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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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ha, people are very usefully in inverted commas, put forward to military scenarios. and this was done by the secretary of state of the united states, and he listed the provocations it could be used as a pretext to invade ukraine. and this is so regrettable. i would even go so far as to say that they are dangerous because they bring in more attention than toward the unready chance atmosphere. but there's a words and statements. we made a large number of statements of various levels which underscore what it is and where we propose that what was that we intend to do. and it's very unfortunate that those statements at the highest level that came out of moscow were not into heated. but those are statements, so what do we have on the plane of actual facts for the fact is that the russian forces war in the russian territory and remain on the, on the russians territory. and the day before yesterday,
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some of the units after their exercises were returning to their home basis in russian. and russian officials are saying have been saying, i am saying that my country is conducting drills in our own territory. and there were seem that we deem needed. also, there are some other facts that i would like to draw your attention to the fax. in addition to words, you rein is violating the vienna document of 2011 on a confidence building measures on the ukrainians side. there is a $122000.00 troops in the united states will last she year are provided weapons to ukraine to them out of $650000000.00. that route is a lot in january to $100000000.00 worth of dollars of weapon tree was provided. and we're not even talking about was prob, been provided by
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a u. k can in canada and the baltic states all of these days are sending the lethal weapon to we had to care for attack her or craft to multiple rocket launchers, stinger is jabber, linds, rifles, ammunition for them, which was the late. poland is sir william with little metal providing ammunition for 122125 middle millimeter weapons which are banned on the misc agreements as we know, fleming. so the information aggression was constant statements by the russian, the aggression why they needed in order to be able to supply all of these things. ready under the pretext of the russian aggression, the war we see here is obvious a z a is a desire to bog down the discussion about the legal obligations in gilbert. as regards his situation, we are ready for a dialogue for
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a very serious dialogue, not to imitation dialogue, but a real one to day with. as you know, the viewers i'm bassinger in moscow received our reaction on the issue of her anger security guarantees. and we do hope that this will be very carefully looked at in washington because it's a very detailed and written document. thank you for that. i am resuming my function as president of the council most and am with, with you. the representative of the united states had asked for the floor for the, for, for a, for the statement you have the floor. thank you very much. i. i had hoped that what we would hear in response from our russian colleague
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or response to secretary lincoln's call for russia to announce today without equivocation, that they do not plan to invade ukraine. but instead it was a continuation of the disinformation and the rhetoric that we have are we continue to hear and we've heard before the secretary of state laid out the facts. he laid out the facts that we see on the ground. and that all of you are seeing on the ground very clearly. and what we all see is escalation, including the decision by the russian duma, to call for recognition of a separatist movement in total. the stain for the mess agreement. and hopefully, as you stated, this will not go, it will not go any further. but let me just say clearly for this room, for all of you who called for diplomacy,
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we will continue to intensify. we will continue to escalate our diplomatic efforts. and we call for russia to cease confrontation and accept our invitation to dialogue. we will look forward to engaging at the negotiating table to discuss the response that the russians sent to, to us just this morning. and i will end by saying what secretary blank and said today he did not come here to promote war, but he came here to prevent war and to find a way to a peaceful solution. thank you. yeah, because i think the representative of the united states for her statement suggests lives why not give the floor agreement to the representative of ukraine
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distinguished members of the security council. all protocols observed on the day 7 years ago. the korean city for the balance of sustained a full fledged offensive by the russian regular troops and their proxies. heavy artillery and rocket shillings did not spare neither ukrainian military nor civilians. all these happened despite the disengaged line greed by ukraine and russia under the means. memorandum of 9 teens, september 2014. the 2nd document in, in the fat of the means agreements, which clearly defined lead about silver is that government console area.
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these happen despite the means back issue of measures was signed a week or less. and its 1st provision contained commitment to pay court to comprehensive file. this is just one example of how russia violated the agreements almost immediately after signing them. so far disrespect to undertake and commitments remains the hallmark of russia strategy only this morning, the ukrainians. denise, oregon sca was shout with heavy weapons from occupied territory, odon bus civilian infrastructure damaged, including a daycare center upon the instructions of my government. i have to bring to it to the attention of the security council and the other outrageous situation that on the mines, the means could remains. and the entire process of peaceful settlement. 2 days ago,
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the russian duma appealed to the russian president to recognise the occupied bar so the de nancy can logon screen. so ukraine, it's so cold vignettes, can logan's people's republics. these decision runs counter the commitments on that akin by russia as a signatory of the means. agreements. therefore, i requested the security council in my letter to the security council, dated 16 february 202220 due to consider the seat lay situation. to date, our standpoint remains and changed rochester recognition, or the so called dentist scandal guns could be both republics, will be done to mount to ease deliberate, miserable from the means. agreements. sachem who will cause
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a serious blow to the political diplomatic settlements that ukraine and his partners have been actively engaged to promote recognition of the so called republics will have no legal implications. russia will not succeed at masking the russian occupation administrations in the temporarily occupied territory. so will guns can de nest regions as independent entities ought to disguise its own involvement as a party for the armed conflict indian bus. instead, even the russian president endorses the ruling over the state duma. it will have much broader destructive consequences for the international rules based odo and the global security architecture. therefore, russia has a choice to embark on the path of day's collation and diplomatic dialogue or
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experience decisive consolidated response by the international community. it is a matter of practical concern that the same pattern was implemented and the same language was used in 2008. this by taught the there, but the minister just sat, referring that it is just an appeal of a duma ain't 2008. they appealed by the state, duma of the russian federation for the russian president, medieval. if on the need to recognise the republic of south se jay and the republic of kaiser preceded the presidential decree on site recognition, adopted on 26th of august 2008. so just don't call it a mere appeal by duma. i thank the secretary of
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state mister blinking for his powerful statement. oh, february 16 on the issue of do my decision as well as i sank, the foreign minister loads round of france for he is clear statement as well as a thing minister cleverly of the. okay. for his statement to date, as well as i think norway, ireland, albania, and many other partners and responsible members of the international community for their statements on these issue. and i would like to ask the secretary of the security council to make my let up part of the proceedings. let that lated february 16. it is important, however, as well because the soft and feeble reaction of the un ain't 2008 resulted in lusting occupations of paws of the
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georgian territory. and i will not forward towards the van secretary buncombe, one said. and while the pga sat at that moment, we hope that the you and lee that leadership today learn the lessons from the occupational appraiser and south the c j. and we owe both members and the states and the secretariat will be more woken on defending through an charter. i address my letter on the issue to the secretary general. and i wait for amendment full reply by the secretary general to my letter we call and russia to take a constructive stance, doors achieving progress in the framework of the existing negotiations formats. otherwise, russia will be a full responsibility for ruining the means agreements and approaches of peaceful
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settlement. of the armed conflict. the means good remains are the complex of 3 documents and we should approach is implementation from these standpoint. starting from the means protocol oh, fif, sip them 5 of september, 2014. let me remind you that according to the paragraph 4 or these document ukraine and russia agreed on establishment of securities homes in the border areas over ukraine and russia. with the oh, we see permanent monitoring and verification on the board of ukraine expects russia to deliver on these a great commitment which would become a major input into the resolutions efforts. it is more than urgent. now. as about 150000 russian troops had been deployed in the vicinity of the ukraine's borders. we note these statements by the russian officials on
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their bazaar will. although verification and credible proofs are required, unusual military activities on ukraine's borders, that's russia denied to spain in violation of the b n. a document document on confidence and security building measures have detrimental economic and social impact on ukraine already, regardless of ultimate plants by russia. the military build up on the ground has been coupled with a blockade by russia of the large bar. so the black sea, under the pretext of naval exercises because made navigation and international shipping extremely complicated, causing serious challenges for the major ukrainian ports. all these actions feed into the concept of the hybrid war against ukraine with this
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information and cyber attacks are these are the important components. for instance, the most recently russia pulled and other propaganda, ace up its sleep blaming ukraine for genocide in the occupied territories. these are fake and irresponsible allegations by russia aimed at hiding its responsibility for the occupation of the ukrainian territories and subsequent human rights violations there. excellent, since ukraine remains committed to peaceful resolution of the russian ukrainian conflict by political diplomatic means. ukraine, one species security and stability not only for itself, but also for the entire europe. at the same time, i reiterate that in the event of russia opting for escalation,
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ukraine will defend itself. we welcome hold to matic and other efforts they can at different levels to prevent the worst case scenario. we are grateful for support and solidarity was ukraine. so explicitly demonstrated worldwide we rate rate the need to further explore political means to insure the escalation, rain, the grating, the normal format, and the trilateral consul group is one of the necessary steps. both include russia and ukraine as bodies to the conflict and constitute the proper framework for their direct dialogue. the dialogue that russia is still a voice and high is behind their puppet occupation administrations. as long as russia makes bret conditions about direct dialogue between ukraine and moscow, proxies which are effectively unknown,
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stop the progress on the implementation of the means. agreements will remain elusive. hence, it was important that political advisors met in paris and berlin. despite many divergences on implementation, that means we graham in specific we are ready to resume the and 4 talks in all formers, including at the level of the leaders. we regret that russia remains unwilling to hold. and for summit, the last time our lead this mass, embarrassing december 2019 the decisions adopted than remain on implemented by russia. despite ukraine regularly put forward concrete initiatives on fire, humanitarian demining, middle of troops and hardware, mutual release of detain, person's opening, new entry, exit point, ensuring unimpeded access or the
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o e. c. s a man throughout the conflict. a fact that area as well as implementation of the political provisions or the means agreements when 20 to december last year, we managed to find a common understanding on resuming the cease fire regime initially launched in july 2020. we offered far reaching compromises to strike the deal. but these fire, while asians by the russian approbation, forces have not yet halted restrictions of the atom and freedom of movement continued to be a major implement for the implementation in full of the estimate mandate. during the last meeting of the t. c. g on february 9, chief monitor chevy provided statistical information, confirming that 90 percent restrictions of the freedom, a woman of s. a man patrol secure in the temporarily occupied territories. odom, but we call in russia to insure on fitted axis,
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or they asked the man throughout the entire territory under the, in fact of control in particular in the border areas. this is practically important again as a backdrop or the russians decision not to extend the mandate or the always the ball, the observer mission, had the russian check going, who car, and then yes, shut down last september. in this regard, we support the initiative. my france in germany to establish a combination and verification mechanism for the c s m m. on the political track discussion. so it's actually used as implementation of the so called sun my a formula. the special order of local cell government is in certain areas. so danielle can look on screeches. amnesty law modalities of local elections so far, continue to be blocked by the russian side. the russian representatives simply
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refused to continue discussions or the working prose proposals submitted by the ukrainian delegation back in june 2020, relating to the special order or the local government in certain areas in the ask and look on regions or crane and other issues on the agenda or the political working group. ukraine has taken steps on the implementation of a great provisions related relating to the political process. in particular, we submit for consideration by the trilateral conduct group initial proposals to the law on special order of local south government. in certain areas of denny as can lugens regions of ukraine. according to a deer standards resumption of control of the border should be a prerequisite for holding local elections engine back. otherwise, it would be impossible to create the necessary security environment for holding the
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democratic elections in line with the always see standards excellence. this is remains up to russia to take decisions that would lead to full implementation of the commitments it has undertaken under the means. agreements signed by president puddings ambassador to ukraine to or above in blue ink. on september 5015. mr. rub up signed the agreement on september 19. mr. roberts, i'm better putting the agreement on february 2015, ambassador 14 signed the agreement drawing lessons from the past. we urge russia to abandon its long lasting strategy on
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ukraine based on threat and use of force against the territorial integrity of ukraine. based on fundamental principles of peaceful relations and shrine into an charter. but before and let me address. so give us the leash but also you know, in russian. yes. the month away from our recently, most me damn it. if bernoulli disseminated with which is attributed to the heart of to your colleague mister harvey will be with you. please allow me to quote, a little bit of a problem there. you point of international law. you believe you have to be a bit of divine you. you go to a would the geopolitical transformations of $19.90. 1 did not result in the
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disappearance of the soviet union as a subject of international law. got me but an advisor to stay which was called the ussr you because you did not about those were stung miss middleton by doctor or would you rather continue its existence, sunday international and of a quote with live. so with the young, with i one job with, with oh, how do you she whole in security council as a representative of that you as the center that i do hoard seemed to be here with you what the document now says we when i hear such text and when i listen to conrad, my can i want to repeat? this is the same words, sir. i said, i only knew the exact same meeting on in minsk agreements. implementation on the
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18th of february, or the 2029th looking at her la vieza. if not, if you, for her words all with the rare of famous russian poetry of georgia, you have to shenker out. they were said in 1962, both with the road and the poet. you have to trend code now. i said, lit up with them. tell me to come down, william. you're beat new for me. i will not stay calm, but will go in the for you. i was long as they inheritors of his darlin. dimly are still alive and would have been walking the earth hourly. it would continue seeming to me that starlin is still again the more so liam here. sir, you have a silly which we are a little 21st century novel. well, let's get back to the un charter home, and let's start implementing the charter. let's change article 23. let's
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implement article 2224, and one a. wait with anyone. i thank you for your attention. yeah, i thank you, graham represent doing all the ukraine for his statement to the solution and i'll give the floor to the representative of germany and q, mister president. germany is grateful for the opportunity to speak in today's session. we would like to thank you under secretary general decarlo, the special representative of the o. s. c chairperson in office in ukraine and in the trilateral contact group. and they had of the overseas special monitoring mission together with france. germany stays committed to achieving progress in the normandy format, which plays a central role in advancing the implementation of the minsk agreements. many obstacles remain, however,
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the reaffirm cease fire of july 2020 proved the progress can be made if political will is there. with regard to recent reports on increased shillings in eastern ukraine we, we call that the agreement must be observed. and it is utterly unacceptable. and that due to a tech civilian infrastructure on 26 of january in paris and on 10th february in berlin, talks were held. all participants committed themselves to the full implementation of the minsk agreements and to continue and talks in the end for and in the trilateral context fulfillment in this respect are we expressed our strong concern about the resolution of the root russian state, duma calling on the president of the russian federation to recognize the self declared peoples, republics of lawns and done yet as independent states. this would run counter to the vincent agreements and constitute a further breach of ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity. mister president
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. in this 10 situation, it is very important to establish facts and to end identify does inflammation be commend the always see special monitoring missions, indispensable role in establishing facts on the security situation. we must ensure that it can carry out its full mandate without interruption throughout ukraine. this is why we leave the german and france does the same and other partners, so conduct stuff on the ground. this is also why we are deeply concerned about the restrictions of as m a monitor is freedom of movement and destruction of their equipment. mister president. in these days, we cannot evaluate the president the state of the mince with lemons, without effect, during an in military developments in the region. in recent months, an unprecedented military build up of russian forces has taken place on the russian and bella was inside of ukraine's border. it is next to impossible to not perceive
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this as a threat. all the preparation of foreign, the tick. we deplore that russia has so far failed to provide any satisfactory explanation for this cause of action. the un charter, this crystal clear and disrespect it prohibits not only the use of force, but also the me a threat of using force. germany fully supports the sovereignty territory, integrity, unity and independence of ukraine within its international recognized borders. in line with the principles and find in the un charter, the helsinki final act, the trotter of paris, and all se, commitments, in order to diffuse tensions. we have stepped up our diplomatic efforts in close coordination with our french buttons. be happy to take a note of russia's recent announcement to downsize its true presence along the outside d ukrainian border, but we call on russia no till immediate leave follow up on this announcement,
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and to withdraw its troops from ukraine, your grains border substantially, and verifiably, russia should be aware that any military aggression against ukraine would entail severe political, economic, and geostrategic said she to consequences. moreover, the urge russia to provide full transparency regarding its military activities to this. and russia should make full use of the information and consultation mechanisms provided for by the vienna document within the o. s. e framework, together with but with its partners and allies, germany remains open to discussing with russia 6 you, she would g concerns of mutual interest. mister president, if a sovereign member states of this organization adopts an aggressive poster towards another sovereign member states of this organization, this is not something the united nations and its member states should be casual about. it is good that the un bodies stay abreast of the situation around ukraine,
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and we will have a debate in the general assembly on 23rd of february. germany certainly remains strongly committed to finding a diplomatic solution and to be hope others would to thank you. you'll be looking for, i'm grateful to the representative of germany for his statement. i now would like to make a further statement in my capacity as deputy foreign minister of russian federation . and this is what i would like to saying. we have heard to heritage to day words such as war aggression. most interesting here. thing is thunder. no one has ever who has said those words on behalf of for moscow or russia. yeah. or will say.


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