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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2022 6:00am-6:31am AST

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fires mental catastrophe. people in power travels to gonna to uncover the dirty secret behind the wolf. fashion addiction. dead. white man's clothes on edge is eda ah the white house warned that russia would invade ukraine at any time which moscow denies, but all sides agree that diplomatic avenues remain open. ah, hello, i'm down, jordan, this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up in canada in folks emergency powers for the 1st time to and protests against vaccine mandates. oh, funeral in the occupied westbank for a 17 year old palestinian shot dead by his rainy forces during protests,
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against and demolitions. and looking in the shadows, how an exhibit in belgium is exposing men to the sexual harassment experiences of women. ah, ukraine's president says he's been told that wednesday will be the day russia invades moscow has denied it. has any such plans, a defiant blood of me as the lensky has declared wednesday, a day of national unity urging ukrainians to show that patriotism. but i was up that statement rattled, market savanski is off as clarified that the president was only referring to media reports from kev is natasha butler. we have to be right after days of calling for call me ukraine and downplayed west warnings of an imminent invasion. a change of telling some precedent fellow to make the lensky in an address to very nice young william the wolf. dora 7 bless us. we're being threatened by a big law and
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a date of military invasion has been scheduled once again. it is not for the 1st time, a war is being conducted systematically against us on all fronts. on the military front, the military contingency has increased around our borders. allison on the diplomatic front, they are trying to deprive us of the right to decide foreign policy on our own. it came after a visit by the german chancellor to ukraine, the latest western leader on a diplomatic mission to decrease tensions with russia and to 30 war europe. after more than 2 hours of talks with zalinski, schultz promised keith more german financial aid and issued a warning to moscow. is my hand tiff, the i'mma ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity, a non negotiable for germany. finally, we therefore expect russia to take their steps to de escalate the current tensions as one was planned for germany. it is clear that further military aggression
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against ukraine would have serious political, economic, and geostrategic consequences. russia shackles, yawning, zalinski said ukraine must join nato because the country security was inseparable from europe's. my would your earliest, as for our future alliances are ambitions, you know very well that this is our wish. but apart from that, there is a war in the east. we believe that nato membership will ensure our security. zelinski was forced to clarify your crane's position on nato after come inside her in the day made by ukraine's ambassador to london for suggested that ukraine could be flexible when he comes to his ambitions to join the military alliance commentary ambassador later retracted. we are not a member of nato right now and 3 world war we are ready for many concessions. and that's what we're doing in our conversations was rations, but it has nothing to do with nato wizard, which is in trying to catch a fusion at digital is moscow. doesn't want ukraine in nato and says that the west
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has ignored it, security demands. but in a possible sign of hope, russia's foreign minister has advised president vladimir putin to continue with the dialogue versus lucy al possibilities and exhausted. of course, security talks can continue endlessly. but at this stage, i would propose to continue and increase them pressure. all right, a move that will be welcomed by shall. so all meet the kremlin leader on tuesday in was some say could be a last chance for diplomacy. natasha butler al jazeera keith but also to barry has more now on those diplomatic signals from moscow. we've seen a slightly different tone from the kremlin at this is it because the meeting that we saw take place between survey lab rav and vladimir putin broadcast on state tv.
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showed a very direct exchange between the 2 men vladimir putin asked survey lover of what are your proposals in response to the united states government and their rebuttal about the security guarantees this country is looking for. and serbia lover of said that although the united states and nato have responded negatively to the as security guarantees that russians are looking for. there is still some merit to what they've proposed. lab. rob said that there has been some ideas put forth by the americans that warrants further dialogue. i think this is the 1st time we're hearing of any concrete answers from the russians about how they see the upcoming weeks unfolding. the russian foreign minister saying that they do have some proposals that are worth looking at. and vladimir putin asked a survey, love, rob, do you think there's a chance to have an agreement about our security concerns and survey lover of responded by saying there's always a chance. i think this is love. rob's
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a moment to really as signal to the world that there is still very much a window for diplomacy and that all hope is not loss. vladimir putin also asked about the russian response, and the circle of rob said that the russian officials have prepared a 10 page response to the americans. and we are yet to find out when they will respond officially and a hand that response over to the us. meanwhile, the u. s. is temporarily closing its embassy and kia van relocating it for the west near poland. that's because of fears of an imminent russian invasion for the white house as a diplomatic resolution is still possible. i'll cast a report from washington dc the u. s. says it decided to close its embassy and key if due to russia's military escalation on a plane in border. and invasion, as we have said, could begin at any time, should prudent aside to order it. there would be widespread human suffering. americans in ukraine had been told to leave the country, but
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a core group of us diplomats will remain. they'll work from the city of leave, further west from the border with russia. despite the embassies closure, the white house says it remains actively engaged in finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis. the path for diplomacy remains available. if russia chooses to engage constructively. however, we are clear eyed about the prospect of that given the steps russia is taking on the ground in plain sight, president biden says he will not send us troops to defend ukraine in the event of an invasion. but american soldiers are standing by across the border in poland, a member of the nato alliance. real lives will be at risk ukrainian lives to be sure, but also russian lives. this. this will not be bloodless. this will not be easy. a pentagon spokesman says the us has not concluded that russia's president has
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decided to invade ukraine, but that an invasion could come with little or no warning. president invite and spoke with the case prime minister and discussed reinforcing nato's eastern defences. and the u. s. defense secretary is now headed to belgium, or he will meet with military allies, heidi joe castro al jazeera washington. and you and 2nd, general antonio. good ted as spoke to the ukranian and russian foreign ministers. he is our diplomatic editor, james, based on those talks. until now, the united nations has been pretty much on the side lines of this crisis. the un secretary general knows that russia is a permanent member of the un security council with veto power, bought. the secretary general has now had a phone conversation with the russian foreign minister and with ukrainian foreign minister and has issued this strong statement. we will have no stone unturned in the search for a peaceful solution. abandoning diplomacy for confrontation is not
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a step over the line. it is a vive, over a cliff. in short, my appeal is these. do not fail the cause of peace. the secretary general was speaking after having lunch with the security council. secretary general can conflict be avoided? i believe so. the lunch meeting was hosted in the russian mission to the united nations. russia just happens this month to be the president of the council. other ambassadors who were that were reluctant to say much about what was discussed. discussion, it really was recent days here in the corridors. the united nations have been very strange. you'll find some diplomats who tell you, they believe that war is imminent. they'll be an invasion within days. and yet there are others who say they don't think that will be a conflict. they think that president putin, who's always use the element of surprise, is going to surprise the world this time by doing nothing but rushes defense
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minister has announced the end of some military drills in bella, luce, but the u. s. pentagon says troop numbers have been boosted over the past few days . step baskin is in belarus, his border region, and says, military activity seems to have slowed down. we went traveling in the south of bella, ruth, near the border with ukraine and visited a few areas where he said, joint bellow, russian, russian, and military. it will to ongoing. and it was interesting to see that there would seem to be a lot less activity then a few days to go. one particular air field near by there were s 400 missile defense system. so station there, according to reports, and also so call you fighter jets flown in from russia, but there was hardly any activity at that location. and also another town with a major air field, military air feel it was all a lot quieter than we seen a couple of days ago. this is interesting because said at the same time the russian
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minister of defense sag a showing go. i said that these military drills that were supposed to last until february 20 are now coming to an end and that some have already ended, which raises quite a few questions of is this is really the end of it, or are they going to continue until they were scheduled to do so. it is also interesting because on the 19th of february there's going to be a large group of journalists to also for enjoy this invited to this joint fellowship russian drill. so the question is, is this still going to be ongoing? alex, on the look shanker, the leader here, and bella was with us today. what will happen to the russian troops, according to nato around $30000.00 are supposedly here. after these drills are finished and look shanker sat. well, this is our business. i will meet flooding me, put in very soon, and i'll will deal with it. went away from international diplomacy. communities living on the front lines are growing increasingly worried. charles stratford as
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mona, from birth, cisco in eastern ukraine, a couple of 100 meters down that hill is russia. now, this area has remained quiet over the last 8 years of this conflict. there's been no shilling. there's been no fighting. there's been no destruction of people's homes and businesses, but that does not mean that the lives of people in this village has not been deeply affected by the conflict. they used to be able to go and visit friends and family in russia freely. they used to be able to go to the cemetery, which is in russia. they used to be able to trade and go shopping was 3 years ago. the whole changed in 20000000 t rolls of barbed wire were laid along the border, which is almost 30 years after the collapse of the soviet union and a war before a boundary between the 2 states appeared. elaina mummy tova runs the village shop. he describes life before the war as a golden time. well,
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that's what your longer should. we have relatives leave him there. you are right behind the streams. there is a village and their children used to come to school here. visited each other as friends who were married each other spent our holidays together. and now every scene is close to us. outside the half empty school is the statue of a historian who wrote about the importance of unity among cossacks who populated this region for centuries. the village is quiet, like antonia ms server sits in the sun with her friends with them. my parents are buried in the cemetery and i can visit their graves anymore, or friends on the other side can't come here to visit us. we miss them. everyone is full of regret and we know they think the same were far away from politics, but now our freedoms enjoys, are gone. there are many villages like this one along the crane russian border where there is no sense of hate or the endless blaming the other for the killing in
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these conflicts. for the longer this crisis goes all the more concerns grow amongst people here. but the community they have lived in for generations may never be the same. char stratford, al jazeera boyce eve, go. houston ukraine. lot more. so to come here now does air including making their vote count state election being seen as an important gauge of the indian by ministers. popularity. marla status ah hello there. we got some quiet weather pushing into eastern parts of north america . now i'm pleased to say rain sleet and snow pulling out of the east coast dry weather coming back in behind, then it was quiet and dam got high pressure, settling things down for the time being, but covert towards the western side of canada, northwestern corner of the u. s. area of low pressure here,
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just pushing its way through the fair bit of snow on this that'll spill off the rockies. down across alberta through the prairies, eating further eastwards, seeing temperatures in denver around 16 celsius on tuesday, make the most lat take a look at this wednesday, a top temperature of minus one so. so a 70 degree drop in temperature is as our cold front makes its way across the place, a great place to seizing up towards the lakes and pushes a little further east with east that not bad new york getting up to round 9 or 10 celsius over the next day or so as a pleasant sunshine. coming back in after, what was a wintry start to the week. we'll see some other cool weather recently, just around the greater antilles. we got some fine and dry weather for jamaica as you go on 3 tuesday. chance of want to shout long line of cloud and rain here, just coming, crossed wards. the honduras towards police could cause some localized flooding, but is a little further northwards for wednesday. ah,
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a unique year endangered. biodiversity lies in the heart of one. it would produce tropical jungles. there was a lot of misinformation about the animals that we have here. and now they're probably allergic to come back to their self conservation in their communities. out there a journey deepened to the rain forest to follow a scientist until teams efforts to save the flora and fauna so precious in the region. women make science, ecuador hidden treasure on al jazeera lou . ah, welcome back to pick them out about top stories here. this, our ukraine's president just told the nation that
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a russian invasion may happen this week. a lot of years lensky has called for a day of unity on wednesday. i was late to his office, clarified the president, was referring to media referrals on russia's foreign minister survey laboratories, calling for additional talks with us on its allies to address moscow security concerns. the white house says a pop for diplomacy remains open. canadas prime minister is invoking emergency powers to and protests that are paralyzed life in the capital. ottawa unblocked some border crossings with the us, the so called freedom convoy began as a demonstration against vaccine mandates. on fisher reports the main bridge linking canada to the u. s. is open again, police enforcing a court order ended the 60 blockade by protest. there's demanding an end to coated restrictions. they made several arrests and set up barricades to stop it happening again. the protest hit supply chains on both sides of the border. but outside canadas, parliament and ottawa,
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protesters are refusing to leave even as the local government eases covered restrictions. prime minister just intruder has had enough invoking special emergency measures to confront the protesters. this is not a peaceful protest at the borders in different parts of the country. the blockades are harming our economy and endangering public safety. 1988 emergencies act allows the federal government to ensure security during national emergencies. this has never been used. a similar move was last employed in 1970, the prime minister then to his father pierre. the scope of these measures will be time limited, geographically targeted as well as reasonable and proportioned. the so called freedom convoy protest began because canadian truckers opposed a vaccine or quarantine mandate for cross border drivers. but it soon became
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a rallying point for people opposing the trudeau government. and now it spawns copy cut through test globally. in belgium, demonstrators, there were joined by others from france, holland, and germany, to demand a hold to cover restrictions by europe's governments. the messages leave us alone. we are peaceful. we will leave you alone. we are not accepting any japs any more. and it israel, a convoy of trucks drove the main highway from tel aviv to jerusalem, heading for the parliament building. we all support canada and support the truckers con v that went up 2 or 2 and we do hear the same critics of accused the so called freedom convoys of having little popular support. but authorities are aware of the disruption. even small protest can cause and like canada, i know examining what actions are available to keep roads, bridges,
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and supply lines open. alan fisher, i'll do 0. washington sudanese security forces appealed to people who protest against the military. demonstrators marched towards the presidential palace, my capital. cartoon. thousands have been staging weekly around it since the military takeover last october. the people have been killed by security forces since then. not federal has been held for a palestinian teenager shot dead by his ready security forces during unrest in the occupied westbank 11 others were injured on sunday. stephanie deck, a resource. oh god. oh, life cut short. the body of 17 year old from the solid is taken to be buried. was killed by israeli forces during confrontations. new janine in the occupied westbank . the standoff started when these really army arrived to demolish the home of palestinian prisoner mohammed jetta dot, who's accused the fatal shooting and israeli settler in december. that also led to
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norm standoff between privacy in gunman and israeli army. the army said, quote, it identified what had called a number of armed rioters and fire toward them to neutralize the threat. hundreds of thousands, it turned out to protest against demolition the message here. and that's it. you know, 0 tolerance. in others we, the israelis will not tolerate any kind of what you call resistance, what israel calls, of course, darren. so what it's trying to do then is to say your criminals and any time you do a violent act, israel will never consider it a resistance act. we are going to come after you and the idea is to try to intimidate the palestinians and try to give them a feeling that there is no space whatsoever for any kind of resistance to what israel is. israel continues to apply it's policy of home demolitions,
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the palestinians and human rights group say, accounts to collective punishment against the palestinian people. stephanie decker, ultra 0 attention remains high and the flash points some of shifts are, are in occupied eastern silicon israeli police. clear protests on sunday injuring dozens of people. demonstrations broke out when a far right is really, m p tried to reopen a political office or a force that has more from shifter off. so low in numbers in this part of shakes you're out and we saw on sunday night, but still considerable tension around this fire, members of and supporters of the solemn family who faced eviction from their home. here in march, that's next month. and here in the street outside, considerable numbers of israeli security forces. they've been here throughout the day afternoon and into the evening. they've been clearing out periodically, both jews and palestinians. there was a recent move on some of the people around that fire and some quite unpleasant
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scuffles just over this barrier that they've erected half way down that street is where a very divisive figure the far right is really politician to my been via, has set up an open a make shift office. he says to ensure or try to ensure security for jewish settlers in this area. he says it's in response to an austin attack, which the police say was responsible for the fire in a jewish home. on friday nights. no one was in that home, but 2 people have been arrested during the course of the day on suspicion of austin . this is something that we tried to do last year in may. he set up a temporary office. he was persuaded to leave by the then prime minister benjamin netanyahu in the run up to the flare up of violence that we saw both in gaza and in israel. and he's trying to do it again now. and there is a prime minister in charge who is also of the is what he right, but something of an enemy of been via the been vcs as
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a traitor to the right. natalie bennett, so potentially less leverage to get him out. so he could be here for some considerable time. he has parliamentary immunity and his presence here is exceedingly provocative for palestinians who live here combined with all that we have the 2 very important jewish jewish and islamic religious periods coming up passover and ramadan. and also, as i say, the potential for this family to be evicted next month. so it's not the sorts of scenes yet that we saw last april in may, but certainly tension is building. natalie bennett is in bahrain on the 1st official visit. bon is ready, prime minister, the golden state normalize relations with israel in 2020, through a us broken agreement. that abraham, of course, israel and bahrain signed a security corporation agreement earlier this month. partly out of shared concerns of iraq. turkey's president is in the united arab emirates for the 1st time in nearly a decade. president rush, a typo to one,
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is being hosted by the crown prince of abbey. mom had been side nottingham, turkey in the u. s. e. what odds for years after the arab spring as they supported opposing sides and regional conflicts, odo says he believes the 2 countries can contribute to regional peace, stability and facility. 3 states in india are holding their local elections. the country's most popular state autopay dashes among them. probably metalli's death. it's the biggest state election in india, author probation. the north is home to more than 200000000 people and is voting in 7 phases. aren't gonna hold you. they can hang, it needs to be daddy. and what if you can see how prizes are rising more? the said he'd bring good days and prosperity. yes. best days are here with prices of vegetables touching the sky. i voted, thinking about inflation without petro kit. i'm pamela, but the probation is the highest number of members to parliament and is seen as reflecting the national political mood prime minister there inter moody is halfway
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through his character. these balls are regarded as a test of his party, john the parties policies with what she looking feels like these cover large areas of western with millions of lives and votes, depend on it. i'm it, commerce family has own land here for several generations. it was once a lucrative business. now god had searched and farmers have been waiting months for sugar mills to pay them. gar, garcia, armina. odd earnings have been badly hitting. what can we do? we have to pay our children school fees. you see those labels working. if we don't get paid on time, we either have to delay their payments or pay them. bless. many farmers here to part in a year long protest against 3 agriculture laws. they said favorite big corporations . last september, the host of the largest of those protesting state, targeting the bgp ahead of the polls in 2017 the b g. b one, a landslide victory luther publish. but growing economic distress among farmers has
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diluted. some of that you fauria. last year, the movie government revoked the 3 agricultural laws, but many farmers have continued to protest saying that demands have not been met. experts say this has bolstered opposition parties making the b j. p seemed less formidable. in the last 2, twenties has 17 election, the west and you be mid of them when term in favor of the b, b. but this i'm, it seems at the so, you know, in the forty's i'm going to smile in the opposition more. and if they continue to build up the same kind of momentum that we saw in the 1st on awarding, then we can say that will be anybody's game. ringback polls are also being held in for more states. results will be declared on march 10 and will indicate how the b g o. p may perform in the next national elections. party method al jazeera with their predation, northern india. now an exhibition is underway in belgium to explain to men what is like for when to be harassed. under zeros julian wolf reports is not only opening
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eyes, but hearts and minds as well. drawing back the curtains on what some women experience every day. she shop titled masculine poetry, this our project aims to explain to men what it is like for women to be subjected to sexual harassment. this husband and wife and 2 of the artists behind the exhibition say it's inspired. 8 by experiences their daughter had growing up in the south of france, life is supposed to put his em. we made this project for men and we realized that it had an enormous impact on women tools for mentors, realization for women, the fields that are allowed to talk. i think what we interesting would be to have teenagers go through it as well. did he say? because as at that age to learn this behavior, it enabled them to understand and afterwards we need to beats between men and women so that the world changes so that there is a change of behavior i. visitors are led through a dark and tunnel lined with sounds and images of leering men,
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3rd fiddle fer it was hell. but also there are no surprises. it feels like what we're used to. and i think it's interesting to put that in an exhibition new, i think it's interesting to see what men think about it to set to open next month. the project will have psychological experts on hand to accompany viewers. but before it's launched, there has been interest from politicians and human rights campaigners who have come to this preview in a hanger in brussels. local authorities across belgium have expressed their interest in a version of the show going on tour. priscilla is a police officer who works with victims of domestic abuse and she says it will help 01 cumulatively. so my 1st reaction is that there are very few victims. he dare to file a complaint. as a police woman, i'm putting myself in the role of my colleagues out on patrol in police vehicles or on the street. i don't think for us it's possible to witness this sort of thing as obviously to catch people in the act. have evidence of this sort of phenomenon. so
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i think there is a lot of work to be done. and it begins with building awareness, though is behind this project, say they hope it will incur to a greater awareness of how harassment affects women. and that those who suffer it could be any one's partner, mother, daughter, sister, or for awe showing al jazeera. ah, don't forget check on the top stories here now to sierra you cranes president has told the nation that a russian invasion may happen this week is called for a day of unity on wednesday. russia has consistently denied any plans to attack its neighbour. thus, located legally, we knew we are being threatened by a big war, ended date of military invasion. was scheduled once again. it is not for the 1st time with a war is being conducted systematically against us on all fronts levied on the
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military front. military contingent is increased around our porters on the diplomatic front. they are trying to deprive us of the right to decide for them.


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