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tv   Libya Unspeakable Crime  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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ah, ah ah, germany takes its foot off the gas chancellor, all f sholtes announces a pause to the north stream gas project. the 1st major action taken by the west against russia and russia's foreign minister is even questioned ukraine's right to sovereignty after moscow declared to rebel held regions of independence. ah, i'm come out santa maria here and done ha with al jazeera, continuing coverage. this tuesday, events in ukraine and russia,
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ukraine's president has warned russia's move, suddenly show its preparing for a further military assault. multilateralism lies on its death bed tonight. and now the developing world raises alarm about the escalating tension and calls on moscow for restraints. ah, hello from 1200 hours gmc here on al jazeera and plenty of developments considering russia and ukraine. first of all, germany's chancellor says he is halting the note stream to pipeline project with russia. this is in light of what moscow is doing in ukraine. the project was meant to double the amount of gas that come straight into germany from russia. but chancellor sholtes says the situation needs to be reassessed. remember, the russian president vladimir putin has declared to disputed ukrainian regions as now. being independent hootin also ordered troops into the hans and the next for
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what he describes as a peacekeeping operation. we had in a little close, you see those regions encompass don bass where separatists have been fighting against ukrainian forces since 2014 covered has been this good treatment is still hard to get beaten. i've asked the federal ministry of economics to withdraw the report and security of supply with our federal networks agency. it's the 1st step to make sure the pipeline cannot be certified at this point. without certificates, the north trim to can't operate as we were reassess the situation that is evolved over the past few days. i think it's important to launch new sanctions now to prevent an escalation and a disaster still. so let's start with dominant cain in berlin to just take us through the significance of, of an announcement like this one dominant. pretty significant indeed, because from the german perspective they'd always wanted to try to get de escalation to be the word that was on everybody's lips. it isn't, and they've had to react,
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as i say, mister shots and his colleagues around the cabinet in berlin had always tried to avoid referring to what they might do talking about doing serious sanctions, but never specifically spelling out what they might be. well, now we know precisely what they are at least the start of what they are, this pipeline nod stream to connecting russia and germany with the potential to bring tens of billions of cubic meters of russian natural gas into germany and thence on to western europe per year will now it's on ice as it were until further notice. it's never going to be switched on. the says, the german government, the question now is what else will be done because we know that the german government had always said that it wanted to take multi lateral action as it were. the sanctions that it was party to and going to be part of would be through multi
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lateral institutions. so that's the you, that's ne, so that sort of thing. what mr. shots is done today is unilateral, in the sense of saying, no, we will definitely not have not stream to on right now because of what's taking place on the border between russia and ukraine in those 2 as it were, a separatist regions of, of ukraine. but thing to watch out for now is what else will come? what else might come from the german government, but also from the european union? and then from ne, so writ large. mister schultz has been referring continually to the need for a united solidarity as it were, approach from the e u from nate. so these are the russia and now he's done what he can do. and he's now, obviously as it were liaising with his colleagues trying to see what further cause it ages action might come. but from bright, now berlin, very clear message to moscow. no, we believe that what you've done is totally unacceptable. it is not part of the
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party to the un charter. it's against international law, and so not stream to as it has been couched, cannot take place. okay, dominic, hold on a 2nd for me because i've got a, a map here which i just want to show our viewers who may be don't know about nod stream to itself just so they can visualize it. here it comes, it would take gas directly from, excuse me, from western siberia, through to germany. the key is that it would bypass the route through ukraine. i guess that's why it's so important. and as, as you point out, dominic it's, it's being paused, it's not on line yet. and in fact, i'm just reading lines from the european commission saying, you know, gas and energy supplies won't be affected obviously, but the fear it creates an over the, it will affect the energy markets for sure. yeah, the thing to remember here is the north stream to well as already north stream one, which is the one of the longest pipelines if not the longest under see pipelines in
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the world. and that already is bringing tens of billions of cubic meters of natural gas. it's not the only one that brings gas from russia to europe. the important thing here is that the ukranian government's view of an old stream too, as always, being fueled by their fear of what might happen to their revenue because the ukrainian governments, historically, at least not so much in the last few years. but historically, at least, would receive revenue for allowing the transit of russian natural gas over its territory on its way to western europe. and in the course of the past few years that has really been reduced, the amount of revenue the ukrainian government has received has really been reduced . so that's one side of this. the other side, of course, is that it's not just the german economy that depends to a large extent on russian natural gas. and it had russian energy. other european countries due to the question, will be,
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how will the gas supply to europe be viewed by countries? for example, the austrians and the italians. we know already that the italian government is said that it's very wary indeed of the source of sanctions being imposed on russia, which could have a negative impacts on the way that italy gets its energy given its requirement of gas being supplied by the russian economy. so you have that size to consider. and so when you heal, when we have been hearing from la shots, chancellor, and from an lena bell box, the foreign minister that germany is prepared to pay a very heavy price in order for sanctions to be put in. well that was all was code full, we're prepared to, to not switch on node stream to the question. further to be post is what that other european countries. how would they feel about as total shut off of russian energy to their supply? remember, just a few weeks ago,
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the united states president joe biden had a meeting with the amir of cutter in the white house where they talked about. is it possible to proc, provide liquid natural gas from your sources to try and get around if there was a shortage of russian gas? that's what's really in people's minds right now. right. thank you for all of that . that's dominant cain with that side of the story. from berlin. now these pictures is not long ago, vats is ill. hum, aaliyah, he is the president of azerbaijan, at the long table in the kremlin, with vladimir putin. they've been holding a meeting. we've been watching these pictures for a while and we are expecting a news conference a little bit later will bring you batch when it happens. and the main time rushes foreign minister is actually questioned whether ukraine even has a right to sovereignty, saying the government. and he doesn't represent the entire country. that is off to out remarks from president putin over his declaration, tulsa jabari in moscow. it take us to the language which so guy leverage used to
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say something which seems pretty controversial. ah, certainly, and i think i want to point out that right now to me, before we get into what the foreign minister said, we've been hearing from vladimir putting at that meeting between him and the president of azerbaijan. he said that russia supports the sovereignty of the former soviet republics, except you creating the situation. there is difference and because of external forces, as he called it. and he said that you, cranes, territory is being used by 3rd countries to generate threats to russia. i think his comments before going into the meeting with the president of azerbaijan, his very telling and it explains the comments we got from the russian foreign minister, sir. good love rob, earlier bringing into question about sa, ukraine's leadership and the fact that they don't actually represent the entire
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nation. i think it's getting into some very murky waters here. and i think that you and you will certainly have something to say about this in the coming hours. but that is a rationale that is being used in moscow to justify the decision that plotting re put was taken to declare the 2 regions as independent states up don't. yet scramble guns. and i think it's very tough about the mentality of they are russian officials about what is happening there. and it's going to be very, very important. i think how the world reacts as well at that for the russians. i think the survey with a certain number of have said today that he's not worried about sanctions. they were going to put searches on us anyways. it's that kind of a response that he also gave to vladimir putin during that various an extraordinary session of the security council, which was broadcast here when he was asked by vladimir putin. what about the sanctions? where does things stand? and i think he was very clear that he believed they were going to be sanctioned
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anyway. so that had it very much a factor when putin made his decision apparently. so the news coming out of germany is not a surprise. i think at the moment here as well. all right, thank you for now dosage. barry in moscow will be back with you of shall. once we hear from those 2 presidents in moscow now ukraine, president zalinski has warned russia's recognition of those to break away regions. is only a pre casa to a further military assault, but, but the lamb was beating a bunch in as sure, as she's case collected of gold green a year. rushes escalation against ukraine is a challenge, not only for ukraine, but europe and the world as a whole. in ukraine, europe, security is being decided like european to well cannot afford the mistakes committed back in georgia in 2009. we demand new sanctions against russian aggression, and it should include a full stop to the north stream gas pipeline. he bullied the bush with
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right, let's start off with andrew simmons are corresponding reporting from t as at to day at president zalinski the statement, i think that was probably a couple of hours ago by now he's talking very tough buddy biggest heat stream. the wary of the situation, he certainly is a, it has to be said that ukraine has welcomed very fast development from germany on north stream to the gas pipeline project, which has been halted. that is a positive sign, one positive aspect of so many negatives. there is such a dark mood in the ukraine right now. it's hard to actually describe, but president zalinski appearing, having some resolve. busy having some bravery what you might say in, in declaring that he would stick with the peaceful and diplomatic way. a question now is, how long can he hold to that?
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because developments are, are quite fast in the sense that there has been a columns of military hardware going in to don. yes. and indeed we're hearing also the other breaker republic, no hands. and the other aspect to it all is, is whether or not this is really crucial point whether or not. so russia and the breakaway republics, the separatists, the forces. busy they are already have a formal agreement, a 10 year agreement to work together and with their own hardware with their own sharing. busy their bases, whether or not the, the russians and the separatists pushed beyond the front line, the contact line. because it's well known that the claim that the separatists have within the dumbass region isn't just where the lines go. now it's in a much larger area and that could be
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a move to actually take this entire region that would include the c port of mario poll, for instance, where a many naval russian naval ships are off shore, effectively causing a sea blockade there as well. so there is a question mark about how russia will progress this bullets and what is actually stay in the areas we have now with the self declared with public are taking in which they become consolidates and hold on. busy possibly for some sort of diplomatic agreement in which russia will get some compromises, or even when the day all the unlikely, the u. s. i'm sure would not be entertaining at that sort of thing at this stage. but that could be lots of options. putin could take on one of them, of course, is all out war. there is no doubt now it every line of intelligence you hear even from the ukrainians as well. is that everything is prepared for all out invasion
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with $30000.00 troops along the border. busy with, with russia to the east and of we have also that see blockade. busy in place and of course. busy all of the forces in the se, so tension absolute tension here to a very high level. ok. thank you. andrew simmons in kiev. so the threats of all at war is there. let's say what chance stratford is saying on the outskirts of lebanon services in and danielle, just east of matthew, paul, what have you been seen chance well, we've been hearing quite a lot of shelling in the last few minutes when we were here earlier this morning. the shelling seemed to be concentrated to my left of my left shoulder. it's about 3 kilometers to 3 and 5 kilometers to the front line behind us in the last few minutes we've heard shelling on both sides along that contact zone. as you say, just outside mary or pool, i am. the cranium military said about an hour ago that as of 12 o'clock mid day,
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which 2 hours ago that the separatist fighters, separate forces had targeted ukrainian positions. but what they describe is more than 660 different types of, of you, munitions, everything from small arms to machine gun fire to high caliber artillery. we were speaking also to people inside don't ask inside the shepherdess controlled region of than ask. so the dpr, the self declared in its people's republic, and interestingly, somebody we spoke to very close to the russian borders, described the amount of russian military hardware that he was see that he claimed to see on the russian side of the border as being something that he had never seen before, he described tanks, he described a missile launches. and so a very worrying consideration there also in terms of the kind of language coming out of the shepherdess leadership,
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is couple hours or so the leader of the self lead to nets people's republic. danish for shilling was asked by the russian media if he was ready to fight for the restoration of the borders of the dpr and the l. the l p r. as of 2014, those borders that were there in 2014 at that time. this city of mary opal, the one that i can see across the horizon, the one that was that was interpreted controlled hands. the shepherdess controlled that route at that city. they controlled many other towns as well, a long way away, far further into the ukrainian territory than they do now. and he responded by saying that sir, in the constitution of the dpr on the l. p. r, the borders are within the framework of do nets. don, it's good lou ganske, but time will tell the rest. so when we hear andrew, they are referring to fears of a potential further push by the russian back separatists and russia into ukrainian
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territory. is that kind of language that is very concerning. indeed. thank you. charles stratford, he's in the east of ukraine on the ground at seeing and hearing what's going on there rights. more on the political side of things, the u. s. the e u, the u. k. they are all preparing to announce further sanctions against russia. we've heard from the british prime minister boris johnson not long ago have a quick listen. we will immediately institute package of economic sanctions, which i think is people would expect talk to not just entities in, in don bass, him against him and, and yet, but are in russia itself. targeting russian are economic interests as hard as we can. it is absolutely vital that that effort that, that conquest of another european country should not succeed. and that to put into felt met him baba in london. what's the word on the sanctions?
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i believe an announcement coming 1020 minutes or so. if i'm boris johnson shortly in parliament, but earlier on monday on tuesday. sorry, he did share a meeting of the national emergency security committee. and after that, he made a comment section which he just heard. now, he's saying that term, if russian forces do go beyond those areas which britain says it's currently invading, then further sanctions could come into effect. but right now, as of one hour from now, he's saying that there will be a new british sanctions against individuals and companies are involved in the russian or recognition of those areas. now, he has been pushed there. are there been requests from within and without the country here for measures against are individuals linked to the russian government in britain itself? for there have been hundreds of billions of dollars worth of investments from
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russians linked to a vladimir putin in one way or the other in the last couple of decades. and many people see that as a big weakness in britain's, a stance of his r v. russia, so boris johnson did address that. he said that the, the eggs be no doubt that if russian companies are prevented from raising capital on the u. k. financial markets. if we until the facade of russian ownership of companies or property, it will start to hurt. and there are press reports here in the u. k. of russian business interests actually contacting the foreign office already to try to make sure that they're not unfairly targeted. as they might see it, some critics of boris johnson say he is exposed because his party has taken in large amounts of donations from russians residing in the country. the government always say that that is perfectly legal if they are british citizens,
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naturalized citizens and so on. so unclear exactly how far these neck these 1st sanctions are going to go. but it's clear the british government wants to send a strong signal earlier on the health secretary, sadie javin likened the situation to the 1962 cuban missile crisis army. there are a signals from the government here that there could be further military support. they've already sent anti tank weaponry and some training personnel to ukraine. and there are hints now that there could be more supports along the same lines we expect in the year days and weeks to come across. have nadine barber in london? i'm sure we'll talk to you again later once we've heard from bar johnson in parliament's. i mentioned before, the e you expected to announce fresh sanctions on russia as soon as well. i diplomatic editor james bays is in vienna. following that one, the notary to some german is going to do as part of the current plan of sanctions
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that are being worked out right now. they're off a bus, it is in brussels meetings, exact details. it won't be in the sanction or a foreign minister standing by they happen to be in paris, the meeting about in the pacific issues. they're going to be reaching this afternoon potentially to put those sanctions in place. but these, all the sanctions in response to put in recognizing the 2 republics. what the european nations need to do is leave something in reserve. in case putin goes further, because to recognize the 2 republics, he didn't need more than 150000 troops. many fear that there is another stage to his operations. and what he's planning to do also were telling you that in addition to the you here in vienna, the l a. c, o c, that organization that has russia as part of it, that's meeting with another extraordinary mission. what are they going to do about the monitoring mission? they actually have piece monitors in the to republics. are they going to keep them? that's another thing we're going to have to watch in the coming out and what's
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different from 2014, when a putin took crimea, then the us was a little hazy and it's comments the secretary general that donkey moon about that he said people need to respect the charter, this time, the current 2nd john, tell you, tears has come out and said that what's happened in the last 24 hours is a direct violation of that charter. now, you may wonder why that matters. well, i think the words of the 2nd general yard stick to international diplomacy and other member states of the united nations and other than russia. i can't see many other member states when you go contradict the 2nd general on this fact. ok. let's look a little closer, something called the mince could protocol, which you might have heard about named after regions capital. this is where talks actually began back in 2014. it was written by representatives of ukraine and russian governments as well as the o. s. the, the organization for security and cooperation in europe, france and germany with the mediators stay along with the leaders have done yet.
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can ganske all signed the agreement? thing is the fighting never stopped. there was a follow up agreement i called at mintz to and that failed as well. russia for its part argues it was never policy to the conflict, nor the terms of the minced agreements. we spoke to a former spokesman for the o. s. c, e. the organization for security and cooperation in europe. that is that michael boss acute, who now works at the racial center of the atlantic council. the think tank. he says, developments in the last 24 hours really are chilling this speech last night was nothing short of like curdling it. it was coming from a man who i believe has no intention at stopping at the so called frontline, dividing the occupied and government control areas of ukraine is the big fear here at the moment is that he will actually try and take control of the other parts of lives can to that they basically control at the moment above one 3rd of those 2
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blocks. and then another possibility is to move further south and create that land bridge between russia proper and crimea. so this has a long way to play out, and i don't believe the sanctions out so far by the white house will do anything to deter if diplomacy was on the floor 2 days ago. i said it was in the basement yesterday. it's down the drain. now, clearly put in, it's not listening to, you know, the day that the statements coming out of the road based international world. he's going to choose his own path, and i think there should be a wake up call to the entire world that he is a thought that was to see his own way. that was to remake the international security structure of europe. it's again, a very, very chilling development. now there was a un security council meeting on all of this overnight, but one of russia's closest allies was careful not to take sides during that sessions. the china with ambassador called on all involved to avoid making things
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worse. katrina, you as more from paging on tuesday, beijing sent out a statement warning all of its citizens in ukraine to try to avoid unstable areas, but it stop short of actually telling them leave the country completely unlike many other nations. no time in recent weeks has criticize the us for what it says is hyping up. the threat of war. china has said that it believes that russia's security concerns all legitimate and the 2 countries all very close to admit pearson was justin beijing about 2 weeks ago. and the sizing, the strength of his friendship with china, with the sheet and paying. but that doesn't necessarily mean that she didn't king would welcome or support any war over ukraine. he's also, has very good ties with. he has in china, very much relies on trade with europe. so china's ambassador to the basset to the
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un on tuesday. jung jones said that all policy should really return to dialogue and exercise restraint. and you should 5 more weekends on the current situation in ukraine as a result of many complex factors. china always makes its position according to the merits of the matter itself. we believe that all countries should solve international disputes by peaceful means and in line with the purposes and principles of the un charter should certainly beijing as watching what is happening in ukraine very, very closely and waiting to see how the international community responds to any possible invasion by russia and other traditional russian allies, places like india were also careful with their choice of woods during that meeting . however, kenya's envoy to the un did not restrain himself here. first, there is new delegates, best we call for a stream on all sides. the immediate priority is de escalation of pensions, taking into account the legitimate security interests of all countries and aimed
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towards securing long term peace and stability in the region and beyond. we are convinced that this issue can only be resolved through diplomatic dialog. multilateralism lies on its death bed to night. it husband assaulted to day as it, as it has been by other powerful states in the recent past. spoke to hush punch about this wider issue. his director of studies at the observer research foundation in new delhi. a think tank there. he feels we could be facing a global crisis. yeah. will you know, i will even globalize times and any conflict, any part in any part of the world would have global revis occasions. in particular, this one which has 2 major power storage of blocks involved rush of course on one side and the entire western lock on the other. so clearly if a for then there is an escalation. if the sanctions are imposed on russia, you've yet already written the same, god rises, right?
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the price of oil. and we're already seeing stock market stumble. so i think that the wider global economic them indications of this traces will not be just around in around ukraine. this is a global crisis, and it has to be looked at that the enter time then the world economy is just about beginning to come out of the spin, demi, and we're looking at the demand for oil rising already, oil prices are high. i think one can imagine that energy is going to be a huge issue. we have already seen how energy is also playing into the european landscape. that even if you have had concerns that if, if for their sanctions that impose and russia, we will see that not stream by, by playing the project disbanded that has been sought in germany and austria, i need to know that a due date, sanker to do any sanctions on russia can actually ensure. busy a lot, lot of energy problems for europe. so i think energy is, it's going to be a, is already a very important important component of this engagement and global ramifications of
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this crisis for energy prices for energy security can be potentially very, very devastating. and the crisis in ukraine was even discussed on the side lines of a meeting of dust supplies here. and don't ha, i think fundamentally, the, you know, when you talk about the ukraine issue and, and the european issue, people have been bouncing it on that got out of can supply and, and replace a, you know, the russian gas i've, i've stated this officially before, i'm in russia, i think it's 3040 percent of the supply to europe. there is no single country that can replace that kind of volume. those comments from the country energy minister were made before we had the news that germany was putting a holt at least temporarily to the at north stream to gas project. that news has had an effect on the energy markets have got a snapshot here from our partners at bloomberg of the oil and gas prices. at about
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half an hour ago. you see no w t i crewed up 3 and a half percent. brent crude up almost 3 percent approaching a $100.00 a barrel. there is agreements by recognizing okay, we're heading to london now. the houses of parliament, british prime minister bars johnson craig in a single inflammatory speech. he denied that ukraine had any tradition of genuine statehood, claimed that it posed a direct threat to the security of russia and hold numerous of the false accusations ad aspersions. soon afterwards, the kremlin announced that russian troops would enter the breakaway regions under the guise of peacekeepers and russian tanks and armored personnel. carriers have since been spotted the house should be in no doubt that the deployment of these forces in sovereign ukrainian territory amounts to
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a renewed invasion of that country. and by denying ukraine's legitimacy as a state and presenting its very existence as a mortal threat to russia, putin is establishing the pretext for a full scale offensive. i think honorable members will struggle to understand how in the oh to contemplate how in the it 2022, a national leader might calmly and deliberately plot the destruction of a peaceful neighbour. and yet, the evidence in his, of his i'd woods suggest that is exactly what president putin is doing. when i said on saturday, that his scheme to subvert and invade ukraine was already in motion before our eyes . the events of the last 24 hours have, sadly shown this to be true. we must not brace ourselves for the next possible
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stages of putin's plan, the violence subversion of areas of east in ukraine by russian operatives and their hollings, followed by a general offensive by the nearly $200000.00 russian troops gathered on the frontiers at peak readiness to attack, if the worst happens, then a european nation of $44000000.00 men, women and children, would become the target of a full scale war of aggression waged without a shred of justification for the absurd and even mystical reasons that putin described last night. unless the situation changes, the best efforts of the united states of this country, france, germany, and other allies, to avoid conflict through patient diplomacy, may be in vain. from the beginning we have tried auroras. we've all tried to find
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the peaceful way through this crisis on the 11th of february, by right on prevent the defense secretary and the chief of the defense staff am radical, paid the 1st joint visit to moscow by the holders of their offices. since churchill, who is also defense minister at the time, traveled to russia with general allan broke in 1944. they held every 3 hours of frank discussions with the russian defense minister, general shaw you and the chief of staff, general gras, involved demonstrating how seriously we take rushes, security concerns, how much we respect to history and how hard we are prepared to work to ensure peaceful coexistence my right of her friend, the foreign secretary, delivered the same messages when she met our russian kind about in moscow. on the 10th of february, i have spoken on a number of occasions to president putin since his crisis began. so as president biden, while president macro and chancellor shows have both visited moscow together,
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we have explored every avenue and given putin every opportunity to pursue his aims by negotiation and diplomacy. i will tell him we will not give up. we will continue to seek a diplomatic solution until the last possible moment that we have to face the possibility that none of our messages has been. he did, that putin is implacably determined to go farther in subjugating and tormenting ukraine. and it is because we suspected as much that the u. k. and our allies repeatedly cited the alarm about a possible you invasion. and we disclose much of what we knew about russia's military buildup. britain has done everything possible to help ukraine to prepare for another onslaught, training 22000 soldiers applying 2002 tank missiles and providing automated pines
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for economic reform and energy independence. we will now guarantee up to $500000000.00 of development bank financing. i traveled to keel to meet president zalinski. on the 1st of february, i saw him again in munich. the weekend i spoke to him again last night. soon after president putin speech to assure him was i'm sure the whole house would, would, would agree was the right thing to do. i assured him of britain's unwavering support for you credit sovereignty and territorial integrity. and now the u. k. and our allies will begin, begin to impose the sanctions on rushes that we have already prepared using the new and unprecedented policy granted by this house to sanction russian individuals and entities and strategic importance to the creditor. today, the u. k. a sanctioning the following 5 russian banks. ra sia,
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i s bank jim general bank approved the us bank and the black sea bank. and we are sanctioning 3 very high net worth in individuals. get audi, tim jenko, boris rothenberg and eagle. rotten. both any assets they hold in the u. k, will be frozen. the individuals concerned will be banned from travelling here. and we will prohibit all he k individuals and entities from hadn't any dealings with that. this is the 1st trauma, the 1st garage of what we are prepared to do and we hold further sanctions at readiness to be deployed alongside united states and the european union. if the situation escalates. still further. last night, our diplomats joined an emergency meeting of the un security council. and we will raise the situation in the organization for security and cooperation in europe. and
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let me emphasize what i believe unites every member of this house. with equal determination, the resolve of the united kingdom to defend our nato allies is absolute and immovable. and we've already double the size of our deployment in estonia, where the british army leads nato's back group. i. when i met president levitz of latvia and privacy callous of estonia in munich on saturday, i told them that we would be willing to send more british forces to help protect our allies. if nato makes such a request, we cannot tell what will happen in the days ahead. but this is peak a. we should steal ourselves for a protracted crisis. the united kingdom will meet this challenge side by side with our allies, determined that we will not allow beauty to drag our constitute back into
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a whole busy and state of nature where aggression pays and might is right. and it is, but precisely because the states are so high that putins bensha in ukraine must fail and must ultimately fail and must be seen to fail a that will require the perseverance and the unity and the resolve of the entire western alliance and brittany. okay, we'll do everything possible to ensure that that unity is maintained and not our thoughts should turn to our valiant ukrainian friends who threatened no one who asked for nothing except to live in peace and freedom. we will keep pace. keep faith with there in the critical days that lie ahead and
3:40 pm
whatever happens mister speaker, britain will not waver in our resolve. this position gives sama up. thank you mister speaker. yesterday was adult day for europe. the russian president denied the right of a sovereign nation to exist unilaterally recognizing separatist movements that he sponsors, and who seek to dismember ukraine. and then, under the cover of darkness, sent troops to enforce his will. putin appears determined to plunge ukraine into a wider wall. we must all stand firm in our support or ukraine. may. we support the freedom of her people and their right to determine their own future
3:41 pm
without the gone of an imperialist held to their head that comfy, no excuses for rushes, actions. there is no justification for this aggression a war in ukraine will be bloody. it will cost lives. and history will rightly scorn putin as the aggression putin claims to fear nato expansion. but russia face is no conceivable threat from allied troops or from you train. what he fears is openness, a democracy. he knows the giver, not choice. people will not choose to live on the role of an erotic and violent authoritarian. so we must remain united untrue to our values across this house and with our nato allies. a, we must show putin,
3:42 pm
but we will not be divided. i welcome the sanctions introduced to day on the international committees efforts to unite with a collective response. however, we must be prepared to go further. i understand the tactic of holding back sanctions on putin, on his cronies, to try to deter an invasion of the rest of ukraine. but a threshold has already been breached. a sovereign nation has been invaded in a war of aggression based on lies and fabrication. if we do not respond with a full set of sanctions, now peut can take away the message, but the benefits of aggression outweigh the talk here. so we will work with the prime minister and our international allies to ensure that most sanctions are introduced. russia excluded from financial mechanisms like swift and we should
3:43 pm
been trading in russian sovereign debt. kitchens campaign of misinformation should be chuckled. russia to die should be prevented from broadcasting its propaganda around the world. and we should work with our european allies to ensure that gold stream to pipeline is cancelled, or whatever the sequencing of these sanctions. this won't be easy, britain must work with our european allies to handle the destruction in the supply of energy and rural materials. we must defend ourselves, our allies against cyber attacks. we must bring together the widest possible coalition of nations to condemn this action against the sovereign un member state. ukrainians are defending their own country on democracy in europe. we must stand ready with more military support for you tried to defend itself,
3:44 pm
and we must stand ready to do more to reassure and reinforce nato allies in eastern europe. but we must also get our own house in order. the promised to set the lesson from russia's 2014 invasion of don't boss is that you can't just let vladimir putin gets away with it. until now we have we have failed to stop the flow of elicit russian finance into britain. a cottage industry does the bidding of those linked to putin on russian money has been allowed to influence up politics. we have foot, make mistakes, have been made. we have to rectify of this must be a turning point, an end to all the golf. impunity. we need to draw a line of companies house providing easy cover, the shell companies. we take trade show, anti money laundering laws are in force. we need to track down on spies and we have
3:45 pm
to make sure money isn't pouring into play politics from abroad. russian aggression has now torn up the mix protocol on the budapest memorial. but even at this late hour, we must pursue diplomatic routes to prevent further conflict. so could the prime minister tell us what international diplomatic efforts a going on and what role the u. k. will have in that process mister speaker, we know putins playbook. he sakes division, we must stay united. he believes the benefits of aggression outweigh the consequences. so we must take a stand on he believes the west is too corrupted to do the right thing. so we must prove him wrong. i believe we can and i offer the support of the opposition in that vital endeavor may. thank you mister speaker. i miss the speaker. i find
3:46 pm
the right over the leader of the opposition for the either charity with which he has just spoken to the support that he has given us to the you case a strategy in dealing with his crisis in europe. and i think a, if i may say so that, that, that will be noted. and the change in the approach taken by your position is, is i think massively over the last couple of years, mrs. beka is massively massively been massively beneficial. are the changeable last couple of years because i think, i think that a fair minded person would acknowledge and he's raised them. he's raised some important questions and they relate to the talk to the, the ways in which we clap down on a russian money in the u. k. and indeed, us right throughout the west and this country was the 1st to publish a register beneficial ownership. this country has led the way, well,
3:47 pm
it's not often you get agreement between those 2 man is that if ever he's on it. but the british prime minister bars johnson on screen now and the man opposite him in the house of parliament. the labor laid a sick. he has stomach very much in agreement to die. he has tama sang, we must show persian, we will not be divided. we must be prepared to go further and bars, johnson saying we should steal ourselves for a protracted crisis. this is off to bars, johnson and our sanctions on 5 russian banks and 3, as he described at high net worth individuals, all of their assets in the u. k will be frozen, they will be banned from travel. they're not a bow, a correspondent in our london you sent to following along with us. i did a little bit of quick research on one of those individuals. cannady, tim jenko, who is the 6th richest person in russia. i plus these 5 banks bars, johnson going after the money? that's right. come on. he is going after the money of very specific people, as he said, it's just are $3.00 individuals and 5 russian banks. so it is fairly
3:48 pm
limited. now, britain is trying to send out the message right now that it's clear what's happening is a full invasion of ukrainian sovereign territory. there you heard it from boris johnson himself. he said that the deployment of russian troops into those breakaway regions, under the guise of being peacekeepers, basically amounted to in his words, a renewed invasion. there is distance now between the british governments assessment and that of the european union, which at the moment has not said outright that they do think this is a full invasion, which is the scenario for which everybody has been preparing sanctions. boris johnson, reminding the house of commons there that this is what he calls a 1st barrage of action of sanctions saying virt, britain and its allies are readying more sanctions or if the situation
3:49 pm
escalates. so in other words, we're taking that to mean, if there is further military action beyond russian troops into the break away self declared republics in the east of ukraine. so yet he's saying that we're taking this as a severe violation of international law as ministers here in london have done throughout the day since the emergency national security committee met early on tuesday. but at the same time, he's faced kohl's. not just in parliament, but elsewhere from members of the opposition to really get serious about cleaning up british investments from russian individuals of which there have been hundreds of billions of dollars worse in the last couple of decades. or there are very wide spread reports of individuals using the like the city of london. here are for money,
3:50 pm
laundry, and of individuals still connected to the russian president and government gaining access to british or finance and zoomed and using, using this as a base to legitimize themselves. their accusations that the conservative party have received large amounts of money from russians, and the response is always that well, very russian individuals who have become naturalized british citizens. it's perfectly legal and above boards, boys, johnson knows that he's under some pressure right now. but at the same time, he has got these are tools that he can deploy new sanctions and suggesting that beyond what britons already done militarily to help ukraine, which is to send, as he said 20, i'm sorry, 2000 anti tank weapons and other pieces of kit and helping to train ukrainian troops. he's suggesting that that could be increased in the weeks to come. ok,
3:51 pm
thanks for that. now they will talk to you again in our next news our which is about 10 minutes away. now in the meantime, we'll catch up on some other headlines. corona virus news, hong kong leader says the territory can no longer cope with the increase in coven infections, and needs help from mainland china. kerry lamb as extending restrictions until april 20th. and is looking at building a temporary hospital spot, the government's 0 covert strategy. hospitals are still struggling to cope some patients and are being treated in makeshift areas outside health officials in south korea or our warning. there could be a quarter of a 1000000 daily cases of covert by next month. the country is experiencing another surge, but it's adopted a policy of living with the virus instead of like, hong kong has been trying to eradicate it. mo, from rodnick brown. he's in sole driven by the army kron very in the recent surgeon,
3:52 pm
cobra 19. and south korea has been both exponential and alarming from under 5000 new cases. the day, just over a month ago, the country has been hitting over a 100000 new cases per day, put it another way in this country of 52000000 people. the total number of infections has risen from 1000000 to 2000000 in about 2 weeks. it means that in and around the greater metropolitan area of sol, which is home to half the country's population, long lines that testing centers on now the norm. but thankfully, due to a high vaccination rate, we have not been seeing the same rise in serious illness and hospitalizations. the vaccines have been holding up and south korea. it seems, has taken the same view with many european countries and the us. but now is the time to tough it out until the, with the virus and the number of cases is increasing rapidly,
3:53 pm
but i think we are taking a course that we have to follow if we are to reach the post coffee, 900 euro. the country is learning to adapt to a new reality. south korea has been an early pioneer of such pandemic, beating measures as track and trace using the gps on your phone to warn of a possible contact or to make sure that you're isolating as you're meant to be. but with the sheer numbers of new cases that is no longer viable the government instead relying upon such things as voluntary isolating all the use of home testing. kids which have now flooded the pharmacies across the country. and of course, still relying upon the trustee mosque in a country that still remains pretty much fully mosque as we get into year 3 at this pan demik. until it's a new villains i've been attacked with a stinging substance during the latest protests against vaccine mandates. also, a car was driven towards police roadblocks near the parliament in the capital, wellington, 1500 demonstrators have joined approaches camp set up 2 weeks ago. a political
3:54 pm
leader in nicaragua has been sentenced to 13 years jail for conspiring to destabilize the country. victor hugo, to naco was one of dozens of opposition leaders who president daniel ortega ordered to be arrested last year. those arrests cleared the way for a target to be re elected virtually unopposed. tanaka was the deputy foreign affairs minister in 1979, but hastened split from bottega. finally, as our journalists in mexico, calling on the president to stop verbally attacking them, falling of wave of violence against news media workers. in fact, 5 journalists have been killed and attack so far this year on moran reports from mexico, c. number. these are news professionals in mexico, protesting violence against journalists. now, the protests of mark a rift between journalists and mexico's president and this manuel lopez over at other one of the infant during a press conference with the president reporters staged
3:55 pm
a silent demonstration over the growing list of slain journalist galaxy in his in a musket and was happy in it, but if he didn't, we would like to abstain from asking questions. mister president, alyssa said, because the principal killers of us journalists are public servants, having always formerly cross your critics of president lopez, overt other. see that at a time where being a journalist and mexico is becoming more dangerous. the president has instead broadened verbal attacks against reporters. many have also objected to a special press conference. the president holds every wednesday where he names and shames journalists, who are often critical of his administration, calling them sell outs and mercenaries in with the president needs to hear the voice of the journalist. skilled most of us do not agree uses his daily news conference to generalize about journalists, society beliefs, and because he's the president. and he's creating this idea that most journalists are sell outs and work in the interest of some obscure agenda, maybe some odd,
3:56 pm
but most of us who work every day in the streets a doing it because it's on vacation. lamazzo most recently president lopez or what other targeted gallows load it, the molar a news presenter who previously reported on the lifestyle the president son by attacking, loaded them all as journalistic integrity. so norris, is it bigger these, that it is not the kind of journalist you mentioned who has the noble job of informing the citizens and criticized bad public servants? no, this is something else. in mexico, journalists already face threats from organized crime and corrupt government officials. transparency advocates say president lopez over others, rhetoric is only making the situation worse. it seems like you are in the power of voice because he is the president. right. and he's not only manipulating the public opinion, but can also use in public fun like money for these conferences to me directly.
3:57 pm
i did my best to criminalize the press in the country. i mean, outside of like a work done to be early. so seeing this is abigail for his part, president lopez over the board has promised there would be just in the cases of violence against journalists, human rights advocates in mexico have condemned president lopez over the board as rhetoric toward journalists calling his weekly press conference in illegitimate use of power adding that the president should focus on curbing violence instead of stigmatizing those who exercise freedom of expression. there have been at least 30 journalists killed in mexico since the start of lopez, but others presidency and at least 12 are currently listed as disappeared. though the mexican government says federal protection for members of the press has increased human rights advocates argue the worsening murder. rate of news professionals across the country tells a different story. men wedded apollo al jazeera,
3:58 pm
mexico city. stick around continuing in coverage of the russia ukraine story in just a moment. the news asked coming up ah ah, look forward to brighter skies the weather sponsored my counsel at ways. hello. there will start in south america and for brazil will have seen some really severe weather effect the eastern coast there. and this was seen in patropolis as a such. a rescue effort continues after the worst, a landslide and flooding disaster in its history. but the weather conditions have
3:59 pm
improved and they will so along that east coast and places like rio de janeiro will have rain on tuesday, but it clears up nicely by the time we get to wednesday and for the 3 day, well, we're going to be touching the temperature, well above the average, sitting in the mid thirty's with sunshine. now much of a wet weather is going to collect and western areas of the amazon basin within some severe storms rolling to peru. we could see flooding from that and further south where we are going to see some severe storms effect central areas of argentina, wet weather as well for the north east corner, which is going to be welcome. as we've had that devastating wildfire continue to burn for several weeks because those storms pick up on wednesday, rolling across further east. but it's warmer, further south of this. and as we move to central america, there's lots of wants to be found for large areas of the caribbean, sunshine and showers, pulling into cuba and jamaica. got a few showers for the yucatan peninsula in mexico. but it's very clear up in the north that sh,
4:00 pm
whether update. lou with sponsored by katara ways, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. oh, this is al jazeera. ah, it is 1300 hours at g. m. t on camels santa maria. this is the use of dominated once again by the crisis in you crime. russia is now questioning ukraine's sovereignty ride soft to president vladimir persian order troops into disputed regions, which he has now declared independence. also, germany and responses put the brakes on a russian gas line project as allies prepared to announce new sanction.


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