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tv   Al Jazeera World The Colours of Home  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm AST

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i care about how the us engages with the rest of the world. we're really interested in taking you in fil a play. you might not visit otherwise and feel as if you were there. ah. ready your child is there with me. hello robin. in doha, reminder of our top stories. russia has extended its military deployment in bella, rue, citing an escalation of tension that the ukrainian border around $30000.00 russian soldiers are being carrying out exercises in belarus. meanwhile, monitor say there's been more shelling in the disputed region of eastern ukraine, russian back separatists say. villages have been hit while ukraine's army says its positions have come under fire. around 2000 cease fire violations were recorded in don bass on saturday. both sides are accusing each other of provocations. charl
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stratford has the latest for maria paul in eastern ukraine. it feels as if there is been the beginnings of an easy, an eerie calm, certainly here in mariel pool. and we understand and further up north, along the 420 kilometer front line. we earlier got reports from people inside units that there had been the sound of explosions. and we can know in no way verify that and suddenly in the last half an hour or so, and people that we've spoken to in around the airport in don at jca saying that they've heard a few explosions. they cannot confirm whether they were incoming or outgoing. of course, the, the accusations by both sides continued the ukraine an army this morning. interestingly, in its daily sit rep is accusing the russians of moving heavy weapons closer to that front line, which they say is obviously of
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a violation of the minsk agreement. the minsk agreement has some very strict articles on the movement of heavy weapons article to i believe it is that says that says weapons of a 100 millimeter caliber or more should be more than 50 kilometers apart. so there are indications certainly by the ukrainians, and that said, accusing russia of violating that side of the minced agreement said. and of course the russians and the separatists are accusing the ukrainians of doing the same thing. will lead as a meetings all the 3rd and final day at the munich security conference. our diplomatic at the james base is that with more on a potential meeting between the u. s. equity at states and the russian foreign minister, both sides seem to be saying that the meeting will take place in europe this week. we think probably thursday this week, we don't know the venue from previous experience of meetings between the us and
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russia. i think the meetings of always taking place on neutral territory. neutral territory means a country that is not a member of nato in the past. switzerland and geneva has seemed a very easy option for both. clearly there's a base of the un, they're both have missions to the un, substantial diplomatic stuff. but remember, also we've seen some, it's take place in the past between the u. s. and the russians in finland in helsinki. i would say those 2 cities are the main options, but i haven't, i caveat to all of this, speaking privately to western officials, western diplomats and some of the western leaders. they're all saying yes, blinking now roth, important meeting. if an invasion hasn't started by then the british mon, queen elizabeth the 2nd has tested positive the cove at 19 buckingham palace. so she's experiencing miles symptoms and will continue her duties. candidates. but the
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reason we held a private meeting with her son prince charles days before he tested positive cove at 19 the grand indian renee songs damn has begun generating electricity for the 1st time. now the dam is africa, the largest hydro electric power project. it says the $5000000000.00 development will power its economy, neighbors, egypt and sudan have long complained of water shortages and flooding. colds by the blue nile river being damned up. the closing ceremony for the winter olympics is underway in beijing, norway finished top of the battle table with 4 goals i had of germany, host nation. china has had their best performers that went to games of the total of 15 metals, 9 of which were gold. but the games are arguably defined by the positive, deeper result of teenage, russian figure skater camilla valley ava. those will headlines have more in half now to stay with the soldiers. they're a world is next. ah
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ah, a with
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a virginia fee america. the rust the understand model doesn't mean there. leah, we're bound will fund it all up, will help the lobby with when alma will, will you, most them are in the nashville talent as that am in when we loaded and him that he acted on holland will be getting so much computer and model that a few 100 less can will and one and that's to, to learn kazama. lavender. can we get the benefit d a fin robin? here you can see the sweet lady lion. and i smiled hon.
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they can even whom they can whom actually shallow in nor had already been home. homestead, gentle motion to his relax and couldn't, couldn't she see it? young know, couldn't my world of natasha li if he and for le stuck in the be to shadow miss leo and my issue couldn't ship leave this handler the say said that i know i know eli level to look to more carly her, it's him how we learn will hold 30 if we're looking at the plans i showed them papa was the tree that we planted that tomato down the garden. there has like a little bit of score things on it. that good or bad thing? it's bad clearly. yeah. maybe this because they're too close to each other
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this month. okay, leanna, i show her faith in one question. i live in virginia. grim and washington d. c. c. her few homeless min mcwilliam lead line when june and nursing philippine sees has been adam b bukosa of cut off in phil in said he would do the fee in wisdom looked at if a fraud enough to more than a theme of the bits and fees for the key to be the shares need in my hand, my can, if it could be given in fun, we'll do a full completed full of linear come with the little on the you will definitely in the thought 11 little bit in my system from the will study herbert pluto euclid. luckily, and for last year in the, in the and i see where i live her, then am in the nation highly and mom of whom be in full of thing
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complete. i mean, she can leave full of many of us. so sci fi, jo, ma'am i been in complain and then they say in the florida mildly and last name on the stone, i low her home and only be because of a sang can offend, sank and phony can, can be food liquor say and see her the item for comb or high enough love silica lomeley. can i see daddy russell? hey mr. herman. just lyn in home in home. just take me it feel fitter scheme. oh, how it in a clear, thin boy? no. hoyle? no, no. hollins? any in a hole? no. no hold hurry in it fairly. you live in sam?
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oh both look, did mine in the bottle, philistine the man and boy lynn in it s would see america ah m c m n g 30 year in harlow coffee vehicle buy in which them i live in the fan and bit with missing wisdom are what going in sid into their e. b. mccann. m for could they did that e m. o do do fee of quarters. neither put lock will you? yeah. and the couldn't, couldn't federal casita received fi ah,
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mush. clear camida which can his neither, but miss dylan was the i called her in the in leave been how ill and sad from the letter for halle, and which out of yan, yan thought, fee of card been no asthma. m. chatelle financing me in the home in a song feed bin, abdulla hacking by the embassy of material. and again, thought sophie la, la, la, la, me, elizabeth, i liquidity, ireland facade fi noise to need them, and then let them out in the nice or difficult to keep that home loan wisdom or how the little fit from the feeder most of the home wisdom method unfeeling month, you see it with them. i let me, let me figure out what the ho we'll call we'll we'll linden or lemon did that. he cannot. how if our shadow levy can one
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the mother of sky for i read the histone marla show you, show the screen printing one actually on the interior. good. and so we ho and i'm giving mobile. i see the and imbecile handle and tongue as an official like the lizzie and see it again, and let's see it it into that he and the same did that he was going corn person just a min minimum process and it should be. all right, so let's go ahead. so all our exposure unit, we're going to take your film that you printed and put the film down. so grab that . oh,
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oh, you wanna come in a little bit here? i don't know what's going to happen. oh, there may be parts here that you didn't watch out actually you. it's plug, it's fine. it's just like you know how it. okay now. so tell me, i mean, you mentioned ottoman, or tell me a little bit about i guess what's behind this particular drawing and your vision for the snow it's, it's the poetry by the palestinian poet, samiribelle, ruthie. ah, it says for a considerable amount that i run like
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a battery who were at inventory hotel fullerton, for i thought i'd hm. am i a theater? yarn dolan i'm fit we have a narrow sauce. attain in design on paper. this is nice, but i think i want to do more and i want to ask you on how i can do it on a. so somewhere on a mural, he has a mural in the see in the city. you know, the benefit of shreed art is a kind of conference you in your everyday life, it interrupts and disrupts. and it's not something that you necessarily go to a gallery to see. you don't opt in. it's not voluntary. it's right there. it's, it's in your face, and i think the 1st question that i typically ask is, in whose faith do you want to be? yeah, i mean, i'm just a real believer that the power of art is not only the product, but the process or the ways in which you can create a process so that some young people are helping to actually paint the thing with you. and i think i would need that help because i've never done yours before
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a fine also it is an order. it's an art that i, that i've never touched before and i am wont to experience it, but i think i need a lot of education. and i want to bring their connection between us. the struggle of the policy and people, several of our african americans in, in the city. and here's the struggle of native american, the us to showcase that, that what people go through in and in one side of the world is not um, unique on its own. other people in a complete different side of the world still go through the same things. who who has a washington with the plan you can can win this bailey
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and let's show area in here in the nation to be see it for sure. anybody are still over there, so i learn the la locally. hi. i'm keeping them out in the, in georgia, you, felon, who will be a shuttle give me a diamond manual block. and i'm certainly in a, in the end of the how will i actually be see it a shot if in the mobile wash on our mobile, on the 2nd. so here will mission mission and then so here we're gonna be done. mobile enough with
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has been highly and the washington dc with the black lives matter plaza. i will in murals, did that. he has been j. um. yeah. can keep to normally did that it had that way on. did that in the anomaly that can you tell a news i'm j them and i'm not going to mention row i came to i came to see the black live
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matter way. yes, there the pain, it's you know what they did? some friends of mine painted this. okay. and they came out and apparently the mayor called him and said, we want to put this thing down. he said he started at 3 am and they went and so like 11 a and then at one point a bunch of the people in the community kind of started filling in and painting it and everything. but, you know, i mean i thought was pretty cool thing. i've been living here pretty cents was $9293.00 as nothing been like yeah. so what do you, what kind of things you looking to do art wise? well, 1st of all, what are you doing already? i do early calligraphy and painting me when i start getting into the arts for social and that right. and i wanted to extend more and
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learn more. let me show you some of the work that i do. oh wow, that's the overall impression that what this looks like to me is a heart that is correct and this is a verse from the koran. this is shirley. and the remembrance of god do hearts find peace answers. and i try to work the context when the visual to support each other and present the message. and this is an entire verse. yes. excellent. i like the idea that that, that gets into the, the multiple meaning thing that i was talk. this is the revolution of the use. this is the piece sign. and i own learned that it means the piece done on the west side, right? but in our parts of the world, this is the victory. and then the,
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the narrative that's rent. and in what way does that support the victory? this is a poem also that the speak, the power of who we are when we are right. like, you know, the 1st line of like nothing, not as we are in the fire or struggle. we are the district to when there is, there is so much power in the people and this is about the people. this is not about a room for or an organization. this is the people and the more you talk in them, the more i i, i look at these in the more i think about it, you know, have a little sorry that i don't speak arabic only because i'm very curious at the usage of the symbols and how the flow of the reading goes as you go through the piece, because i'm a, i'm a big believer in that. when you create a piece, you want to do it in such
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a way that there's flow. you know that, that b i is, is kind of gently related around the piece sometimes without you really knowing it . and i'm feeling some of that here as i see some of the strokes. and as i see how you come through here with this particular stroke, whether it's a little bit darker on the inside there, how it's actually giving some depth to the inside of the key. there's a, there's a pat palpable around this to the key. i got to tell you, i mean we've been hearing about, you know, the palestinian plight for a very long time. and it seems to me to continually escalate and probably one of the few things that makes me feel like my situation in america as an african american isn't as bad, is because i could look over there and see what's going on in the occupied territories. i'm like, damn, it leaves me like that. i don't know what i do if they read you guys, because then i would be like, oh no. now we are the worse like,
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what are we going to do now? is this what this, this is hunger le icon groaned by a palestinian artist naturally and humble is the icon, the symbol of the pouncing in child. so this is like the palestinian version of the black lives matter logo. you will. yeah. cool. cool. thanks, man. i love really, it's kind of a, a pretty vivid comparison. you know, it's, it's an icon that holds the thoughts of the people deepest desires. you know, the most, the most reliable component. very man, appreciate how we were proudly
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hello. hello. i had hated from the can going bus and vishal for how healthy and home and we are feeling moderate. all of her dress may minimal him and he irrational enough. so to live in lama and it's going was still cause the when us though fearful, and rosman lanham in rosman can store. and i figure this in, in egypt in his mother and fix her. hi. and he had a camera. yeah. hello steve. and to see if a lesson woody le, then stuff known,
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when kenny met the little fee of a lead for code research resilience on equity migration. i know how could i get your log in with a with a
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bunch of stuff all paper. oh, okay. i like a girl. so you know, we're done with probably or you can also use a sounds good. so how do you see or in florence in the u. v. the people and are changing their hearts and, and lines on, on certain topics. you know, i think,
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i think that was one of the reasons why i opened the studio. so i tell people, you know, my, any time be ever reception or something. i tell people that are the studios about our stories and community and what i wanted, what i value i live in dc. it's not a joke. it's not like any other place in the world, but it becomes very uncomfortable. when's you tried to understand somebody and the only met, medium is politics. are you walled affairs or religious? you know, religion and these 3 things always end up making somebody uncomfortable. and so we don't talk about aspect. so that's how, that's what i found. and i found myself like not going to certain places and not meeting with certain people because i would be in that uncomfortable situation. but you know, it's actually my work as adults and a doll. 3 or sackler galleries, the asian art museum of the smithsonian, where i do that white giving tours of the art, right? so when we're standing in front of our, from some other culture,
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and we talk with the art of the fortress and i tried to explain the art to people with the stories from that culture. it's a completely different kind of learning sling knowledge is in the tests of people not knowing, whines and books. so you know. and then similarly there is, are saying in as far as see the discrepancy me that there is away from our heart to our heart. some are one heart to the other heart. right. and so art and stories is bad, medium. ah, ah, yeah. does it does, it can be in, in, in no health in the how you would reference enough. so if no, no, no, no. leonor tends to be burned in the i'm in no less miss hatha loma can speak
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to men. why didn't the arman know little fear for a 2nd home? what content is, look, ah ah no, right as a weapon of war leads to the very deepest, scott, scott so rule that the victims, men and women can barely talk about it are the only witnesses who can help bring about justice. al jazeera fall is human rights campaign,
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is in libya investigation right? since the 2011 resolution libya unspeakable crime on al jazeera, the latest news as it breaks, after the killing of 2 ice. the leader is why the united states over the last 3 years, many at both the war, their fear will do that as a challenge with detailed coverage opposition to the mine run strong signs against it. like this one are found across the community from the around the world. very hard to get a sense of public opinion inside me. i'm up with the military arresting people for their political beliefs. gotta one of the fastest growing nations in the world. news wanted needed to oakland and development, pull into national shipping companies to become a p middle east and trade and wanting skillfully enough 3 key areas of develop who filling up from it. so connecting the world,
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connecting the future wanted cato gotta gateway to whoa trade. lou, he won't judge there of me. the hell robin in doha reminder of our top news stories . russia has extended its military deployment in bella, rue, citing an escalation of tension that the ukrainian border around $30000.00 russian soldiers are being carrying out exercises in belarus. meanwhile, mother to say there's been more shelling in the disputed region of easton ukraine, rushing back separate to say villages have been hit while ukraine's army says it's positions of come under fire. around 2000 and cease fire violations were recorded in don bass on saturday. charl stratford has more from mary paul it,
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eastern ukraine. people that we've spoken to in around the airport in don, erica saying that they've heard a few explosions. they cannot confirm whether they were incoming or outgoing. of course the, the accusations by both sides continued the ukrainian army this morning. interestingly, in its daily sit rep is accusing, the russians are moving heavy weapons. closer to that front line, which they said oversee of a violation of the minsk agreement. the british monarch, queen elizabeth, has tested positive the cove at 19. buckingham palace says she is experiencing mar symptoms and will continue her duties. queen elizabeth met with her son prince charles days before he tested positive for cove at 19. now security forces in sudan if i'd taken during the latest protests condemning the military takeover in the country demonstrates as a march against several hours of the capital car to thousands have been staging
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weekly rally since the military takeover in october of the grand european piano. rene salts, dan has begun generating electricity for the 1st time. the therapy and prime minister, be ahmed, attended the inauguration ceremony of africa, the largest hydro electric power project. algeria president, is in castle for a 3 day visit. up to my g today has been holding tolts with katara, amir shake to me. mm hm. at l tani, the closing ceremony for the winter olympics is underway in beijing. no way finished top of the metal tape with full goals ahead of germany. house nation, china had the best performance that a winter game of the total of 15 metals. but the games were arguably defined by the positive result of teenage and russian. think of skater camilla valley ava. those are the headlines. i'll be back with a news hour and half now to stay with us here. and i'll just, sarah. ah,
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ah, ah, armando and i go. i love it. it is easy to get zebra 1st generation. and you grew up in new york and you're from dominican republic. he said, yeah, if a group in the new york where our community, you know, sort of the dominican community in washington heights, you know, this hood like,
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his body was like, felt like home. it felt like the island was brought to this other island, and that was a beautiful thing. yeah. it's been very influential in my, in my work as an artist. now i'm just talking like dealing with identity. and so to this identity kind of just always comes back to my work and whether it's racial identity like co tried entity, figuring out what does it mean when i say i'm dominican, what does it mean where sam, after dominican or afro caribbean, was it mean for me to say them brown in this country. i'm also black and white. i'm not black enough. you know this, this constant pushing pool conversations and dialogue to happen and love. it happens relationship to others. you know, other people who are in front of me or who seem you try to figure out like, where are you from? like, i'm from new york, or i can answer it that way. but i also know what they're trying to ask what they're trying to discover. so again, it continues to find itself in my work and,
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and i'm your and also i'm also letting the other influences that i have either artistic influences, coach or influences, find their way to the working, informed to work and shape the work. you know, i will ask you to like in your art and you know, if you could share a bit of like what, what in your art, where do you see your story in your, you know, where do you see whatever part of that journey you know, where do you see that influencing your work and i come i come from from a refugee family. my dad flynn his own town in palestine when, when he was 2nd grader. and i grew up hearing all the stories of, you know, in the land and love and the hope to, to go back to,
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to our home, the original home and then live goes on. and here i am meeting with people who shared the same struggles, right. shared same stories in a way and that's, that's where i find myself. that's where i find my art playing the role of bringing these communities together and bring in our differences together and bring in our struggles together and working together for a for a better future. there's a saying, you know, right, where, you know, you know, to the right ways, you know, right where you don't know, you can do either one of them. but right, we, you know, is a good place to start from because it validates your story. it says, my story is just as important as any other story, and it doesn't matter about the other story. my story is important. so i need to
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look at that. now i need to bring in craft and technique and things that i've, i've learned over the years from other folks. and i've investigated, i've tried out and i feel that trying and find a way to shape the story. so whether that's a poem, whether that's a performance where tech solar performance restricts on like a fanatical, you know, manifestation whether it's a collage, you know, and it's something about piecing these things together, taking like the american flag and seeing what story. how is my story within this symbol? and you know how my story gave way into this and there's a map hit it in my skin. in my story, the math term forms with peaks and valleys outline with the blood of my ancestors ancestral knowledge, shapes my identity essential trauma chips. my pain turned to page 1491 to
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see how columbus stole their origin story in the map reforms in my future mother and father before they even knew of this hidden treasure. back on the island. miniature republic id escape to the natives. 18 primo western divide tend to page 1844 to see how utopia was like a leg of the lamb. all right, so we can hit the board right here. right, so our board we work on there.
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if you can put up, ah, pick a word, not necessarily too long, but put up, put up a word and i'll show you what i was thinking off. okay. big small day. doesn't matter. we've got a lot of space. we're doing mirrors now. i don't know what your row. okay. you're free on the look. see go. nice and big. you know. and if you can pick them up a little bit to me they can make them thicker. like as if the font is thicker.
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this is the word justice, an error, but okay, i j. so see what i was thinking just off the top of my head when i looked at the piece, you know, i started thinking death. so i immediately went this way. this is, this is new to me or i'm had it. i see what you're doing. yeah. this is, this is then clear, 3 d effect. so now maybe this is your title. and then the rest, the year can be, you know, starts to come in, in like some of these other parts. and maybe you try to even follow the contour of, of how it, how it turn. so say you start adding additional words or,
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you know, each one of the sections is broken into something else. because basically what you were taking you were taking a 2 dimensional stance and building on a, on a 2 dimensional component. when, if you take the 2 dimensional component and you make it 3 d and then you lay 2 dimensions back on top of it. and then those start to actually become texture and different things. so yeah, i think that's cool. i think that is really cool. starting to head somewhere. now try this. take a word and build this whole thing right here. just, just really quickly think of a word and big, big like there may be even bigger, you know, and it's give, you can be barely reaching the top. so keep in mind, you barely reach the top barely reach the bottom. you want to take all of that up.
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you know, you don't want to, you know, inhibit yourself if it's there to half. see that's got, that's just like a flame. those like a big old flame. there it is. the flame of dignity, right? so much can him a killer mentally, a hub, a star, her home cell, m a who us will nelfa address and secret jewelry. kill him as much to hello can you? i had young of going to call you the 2nd why in the man and why in it would do it at a gym fire sam
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saying, and then we start. now we're starting to get some kind of formation idea there. like i say, what i would do is try to spend some time, you know, really bearing down and exploring those characters that you're already that far into and, and do as many things as you can to them with them. stretch them, you know, spaced them, break them up in places where their new would not ordinarily break them up. and then by then, you know, and we, we've got our spot confirmed our spot. so we're good over there, which plot is over. it's on the side of the brewery. i was talking about something
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ne d. c. off of riggers briggs road northeast. the interesting combination of people. yes. yeah. i do. i do like that port. yeah. the part that i don't live in is the fact that if a brewery you probably would not be able to tell that it is a brewery. let me just, darley is knocked to the other people. it's really is not as much about how things are going to look like as much as how i believe about it was more and for me it's, it's not the end deal that decides whether, whether this is ok or not, the way to it. that also is the more of it is, is the final deal you know away from everything and all of that. sure. but i'm, i, am i also getting through like who is this for right?
3:45 pm
although this is the final product, but who is it for whom i supporting online like this all plays as a part of that. and for me as like from a moral aspect as to do with the drinking. pretty much right, right. i got that. i got that even more important. i mean the wall is difficult to find, but even more important than the wall i want. i want new all to be in relation to the community, right? right. where, where the community can can see. and if this is not commercial, you know, and it's not, that's not what i'm worried about. i want it to be for people who may be not able to afford being in that space altogether. where again, they're getting their like a board heavily bar mission, which
3:46 pm
a lot of upside. i'm sure mister the how and i would hate for 3050 see central area and then we'll take it in a moment when they can then the 1st question i have with the mobile into a yes ma'am. and the honey but in a moment the in the via the leg ation tell them vandal j. a to us our love car seat and said that of god, kind of all the aquarius was a sub for 2nd child from child. if anyone has
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tried to miss ablation for carla de madell center and fish with of course, and then in the one of them in 10 minutes, one of them in has to be on the move as it was more venezuela. and i've been misled america than been had going on, and i'm a sucker. i also had to trust me to show him this slab and no more sway ah, a shipping la control, you see one of them and then another month or 2 specifically, no ill him,
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kenny and the the till edge. and i had them can call me about the bus. who fisher or fish acadia? i work for laurie and features only mala. hi. so her some in chicago. the fif in d. c. mobile assumption, lambert, which was my mind corano in with her c at holly and neck. straighten mobile. i can sit here. no, that's fine. thank you so much. thank you for trying. i appreciate your time. thank you. can see how can i aside in a how can la la la la fee d c s f. well i have that nation. well then all the all
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the she the 3rd or confirm small and leave nothing on auto. kiefer. no loss for sure. yeah, no, no, no, and i thought the, the summer. no, no, for the years national. so to me is nothing gosford road though. when you come she elaina nudism and d n a hub. when you do mother you her little boy and a 100. my going a of these will do it on know lisa didn't need and hanging to rob, lisa change a deed in your feeder, honeymoon and cool and why not? so and how clinic he and then mobile omby in the, in the saw the theory and on the 30 the look and feel what that
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fell and couldn't have been see it the semester looked in and try helen give following sh flayson. before mallow color later had let me know if it's a shame in minnesota. cam lindy say if we could get boucher, i am sure. so should we see it on him and he came into the rear. been had cooling the sword out the candle in the quinta trail have quick mobile jimmy jim, then listen us and work the machine in hay machine. the liver though, what are they wrestling us so he let them in the spinning hum de la la la la. hey anesthesia. let's see if she'll let me see him. a country out of hand hind you will contact upon wisdom or levey. she will a nurse in baton,
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him and min michelle michelle lee. oh telephone han and i'm sure mr. hudson that hey, carlos got cut out and no harm in armonk hope you had a fif in dc. and for him on the logan circle getting going fitness, fitness washington, green and quin us. we live with do what gifted foreign to live with, the worry. so we're no one, no, no the hey its la, i'm not hit login unless in a pub with
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it's a piece for unity to unite. united power struggle in my purse in dc in the safe. here are you from rockville lab from jordan jordan, palestine originally where, where are you going to display it? when you're done right here, you can leave it here. yeah. okay. if you come back in my say it of course think couldn't have been the notes on the 100. the quote via crumpton in san jose in the, in, in the assess you couldn't in san in chrome took of any adam.
3:53 pm
robina, robinson good will not cover. i'm not any of them. my mental feel body or young couldn't incent global. not on non lunar article. oh, the issue movement hustling doesn't quote unquote. this like this where the power is making a painting for, for unity. for, for people who are struggling, we need one people. one struggle we are. we are one. what's your name? danny? danny. i'm going to look on the left. i'm a layer good working order
3:54 pm
here right in washington. dana, thank you for stopping by our mental combo or little black lives matter. hamlin, surely all charlotte motor, motor boat v, her rish, we can mostly or need to come to the black lives matter. 300 allowed just for the same, you know, couldn't i couldn't enough to know screen and that's why you couldn't them. it's loud in the north one? no. halem. no, no, sir. locals? no sir, no commitment. not
3:55 pm
that hot video. i love not anybody on the ticket honed the nurse and then and i'm less than that. and so lumniss to her with him. po tulsa letter sally, when no, couldn't a nurse no snaps in one people? oh, man, that's a breath now. and it doesn't necessarily la la n hadn't been referred to in livermore, jack of any, i mean the convenient yeah
3:56 pm
. it's all on her husband, the harassment iraq was linear cor, soliri sally b. b. you chuckled mostly as tom basher rule. yes, my math lab and then i had the best telephone. them called there in this in the body. ah ah ah ah oh, once cc'd wireless now posted to remote villages been move. okay.
3:57 pm
i'll just close the personal journey's of we women, teachers that daily struggles with isolation and battles with physical hardship sacrificing their family lives for the education of future generations. women in the winter on al jazeera ah ah, look forward to brighter skies. the winter sponsored my cattle airways. now it's been very hot recently north margin. tina, that's partly the reason we triggered far as so this is good to see the shower that
3:58 pm
running up to the ne koreans in particular will at least help to damp them. some of the faucet, unfortunately, the side effect is lightning strikes tend to stop and the same is true in north america. but there's a picture in south america, this rathermore and way right around the world. recently, temped has come down from high levels. rain's been more of a problem in brazil, it's still falling just north of rio. it's maybe heavy a little bit further in land. less so in ecuador, there's a heavy dam, pulls recently in columbus. so flash for these like in here to clean weston columbia. this is the picture throughout the caribbean, the gulf, mexico, nothing extraordinary here. frequent showers every day you tend to get them to cleans moran. but otherwise, this is normal, this time the year. as unfortunately, is this. you got the art guest though, thinking about moving sas from cancer and the us, me doing that blizzard to the east of it, particularly north of the lakes. widespread snow remy down through the mountains, massless west of the us. not really cold air is going to be noted once again in
3:59 pm
place that minneapolis may be down as far south as kansas is the 3 day forecast minneapolis. just save those temperatures, we're still in february and doesn't it feel like it oh, the weather. sponsored by katara always ah, ah, farmers finding harmony in pursuing his passions, my passions, finding young and keeping cultural tradition, nurturing the musical talents as his community has been trying to dream music for
4:00 pm
much money, money to the outside world, and tending his family's lands. the more poor little thing that called it's brought to my mind. you actually sketch him doing this hector, mahogany music man, my son bob boyd. oh, now joe sierra this is al jazeera ah. hello, the hell robin. you're watching the out there and use our life. my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. valerie says defense minister says joint exercises with russian troops will continue because of a rising tension at the border with ukraine.


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