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tv   Libya Unspeakable Crime  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am AST

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origins of the species on al jazeera, now diverse range of stories from across the globe. from the perspective of our networks, journalists on al jazeera ah metal. russia's president vladimir putin signs a decree, recognizing the 2 separate as regions in east and ukraine is independent. ah, hello i, marianna noisy, welcome to al jazeera, also coming up on the program. and moscow is saying that it's killed 5 ukrainians who breached its board. a kiev has dismissed this as fake news
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on a tick tock war. social media helps build a clear picture of what's happening along the russia ukraine border. ah, hello and welcome to the program will in a move that could dramatically inflame, already tense situation. in eastern europe, russian president vladimir putin assigned a declaration to recognize the independence of to break away regions of ukraine. putin made the announcement in a publicly televised address in which he said, eastern ukraine was ancient russian land. it followed a highly choreographed meeting in which he questioned the members of a security council, one by one seeking their input on don bass recognition. who it is, you should be in your mom. i consider it necessary to recognise the independence of the sovereignty of the de next and lou. hence, republics,
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russia has taken this decision in the support of friendship and assistance for these republics. those who are holding back, we are trying to stop military action as soon as possible and stop the bloodshed or find a president him audio micron in the german johnson schultz with disappointed by the move france and ukraine of called emergency national security meetings. also on monday rushes that had killed 5 people from ukraine, who it claims with breaching it's border and the rest of region and captured a soldier alive, cranium, military, branded this as fake news. or how do i go, how me is in constant enough in the dummy ask region of east in ukraine. and we knew that the russian president was poised to recognize the independence of these 2 break coil regions. how that, what is the reaction among residents that are likely to be well, certainly, i mean the pesa which side of the divide you stand ah,
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but in general, all day would be as certain sense of increased anxiety and fear about what could come a head. you now do this, his goodness certainly have repercussions underground. was that gonna mean a full blown military escalation of full blown invasion? many would tell you what was, what are the russian intentions, that would they good. they just gonna stop at that contact line or are they want, would they want to go further? because certainly the separate is, have also always referred to a de dumbass region and their historic boundaries well beyond the territory they hold at the moment. so these are many questions that people would have. they would also want to see what president zelinski at will have to say what it, what is his plan. we only heard from him just as a short tweet. he said that he had a conversation with you as president joe biden,
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and he's due to have a shortly a conversation with the british prime minister boys johnson. and that did this emergency meeting of it with his national and security team is ongoing. that started about 2 hours ago, i could imagine that they probably stopped that meeting and listen to that very long speech by the russian president vladimir putin. i think that the recognition of the 2 of these 2 so for came republics at this particular moment may be, has came as a came as a surprise in terms of timing, but not in it in principle as ever since at this, at the know days sort of declared that they're, they're republics, back in 2014 people here would always tell you that it was russia behind. it was just said that emboldened them. it was russia that provided the military support, military intelligence, advising the even financial support. so that was not,
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would not come as a surprise. maybe the timing did come a surprise. there was hope that the, as long as diplomacy was continuing along, the meetings were announced. well then things would remain as sort of more or less under control, even though as you mentioned, there is an increased tension along that contact line. so now i think people have been thrown in the unknown in the uncertainty of what could happen next and how quickly things could unravel. and when we seek about the situation unraveling, been hearing about these evacuations that have been taking place, that there must be worries about how it could affect the, the humanitarian situation. and certainly on there. i mean, it's very difficult to have a full picture of what's happening on the other side, on this side,
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people until just a few hours ago with tell you know, that anyway, they would stay home no matter what happened. there is that sense among ukrainians abd way back in 2014. they were taken by surprise that no one really defended that down. that the military was weak. now they say fast forward 8 years, they're much stronger. and with all that support that came from native and western powers, all that training, they got all that weapons that got that they are willing to defend at their cities . i mean, over the past weeks we've watched people training over the weekend mobilizing in these defense territorial defense units. those are civilians basically with military training, who would be deployed around infrastructure to defense down in cities. so there is a sense that ukrainians are better prepared, but they are facing a very strong army on, on the other side, they could be overpowered a,
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just in numbers at least or in weaponry. so it is, i think, very complicated and people would have many question. it's still early hours is quite late at night here. one will have to see to morrow morning, how people with fee when all of this sinks in and also probably certainly does living along that 420 kilometer contact line. they will be also wondering what will happen over night if the shelling will intensify or not. these are all the questions at this stage tomorrow morning is going to be a different picture. thank you very much and constant enough car, hud abdel. how mean? go live now turban, it's smith and moscow. and so bernard, president putin has obviously now signed the decree pops. it's just worth reminding
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us why he wanted to recognise the dependence of these 2 breakaway regions. why is this important to him? well, this was an hour long speech when vladimir putin in which he exit essentially blamed the collapse of the soviet union on the creation of his independent state of ukraine, called into question, ukraine's very right to exist as a country outside of russia. vladimir putin's tone was at times frustrated, and at times bleak, and he blamed after that long historical lesson of why he believed ukraine was not really a legitimate country. he then went on to blame nato for its failures, to address the situation in the east of ukrainian accused nato. as his frequently accused nate in the past of expanding into all of those eastern european countries that were released from the soviet union at the brett. when the soviet union broke
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up, he blamed 8 accused nato of a deliberately expanding into into those areas. and he said that in east of ukraine, nato has failed to address the situation in don bass. this is where there's been a 7 year long, more than 70 a long now conflict with these russian separatists. and what vladimir putin has done is essentially ripped up the minks agreement. this is the 7 year long cease fire between air negotiated with ukraine and russia, and with the french and the germans, that were supposed to find a solution to the situation in east and ukraine. and said, in said, vladimir putin has said that it hasn't worked, that isn't working. i am now going to give, recognized these 2 countries as independent states, straight after he finished his speech, he went on to sign that agreement, which included a friendship and cooperation agreement. which means that if the leaders of lou
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ganske and don't ask, need help from russia, they can call on it. it means russia could send in troops to push back ukraine from its own sovereign territory. our thank you very much and it's meant wanting titian, russian capital. moscow. earlier on, i spoke to under a christian anchor, ukraine's ambassador to cat r n. he said that ukraine is ready to defend itself. in fact, 75 percent of the russian army, which means more than $150000.00 troops, is around ukrainian territory. and in this very moment, the russians are crying about the ukrainians threat. this is keep up prosy. we are ready to fight. we are not expecting some natal soldiers, we will fight instead of us. we have the trained and equipped army. we are grateful for our allies, for our partner's country, united states, united kingdom, paul and canada bolted countries of some other countries for providing us
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with more than weapons. of course, it will help us to stop. but if we will have a critical mass, a critical number of such of happens, it could really stop the aggression before is beginning. since the price of response, the price russia to pay would be much, much greater. we as president joe biden has been meeting with his national security team as get one, as from alan fisher's at the white house. and you as president, has also allen had a conversation with rodney lensky. that's exactly what that text was about. i'm just getting confirmation that that conversation lasted for 35 minutes and were expecting a readout from that conversation. any time now, joe biden has spent most of the day with senior members of his national security
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team, including jake sullivan, is the national security advisor, lloyd austin, who is the defense secretary and antony blinking, who is the secretary of state. now this is a possible scenario that had been discussed by the american side that are aware that vladimir putin could declare his support for these 2 self declared republics and tony blink and talked about it just last week. he said, if that were to be the case, then there would be a swift and firm response for more school, particularly in the, the realms of sanctions. he said, it would undermine the sovereignty of ukraine and the integrity of ukraine, and be a gross violation of international law. and pointedly he said, it would mean that russia was not serious about diplomatic efforts to try and defuse the crisis in eastern ukraine. so that to me would suggest that there is no going to be a huge question mark over the proposed meeting between antony blinking and his russian counterpart, sergey lover of at do to take place in geneva on thursday. it could
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well still go ahead, but you remember the, the bible administration said that if vladimir putin's tanks were to cross the border, then that meeting would be off. so the question is, does biden and his team no, consider this to be essentially seeing that there's no point in discussions. this is what we're going to do. and as i pointed out, are ready and to be blank and says there will be repercussions to russia for this. and so, is there likely then to be if that meeting doesn't take place? could it, could it be concluded then that the diplomacy has completely failed? well, the, what i would suggest is that they are missing the off ramp to, to, to reach a diplomatic solution. certainly, joe biden has been very careful. he's built up an international alliance saying
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that they want. there is no invasion of ukraine at his promised sanctions. he's got the e, you on board, he's got near to allies on board. they have sent troops to neighboring countries, including poland and romania, to assure up the nato alliance. there. joe biden does not want to see this become a military conflict, but they through will know, have to essentially sit back, read the words of what vladimir putin said, speak to russian analysts and discuss what they think he is hoping to get out of this. and then make their plans accordingly. i be speaking to one russian expert who said that this is a very dangerous development from vladimir putin. something that the americans would have banked on, but hope or certainly take it into their calculations. but hope that vladimir putin would not take those measures to recognize these republics and someone else i was speaking, they said in a way, this is almost
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a carbon copy of what vladimir putin did in georgia back in 2014. and it may not necessarily lead to an invasion. all of these things will have to be considered by those who will have been sitting in the oval office for the last few hours, but no are no longer there. and joe biden must decide what his next step is going to be. thank you very much. alan fish are reporting to us from the white house. thank you. alan and diplomatic editor james bay's joins us live now from the anna and m. james's. alan was sane diplomats and ministers and been engaged in negotiations for weeks. now that we have this declaration from russian president and this uptake of violence and the don mass, the people believe that there is going to be a war in europe. well i think that is the big worry. and i think the big question is we've seen a very, very important development in the last hour or so the you come out with
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a statement president on the line and president michelle condemning in the strongest possible terms. the decision by president putin, they're saying that this and i think you're going to hear this for many people have plate violation of international law as well as the minutes agreements. and remember russia until very recently was the one, those constantly pushing. we must return to those agreements so, so this is a very big step, but is this the end of bladder? me put in the plan because the u. s. have been talking about this massive invasion of full on invasion of ukraine. is this just phase one, or does he stop here? certainly, i think there's a big problem for the western nations, nato, the e u, the u. s. right now, the e u. and the statement, i just read you say they will react with sanctions. but exactly what sanctions are they going to react with?
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and i think what putin has done potentially, is going to split some of the western nations. what they're going to include in those sanctions. i think that many of them had banked on the fact that if there was a full scale and deprivation, they wouldn't use the very, very heavy sanctions package. now we have the recognition without the troops crossing on the tanks, crossing the border at this stage that may follow. then i think there's going to be some debate and some disagreement among the western allies on how to proceed with sanctions. and i think the other big question i was talking about in a moment ago is what happens with the diplomacy now, for example, that important meeting supposed to take place on thursday between the secretary of state blinking and the russian foreign minister alive roth. does that go ahead? do they continue talking to the russians, or do they start shunning the russians? that is not clear at this should i think we'll emerge in the next few hours for the white house and the state department. and i expect that the other nations will at
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least follow the lead on that. seriously. very, very serious situation. also, we're telling you the un security council there, ukraine would like a meeting of the un security council that i think is lightly. ukraine is not a member, so it can't call a meeting. but there are lots of countries that us the u. k. france that others could call that meeting also was reminding him that russia just happens at this time to be the current president of the security council. and one other indication of the seriousness of the situation right now. to tell you, the un secretary general happens to have gone on a trip. he was here in europe. he was a munich over the weekend to the democratic republic of the congo. he's now cut that strict trip short heading straight back to new york. and generally look at the demands that russia has made aside from this request,
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well, the demand around nato's enlargement. he wants things like nato forces being removed from states that join the alliance since 997. so we, if no negotiations are taking place a we increasingly moving towards the situation. certainly for the russian president where barry the has to be some sort of military action or the alternative is having to climb down. well, i think so because i don't think you're going to get a climb down on those sort of issues from nato because they all are things that are about fundamental to the existence of nato. and certainly, no one thinks among the nato allies that they should change the way they operate. and what was clear to me over the last few days when i was actually a few miles down the road in munich, where there was gathering the munich security conferences that nato is perhaps more
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united in certainly in words what they're saying when they have been for some considerable time in the united by the threat from russia to ukraine. and now we've seen possibly the 1st stage of what pushing is planning. i think it's not just the words we've seen and the recognition very, very important. but what happens yet next? do those 2 republics, start inviting russian troops in? do we then see the russian tanks cross the border? where exactly do they do they go to those russian tanks, then you've got possible provocation of ukrainian troops and the real danger of, of, of a conflict. the conflict that the us and us intelligence warning about for some considerable time. thanks very much and tip kinetic at it's jamie phase in vienna. will estimate very, but it is thought there about 15290000 russian troops around ukraine. european
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council on foreign relations believes there about 10250000 troops on russia's border with ukraine. your crime believes are also about 35000 russian back. separate is fight isn't done yet. and hands. so there are further $32000.00 troops in russia and onyx crimea, $30000.00 in batteries, plus another 1000 soldiers stationed in moldova. at least 13 russian battleships have been conducting lie fire exercises in the black and hours of seas. that gives you a picture of the military build up then around ukraine. charles stratford is on the road with ukrainian army patrol that's close to the russian border and he brings us this exclusive report destroyed homes in the desert. he'd village close to the front line families that used to live here, left when this was started almost 8 years ago. i need a broken belongings remain. russian bang sappers dispositions of just over the
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horizon ukrainian army soldiers tell us their shelter has been repeatedly targeted in recent days. craters gouged out by separatist artillery shells just a few meters away. 27 year old burn has been at this dug out for 3 months. the ukrainian soldier says separatists using higher caliber weapons than before, a venue living am i was that it is so there were they are targeting infantry in the dugouts. i stood at the entrance and had 1st incoming 10 meters away from me. they shelled along the road. we walk along, perhaps tried to hit our communication lines. the shelling is much more frequent and concentrated recently. soldiers take us along a trench to their observation posts or thought of of socrates opportunity. this used to be a separatist trench, says the soldier are still anti personnel mines. so be careful where you put your
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feet if you don't want to lose separatist positions are under 50 meters in that direction. most of the men here we speak to say they have very little hope that a peaceful solution can be stopped to fill when suddenly the whistle of an incoming shell. m customer over them. if you see the bushes there says the soldier possibly will. 23 meters from there is a separatist trench on. between us is a minefield and of the bunker is small and cramped. 26 year olds, key fish, which roughly translates as chaos started fighting the separatists. the beginning of the conflict 8 years ago. for some reason, i can't understand putin's politics. it's stupid to be afraid of something when there's no threats. a can't remember when nato has ever been a fit to russia, not since the collapse of the soviet union and ukraine independence more than 30
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years ago. but that's not what roches leader things. vladimir putin. vision of the future, remains unclear. john strafford al jazeera, eastern ukraine. the had a rushes fs. b security service, the same almost $70000.00. people fled from east in ukraine to russia. many of them are women and children evacuated on the borders of the of separatist leaders. and daniel, at one group, we sent the russian city of to gun rock on saturday and reportedly held for several hours in buses without food, water, or bathroom facilities. imaculi's toll journalist there were many small children and elderly on board separate his authorities announced on friday they would be evacuating around $700000.00 people from east in ukraine, citing fears of an imminent attack by ukrainian forces. while i'm a vehicle, is it me? we were invited and we came with children. now infants here,
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we left to avoid chilling, but with the hope we were promised, my dear, you heard some of my maker quite young. they make fun of us. every one is sick with children, people on crutches. there's a 90 year old grandmother here. they're not telling us anything. there were the police. i asked them where we would be accommodated. they said, we know as much as you do. levels have been hearing from a person's defense minister and wallace. is that, that russia's president putin is in danger of setting off a tragic course of events. complimenting this true build up has been a proliferation a full flag operations, propaganda, stunned and rough knew that that carrying fictitious allegation, these are not the actions of the russian government fulfilling its repeated declarations that it has no intention of invading ukraine. in fact, we've seen over the last few weeks, the russian playbook being implemented in a way that gives a strong cause for concern that president putin is still committed to an invasion
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on hunting for a different aspect to the story social media and publicly available satellite pictures have been used to track the movement of russian forces around the borders of ukraine. ms. lee harding reports is helping to build a clear picture of what's happening on the ground. the satellite images from a u. s. company show a build up of russian troops on the border with ukraine. fields and forests once largely untouched in russia, now covered and tracks from military vehicles about 15 kilometers from the border with ukraine. ah, social media posts from people in the region are giving more clues about what is happening on the ground. al jazeera was able to independently verify this video, posted by a truck driver passing armored russian vehicles. my. what's my 3 other content includes pictures and posts from the wives of some russian military personnel, talking about their husbands activities. the information is being used by
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investigative journalists to build a picture of what is happening in the region. there's a grocery movement so useful because their last was out exactly what russian forces amassing ahead of any possible invasion. those is a clue to how to pay off evasion. and that any final reasons that they're making to position heads off basically they invasion. so the videos come should useless searching some what's going on in the ground. and the online content is making its way into popular culture. one of the reasons, one of the reasons we know what's going on with russia's military is social media, because video is a russian troops massing on ukraine's borders are being widely disseminated on tick tock, leading the media to label the conflict, the tick tock war. the information war is not just being conducted by governments, but on people's mobile phones. leah harding al jazeera
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we are following other stories this hour and actually just wanted to bring you a story from here in the u. k. the government is actually lifting all of its coded restrictions a month, early appointment is devoris. johnson says the nation will have to learn to live with the crone of ours if it's going to move forward. but his jonah haul reports from london has been some doubt over his motives from opposition, voices, a moment of pride or self preservation. so let us learn to live with this virus, or is johnson roadmap for life alongside coven 19 brought forward? by a month, we'll see the lifting of all legal rules and restrictions, relying instead on personal responsibility. we have a population that is protected by the biggest vaccination program. in our history, we have the anti virus, the treatment, and the scientific understanding of this. and we have the capabilities to respond rapidly to any resurgence or new variate. and this is because it is time that we've
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got our confidence back. it is an extraordinary moment. people in england to being told that from thursday they won't have to self isolate, even if they're coded, positive, free testing and contact tracing will be phased out, to be honest. i preferred to waited another month so, so we were in spring when these sorts of viruses spread less read readily. but ultimately yeah, we're pretty close to the point where the value of self i lation isn't worth the pain. earlier in the day, a cabinet meeting to sign off, the plan was postponed at the last minute because of a disagreement between the health and treasury secretaries. all resolved, so the meeting could proceed a few hours later, but not without casting another layer of doubt on boris johnson's government and his leadership. and remember that even as ministers argued the queen herself 95
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going on 96 is battling the virus suffering mild, cold like symptoms at the moment, buckingham palace says and continuing to undertake light duties. so england is about to take a big step towards living life as if the pandemic is over the government portrays it is a great lead to freedom. critics. no say it's just another tactic to pluck a conservative party m p 's being to discourage them from throwing boris johnson out of office over the potty gates scandal. still being investigated by the police . whatever the case, the benefits both for public health and for the health of boris johnson's government are yet to be proven, showed a whole al jazeera london. ah, i just want to take you through breaking news story of the past couple of hours and a move that could dramatically inflame and already 10 situation. in eastern europe,
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russian president vladimir putin has signed a declaration to recognize the independence of to break away regions in ukraine. christian made the announcement in a publicly televised address in which he said eastern ukraine was ancient russian land followed a highly choreograph meeting in which she questioned the members of his security council, one by one seeking their input on don bass recognition witnesses, you should be in your room, i consider it necessary to recognise the independence of the sovereignty of the de nets and lou. hence, republics, russia has taken this decision in the support of friendship and assistance for these republics. those who are holding back we are trying to stop military action as soon as possible and stop the bloodshed french present. emanuel macaroni german chancellor, shall said that they were disappointed by this move, france and kind of also called emergency national security meetings. also on monday, russia said it had killed 5 people from ukraine who had claims were breaching its
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order in the rust of region and captured a soldier alive, ukrainian military branded this fake news, saying no one had cross the border or been killed. in other development, you as president joe biden has been meeting his national security team as well. of course, pushes recognition of the hands can done yet, but talks between the 2 latest time for thursday in jeopardy. it's also not clear if a meeting between the secretary se blinking and russian pharmacist survey lovegrove is going to take place and bring you much more coverage and analysis of this story . in the news. our coming off at $2100.00 g m t and 25 minutes time to stay with us . i'll see you in a bit. ah, allow government knowledge is iraq with no
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nice like husky voice swell. nicholas just send him so that we can also work on the trip that we picked, but it actually pasco, have to pony my tricks in again. a 3 a and up is a funny getting go so far. so then he got flute. i mean, on the woman was a and e example was a tricky one on a with
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angela wiggs. put in all the little in the limo, a name and edge and we'll get a moment go mad. did i do your duty, e a u e a e v. mm hm. to take a look at that. i went up on leave johnston, robert visible is a little vin, this wild maniac given team who owns away when he is new. i mean, i know what either and a child who is an audi,
11:50 pm
a, a one owner, a deal with the eyes windows. is there a way with those drawn pictures only but not with my own eyes or to be hearing them being played where they felt happy with the elderly, displaying, they're willing to teach the young ones so that that sound continuous. my wish is to foster collaboration that will, that incorporate, fell lose
11:51 pm
them did a i've been waking on a year to test it out and been with shauna, people for more than 3000 years. believed to be in communication with so hector, he came up with the plan to to make a t. tom beater not really, but it took a bit amplification methods that i used to amplify guitar and he put them in m b a,
11:52 pm
c i. e. in another city, a, d, e, and what we're fine tuning church in san one of somebody with a better player. i met him while he was still a very young boy and i've worked with him a lot from the youth development project. and one of the young, the traditional practitioner, was also mixing mortality with his tradition. ah,
11:53 pm
do you know with ah, with at the moment, my wife and child a thing in that area. crazy.
11:54 pm
so i'm constantly up and down, waking on balancing out the to will to be come the one who live with a b, b a. well, i had a good day. and today i'm going to morning a studio to see more know with the files from support mckayla and to show him my financial reader satisfied. i mean it's, it's my money so that we can wake them. pages this song together,
11:55 pm
casey, if i were to, i don't know which bottle we'll set up with those if it was only denise m. p 3 or the at least a summons for those. and i got a feel of the drum when i was in for my bad pig, you tie into and i might be a little debate with what with world. so i think we just need to replace some of the digital stuff too. so, well, you know, financial guido phone. so i think the introduction with will should be that i
11:56 pm
a but we can we can get the guy from mine managed to do the about the consent to lane when you completed the, the little thing just makes things up. let me give you a picture of what i think. i . yeah. those you love about with a
11:57 pm
new one trick. enjoy the sound over the phone with music in the mountain, the river and a ah
11:58 pm
hello, we've got more heavy showers coming in across northern and eastern parts of australia over the next couple days. but by a large, it looks pretty much settled for the most part, high pressure in charge here. so we'll keep it warm and sunny. the heat still seeing those temperatures getting up in the mid thirty's. therefore, perth, that we go with those showers just around northern parts of wu wei the top hand of the carpet terrier showers their evening to the out back of queensland and also to
11:59 pm
the out of new south. well, some heavy downpours coming into sidney, unnoticed for tuesday, lottie drive of south australia, adel, so for victory and temperatures will pick up nicely here as we go one through, widen, stay elsewhere. moyvey shower, surf, a new south wales for much of queensland for wednesday is warmer. 32 celsius from melbourne. and also for adelaide. c. temperature. just using a touch as we go on through tuesday through thursday. sorry, with some very heavy rain by the state. up towards the gold coast, pushing up towards brisbin. eventually we will see some wet weather making its way towards the seal, but for now is fine and dry spot to try to cross the east side of japan. but we got some very heavy snow in the forecast over the next couple of days, maybe 50 to 60 centimeters coming in across western pass upon shoe anaconda. ah, ah,
12:00 am
this is al jazeera ah. hello i mary. i'm no mozy. welcome to the news our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia's president vladimir putin signed a decree, recognizing the 2 separatist regions in east and ukraine is independent, defying west and warnings against such a move. the u. s. in the european union immediately announced sanctions against the rebel territories and those in.


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