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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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in the wood and in the lab. now more than ever the world needs w h on making healthy a world for you. for everyone. ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello, this is in is our on al jazeera. i'm fully bottom line from our headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes western skepticism about russia's true draw down despite moscow putting out videos of his forces, pulling back from ukraine's border. flash floods and lance lies in brazil, kill at least 38 people in a mountainous region north of rio de janeiro. also
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the sour hundreds of palestinians bid farewell to a teenager, killed by israeli forces in the occupied westbank and a school children in zimbabwe. left unsupervised with nothing to do after the government suspended, striking teachers in a pe dispute and ins for a moment. a magic frontiers. g strike her killian embark bay as last. my goal is given them a one, no advantage in their champions league tie with round the trans ah, thank you very much for joining us. claims and counterclaims are giving a mixed picture as to whether tensions could be easing in the russia. ukraine crisis. moscow says it's further reduce its true presence near ukraine. releasing these pictures it says are from crimea, the region was annexed by russia. in 2014 president vladimir putin says he wants
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dialogue with the west, but the 2 sides are fundamentally at odds about new countries, particularly ukraine, potentially joining nato. the lines as defense, ministers, art meeting in brussels, but they remains highly skeptical. russia has pulled back its troops, nato secretary general says the opposite may be true. we have heard the songs from moscow about her readiness to continue diplomatic efforts. but so far we have not seen any de escalation on the ground. on the contrary, it appears that russia continues to military buildup. we are ready to sit down and go and discuss with them, but at the same time, we are prepared for the worst on the if her russia, once again invades ukraine, they will pay a high price. while we have a team of correspondence covering development this our dosage, a barry standing by forest in moscow, natasha butler is in the ukrainian capital,
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kia our white house correspondent. kimberly hawkins is standing by in washington dc . a trace we go to nato headquarters in brussels, need baka, is there for, is that meeting of defense ministers taking place there? i need a nato, highly skeptical and very cautious about this sir. rush and draw down go . that's absolutely right. and in no way is the nato alliance prepared to gave russia the benefit of the doubt. yet, sultan berg, very, very quick. in, at the course of the, the day to answer questions from the media about this video from the russian defense minister apparent at defense ministry rather apparently showing a heavy weaponry and troops returning to mainland russia by train over the straits of coach a bridge. and he was very quick to, to, to say that in no way does the alliance believe this to be in the escalation in russian treat numbers that in fact, the opposite may be true. and as such,
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nato as reaffirming what it has been saying for some time. now that it firmly believes that russia is poised to potentially invade ukraine. and that invasion could happen at any time. and as such, nato needs to remain unified, it needs to remain resolved. and it needs to remain ready to act should end of its any of its alliance members be affected by a potential spillover of any violence a need. thank you for that news baka lives in brussels will come back to later. of course, for all the latest developments from that meeting of defense ministers of for nato . let's go to dorsey jibari. in the meantime, she's in moscow fours dosa. russian officials have been marking the west over warnings at moscow. could launch an invasion of ukraine on february 16th week, which is today that yes, and we've been hearing statements coming out from the foreign ministry spokeswoman, who said that it really this is not something this country take seriously because
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of course they have no intention of invading ukraine, this was that a weekly briefing of the foreign ministry where as this spokeswoman said, that's a really, it's a rhetoric and it's hysteria that is created by the western media. let's listen to some more of what she had to say or yucca before because she's kicks me. there is a space on the u. s. d department's website that used to publish stories about the so called russian fake uses, please publish stories about your own fake madam rated by your american media. if you need examples, i shall send you some those cars and maybe for the 1st time in human history. what are the so called aggressor in which the west appointed russia to be on the so called victim, which ukraine is being described does, are both denying everything that is being reported marie. ah, i think the general sense here is that nobody's really interested in this war. everybody i've been speaking to on the streets a mosque over the past few weeks. i just are shocked at the, even the thought of it this country and baiting ukraine. they say that they are
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very close in the cultural ties that they share with you quite. and there's really no benefit for this country to go into that or to go into ukraine. there since here is that this is all being used as a ploy by the united states and nato to get what they want from that is to try get russia to back off from its security demands that it's making from a 30 member alliance. they don't want ukraine to g i that's a alliance. i think the sense here is that this was really something a manufactured conflict, as i've heard the term being used here. and it's something that was shared by various officials as well as the general public, the believe that nobody is really interested in more. and this certainly vladimir putin has made it very clear that he is not going to invade ukraine. but he does want to have a conversation with his u. s counterpart president joe biden, about the security concerns that he has about nato's further expansion and both sides. now u. s. president and the russian president, seemingly willing to have that conversation with each other to try and get through
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this current, escalating the attentions door, said jabari with a view there from moscow, and now live to natasha butler, who's in the ukrainian capital kid. natasha. what, what are the ukrainian saying, what, what's their assessment as far as russian troop mountains when the cranes president followed him, is lensky, is saying, show us the proof shows the evidence of this pullback of a russian forces from the cranium border because he says that he has seen none so far, and that's very much an opinion shared as you heard there a by western allies who was saying that they are nosing any evidence of this so called draw down a tool. so there is a lot of skepticism here as a lensky comments. echoing those off his foreign minister, a demitra caliber who said, look, the russian federation, we are used to a tear and ukraine. he said, i often says one thing, but then does the other. so
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a lot of skepticism over those comments. and meanwhile, we're also hearing from the ukranian government because the about the as of some huge cyber attacks that happened, i should say on tuesday, a series of cyber attacks on the defense ministry website, the army, a website, and 2 main state banks. now the government here in ukraine says that they have been investigating the site, the tax to try and find out exactly who was behind them. and at this stage they are now saying that they do suspect that there was foreign interference. now they are not saying that russia is behind these and like they're looking into it, but what we know is in recent weeks, some western intelligence sources have suggested that russia could you cyber warfare during tax credit and natasha, the, the president of ukraine, had called for a national day, oh, of unity to day. what, what, what's the message is trying to, to convey here?
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was lensky is trying to rally a spirit of a patriotism. he's doing it on february 16 this day. that was a mog, to gain by some western intelligence officials as being a day the russia could begin an evasion or an attack on ukraine. now, so far, of course we've not seen that, but people were waking up here today in ukraine thinking, is this going to be a day where possibly something might can, might happen? and that has caused a lot of anxiety, as you can imagine, for people who are trying to go around their daily lives, who are living in existence at the moment. not knowing one day from the next. what is happening, not knowing who to believe. so this national day of unity is designed to try and lift spurs to bring people together as lensky as talked about, trying to make people stand side by side to feel united, not just ukrainians, but also with their allies. and he also says,
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is the day to show russia to sin moscow a message the ukrainians would fight if they were attacked. natasha butler in care . thank you very much for that update. and now to our white house correspondent, kimberly hancock in washington, d. c. kimberly where do things stand as far as the white house is concerned? all the latest from the white house is that the u. s. president will be holding a call with the german chancellor, all of shoals that is expected to take place at 1930 g m t. and this is significant given the fact that just one day earlier, the german chancellor was in moscow meeting with the russian president. so this is part of that ongoing coordination among the nato partners and the allies as they continue to reject the claims by russia that it is pulling back some of its forces along the border with ukraine. in fact, just the opposite. the u. s. secretary of state entity, blake, and saying a short time ago that they are seeing the troops moving toward the border,
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not away as russia has claimed that it is drawing down troops. now, in the midst of all this, just one day after the u. s. president, once again saying there will be harsh cods of whizzes for russia if it is to invade ukraine as statement of solidarity coming from the leadership in the u. s. senate, the leadership, both republican and democrat, showing solidarity with ukrainian people bipartisan support saying that russia will pay a heavy price. and republicans introducing yet another sanctions package in that upper chamber. it once again, sending the message to russia that they will be isolated from the global community . if they choose to take the path that is not diplomacy. the one that the u. s. capital is urging. kimberly thank you for that. kimberly. how can life for us at the white house? now, despite russia indicating some of its soldiers are returning to their bases? defense analysts say those troops are still near the border with ukraine. russian
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media, same military exercise is being held in russian antics. crimea region have concluded, and those involved in the drills are heading back to their home base troops from the 1st 42nd and a 15050th motorized rifle divisions are involved in the drop down, but the permanent spaces for 2 out of 3 of those military units are still in close proximity to the ukranian border. some analysts say that contradicts russia statements is true, so really pulling back or let speak to mark gallia t about this is especially on russian politics and security affairs and an honorary professor at university college london is joining us vice cap. thank you very much for being with us on al jazeera mark. so this is a day, as we've heard that some western intelligence agencies had said would be the beginning of a russian invasion of ukraine. we've seen a lot of photograph, so of russian tanks moving out of places like crimea. a 1st of all, what do you think is happening as far as rushes, military movements will be as,
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as we've heard, i think one division the 42nd is moving away from crimea. so from ukraine, the rest essentially we're talking about shuffling around within the same area. the point is that putting wanted to make a symbolic move to suggest that there is hope in diplomacy. but on the other hand, he still wants to have his full forces available to back up his point that if diplomacy fails, he still has the auction of escalating. what will we be looking for as far as far as the signs of a real draw down a real de escalation? what we, what we would see is precisely the dismantling, or the emptying out or some of the bases around ukrainian border. we kind border, which actually have become very, very full of all kinds of military material of late. but to be perfectly honest, i don't think there's any expectation that we're going to see that this is not the end of the crisis. this is a slight move to try and drain some of the tension in the situation and to signal
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that he's willing to continue talking. but no, this is just very much just simply going to be business as usual. and to morrow, in theory, potentially could you could still invade just as easily as he could yesterday. right. what is happening? marty, do you know are where russia is? big forces that have come in from the east. they haven't gone home, have a no, not at all. and to be honest, we're probably saying in part, a permanent relocation of forces from the russian forest. think they realize that if god forbid any conflict broke out with china, it would to be blunt, go nuclear very quickly. and therefore that they're moving their forces to the west where they think they have more value, not least as a political symbol. so no, i mean, i think that the overwhelming majority of the forces, the putin is established or ensconced and are likely to be there for some time to come. yeah. what about nato mark? i mean, we've heard that nato is considering sending more troops to it to it's east and flag. do you think would likely to see more truth seeing move to pantries,
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like bulgaria, as a result of these tensions? or is that just a threat that nato is issuing right now? it may well happen, but we have to realize that to be perfectly honest, this is just simply theatrical again, symbolism. it's not as if there is any actual threat to nato held areas of europe. and it doesn't be nato trying to simp, to show that it's watching russia to provide reassurance for the countries on the border. but really it doesn't actually matter to a great degree in the grand scheme of things. yes, u. s. defense chief lloyd austin made an interesting comment to day went when he arrived in brussels for that defense ministers meeting. he said that they were committed to article 5 of the nato treaty, which he says, an attack on one i lie, is considered an attack on all, but we know that ukraine is not part of nato. of course, how far do you think the alliance would go in its support for ukraine if they were to be a russian invasion? i see it. they've already made it very clear that they would not be name to
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military personnel involved. they're happy to give you craniums weapons, they're happy to give the ukrainians moral support and they absolutely are planning to bring in economic and other sanctions. if there is an escalation. but nato is very, very definite on the fact that it does not want to run any risk of this, escalating into a nato versus russia conflict, something that president buying and also emphasized. so, i mean, again, i think when it comes down to it, nato has a political role, but it's not going to become a military function, right? as you say, mike, finally, the disconnect between the 2 sides is still there. but do you think that the tensions could ease that diplomacy could work? i think so. we have to realize diplomacy is always a long process and we think of the great arms control treaties of the past 2 years to negotiate. so, you know, we're not gonna get there quickly. but on the other hand, certainly from, from moscow side, they have been passing some symbols, some signs that they're willing to talk to days ago, putin has a very highly sort of choreograph meeting with his foreign minister. who's you know,
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he was asked, is it worth continuing to talk and 4 minutes to said yes and couldn't so been continue. so i mean that very much trying to suggest that they're still happy to keep a negotiations going. but on the other hand, they feel that it was only that military force, the got the west to the negotiating table, which is why they're not going to deescalate into my feel. we have some kind of a deal within reach. interesting. thank you so much mark for talking to us about this mark toyota joining us there from london. 20 more head on this news, our including accusations of war crimes. amnesty international relief is evidence of atrocities committed by t gray and rebels in northern ethiopia. in sports lavaca, celebrating a famous way in the men's hockey event at the winter. ah, another world news, sliding and heavy rains have killed at least 38 people in brazil. vehicles in
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houses were swept away in the city of patropolis, north of rio de janeiro after months. rain fell within hours. catcher, lopez, hurry, and reports. the force and magnitude of this rainfall was unexpected. within hours streets across the brazilian city of patropolis were submerged. nearby families are stunned as floods and mudslides get closer to their homes. the current so strong a push vehicles along streets like toys. even a burst is aimlessly dragged away, nearly covered in water. families are now dealing with a devastating aftermath, including hearing about neighbors who didn't survive my room. okay. don't know.
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it's very sad to see people asking for help and not being able to do anything. it's a feeling of desperation, a loss. our city is gone. our neighbourhood is gone. this who does really tries to hold on. the local fire department says more than $250.00 millimeters of rain fell within 6 hours. that's more than a monthly average for the entire month of february. the region, a silver covering from the damage of last year's heavy rains, were more than 500 people were killed this year. again, authorities fear the death toll will likely rise. recovery efforts are underway. president, how you also nato who's visiting russia has called on the local government to deliver immediate support to what will likely be a long term operation patio office of a young al jazeera. a funeral has been held for
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a palestinian teenager who was shot by israeli forces in the occupied westbank. 19 year old ne hard margotto was killed during confrontation between protesters and he's ready soldiers in the town of nabby sally, on tuesday. the death come stays after another teenager was killed by his ready gunfire near the town of janine also in the occupied west. back he, the abraham has more from comfort inn where the funeral was held another day. another funeral and another young man loses his life. in the occupied west bank, by the way, before his fire. this time you had about lucy who has been killed in confrontations with these really forces. on tuesday, he's been a man who was arrested by the way, the forces before he was injured, also multiple times. and it's only been a few weeks since he was outside this really jail. now he's being taken to his family to bid him to find him for well. and if i'm and he says while they almost
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have gotten used to him being in jail and behind bar, this is too much for them to handle. young has the valued side and he had to both out of me. i'm crying for anyhow and for my son to because i can't protect him even then all our children's lives are under threats. you can't protect them from the occupation. i mean, overall there has been in police in violence and people fear this escalation that there's a shamrock neighborhood in. okay, why these jerusalem that this situation is going to be heading towards an escalation sort of common mckuddle rooms. holbrook beer is really is were behaving as if they owned the land as if we have no right to it. they want us out. well, we'll keep fighting even if one of us is killed every day. at least 3 people have been killed in shelling by government forces in northwestern syria. a town was sheldon, it lived the last remaining provincetown by rebels. the government forces of
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increase a tax on italy in recent weeks. on tuesday, a bomb in the capital damascus killed one soldier, rebels from ethiopia to dry region are being accused of killing civilians and raping dozens of women in the neighboring. i'm how to reach and last year and i'm this international report says the rebel group committed atrocities in the tons of china and cobble nearly half the victims of sexual violence in china. say they were gang raped some as young as 14 years old. the sexual violence was followed by beatings, death, threats, and ethnic slurs. people in coal, both f, a, t p l. f rebels went after unarmed civilians in an apparent revenge killing spree donatello. rivera is a senior crisis adviser. i'm this senior national. she describes how survivors had to walk for several days to get treatment. the medical facilities that existed in the regions were not very sophisticated, but even better medical facilities were due to the medical personnel fled to
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give them the abuses that were being permitted by the great enforces. and so the survivors were left with no option to walk for days and day day until they reach areas where the, where function medical facilities. now, for survivors are great, particularly problematic because the host re cared that should be administered within the 1st 72 hours or within the 1st 5 days pending on on the type care. and none of the victims had had the same is true in coal. both with some of the survivors of the killings were left for dead and who arrange a day or 2 days until they could reach areas where the, where functioning medical facilities studies areas where outside the fall of the of
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the fighters. and i think is important to, to stress that these are not situations of civilians being caught in the crossfire . these are not collateral damage cases. these are cases of civilians and men and women who are deliberately targeted in somalia. at least 9 people every 40 to have been killed in the capital markets show, including 2 suicide bombers and a police officer. the internal security minister says al shabani fighters a talk to police stations in the early hours of wednesday morning. markham web is monitoring developments from night will be in neighbor can't neighboring, kenya. the group out, bob is said, is claim responsibility for attacking several government target throughout the capital. mortgage issue. we've heard that police stations in security checkpoints have been attacked to police folks in birth,
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birth and setting one incident. the vehicle packed with explosives was driven into a police station. local resident described the explosion of like an earthquake in another location. police said that the attack because then stole a police vehicle, police pursued them, local resident said the gun battles that went on for about half an hour after the attack, forgotten. now this all comes at the same time as the model is very drawn out. much delayed in direct election process is going on right now. there's a whole series of meeting going on behind closed doors in which clan representative a trying to agree on who they will select to be members of parliament. later this month, members of parliament due to elect tamale as next president election was meant to happen over a year ago. the delays of course, tensions which run into violence on several occasions in the group ship. bob said
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it's against the whole election process and is disrupted it or attempted to disrupt it violently. on several occasions, the european union's top court has dismissed the case by poland and hungary, challenging a new funding law. the mechanism will allow the you to cut funds to members states that who violates democratic rights and freedoms. the decision marks are milestone in the feud with poland and hungary fabulous governments on protecting human rights . where we challenge has more from london this ruling that the has come from, the court of justice is actually a bit narrower on closer inspection, that it seems. it basically boils down to financial management within the member states. and if those countries actions can be judged to threaten the good management of the funds. so that's quite a certain narrow application that it's a bit. it's a bit narrower than just saying ok, this country has says back later on,
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on democratic norms. and therefore, it's going to be punished probably what work that way and hungry is more of a candidates for the application of this than, than poland is because of the way that victor or band and hungry and his fidel party have been using the funds. poland is a slightly different case, but then there are other considerations as well, like whether the really wants to weighed in on an election that's upcoming in hungry. in such a ruling against hungry would probably alter the outcome of that election, or at least as of that, tainted in some way. and there is also the consideration about what's going on with russia at the moment. the spat between ukraine and the you and ends and russia and poland being a big part of that so that you might be a little bit reluctant to really use these new powers for the moment, at least still ahead on the news. our austria is mandatory vaccination law,
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is in doubt after the government announces the relaxation of most corona vice restrictions and sport another set back india now messy is korea pe santa football action coming ah hello. the weather set bare across so the middle east over the next couple of days, very little going on. lots of pleasant sunshine coming through. we'll feel that by day, not too bad at night. a low, a little chilly, of course, with the clear skies. here we go logically as guys a chance to one or 2 showers into a robin. nothing too much to speak of seeing temperatures remedies inside of the mediterranean at around $1415.00 degrees celsius into the mid teens. mid twenties there, across the arabian peninsula, and more of the same as we go on into friday. when's falling like chelsea missed
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just around the gulf, but nothing too much to speak of. largely troy across a good part of northern africa cuz he wanted to shout into more the parts of egypt over the next day or so. more so into northern areas of libya and a few showers. they're just around the kidney coast for west africa. want to shower, started creeping here, but again, large, you draw, the majority of the showers went to the tropical belt. of course, sir, was seen some more wet weather, their southern parts of the democratic republic of congo, out of angola, pushing across into zimbabwe. seeing some wet weather coming through here into mozambique, and here we have the remnants of our old tropical cyclone. that is gonna be some very heavy rain into most and big for friday. and intensifying further by the weekend. ah, the discarded clothes from which nations are formal, through charities, and sold to impoverished nations on an unprecedented scale. a massive industry sift
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through the unwanted garments to re so to some of the world's poorest inhabitants. but much of what arrives is on fit for purpose and is fueling and environmental catastrophe. people have power troubles to gonna to uncover the dirty secrets behind the world's fashion addiction. that white man's clothes on edge is eda with blue, blue blue
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. ah. ah, no, again, you're watching the news hour on al jazeera with me for the battle. a reminder of our top stories, major defense ministers have been meeting in brussels. they say they haven't seen any evidence that russia has pulled back its troops from the border with ukraine. moscow is insisting it's reduce its true presence states release these pictures. it says, show military equipment on the move in crimea. russia onyx to region in 2014 and ukraine is holding a day of national unity present for me is lensky chose to market on wednesday after a force that a russian invasion was imminent. and more now, on that day of national unity in ukraine, it was observed across the country, including border areas near russia. char stratford has more from khaki city in
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ukraine. ah, upon us, young brothers, fate shall yet smile our enemies will perish liked you. in the morning, some words of the ukrainian national anthem. oh, the coil was national dress. at the ceremony in a park in the eastern city of give the gathering was held to mark what the ukrainian president followed me. zalinski called a day of unity. the flag was raised from half mast soldiers stood to attention after the national anthem, a singer tried to rouse the crowd with a popular song about morale and peace. ah, but only a few people came to watch. after posing for photographs to choir began to leave with joy for the unity of our country night we want to be united. we
6:33 pm
want to be very united near by outside the tent, where for years people have signed up for the army and donated money poster of the russian president and his barouche and ally and fellow neighbor of ukraine. but the city is calm, cisco when the it's quiet as usual is just the normal routine day people working children at school. i don't know what will be will be. i am not worried. there is no point in new orleans on a day when you as intelligent services predicts a possible rush of invasion. hope you crave. show of unity here in eastern city. of course, give us a small group of people. and their message is that ukraine remains unified against what they and the government and their western backers say is russian aggression. charles stafford, l 0 called kiff with the current of iris pandemic now. and video shared on social media appears to show how
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overwhelmed hong kong hospitals are from surgeon cove. in 19 infections, patients can be seen in beds outside, reportedly because it's too crowded indoors on kong liter carry lamb said earlier this week that hospitals and clinics were struggling to cope in the u as the biden administration is looking for support in congress for an extra $30000000000.00 to fight the pandemic. it wants to increase vaccinations, treatment, and research. the delta and army con, variance and vaccine hesitancy a field infections and deaths. nationwide, unvaccinated italians above the age of 50 are now banned from going to work. but as adam rainy reports from rome, hundreds of thousands of people are choosing to say at home, rather than get the covey 19 shot. any other weekday, paola mendoza would be on shift, making sure patrons don't damage priceless works of art at a museum in rome. instead, she's at
6:35 pm
a protest against italy's latest cove at 19 restriction, to go to work. it's now required for all italians over the age of 50, to get their coven 19 vaccine, something 61 year old, and that also refuses to do. it may my live. i don't about they believe they're stealing my job. part of my life that way it's disoriented. me. the bills haven't started arriving yet, but when they do what then? what italy's latest cove at 19 restriction took effect on tuesday, meaning around a half 1000000 unvaccinated workers over 50, are barred from going to work, or receiving sick pay. for months, italy has increased restrictions on the unvaccinated 1st. they were barred from restaurants and other venues. now they're very livelihoods, and income are at risk for refusing to jab, it'll show on, on a lock. so you'll, so if i am not anti vax but i support the freedom to choose, show that everyone should be able to decide for themselves whether to take the vaccine or not on the day. if someone decides not to, they shouldn't go hungry,
6:36 pm
taking their job away the water. although italy has a nearly 90 percent vaccination rate, the government says it's necessary to encourage as many people in higher risk age groups to get the jab. those opposed to the measure, say, this latest restriction is not use of state power. that it takes away a fundamental right from individual, the choice of what to put in her body. be good, it simply should mean to natalie gasped, or a simply attractive. it's the same thing the market as a the moffatt as you if you don't to be, i'm going to make life impossible with. and the covenant says if you don't give me access to your body, read nikolai possible medical experts like dr. pet greets, allowed anti disagree. law star doughty sat down, dullness, domain to the secret asap. the government has given us a tool for protection by nature in a fan demik. this is necessary and for this isn't a normal time out. and these haven't been normal times for the past 2 years. with this tough choice is necessary, shilton. a tough choice to get their shots that hundreds of thousands of workers
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are still unwilling to make no matter the high cost. adarine, a junior ro, austria meanwhile is lifting most of its remaining corona virus restrictions. the government says cases are manageable enough to a lot of all to be lifted by march 5th. it's putting down a recent law to make vaccination, compulsory as spring in domini cain in berlin. keeping an eye on that story for is what's behind this decision to relax all the rules in austria. the interesting thing is you have the number of new cases today, up on what it was the previous and the number of new deaths also upon what it was. and yet the view of the government, the federal government in vienna is that's when march comes along. it's time to relax the rules, so at the federal level across the country, the government saying that rather than having to show proof of vaccination or
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recovery status, it will be possible for people just to show they have a negative test, a recent negative test, and to access all manner of different public services which are until now they haven't been able to do that. it is important to stress that each individual state will be able to implement the rules as they see fit. so for example, in the capital city, vienna, which is a state in, in austria, then the mayor of vienna has said, well, we're going to relax things a lot slower than, than that. the federal level. what makes it interesting here is that many in germany looking on what's happening in vienna and saying, well, maybe we should be doing the same thing. indeed, the federal cabinet is meeting the prime ministers of the federal states right now to discuss similar sorts of ideas. this idea that at some point in march, it will be time to be able to follow the austrian example. what does make it interesting is there had been a groundswell of opinion politically in austria amongst the pit, the big parties that is to have that mandatory vaccine requirement as there has
6:39 pm
been here in germany. but there are many prominent politicians now i was saying, maybe we don't need to bring it in quite as quickly as it's fans. in the 3rd week of march in austria, that requirement comes in. there are many wondering now whether the police will enforce it. dominic came live for us in berlin. i am a former soldier who has deserted me on mars. army has told al jazeera of the brutal tactics he says are being committed by a feared regiment. since last year's call the army, his face allegations of abuse, including torture and massacres, all of which it denies. tony chang spoke to the ex soldier who was in hiding near the time. yeah, mob order. rebel fighters approach to convoy of burning vehicles on christmas eve. it was the scene of a massacre. they say more than 30 men, women and children executed. their bodies burned at you. they say it was mere mars
6:40 pm
army. specifically, the much feared 66 light infantry mia mars military leadership have denied involvement and the next day. but those tactics a well known to captain, me and tow, whose name we've changed for security reasons. he served in the 66 light infantry until november when he deserted. now he's in hiding. he says he and his soldiers were taught to believe that any one who stood up to them was the enemy or without grady, diana, the army seized the ethnic groups like terrorists now where they tell the soldiers that all the ethnic groups are taurus. that's why they fight against them. they want to control everything. despite decades of oppressive rule, members of mere mas army or tap my doors, they're often called inside the country were held in high regard. their role as guardians of a divided nation often superseded reports of atrocities against ethnic minorities,
6:41 pm
including the ringer. last year's military coup changed over the stature and the reputation of the tap would i have taken a massive hit ah, the people of myanmar white weighed, frankly, heath, and are view them as terrorist. at one stage it was thought that the trickle of de thank tis, coming from over there, in myanmar might turn into a flood that didn't happen, the army closed ranks. and since then, it's been very hard to know what's going on in military mines high on a misty hill side along the time. yeah. my border. we got a rare insight into the concerns had been listed soldiers. as we filmed at border outpost, several soldiers in plain clothes approached us friendly. they chanted openly in english and ty, with a worried about the fierce fighting going on between mamma's army and its people. if talking like a vada organization is we worrying about that, but in this region,
6:42 pm
like in the site, we don't have any globe and about another adding the girls here. but are you worried about the fighting inside man? mar as well. yeah, i little bit, ah, captain, me at tow can be more open about his concerns. since february there is no happiness, he sings, my homeland is destroyed. now he's committed to fighting against the army a fight. the song lyric says we will win tony ching al jazeera on the time. yeah. my buddha police in honduras have arrested former president, one, orlando, have none. this united states wants him extradited, accusing him of links to drug trafficking. manual rapid reports less than 3 weeks ago. wonderland, what amanda is was president of honduras. now he's been arrested by hunter and police following an extradition order by the united states. security forces were
6:43 pm
called in on monday night to surround the wealthy neighborhood where the former president of honduras lives. i, prosecutors in new york have repeatedly accused the former president of involvement in drug trafficking, and alleging his political rise was fueled by drug profit. i'm not going to have anyone we've been calling for the rest since 2015. when we did now start from president was a drug trafficker corrupt and associated with criminal thing. and that was the mandate was president of honduras for 8 years. us, prosecutors had accused him of receiving millions of dollars in exchange for protecting drug shipments through the country. the money was reportedly also used to bribe politicians and help his political career. the former president has repeatedly denied the allegations in an audio recording on tuesday. he said he was willing to voluntarily turn himself in,
6:44 pm
but i knew so i'm ready to collaborate and voluntarily go to the authorities. at the moment the supreme court judge is assigned to this case so that i can face the situation and defend myself accordingly. hours later, a judge appointed by the supreme court of honduras issued in order for the president's arrest view in life, it's up to the executive power of the nation. we must wait for an independent body of the states to make the corresponding decision. amanda is left to office on january 27th. when the new president c o magic acid was sworn in us, prosecutors claimed that during his time in office, the former hunter and leader helped to facilitate the trafficking of some 500000 kilos of cocaine into the united states. calling this a case of state sponsored drug trafficking. monumental apollo al jazeera argentina is dealing with suddenly high annual inflation now running at 50 per cent
6:45 pm
. some analysts are forecasting it will climb even higher this year, despite promises by the government to control prices. there is a bull reports from bonus iris on how people are trying to adapt. it's a culinary hot spot in the central market of when our site is. and people here pride themselves in cooking the best spanish or b as in the city. but with the countries inflation rate at 50 percent. but the seattle lydia ileal says she has to make a next re for each month to keep the business going. arrogant dinner a sequel margin. tina is a disorganized country, but we learn to serve the situation. it's a constant challenge, the learning experience. our products have very good quality. i don't want to reduce our quality. so what i do is try to sell as much as i can. so again, in quantity and don't have to increase the price as much. the government has been trying to regulate the rising prices with controls and other economic measures, but it has not succeeded. inflation has been a problem for argentines, for decades, and that's why people implement strategies to protect their income in this market.
6:46 pm
for example, waters need once a month to agree on the price of certain cuts and they promote those prices in car voice like this $1.00. the problem we're told is that this month the price of fif went up around 70 percent. so now they have to change this cardboard once again, jose luis hello, now owns able to shop. since epidemic beef consumption has dropped significantly, and he still trying to recover from the economic impact. oh is the beef culture in argentina is huge with barbecues over weekend. what we see is people not eating as much be flagged before, and they are eating pork and she can insert ah, inflation for it is the government to guarantee that salaries and pensions increase to keep up with a constant rising prices. protest like this one show, it does not always work on tuesday 1000 gathered in the center and went site is to demand more government assistance tina and the international monetary fund,
6:47 pm
or in financial talks to negotiate more than 40000000000 in debt to target inflation. but economy say the fight to control racing prices won't be seen bike on an argentine. there are several factors that have an impact on inflation. that's why it's so difficult to tackle. and that's there is an integrity plan that attacks all those causes of inflation like a monster with a 1000 heads arjun times have gotten used to living with inflation and many find ways to survive it, but it's a vicious cycle that has hurt the countries chances of growth arjun tines have gotten used to living with inflation, and many have found ways to survive it, but it's a vicious cycle that has heard the countries chances of achieving long lasting economic growth. there is, i will as a feeder when a fight is to zimbabwe. now where the government has suspended teachers who had been on strike, demanding better pay and working conditions, they say rising inflation is eating away at their salaries and want to be paid in
6:48 pm
u. s. dollars. the government is offering them a raise, but union say it's not enough harm. latasha report. some harry, it's another week of children going to school in zimbabwe and doing nothing constructive because there are no stop the government to spend a thousands of teachers with 3 months without pay for going on strike demanding more money to reorder learning reopening. yeah, no teachers, you know, women around the government has offered teachers a 20 percent pay increase payment of part of their salaries in us dollars and other incentives, including free education for the children and loans for housing. but unions rejected the offer saying it's still not enough. the government here employ. 2 about 140000 says nationwide is not known exactly how many of them are in strike. the education department, they say can be replaced with thousands of i'm employed teachers. are you looking
6:49 pm
for union leaders believe, politician, out of touch with reality? those who as opposed to manager education, if found in escape route with their own children, are living in private schools in a little private schools. and some of them are living in exotic linux and as built in australia you is. i'm a mother listened us but so the public school is now so much neglected because they don't affect this as into does on the so they don't what we now that you must, you are cells gas from his house to supplement his income. he and others have been the teachers want at least $540.00 us dollars a month. right now, the earning less than $100.00. it teacher gets, i bought a 2 years right now. and you need to break that amount into transport. i allowing they z housing i lauins and it basic salad is also included in that a to years he caught him was one paying salaries in american dollars. will fuel
6:50 pm
inflation with no side so far, willing to budge these little to no learning taking place in many of us and bobby's public schools. how to master al jazeera, had it still ahead on al jazeera in sport, find out a pretzel, cal planned a gold medal polis here at the winter olympics. ah.
6:51 pm
ah. ah whole lou ah ah m numbers. what is far holy. thank you so much. french fear command noel has won the gold medal and the men slalom at the winter olympics. a stunning 2nd round saw
6:52 pm
the 24 year old mo, move up from 6 to 1st place. noel had finished just outside the metal at the last olympics and young chang is the 1st french tear to win this title for 2 decades. united states had been knocked out of the men's hockey van. the top seeds were beaten by slovakia in the quarter finals. us were seconds away from a victory before about gold tied the game up at 224, back hear them went on to win in a shoe that i would hold out a one to american finish. and the man slopes dow is final twisting jump has become known as the prob, so it was good enough for hold when his 1st olympic gold american man have captured fix than i metal census events made its games debut in 2014 or should figure skater camilla valley ava left the ice in tears after her performance and the vigil individual women's event on tuesday. the 15 year old is a favorite to win gold, but no metals will be awarded when the competition concludes on thursday,
6:53 pm
valera is the subject of an anti doping investigation. after feeling a tasks in the build up to the games, olympic organizers say they will wait for the outcome of that process before finalizing the results. would we prefer not to have all this going on? absolutely. we prefer to be having a normal competition without this distracting from it. i think everyone would agree with that. the athletes, particularly in the athletes that i my heart goes out, but we are where we are, the i c. as with everyone else has to follow the rules. jackie wong is a figure skating analyst, his invasion for the lympics. he says there are signs that valley eva is being badly affected by the situation. when i've seen her in practice, she has been steely. she has been focus, she has been doing her job when she needs to do her job and what she's practicing. but you can absolutely see that this is weighing on her mind. she has had
6:54 pm
times when she went to the boards, talked with our coaches broke down and you know, the phone or ability came out more than a few times during the last few days. i absolutely expect her to continue to be focused and continue to be you know, kind of thing or attract, buying when it can when it comes to the actual competition. but you can also imagine that she thinks about it during her for escape tomorrow, and all of a sudden everything sort of spirals under, out of control in her head. and she completely has that. all right, i don't expect to happen, but i would imagine that it's either she scapes very well as, as how she would normally skate or she, it's, it's a complete disaster that she gets sort of dig herself out of. so i don't think
6:55 pm
there's an in between to that. i will break into sports. so i and a head take you to a nature headquarters in brussels, where the nato chief can sultan's very gaze. ah, getting a news conference after a meeting of defense. many says earlier, i the tension and threat of russian invasion of ukraine at the top of the agenda, of course, less less likely to crisis in europe in the decades. allies, welcome all diplomatic efforts on there are signs from moscow that the diplomacy should continue. but so far, we do not see any sign of de escalation on the ground, no withdrawals of troops or equipments. this may of course change. however, what we see to day is that the earth maintain some massive invasion force ready to
6:56 pm
attacked with high end capabilities from crumb yard to but are us. this is the biggest concentration of forces in europe since the cold war from the se, thought ne dollars are made clear that further russian aggression against ukraine would have a high cost. and we are called outdoor shows, actions plans and this information. at the same time, nate remains prepared for dialogue. it is not too late for a shot to step back from the brink of conflict and choose the pol for peace. nathan has sent concrete written proposals to russia on transparency, risk reduction and arms control. we have yet to receive a response. i reiterate my invitation to russia to meet again in the nato russia
6:57 pm
council. nathan will not compromise on court principles. the rights of each nation to choose his own path on their ability to protect on the fans all our loss. we have all the li and hands, though the turns on the fence with more troops, planes, and ships, and higher edna's, of the nato response force. these steps are defensive. nato is not a threat to russia. we do not know what will happen in ukraine, but the situation has all the did demonstrated with face a crisis in european security. moscow has made it clear that it is prepared to contest the fundamental principles that have underpinned our security for decades. and to do so by using force. i regret to
6:58 pm
say that this is the new normal in europe. therefore, to day ministers decided to develop options for further strengthen naples to turns on events including to consider establishing new natal buffy groups in central and eastern and se than europe. and they welcomed the offer by france to lead such about europe in romania. our military commanders were now work on the details and report back within weeks. early to day, we also held a regular meeting of the nuclear planning group ministers, considered worrying developments across the globe, including russia's on china's modernization of the nuclear arsenals. and the continued risk of nuclear proliferation allies consulted and how to keep our new for the turns safe, secure and effective. so nate, those,
6:59 pm
the turns on the fence remains strong. ministers all saw well come the progress made on burden sharing with its 7th consecutive year of increased defense spending by you'd pinellas and canada. these means $270000000000.00 us dollars in additional spending on the fence incentive 14. and we welcome that the that the large majority of allies, and i'll allocating at least 20 percent of the infants investment to major equipment research and development this evening. we will discuss natal sir next strategic concept. i'm confident that when leaders meet in madrid in june, they will reaffirm that europe and north america must continue to stand strong together in natal. because nato is the unique, essential, and indispensable transatlantic for him,
7:00 pm
for our defense and security. and with that, i'm ready to take your questions was thought to ddc and very much that could be general jonathan beale, b v c m, he talked about new battle groups and those going to happen regardless of what russian does and can you give us a time frame of when we might see forces sent to romania, bulgaria elsewhere. and then also, i think you just said, i regret to say this is the new norm. what is the new york new new norm for european security? you say it's in crisis, you're essentially saying is going to be in crisis for a long time. well, the new normal is that the russia has demonstrated that there is really a swilling to contest some other fundamental principles for our security. the right for every nation to choose his own path. and also of course arrived when a dallas to defend and protect as all other they're actually suggested illegally.


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