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tv   AJ Selects Express Yourself  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2022 3:30pm-3:56pm AST

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slice toys down. she was with my 2 nieces and my nephew, and that i had told the verna he had found her mother in the living room. the bodies of 13 year old miller and 6 year old daniel had been dragged by the water to the bottom of the hill. the family album was salvaged, but 11 year old stephanie is still missing with all family of all. don't worry, i won't stop looking until i find her here. she's here somewhere. families of other missing people have used instagram to post their pictures and contact numbers. do up in the mail time. there's a huge rock that's about to fall on my house. i had to leave, but my neighbor is still under the rubble. nobody can find her, nor her 12 year old child. you know home said donated 200 coffins. meanwhile, the search for survivors continues monica, in our give, i'll jazeera ah,
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this is al 0. the headlines. this are russia's president for me, put in his overseas strategic nuclear exercises. the cronan says it's warships and submarines successfully launched hypersonic weapons and cruise missiles during the drills. it denies the war games will further inflame tension. meanwhile, russia backed separatist leaders and eastern ukraine of organized a full military mobilization. they say they're evacuating civilians to russia. the shelling intensifies and the breakaway regions of finance and law, handsome ukraine's army says, one soldier has been killed. he claims president of a lot of his landscape and travelled germany to address the munich security conference despite western nations concern that russia could launch an attack while he's out of the country. the head of the european union told the conference that russia is making what it calls a blatant attempt to rewrite the rules of the international order. well, the very reason that the union,
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the european union was once created is that we wanted to put an end to all european wars. and thus the world has been watching in disbelief as we faced the largest build up of troops on european soil. since the darkest days of the cold war, because events of these days could reshape the entire international order. another issue that's been discussed in munich are the efforts to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal. delegate say a deal could be just days away. in direct negotiations between the u. s. and iran resumed last week, ultra 10 day break. at least 10 people have been killed in a suspected suicide bombing in central somalia. it's believed politicians were present at the targeted location. are those are the headlines one use for you here on our 0 after ha selects next
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we work with crushes to swing, to swing the country as a whole. people have lost whole cuz these don't feel like they can be change. and heard about it. how to remain in the other. we do something about it. just leave it
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to get worse from the radio. i think i think is the best way to do it. it's a powerful tool. with ha, ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha, i spoke to, i see what happened. yeah. what happened section hi by cilla is basically a track that is dis, focusing on corruption. yeah. corruption that is going on in our country that is going on in the government. it was it we were you go collapse in every way from all police forces to people that we actually look up to, you know what i mean?
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so it's a sister track that is just sending out a message on, on tests or i late, and it has to stop. i teamed up with corruption. watch is a, so it's campaign, it's a movement. i am the director for fiesta blacks, hybrid and music video. we are coming from u. s. from hills johannesburg. so we're taking this entire co, filled with the most up into arrogant people in the whole world and turned it upside down. let another body look at her purpose of a thought shooting now and action. with
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caption, you destroy the chest that we have in our public institutions. the people who suffer the most of those that are marginalized in that of import employers. and they're looking below the period line because they are depending on the government for services which are not being provided. and they stole this major gap between
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the h and b 4. and i do believe that correction is a major course of this to vote between our society. what would you like to tell the use of south africa? you know, i just want people to join me on the site cuz obviously i can't do it alone. i can't be the only one willing to fight. i wanted to say i've got a big mouth i talk a lot like is the time for me to just talk to can say everything that i want to say . ah yeah, we in the hood now. hey, now we've now with
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like 20 people living in one yard, which is like all the checks and everything. so i'm just gonna talk to them about it and figure out what they think should be happening. what should be given to them? what they feel as much, you know, being delivered to them and how they feel about everything. if you design back with an education, because you entered on there's tune, there's a lot of coping school and in a, a open when the wind blows. these things go like, all my goal is sleeping. you can't even sleep. it's so cold. this is
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a baltic in this is miss plead on top, the was fine. i just no the system talk, the was same thing. yeah. it was in the church. but this is the police, have him and was supposed to look at 1st. it was, everybody got to them to come up with a a,
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a oh and he has an 8th grade. he did a book order one, you know, and now he said to strong, my grandmother is 97 as easy as you stand big. she's got and she can her i'm, if you miss official, hit you with the stick in a motel dunlap into needs in a vehicle. and then if i, you know, around call in portland, i will william, which would you tend to do with a text? no, i said, but a little later like, ha, ha, ha, ha, look about it. okay, a 10 best and then the cell phone. hey sonny gigi, i gay of ab paying bomb cover, boy. can lily hundreds and delivery and get
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a table. a 100 grand or we have us now you'll take it calculated to la dab old ira because what about when or by go wherever, who know van la lin at the end of the day? because my leg already gets on my in vow valid, and i was global i with omega. i see that it's a really good example of corrupt and i get again, you're going to learn le corruption watching and corruption at its beta peak one. and it's not only my mama alone, well, let's do something about it. and let's do something about at night free time will i'm going to talk to a talk, optimize. we're going to do something about it includes bed, which visit this. so many old people here where it was dream that is making so much money. every man from cooking the old in the out of the pension,
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with people receiving very well. they love the name of the song. i basil and the we can, it's catchy. and they agreed, the wicked people actually do okay. and they do when to change with william bolling on y'all. it quantica shall walk around longer. i am laughing and understanding. mm
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hm. well, yeah, it's a free a you know, if you're not going on with when you're doing this a close, i'm done. gomez. i'm off. we're not on the bill. cycle not on, on the on from below. she said digging in a combo with
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numeracy blue. so my mother and i give you a heads up with that they gotta come on up for sale now. it's okay.
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well who was left in june and i'm just going into him. yeah, i'm on what my husband is coming and i'm happy hunting for la almond darcy, my wedding wedding. bowan. ah ah. when they had to get up we had nothing but no, i don't wanna lose them on. we'll skip that big thing in a little that i don't want to go each and i will not be
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able to come in. i am kind of under the version on the letter when i'm in one in photographing, ended up with lumber loud and loud. and remember, just to get logged into our app and log in show in the family when that's done i. so let me know if we're good. we'll end up on monday and be say up and up and up. man, man,
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man said small or on my cell. so does i know that if anybody can access that had not been in touch with anybody can 0 one on duty. done the dos on like you are not able to pronounce black and join with somebody. scott, one must be under one moment. i mean he does. he does so so far. i oh, when i
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went on did he on yes, good. i. i let you down with a desire. i meant go, didn't have to do with me more with the one you go with kenya, like people to say is i looked at it,
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but i'm in within the media will never pick up at the moment. they used the gulf war on some other day. there was once it's good to tell we feel to that actually we needed to, to communicate to the walk with the dates back. i know you can see them with with whatever we have. oh, find it just for us. you will somalia. one of the talking up with
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a 2nd ago, but the hey oh, how could you know? and noah feature flim light and i could you know, color, holographic hello. how i bought i had that would get even similar america, like land them. that would get a how down did it play? she sniggle with get a hook rad fusion wise to put it loose feeling you put easy of why companies. good corporate in is told me, but when we try to shoot, you know, it's quite challenging when, if i had equipment, i would have had to put a fish in a lifetime. and in somalia we had to my stage believe when if i'd like to to leg we thought that was good. i have been gone was thinking how as well yeah,
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i don't know. i don't know kind of a key oh on i might have you been silica in from okay. somewhere. so i know view it. okay. a using a new one. do you have another camera? us maybe 4 or 5 to be it would be okay. okay. i sound like actually with my eyes a lift gates, how. * they are humbly and i'll be money with them to get on to look at the in go do, how would i even katie, while you're in italy,
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we have problems a kind of a male wonderful. we have internet initially. it's new has been price move or the day from it when it would come to my house. that is, that's fear. they done locating with somebody and we work together on data and then on the never want to show up some of my mom, but i actually do authorized for that leg is my like i said, touch base with me and he was doing progression training. the catch, you know, they love us, your id, if you have, you know, you id there with me to take it to the station and they'll ask you when you
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question lead my age some goodies made it seem to you. oh yeah. so about bar. okay . i seem to show up in us and yeah, honestly it's not that are in italy, but you'd be up in it. we need to do investigation and at it, but it's good to focus monotonous. those are as in the whole community. so i think that the victim is bob. bob was willis and that it isn't. i normally get like a threat is from a tourism group this thursday telling me, hey dad, attention that you are comfortable use while you're doing this at end of islam. what do i do when i tried to put that in, in a minute and up until in the middle more than ash was different, but for them they don't. and other one, this is the only to recruit them to use suicide by not by my older. and i, i noticed i created a lot of me and i never had before that i felt the dead. it's feel insecure. i
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never had but for me i a god took as good a t as when i moved it to i go to college with a little bit fuck, although my vision is on and i went to digitally, but i got it because of my life. now like i'm yourself, i got to be there. i missed a little bit like you to like, i know that it was you know what i like a lot of for me to with more them than my friend. i knew the dog in to come in to talk like me a hand with me to the was yes. okay. i bumped with
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it because i know i will die one day and i'm dying for cause i'd have a good man and i was the day you guys don't support us. i don't that i of our community. ah a.


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