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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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of crimea to talk have been arrested, tortured and killed. most believed by russian security forces. crimea rush, his dark secret on al jazeera. ah, president vladimir putin says the bratia has successfully conducted strategic nuclear exercises involving ballistic and cruise missiles and ukraine. this president, florida lensky says that his country won't respond to provocation is by russia. ah, again, i'm adrian said again, this is al jazeera alive from so ha, also coming up. we're in saddam's down for region where 2 years after signing a piece deal this little progress. it over coming security challenges. and we'll
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look at why migrants who risk their lives to reach to life are being turned back or expelled. ah, russia says that president flooding may put in his overseeing strategic nuclear exercises. it comes at a time of sawing tension between moscow, ukraine and the west. the kremlin says it's warships and submarines have successfully launched hypersonic weapons and cruise missiles during the drills it deny is that the war games will further inflame tension. russian backed separatist leaders in eastern ukraine, meanwhile, have ordered a full military mobilization. they say civilians in the dumbass region, a being evacuated to russia, a shilling intensifies between separatists and ukrainian government forces. ukranian army says that one of its soldiers has been killed ukraine. this president,
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for his part, laudermill zalinski, has travelled to germany for the munich security conference. he says his country does not respond to provocations, and has called for peace through diplomacy. let's go live now to kiev, ukraine's capital. i'll just here is andrew sentences to andrew. how do people feel about the fact of a lot of mia zelinski has left the country and gone to munich for this conference? will you think they'd be quite worried, considering the situation has become all the more critical in the past 24 hours and indeed western diplomats were uneasy to hear the president zalinski would be flying to munich to address delegates or however, the general feeling here is very much one that there, we assured that the president is going out on to the international stage to put across his message. and you can be certain that message will be defiant towards the russians. he will stand his ground and he will cool for diplomacy,
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like so many other leaders, but he won't be predicting and outright all in invasion of his country no far from it's about. the situation here though is people feel that what is going on in the east, in the conflict area where there's been fighting for the past 8 years, is disturbing and could be the 4 runner to an invasion. and that is a, that is witty, causing some ship is in many places. the foreign minister to metro caliber is also in munich, and he's going to fly on to brussels and from that to the united states. so those are the actions of somebody who expects the invasion to happen within a matter of hours old days. and so we have a situation now where by there is anees, there is more of more concern, particularly in the east, in the dumbass region. i want slideshow hearing from the breakaway regions of
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ukraine. of a shilling overnight is, is fighting on going the it certainly is there are loads, but there are certainly a tax on going. the casualty rates certainly isn't high. there is one dead ukrainian soldier civilians are however, are really worried. this has been the worst shelling for many years. in fact, the worst since 2015 by all accounts. and that was when the minsk records they, the failed minsk records were brought in a ceasefire, which didn't last very long on that cease fire, a heavy weaponry is banned and that still supposed to be in place. however, both sides have heavy weaponry and we're hearing that long range artillery is being used, which can shells that can travel up to 11 kilometers. that is a distance that goes into areas that are lots of civilians,
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not by no means a densely populated, but places that are really in danger. and the worry is that on the ukraine side that people aren't being evacuated. unlike the in the break away republics. and so therefore, there is a level of concern there. as far as those breakaway republics concerned, i'm the leader of the of the finance republic than his sir. a pavilion. he didn't make the announcement up calling for people to be evacuated or dramatic a sequence of events. if you watch the pictures on a friday now close examination of the video because he released a video at the meta data shows that that video was 2 days old. that it was filmed on february 16th. there's no disputing that so and indicates that the things are being staged and an indicator which backs up that the, the fear that this is going to be at. there's going to be more and more
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a false flag. incidence of that sir, situations whereby they could be the pre runa, are to more serious, but reaction. and there is concern that that's going to happen as it was entered sentence, reporting live there from ukraine's capital care. any thanks and aid to andrew, a diplomatic editor james base has spoken with nato secretary general at the munich security conference. he asked against open book, what a war in ukraine would look like. it will be around us and we still also for many, many lives and to have something like this in europe. it's hard to imagine, but we are closer to that. now don't be in any time since day at least in the cold war because i never seen such a concentration of chips and forces on such or read this with all. busy the different elements in place, everything from, of course a high end weapon system, so to feel hospitals, so to logistics,
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to command control. so russia on launch attack with hardly any warning time and that is really concerning. but again, it is possible for russia to change mind on to, to step back from the bank. we heard from the us, vice president as well. i'm sure you were listening to her speech. she talked about those sanctions that everyone here is talking about. the strongest sanctions yet on russia, but she also talked about some of the quote to further reinforcement of the eastern flank. so the u. s. planning to send more forces will other nato allies also be sending more forces? yes, as well. drive seen is that the ne dollars do not to states, but those are all the, it was all the, the increase their presence in the eastern part of the alliance. germany in, for instance, how's increased? it's suppressed. yes. but if their invasion, we are, but then, then we are ready to further strengthen our presence. is to make sure that there is no room for misunderstanding. no room for miscalculation about naples readiness to
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protect and defend all new dollars. and that's the best way to prevent an attack on and in a to our country. ukraine is highly valued. partner, we support them for an a 2 hours. we provide iron clad security. again, this is toss jabari and moscow has more on rushes, military exercises disclose. of course, a massive exercise trying to test the country's air defense systems, as well as the a nuclear capable missile systems that this country has. this was an event that is usually is scheduled for the month of october in russia for their country's defense systems to be tested when that the nuclear capable ones specifically. but this year they decided that they will move it up to february. and of course, we saw the commander in chief, that is the country's president vladimir putin, in a what was described as a situation center i overseeing the whole thing as well as giving his go ahead to
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start the drills. he was joined by alexander lucas shinkel day president of bella bruce, who was invited by putin to oversee this a drills and according to the officials that were in charge of the different aspects of these exercises, all the missiles ahead, their intended target. and of course, i think the most important point was that these drills took place almost simultaneously to the u. s. vice president taking center stage at the munich security conference. yet again, vladimir putin trying to show his military strength when it comes to this country and been seeing as him trying to show the world of rushes, military prowess, of course. and that is really something that he has seemed to have achieved. as we saw that the center of topic of conversation at the security conference in munich by the world leaders was the ongoing tension between russia and ukraine. stanislaus
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for timothy rush, mccadney of science and says that it's ukraine, which is being aggressive. a lot russia we will see a lot of proven on is an exception expert ation address. next, they will attack ukraine into the what know all these promot this know finally implemented. and finally, what we see now, green started the tension waste board of the west. so, and we just see a great game around your brain. and the problem is that nobody in your brains and nobody in the west, in reality, doesn't care about life. people population of money. but then these are just leverage ratio in russia. and russia has been for in the same light. there is no money for negotiation for me and there is
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room for resolution of these conflict means agreement, but nobody, nobody in ukraine going to fall d. c. greener because these are not going to be inches away with all the russia an aggressor, but no. any evidence of show stable freshman concentration of russian troops along the border with you? again, this is an answer for the support of your brain, aggression statements with no one evidence, no one plans to do something. and last night started to attention. we started last night. yes. show that it was made from ukrainian side. previously yuki in the united states. we do the se observers just in order to to come are not to color the real source of the sentient
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we'll get a weather update next. here on al jazeera, then renewing a battle thought to have been one. look at why my la weight is stuffing up, vaccinations against polio, had a staging repairs to put out the olympic flame. we'll take a look back at some of the highlights and scandals of the winter games. ah. that's a little early near to get significant right in me in my or thailand, but i think we are going to see some we certainly seen some recently and in the forecast that is the line as the r and stuff there. we've also got thunderstorms falling that line down towards jakarta, so west java. so sumatra look fairly potentially wet, flashed red territory. this may be something in northern bony on the far south of
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the philippines. but that's not really the story that he was to his for the north. once again, we got widespread warnings of avalanche risky increasing threat japan gail warnings in the south and significant stay through hawkeye. don't. most of china's sing pre settled inquired whether the attempt is whether it should be, unless you look further south in hong kong, for example, this rain falling with a cold wind is not exactly unprecedented, but not say anything like it for at least 3 years. so it's the coldest weather you've had for a long time. it's slowly recovers to daytime. temperature is below where the night should bring you by wednesday. this is a miserable weekend and start to next week. no further west nazi telling us for me and a few showers. it's lanka. most of india is quiet and find the wind picks up every now again in new delhi. interesting weather is just starting to develop ah,
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from international politics to the global pandemic. and everything in between, it did not respect poor people and your are plenty promised to ensure the safety of women. what happened just a 15 pulled back that people actually have more feel. why is the u. k. feel hostile to transfer the big 3 to all of us. join me if i take on the live, dismantled misconceptions and debate the contradiction. hardly get up front on al jazeera. ah ah, ah, hello again, this is al zealots, remeasured may news. this are russia says that hypersonic missiles have been
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launched during strategic nuclear drills that are being overseen by president vladimir putin. the criminal demise that the war came as will further in a flame tension. russia backed separatist leaders in east of ukraine, meanwhile, have ordered a full military mobilization. they say that they are evacuating civilians to russia . a shelly intensifies on the breakaway regions of turnips and low hums and ukraine's president followed. amir zalinski is travel to germany to address the music security conference. he says that his country does not respond to provocations and call for peace through diplomacy. or another issue that's been scott discussed about unit conference, our efforts to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal. delegate say that a deal could be just days away. indirect negotiations between the u. s. and iran resumed last week in vienna, after a 10 day break. the u. s. state department says that substantial progress has been made and that an agreement is possible. if iran shows seriousness. i'll just do as
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well. a hash him has more now from vienna. there are reasons for being cautious with these, with this optimism, because this might be also a kind of laying the infrastructure for the blame game, just in case that talks faith. now, what, what's, what's left, what's left is how to make this, the sustainable. we are a, just a witnessing the iranian, and the europeans and americans are talking in different on different occasions just minutes ago, the iranian top negotiator alley walker. he left this building behind me. he was sitting there with the europeans here. now with respect to what is a, what are, what are we waiting here for? we're waiting for an announcement. when are they going to announce that they are that to do? this is something that might take days. it might take weeks, which is something that is left to what the iranians are going to announce in the
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coming days or what's going to come from america. so this is mainly what everyone is waiting, gets a kind of a wait game. everyone is waiting for the size to blink 1st. however, there is substantial progress as the united states officials were saying also, the iranian foreign minister, yesterday, in the unit, said that there are big decisions to be taken. the iranian side would want to see guarantees, real guarantees for them to get back to the, to the deal. the united states of america wants to see a big gap between iran and the a nuclear threat of threshold. so this is right now what's being discussed, and as we know, the, the devil lies in the, in the details. a suspected suicide bomb blast and somali up this reported to have killed at least 13 people. place that politicians from
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a target in the city of ballad when delays and the implementation of a peace deal in that are for region of saddam raising concerns about security and the delivery of aid. it's nearly 2 years since saddam's government's side, the agreement and years of conflict with armed groups and off for a super warren report. start from alpha in north star for convincing the words of the deal. interaction is slow and frustrating will hold. the soldiers at the camp in a fashion in north, at r for start they day with the morning assembly there with the army group, justice and equality movement which fought for years against the sudanese government. but this still waiting to start implementing a peace agreement which was reached in 2020 another alcohol at that that harker. there has been an order that on groups should move together in points to start the security arrangements of the deal. but we're waiting for logistical supports,
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such as fuel engine oil spill parts for the car and supplies and other administrative issues to move to the gathering centers. hutton mclean, i'm in the dar for conflict, killed at least 300000 people, and left more than 2000000 displaced. the peace deal allowed for those displays during the fighting to return to their villages and for the region to be developed . it also provided some power to the former rebels. all armed groups that have signed the peace agreement are supposed to be integrated into the national army before the end of the transitional period. currently scheduled for july next year. but more than a year after the deal, very few of the security arrangements have been implemented and further de mays are causing security concerns. empathy and in the dark for region. world food program temporarily halted operations after an attack on its warehouses. the government responded by ordering all armed groups to leave the mean cities. but the people of old fashion are still worried about 50. well, hi considered. well,
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there were robberies. there are killings. the country is not very safe and that makes things hot. rather than pop up with the security situation is terrible. with the killings and robberies, the war has ended, but insecurity remains with their mob north. dar for is governor has getting big deal to work is not proving easy at the huddle as, as he murphy iraq. the c a c gary yelton, feasel. but we're gonna, i think the main issue and delaying the implementation is political will, which was absent but is now there. the other issue is the financial issue. those who supported the deal were supposed to assist, especially the part of the security arrangements because it involved the disarmament disintegration and rehabilitation of those who won't be part of the armed forces. and that needs funding either did them. meanwhile, and military camps fight as a way to start the next phase in the agreement. while the security situation in the region remains fragile. he but morgan al jazeera and fashion northstar for sunday
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is the day set by ethiopia. the switch on the largest hydro electric power project in africa, electricity from the grandly theo p and renee san storm is due to be generated for the 1st time neighbours, egypt and sir don have long complained of water shortages and flooding caused by during the balloon of nile river, if you appear, says the $5000000000.00 of elephant will power its economy while we were certified polio of free years ago. but the detection of a new case is being seen as a setback for the fight against the virus. a little girl in the waves has been paralyzed by the 1st known infection in africa. in almost 6 years. human call soon reports a decades long battle, believe to have been one has renewed 2 years after the announcement that polio had been eradicated in africa. the 1st case of the wild pole you virus has been
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confirmed in malachi. the world health organization says the strain is ling to one circulating in pakistan. we don't know the chain of transmission. we're working with that this is an important case. but on the ground planning with the worst case scenario. but we must strengthen rapidly with quality initiatives, vaccination campaign to base with china transmission whole you usually affects children under 5 years and can cause is reversible paralysis and sometimes depth. the disease remains endemic into countries of cornerstone and they bring pakistan. there is no cure, but a polio vaccine protects children for life. 25 years ago, thousands of children in africa, the pan lives by the virus. but a series of vaccination campaigns led to it being declared, wiped out. that's now changed. one case of polio is now
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to make us declare these public health emergency. they let those in what it must have been spreading will be allowed to the continent silently. the case does not change the country, not africa status as being free of wild polio. but the region will increase surveillance and authorities in the lobby are stepping up immunization programs to stop it from spreading. michelson anxious eda wildfires in northwest argentina have devastated a national park and killed protected animals, drought conditions and high temperatures are expected to further fuel. the flames. emergency crews are struggling to contain the blaze which has already scorched large areas of land. chilly has expelled dozens of migrants south to somewhat
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blamed for the death of a truck driver last week. many of the deported from venezuela and the crime town is affecting chill lands to laura bird. manley reports a marching order from chile, this family from venezuela had hoped to find safety and a better life here. oh, but these children feel overwhelmed as they dreamed ends in the northern province of a kiki. as so to search to their luggage one shall ever get her. once you go to bolivia, you cannot come back to chile in our rec law, but they are not. but i told us that they would not let us pass. the venezuelans could not pass that if we set foot on chalet in soil, they would not be responsible for what could happen to us. they treated us badly. the government had imposed a 15 days state of emergency after
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a truck driver was killed last week. it play migrants for the death. the military has both of his forces in the boarder regence of attica, putting quarter time at ogle and law, with more than $700.00 additional soldiers and police babel, clint residence about him, pin yet as to the state of emergency. it needed to maintain security and public order. a crackdown of migrants was launched earlier this month. after 2 died from exposure as they tried to enter the northern pass. those travelling into chilly faith temperatures that are extremely hot in the day and freezing at night. this is route 15 from bolivia. many tried to hitch hike will walk, but it's a very long road. the emergency measures are also affecting locals. in chile, it's usually easy for them to cross the 800 kilometer border with bolivia to stock up. i'm good. i came to buy merchandise and cooking gas because i ran out and i
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can't cook with firewood because it's raining. i came to buy more gas, but they won't let me in coming from so far away. now i have to go back without gas and let me buy lamentable for unfortunately, as a result of the state of emergency decree, there are food shortages in our community because culture on your residence cannot go to bolivia to buy bishop good shining many people from venezuela like this family say it's difficult to return home because of economic hardship. now they're not wanted. in chile, it's uncertain where their journey will end. laura gemelli, alto, theora, spain has approved a new animal welfare law carrying penalties of up to 2 years in prison. for those charged with abuse or with the death of an animal, it will be in the most animals can't be sold in pet shops and zoos will be turned into wildlife recovery centers. the law will face a public hearing and
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a parliamentary vote. the government says it's a step toward bringing spain's animal protection laws in line with other e u countries. winter olympics were closed on sunday despite diplomatic boycotts and global protests by activists. organizers say the event ran smoothly, but strict cove at 19 controls, as well as a doping scandal of left their mark on the event. katrina year reports from bay jane with the 2022 beijing olympics soon coming to a close team. china is celebrating its highest winter metal tele ever. it was the 2nd time the chinese capital hosted an olympic event. but gone was the festive atmosphere of the 2008 sadly gang snug, it's very different now. the said, the novelty to some extent is worn off a to winter games, which by its nature is a smaller event. it's winter so. so p a people that you know and outdoors as much.
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and then of course we've had cove it and so all of those things point to a more muted atmosphere. here help is in protective suits. and morning cove 19 tests were a part of daily life. olympic dreams ended abruptly for those who tested positive for the virus seems pretty unreal of all the people, or what happened to myself, i had been doing everything in my power to stay free of coverage since the start of the pandemic. for some strict quarantine measures were too much to bear. many complained about heavy handed controls. i am. we are not even sure i will ever be allowed to return to the village. and obviously this is very hard for me. top competitors. what the only once the spotlight chinese tennis play a pung shrine, appeared in the stands with international olympic committee head,
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thomas buck. after giving an interview, denying she made sexual assault allegations against a retired politician rights groups criticized the decision to use a weaker athlete to light the torch at the opening ceremony. and the featuring of a soldier who fought on china's border with india, incensed new deli, more ag was sparked after 15 year old russian figure skater, camilla valley eva was allowed to compete after testing positive for a bad substance. we'll do everything to investigate is these case belinda, dropping gulf of children is evil and unforgettable muscle and take the i r. c field and difficult questions about time is human rights record, previous games held in russia, so keep and reserves rio de janeiro res. similar questions from here, the summer and winter olympics will return to the western world held consecutively in paris, milan anne was angeles than use less likely to attract process. the organizes of
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the beijing olympics hope the legacy of the event will be felt in a burgeoning winters. sports industry and confidence that the city can pull off a successful games. despite a global pandemic. katrina, you al jazeera beijing. ah, it is good to be with us. hello adrian, to live here in though all the headlines and al jazeera, russia says that hypersonic missiles have been launched during strategic nuclear drills that are being overseen by president vladimir putin. the kremlin denies for the war games will further inflame tension. meanwhile, russia backed separatist leaders in east and ukraine of all of a full military mobilization. they say they're evacuating civilians to rush up a shilling, intensifiers in the break away regions of the nets. and the hans and cranes president with a lot of members saelens cares travel to germany to address.


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