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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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to tab it, we've got some very heavy snow in the forecast over the next couple of days. maybe 50 to 60 centimeters coming in across western pass upon shoot kaden. ah ah. this is al jazeera ah. hello, i mary. i'm no mozy. welcome to the news. our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia's president vladimir putin signed a decree, recognizing the 2 separatist regions in east and ukraine as independent to find west and warnings against such a move. the u. s. in the european union, immediately announced sanctions against the rebel territories and those involved in
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recognizing them. moscow also says it's killed 5 ukrainians who breached hist for the key of has dismissed it as fake news plus live oh, to live with this virus versions. prime minister announced as an end to all coven restrictions in england, including the legal requirement to self isolate on in sport. another joke of it shows made his 1st own cool to parents of the year after his ejection from australia. the 20 saw a grand slam champion. one is opening much that. do you by chance? 6363. mm. hello, and welcome to the news i will in a move that could dramatically inflame the already 10 situation in eastern europe. russian president vladimir putin has signed a decree to recognise the independence of to break away regions of ukraine. greeted
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made the announcement in a long, publicly televised address, which he said easton ukraine was ancient russian land. it followed a highly choreograph meeting way. question the members of his security council, one by one, seeking that input on don bass recognition. who it is, you should turn your credit. i consider it necessary to recognize the independence of the sovereignty of the de nits and lou hats republics. russia has taken this decision in the support of friendship and assistance for these republics. those who are holding back, we are trying to stop military action as soon as possible and stop the bloodshed go . well, international reaction to this declaration was swift, the nato secretary general yen stoughton bug condemned. the russian decision he said at moscow's continue to feel the conflict in easton ukraine, and is trying to stage a pretext to invade the european commission present as we have on july described the move as a blatant violation of international law. she said the european union would react
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with sanctions, and the white house is saying that you as president joe biden, will soon issue an executive order outlining sanctions on the breakaway regions. they will buy new investment, trade, and financing by americans in the dumbass region out there as fine as smith has been reporting to us from the russian capital moscow. this was an hour long speech from vladimir putin, in which he exit essentially blamed the collapse of the soviet union on the creation of this independent state of ukraine called into question, ukraine's very right to exist as a country outside of russia. vladimir putin's tone was at times frustrated, and at times bleak, and he blamed after that long historical lesson of why he believed ukraine was not really a legitimate country. he then went on to blame nato for its failures, to address the situation in the east of ukraine. he accused nato as his frequently
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accused nature in the past of expanding into all of those eastern european countries that were released from the soviet union at the brett. when the soviet union broke up, he blamed 8 accused nato of a deliberately expanding into into those areas. and he said that in the east of ukraine, nato has failed to address the situation in don bass. this is where there's been a 7 year long, more than 70 a long now conflict with these russian separatists. and what vladimir putin has done is essentially ripped up the minx agreement. this is the 7 year long ceasefire between ad negotiated with ukraine and russia. and with the french and the germans, that were supposed to find a solution to the situation in east, in ukraine and say, in said, vladimir putin has said that it hasn't worked. that isn't working. i am now going to give, recognized these 2 countries as independent states,
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straight after he finished his speech, he went on to sign that agreement, which included a friendship and cooperation agreement. which means that if the leaders of lou ganske and don't ask, need help from russia, they can call on it. it means russia could send in troops to push back ukraine from its own sovereign territory or otherwise for it to ukraine's ambassador to cattle under acres mankind. immediately after that speech by the russian president. and cuz mike had told me that ukraine stands ready to defend itself, in fact, 75 percent of the russian army, which means more than $150000.00 troops is around ukrainian territory. and in this very moment, the russians are crying about the ukrainians threat. this is skip book prosy. we are ready to fight. we are not expecting some major soldiers. we will fight instead of us. we have the trained and equipped army. we are grateful for our allies,
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for our partner's country, united states, united kingdom, poland, canada, bolted countries from other countries for providing us with more than weapons. of course, it will help us to stop. but if we will have a critical mass, critical number of such of happens, it could really stop the aggression before is beginning. since the price of response, the price russia to pay would be much, much greater. the 2 regions that have been recognized by russia is independent of the hands and done yet sc, collectively known as the don bass. alger is harder. abdul, hamid is in constant north, in the dani and screeching of eastern ukraine shows as a real sense of fear among people have a situation, could escalate very quickly. both sides are denying that they're shooting at each
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other, but it is happening. so this can only spiral. busy further out of control and that could happen very, very quickly. you could have now do the. busy do people in the, in the self profane republic, the russian back separate is feeling in bolden by 2 words coming out of moscow by the moves coming out of moscow. maybe feeling a bit stronger or they could be told also to hold back. i mean, it's all really up in the air and that, you know, about 10 days ago i was in those areas traveling along that contact line and whoever i spoke to at the time, including soldiers in the trenches brushed away the idea that they would be a military escalation, that they would be a full scale invasion. the minister of defense was on a daily basis. as saying that the number of troops gathered on the russian side of the border were not enough for fun invasion. president zalinski was calling upon
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ukrainians to call down. he had harsh words for the rhetoric coming out of suited western capitals. and he did tell ukrainians to not listen to these applica lipstick scenarios. busy that were being depicted well now, fast forward to 10 days, 2 weeks forward, a things that seemed to have changed completely. everything is up in the air. and people now are wondering if all of that would happen as get more from my car. now he's in washington, d. c, and president joe biden was swift in saying that there is going to be an executive order issuing sanctions. i suppose we'll get more detail on this later. but what's the initial reaction there? well yes, we will be getting more details probably from treasury as to exactly what the sanctions entail. the white house statement says that president biden will shortly assign an executive order, imposing sanctions on those who do business in the breakaway republic. so provided
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with any form of assistance whatsoever. the white house statement makes very clear that this is separate from what they say are the massive array of sanctions that have been lined up. should russia go ahead or continue as the white house puts it with its invasion of the, the whole area? so the white house very quick to react. their president biden himself, while president putin was talking, was talking to the ukranian president. shortly after that, he's in a phone call with the president of france and the chancellor of germany. so a lot of diplomacy happening in the white house, a lot of reaction underway at present. hopefully we'll get readouts off these various calls that have been made in the past hour or so. we definitely know what everyone was doing. jerry, nat televised her address from the russian president earlier. all eyes were on him and us present, spoke with ukraine's present rodney lansky following christian speech. any more
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information about that conversation. what was a 35 minute conversation we are told, and it was virtually simultaneous with that speech being made by president putin. although president putin speech lasted a while longer or no real detail has emerged off that conversation. but we do know that the discussion would obviously center on what was expected to be in precedent pollutants announcement. it would have come as no surprise to the white house, the actual confirmation that he was claiming these break away republics in ukraine . and they was new beforehand that this was going to happen. in fact, the u. s. had been speculating that this was a proper possibility for a period of time. so they would have been prepared in terms of what the subject matter of the discussion was. we don't have full details about what the 2 presidents talked about. but obviously it was focusing on this dramatic development
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in terms of this ongoing crisis. thank you very much, mike. kind of with the reaction there from washington. i was areas shebra tansy is live 1st now united nations. and as you've been saying, have the reaction has been swift that this decoration, by preaching it, is a violation of international. but even before the recognition of these breakaway regions, ukraine had requested a security council meeting. any news on that? not yet because ukraine apparently we've been asking around, hasn't put in a formal request to a member of the un security council. ukraine is not one to to, to put to get the wheels in motion. it's been made pretty clear to us from members of the un security council that if you created, when ukraine submits a letter, they will get that support. it's true that russia currently holds the monthly rotating presidency off the security council, potentially. that could be a wrinkle. it could put up some procedural hurdles if it wasn't,
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but it would seem that that would, those would be pretty easily overcome given the support ukraine has currently all of the security council following vitamin fusions and also at anyway, actually when, when you talk to season hands they say, well, actually russia doesn't necessarily have a problem with discussing this as a security council because as we saw from that address, there are other like talking about that grievances when it comes to ukraine, whether or not that happens or if and when that happens, you created will get a chance to address the united nations, but the un general assembly on wednesday there was already an annual meeting plans on crimea on wednesday. and ukrainian foreign minister will be addressing that. we've already got to a sense of the sort of things he's saying he's already pointed out that hooton's address as a spit in the face of the world. he's already written to the un security sector general. he says, as he asked the question, is the un charter relevant to the world of today? so one would think that these are so sentiments we will be hearing at the u. n,
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but not necessarily the security council yet, but of the un general assembly on wednesday course event. thank you very much. shadow tan see out with all the latest reaction from united nation to leaping union was a quick to and out. new sanctions targeting eyes involved and recognizing the key rabble hel territories and the mother's monitoring reaction here in europe. and so in a dim how, how unanimous has the european response been test? will it, it's been unanimous in terms of condemning this recognition of the break away um, regions in his sin, ukraine, m. president, mac, hall, or of france just in the last few minutes or through a statement from the lazy palace has condemned the action or calling for a meeting of the united nations security council to discuss that step by russia and calling for targeted european union sanctions. the german foreign minister has also demanded that russia reverse its decision, are demanded,
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is the word that's being used by the news agency. certainly, i'm seeing the specific statements from her, but to him. yes. the question of sanctions now comes to the fore previously or the western powers, the european union britain had all said they were preparing sanctions, financial sanctions to be implemented if there were a military invasion by russia into ukraine. we're not there yet. although clearly the british government, the last 24 hours is made it clear. they think that that's what is on the way. so this move by a president, putin has really, really concentrated minds of the polish are prime minister matters. marie v etzky has tweeted, or just in the last couple of hours that to him. this move by russia is an act of aggression which must be met with an unequivocal response in the form of immediate sanctions. the ukrainian foreign minister was actually calling for that directly at a scheduled meeting of the you foreign ministers early on monday. and the ease
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foreign policy chief does at barrell said it's not the time we'll do it at the right moment. that of course, was before zyden putin move to recognize those 2 earth break away entities. so right now, all the signaling is that yes, things have to happen quickly as you have on the lie and the president of the european commission. and shall michelle head of the european a council have put out a joint statement saying that the european union will react with sanctions. but crucially, they haven't said when or how extensive they say they'll be against those involved in what they call this illegal act of recognition. by moscow, so lots of uncertainty, lots of wiggle room for, for different organizations to try to bring things forward more quickly. or to give the russians or a chance to step back. perhaps with this m request or demand from the germans. unlikely, as it seems, for russia to change his mind as ear at say, as that pace of escalation has quicken. there appears to be more at unity and
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consolidation in the european response, but still some ambiguity about what might trigger sanctions. and actually, we have also been hearing a bit earlier on from the ben wallace, the u. k. defense minister, complimenting this trick builder has been a prolific proliferation. a full flag operations propaganda stands. and russian knew that like carrying fictitious allegations. these are not the actions of the russian government fulfilling its repeated declarations that it has no intention of invading ukraine. in fact, we have seen over the last few weeks, the rotten playbook being implemented in a way that gives a strong cause. the concern that president putin is still committed to an invasion . what further reactions have been from the u. k. government of back of this decoration from pollutant will, interestingly of the, the actual act the, the signing happens around the time that boys johnson, the prime minister was giving her press conference sir, outlining steps to him to basically end cove 19 restrictions. notably,
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he of course was asked about the ukraine situation though, and he said that he had just learned about the russian move, or he said it was a breach of international law or a flagrant violation of ukraine sovereignty. and then he said he was off to speak with president zalinski of ukraine to offer to, to, to reassure him of britain's m. solidarity will solidarity so far as extended to sending some military equipment, some trainers to ukraine or to preparing sanctions or on individuals and companies . which are seen to back or the russian government in the event again of a, of an invasion. so he was asked, where are we now with sanctions? and he again gave himself some room to move or to move. he said that it would depend what happened on the ground in east, in ukraine, or vo, ben wallace, you just saw there did say that are actions, for example,
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a no fly zone or over the area in eastern ukraine. such a moves he said or in the air and by sea would be treated just as any incursion on land. so that's one possible thing which we could look forward look to in the next 30 days or weeks. our thanks very much appreciate it. and im was against the backdrop of l. v. the negotiations and the diplomacy. we've seen this increasing these reports of daily clashes in easton ukraine. now earlier on, russia said it had killed 5 ukrainians who crossed into russian territory. ukraine vehemently denied this claim, saying not a single soldier across the board with russia, and none had been killed. crane's foreign minister denounced the rushing, famous fake news last time. it's due very, but it is thought there about 15290000 russian troops around ukraine. european council on foreign relations believes there about 10250000 troops on russia's
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border with ukraine. ukraine. billy's are also about 35000 russian back separate is fight is in done yet. and the hands, it's thought therefor that $32000.00 troops in russian annex crimea, $30000.00, embed ruth plus and other $1000.00 stationed in moldova. at least 13 russian battleships have been conducting live fi exercises in the black and as of seas. i was the picture of a russian military build up around ukraine or algae. there is. charles stratford has been on the road with the ukrainian army patrol close to the border with russia . he sent us this exclusive report destroyed homes in a deserted village close to the front line families that used to live here left when this will started almost 8 years ago will need a broken belongings remained. russian bank separate dispositions of just over the horizon. ukrainian army soldiers tell us their shelter has been repeatedly targeted
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in recent days. craters gouged out by separatist artillery shells. just a few meters away. 27 year old burn has been at this doug out for 3 months. the ukrainian soldier says separatists using higher caliber weapons than before. they are targeting infantry, the dug out city. i stood at the entrance in head 1st incoming 10 meters away from me. they shelled along the road. we walk along perhaps try to hit al communication lines. the shelling is much more frequent and concentrated. recently. soldiers taken so long a trench to the observation postal stored, a boucher for his opportunity. this used to be a separate his trench, says the soldier. there was still anti personnel mines. so be careful where you put your feet if you don't want to lose separate his positions are under 50 meters in that direction. most of the men here we speak to say they have very little hope
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that a peaceful solution can be stopped to fill when suddenly the whistle of an incoming shell, inquiries for me, all the enemies. but you see the bushes there says the soldier possibly will. 23 meters from there is a separatist trench or from. between us is a minefield. i'm selling. the bunker is small and cramped. 26 year olds, kesh, which roughly translates as chaos started fighting the separatists. the beginning of the conflict 8 years ago. for this number, danny, i can't understand, put into politics. it's stupid to be afraid of something when there's no threats. i can't remember when nato has ever been a fit to russia, not since the collapse of the soviet union and ukraine independence more than 30 years ago. but that's not what roches leader thinks. vladimir putin, this vision of the future,
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remains unclear. john strafford al jazeera eastern ukraine. well that of russia's fs. be security service, says almost $70000.00. people have fled from east in ukraine to russia. many of them are women and children evacuated on the orders of sat purchase leaders in daniel, one good. we sent the russians at if the gun rock on saturday and reported the house for several hours and buses without food, water or bathroom facilities. if i q is told journalists there were many small children and elderly people on board, a separate authorities and out on friday that would be evacuating around $700000.00 people from eastern ukraine, citing fears of an imminent attack by ukrainian forces mom and we'll be calling me and we were invited and we came with children, infants here. we left to avoid chilling, but with the hope we were promised you are not my maker, correct? yes, they make fun of us. everyone is sick with children, people on crutches. there's
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a 90 year old grandmother here. they're not telling us anything. there were the police. i asked them where we would be accommodated. they said, we know as much as you do. samuel greene is director of the russia institute at kings college, london, an author of putin versus the people, the parents, parents, politics of a divided. russia joined us now from north carolina. in the us, you were listening to president putin's address earlier on. what did it reveal to you about his intentions and perhaps a state of mind at moments? well, it certainly didn't reveal very much about his intentions. are very broad speech jury sweeping a lot of historical references, a lot of current grievances and fears and about the potential for ukraine itself to become a threat or to to how's an american threats going back in history to the does artist your, into their soviet era when, when ukraine began to take shape as part of the soviet union from the way that the
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person likes to tell it, it really was a speech that you could read to justify a very large scale war. in fact, possibly even the, the occupation an annexation of ukraine in its entirety. of course, that's not what he announced at the end of the end was very limited. only the, the recognition of these to break away republics in and around and asking to hawk. but certainly tried rhetorically to lay the groundwork for something a much bigger than that. and with the has reported earlier somewhere between 850200000 troops along various borders with, with ukraine, including the russian border. this speech will have a lot of people wondering what comes next. is there a shift perhaps in the strategy now, the deployment of troops, tanks, and weapons to borders around ukraine, certainly prompted to a flurry of diplomatic activity. got a reaction from western powers, but no concessions on his demands. no concessions on the core demands.
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right. which seem to have been really focusing on an end to the pension of, of nato, in fact, to a certain degree roll back of, of earlier waves of expansion. that something that western eaters are not willing to talk. a lot of other things that are important to everybody that they are willing to talk about. but clearly that that hasn't been satisfactory to, to moscow despite words from putting themselves just last week saying that it made sense to continue with with diplomacy. so clearly he's, he's changed his mind on that front or, or wasn't entirely truthful at the, at the time. i mean, look, this is an escalation, but i think we're going to have to wait and see exactly how far it it actually escalates, right? so we expect that there will be a formal movement of probably large numbers of, of russian troops and material into the separatist regions in, in eastern ukraine. we don't know how far they will go if they go up to,
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to the current fire line. then we may be able to avoid the shooting war if they decide that they need to go further than that either to take control of the infrastructure or indeed to go and take over the entirety of the territory. that is to separate just entities claim for themselves. or which is much larger than what they actually control the moment. then we would have, again a much larger scale, a military invasion of, of ukraine. they've been playing those cards very close to their chest. and so we're going to have to, frankly, just wait and see where the, where the tanks go. oh, of course, before the declaration recognizing and to break away regions and eastern ukraine was this very choreographed a meeting in which president putin was speaking to his advises. how wary is he about the costs and the risks of a war?
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i think it's a good time, odd to say this, given what we've been dealing with for the last number of months, but i think it is risk of her. she's primarily concerned with the maintenance of his own power and, and his system of power. and he doesn't like necessarily to try new things unless the things that the old things really aren't aren't working. so he will be worried, despite a lot of rhetoric about the ability to, to withstand sanctions. he will be worried about the, the more robust sanctions that western powers could bring to bear. he will be worried about public opinion, which is not really clamoring for a war with ukraine or with anybody else for that matter. and of course, he would be worried about, you know, the outcome of, of an actual shooting. ward probably war that, that most of those are experts think that, that he would win. but at what cost and, and with that with what impact again on his popularity and on the, on the russian economy. and so i think if, if he can achieve whatever it is that he wants to achieve with, with minimal costs in terms of life of work and soldiers with liberal minimal
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economic costs, he would, he would take that. so i think he's probably likely to move relatively carefully. my guess is that he will go up to the far line and see what the response is. he might then decided to push a little bit beyond that again and see what the responses both from ukrainian, military and from western governments and see where the, how far he can. he can push making calculations and decisions at each stuff along the way. thank you very much. famel green from king's college on to joining us there from durham, north carolina. thank you. yes, miss ally from london still ahead. ah, the tick tock wore social media else build a clear picture of what's happening on that russia ukraine border also following other stories on social media platform goes live in apple's us app store with many uses reporting problems. and then in sport with andy organizing next winter games
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already look to have the hands full as the olympic flag arrives in italy. ah hello, we got more stormy weather coming in across northern parts of europe over the next couple of days. not as bad as it has been recently, but still very unsettled, nevertheless has the worst of that to wet and windy weather now making its way into central and eastern part. so if you are following on behind, we do still have some more wet and when the ad at times, winter weather tumbling in, that's something for the middle to latter part of the week. so it does stay very disturb, disturbed to down towards that se, and call it just around the adriatic we are going to see some where to where the coming through that slide it's way over towards the ion. you see easing down
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towards the a t and c. we'll see some wet and when she, whether they're coming in across southern parts of the balkans. when you weather to up towards c, western side, all russia and more wet weather coming back in across the low country. sliding across said denmark, turning to snow. therefore norway, tuesday presents a dry weather for much of england and wales will see some tribe of the 2 into ireland not could catch a shower or 2. so when she showers there a possibility of course that western side of scotland, it becomes more expansive as we go on through where to stay more, very strong winds coming back in the states, very disturb central and western parts. meanwhile, we fine and sunny ah, from international politics to the global pandemic, and everything in between. it did not respect poor people and your our planet promised to ensure the safety of women. what happened the, just the 15th and pull back that people actually have more feel,
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why is the u. k. feel hostile to try and see if the mysteries all of us join me? if i take on the live with man or the misconceptions and debate the contradiction, carmen get up front on al jazeera ah. the shake hammered award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w, w dot h t a dot q a slash e m. ah. oh,
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i come back watching the news, our life from london, all main story and a move that could dramatically in flaming already tense situation. in eastern europe, russian president vladimir putin assigned a decree to recognize the independence of to break away weakens of ukraine. preaching may be now spent in public, he televised to dress, following a meeting with his security council. meanwhile, president joe biden is going to issue an executive order soon. it will bind trade with danielle and the hans white house says more measures are forthcoming and separate from sanctions that have been prepared if there is an invasion of ukraine you is announced that will sanction those involved in the recognition of the break coil regions of done the gonna hands and then earlier on, russia said killed 5 people from ukraine who claims were breaching its order and
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the rust out region and captured a soldier alive. ukraine is branded this fake news. michael bull skew is a global affairs analyst and a former spokesperson for the o. s. c e. special monitoring mission to ukraine joins us live now from ukrainian city of viv. i'm not sure if you've heard anything about these reports, but there is this line coming in from the reuters news agency saying the russian president, jim prisoners ordered peacekeeping missions to be a peacekeeping operation to be deployed in east east and ukraine's to breakaway regions. now, do you have any confirmation of that? do you have any information about what might be happening there? i don't very good to be with you by the way, but that is a scary proposition because this is a scenario that has been talked about for quite some time actually by russia. look today, what was not surprising is actually what mr. put in, did i've been predicting about 2 weeks that he would formerly recognize the
12:34 am
independent so called a dependence of these 2 occupied areas. what remains to be seen now is whether russian troops will come in. and i think this is what this report lose to is that russian troops under the guise of peacekeepers will come in and formally see control over that area. the other thing quickly, i mean, as of today or yesterday, there were still a sizable contingent of my former colleagues from the monitoring the situation on the ground. now now that these areas are in a sense, independent not part of the territory. what's going to happen to them? so a lot of parts in play here that remains to be seeing what the impact would be. and could that be about a consolidation of control of that territory, or what are the possibilities of russian troops exceeding that line and going further? well, i'll tell you one thing if mister biden spoke on sanctions that were just denounced
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of trade and financing restrictions on people doing business in those areas that anything to go by that no bit turn whatsoever to russia, they will continue to expand you know, the thing with friends to put in is when he smells weakness, which is what the sanctions are. he what prod further for, for a soft tissue. so the western response to be far, far more robust than what we've just thing on washington this evening. in terms of the european response to this we've, we've certainly seen more unity amongst nato and europe as the crisis has continued to escalate. but is there still some difference of opinion among the $27.00 member states on how broad sanctions should be? it would certainly appear that way. and of course, the baron, the nuclear option, is that north $3.00 and $2.00 pipeline which russia and spent billions of dollars
12:36 am
on and to, to weaponized energy and eastern story in europe and europe in continental. we all know with an energy crisis right now, they need to rush and gas. so i think the brave thing to do, if we have bravery in any of the eastern european capital, is to stop it, not let it function. tell russia that we will find our gas from elsewhere. there will be short term pain, of course, for european residence and consumers. but what's better that or further russian aggression? because i think quickly, i'm hearing blood tumors put in speech tonight. it doesn't sound to me like a man who is prepared to stop just at the borders of the crate. that was the chilling thing above that speech is. he would go much further, perhaps into the baltic states or into poland. it's an extraordinary moment. an extraordinary moment. right now. michael boyce q. thank you very much for joining
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us there from the city of live in ukraine. my pleasure. well, social media and publicly available satellite pictures of being used to track the movement of russian forces on the border with ukraine. and is lea hiding our ports? helping build a clear picture of what's happening on the ground. the satellite images from a u. s. company show a build up of russian troops on the border with ukraine. fields and forests once largely untouched in russia, now covered and tracks from military vehicles about 15 kilometers from the border with ukraine. ah, social media posts from people in the region are giving more clues about what is happening on the ground. al jazeera was able to independently verify this video, posted by a truck driver passing armored russian vehicles. my, what's my, the other content includes pictures and posts from the wives of some russian
12:38 am
military personnel talking about their husbands activities. the information is being used by investigative journalists to build a picture of what is happening in the region for years and rushing. rents are useful because their last was out exactly what have russian forces a, amassing head of any possible invasion. those includes a have a pay off evasion and any final reasons that they're making. so we need to position head off bases, day invasion. so the videos come, should usually sachi, examine what's going on in the ground. and the online content is making its way into popular culture. one of the reasons, one of the reasons we know what's going on with russia's military is social media, because video is a russian troops massing on ukraine's borders are being widely disseminated on tick tock, leading the media to label this conflict, the tick tock war. the information war is not just being conducted by governments, but on people's mobile phones. leah harding al jazeera
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ah, i tend to some of the user following the sound in me and mom. the military there is urging a top un court to drop accusations of janet side against its wrangle minority, taken over the case from deposed liter unsung suit. she presented me and mas arguments at the international criminal court court of justice and 2019 sushi was removed as leader just over a year ago in a military coup. and the national unity government made up of members of our city ministration, also wants to be me, and mars representative case was filed in the gambia of a military crack down against wrangell muslims, and rock hinds state in 2017. now rescuers in greece is searching for more survivors on board. the ferry though caught fire off the island of coffee on friday
12:40 am
. a 2nd passenger has been found alive, raising hopes for the 10 people who is still missing. so far, one person has been confirmed dead. the ship is still burning after more than 3 days, but rescuers have managed to reach more parts of the interior of the containing the fire. now the u. k is lifting all of its clover restrictions amongst early the prime minister boris johnson says, the nation will have to learn to live with the virus if it's going to move forward . please join, haul reports from london, has been some doubt over his motions from the opposition. a moment of pride or self preservation. so let us learn to live with this virus. johnson roadmap for life alongside coven 19 brought forward. by a month, we'll see the lifting of all legal rules and restrictions, relying instead on personal responsibility. we have a population that is protected by the biggest fascination program. in our history.
12:41 am
we have the anti virus, the treatments, and the scientific understanding of this bottles. and we have the capabilities to respond rapidly to any resurgence or new variate. and this was because it is time that we got our confidence back. it is an extraordinary moment. people in england to being told that from thursday they won't have to self isolate, even if their cobra positive free testing and contact tracing will be phased out. to be honest, i preferred to waited another month so, so we were in spring when these sorts of viruses spread less read readily. but ultimately yeah, we're pretty close to the point where the value of self ice lation isn't worth the pain. earlier in the day, a cabinet meeting to sign off, the plan was postponed at the last minute because of a disagreement between the health and treasury secretaries. all resolved, so the meeting could proceed a few hours later, but not without casting another layer of doubt on boris johnson's government and
12:42 am
his leadership. and remember that even as ministers argued the queen herself 95 going on 96 is battling the virus suffering mild, cold like symptoms at the moment, buckingham palace says and continuing to undertake light duties. so england is about to take a big step towards living life as if the pandemic is over the government portrays. it is a great leap to freedom. critics no say it's just another tactic to pluck a conservative party and the hope being to discourage them from throwing boris johnson out of office over the party gates scandal still being investigated by the police. whatever the case of the benefits, both for public health and for the health of birth, johnson's government are yet to be proven, showed a whole al jazeera london. i will stray leon. tourism operators are saying they are looking forward to rebuilding their industry after country relaxed its tight cars at border rules. government is shifting away from its isolation policy which
12:43 am
prevented even australian citizens from entering and leaving thera talk reports from brisbin jubilant and excitement as tourists and international passages. touchdown in australia. after almost 2 years of voted, closures picking up my best friend. i haven't seen him since 2018 and you made it back just in time for my wedding in 4 days? yes. i'm going to see my friends for the 1st time in the 5 year last year. yeah. serial. we feel quite real like it feels that it wasn't just a surviving, but families reuniting over the last 2 years. a strategy has pursued a tough 0 private 19 strategy. quarantine restrictions have also been in place. posing a major hurdle for strolling citizens wanting to return. i didn't know flotsap
12:44 am
potentially be delayed because of what's going on overseas, but very few are patch reactions. lots really to even for london it was like 55000 and strange when to come home and it's very flotsam. was pretty green. it's good to see my sister again and i come, i think i see mom and dad now because of the learning about them to to you. astrology has one of the highest immunization rights in the world with more than 90 percent of people. over 16 fully vaccinated tourists coming here must be double vaccinated or have a medical exemption. more than 1000000 tourist visas had been issued for arrival this month. tourism was one of the fastest growing sector and astrology economy before the pandemic in 2019 it contributed around $50000000000.00, but the board of closures and the nation, the reputation as fortress of strata and tourism group know they've got a big job on the hands to convince tourists to return, there's a huge drove ahead of us. we have had an incredible disruption to our industry. no international might disruption to acknowledge it as well as failure that we lost
12:45 am
about $18000000000.00 worth of international revenue and on and to put it all back together. it's a complex machine or industry. you have to be ready, but not every state in australia is welcoming arrival wisdom. the strategy has been close to both international travelers and had quarantine restrictions in place for vaccinated a strolling citizens the most of the pandemic. it will eventually open its borders in march. jerry clock out 0 brisbin australia a new social media commission by donald trump has just launched on apple's app store. for me, us president's new platform is called truth social. it marks his return to social media have to be banned from several platforms, including one of his favorites, twitter off to the attack on the u. s. capital in january last year. some uses have reported problems registering an account the the platform launch has just had of
12:46 am
donald trump appearing that the conservative political action conference in orlando this week follows a week of set back through a former president is under investigation in york for alleged business fraud in georgia for election forward and in washington for inciting a riot to overturn his election laws. tools had been revealed that come to classified documents to his holiday resorts of mar lago. he's denied reports. he tried to flush documents down a white house toilet. and new york judges ordered tom's 2 oldest children, donald junior and yvonne cut a face questioning over possible financial ford. within the trump organization and missouri usa. the accounting fund managed the trump organizations finances as dropped. it has a client and said 10 years worth of financial statements could not be relied upon some join now via skype from new york by joshua tucker, who's a co director at the center of social media and politics at new york university. so
12:47 am
after being banned from youtube, facebook, twitter, we now have this new social media outlets been launched as this. donald trump's been returned social media. well, i don't think it's been as big returned today because it seems like most people are having trouble getting on, but it certainly is his attempt to try to react to the fact that he no longer has the voice on these other platforms that he's used to having in the past, is he going to be able to get his voice outback, particularly the time when he's facing a number of legal challenges. and then of course, with the midterm elections coming up, he'll be, you'll be keen to, to voice his opinions on that as well. yeah, it's not clear if this new platform is going to make it easier for him to get his voice out there when he was president. he was a master of sort of controlling the media narrative by a well time tweet that would lead all reporters to sort of report on that tweet and
12:48 am
react to it. and what he was talking about. whether or not he still has been able to issue press releases and reporters respond to. so we don't know whether this will, this new platform will give him that ability to just, you know, quickly set the debate and set the set, the structure of conversation in that regard. however, i imagine when it 1st launches, when he's 1st on there, there will be a fair amount of attention to it. so it will bring back kind of some memories of his glory days on twitter. and i say this is all about establishing some sort of platform for his return possibly as republicans next presidential nominee. well, i mean, i think there's 2 things that you can do with these platforms. one is political and he was able to masterfully use twitter when he was president to communicate directly with his followers, but also to set the match the media narrative. whether he will be able to do that on this new platform is going to depend on how popular it is. and there's lots of reasons to be skeptical to think that he can suddenly build a platform that will compete with things like facebook and twitter. we've never
12:49 am
really seen a platform that was set up to appeal to a certain percentage of the ideological spectrum breakthrough and become one of the big platforms before every platform that's broken through previously with success has offered something new to users like tick tock, offering short form videos or instagram, offering photos, right television, it's been played by problems and dysfunction and malfunction. but when it does, i'm going to be able to move all this out, who is likely to want to get on that. whereas the demand coming from will just be this ideological echo chamber then. i mean, i think that's the way this is being patched as this is a platform where conservatives can go to feel comfortable with its feel comfortable and not have to worry about figures who they like to follow being kicked off the platform. the problem is, is that social media functions based on what are known as network effects, it's a product that is only as good as how many people are using it. and this is a tremendous disadvantage for a platform to start off by saying, hey,
12:50 am
we're only going to be of interest to a certain portion of the country. while lots of people get information about politics from social media platforms. the truth of the matter is that's not the reason that most people go on social media. they go on social media to connect with people from different parts of their lives. and this one by saying, hey, we're only going to be, have a place where we expect to find people who have a certain political persuasion. makes it a lot harder to build up. that critical mass of people that make the platform valuable as a social network, as opposed to just a place to get information about politics. thank you very much, showing us from you joshua, talk of that. thank you. thanks. it was a pleasure to lead on the news, allan and all the special moment in cleveland. philip bron james action from the n b a all star game coming up and spoke with andy. and again to forget for this international for order will have that and know
12:51 am
i with mm
12:52 am
whole ah ah ah i'm apple's fault with andy and thank you so much man will nava joker which has made his 1st own courts parents of the year after his ejection from australia, the world number one made a winning return at the do by championships, shock of it wasn't allowed to play at the 1st grand slam only because it's not vaccinated against cove it at 19, but he was given the all clear to complete. and dubai said, beaten, it's lisa lorenzo, miss se, in his 1st match,
12:53 am
since the start of december joker, which his vaccination states as could still see him missing out on a series of events, including next month indian wells tournaments in the united states. i couldn't ask for a better reception. no, it's been a while since i played her the last marriage, so i couldn't figure a better place to teach star the season and her best possible experience than i been. thank you very much for your support and welcoming me on the court. the way you do your job, which is appearance was preceded by that of 3 on grandson champion and be married. the 34 year old came from a sat down to beat christopher o'connor of australia and progress into the last 60 to shortage williams. now synagogue goalkeeper, edward mandy says he's keeping any personal celebrations on hold until the end of the season. this month mandy has won the africa cup of nations with his country as well as the club world cup with chelsea on tuesday,
12:54 am
his london club will continue the defense of their european title chelsea at home to french side lill in the 1st leg of their last 16 champions leagues high. i don't have time to to celebrate it because we are the look of a big game, sir. this good this weeks and the, the coming weeks saw. i'm just her focus her about dead the next game bill. i will have time to, to celebrate her at the end of the season. unfortunately, what can i see again to forget for new zealand, international, mikaela, moore, the liverpool defender scoring a hat trick of how goes in the 1st half of this game against united states. 2 of them came inside the 1st 6 minutes at the she believes cup in california, more was actually sub doff before half sign her team one until he's 5 neil he zailynn. so for 2 straight defeats so far in the tournament,
12:55 am
that michael jordan was one of the basketball legends on hand for this. she is all star game which was doubling up the celebration for the m. b 875th anniversary. the ceremony taking place in cleveland. the 6th time and be a champion lining up alongside players, young and old. the all star game itself provided plenty of drama with 2 of the legs . biggest stars having pretty special nights as to how malick reports. ah, not many players are capable of up staging. le bron jane, but one man that can is steph curry. and he did so in this years n b a all star game. the 2022 addition being a special occasion for james, who was once again a team captain with the spectacle happening at the home of his former side. the cleveland cavaliers was the all star game itself is famous for producing an array
12:56 am
of monsters. slam dunk and a number of teen james's opponents was seizing their opportunity to step on with the man voted to captain them kevin durrant. out engine. none of them, however, managed to shine as bright as curry, who had an all star, n v p winning display. to remember the golden state warriors star put on a 3 point clinic scoring an all star game record of 16 triples. ah, he went on to beg, 50 points, but despite his best efforts, the match went down to the wire. oh, that however allow james to have his story book moments before time and be a champion, feeling the match for his side with a fade away. ah, i can have joined. okay. no, have dreamed of that moment any better in actuality?
12:57 am
i just happened. i got hot, early in character gone. try to put on a little bit of a show and the joy started to come out. and hopefully everybody appreciated with the all star game in the books at tension. now shifts back to the race with the players. to hail malik al jazeera and a day on from the closing ceremony in beijing, the olympic flank is now arrived in italy, organizes if the milan katina game. so have for is to fine shoot their flag waving technique made a bit of practice there. it's lee is hosting the games for the 2nd time in 20 years . but after serina stage the event back in 2006 r k, that is heis for is looking for let's get back to my room in luck. i. andy, thank you very much. that wraps up and he is out, but we'll have much more coverage and analysis of developments around ukraine and russia in just a couple of minutes. i will be back with another full bullish and for you say with
12:58 am
al jazeera ah ah and americans are increasingly say authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command, if you like, tried to cover what's your take on why they've gotten this so raw. that means political mouth, the bottom line on us politics and policies, and the impact on the world on al jazeera stories of life. oh, and inspiration, a series of sure,
12:59 am
documentaries, from around the world that celebrate the human spirit against the art o. busy g 0 selects hunted ah, al jazeera, with oh, from international politics to the global pandemic. and everything in between. it did not respect poor people and your our planet promised to ensure that they'd be a woman. what happened? the doctor 15 got pulled back, that people actually have more field. why is the u. k. feel hostile to transfer the
1:00 am
mysteries? all of us join me if i take on the live, dismantled misconceptions and meet the contradiction. hardly get up put on al jazeera ah marshes, president read him a push in signs a decree recognizing the 2 separatist regions in east and ukraine as independent to find western warnings against the move. ah, hello, i'm sorry. i'm to mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera also coming up us and european union immediately announced sanctions against the rebel territories and those involved in recognizing them as people have done. yeah.


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