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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm AST

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ah oh ah, more russian forces not fewer are at the border. the united states and nato say there are still no signs. russian troops are pulling back from the cranes borders despite moscow's claims. ah o'clock, this is out there, alive from the also coming up front announces its withdrawing its treats from molly, ending in 9 year mission. at least 94 people are killed. thousands displaced off the heavy rains triggered landslides and southeast. in brazil. i'd like sand
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castles in a su nami, one daughter describing hong kong, devastating 5th covey. 19 way is pushed hospitals to breaking ah, the united states and nato say russia is adding more troops. now ukraine and there's no evidence of a pull back despite what moscow has been saying, the russian defense ministry is published you video of what it says is times returning to that basis. it says 10 convoys of russian troops left crimea on thursday. after completing that drills, the white house says another $7000.00 russian soldiers i've arrived at ukraine's border. many within the past 24 hours in recent weeks. and even in recent days, more russian forces not fewer or at the border. and they are moving concerning li into fighting positions. this is cause for profound concern. well,
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ukrainian president vladimir savanski has also dismissed russian statements of, of withdrawal. how much more willing can i could, which when we are seeing a large concentration of troops, it hasn't changed over the last week. we're seeing some small rotations. what i wouldn't call these rotations of pullback of russian troops cause to throw out there. if we will confirm the pullback of russian troops once it happens and once a short period of time passes after the number of groups of military forces and hardware decreases at those parts of the border. rushing back to rebels in easton, ukraine are accusing ukrainian government forces of mortar attacks which violate a cease fire agreement in the dispute region out 0 cannot independently confirmed the allegations by russian state media and the self proclaimed landscape people's republic. ukraine's government says the rebel shelled its positions 8 times in the past 24 hours. although the situation they say is now stable. i, let's speak to our cars. when andrew simmons is live for us in keith. and you said, which we make these reports of fighting the don mass area. well,
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the key issue is that they're being publicized greatly in russia or russia. media are reporting this attack, which has been reported to the media by rebels or as, as are also referred to resistance fighters and separatists who are russian backed in the don't bass region in the southeast. and this was in la hantz square, which is a self declared peoples republic. it has been for the past 8 years along with the that's which is near to it. this is really a situation where by the claim is that a number of mortars, grenade launchers and indeed a machine gun open fire on this is in contravention to the minsk agreements on the type of weaponry used in this conflict. this is not big news at all. it's,
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there are some times when it's a daily occurrence, this sort of skirmish. but however, the key to it is this publicity being given in russia, making big of it. and that there is a connection to the warnings that come from the white house and from nato about the possible pretext to major action bodies. russian forces last on the borders because of all it takes is one incident, an excuse for russia to take action. necessarily a full invasion, but some action is disputed area, which is held by the russian conservatism. another factor to bear in mind is that there are many russian possible holders. in these 2 are declared self declared republics, who the russians could easily say they're, they're making moves to protect them. so this is a, i wouldn't say alarming, but certainly something that people need to be cautious about and where you are
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right now in here. what about the government? what do they say? the government joint forces operation. i made a statement saying that there have been violations by the russian back forces. they've made attacks using weapons which are again, illegal according to the men's agreements. and they're saying that there has been an attack on an area which included a kindergarten. we've seen still pictures posted on the j f o website and to that effect and they're saying that this is a stable situation. now. however, this breach of the cease fire agreement was taking place on thursday, and there is no real response to the russian claims in the media there that so this really is a skirmish, but the reason it needs to be noted is because this is in
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a really sensitive, difficult area and this is a, is of conflict. as i say, it's quite frequently have the sort of situations, but nevertheless, there is a possibility of the situation escalating now as far as the rest of ukraine is concerned. and hearing the capitol, people are still in this situation where they hear things like n stilton burger, at least actually general nights are saying this is the new normal russian aggression russian force to try to get results in europe. now a new normal here is really a veneer of morality. it would seem but beneath veneer a lot of concern. you know that situations like if the, the people here heard about these incidents and they've not because it isn't really news here. the sort of skirmishes if they'd heard about it. yes, they would jolts and think, oh my god, is this possibly going to be the big day? it wasn't a big day on wednesday. that was not an invasion as predicted by some intelligence
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agencies. and it was a day of unity for the people here with zelinski, the president, a tory country putting out that message pumping hard, saying that the ukrainians will stand firm. and nobody should believe the russians are in any way. d escalating that is the point being made that he says that there is no indication of that. apart from some video of tanks withdrawing from a it would seem that withdrawing. but he says that are often turnarounds of, of military equipment and personnel at this was in the crimea penance peninsula video of that, but no indication that there is any real withdrawal going on. right. thanks andrew . andrew simmons reporting that from kiev. and andrew mentioned in stoughton, both nato secretary general, who's more in the regions, peace and security, is under threats. he's been speaking on day 2 of a summit of defense ministers from the military alliance. the center of the current crisis is russia's demand that ukraine never be allowed to join nato,
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and that its forces pulled back from eastern europe. as we are meeting to day peace and stability in the unit land think area is sir on the fifth's. there are signs for moscow that diplomacy could continue, but so far we have not seen any sign of withdrawal or the escalation. russia has yet again demonstrated. it's this regard for the principles underpinning european security and its ability and willingness to threaten the use of force. in pursuit of its objectives. unfortunately, i am afraid that this is the new normal which we need to be prepared for. and let's cross to nick parker. he joins us live in brussels, so neva day 2 of the meeting. what do we expect
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were expect? so the gays to shift slightly over the course of the morning here, they'll be meetings with the ukrainian ministers and georgia ministers along with, with the nato alliance members. of course, both of those countries on a robot the joining the alliance, but both facing stiff opposition formed the kremlin, both of which also have ongoing territorial disputes on their land, arguably stoked by russia and a bit to prevent both of these countries from joining the alliance it is one of the guiding principles of nato, that any unresolved disputes, any unresolved conflicts on it within countries, could prevent them those nations from becoming members of the alliance. so it's been argued many, many times that russia's deliberately doing this for mentoring and stability in the east of ukraine, for instance, to prevent a kia from from joining the alliance. as we heard the insulting burg once again reiterating that we are living in a period of a new normal way. european security is in crisis,
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a new normal. and he explained yesterday means where there is such a significant build up of military forces in eastern europe by russia, that it tests the very principles of european sovereignty. and in response, he found that nato had to react by potentially bolstering forces in easton and southern europe. so there was talk on the 1st day here at nato, of a new battle group and in romania. but there are, of course, worries that could only antagonize russia even further. so on the one hand, nato is bolstering its forces, its digging in its maintaining its strong position against russia. about the same time. there is a ray of hope that the door to diplomacy is still open. right. and with that door to diplomacy is the route to that at potentially agreement is, does it have full support of the, or the nato members? whether it's a framework for this, there is a structure around which or any kind of agreement could be hammered out. it's
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called the nato russia council has been in existence for many, many years as a, as a channel for open dialogue between the alliance and russia in, in various periods, in the relationship between the 2. those channels have either been completely closed or they've been opened. and at the moment, what we're seeing is nato extending an invitation to the kremlin to come and join talks with the alliance to basically deescalate and take some of the simmering tensions down. oh, not sure to or the moment though, there was no dialogue, no response of from russia when it comes to that invitation. and as such, the alliance from russia continue to 2nd guest each other's actions. and as you can see, all its leading to is an increase in troop numbers regardless of claims from russia that serve troops have actually been withdrawn from some pos moran crimea. and other parts of ukraine at that is not the belief of nato, not the belief. the united states, according to their intelligence,
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the opposite is true, or a new factor that certainly buck reporting that from brussels. president, a mental macro has confirmed the withdrawal of french troops from molly after 10 years micro denied different mission in molly ended in failure. thus, he accused mani transitional government of forcing french troops to pull out. france and european allies will continue what they call a joint action against terrorism in this whole region. but it still gives me detail . we cannot stay engaged militarily next to authorities who do not share our strategy nor our objectives. that's the situation we are confronted by in molly today. the woman's not sick when she left hospital in these conditions, france and its partners in this fight against terrorism and the states participating in the to cooper task force. i've taken the decision to remove military forces from molly. this removal will begin by the closure of faces in garcia mon naca and go will be ordered with the molly and military forces and the
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un forces in molly. so i think during this period we will maintain our mission and support for the un peacekeeping mission as well. so the nation's in, well, that's a big live 1st monitor events from senegal, capital of dock. and i said, tell us more about this announcements and its implications. you know, we thought that this would happened relations with molly have really soured, since the military can just last. at the end of last month, the french ambassador was given 72 hours to leave the country. that's after the french foreign minister called the military gentle. and molly illegitimate, increasing anti french sentiment in the region, especially in molly there was celebrations on the streets when the ambassador was told to leave. so the situation forefront has changed. now what a magnetron has just said that they will be having the coordinated withdrawal from the north 1st. and this could take 4 to 6 months. but now he also said that the
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center for this fight against terrorism, as they call it, will not be me. jen and frank does have a presence in west africa in some of the neighboring countries, but also imagine the crown is, has acknowledge that there is a change here in west africa. they have been several crews that have taken place. and there is an increase in anti french sentiment, so it's not as easy as just taking troops from one country and putting it, putting them in another from so really have to consider what impact will have on the politic politics in the region. or i said thanks very much, and if not, as a big reporting, a still ahead hear him out. 0 on doris is a former president resort to stay in prison for months to see if it is a tradition to the united states. and why a centuries old, most indeed, administered kashmir remains out of bounds friday. press.
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all hello, welcome to your world weather, etc. we're going to begin in australia. nice to see you. a switch and wind direction means those temperatures have come down sidney the other day. you had your highest temperature of 2022 at 33 degrees will nadia down a bit to 29. could see some showers and thunderstorms bubble up their meantime toward the southwest. still high heat here, perth, that 38 degrees a weather front is running in to the south island of new zealand. so we see some rain pushing. we've got it scattering of showers as well for the north island around the escape given at $25.00 degrees off to southeast asia. central parts of militia had been dealing with flooding, but the rain starting to lose some of its intensity on friday. but down with rain for southern sumatra, west java that includes jakarta with the high $32.00 degrees,
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lot of activity going on for central parts of china, rain and snow. eventually a northerly wind, cool air, it will drag and cool air as far south as hong kong. here's the next 3 days, just 11 degrees on sunday. so it is going to be white's, wendy, and cool. you're going to feel it off to japan western areas, the southwest of honju, we had a heavy snowfall warnings in play. those have been dropped down to advisories and as we progress through friday, all of that will be dropped. tokyo's got a high of 11 degrees. ah, discarded clothes from rich nations are funneled to charities and sold to impoverished. on an unprecedented scale, a massive industry sift through the unwanted garments to re sell to some of the world's poorest inhabitants. but much of what arrives is unfit for purpose and is fueling and environmental catastrophe. people in power travels to gonna to uncover
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the dirty secrets behind the world's fashion addiction. that white man's clothes on a jessina. lou. ah, you're watching out 0 reminder about top stories. this are and the russian defense ministry is published new video, what it says is, tanks returning to their basis. but the u. s. and nato say russia is adding more troops to ukraine. there's no evidence of a pullback be creating military and russia back to rebels in the east to recuse each other of shelling their positions in the disputed hands. region. ukraine says the situation is now stable out 0 cannot independently confirmed the allegations.
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president manuel micron has confirmed the withdrawal of french troops from marley after 10 years. france and european allies will continue what they call a joint action against terrorism in these region. at least 94 people have been killed in severe flooding and mudslides in southeastern brazil. rescue teams are searching for survivors in the city of patropolis and hundreds of people are in emergency shelters after the homes were destroyed. it is the heaviest rain for the regency in 90 years, cateel opus hardy and as more the forest and magnitude of this rainfall was unexpected. within hours streets across the brazilian city of the properties for submerged o. nearby families are stunned as floods and most lights get closer to their homes. the current so strong it pushed vehicles along streets like toys.
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even a birth is aimlessly dragged away, nearly covered in water. families are now dealing with a devastating aftermath, including hearing about neighbors who didn't survive. at 1st, i don't to j. it's very sad to see people ask for help and not being able to do anything. it's a feeling of desperation, a loss. our city is gone. our neighbourhood is gone. this who desperately tries to hold on the local fire department says more than $250.00 millimeters of rain fell within 6 hours. that's more than a monthly average for the entire month of february, the region, a silver covenants and the damage of last year's heavy rains were more than $500.00 people were killed. you can them this year again, with laurie's fear the death toll will likely rise. recovery efforts are underway,
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president hyatt bar sonata was visiting russia has called on the local government to deliver immediate support to what will likely be a long term operation patio locus of again al jazeera, the former president of honduras faces as tradition to be 9 states for drug trafficking, mental repair reports now from the capital. one hollander orlando, hernandez was taken to court of to hundreds of police, rounded his home in emotionally charged gathering outside the supreme court of honduras. many hope to catch a glimpse of former hundrend president 100 lender. it amended wanted by u. s. it liberties on international drug trafficking and illegal weapons charges. whatever it, amanda is arrived in handcuffs and chains for a preliminary court hearing related to an extradition request filed by the united states. earlier this week, i'm about to say it, i are here to celebrate. we're here to celebrate the narco dictatorship. that is
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failing today with its greatest liter attentions outside the court lead to minor scuffles between critics and supporters of the former president and owner. we are supporting our president in pace, so dignified process is carried out and he's brought to respect it. we also supporting him paisley as the national party as late as of the party. we're not looking for trouble. we're not attacking any one of them. we just want our president to realize he's not align with it. amanda is, was arrested on tuesday at his home in the 100 capital u. s. prosecutors allege edelman. this helped facilitate the trafficking of hundreds of tons of narcotics from columbia and venezuela over the course of his 8 years as president allegations. the 53 year old, former hunter and leader has repeatedly denied his fate. now, in the hands of a judge overseeing a request for extradition, quite
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a united states. when they get on the side of super cynthia, in order to guarantee his presence at the extradition proceeding, he will be provisionally detained at the cities of the special operations command of the national police and the federal prosecutors in new york had previously named at man. there's a co conspirator in a major international drug trafficking case. and last year, a us judge sentence, president edmond is, is younger brother tonia than this to life in prison. overcharges related to cocaine trafficking. having concluded the 1st of 2 appearances before the supreme court, former 100 president, one, orlando, at 9, this will remain under the custody of security forces until march 16th for a 2nd and final extradition hearing. by the way that i follow al jazeera alpha, me
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hospitalization, testing facilities in hong kong or buckling under the pressure of a major coby 19 up, break the worst. pandemic begun. beds are filled to capacity, and patients have been treated and maint shift openness spaces. tertiary reported a record of nearly $4300.00 cases on wednesday at 40 times higher than the daily rate at the start of a month. and an increase in truck drivers testing positive is causing delays in food deliveries in hong kong. prices of fresh fruit and vegetables in some parts of the city. hong kong imports, 90 percent of its food for clinic has been at one of hong kong business hospital and reports. now what she saw, dozens of people are outside right behind me, lying on hospital beds, sitting in wheelchairs waiting for a hospital bed. inside. many of these people are elderly. they're sitting in the cold. it is rainy, it is windy, and these are hong kong,
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most vulnerable residents. this is the situation indicating that capacity is still a huge problem. now the hospital authority, they apologized for this very situation, saying they feel bad, that this is the circumstance, but we are seeing it again today, indicating that indeed there is an issue of hospital beds inside these facilities. now under hong kong, dynamic cove is 0 policy. they are calling it. this is the situation, this is the result that is happened. any one who tests positive for cove it even if you are a symptomatic, even if you have mild symptoms, you are required to come to hospital or go to a quarantine facility. is health careers current of our cases have search past 90000 for the 2nd day. the recent outbreak has also seen a sharp rise in critically ill patients. at least 299 people are in intensive care . that's an increase of 76 in the past day, people have been urged to get
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a 4th vaccine. short. a new initiative has been launched in south korea to better integrate defectors from the north by helping them start their own businesses. more than 33000 defectors live in south grow. but as rob mcbride reports now from so many find it hard to adapt to life. at this launch event or meeting between 2 cultures with a common purpose, south korea, ministers, and officials on one side, on the other young defectors from north korea wanting to make their mark in business planning. and jesse came, came to south korea 8 years ago, bringing with her a lifelong love of food, which she is turning into a successful online business promoting north korean cuisine quiet. although, on my own as a child, i was fascinated by the ingredients. the smile characteristics of food and always prepared meals for the whole family. my hometown, her home is near to man,
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back to considered by north korea leadership to possess special significance and struggling. the chinese border through which most effective escape to the south is north korea is heavily fortified. border with south korea much harder to cross. and the scene of dramatic attempts such as this defection by a soldier in 2017. amid a hail of bullets, once they get out of north korea, many, the effect is fine. that is only the start of the troubles. the big challenges adapting to south korea as much free a lifestyle and fast paced economy completely unlike anything they've been used to . jesse kim has made that transition successfully more than telling and again, more than i think for all young people business is difficult. i don't think i find it any harder or easier as a north korean defector. but many defect his struggle with some, even returning to the north, this scheme is aimed to help them with business startups. with the white,
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a gold of closer integration between north and south. there was, i am convinced decision opportunity for people like you and future generations to dream big and initiate change across the korean peninsula that me when and community startup business to produce goods and services for both the north and south can help reduce the psychological distance between the 2 korea se with into korean relations currently in a deep freeze, even small initiatives, it seems keep alive the hope of close the ties. one day. rob mcbride, elgin's era, sol, friday pres, remain out of bounds at a centuries old mosque and indian administered cash. ma'am, it was closed in 2019 when the government in new delhi revoked the reasons autonomy any alright. his of long seen it as a place of anti government activities, probably with whole more this imposing structure holds especially place in the
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hearts of many cush metes. for centuries, the grand mask has been a venue for prayers and an arena for political activism, but has largely remain closed for nearly 2 and a half years. he was, as you almost departed, you mind, i come every friday for prayers, but all in vain. the mosque remains closed. i feel sad and distressed. we believe operators will be answered if he prep the jam your must chip on fridays. i know it used to give me solace. push meters claimed in full by india and pakistan, but governed by the 2 nations and bots. indian administered kashmir has seen protests and violent uprisings against new del is rule for decades. the grand mosque has played a role in driving these in august 2019. the government revoke ish me special status and imposed a communications blackout. it also shut mosques in this muslim dominated region, while others have reopened, the gran most leader has been detained in his home, and the grounds have remained out of bound. so friday, pres, in the past,
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tens of thousands of muslims attended these which not to wear through 3rd, which are some elements. so want to disturb places like these and grid and impression internationally. i see that muslims are being suppressed in india. i think security agencies took these precautions to prevent that. in the heart of the main city, sheena go. the mosque is a major meeting point for people who live here. sermons would address cushman political struggles, while authorities have closed it for extended periods in the past. it's closure now has raised concerns about religious freedom rudo holiday through in these times we are seeing unprecedented suppression pressure and tyranny across india, particularly in kashmir, where even religious gatherings are not allowed to lose. our gram mosque plays a central role. it's closure and the case in these claims of secularism and democracy. the government is also blamed the pandemic and says it will last local authorities for a security review to reopen the mosque. but cushman is
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a skeptical and say new delhi has made similar excuses in the past to crack down on their freedoms. park, new metal al jazeera, new delhi, a 1000000 luncheons have been let in thailand to celebrate a buddhist festival. the dom makia buddhist sect was found at 52 years ago. some consider the movement to be controversial because of its unorthodox interpretation of buddhism, its wealth and its links to a former prime minister. ah said time for a quick check on that lines here, an auditor and the russian defense ministry has published new video of what it says is tanks returning to their basis. but the u. s. and nato say russia is adding more troops near ukraine and there's no evidence of a pull back.


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