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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2022 1:00am-1:31am AST

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ah al jazeera, as a use all ah, me ah monitors in easton ukraine record more than 3000 cease fire violations in the last 2 days. as shelling forces the ukrainian interior minister to take shelter. while russia's president overseas strategic nuclear drills involving hypersonic ballistic missiles. ah, and neuron taylor, this is al jazeera, alive from london, also coming up. oh,
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protesting trot drivers, camped out in canada's capital, finally pack up and leave after police, push them away from parliament. and as beijing's winter olympics draw to a close, we look at the highlights and the many controversies of the 2022 games. ah hello. we begin in eastern ukraine where monitors from the organization for security and cooperation in europe. recorded more than 1400 explosions on friday, and the reported to have recorded almost 2000 ceasefire violations on saturday. ukraine's president has vowed not to respond to russian provocations. ah, walter shows exploded coast to ukraine's interior ministers. he and other politicians toward the front line of the conflict in the east than this one austere ski was forced to seat cover. the gunman says no one was hurt,
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but at least 2 soldiers were killed elsewhere on saturday. and the roaches reporters as multiple loud explosions had been heard in the center of the separatist control city of don't ask. both give and russia backed rebels, have accused each other of provocative actions in recent days, where ukraine's military says mercenaries have arrived. internet's to carry out what it calls, provocations alongside russian special services and separatist leaders in easton, ukraine have ordered a full military mobilization. is fed, russia will use the spike in violence in the region as a pretext for an invasion. meanwhile rushes president vladimir putin has been overseeing major nuclear drills involving the launch of hypersonic missiles and other weapons. and ukraine's president vladimir zalinski is told high level security talks in munich, that it's too late to impose sanctions. after the bombing starts, he said the global security architecture is almost broken and called for a clear time frame on ukraine joining nato. and to promote to get it
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a james base reports from munich. the us vice president cobbler harris meeting with the ukrainian president vladimir zalinski. any threats to your country, we take seriously and we have rallied our allies in our partners to speak with one voice. the ukrainian leader made the trip here, despite warnings from the u. s. administration, it might be unwise to travel, given the threat against his country. later on stage, he was honest about president boykin's assertion with president putin has decided to invade in the next few days. a level of individual or as a me than when we stand ready to respond to everything in the one we cannot remain passive then how can you live in a state where you are told on a daily basis that war will happen, that tomorrow the advance will happen it means crushing national courtesy, money being taken out, businesses closing. can you live in that kind of country and i know can you have
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stability in that kind of country? is novi. she also questioned why the announcement of the details of western sanctions. it thought should only come without any invasion, but to war wood to guide. now we don't need your sanctions after the bombardment yet after our country has been fired at e after we had no borders right after we had no economy or when part of our country will be occupied a come, why do we need the sanction? is there war and he just from nato and e. u leaders, a threatening, unprecedented sweeping sanctions on russia. but the details are not finalized. i asked the europe and commission president, sort of on the line about possible measures, such as stopping e u energy imports, and russia being excluded from the swift banking system. the final decision will be taken in case that russia is beginning a war against ukraine and the military aggression against ukraine. and then it's going to be
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a political decision by the european council that is taken up the preparation for the preparation. everything is on the table. what's the lead is not just talking about sanctions, russia might face, but also what a full scale war might look like him all. it will be around us and where does that also for many, many lives and to have something like this in europe. it's hard to imagine, but we are closer to that. now don't be in anytime since day at least in the cold war because i never seen such a concentration of troops on forces on such or read this with all. busy the different elements in place, everything from of course a high end weapon system, so to feel hospitals, so to logistics, to come on the control. so we're stuck on the launch in the tack with hardly any warning time. there's remarkable unity in the words from e, u, a nato members here. but if his president biden predicts as an invasion soon,
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will that unity persist when it's time for them to take action? change phase al jazeera munich. well guess what's, my reuters reported that multiple loud explosions have been heard in the center of the rebel held city of jeanette sc. at. charles stratford has been speaking to residents near the front line in easton ukraine. there are hundreds of villages like these along the front line on the ukrainian controlled side on once, increasingly worrying the amount of civilians that are still here. as we understand this, evacuation continues in the separatist controlled areas or is increasingly wiring also. is that in villages like these, there are also a lot of ukrainian military and we've been speaking to some of the civilians here about their fears were soldiers stay and what were once private homes military vehicles passed by the talia runs the village shop. she
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has little hope, a peaceful solution to the crisis can be found. moda was in, is this, the military's been here for 8 years, but we all feel like target new thing. of course the military in the village makes the risk greater. i'm afraid to even think about an evacuation. if i would have to leave my home suddenly with a bag of documents posted not attending the security conference in munich, suggest he doesn't want a peaceful solution. most of the families of those buried in the graveyard of left the village. people tell us the shelling in the area and the last couple of days has been the worst in years. i've been yellow so it's very frightening. i felt the fear rising up 3 me when the shelling of started with us. we been here since the beginning of the war. but where can we go and who can help us? we had about the evacuation on the other side and it's not a good sign. there is no good that will come out of this is mainly the elderly left
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here. now they say the shelling has been worse at night. people in villages like this one close to the front line are afraid they are aware of what the russian back separatists on their side of the front line of now calling a mass evacuation of civilians are they are asking what about our safety to char stratford, al jazeera, eastern ukraine, justin hedges is executive chairman of prevail, partners, which offers intelligence and risk management services, and which and the company is currently working in ukraine. he says the arrival of mercenaries in the east could signal more attacks, will teach. it needs a pretext to conduct further minute reaction in ukraine. and i think what we are saying is at least examples of that, whether all of these amount to enough to provide him sufficient just calls or just calls that he can point to for his domestic audience. that remains yet to be seen,
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but all the indicators suggest, including the arrival of mercenaries, chechen mercenaries, wagner, group profit, military security. those are the sorts of organizations that might conduct attacks within the next could lance against the population that in order to provide that, that reason for putin to take action. i think the distributive denial of service cyber attacks that occurred quite recently a couple of days ago against some state sites are a significant indicator morning. i think these, this increase in attacks and a full flag operations that might be taking place in the next glance of probably 2 of the most significant indicators of mornings. i think it, it's difficult to tell whether vladimir putin has made up his mind exactly what
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he's going to do. ready but all the indicator suggests there's going to be some form of a major action to come in the next few days. despite the apparent escalation to the criminal system, diplomatic solution is still on the table. meanwhile, president vladimir putin has been ever seen strategic exercises involving russia, nuclear forces. most of our reports who moscow let me put, gave his go ahead for the start of the nuclear drill, joined by his fellow russian counterpart, alexander lucas shane co rushes, president chil saturday for these wargames. usually they are held in october. the exercises involved russia's northern and black sea fleets, its air force, as well as soldiers on the ground. the kremlin says the missile systems all able to launch nuclear warheads hit their intended targets. those were grooming, loma grimalda's shoes were 3 exercises of the strategic deterrence forces are being
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carried on in the course of which tasks of joint management of nuclear weapons and weapons of increased potential danger will be worked over in the course of committing an operation of strategic attack forces the russian back leaders of the self proclaimed republics of don't ask. and the honks in ukraine's dumbass region announced the mass evacuation of women and children. on friday evening. in the southwest region of resolve, russian citizens continue to be bust. then after being forced to leave their homes in ukraine in the middle of the night, and the situation is terrible. shooting has been heard for 3 days. we had to load the apartments and get dressed quickly, but they said that in order for us not to create any danger for ourselves, we need to evacuate. i'm 75 years old. i'm single. i don't have any one to help me out of this makeshift refugee camp at a local children's health center in the village of cross need the sound which borders ukraine to the west is home for some of the 30000 people who have fled. a
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state of emergency has been declared in their or south region, as shell was found to have landed in a residential area a kilometer from the ukrainian border. a 2nd shell was found nearby, which russian officials say was fired by the ukrainian army. with a window of diplomacy quickly closing saturday's nuclear exercises serve as yet another example of russia's military straight. but as the security situation continues to rapidly deteriorate on the borders with ukraine, many see the possibility of conflict as increasingly inevitable. dorsey jabari al jazeera moscow. so to come this ha, ah, celebrations, and molly, over the withdrawal of french troops, even as 8 soldiers are killed in clashes with rebels. and will look into the and terminated cocaine that killed 24 people. left dozens more ill in argentina. speak
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to relatives hoping their loved ones will make it. ah hello there. let's have a look at the weather in australia and it's looking look quieter across the north and it has been recently was seen. the odd storm was shower kick off in the top and northern areas of queensland as well, but it's really all about the heat, picky for western areas of australia. the north west seen temperatures touch up into the 14th, but down in perth was sitting in the mid thirty's. it is still very warm and it will continue to be that way for the coming days. warm across central areas as well . but we are seeing one or 2 thunderstorms pop off in the outback in queensland, in the days to come for the southeast corner. we are seeing things cool down slightly as that depression sweeps across tasmania bringing the wet or weather here
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. and if we have a look at the 3 day from melbourne, we will be below the average on monday, but it does look rather settled as we go into the week. now it's looking more settled across the south island of new zealand. we saw what heavy rain creeping into wellington, so the north island looking wet over the next few days. but we are expecting the temperature to come up into the twenty's across the board with some sunshine that was moved to southeast asia. it's the usual scattered showers and sunshine with some of the heavier falls for south silhouette, the in the days to come. ah, the farmer, finding harmony in pursuing his passions. my passion is finding young artists and keeping cultural traditions like nurturing the musical talents of his community. had been trying to dream music for lynch, my new money to the outside world, and tending his family's lands the most positive thing that called it's brought to
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my mind. you actually start doing this hector megan, the music man, my son bob boyd. oh, now jesse ross, ah ah ah, one of the top stories here now to 0 mortar shells of exploded coast to ukraine's interior minister, as he told the frontline in easton ukraine. 2 soldiers have also been killed in the upsurge of shelling, immunization for security and cooperation in europe, says it recorded 11400 explosions in easton ukraine on friday. and what is news agency says almost 2000 cease fire violations are recorded on saturday. you crate
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his president brought him is lensky, is about not to respond to what he calls russian provocations. he told high level security talks in unit that it's too late to impose sanctions after the bombing start and said the global security system is almost broken. meanwhile, russian president vladimir putin has been overseeing major nuclear drills involving the lot of hypersonic miss house and the weapons a suicide bomber has attacked a restaurant in the central somali town of bella, dwayne kidding. at least 13 people, at least 18 people were injured in the attack, which has been claimed by the on group asha bob. when it says a, the venue was packed with local officials and politicians. one of those killed was reportedly a candidate in the countries long delayed parliamentary elections, which are currently taking place. i mean, celebrations in molly's capital amaco after the over the withdrawal of french troops as after paris announced it ending its 9 year mission against fighters. linked to al kinder and i. so molly's ruling military joint has told paris to go
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without delay. but from says it could take several months. celebrations came as at least 8000000 soldiers were killed by gunmen as a vague reports from deca. awe happy, the french are leaving, but it's not soon enough for the modern military. there was the french to withdraw nudity, not to the 4 to 6 months that french president mangin micron says it will take the people on the streets and by michael agree. bronze must leave molly frances here to steal the results. as of molly francis a, to colonize molly, leave the country without delay. they've been here for 10 years and could not solve the problem with them. so i know tradition. if there is a broom, it means we don't want any more. we don't want any mall. the brill means that, that's why they put a stop to france. i don't know. the french president says the countries fight
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against terrorism. the region is not over. japan, good to said was the fair. i think all this must be done with respect because for 9 years now, france has been helping molly equip train and a company the molly military as well as the military's of the region and our forces where we relocated a few kilometers from the boulder in the year the security threat remains. the modern military says 8 of its soldiers were killed and 14 injured with force still missing in an attack on friday. they say it was carried out by an icy linked group . neither burkina faso boarder, molly said it killed 57 of the militants as relations between molly and france rich new lo questions still remain around. security groups linked to an ice still still operate in this whole region. an area the size of germany spread across 10 countries. the french may be leaving molly. but as recent incidents, sho, militants can still carry a deadly attacks. attacks the maryan military must now face without french support
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. i said vague. i'll just tucker in benito historic treasures handed back by france, have gone on display in the presidential palace to celebrate their return president . but we still open the exhibition of the 26 artifacts which was stolen was 130 years ago. tens of thousands of african works still in france. meanwhile, the u. k returned to been in bronze is to nigeria on saturday. if you says it will start generating power from its new mega dam on the blue nile from sunday. the grand, if you can race on time, is that to be the largest hydro electric project in africa. if you appeal as the $5000000000.00 development will power, it's economy. but egypt and she does say the dam threatens the dependence on the niles waters for agricultural purposes. may not china sent a 2nd medical team to hong kong to help the territory with surging co, 19 cases. the team will help build new isolation facilities to ease the strain on
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the health care system. hospital bed currently over 95 percent full. with some patients, including the elderly, being left in beds outside in the cold city reported 6063 new infections on saturday. kind of unbelievable that could be that our control would be is unexpected. i think it's, i think it's kind of our control and i'm afraid that most people always reading i was i was towing hong kong for, for, for, for getting medical support. police and canada say they made significant progress in clearing people out to who was still protesting against coven restrictions in auto. but they will only opperation is not over. addresses began leaving shortly after police moved aggressively against those camping out in front of canada's parliament buildings. a large group of truck drivers have been occupying the city for the past 3 weeks. at least $170.00 people have been arrested and done have had
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their vehicles towed, purchase, began with truck drivers angry at cooper 19 restrictions and vaccine mandate would have turned into wider anti government discontent. there was no notice, no nothing. they just came in with full force snipers on the roof and all of our permanent buildings. this is absolutely discussing what is going on. i cannot believe that i am seeing this on canadian soil. argentina has one of the highest cocaine consumption rates in latin america. 2 weeks ago, 24 people died and dozens more were taken to hospital after taking cocaine, which was contaminated with a powerful narcotic. and as to her, as a bar reports from when his iris, it's highlighted, the dangers of cheap drugs being sold and the poorest communities in every day. beatrice cathy learning goes to the hospital in hurling. i'm in the province of when a site is 2 weeks ago, her son was rushed here after inhaling contaminated cocaine. when a me within a wedding day, you know, my son is 41 years old. he's an addict,
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and i've tried to help him but cannot. but that doesn't mean he deserves. what happened to him? i found him lying on the floor unconscious. he had a heart attack. it was terrifying. at least 24 people have died and more than 80 others have been hospitalized. all of the victims showed similar signs of sickness . breathing difficulties, convulsions and fatigue. police report so about the drugs were mixed with car fence . hello, etha, synthetic drugs. that's $10000.00 times more powerful than morphine. it's mostly use in victory. nary mary thing to anesthetize large animals like elephant it has had devastating effects and humanly the police immediately detain drug lord hawking, aquino, known as hill baser, suspected of selling the tainted drugs. they also captured at thousands of doses of cocaine in pink packages. the same packages the victims had when they became ill.
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investigations are still ongoing about how the toxic cocaine made it to the streets . monica coronado is a national prosecutor. she created the country's 1st unit, specializing in the fight against drug trafficking. she says the pandemic has had an impact on criminal organizations to le, bye little good at them in the, the pandemic is brought not only poverty business closure, domestic violence, but also border control, an increase of security, complicated exporting drugs to europe or the united states. so bands are now more rustic, no criminal gang what their clients to die because of their product. maddie m morales brother is still fighting for his life. she still trying to comprehend what went wrong in film where there is so much uncertainty every day with our hearts and our marks, his not getting better. i don't know how this happened. i hope the open senses to help she our loved ones because they are ill, acquiesced for answers from relatives of the victims,
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pushing authorities to prevent tragedies like this from ever happening again. that is, i will, i'll to cedar when acela's rescue workers in brazil have pulled more bodies from the margin. the city of patropolis, which was devastated by floods and landslides on tuesday. and it's a 130 people have been confirmed dead or more than 200 others are missing. search and rescue teams are trying to clear the debris. hundreds of homes have been damaged or destroyed, forcing many people into shelters. and there had been multiple warnings about the dangers of mountainside construction in the city in the rio de janeiro state who appeal demille valley. there is a huge rock that is about to fall on my house. i had to leave, but my neighbor is still under the rubble. nobody can find her, nor her 12 year old child. it is, it is like a single soul brought. i'm sure that as soon as the sun comes back and the weather improves, the politicians won't care about us any more thought up. so people will clean up on their own sleeves and build again on their own. and after a while,
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the same thing will happen again as usual after a french modeling agent and associate of the late sex offender and financier jeffrey esp scene has been found dead in prison. the french prosecutor's office, as early indications are that 75 year old johnny panell, committed suicide in his cell, who now was detained in 2020, and placed under investigation for the rape of a minor and sexual harassment. prosecutors alleged, he was also behind organizing the transport and housing of young women for epstein, who died in jail in 2019, not been arrested on charges of trafficking under age girls. and he's 13 people have now dined in a powerful storm that swept across the u. k and north west europe. hundreds of flights trains and fairies were cancelled due to extreme winds from storm eunice on friday and on saturday has been extensive property damage as well as massive power cuts in several countries, including belgium, the netherlands, poland,
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and germany. where the warnings remain in place, in some regions with risks of uprooted trees, fallen branches and damaged roofs. the mazama was this of settlement for the student for a blow. this is never happened to me. my child is crying. i would have fallen if a woman didn't help me with the stroller without the fence. i would have flown far away. the wind is very strong. what the chances of browsing through those 11 am or because we know about at least 2300 incidence caused by the storm. but we expect more to be reported. luckily, in most cases nobody was injured. it was a little bit disconcerting because our apartment was swaying back. yeah, my workstation, my screens were moving in the wind even though everything was closed or the wind was howling, then marked and only have to contend with storm eunice. but still nora as well. it didn't stop some $1500.00 runners taking part in a night installation. though. at this point the high winds and rain,
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they jogged along the 7 kilometer route, arcing around 50, lit up works of art on their way. and event in copenhagen was organized in collaboration with the danish architecture center the beijing winter olympics doors to close on sunday, up to 2 east of competition. at despite diplomatic boy cops and global protests by activists. organizers say the event ran smoothly, but strict code controls as well as a doping scandal left a mark on the event. katrina, you report some beijing with the 2022 beijing olympics soon coming to a close team. china is celebrating its highest winter metal tele ever. it was the 2nd time the chinese capital horses and olympic event. the gone was the festive atmosphere of the 2008 some again. it's very different now the said, the novelty to a sun extensive warn off. it's a winter games, which by its nature is a smaller event. it's winter so. so p a people ons,
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outdoors as much. and then of course we've had cove it. so all of those things point to a more muted atmosphere here help is in protective suits. and morning corbett 19 tests were a part of daily life. olympic dreams ended abruptly for those who tested positive for the virus seems pretty unreal. of all the people. what happened to myself, i have been doing everything in my power to stay free of cove. it started the pandemic for some strict quarantine measures. put too much to bear. many complained about heavy handed controls. i am not even sure i will ever be allowed to return to the village or miss you. this is very hard for me. top competitors. what the only ones the spotlight chinese tennis play, a polish why appeared in the stands with international olympic committee head,
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thomas buck. after giving an interview, denying she made sexual assault allegations against a retired politician rights groups criticized the decision to use a weaker athlete to light the torch at the opening ceremony. and the featuring of a soldier who fought on china's border with india incense to new delhi. more aga was sparked after 15 year old russian figure skater, camilla valley eva was allowed to compete after testing positive for a bad substance. we'll do everything to investigate this. these case broke billy and they're the doping, gulf of children is zebulon, the unforgivable missile, and picks the i r. c. feel the difficult questions about time is human rights record, previous games held in russia. so keep and reserves rio de janeiro raised similar questions from here. the summer and winter olympics will return to the western world held consecutively. in paris, milan anne was angeles venues less likely to attract process the organizes of the
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beijing olympics. hope the legacy of the event will be felt in a burgeoning winter sports industry and confidence that the city can pull off a successful games. despite a global pandemic, katrina you out a 0 beijing quick monday, didn't catch up any time with all the stories recovering by checking out our website address for that aren't a 0 dot com. ah . or one of the top stories on how to 0 immunization for security and cooperation in europe says it recorded more than 1400 explosions in easton ukraine on friday. and it's reported to recorded almost 2000 cease fire violations on saturday. ah, among them were water shells which exploded close to ukraine's interior minister as he toward the front line. and a roaches reporter says my.


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