining protest is blocking a vital bridge on the u. s. canada border had been demonstrating against pandemic restrictions for almost a week. many of them truck drivers were blocked. both entrances to the ambassador bridge with their vehicles, are upset over a government order,
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which requires them to be vaccinated against coven 19 if they want to cross the border and police in new zealand. the views, water sprinklers and songs including baby shark, the macarena and hit by barry manilow to break up crowds opposing cove with 19 rules. but it hasn't worked. hundreds of encamped outside parliamentary wellington since tuesday, and more than a 120 have been arrested. hong kong has reported more than a 1000 new daily cove infections on sunday. that is down for the previous days. record cities, health care system is already overstretched. biggest search for hong kong since the pandemic started, and just a day after the government said china would help the city with testing treatment and quarantine. you remember thousands of young people who were detained during protests in hong kong, back in 2019. many have since been released, but then now finding themselves excluded from work and education opportunities for credit reports. it's been 3 years since months of anti government
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demonstrations rocked hong kong some such as former frontline protested derek tie. the memories linger when i took a cross hobble bus and i just travel by your 1st. and then i just thought a foot bridge where people fly down to escape from from polio. and that was quite from ty was a 21 year old philosophy student when he became one of the 1st protest is arrested by police in june 2019. he was charged with an awful assembly and sent to prison for 4 months. he is one of $4000.00 protesters detained for their role in the pro democracy protests. many who have been released say they've found it difficult looking for jobs or higher education places because of their criminal records. those what me, who have served at times in prison,
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and then they decide to stay in hong kong, probably what they need is job opportunity, a chance to a funds and hands them. so i'm not necessary for working, studying, or keep in touch with the societies. that's where a group called project change has stepped in to help thousands of arrested protesters providing life planning, counseling, and legal support. these duties so forth. as i mean, pick 3 or 4 years of ration and, and piety. i mean, so gotta be kind of lost generation of use. we don't accept funding from government because we do want to be autonomous. i mean, a lot of arrest stuff like distrustful or government funds and be some nations from individuals and private parties. the hong kong government says it has a system for rehabilitation, but it's being criticized for not doing enough to help protesters as long as they amended them, districts, but grad, their mistakes,
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and the sincere a promise that they will contribute to dash. so thank you. and will be always well cup and accept the bell. china's leaders in beijing intensified their crack down in hong kong in 2020, imposing a controversial national security law. in the name of restoring stability. hong kong democracy movement has been silenced, and many opposition leaders are in jail or have fled into exile if he'd come here 3 years ago this, the whole area was plastered in protests are. now, most physical reminders of the resistance movement have faded or been scrubbed out . a changed hong kong is in its place. the school principal leaking, man, it's important not to abandon the protesters even as the territory moves on
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maintenance don't go far and told it's normal for young people to make mistakes hold. we want to give them an opportunity to turn over new people. they need the 2nd chance yet, but with hong kong society still deeply polarized it appears there's still a long road ahead. brit clannish al jazeera hong kong. foot is in switzerland deciding whether to ban most tobacco advertising restricted their van in many other countries and situation. critics blame on lobbying by tobacco friends with their headquarters in switzerland and other referendum question on sunday is whether to handle animal testing, including medical research experiments. southern italy's puleo region has been hit by a series of bombings in austin attacks and saw that this year. it is a sign of the local murphy has continued presence in the region where the government is trying to route out organized crime. the community has been trying to rid itself of the mafia for years. as adam rennie reports from the city of fuzzier, that is a difficult challenge. the aftermath of
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a string of recent bombings in our attacks and for just a small city in southern italy, no injuries were reported. that the method was clear, the local mafia was pushing back. over the past 2 years, police have seized millions of dollars in assets and made several arrests. some businesses are now refusing to pay protection money to the mafia. alessandra liter ran a construction firm here for the until his business was burned down by the mob. facing the death threats he relocated. his family now had the new launch to local anti bracketing association. she thought she was done by some estimates 70 percent of businesses here pay protection to the mafia from a figure we can't come up with the association. we are trying to show people they are not alone. the only way to route this problem is to stand up to get annoyed in the wake of the bombing police have increased patrols and investigations and set
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up rolling checkpoints. poor and under developed like much of the south fortune has been the base for the so called forth mafia. for decades, unknown to many outside italy, the collection of clans in the area make most of their money of storage and drug trafficking and prostitution. the bombing weren't jeff directed people not paying protection donor. this flower shop that was bombed, wouldn't speak on camera, but she said, no one ever came here asking her for money. and that's what scares for most investigator said these attacks were meant to spread fear. prosecutor antonia longer showed us the mafia's reach here and how they can roll this area on the south east coast of italy. we're getting that. typically the organization clearly feels the need for marketing use of tax. i meant to send a clear message design. we are here, which is yeah, despite recent gains, let on get isn't convinced to take the local mafia down soon. no sauna multi me
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save, but i'm not optimistic. the path to justice is going to be a long one, senior there. awesome. hopeful signs. read all the situation is still uncertain. there are lots of powerful clams on the culture of crime. here the fiji lay. look at vigilante in his family, run a chain of health clinics in the area. treating thousands of patients. the mafia came calling despite the risks, his family said no, no man, imagine ali murphy service in the future. if my children follow in my footsteps in this work book it. but after teaching him their whole life about morality, ethics, christian values are a tough to say, look your see if you want to continue this work, but all you will have to give money to criminals, better it would be hypocritical and absurd love a really awful thing. for them getting quint acquitted at it, not all here feel they can stand up to the mob. they know when the police aren't there to protect them, the mafia could come calling again. adam rainy al jazeera, folger italy. hundreds of gathered in mexico to remember a journalist who was killed in his home this week in
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a sudden state of will. haka. herbert lopez is the 5th reporter to be murdered this year in mexico, making you one of the deadliest ears for our journalists in the country and decades to people of an arrested in connection with this matter. saudi arabia's transferred $80000000000.00 worth of shares and the national oil company to a public investment fund. it's been used to diversify the kingdoms economy. the grandparents mohammed ben salmon says he plans to use a ramco wealth to help move away from oil dependency. finally, after season, instead of upsets and nail biting close coals, american footballs super bowl will kick off. later on sunday, the showdown between the los angeles rams and the cincinnati bengals will be played out in a brand new stadium near los angeles and rob reynolds. as they for us, little preparations underway for what promises to be an epic clash between the cincinnati bengals and the los angeles rams. in the national football league superbowl. wow. to say that excitement is running high would be an understatement.
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just look at these bangles fans celebrating their teams 1st trip to the championship game since 1988. in l. a. rams fans are snapping up souvenirs. i'm happy and i'm thankful and cargo weekend. for part, i'd see that we can come out and be rambling family. the game will be held on the rams home turf, the futuristic new, so fi stadium in inglewood. just outside l a. the venue was chosen before the season began. the hope all is going to be great and we've got some amazing stars in the game and, you know, really good stories around that. so we're just really excited. fans are already flocking to events and exhibits in los angeles in advance of the game. like this one called the nfl experience. so just how much are fans willing to pay for
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a ticket to the big game? the answer may astonish you. ticket sales search engine seek geek is keeping track the range we sort of see right now at least as you can kind of get in the door around say 6500 hours a ticket. ah. and then if you want to said, stay behind the bench, you know, and as g p seats, you're gonna pay maybe $30000.00 to take a super bowl tv commercials will cost up to $6.00 and a half $1000000.00 for a one minute ed this year. this beer commercial was directed by last year's oscar winning filmmaker chloe zhao. unlike last year's super bowl, when coven 19 restrictions limited grout size, the $70000.00 plus seat place is expected to be packed. the league will place masks on every seat and wearing them will be mandatory. everybody can holler and scream and celebrate, and root on our hometown team. safely behind
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a k 95 or in 95 math. about 100000000 people are expected to watch super bowl 56 on t, v and online rob reynolds, al, jazeera, inglewood, california, ah, huff, past the hour. and these are the headlines you as president joe biden is speaking to ukraine's president serv ultimate zalinski right now. our overnight biden had a call to vladimir putin as well. i failed to reach any sort of breakthrough. western nations have been warning of an increased threat of a russian invasion in ukraine, which moscow still denies in washington dc. mike hannah with more they may be coming up slightly different positions are the bite and administration has repeatedly insisted as that the russia is moving to a war footing. it insists.


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