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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2022 10:00pm-10:30pm AST

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they too must become men defenders of lithuania, preparing for the possibility of war. waiting for invasion. a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah . ukraine's president cools war cease fire in the east. his russian counterpart has agreed to talks with ukraine on monday. thoughts, russia is extending its joint military exercises in belarus, which were due to end on sunday. ah, i'm norton taylor. this is andrew 0. live from london, also coming up if you get started producing electricity from its grander nissans
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dam, which egypt and sued on fair will deprive them of vital water? britain is queen elizabeth test positive for colbert 95 year old monarch is said to have miles symptoms thus ah, phasing brings down the curtain on a winter games marked by a doping scandal, a diplomatic boycott and strict cove restrictions. ah, kind of president wrote him, is zalinski, is calling for an immediate cease fire in easton, ukraine. by more tillery fire has been reported in disputed regions. in recent days, hundreds of shells of exploded in the complete zone between ukrainian soldiers and russian batt, separatists war, explosions were heard in the rural health city of donetta on sunday, and in lieu hands, separatists of accused government forces of crossing the front line. both sides
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blame each other for the escalation in violence to civilians were reported. he killed an assault near the russian border. 1000 people continued to be evacuated from eastern regions into russia or frantic diplomatic efforts. continue to stop russia invading ukraine from says talks between ukraine, russia and representatives from the organization for security and cooperation in europe will take place on monday. summit was agreed after french president emmanuel my whole spec to his russian and ukrainian counterparts on sunday. west is on high alert after batteries announced that russia is extending its military exercises in the country. they miss robbie has more war in ukraine remains an open question, but military posturing on ukraine's borders continues to intensify. russian troops were meant to leave bella roost on sunday when military exercises with their allied ended. but their stay has been extended indefinitely. the bill of russian defense
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minister cited increased military activity in the region as well as unrest inside ukraine. but no mention of what ukrainian leaders and they're western allies described as russian provocation. august. would you be proud of the testing of reaction forces will come to you? they are directed to as a prevention of floor and are presidents who have met repeatedly say, we don't want war, but we are not being heard. therefore, recreated and appropriate grouping of troops on him if need be. we'll bring an appropriate response within the precedence of bella, ruth and russia, met in moscow 2 days ago. president alexander lucas shinkel is a close russian outlining the strategic advantage of having russian troops in belarus is just one more reason. analysts say president vladimir putin had the upper head. this invasion force has been mass on the ukrainian border has already achieved some of its objectives because he's already got the conversation going
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with the united states about limiting the sovereignty and liberty, the security choices of the countries neighboring russia about rolling back the glock. so natal protections are taken away from them, and russia can habits weight an estimated 190000 russian troops at a heightened state of alert are now to ukraine, north, south and east. their extended mission in bella, luce, only the latest warning sign than western leader. se points to an imminent full scale russian invasion of ukraine vein basra, b o. d 0 and he simmons joins his line now from ukraine's capitol. yes. and then to hearing that they, russian met, she is declared, perceive as off of limits, what movement has about that well 1st thing was said on crimea t v, there were images of a number of military vessels. it warships in fact more than 10 at least 2 of them were actually landing ships
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a troop carriers and also patrol. busy ships as well, and they were passing along the curt, straight, the crimea, bridge, the link between mainland and crime in peninsula into the sea of ass off. and now we're learning from the ministry of defense. a source briefed us. there are now we are getting confirmation from the ministry that effectively the russians have informed the, the, the ministry of defense that they're imposing. what amounts to an exclusion zone, right across the see of as of it will basically box in mary a poll, which is a big a c port. are there will be any, any ships going in or out of i'm a military will be going. i had with there are patrols and also that drills like bell roost. now there is no indication as to how long this will go on. so
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there are suspicions about what's happening here, although not really any large amount of alarm in the ukrainian authorities. yet they haven't made any formal statement on it. and, and in the meantime, these prospect of their russia ukraine talks. are they likely to make a difference? well, certainly no indication of a breakthrough, a, but the grid there is traction. here of the day had started with a manual micron, a calling present levinsky a here. and we actually did think that there was going to be some progress because there was a lot of positive talk about cause for peace. and the sudden announcement that was good to be heard that there was going to be a tripartite, me a try potter meeting with the, with the m organisation of the security corporation in a, in europe,
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and also ukraine and russia. furthermore, the lisa palace talking this situation up, some walks, you know, it was a, the case that sir micron did have that long meeting with putin on that very long table. the beginning of the month. it seems now that the 2 men are talking about a possible summit in the future, but no absolute assurance is on that. and we're hearing that that putin was very much pointing at the issue of the ukrainians. was saying just the opposite. that it was actually the separatist aiming attacks on ukraine. so whether or not they'll get a breakthrough and a cease far is unclear. well, get a development on the whole issues involved and, and avert all out war is, is, is totally unclear. and on the issue of an all out war, what caused it? well, 8 years ago was the answer. what was called the my dad massacre in the square behind
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me. more than a 104 civilians were killed in the demonstrations and 16 security forced personnel killed it. led to yanna coverage victory on a coach, the president of being overrun. the was an uprising. he laughed he was, he found at safety in russia. he's an exile there. now. i was in the horrendous square that renders scenes in the square at the time 8 years ago. and i reflect now on what is the legacy of that day? one man in more than a 100 dead in one day. the memorials among the bricks they used to defend themselves. one song with one aim now, not only to avenge his father's death 8 years ago, but ready to defend his homeland from the might of russia's military. father try
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help, let me a bond or choke points to where snipers were posted. he's an i t engineer and a military reservist and expects to be caught up very soon. like so many who died here val, autumn, his father survey didn't look like a revolutionary. he was a school teacher. survey was alive when his fellow protest has rushed him to a makeshift clinic in a hotel reception area. he'd been shot in the back and died later. i know are who are guilty of this situation and the part of regime a young core rich and just a wall. it's a russian federation. and of course, putting on the morning of february, the 20th 2014, a truce was broken. as police suddenly retreated, then came a barrage of bricks from the protest as answered with gunfire. in hindsight, they call it the revolution of dignity on that day, as i witnessed, it was anything but dignified. once again, the square is
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a battle zone. the truce had seemed tenuous from the outset here. now the frontline has moved everywhere. you look there are casualties. my dan euro, my dan, freedom square, the angel monument words name symbols that for many years have made vladimir putin sees. he's fanatical about ukrainians being part of russia. yet this country now has more than 30 years of independence behind it. it may be a democracy that is imperfect. but the vast majority of ukraine's people turned their back on soviet autocracy and want to be part of europe with membership of nato, for protection. but at what cost, there is conflict in the east of the country with russian back separatists and the annexation of crimea by russia. are you prepared to die for this cause? yes, her andy and her. ah, all asa ukrainian people are ready for this and it's most important.
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protect our country, our families and, ah, for this, we indeed, every single what we we can, more than 14000 lives already lost in conflict. leukemia and many others know any to well, the human costs so far could be dwarfed by all out war. ah, remember really well on the night after all of that, the rather surreal mix of, of remembrance and sadness and bereavement mix with the chair of a revolution. and what they saw as free to make is all. now you can hear the piano music that commemorating the losses, and they must be wondering really how different it would have been without that uprising. and without that revolution and the so called freedom that followed, that will probably wouldn't be this huge threat of war than our facing the numbers
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of few of them expected. and we've been speaking to the people in freedom square and the view of some of them at least, is that there really is a mood of fear of worry about the security about coming out on this very chilly night to, to remember a real fright out there not necessarily a feeling of defiance, and that would seem to be the case from the numbers we're seeing in the square to not interested in thank you very much need but a falcon harris, a russian defense and military analyst. he joins us live from moscow by skype. thanks very much for being with us as best will this suggestion that to the ukrainian defense ministry saying that the russian military is said that the c as off is off limits? and meanwhile, the drills are the russia was carrying out, employees have been extended, but what do you make of these 2 elements? low, nothing good. really. this is that the russian military,
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continuing of the air exercises over all their room cocked and low, get ready to go. russia has mobilize very, not large forces. and it's not only about the grade and not only a close to ukraine, but in the entirety of the country, including the nuclear deterrent sort of it's ready for rushes ready for a large regional war. if that escalates a fight. also a global war, a static actually happens at the see of us off is a very peculiar place. now the ukrainians have a couple of ports there. they have been used for important expert in operations. apparently right now, the commercial traffic will not be allowed by the russians through the straits out carriage momentarily. it's not the very good place to fight the sea of us off. it's
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very, very, very shallow. normal blue water warships can go there much. so will there be any kind of real male attraction happening? they are not. that said no, but in question and into a big rush. yes or intend to police does, does better. he's actually have any saying whether the russian stay on there that was a, they pretty much obliged to keep in that. no, the blue version, of course agreed for the russian deployment. now the russian forces arrived there during january. and now they're, they're, they're the bill that was announced that they will stay for some time, but then eventually they'll have to, we, that's inevitable. that's definitely possible to keep them there. and definitely, because these are troops from the pacific region and from the chinese border, of course we're friends right now with china, but the craft to return our garrison's there anyways. and natur, technically,
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i go have to return, if there's going to be in the future, a political decision to have russian army garrisons in barrows. these will be different units or units created on the spot, but not those from the far east. they will have to go back, they can stay for some time, but not indefinitely. but will there be of the permanent russian person in bo iris or not? that's again a, something to be decided in the future by moscow admins. and in the meantime, after this conversation between mccaul and putin, they are saying that they want to try to agree a ceasefire with secure, sees foreign in domus and, and put together this urgent summit that they called it. is this a diplomatic coup by my coal, or do you still expect russian intervention in some form in ukraine? let's say russia, militarily, essays, the russian military are cofton loaded. were ready for a master for in intervention into ukraine, militarily. but these,
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the political climate good for that, i'm not so sure. so there could be much more women than the actions say, bringing in a so called peace keepers until the done bus to stop this fighting the has a rough did right now. and apparently, the funny thing actually is not as bad as it's reported. there's not much heavy weapons used than not that much casualties at all. and i saw that this is a lot of noise creating a problem that could be solved. russia would be saying that this is a genocide, will stop with bringing in some troops. that would be a limited number of troops going into the already rush and controlled part of the done boss. of course that will be me now kind of a cranium after authorial integrity challenge, then there would be reaction from the west. but there will be continued negotiations. france, of course this trying across, trying to do something problem as he can't put any real pressure on russia to do
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something fresh at the moment to do it. and he can't put any pressure on a key of to do something. if he doesn't want to do it, that can put pressure on the united states. do. so his mediation is rad. they're not very qualified. thank internationally pat, talking to his panels. how can, how in moscow, thank you. thank you. so to come this off, her locked out like to was closed, and university students left in limbo as professors walk off the job in nigeria. ah hello there. let's have a look at the weather across europe. and after a pretty dramatic, we can particular across more than areas is more wet and windy weather to come to start the week. we've got weather systems pulling across central areas, taking those wintery and wet conditions,
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further east. now on monday we are going to see the concentration of wet and windy weather, affecting the low countries. we've got to red alert, found the strong winds across central germany heavy rain expected here. and it's the sooner story for belgium and france for britain and island. this commer on monday, but the wet weather isn't far away. we'll see that come back in with a vengeance on tuesday. and a bit of a wintery blast coming into norway once again from that system. we will see a lot of those conditions push for the east in the days to come. now further south of this we got another weather system bringing a winter mix to switzerland, edging down into the balkans. it's going to get very wet here. and we have got some wind warnings out to some of the mediterranean islands. sardinia in particular, in the days to come wet weather for italy and for greece. but as we edge further west, where we are seeing a lot of fine and dry conditions across the iberian peninsula, sunny for spain and portugal, and we're seeing temperatures in the south pick up with 24 degrees in cordova.
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ah ah, the shake hum odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w w dot h t a dot q a slash e n. ah, lou ah,
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or one of the top stories jojo 0, ukrainian president of little me zalinski is calling for an immediate cease fire in his country's east. by more artillery sheltering has been reported, is russian counterpart has agreed to talk with ukraine and international observers . on monday, despite those talks russian ships, i'm moving into the sea of as off which sits between ukraine and russia, and which the russian military has declared off linux and russia is extending its joint military exercises and bella roost, which would you to end on sunday. at dixon sudan, say one protest to has been shot dead in the latest demonstrations against the october qu. the security forces fired tear gas at thousands of demonstrators marching in several areas of the capitol cartoon. at least 80 people have died in the weekly rallies that have taken place since the military takeover. after a decade of bickering with its neighbors. if he appears flip the switch on africa's largest hydro electric project, the grand ethiopian renaissance dam,
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is generating electricity for the 1st time. but what is a boon? faith? european economy could be a bust for neighbors. egypt and sudan are higher up, has more 11 years and $5000000000.00 in the making a few opinions of find the able to switch on electricity produced by their own giant dam. welcome distraction for prime minister abbe afterwards. that war with rebel to gray and forces in the north. a 145 meter high dime on the nol rivers, main tributary. the blue nol is designed to hold 74000000000 cubic meters of water, but africa's largest hydro electric power project is controversial. and it's fiercely opposed by a few of his neighbors. is that to know the officers, i got out the downstream countries, the brothers, the people of egypt and stood on the water will flow and the world must know that the dam will not affect them. all that was said about ethiopia seeking to prevent
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the flow of water was untrue, and we will not allow the people to starve or thirst. we seek integration between the 3 countries and a real partnership. both egypt and sudan fear the damning of the blue now will cause severe water shortages for them. egypt responded on sunday, saying a therapy is persisting in violations of a declaration signed in 2015. leaders in cairo. say the dam is an exist then sure threat to the 106000000 egyptians who are almost entirely reliant on the north river for irrigation and drinking water. while sedan 1st, welcome the dam projects. it later voice similar concerns about its threat to national security. over the years talk sponsored by the african union, failed and construction still went ahead. the more that we see eventually created the one that happened today begin to where to emerge. the more it becomes dumas, a duma, that we can actually sit as friends and as fellow africans and resolve these as
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a purely african problem. i think he says the hydro power generation is essential to nomic development in africa, 2nd most populous country. both egypt and sudan are still pushing for a legally binding deal on both the filling of the giant reservoir. and it's operation that height at al jazeera in nigeria university students in their final year may not be able to graduate because of a staff walk out. lecturers are threatening to strike indefinitely if the government doesn't live up to promises. made more than a decade ago. i mean, the jewish reports from kana hallways, once bustling with student activity and are quiet. it's only days since public university teachers in nigeria walked off their jobs. but lecture halls already covered with dust. the government has expressed surprise, but the lecturers are unmoved. they can see their so phrases equally are no serious
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. i'm sure. an idea is our nose of rice because we did into a club or by night and said that, well, when australia, 13 years ago, educators and the government signed an agreement to and then the panoramic of strikes at nigerian universities. but teachers say, this was never implemented. in the past 20 years, there been nearly as many strikes by could have mixed off in nigeria and universities. the industrial dispute has disrupted academic calendars. as a result, students sometimes take 6 to 7 years to complete a 4 year degree program. these students come to the university nearly every day hoping for positive news, the hub to, to graduate and her and to get job. no, we don't even have that kind of thinking, but his peers in private universities have no such worries. federal government has almost are 100 university and they have so many challenges head of them in our,
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on when you live, when i be the nobody, naturally you are. pork us wants to be on de, with the institution, years of neglect have left public universities over crowded and with poor funding for research and salaries. union leaders say most professors and less than a $1000.00 a month. lecture say they are tired of meetings and agreements, but the government fails to implement their warning one month. they will make this strike indefinite. if there is no break through. army decrease al jazeera colo nigeria. burton's queen elizabeth has tested positive for coven 19. buckingham palace, as the 95 year old monarch, is experiencing mild cold like symptoms and is continuing have well duties. a number of people have reportedly tested positive at windsor castle, where the queen is currently residing or returns has more from outside backing palace, thought she would throw a brief statement from bucky and paris, certainly gives the impression that the queen is not especially ill that she's only
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got mild, cold like symptoms sends that she will carry on performing like duties at windsor castle over the coming week. as you would expect for a woman of her wealth and stature. she has a very good medical t miranda and will be getting expert medical care professor. so hugh thomas is the head of the medical house olden physician to the queen. he has a team of people as well. so it is they who will be most likely looking after the queen. but you have to realize that this is a 95 year old woman. and as we all know from the last 2 years or so, the older you get, the more risk you are of serious complications from covet. 19 and her health has not being particularly good. in recent months, she was forced to step back from many duties in october with a bit of a health scare. then. it has also been a very, very bad year for the queen and for the royal family. she lost her husband's prince
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philip back in april of last year. and there are, of course, the numerous scandals swirling around the royal family at the moment. prince andrew, mired in the jeffrey epstein sack scandal. he has reached a financial settlements with an american woman, virginia g frey, who accused him of sexual assault. and this prince charles, whose charity the prince's foundation, is currently being investigated by police for perhaps financial impropriety. so not a good year for a queen and the royal family. most people, of course, will be wishing her a speedy recovery. beijing winter olympics of ended in spectacular style with organizers proclaiming the event as smoothly run success in norway. talk to metal table and team china when it's biggest ever metal haul. but the doping scandal has yet to be resolved tarnished. china's big occasion. katrina, you cross measuring ah, dancing snowflakes and
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a technicolor like show flooded bathing birds nest stadium. as the city said good bye to the 2022 winter olympics. china as president sheet in pink, presided over sunday evenings closing ceremony, while olympians paraded to the stadium to the tune of beethoven's ode to joy. the head of the international olympic committee commended the athletes for displaying a spirit of unity. re political leaders around the world be inspired by your example of solidarity and peace. after 2 weeks of intense competition, norway topped the metal tally with 16 golds. german athletes would harm with 12 and horse nation china. 19. it's highest gold, middle count at any went to games. 17 year old snow border c. e mean catapulted to fame by winning both gold and silver, but she could be a could be casing. i was so happy that i was able to accomplish the goals and the
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challenges i set for myself the winter olympics. so fill it with the best athletes in the world. but not all metal winners went home with their prize. figure skating teams from russia, the united states and japan must wait for the results of the doping investigation into camilla valley ava. an inquiry which could take months and other federal credit money at the meadows or money for the figure skating team competition that has been suspended and therefore our athletes are not able to bring the meadows back to japan, which i think is a shame the 15 year old russian gold middle favorite was allowed to continue competing despite testing positive for a bad substance. her final performance ended and stumbles tears and a cold reception by her coaches. for many the camilla valley gave a doping, scandal has tarnished the image and credibility of the olympics. many athletes have criticized the organizers for failing to catch the russians. positive tests before
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the games and the subsequent decision to allow her to compete. organizes have down play the scandal hailing the event a success especially in control incorporate 19 infections. thousands of foreign participants would kept separate from the chinese public inside the bubble around $450.00 positive tests for the virus. including athletes who were forced to withdraw from competition. many would be relieved to end their time under strict pandemic controls from here the winter olympics, head to milan, co, chino, in italy, in 4 years time. katrina you out a 0, beijing ah the top stories around a 0 president.


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