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tv   Al Jazeera World The Colours of Home  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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we loved it when it was built and we loved it even when it was bombed by major target of the conflict in northern ireland in the late 20th century belfast europa, a new episode of war hotels on al jazeera. oh, hello again, pete adobe here in doha, the top stories from al jazeera, the head of ne, so says russia's testing of europe, security is the new normal yen stilton burges. as the alliance will now look at boosting its forces in central and eastern europe, he says the threat of a russian invasion is still very real with troops building up around ukraine. ne parker reports from brussels. fis bump diplomacy as defense chiefs from nato countries, including the u. s. and germany arrive at alliance headquarters to strengthen their stance on russia and pour over the latest intelligence. and this is what they've
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been looking at. a russian defense ministry video claiming to show a partial hole back of forces from near ukraine. the kremlin, says combat equipment and treats were leaving the crimean insular seas from cave in 2014 and returning to base. but nato secretary general was quick to dismiss any talk of a de escalation of tensions. we do not see any sign of the escalation on the ground, nor withdrawals of troops or equipment. this may of course change. however, what we see to day is that russia maintains a massive invasion force ready to attacked with high end capabilities from crumb yard to, but are us strong words to from european union chiefs in strasburg, urging moscow to come to the negotiating table. lou schwab owes waldron the choice
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to days between war and tragic sacrifices that would go along with it or the courage of a political engagement, the courage of a diplomatic negotiation. very clearly, european union chooses diplomacy and chooses negotiation. we will demonstrate discourage in europe. there was little sign of any russian troop withdrawals in belarus on wednesday. this another show of military muscle for the cameras joint exercises would bella, russian troops, only deepening fears and neighboring ukraine. that it invasions imminent. on the land. and in the air, nato says russia has reached full combat readiness. but there is a shred of hope. in recent days, russia signal that it will be willing to join talks about door remains open. due to marcia, nato runs the risk of being drawn into a long, protracted stand off with russia due to little and it runs the risk of a possible invasion in ukraine. something that could destabilized the whole of europe. russia is creating a new normal, said sultan berg,
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by using force to contest the principle of serenity in europe. the alliance he said, must respond possibly with a new nato battle group in romania. the hope of an easy end to the stand off is fast fading. leave park al jazeera brussels. well in a show of defiance against any potential invasion. ukraine held a national day of unity wednesday was the day the u. s. intelligence that suggested russia was likely to stage an attack. america says it's in the final stages of in direct talks with iran to save the 2015 nuclear deal. iran has also said that an agreement may be close. indirect negotiations between the u. s. and iran resumed last week, after a 10 day highest. at least $66.00 people have been killed in brazil after mud slides swamped a mountain time destroying a she homes $55.00 to say more than $250.00 millimeters of rain fell in 6 hours. syrian government,
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a strikes of killed at least 4 people and aged 3 others in the northwest. they targeted a fuel market in italy, the last remaining province held by rebels. an increase in truck drivers tested positive for cove. it is causing food delivery delays to hong kong, the supply as he was forcing up the price of fresh fruit and veggies in some parts of the city. hong kong does import 90 percent of its food stuffs released inside for germans who've had enough of coded restrictions starting early next month, unvaccinated people will be allowed back into shops, bars and restaurants. but they'll still have to show a recent negative test result doctors in the us have it and they have the 1st time cured. a woman of h i v that makes her just the 3rd person to be cured through a stem cell transplant. those are your headlines. the news continues after al jazeera world, the colors of home. we'll see you soon from the newsroom. ah,
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you couldn't confirm it and he said he must be, it was going to be a bit misleading restaurant in the, in the been how sad in lubbock for holly and out of young young thought of god been new as my chatelle financing me in the home, in the song feed bin abdulla had given by the embassy of material and again thought sophie la, la la la me, investor i la la la, long for fee noise to need them, and then let them out in the nice i had to focus on the better job, home little wisdom or how the little bit from wisdom i'm that i'm home wisdom. i'm with an unfeeling month. i me see. and most of my let me let me stick with the ho we'll call. we'll literally belinda nor lemon did. there you go,
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not how it though. i love shatter. levy was the mother of ski. i read the history. marla, show choice, screen printing one. sure young good. and so we and i'm tired of giving mobile. i syrian imbecile handle and tongue hassan officially the legacy government theater, jittery and the same did that he was going corn bus inches in a min min process and they should be. all right, so let's go ahead. so all our exposure unit, we're going to take your film that you printed and put the phone down. so grab that
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. oh oh, you wanna come in a little bit here? i don't know what's going to happen. oh, there may be parts here that you didn't wash out, actually it's plug, it's fine. it's just like you know how it all for now. so tell in, i mean you mentioned often and they tell me a little bit about i guess what's behind this particular drawing and your vision for the sneer. all it's, it's the poetry by the palestinian foot samiribelle ruthie. ah,
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it says frequency enrollment that i run like a battery. what our team can do it a little fool at him, but i had him on my authority on don't let them fit. we have a not our sauce attain in design on paper as nice, but i think i want to do more. and i want to ask you on how i can do it on a. so somewhere on a mural. yes, a mural in the see in the city. you know, the benefit of shreed art is a kind of conference you in your everyday life and interrupts and disrupts. and it's not something that you necessarily go to a gallery to see you don't opt in. it's not voluntary, it's right there it's, it's in your face. and i think the 1st question that i typically ask is, in whose faith do you want to be? yeah, i mean, i'm just a real believer that the power of art is not only the product, but the process or the ways in which you can create a process so that some young people are helping to actually paint the thing with
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you. and i think i would need that help because i've never done euros before a fine also, it is an order. it's an art that i, that i've never touched before and i won't experience it. but i think i need a lot of education and i want to bring their connection between the struggle of the palestinian people, several of african americans in, in the city. and here's the struggle of native american, the us to showcase that, that will people go through in and in one side of the world is not unique on its own. other people in a complete different side of the world still go through the same thing. who who a
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lot of the washington with done you can can when this really ends in, let's show in here in the affirmation, let me see for sure. anybody are still a with there are some local lee. hi. i'm keeping them out in the, in georgia. you, felon, who will be a shuttle, please give me a time on my mobile. and i'm certainly in a letter in the anna how will i so i actually be see it a shot, if in the mobile wash on our mobile, the be shaken. so here, all mission mission field, i love carter and i'm still here when a be done mobile enough
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with has been highly in the washington dc with the black lives matter plaza. i will in murals, did that. he has been j. um. yeah. can keep the anomaly, did that it had that way on. did that in the, in the anomaly? can you tell a lot play news
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i'm jaden and may go to mention row i came, i came to see the black live matter way. yes. the pain it's you know what they did, some friends of mine painted it. ok. and they came out and apparently the mayor called them and said, we want to put this thing down. he said he started at 3 am and they went and so like 11 a and then at one point a bunch of people, the, you know, the community kind of started filling in and painting it and everything. but, you know, i mean i thought was pretty cool thing. i've been living here for 19293 and has never been there. like yeah. so what do you, what kind of things you looking to do art wise? well, 1st of all, what do you do? and already i do arabic calligraphy and painting me. but then i started getting into the art for social impact and i wanted to extend
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more and learn more. let me show you some of the work that i do. oh wow, that's the overall impression that what this looks like to me is a heart that is correct and this is a verse from the crime. this is shirley. and the remembrance of god do hard to find peace answers and i try to work the context when the visual to, to support each other and, and present the message. and this is an entire verse. and i like the idea that, that, that gets into the, the multiple meaning thing that i was talk. this is the revolution of the use. this is the peace sign. and i own learned that it means the peace sign on the west side,
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right? but in our parts of the world, this is the victory. and then the, the narrative that's rent and in what way does that support the victory? this is a poem also that speaks in the power of who we are. and when we are like, you know, the 1st line of like not, not as we are in the fire or struggle, we are the, this trying to when there is, there is so much power in the people and this is about the people. this is not about a room for or an organization. this is the people and the more you talk in them, the more i i, i look at these and the more i think about it, you know, have a little sorry that i don't speak arabic only because i'm very curious at the usage of the symbols and how the flow of the reading goes as you go through the piece, because i'm a, i'm
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a big believer in that. when you create a piece, you want to do it in such a way that there's flow. you know that, that b i is, is kind of gently to relate around the piece sometimes without you really knowing it. and i'm feeling some of that here as i see some of the strokes. and as i see how you come through here with this particular stroke where it's a little bit darker on the inside there, how it's actually giving some depth to the inside of the key. there's a, there's a pat palpable around this to the key. i got to tell you, i mean we've been hearing about, you know, the palestinian plight for a very long time. and it seems to me to continually escalate and probably one of the few things there makes me feel like my situation in america as an african american isn't as bad is because i can look over there and see what's going on in the occupied territories. i'm like, damn, it leaves me like that. i don't know what i do if they read you guys,
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because then i would be like, oh no. now we are the worse. like, what are we going to do now? is this what this, this is humbler icon groaned by a palestinian artist, naturally and humble is the icon symbol of the pasting entitled so this is like a palestinian version of the black lives matter logo. you will yeah. cool. that is cool. thanks man. i love really. it's kind of a pretty vivid comparison. you know it's, it's an icon that holds the thoughts of the people deepest desires. you know, the most, the most reliable component. very man, appreciate i will. we're proudly
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lou. hello, hello. i had a finance from the can going bus and vishal for whoa, whoa, whoa, it's michelle home and we cannot feed moderate her car tomorrow. her dress minimal him key enough. so to lit in lama it's going was stuck on the winner, sophia, and rosman lanham in rosman, can store and africa was in fact in egypt in he must not and fix her hand in here. come to
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him to see what he does, then we can him at the little resilience on equity migration. i know how could i can i mean your logo in a with
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a bunch of stuff all paper. oh okay. i like a that was going to wait on something. you're probably going to use your frontier. sounds good. so how do you see or in florence seeing the u. v. the people and hong change in their hearts and, and lions on, on certain topics. you know,
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i think, i think that was one of the reasons why i opened the studio. so i tell people, you know, my, any time be ever reception or something. i tell people that, ah, the studios about our stories and community and what i wanted, what i value i live in d. c. it's not a joke. it's not like any other place in the world. but it becomes very uncomfortable when you try to understand somebody and the only medical medium is politics. are you walled affairs or religious, you know, religion and these 3 things always end up making somebody uncomfortable. and so we don't talk about aspect. so that's how, that's what i found. and i found myself like not going to certain places and not meeting with certain people because i would be in that uncomfortable situation. but you know, it's actually my work as a doll sent a doll 3 or sackler galleries. the asian art museum of the smithsonian, where i do that white giving tours of the art, right?
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so when we're standing in front of art, from some other culture, and we talk with the art, does the fortress and i tried to explain the art to people with the stories from that culture. it's a completely different kind of learning. sling knowledge is, is in the tests of people, not 9 lines in the book. so you know, and then similarly there is, are saying in as far as see the sugar about me that there is away from our heart to our heart. some are one heart to the other heart. right. and so art and stories is bad mediums. ah ah, yes. does it does it can be in men in no up in the home. who would reverend enough so written in no elliana nor cancer burned in the i'm in no
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less less had the loma can speak to i had in the i'm in north milan theater for a 2nd home. more content is a he gets strong, man is ruling with an iron fist and the silence from his allies is deafening. the u . s. was perfectly happy to trade off the mar for see for security. why a western lead is turning a blind eye when even the citizens have fallen victim to his repression. executions,
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torture censorship is not acceptable. and you won't hear such strong words from, let's say berlin or paris or london. oh, man. in cairo on al jazeera lou lou rapes as a weapon of wars leads to very deep discuss score so rule that the victims men and women. can betty talk about it? are the only witnesses you can help bring about justice?
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al jazeera fall is human rights campaign, is in libya, investigating rate since the 2011 recognition libya unspeakable crime on al jazeera. ah hello again, peter toby in dough. how you top stories on algae 0. the head of nato says the alliance will look at boosting its forces in eastern europe, western powers, believe russian troops are still building up around ukraine. much more than a cook, which when we are seeing a large concentration of troops, it hasn't changed over the last week. we think some small rotations, but i wouldn't call these rotations a pullback of russian troops cost a lot there. we will consume the pullback of russian troops once it happens and once
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a short period of time passes up. the number of groups of military forces in hardware decreases at those parts of the border. and to show defiance against a potential invasion ukraine, held a national day of unity weapons. day was the day the us intelligence had suggested that russia was likely to mount an attack. at least 66 people have been killed in brazil after mud slides swamped mountain town. they're destroying in all 80 homes. 5 flights a say more than $250.00 millimeters of rain fell in just 6 hours. the united states, as is in the final stages of in direct talks with iran, trying to save the 2015 nuclear deal. france is also taking part in the discussions and it's foreign ministers as an agreement could be just days away. syrian government airstrikes have killed at least 4 people and injured 3 others in the northwest. they targeted a fuel market in italy, the last remaining province held by the rebels. the former president of hon juris
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will return to court next week for a 2nd hearing on whether he's to be expedited to the united states on drug trafficking charges. american prosecutor say he made it possible for 500000 kilos of cocaine to be exported to the us since 2004 wind orlando hernandez, left office last month. 28. he is as president, an increase in truck drivers, testing. positive recovered is causing food delivery, delays to hong kong in the suppliers. he was forcing up the price of fresh fruit and badge in some parts. their hong kong imports 90 percent of its food. you must also say they've killed the 1st female h. i be patient that makes her only the 3rd person to be cured through a stem cell transplant. those are your headlines. the news continues. after alice, you are a world the colors all home. i'll have 30 minutes of will it useful utopia will see you that.
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ah ah
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ah ah ah armando and i, i am a friend of a disease or good zebra. first generation. and you grew up in new york and you're from dominican republic. you sent a group in a new york where our community, you know, was sort of
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a mini community in washington heights. you know, this hood life, his body was like, felt like home. it felt like the island was brought to this other island. and that was a beautiful thing. yeah. it's been, it was very influential in my, in my work as an artist, now i'm just talking like dealing with identity. and so to this identity kind of just always comes back to my work and whether it's racial identity like co tried entity, figuring out what does it mean when i say i'm dominican? what does it mean where sam ask dominican or actual caribbean with a mean for me to say them brown in this country? i'm also black and white. i'm not black enough. you know, this, this constant pushing pool conversations and dialogues happen in the lobby happens relationship to others. you know, other people who are in front of me or who seem you try to figure out like, where are you from? i'm like, i'm from new york, or i can answer it that way,
4:36 am
but i also know what they're trying to ask what they're trying to discover. so it continues to find itself in my work and, and i'm your and also i'm also letting the other influences that i have here artistic influences, cultural influences, find their way in to the working, informed to work and shape the work. you know, i will ask you to like in your art and you know, if you could share a bit of like what, what in your art, where do you see your story in your art? you know, where do you see whatever part of that journey you know when you see that influencing your work and i come, i come from from a refugee family. my dad flynn his own town in palestine when he was 2nd grader. and i grew up hearing all the stories
4:37 am
of, you know, the land, the love, and the hope to, to go back to, to our home, the original home and then live goes on. and here i am meeting with people who shared the same struggles, right. shared same stories in a way and that's, that's where i find myself. that's where i find my art playing the role of bringing these communities together and bringing our differences together and bring in our struggles together and working together for a for a better future. there's a saying, you know, right, where, you know, you know, to the right ways, you know, right where you don't know, you can do either one of them. but right, well, you know, it's a good place to start from because it validates your story. it says, my story is just as important as any other story,
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and it doesn't matter about the other story. my story is important. so i need to look at that. now i need to bring in craft and technique and things that i've, i've learned over the years from other folks, and i've investigated, i've tried out and i feel that trying and find a way to ship the story. so whether that's a poem, whether that's a performance where it's like a solo performance restricts on like a fanatical, you know, manifestation whether it's a collage, you know, and it's something about piecing these things together, taking like the american flag and seeing what the story, how is my story within this symbol and you know, how is my story gave read them to this and there's a map hidden in my skin. in my story, the math turks forms with peaks and valleys outline with the blood of my ancestors
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ancestral knowledge, shapes my identity as social trauma shapes my pain, turned to page 1491 to see how columbus stole their origin story in the map reforms in my future mother and father, before they even knew of the hidden treasure back on the island, medicare public id case came to the natives. 18 primo ally western divide tend to page 1844 to see how utopia was i come legans alam. hi. so we can hit the board right here now. right, so here's our price. those are for,
4:40 am
we worked on there. when you get, if you can put up, ah, pick a word, not necessarily too long, but put up, put up a word. and i'll show you what i was thinking enough. okay. big small j. o doesn't matter where you got a lot of space, we're doing murals. now. i don't know what you are not allowed bro. okay. you're free. and i looked see any go eisenberg 2. ah, i did and if he can pick them up
4:41 am
a little bit too. mm. that can make them thicker. like as if the font is sticker. this is the word of justice, an error, but okay, i j. so see what i was thinking just off the top of my head when i looked at these, you know, i started thinking depth. so i immediately went, mike, this way, this is this is, this is near to me. i see where i'm headed with it. i see what you're doing. yeah. this is, this is edna clear, 3 the effect to we're i so now maybe this is your title. right? m, m a arrest the year cap b, you know, starts to come in in like some of these other parts and maybe you try to even follow the contour of, of how it,
4:42 am
how it turn. so say you start adding additional words or, you know, each one of the sections is broken into something else. because basically what you were taking you were taking a 2 dimensional stance and building on a, on a 2 dimensional component. when, if you take the 2 dimensional component and you make it 3 d and then you lay 2 dimensions back on top of it. and then those start to actually become texture and different things. so yeah, i think that's cool. i think that is really cool. starting to head somewhere. now try this. take a word and build this whole thing right here. just, just really quickly think of a word and big, big like there may be even bigger, you know, and it's give, you can be barely reached in the top. so keep in mind,
4:43 am
you barely reach the top barely reach the bottom. you want to take all of that up. you know, you don't want to, you know, inhibit yourself if it's there. so a half see that's got, that's just like a flame. that was like a big old flame. there. it is the flame of dignity, right? so much can him a killer mentally hub, a stomach, her home saloon who are nelfa addressed, and secret jewelers kill him at the mouth to hello mom can or had young. we're going to be the 2nd why in the man and why you and it would do it, or jim,
4:44 am
her fire sam saying, and then we start. now we're starting to get some kind of formation like i say, what i would do is try to spend some time, you know, really bearing down and exploring those characters that you're already that far into and, and do as many things as you can to them with them stretch them, you know, space them, break them up in places where there you would not ordinarily break them up. and then by then, you know, and we, we've got our spot, i confirmed our spot. so we're good over there,
4:45 am
which plot is over. it's on the side of the brewery. i was talking about something ne, d. c. off of this is rigorous. rigs road northeast to the interesting combination of people. yes. yeah. i do. i do like that port. yeah. of the port that i don't live in the fact that if and brewery you probably would not be able to tell that it is a brewery less. yeah, i mean, it's really, it's dr. the other people. it's really is not as much about how things are going to look like as much as how i believe about it more. and for me it's, it's not the end deal that decides whether, whether this is ok or not, the way to it. that also is, the more of it is, is the final deal you know away from everything and all of that. sure. right. but
4:46 am
i'm, i, i'm, i also getting through like who is this for, although this is the final product, but who is it for whom i supporting online like this all plays as a part of that. and for me as like from a moral aspect as to do with the drinking, pretty much right, right. i got that. i got that even more important. i mean that the wall is difficult to find, but even more important than the wall i want. i want new all to be in relation to the community, right, right. where, where the community can, can see, and this is not commercial, you know, and it's not, that's not what i'm worried about. i want it to be for people who may be not able to afford being in that place altogether. where again, they're getting their like a little boy,
4:47 am
hopefully the bar mission mission, which a lot of upside on the how it would have to do you see the central area and then we'll take a moment been that can i'm the 1st question i have with the mobile number, yes ma'am, and honey. but in a moment the in the via the leg issue. sell to them. can j a to us are love it and said that of god. all the aquarius was
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suck. check in. again, charge from shot. if anyone has tried to move, ablation for carla de middle center and fish with of course, and then in the one of them in 10 minutes, one of them in has moved as it was more visually. and i've been misled america than been, has going on. and i'm a sucker. i also had to trust michelle will have been more ah, a shipping le control you see one of them and then another month to stick with no,
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he and kenny had the the till edge and i had them can call me back or by short, fisher fisher acadia. i work for lo. he and features only mala high. so her son checking on the fif in dc mobile assumption, lambert, which was my mind corano in the her see holly and neck straighten mall. boy can sit here. no, that's fine. thank you so much. thank you for trying. i appreciate your time. thank you. can see how can i aside in a how come i will not go on live fi d c lesson as well. so i have all the,
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all of the chairs in the shade, the soda cuz we're small and leave nothing or nautilus kiefer last 4 number or thought it the eyes the summer. nothing enough the years national. so to me it's not us for road the, the, when you can she elaina a new and the in a hub when you're doing mother or you her last going a 100. my born a of these old order. now, he said you didn't need and honey not to rob. lisa ginger didn't know g or feeder 100 when a and corn law on how corner he in the mobile. um they, in the, in the saw the theory in, on the 30, the la quinta,
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for coffee. what fell and couldn't have been see it the semester looked in him. i'm sure i hello. good phone flows long before my load or cooling to go ahead. let me not finish william in minnesota campbell, and they say if we could get militia in social media and and he came into the year been had cooling, the sort out in camden in the quinta. mclean have quin mobile. jimmy jim then the semester work. the mission in have she yearly with the what are they wrestling after he had been this when, when hum de la la la la. hey, anesthesia. let's see if she'll let me see him. a country out of hand highly. you will conduct
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a fun and wisdom limone. she willingness in baton him and min michelle michelle lee . oh, telephone hen and i'm sure mr. hudson that have us call us gotta put us in no harm in our hope, a 100 to fif in dc for him go on a login circle game going fitness. fitness washington gave him and quin us we live with do wouldn't fit for us to live with somebody. so we're now aloha the hey its la that i am now at logan unless in
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a pub with it's a piece for unity to unite, unite, power, struggle in my purse, in dc in the safe or morocco lab from a jordan, jordan, palestine original and where are you going to display it when you're done right here, you can leave it here. yeah. okay. if you come back in my say it, of course thank you. couldn't have been the notes on the 100 coin via crumpton in san he in the, in, in the assess,
4:54 am
you couldn't in san, in chrome took of any adam robina robinson blue on the hood cut. i'm not, many of them are my now to buddy or young couldn't incent global not on non lunar o o b each movement hustle, 11 o'clock this like this where the power is making a painting for, for unity for, for people who are struggling we need one people, one struggle. we are one. we are one and then and danny med. i'm going to get out of luck nicely on the left layer.
4:55 am
good. good. we're going on here. right in washington. dana, thank you for stopping by our mental combo on the black lives matter. hamlin surely will surely murder letter would be her reddish. we can last lean or indeed on the black lives matter. 300 allowed to see me, but couldn't i couldn't enough to screen and that's why you couldn't them and sad about in the north on the home. no, no sir. no, sir,
4:56 am
no commitment. not that hot video that i love on the very 1st on the pika horne, the nurse and an anomaly than us and so alumnus to her with him. po tulsa letter. sally, been nice now couldn't a nice nice snaps in us. want people on mon that to vietnam had it doesn't necessarily, blah, blah, blah,
4:57 am
and hadn't reflected in even why jack of any had mean the convenient yeah. and so and her husband, the harassment he little was little lead poor soliri sally b. b. shackleton bosley is tom boucher rule. yes, ma'am. my been a had ah best performance quadrille in the us in the pony. ah, ah ah. oh,
4:58 am
once cc'd well is now posted to remote villages in the rocker. algae follows the personal journey of women teachers. their daily struggles with isolation and battles with physical hardship. sacrificing their family lives for the education of future generations. women in the winter on al jazeera news. news, news, news. news. news. hey there. thanks for joining in. here's your headlines for the americas. we've got
4:59 am
a messy mix of weather for the canadian province of ontario. we're talking rain 1st and then it's going to switch over to some freezing rain and pick up about 10 centimeters of snow. is that cold air rushes in. so here we are on friday, dark of the blue and the purple, the lower the temperature, but still keeping that warmth then for the eastern seaboard of the us was found. we go a bit of activity around british columbia rolling across the canadian prairies, but nothing out of the ordinary here. and for the west coast of the u. s, the structures have come down big time in los angeles, picking up some hail over the higher ground. so we've got you in for a high of 22 on thursday. very active weather for the south is while pretty much stretching from kentucky rate to the u. s. gulf states. and in fact, across the northern areas of texas into oklahoma, we could see a tornado here, severe thunderstorms, and definitely some drenched rain being fueled by that moisture from the gulf of mexico. there has been flooding in honduras and those showers still coming at you for that caribbean coast of central america. now for south america,
5:00 am
heavy rain will be along the eastern side of the andes into the western amazon basin out toward the south atlantic. and we've had some big storms around rio de janeiro on thursday and that continues the the. ready still a huge force ready to invade. nato says there is no evidence. russian forces are pulling back from ukraine's borders. ah, well, come on peace. adobe. your watching al jazeera live from though ha, also coming up, struggling with the surge. hong kong hospitals are overwhelmed as corona virus case


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