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ah, al jazeera, with, ah, more russian forces not fewer or at the board of the united states. and nato did say, there are still no signs. russian troops are pulling back from ukraine's borders, despite moscow's claims. ah, la nicholas, this is out there a life and a ha also coming up like sun councils and a soon army one. dr. describes hong kong, devastating 5th cove. 90 wave is pushed hospitals to breaking at least 94 people
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killed. thousands of displaced after heavy rains triggered landslides in southeastern brazil, and in search of a better life, how south korea is trying to integrate defectives from north korea into society. ah said, he nodded. says, nights i say rush, residing more troops now ukraine and there's no evidence of a pull back. despite what moscow has been saying. the russian defense ministry has published new video bought it, says is tanks returning to their bases and says, 10 convoys of russian troops left crimea on thursday. after completing their drills, bots, the white house says another $7000.00 russian soldiers have arrived at ukraine's border. many within the past 24 hours in recent weeks. and even in recent days, more russian forces not fewer are at the border. and they are moving concerning lee
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in defining positions. this is cause for profound concern where the ukranian president vitamins zalinski has also dismiss russian statements. civil withdrawal promotional hooligan, a capitulate. we're seeing a large concentration of troops. it hasn't change of the last week. we're seeing some small rotations, but i wouldn't call these rotations a pullback of russian troops cause to throw out there. we will confirm the pullback of russian troops once it happens, and once a short period of time passes after the number of groups of military forces and hardware decreases at those parts of the border. notice actually general against oldenburg says the alons will now look at increasing its forces in central and eastern europe. nave. barker has more from brussels fis bump diplomacy. as defense chief some nato countries, including the u. s. and germany arrive at alliance headquarters to strengthen their stance on russia and pull over the latest intelligence. and this is what they've been looking at. a russian defense ministry video claiming to show
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a partial pullback of forces from near ukraine. the kremlin says combat equipment and troops were leaving the crimean peninsula. seas from kia in 2014 and returning to bass. but nato secretary general was quick to dismiss. any talk of a d escalation of tensions. we do not see any sign of the escalation on the ground nor withdrawals over troops or equipment. this may of course change. however, what we see today is that russia maintains a massive invasion force ready to attack with high end capabilities from crimea to belarus, strong words to from european union chiefs in strasburg, urging moscow to come to the negotiating table. lou schwab was ordered the choice to days between war and tragic sacrifices that would go along with it or the courage of a political engagement, a courage of
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a diplomatic negotiation. very clearly, european union chooses diplomacy and chooses negotiation. we will demonstrate discourage in europe. there was little sign of any russian troop withdrawals in belarus on wednesday. this another show of military muscle for the cameras joint exercises would bella, russian troops, only deepening fears and neighboring ukraine. that it invasions imminent. on the land. and in the air, nato says russia has reached full combat readiness. but there is a shred of hope. in recent days, russia signal that it will be willing to join talks about door remains open. due to march and nato runs the risk of being drawn into a long, protracted stand off with russia due to little. and it runs the risk of a possible invasion in ukraine. something that could destabilized the whole of europe. russia is creating a new normal, said sultan berg, by using force to contest the principle of serenity in europe. the alliance he said,
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must respond possibly with a new nato battle group in romania. the hope of an easy end to the stand off is fast fading. leave park al jazeera brussels. i mean while russian bags rebels in easton, ukraine have accused the ukrainian government forces of shelling their territory with mortars. wednesday was a day western intelligence services had suggested. russia was likely to attack russia's foreign ministry, his mot, western media for labeling at invasion day. those jabari has worn out from moscow. we've been hearing statements coming out from the foreign ministry spokeswoman, who said that a really this is not something this country take seriously because of course they have no intention of invading ukraine. this was that a weekly briefing of the foreign ministry where as this spokeswoman said, that's a really, it's a rhetoric and it's hysteria that is created by the western media. let's listen to some more of what she had to say or yup. couple fake of christie's kicks me if there is
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a space on the usd departments website that used to publish stories about the so called russian fake news. please publish stories about your own faith williamson graded by your american media. if you need examples, i shall send you some biscuit, and maybe for the 1st time in human history, the so called aggressor in which the west appointed russia to be the so called victim, which ukraine is being described as are both denying everything that is being reported marie certainly vladimir point has made it very clear that he is not going to invade ukraine, but he does want to have a conversation with his u. s. counterpart president joe biden, about the security concerns that he has about nato's further expansion. with hospitals and testing facilities in hong kong or buckling under the pressure of a major coven 19 outbreak. the worth cincy pandemic begun. beds are filled to capacity. patients are being treated in makeshift openness faces. the territory
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reported a record of nearly 4300 cases on wednesday. that is 40 times higher. the daily rate of the start of the month and an increase in truck drivers testing positive is causing delays in food deliveries in a home call. prices of fresh fruits and vegetables of served in some parts of the city. at hong kong impulse 90 percent of its food. let's bring to brit clement to joins now from hong kong and brits at this situation. hospitals and sounds critical . it really is critical. it is overwhelmed. most hung homes of public hospitals are overwhelmed. we were at one in chicago district earlier, and as you can see, it's raining, it's called that would thousands of elderly people waiting outside for hospital beds. now the hospital authority apologize for that situation yesterday. but it happened again today. so clearly there is still a capacity issue in hong kong hospitals. now that's because hong kong cases,
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a 0 coven policy, which means that even if your displaying mild symptoms, even if you're a symptomatic, then you will still have to go to a hospital or isolation facility. and as a result, there are thousands of people in this city waiting to be admitted at to one of those quarantined facilities or date of hospital. now, in order to cope with that situation and the bottleneck situation, if you like, the hong kong government is thinking about turning student domes into a quarantine facilities. housing, the states, into car t facilities and even hotels expanding their capacity as well. they're also looking at to attack, sees where the taxis can take people back and forth from homes, into hospitals and protein facilities as well. what about the chinese authorities? what are they saying? well, chinese president, she didn't pay, has made it clear. stay on this coven path,
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and it's very clear from what he said earlier, that you must take all responsibility. when it comes to this, you must do all that she can to stamp out any remain remaining a probate. he especially cited stability in hong kong as a main reason for that. now, chief executive terry lab responded by banking him and said that hong kong will unite in its efforts to stamp out this virus vaccination rates, however, still aren't where officials want them. if you look at hong kong, elderly population over 80 years old, they're still hovering at around 30 percent. so punk up people are worried about the cities vulnerable. but at the same time, there is growing frustration at this curve at 0 policy, a lot of criticism gate towards the government at the moment, especially with seems like those that we saw outside hong kong hospitals. today, many people are saying, well, we're 2 years into this pandemic, 2 years to prepare. why wasn't more done a, to prepare for this day to come or abruptly be there for man,
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thanks very much of brooklyn in hong kong. in south cruz crone virus cases in south korea, kind of our cases have search past 90000. for the 2nd day. the recent outbreak has also seen a shot rising critically ill patients. at least 399 people are in intensive care. that's an increase of 76 in the past day. people have been urged to get a 4th vaccine, short thought to dale fisher is the chairman of the w. i chose outbreak and latin response network. and he says he's not surprised by the trends emerging from south crew and hong kong. what you're seeing is actually nature take, it's course, if you do nothing them as obviously widespread transmission so. so to actually see cases, people may be asking why there's a large number of cases i would say that's the natural state and well done for keeping it 0 for so long. but you're always sort of, i guess, pushing against the todd this this outbreak. or this, this,
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this recent surge, i know, hamsters were, were accredited with some of the, the, the arrival of, of coven, possibly tourists or, or travelers. other people that could have brought it in and applying quarantine and only other measures to try and keep it out. we've seen this file eventually and in most of asia, which was going over 0, australia, new zealand in china. many times we're saying outbreaks seated possibly by fresh and frozen food so. so we know it's hard to keep it out and the natural state is for it to get in and start to, to grow. all these countries have, have, eventually had to accept that coven is getting in. there's a lot of pain and keeping it out. and when it gets in, eradicating it again, is also a lot of pain. i mean, social pain, i mean, economic pain. so or so, yeah,
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the rest of the world is had to accept that living with the virus is the, is the only long term strategy. and i think hong kong will soon have to come to terms with this because eradicating it with their current numbers will take some extreme. and as i said, painful measures, the german government is looking to end some of its kind of at 90 restrictions next month. starting on march the 4th unvaccinated people will be allowed back into shops, bars and restaurants, but they'll still have to share a recent negative test while square and social distance the rules will continue. austria also intends to live most of its remaining current of ours restrictions. the government says cases are manageable enough to allow the rules to end by march . the 5th is calling into question a recent law that makes vaccination compulsory a canadian official says truckers protesting against monday, 3 cobra, 1900 vaccinations all dismantling the last blockade on the us border. but
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demonstrate is in the capital of ultra well that's they put police avoid them to leave threatening to arrest drivers and to cancel their licenses if they don't shut down the city center for more than 2 weeks, demanding vaccine mandates and other restrictions be scrapped like as the lead here on out 0, we look at why russians involvement in molly might need to a major strategic shift by from ah hey, they're good to see you now. that storm dudley has cut across the united kingdom. it's taking its energy further toward the east for talking a lot of rain and wind as well. so for western areas of germany, there are red warnings out for hurricane force winds. now we take a closer look at some of the rain, a pretty solid band of rain from northern portions of germany,
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into poland. now to the south of this around the bulk and things are settled and we've got high temperatures here belgrade. at 17 degrees, both greece and turkey mostly dry except for the southern greek islands. we will get into some rounds of rain here, but suns out in its stumble with the high of 12 degrees on thursday and for the other side of the mediterranean and abundance of sunshine, barcelona. we've got your pencil in 41900 degrees. we're going to get striped with some rain and wind for northern areas of libya and also some showers, dancing around the gulf of guinea or more concentrated rain is further toward the south. the remnants leftovers of our tropical cyclone passing through the moves and b channel. this is going to slam into central and northern portions and those in beacon bring some drenching rain here. and we've also got more rain coming for flood stricken areas of eastern south africa. not too far away from durban turbans got a hive 24 degrees on thursday. that updates fits in. the
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frank assessments for china will benefit from the 0 call the strategy if the rest the world. to get informed opinions at all costs, market needs and critical debate like reporting. the claims that nato constitutes a leg to stand, shield, threat to russia, but it's precisely his actions that's rated this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, ah ah, alleghany watching out 0 reminder about top stories,
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the saw and the russian defense ministry is published new video of what it says is tanks returning to their bases. for the u. s. a nato say russia is adding more troops near ukraine, and there is no evidence of a pull back in a show of defiance against a potential invasion ukraine has held a national deb unity wednesday was a day. russia was report, lead, likely to attack hospitals and testing facilities in hong kong are under pressure because we're major cove at 19 outbreak. the worst since the pandemic began church, we reported a record of nearly $4300.00 cases. on witness day. at least 94 people been killed in severe flooding and mudslides in southeastern brazil . rescue teams are searching for survivors in the city. patropolis and hundreds of people are in emergency shelters after their homes were destroyed. it is the heaviest rainfall the region is seen in 90 years. cathy, olympus hot ian as more the forest in magnitude of
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this rainfall was unexpected. within hours streets across the brazilian city of the properties were submerged oh. nearby families are stunned as floods and most lights get closer to their homes. the current so strong in pushed vehicles along streets like toys, even a burst is e mostly dragged away. nearly covered in water. families are now dealing with a devastating aftermath, including hearing about neighbors who didn't survive at messrs. good, don't, don't know. it's very sad to see people asking for help and not being able to do anything. it's a feeling of desperation, a loss. our city is gone, our neighbourhood is gone. this who desperately tries to hold on
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the mobile fire department says more than $250.00 millimeters of rain fell within 6 hours. that's more than the monthly average for the entire month of february. the region is still recovering from the damage of last year's heavy rains were more than 500 people were killed. you can them this year again, with laurie's fear the death toll will likely rise. recovery efforts are underway, president hyatt bar. so nato was visiting russia has called on the local government to deliver immediate support to what will likely be a long term operation. patio locus of again al jazeera, a former president of honduras, one orlando. hernandez has appeared at his 1st exhibition meeting. united states wants him handed over after accusing himself involved in some drug trafficking, and others was arrested at his home on tuesday, we left off with less than 3 weeks ago. after 8 years as president,
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the united states says it's in the final stages of indirect talks with iran to save the 2015 nuclear deal. france is also taking part in discussions and it's foreign minister says, an agreement could be just days away. indirect negotiations between the u. s. and iran resumed last week, after a 10 day break. we are in the midst of the very final stages of, as i said before, a complex negotiation with the key stakeholders. here i'm, this is really the decisive period during which will be able to determine whether a mutual return to compliance with the j. c pos, ah, is in the offing. or if it's not, again, we are, are sincere and steadfast. are in our efforts to, ah, test the proposition as to whether a return can be achieved. the syrian government asked strikes of killed in these 4 people and injured 3 others in the northwest. they targeted the fuel market in the
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last remaining province, held by rebels. volunteers from the white helmets group tried for hours to put the fire out. and syrian state media say the country has been hit by 2nd biz railey strike in 2 weeks. it happened in the town of zachariah south of damascus and reportedly targeted an army post. no one was injured, but the strike did call some property damage to france, which is expected to announce the withdrawal of its treats from marley bay into other european forces have been battling on groups in this whole region. since 2013, the tensions had been rising after marley's transitional government brought in russian mercenaries to beg as more since 2013 french soldiers of help tamale's fight against insurgents and separatists last year to check that fight is now set to change. as conditions and molly are no longer the same worthy with france, look into other countries in the region to relocate their forces. when the french
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ambassador tomatti was expelled earlier this month, there was celebrations in the capitol demco the mildly or experience is an experienced. but his open remark opening up a new era in west africa. because now it's possible to oppose to what the former colonial masters are doing. and it's also possible to adopt a new strategy that is not a strategy prepared or adopted by for us. what had initially been in operation in molly has expanded to the south region with french troops based across different countries. some european countries have also sent soldiers. and there's a 12000 strong un peacekeeping force in molly. but a series of crews in molly burkina, faso, guinea and an attempted cue in guinea. brussel has changed dynamics in the region.
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france is an easy with values, military gentle relationship with russia. marty says they are russian soldiers in the country as part of a bilateral agreement. there's growing anti french sentiment in west africa. a we came out today to say with fed up with the french army. they shouldn't stop playing with africa. will suffer under the sun while the children are comfortable over there. they have everything they want. however, they still come here and exploit our resources. so i was lucky when you deb, i'm not going to be on your laptop. what do we know? they are our enemies. we ask them to open their vehicles so that we have an idea of the content. they refused. we know what is inside suspect items. they should apologize, changed countries and go far for much. a month we're france may find it difficult to relocate their troops. west african leaders are aware of the anti french feelings. and they're concerned about the crews in the region. not wanting
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themselves to lose favor amongst their populations. the potential put out from molly amounts to a major strategic shift by france. it ends a 9 year emissions that successive french presidents had argued was crucial, or regional and european security. it may not have to re deploy is truth to other west african countries to protect his interests while keeping those nations on site . i said, make, i did it off the car, beginning process coolie, there has been sworn in as president, 3 weeks after toppling the democratically elected leader, paul anaya, santiago them. uber took the oath of office in a televised harmony, which had no foreign representatives in attendance. he led the military in every throwing rock. a boy. last month, rebels from ethiopia to gray region are being accused of killing civilians and raping dozens of women. and amnesty international report says to grind fighters, committed atrocities in the am horror region. last year, nearly half the victims of sexual violence say they were gang raped,
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some of them as young as 14 years old. a new initiative has been launched in south korea to better integrate defectors from north korea by helping them start their own businesses. more than 33000 defectors live in south korea, was robert bride reports from so many find it hard to adapt to life that at this launch event, a meeting between 2 cultures with a common purpose, south korea, ministers, and officials on one side. on the other young defectors from north korea wanting to make their mark in business planning. and jessie came, came to south korea 8 years ago, bringing with her a lifelong love of food, which she is turning into a successful online business promoting north korean cuisine quiet. although on my own as a child, i was fascinated by the ingredients, the smile characteristics of food, and always prepare meals for the whole family. my hometown,
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come see me. her home is near to mount, back to considered by north korea's leadership to possess special significance and straggling the chinese border through which most effectors escape to the south. these north careers heavily fortified border with south korea much harder to cross . and the scene of dramatic attempts, such as this defection by a soldier in 2017, amid a hail of bullets once they get out of north korea, many defect is fine. that is only the start of their troubles. the big challenge is adapting to south korea as much freer lifestyle and fast paced economy completely unlike anything they've been used to. jesse kim has made that transition successfully and more than tongue any game more than clinical. i think for all young people business is difficult. i don't think i found any harder, easier as in north korean defector. but many defect to struggle with some, even returning to the north. her. this scheme is aim to help them with business
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startups. with the wider goal of closer integration between north and south. you're on the walker, i am convinced this is an opportunity for people like you and future generations to dream big and initiate change across the korean peninsula. there me, linen community startup business him to produce goods and sure this is for both to north and south. can help reduce the psychological distance between the 2. curiously, his limited ritual with inter korean relations currently in a deep freeze, even small initiatives, it seems keep alive the hope of closer ties. one day, rob mcbride, al jazeera, so foreign ministers from the association of south east asian nations have discussed how to restore peace in miramar, a surgeon current of ours cases in the region. when not all the foreign ministers could attend the meeting in the cambodian capital upon pen. as san would not accept to foreign ministry representative from emma because they were appointed after
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lawyers military coup. friday prayers remain out of bounds at a centuries old mosque, an indian administered kashmir. it was closed in 2019 when the government in new delhi revoked the regions autonomy. indian authorities have long seen it as a place of anti government activities on middle as more. this imposing structure holds especially place in the hearts of many cush metes. for centuries, the grand mask has been a venue for prayers and an arena for political activism, but has largely remain closed for nearly 2 and a half years. he was, as you almost departed, you mind, i come every friday for prayers, but all in vain. the mosque remains closed. i feel sad and distressed. we believe operators will be answered if he prep the jam your must chip on fridays, i know it used to give me solace. kush mirrors claimed in full by india and pakistan, but governed by the 2 nations and bots. indian administered kashmir has seen
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protest and violent uprisings against new del is rule for decades. the grand mosque has played a role in driving these in august 2019. the government revoke ish me special status and imposed a communications blackout. it also shut mosques in this muslim dominated region. while others have reopened, the gran most leader has been detained in his home, and the grounds have remained out of bound. so friday prayers in the past, tens of thousands of muslims attended these, which not to wear through 3rd, which are some elements or want to disturb places like these and creed in impression internationally. i see that muslims are being suppressed in india. i think security agencies took these precautions to prevent that. in the heart of the main city, sheena go. the mosque is a major meeting point for people who live here. sermons would address cushman political struggles, while authorities have closed it for extended periods in the past. it's closure now has raised concerns about religious freedom rudo holiday through in these times we
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are seeing unprecedented suppression pressure and tyranny across india, particularly in kashmir, where even religious gas drinks are not allowed to lose. our gram mosque plays a central role. it's closure and the case in these claims of secularism and democracy. the government is also blamed the pandemic and says it will last local authorities for a security review to reopen the mosque. but kush me is a skeptical and say new delhi has made similar excuses in the past to crack down on their freedoms. park, new metal, al jazeera, new delhi, one of the most important vessel. so buddhists has been celebrated by lighting 1000000 lanterns in thailand. the commemorations for the mag, hoosier, they were put on by the dom mikaya, buddhist sex movement is considered somewhat controversial. g to its unorthodox interpretation of buddhism, its wealth, and its links to a former prime minister. man, don't look on man, let it run phantom and seen many people coming here and lighting the lanterns
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together, really shows the power of, as buddhists is like, we are all helping to spread the teachings of buddhism, even though their religion is already 2600 years old, that obama, this event is to uphold. that is and pay gratitude to the sacrifices your buddha has done this day is important to everybody, no matter if they're buddhists or not, hulu. or let's have a quick chicken headlines here in our 0 and the russian defense ministry has published new video. what it says is, tanks returning to their basis, the united states and nato say russia is adding more troops near ukraine. and there is no evidence of a callback or ukrainian president vladimir lensky has also dismissed russian statements of a book, draw much law bullock in a court. which way we are seeing a large concentration of troops. it hasn't changed over the last week. we're seeing some small rotations, what i wouldn't call these rotate.


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