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oh, out, is there a select express in south mm. holding the powerful to account as we examined, the u. s. is role in the world on al jazeera. ah . calls for com, turned to war time, rhetoric, ukraine's president says, his people are ready to fight and declares a day of national unity for the modem is lensky says nato membership is still a priority. as russia indicates, there was a chance of a diplomatic resolution to the crisis. ah, adorn taylor, this is al jazeera, alive from london, also coming up, protest as keep up the pressure and cartoon gathering. once again to denounce
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military rule. canada's prime minister invokes emergency powers to tackle truck protests which snarled up major highways. ah, i begin in ukraine where president vladimir zalinski has issued a rallying cry in anticipation of a possible russian invasion. followed another day of high stakes diplomacy aimed at d, escalating the situation at the russian border where thousands of troops are amassed . this time the german chancellor was in care of with a message that any russian action would be economically costly. and in moscow, there were signs that diplomatic channels were still open. let us natasha butler has more from give to the right after days of calling for car me ukraine and downplaying west warnings of an imminent invasion. a change of tone from president
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for lord amazed the lensky in an address to village hon. you know, of thorpe 7. the busha were being threatened by a big war, and the date of military invasion has been scheduled once again. it is not for the 1st time of war is being conducted systematically against us on all fronts. on the military front, the military contingent, housing, a police around the board. on the diplomatic front, they're trying to deprive us of the right to decide foreign policy on our own. it came after a visit by the german child, lead ukraine, the latest western, either on the diplomatic mission to diffuse tensions with russia and diverted new boy, europe. often more than 2 hours of talks with lensky shops promised, keep more german financial aid and issued a warning to moscow. it's my hand, kiff, now i'm up ukraine, 70 and territorial integrity, non negotiable for germany. we vessel expect russia to take that step to the
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escalate? the current hence, up front was done for germany. it is clear that further military aggression against ukraine would have serious political, economic, and geostrategic consequences or us. are you wanting to lensky said ukraine must join nato. because the country security was inseparable from europe. my early ask us for our future alliances around fissions, you know very well that this is our wish. but apart from that, there is a war in the east. we believe that nato membership will ensure our security, the length with forth the car or fi, your cranes position, or nato off the common voter in the day made by ukraine, them passive to, to london. that suggested that ukraine could be flexible when it comes to fission to join the military alliance comment busted the need to retracted. we are not a member of nato right now. and so we're, we're, we're ready for many concessions. and that's what we're doing in our conversations with rations, but it has nothing to do with natal with which,
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which is enshrined. think institution not to be at this is moscow doesn't want ukraine in nato and says that the west has ignored it. security demands. but in a possible sign of hope, russia's foreign minister has advised president vladimir putin to continue with the dialogue, a move that will be welcomed by shawl. so we'll meet the kremlin leader on tuesday in what some say could be a last chance. the diplomacy natasha butler al jazeera keith jones have general antonio terror shall talks with the ukranian and russian foreign ministers. he says the time is now to deescalate tensions you left. no stone unturned in the search for a peaceful solution. abandoning diplomacy for confrontation is not the step over the line. it is a vive, over a cliff. in short, my appeal is these. do not fail the cause of peace. thank you.
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entrepreneurs to get at a james space has more. the u. n. has been pretty much on the sidelines and was the reason for that. and it's the fact that russia is a permanent member of the un security council on it's one of the key parties to this dispute. and under the, the, the un charter which determines everything that you and daws rusher as a poet, a member of the security council has a veto on any security council action. and i think that's why the secretary general has been very reluctant to get involved in this dispute until now. but he has come out now off to his meeting with the 2 foreign ministers invoking the un charter, making it clear that it says that all members need to settle or international disputes by peaceful means and saying that there is room for more diplomacy with united states will temporarily relocate its embassy from care to the western
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ukrainian city, lived blaming dramatic acceleration in the build up of russian forces. how does your castro joins us live from washington? d. c? what's the white house had to say? oh, i have had another breathing to day, lauren, and they said that we are now in the window in their words, when russia couldn't, they do crane at any time. although the white house is the u. s. remains actively engaged in trying to find a diplomatic solution to this crisis. of course, we saw that earlier action today from the u. s. state department and temporarily closing its embassy in key of siding, continued a continued build up of russian troops along the cranium border. and in its words, the i the actively i that, that seriously threatening military build up there. now i, the, i, excuse me. we also had as a state department spokes person responding to some comments from russia's foreign
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minister given earlier in the day that a diplomatic solution was, was far from a far from impossible saying that those were encouraging words. however, the u. s. would need to see russia take steps to deescalate, and so far those steps have not been forthcoming or, and how do you present, pardon, biden? has discussed the across this with the u. k. prime minister. what do we know about that? that's right. the 2 men had a phone conversation today in which they both reaffirm their support for ukraine sovereignty in territorial integrity. and according to a white house read out of our phone call, they also discussed, assuring up nato's defensive posture on its eastern flank. it's also noticed that the u. s. defense secretary is heading to belgium in the coming days to meet with those nato allies. how did your gastro? thank you very much indeed. away from diplomacy, communities living on the front line in ukraine,
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a growing increasingly concerned as their lives a divided. cha, stratford has more from bruce, if cur, in eastern ukraine. a couple of 100 meters down. that hill is russia. now this area has remained quiet over the last 8 years of this conflict. there's been no shilling. there's been no fighting. there's been no destruction of people's homes and businesses. but that does not mean that the lives of people in this village has not been deeply affected by the conflict, but used to be able to go and visit friends and family in russia freely. they used to be able to go to the cemetery, which is in russia. they used to be able to trade and go shopping was 3 years ago. the whole changed in 20000000 t rolls of barbed wire were laid along the border, took almost to the 2 years after the collapse of the soviet union and a war before a boundary between the 2 states appeared. elaina, mom, you tova,
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runs the village shop, describes life before the war as a golden time. well, that's what your longer should. we have relatives leave him there. right behind this tree. there is a village and they are children used to come to school here. visited each other as friends. we married each other, spend our holidays together, and now every soon as close was outside the half empty school is the statue of a historian who wrote about the importance of unity among cossacks who populated this region for centuries. the village is quiet. antonia misery server sits in the sun with her friends. what could be shadowed them by parents are buried in the cemetery and i can't visit their graves anymore. our friends on the other side can't come here to visit us. we miss them. everyone is full of regrets and we know they think the same were far away from politics, but now our freedoms enjoys are gone. there are many villages like this one along the crane russian border,
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where there is no sense of fate or the endless blaming the other for the killing in these conflicts. for the longer this crisis goes on. the more concerns grow amongst people here that the community they have lived in for generations may never be the same. ah, these 2 people who been killed in sudan as protested once again returned to the streets to denounce military rule security forces. fod tear gas to disperse demonstrators, marching towards the presidential palace in the capital. cartoon. thousands have been staging ritchie rallies since the military takeover in october. around a few people have been killed. all correspond, hipaa. morgan has been among protests, is in the city of undermine people have gathered once again to voice their condemnation and anger at to dance military rule. so damp military took over power
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and a military takeover. in late october last year, dissolving a 2 year transitional government and people have been protesting, ever since demanding a return to civilian rule and to to dance transition to democracy. protest has said that since they took to the streets, they have been demanding that them should be no negotiation with the military, no compromise, and that the military should return to the barracks. now, protest have also happened in other cities around the country and in the capital to decide it soon, where protested. tried to make their way to the presidential palace hotel security comedy has bands gathering within the vicinity of the presidential palace and security forces. you, your guys dispersed for destiny from the vicinity of the presidential palace and saddam's capital. for the 2. nearly 80 protesters have been killed in protest against the military and hundreds have been injured here and am due to man. protesters had planned to go to the legislative assembly which is dysfunctional,
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but they say they want to show the military that they want a civilian government. general abdel for the album han has said that he's willing to handle the power to civilian rule when elections are held. or should there be a political consensus between the political parties and the military that is currently governing. but so far, there has been no progress made in terms of jobs between the various stakeholders involved in finance, politics. they not did. nation has been launching an effort to try to mediate between the stakeholders, the political parties, their resistance committees that have been organizing for protest and the military . that is yet to produce any results. the next round off talks or negotiation, or rather the next phase of this you an effort to try to bring together the stakeholders is expected in the coming days and weeks, but protest, i said they will continue to take to the streets, to what they're against the military, i continue with that demand for a civilian rule. still had allowed his era in the west bank a funeral for
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a 17 year old shot by israeli forces during protests against him. demolitions and millions of people convert and now with no result for a month in india's local elections could already concern the government. ah, how we got a few showers in the forecast across australia much illustrator is looking good. having said that, they wanted to showers just around eastern parts of queensland, around with char paid northern parts of but western australia down along the west coast, some heavy downpours and that wet weather, humid weather as well. sticky heat. here some summary down post is pushing through per but it will brighten up as you go on through thursday. the cloud and grange is pushing across into south australia, southern parts of south australia through the state, easing through the malibu,
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just making his way towards adelaide. 31 celsius in adelaide for tuesday afternoon . a 27 there from melbourne. could see some wet weather just starting to push its way towards very towards that southwestern corner of victoria as we go through wednesday. no, still a few showers sir, mainly to the north of the sunshine coast across that eastern side of queensland. meanwhile, for you zealand, it looks generally try and find over the next couple of days where we will see some wet to where the grassy pushing its way towards the south ireland. as we make our way through the week. it's winter weather making its way towards japan over the next day or so particular cross at western side of honshu. some big snow falls coming through here and increasing wind. conversely, on the other side of the mountains, not too bad for tokyo. ah, this feels like representation of who i am and what i want people to remember me by boxing is my get. our ticket is, is not
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a human. just mark against the people around like we've got to when i'm telling the story about my life is going to take for the future. the do a don't so bad with you. deep. oh ward, where the documentary witness on out his era. ah ah, or one of the top stories here and al jazeera, ukraine's president has been told that he, that russia will launch an attack on wednesday, at one to citizens are ready to fight. in the address to the nation, florida is events case and you will declare wednesday, a national day of unity. russia's top diplomat sag
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a lever off was told president vladimir putin that his government should continue talks with the west as its allies. russia wants limits to nato expansion and military operations in eastern europe. and at least 2 people have been killed and st. you don has protested once again returned to the street to denounce military rule. security forces have fought together to disperse demonstrators, marching towards the presidential palace in the capital cartoon. kind of the foreign minister, just intruders, invoking emergency powers, to end protests that have paralyzed parts of the capital and border crossings with the us. the measures have been opposed by the leaders of the provinces of alberto manitoba and since catherine meanwhile, traffic has resumed on a major crossing of the city of windsor. after police raid ended a 6 day blockade by truckers, the so called freedom convoy began as a protest against a mandate requiring truckers to be vaccinated officers and all better. also seized
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guns and arrested 11 protested at a separate crossing, accusing them of planning to attack police as a blockade was removed. the police will be given more tools to restore order in places where public assemblies can constitute illegal and dangerous activities, such as blockades, of occupations as seen in ottawa sort of bridge and elsewhere. these tools include strengthening their ability to impose fine or imprisonment. the government will designate, secure and protect places and infrastructure that are critical to our economy and people's jobs, including border crossings and airports. full time to choose a journalist in toronto and joins us live by skype. so prisoners due to using the emergency, zach but he stopped short to bring in the army. how important is this move is
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extremely important. it's completely unprecedented. that's one word that we keep praying over and over again repeated on canadian international media. the emergencies act which katie prime minister just intruder invoked in just the last half hour, gives police sweeping powers to act, to clear the blockades that popped up across the country. i reported you now from queens park in toronto. this is the seat of the ontario provincial, but just fletcher, the head of doug ford's government, who declared a state of emergency here in this province on friday. this is the 1st time the emergency act as ever in deployed. it was inactive in 1988, and sat on the books gathering dust since. apparently this measure is being opposed to because the situation is simply too difficult for authorities to deal with in their current status. and how long did you think it will make a difference? it's a really, it's a really open question at this point. the problem that many people are experiencing is one of delay and prevarication. apparently,
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the emergencies act goes into force immediately after it's declared. however, the technical proceedings are that parliament has to ratify the act within 7 days after it's a boat that doesn't. however, prevent authorities from taking action under those new powers now. and that's really the question that's, that's playing a lot of us here is why delays continue to be imposed on taking action. the blockade in ottawa would just turn that city into a seizure zone. that's not my language. that's the premier of ontario. we called it a siege is now in its 3rd week, the situation of the bass for bridge was cleared yesterday. there are still protesters lingering, and police reportedly allowed some to re gather in that particular spot. so this is the difficulty. we have law enforcement, different levels of law enforcement that over the past several weeks, i've been conclusively failing to act. and that's really the reason why justin grew as imposed these unprecedented measures. and what about the changes to to,
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to covey rules? i mean, do you think that in the, in those will have as much of an effect as, as bringing this new, the new powers at this stage that appears to be a little bit of a 5050 question. when these protests started, they were clearly about removing all vaccine mandates. that's what the truckers insisted from day one. but at this point, 3 weeks into this, this sprawling and extremely complex movement that is changing on a minute by minute basis. that's simply, that's simply inadequate. what needs to happen now is there needs to be a coordinated effort to ensure that the force of the emergency is applied and is applied. one issue that we've seen again and again is inconsistent, highly inconsistent application of law enforcement force situation and ottawa right now, police are almost entirely absent from the downtown core, where they do make their presence known. they simply sort of walk through the area
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and do not act the same thing is being seen and other provinces and other levels of police enforcement. this is clearly a crisis, and i think that's why the prime minister is taking such strong starts to act. now, while he can still salvage what remains of the various credibility of the various police forces in this country and to salvage candidates, international reputation, which is taking a huge beating, seeing as we, as a country. so we can't seem to get this insurrection under control. and the prime minister talked about the blockades, harming our economy and endangering public safety, how much damage has been to the economy that quantifiable, at this stage, facts some figures were just released in the past hour. the blockade at the ambassador bridge alone linking to troy and windsor ontario, one of the biggest and most important border crossings between canada us. it was quantified that the loss was $390000000.00 per day of the 6 days the blockade injured. and that's not counting the additional economic costs from the other
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blockades, in places like coots out, berta, and other places in the country like the fledgling blockade at the bridge, linking biography halls on the canadian side of the american side. so we have a baseline now at one particular event costing on the order of half a $1000000000.00 a day. and so, because the other effects have not qualified and calculated, it's really a staggering, staggering out of economic loss and inconvenience for so many people who use that economic hands and to power their daily lives pulled out her. thank you very much indeed for donors. thank you. what i feel has been held her for a posting and teenager shot dead by israel security forces in the occupied west bank. many others were injured on sunday when troops opened fire on people protesting against the demolition of palestinian home stephanie decker report. oh. 7 god oh, life cut short. the body of 17 year old from
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a double solid is taken to be buried. was killed by israeli forces during confrontations. new janine in the occupied west bank. the standoff started when these really army arrived to demolish the home of palestinian prisoner mohammed, java dot, who's accused the fatal shooting and israeli settler in december. that also led to norm standoff between privacy and gunman and israeli army. the army said, quote, it identified what had called the number of armed rioters and fire toward them to neutralize the threat, hundreds of palestinians, it turned out to protest against demolition the message here. and that's it. you know, 0 tolerance. in others we, the israelis will not tolerate any kind of what you call resistance, what israel calls, of course, tara. so what it's trying to do then is to say your criminals, and any time you do a violent act, israel will never consider it
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a resistance act. we are going to come after you and the idea is to try to intimidate the palestinians and try to give them a feeling that there is no space whatsoever for any kind of resistance to what israel is. israel continues to apply it's policy of home demolitions, the palestinians and human rights group say it counts to collective punishment against the palestinian people. stephanie decker, ultra 0. another trial has begun against me and mars deposed civilian nita unsung sushi. this one is centered on allegations of election fraud. so far heard testimony from an election commission director. so she was arrested by the army when it sees power more than a year ago. she is accused of influencing the 2020 vote to win a 2nd term in office. and it denies all charges. opposition to last year's coo and me and mars now spread to the countries breweries, the japanese company. karen is closing down its joint venture with
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a local firm linked to the military. writing of $400000000.00 is not the 1st at the natural gas firm, woodside petroleum said last month, it will leave the country joining moves by other energy firms, chevron and total in other sectors. the norwegian communications company tele no. which was one of the biggest foreign investors sold up last july. british american tobacco has ceased operations with port operators, pension funds, and coca cola, reviewing their investments. phil bloomer is executive director of the business and human rights resource center. he says karen's actions are very significant to sounds, a very clear signal, both to the people inside miramar who are desperately still trying to end this military johnson. and to bring back the democracy and human rights that they thought so long for. but it also sends a very clear message into the military, so that days are numbered and the kind of foreign direct investment and the supply
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chains that were built. jordan, that severe dose of years of civilian roland administration. but that is now leaving them and they will be less we're going to economy is based on sustainable millions of indians are voting in 3 state elections and widely seen as a referendum on prime minister and arrange emoji. and the routing b j. p. probably meet our reports. it's the biggest state election in india, auto predation. the not is home to more than 200000000 people and is voting in 7 phases. can i put in? i can hang, it needs to be daddy. and what if you can see how prizes are rising more? the said he'd bring good days and prosperity. yes, best days are here with prices of vegetables touching the sky. i have voted, thinking about inflation without bedroom and pamela, but the probation is the highest number of members to parliament and is seen as reflecting the national political mood. prime minister, lorraine's movie is halfway through his character. these balls are regarded as
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a test of his party, joined the parties, policies with shook in feels like these cover large areas of western with millions of lives and votes. depend on it. i'm it, commerce family has owned land here for several generations. it was once a lucrative business. now costs have searched and farmers have been waiting months for sugar mills to pay them. geography armina on earnings have been badly hitting. what can we do? we have to pay our children school fees or see those labels working. if we don't get paid on time, either have to delay their payments or pay them less. ah, many farmers here to part in a year long protest against 3 agriculture laws. they said favorite big corporations . last september, the host of the largest of those protest, the state targeting the bgp ahead of the polls in 2017 the b g b when a landslide victory luther publish, but growing economic distress among farmers have diluted. some of that for ya. last
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year, the mo, the government revoked the 3 agriculture laws, but many farmers have continued to protest, saying that demands have not been met. exports say this has bolstered opposition parties making the b j. p. seen less committee. both in the last 2 twenties has 17 election, the west and you'll be mid of them when term in paper to the b b. but this, it seems over sir, you know, the forty's, i'm going to smile and the opposition more. and if the continued rule build up, the same kind of momentum that we saw in there for us on ordering, then we can say that will be anybody's game pools are also being held in for more states. results will be declared on march 10 and will indicate how the b g. p may perform in the next national elections. party method al jazeera with the british northern india. should anchors government has agreed to increase wages for health workers following a week of protests and strike action. union leaders say the government will meet
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their demands for better conditions. a spiraling inflation worsens. the country's economic crisis. on friday, president got a buy a raj, a pack st. designated workers from the health and tricity sectors as essential, potentially making it illegal for those workers to strike fans to release water from japan's crippled fukushima nuclear power plant to being reviewed. international atomic energy agency is observing how radioactive water is handled. fishermen local residence, china and south korea are opposing the japanese government plan to release more than a 1000000 tons into the sea. an earthquake unseen army and 2011 damaged the power plant and triggered one of the world's worst nuclear accidents. will serve law joy and guard, although the government set up some organizations to evaluate that this charging plan, the members were all leaning towards the government's decision while neglecting the problems in the plan. in fact, some experts and scholars holding different opinions already pointed out the
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problems, but their voices will not hurt need only those who are sitting in this. we do have a responsibility for future generations. children who experienced the nuclear crisis, fukushima had been exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. it's been more than a decade since the disaster happened and the government is still planning to discharge contaminated water into the sea. i cannot accept a decision that will cause further damage juggle glue. armando, the top stories on al jazeera, ukraine's president says he's been told that russia will launch an attack on wednesday, but warns his citizens are ready to fight in an address to the nation. vladimir zalinski said he will declare wednesday, a national day of unity and called on ukrainian officials who fled the country to return is comments came after. he talks with the german chancellor in kiev, where he said.


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