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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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that she weather update. oh, the weather, sponsored by katara always. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. sentimental handley take care will please amuse and current affairs that mattel to you. ah, well, this is al jazeera. ah, it is 1300 hours at gmc on camels, santa maria, this is the new south dominated once again by the crisis in new crime. russia is now questioning ukraine sovereignty ride soft to president vladimir putin order troops into disputed regions, which he has now declared independence. also, germany and responses put the brakes on a russian gas line project as allies prepare to announce new sanctions. and it's
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not just western nations condemning russia's actions and demanding restraint. this situation echoes our history. kenya, an almost every african country was burst by the ending of empire. and as for novak joke of, it has made his 1st song court appearance of the year after his ejection from australia. the roll. number one got up. so you thought at the to like 10 was due in 636. ah hello everyone. so much global reaction and condemnation coming in this tuesday after rushes latest moves against ukraine. the russian president vladimir potent is pressing ahead saying he respects the sovereignty of all ex soviet states, but ukraine's different because of interference from other countries. his orders have so far,
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st. germany put its gas pipeline project with russia on hold. western sanctions are also being announced. all that sparked by russia recognizing the disputed easton, ukrainian regions has been independent. persian also ordered troops into the hands and done yet for what he describes as a peacekeeping operation. these regions or other ones which encompass dumbass, my separatists, have been fighting ukrainian forces since 2014. have a look at the tame for today. we are right across the world on the story this our dominant cane in berlin. andrew simmons key f. a diplomatic editor james bases in vienna today we've got nothing baba in london. allen fisher is at the white house, dancing though with dorsey jabari in moscow. so sovereignty for all except ukraine, apparently. yes, as the russian president, making those comments when he was meeting with that president of us raj on l. hm.
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ali of he said that it, ukraine is a special case. he as said that the ukraine air is different because of what he said are external forces, and that ukraine's territories currently being used by 3rd countries to generate threats to russia. this is not something new, but i think at this level of a statement is very telling of letting me put and state of mind and what he was thinking when he does decided to make the decision to declare those 2 areas, separatist areas in ukraine as independent i think this is something he has said in the past, hinted, certainly that the president of ukraine of vladimir zalinski is a week he has said. and that he is being used as a puppet. by the wes, this is a sentiment that was also shared by the russian foreign minister. sergei love rob, who said that and basically there he questioned the sovereignty of ukraine as a whole. and he said that because the government doesn't represent the entire
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population, it rings into question its sovereignty. okay, we're going to talk more about sanctions with some of our other correspondence shortly. dual. so, but just any word from the kremlin a nor reacting to to, to what's come out. yes, was heard from the i one of the deputy foreign ministers here who basically said that we don't care and we do not fear anything. he said that moscow does not believe in tears, and we also heard from the russian foreign minister certainly love rob, who said that if they are not concerned about any kind of sanctions, because there are, we're expecting them to be put in place regardless of whether or not there was an if any reason to do so, but despite what the officials are saying, we've seen the russian currency, the rubel lose 3 percent of its value today as well as the russian stock markets have plummeted. 15 percent, the lowest point they've been or is since 2008. i think there is some serious economic at red repercussions really that will be felt here. but as far as
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officials are concerned, that they're not worried. and this countries really gone to great lengths since 2014, when they annex crimean went through a similar experience of sanctions. that they are in a much better position to withstand further sanctions from the west or right. that is a daughter jabari in moscow starting us off this alex move on. it is now dominic kane, joining us from berlin. and dominic, the news out of germany was a, a halt idea. so putting it on ice winode stream to projects. tell us more about that and why germany's acting no germany is acting now because it is as it were, making goods on the promises it had made to the rest of the international community and indeed to the russians. up until now, it had always been the german government case that they didn't want to tip their
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hand as it were. they didn't want to say every specific diplomatic weapon or economic weapon they wanted to use. they wanted to keep as it were, a trump card that is nord stream to. so whenever mister schultz went to international meetings with other heads of state heads of government, he wouldn't use that phrase the old stream to. well, now he has because he says the actions of the russian government have made him do so. this is how he referred to this decision to pause nordstrom to have a husband as virtuous minister. i'm hard to get bitten. i've asked the federal ministry of economics to withdraw the report on security of supply with our federal networks agency. it's the 1st step to make sure the pipeline cannot be certified at this point without certification, the nordstrom to can't operate, so we will reassess the situation that is evolved over the past few days. it's important to launch new sanctions now to prevent an escalation and disaster. so standing up, i don't suppose so that's the unilateral action that the shots government felt
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able to take to day following the actions of the putin governments. but the next step is also particularly important that's unilateral. what about multi lateral sanctions, multi lateral decisions? clearly from the shots government perspective, they want to be part of whatever it is that the e u. that nato can enact can in force as it were, a visa of the moscow. but remember, one thing here come all that there is a cost to sanctions. the german government ministers have referred to it before saying they're prepared to pay a heavy price in order to put sanctions targeted sanctions on the putin government . but that cost could be very high indeed. not just for germany, because so much german, russian, excuse me, so much, russian, natural gas comes to europe through germany. and otherwise,
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there are some governments, notably the italian government to a particularly wary of some as it was sanction that might really pare down the amount of russian natural gas that comes to europe. so there's lots of different issues to be ironed out as it were. the german government has acted in unilaterally where it can now it wants to be part of multi lateral sanctions against russia. k. far reaching decision then, isn't it? thank you. dominant cain reporting from berlin. this hour before germany's announcement ukraine's president demanded an end to the note stream project, as well as other sanctions. but, but the lamb was speed in a budget in a sure, a his case collected of gold green a year. russia's escalation against ukraine is a challenge, not only from ukraine, but europe and the world as a whole. in ukraine, europe, security is being decided. european. the world cannot afford the mistakes committed back in georgia in 2009. we demand new sanctions against russian aggression and it should include
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a full stop to the north stream gas pipeline. we more on the ukrainian side of things in here. it's andrew simmons, andrew yes, you heard the from the president. he also said security of europe is being decided here in the ukraine. man who is composed, but within is he really worried? i would think so very much indeed. so here shop a fellow who is with me. he is a political and security analysts. thank you. and welcome to his era. thank you. what, what do you say to this? do you think that the president is in a state of com consideration right now, or is he really, really, really worried about the future of his country? i don't, i'm pretty sure that he has not gone, or lex came prepared to defend your country, but the frontier country, he knows who he's, he do that with, you know, the character of fortune and that's pushing on the sense of the language of forth
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and so the only way to keep our independence is to prepare for defense by new returns. so, i mean, i suppose that president lensky is aware of that and, and to make it a decision in that direction. let's look at then the situation with russian armory rolling in to the, to these to self declare the public's now recognized as independent by russia. what do you expect to happen next? i expect that the conflict will be frozen and russian military build up on the better of this republic, we will fulfill the similar function function as russian military build up fees for in mobile mobile lives, in the situation for more than 20 years. and we understand that until political regime of food and effect and in russia. unfortunately, we do not have so many chances so much chance us to return this territory. but don't buff is a big region, or there is
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a claim by these 2 self declared republics on the whole region. not even includes mario poll, that is going to be pretty much a big or is it not the has to be resistance to that? it would be beneficial for them are to take her control of mary upa because maria, opal is a big c board of ukraine and it will sort of the damage ukraine, an economy, but a rash on foreign ministry or sad to that sir. they recognize those republics in their current borders and eat means that, or at least for short term perspective, boulden is satisfied with that situation. he will start where he is. he kept his face after several months of threatening the whole europe or was a war. and now these sir, recognition of the independence or so dpr lp are provided him with a small victory just to keep face for his internal audiences. so he shop a vile of thank you very much and did your insight there. a lot of people would hope and pray that it might stay where it is here,
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but of course that is the only option open to putin, only he knows what's going to happen next. yeah. ok, thanks andrew simmons are and your guests they're in care of moving on to vienna. james bayes are diplomatic editor. let's talk sanctions james. what's the you come up with while you is still got to come up in detail with those sanctions. we know about north stream to which in some ways is going to be the centerpiece of the sanctions coming from the german side. but we have, you should be meeting him in brussels, looking through the details of exactly what they got to put in his sanctions package. for ministers meeting and now it's time to hopefully finalize. they think those sanctions remember 27 countries. they all don't have the same view on this because they will have different perspectives. so there's a little bit of full striding guys on also, but there's no prospect of ne,
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tell you or the us getting directly involved militarily. sanctions are the only tool, the only weapon that they have. they want to leave something in reserve to threaten putin as more to come. if he does more, because just recognizing these 2 republics is a huge, huge development. yet. did it need honored 50000 no more troops? no. so it has. he got something else planned. i think it's the question, what we're hearing from the you is the sanctions will target those the result in the decision. so potentially right event fujen himself, the banks to finance the russian military operations. the trade between those 2 republics, the breakaway republic, european union, and that also looked at russia's access to the case. or the use financial markets also was telling you, come all, not just the foreign ministers meeting right now in vienna. the o. s. the organization that actually have 3 monitors in easton,
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ukraine monitoring. that's the situation where we've had a low job tick in the violations of the c spot. they all meeting yet again in emergency session. now i have not got this confirmed, but i'm sure some of them are talking some of the 57 nations in speaking that russia will be wondering whether that monitoring mission should continue its course of whether it really has a role to play or whether the risks are greater than it's worth on the ground. that is a diplomatic editor, james base reporting from vienna to day. thank you, james. now, the british prime minister, he's continuing to speak in parliament right now. bar as johnson outline, who and what specifically the u. k. will go off to in russia. the u. k is actually the following. 5 russian banks, rossier, i, us bank jim, but general bank a property as bank and the black sea bank. and we are sanctioning 3 very high net worth in de vigils. any assets they hold in the u. k,
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will be frozen. the individuals concerned will be banned from travelling here. and we hold further sanctions at readiness to be deployed alongside united states, the european union, if the situation escalates. still further notting baba was listening to that with us and in london early at nadine these sanctions which bars johnston has announced and going up to the money but very, very targeted i guess. well that's right and are limited in their number. of course, it was 5 russian banks that he a named and ths and a 3 individuals. now interestingly, those 3 individuals are extremely wealthy. people have already been under a us sanctions for several years now. there have been calls in parliament for boris johnson to do more to bring in more wide ranging sanctions immediately right
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now, both from members of his own conservative party and from the opposition labor party, boris johnson insists that what he's just announced will have an effect. now this is against the background of britain, concluding in the last 24 hours that a full invasion of ukraine by russia is on the way in the commons. forrest johnson said that russian troops going into those self declared republics in the east of ukraine. in the guise of peace keepers represents what he called a renewed invasion that meet that marks a difference from a high level officials in the european union. for example, who said that they don't see a full scale invasion underway right now. but practically, it might not make that much difference because boris yeltsin says that the british government is ramping up it sir. sanctions on individuals and entities, companies,
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links with the russian government. so those individuals he named will be subject to an asset freeze here in the u. k. a travel band. and they'll be a ban on any british individuals and companies doing business with them. there have been calls for a lot longer for boris johnson to do more to get rid of a pernicious russian influence on british politics. as many see it in terms of oligarchs and people linked to president, putin investing massively in things like property in the you case. there are widespread accusations of money laundering and also question marks around donations to the conservative party from some russian sources. although the party has always said it's from naturalized british citizens and it's all above board for now, the message from london is where doing things in conjunction with our allies to send a message to russia. notably, he says that boys johnson says that britain could increase its military support,
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which up to now in the last few weeks, has gone to the extent of providing anti tank weaponry and other military kit to ukraine as well as training some of its troops. k. nadine barbara with that update on the situation from london. thank q finally waiting for us on the north loan of the white house. its alan fisher allen. what's expected out of the administration today we'll have from antony blink and last week. who said that if fly to be a put, recognize the 2 brick away republics, there would be a swift response. and there was from the white house, the initially and own sanctions on the 2 republics of news doing business with them . but were expecting more measures to be announced than the coming hours. and maybe got sort of a preview from it from london when we expect them to target a number of russian financial institutions, perhaps a technology sector, and even those individuals of high net worth who are close to vladimir putin. this stops well short of a full response from the biden white house, but we expect that because one senior official speaking late on monday said that
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what had happened was essentially a acknowledgment of the reality on the ground, the status quo. so no one here in washington expects a full set of sanctions to be imposed because no one yet is using the i word that being invasion and, and what would you expect from the, or what is expected, i guess from the u. s. strategy now that russia has actually physically made a move and gone in well, of course, joe biden was very keen to present a united front, and they said that they considered every possible option, including what vladimir putin was doing now. and i spoke to one rush, an expert late last night, and they said curtains done exactly what we'd expect him to do. he wants to make it difficult for the west to react simply by taking half a step rather than going a full step. but joe biden will be pleased to see that there has been such a response around europe and around the world,
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putting sanctions in place and even with the germans. and remember, the german chancellor was here just a couple of weeks ago saying that they are putting north stream to on hold. so they will be hoping that they can continue to put pressure on vladimir putin. the concern they have, of course, as that they've been wanting about sanctions for ages. vladimir putin seems to think that he's isolated his economy to a degree of or any sanctions that could come and certainly doesn't appear to be bothered by sanctions. nor does he be seemed to be overly keen to pursue a diplomatic meeting. no, we know that until he blinkin and sergey love of were due to meet on thursday. still not clear from the american side. if the developments in the last 24 hours means that meeting, we'll go ahead and of course there was always the prospect too, of joe biden meeting, vladimir putin himself. we still don't know whether that's going to go ahead. they always said that of russian troops crossed the border. then that was off. our russian troops establishing
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a so called peace force in those 2 republics enough to make joe biden say enough. we're not meeting alan fisher rounding out our team of correspondence all over the world. this news our thank you, alan. now, all of these developments actually followed a tense session at the united nations security council here is she ever tansy to take us through? what happens is the president, as security council president, russia proposed a closed door emergency meeting on monday night. but the u. s. insisted on a public session having earlier stated that could be no fence sitters and the ukraine crisis and speaker of to speaker expressed varying degrees of disquieting or outright condemnation of russia's recognition of the independence of donuts and the husk. the u. s. at the united nations itself was at stake. president potent is testing our international system. he is testing our resolve and seeing just how far he can push us all. he wants to demonstrate that through force. he can make
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a farce of the un through the ukrainian ambassador also your, this was not just about his country. the united nations is sick. that's a matter of fact. it's been he'd by the virus spread by the kremlin. will it succumb to these virus? it is in the hands of the membership. thank you. mister president. criticism of russia was not limited to the west african nations express particular concern of the breach of the territorial integrity of ukraine. multilateralism lies on its death bed to night. it husband assaulted to day as it, as it has been by other powerful states in the recent past. but russia said it was precisely the failure of multilateralism that had led moscow to make its decision. specifically, the refusal of kiev,
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backed by washington to implement the cease fire agreement, meant to permanently end hostilities in the eastern ukraine and give the region autonomy the ministry agreements. keep me posted shameless that have not only very quickly returned to militant rhetoric and continued shilling civilians, but also did everything to sabotage and eventually destroy the minsk agreements key to the meeting. what now for the minutes? the agreement is still the only existing framework piece. the u. s. appeared unequivocal. today president potent has torn the mask agreement to shreds. russia disagrees. you see, just movies are still looking for today. we can see that many colleagues want to sign up to the idea that the minsk agreements are dead. but that's not the case, and key of is still bound to implement them. we remain open to diplomacy for a diplomatic solution. but permeating the discussion was the question, is this, it has latimer putin but
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a math thing. his forces of the ukrainian board is not just to force the west into a dialogue about moscow's strategic concerns, but also finally to reach a settlement in eastern ukraine. or does the russian president, how far wider ambitions she ever town see al jazeera, the united nations. so all of these sanctions and reaction so far, but really, germany's announcement a couple of hours ago about pausing the nodes stream to pipeline may be the most serious is why germany gets more than half its gas supplies from russia. the russian own node stream to is meant to operate from western siberia, to germany, bypassing the traditional route, which goes through ukraine. it has been criticized from the outset by those concerned about europe being dependent on guests from russia. let's speak to rudy, but rudy now who's the chief executive of energy and environment holding. he's here in doha to talk to us. thank you for your time. mister broody. i noted that the european commission immediately said, look,
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this is not going to have an immediate impact because that's remember not stream to is not on line. so you're not going to lose gas, but i guess it's the fear about the future wave at 1st of all if we take not the 2 out of the question now they say they have between 12 and 14 pipelines that run into into that into your. ready ready and they have more than 17 or. ready 18 countries that they got from them. now, not seem to, yes, it is going to be delayed. been delayed now for the set to take action, but we have to consider that nor seem to is only 55000000000 cubic meter of gas. so all of the political tension that is accompanying this is
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putting guys a problem in almost doubling their expected income off of 2020. so i believe that that is the no game here to, to stop because, you know, the exports. they want to keep the market, they have the convention here. and if we want to keep the energy prices acceptable level to explore to, and to consumers, i hope that diplomacy will be old, will, will win over military eventually will seeing as you've mentioned, energy prices. i just want to show our view as a quick snapshot of the some energy prices from our colleagues here at bloomberg. oil prices have gone up 3 and a half between 2 and a half and 3 and a half percent just in the last hour. approaching. mr. birdie, the $100.00
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a barrel. mark, a gas price is going up as well. i know it is close to 100, but it's that psychological number, isn't it? and it's not good for, you know, it's not in europe. it's the whole world here. if we see prices going up to significantly you for germany since in $210012.00 of the german government has taken a decision to dismantle. and to that, that nuclear power plants, by having the nuclear power plant out by having almost 15 to 16000 megawatts out of the good. they are depending more natural gas. germany also did not find that. that is, if i mentioned incentive to put a floating out as the pipeline gas that they receive from russia is
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very competitive. so yes, now if we detention is out, i think the prices will be much better for the consumer for you and the, for the whole economy. good word, but really discussing the energy impact of the russia ukraine crisis with us. thank you so much. thank you. plenty more still to come and more ukraine as well. and the price against the president a rift in mexico, with a number of motor journalists just keeps growing. plus your sports news with santa, in a former world number one has his se about novak joker, which is vaccination san ah, concept, one of the fastest growing nations in the world. ronnie casa, needed to open and develop it into national shipping companies to become a key,
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middle east, and hub trade and wanting skillfully math down 3 key areas of develop, who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future. ronnie, cato, cortez gateway to whoa trade. oh, stories of life. oh, and inspiration series. it should documentaries from around the world that celebrate the human spirit against the arts. ah, al jazeera selects hunted lou.
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ah, the news are here at al jazeera, the story dominating our coverages. of course, russia and ukraine, the russian president vladimir putin, has said he respects the sovereignty of all former soviet states, but not ukraine because of interference from other countries. his declaration to recognize, to separatist held ukrainian regions as independent as door wide spread condemnation . meanwhile, germany's halting work on the nord stream to pipeline to supply your with natural gas from russia. chancellor, olive schultz says the project needs to be reassessed because of what rushes doing in ukraine and ukraine's president said he is considering breaking off relations with russia altogether. flemish zalinski is demanding world leaders impose new sanctions on moscow. we've talked
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a lot of politics. let's see what's happening on the ground. charles stripe for joining us for a live report now from eastern ukraine. charles i come are. yes, we are in a frontline village in east and ukraine as you say. we have been here, i suppose about 1015 minutes now and heard some very loud and booms of shelling, we understand to be relatively close. we certainly are, according to the ukranian military as of mid day to day, they said that over 660 and weapons had been used against ukrainian positions along the 420 kilometer front line various different canada was everything from machine guns too heavy artillery, as i say here, but it's been that the shelling in the last few minutes has been heavier than other locations that we've been in earlier today. what's of great concern in a place like this though, is that this village has quite
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a lot of civilians still in it. a number of the buildings and thank very great number of the buildings have been occupied by the military. the front line is only a few kilometers behind me. so of course, there are great concerns for the civilians in, in villages like this. when we know that there is this evacuation ongoing in the separatist control territories. the question is, what about the civilians here on the ukranian government controlled side? also we've been speaking to people on the de next on the separatist side earlier today as well. and they telling us one man telling us was close to the russian border, describing the russian military build up is something he'd never seen in his life before. that was just across the border inside, inside russia. obviously the russians say that they are going in as a peace keeping force into those separatist controlled areas. but of course, there are huge doubts as to where this crisis is next going to go. there are
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concerns about the so called false flag operations. these operations that the separatists and russia has been accused by ukraine and ukraine's by because of sabra casing incidence fabricated to give a pretext to further escalate the situation here. and there has been some worrying language used by the leader of the self declared in its people's republic. danish was shill in talking to the russian media earlier pu sheila was asked by a russian journalist if he was ready to fight for the restoration of the borders of the dpr and the l. p. r. within the framework of 2014. will it just remind ourselves it in 2014, the separatists controlled a vastly larger area than they do now. for example, they controlled the port city of mary awful. the towns of kraemer tosca slavery answer, far further into ukrainian territory than they do now. push shillings response very
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telling he said that sir, in the constitution of the dpr an lp are the boarders are within the framework of genetics and lance regions. but he said that time will tell the rest. so yeah, as i say language like that when there are so many questions being asked about russia's next move, whether they would push in to further into ukraine, whether the separatists obviously would help them doing it. that kind of language causing great concern, right? the way across this 420 kilometer frontline. thank you. charles stratford is on the front lines there in easton ukraine. as we reported little earlier, the criticism of russia at the un security council wasn't limited to western nations. here is what kenya's ambassador, for example, had to say this situation echoes our history. kenya, in almost every african country, was birthed by the ending of empire. our borders were not of our own drawing.
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there were drawn in the distant colonial mitchell halls of london, paris, and lisbon with no regard for that ancient nations that the cleaved apart. it's not about the west, after all. is there as an innocence, very important. in today's meeting, it was a very, very, very powerful statement by the african ambassadors. when they spoke about colonialism, when they spoke about borders. when they spoke about imperialism with us now from tennis, capital nairobi as charles one key, he is the senior reporter at business. dady. charles, thanks for your time. martin kamani, they can in ambassador there sort of drawing a parallel and saying what is happening there is similar to the redrawing of borders that we saw. i want to go further than that and see how, what is happening in ukraine and russia can potentially impact the developing world
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. oh, come to his class yesterday, but you know, we expect louisa. 0 close was his own crazy. oh, the 1st answer each. he really did a little more using so believe house do the child can i just interrupt you? i'm so sorry. as we're having a little trouble with your audio jennifer, you've actually got a screen on in the background or is that the noise coming in the back? and if you could just check on that for us, and i'll come back to you in just a couple of minutes. okay. thanks. so the crisis in ukraine has been discussed on the sidelines, and this is again speaking to how far things at move. there was a meeting of gas supplies here in cutter. emron can, has more from their the door declaration at the end of the gas exports. his summit
4:37 pm
was very clear on several points mentioning the need for uninterrupted energy supply, pushing the idea, the gas is a cleaner, much more sustainable energy, talking about the environment. and talking about making sure that the people who need gas are able to get it from the people who are able to export it. however, the one big elephant in the room that really wasn't talked about publicly at all, was the crisis in europe and the ukraine. however, backstage behind closed doors, it was a big talking point amongst all of the gas exporters. now it wasn't really about the politics. they weren't really discussing our what the situation in ukraine might lead to was about if gas supplies are interrupted into western europe. how does the gases exporters deal with that? now kat are of the record, her sources in the ministry of foreign affairs and told us that actually are
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appealing to western european nations to be able to appeal to their colleagues in that context within the asian nations to try and step up that supply the category energy minister, however, had this to say, i think fundamentally, sir, you know, you talk about the ukraine issue and, and the european issue. people have been bouncing around as couple of can supply and, and replace. or, you know, the russian gas i've, i've stated this officially before, i'm in russia, i think it's 3040 percent of the supply to europe. there is no single country that can replace that kind of volume. so once again, the country energy minister that really reiterating that, it's up to the western nations to be able to source energy supplies, not just from one country brought from several countries, but given that the ukraine wasn't mentioned publicly, however,
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it was talked about it throughout this forum it's difficult to say where this is going to go next. that's down to politics. this conference here was about the technical aspect that if they needed to get gas into western europe, how would they do it? how to move on to the news, sri lanka, 1st of all, which says it is open to discussions with the international monetary fund as it faces its worst economic crisis in years. the countries out of cash to buy fuel pumps and most filling stations of run dry. people are also facing shortages of milk powder, cooking, gas, and other essentials. foreign exchange reserves have fallen to $2360000000.00. a to run virus news today comes from the asia pacific 1st hong kong. the later this at the territory can no longer cope with the increase in infections and needs help from mainland china. kerry lamb extending restrictions until april 20th was looking at
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building a temporary hospital despite the government 0 covert strategy, hospitals are struggling to cope and some patients are now being treated in makeshift areas, outsides, and health officials. in south korea warning, there could be a quarter of a 1000000 cases every day by next month. south korea sing another big surge, but it has adopted a policy of living with the virus. unlike hong kong, which has been trying to eradicate it. mcbride has moved from so, driven by the army, kron very in the recent surgeon, cobra 19. and south korea has been both exponential and alarming from under 5000 new cases. the day, just over a month ago, the country has been hitting over a 100000 new cases per day, put it another way in this country of 52000000 people. the total number of infections has risen from 1000000 to 2000000 in about 2 weeks. it means that in and
4:41 pm
around the greater metropolitan area of sol, which is home to half the country's population, long lines of testing centers on now the norm. but thankfully, due to a high vaccination rates, we have not been seeing the same rise in serious illness and hospitalizations. the vaccines have been holding up and south korea, it seems, has taken the same view with many european countries. and the us that now is the time to tough it out and send it with a virus. and the number of cases is increasing rapidly, but i think we are taking a course that we have to follow if we are to reach the post coffee 19 era. the country is learning to adapt to a new reality. south korea has been an early pioneer of such pandemic, beating measures as track and trace using the gps on your phone to warn of a possible contact or to make sure that you're isolating as you're meant to be. but with the sheer numbers of new cases that is no longer viable the government instead
4:42 pm
relying upon such things as voluntary isolating all the use of home testing. kids which have now flooded the pharmacies across the country. and of course, still relying upon the trustee mosque in a country that still remains pretty much fully mosque as we get into year 3 at this pan demik. returning to russia and ukraine, we were talking a little bit earlier about the wider impact this even on the developing world. charles, when i key manichean stories with us, senior reporter business daily in kenny and i think we fixed up our audio problems . i was saying before that the canyon bass, that it was drawing parallels between the way that africa was divided up if you like, how does it go further than that? how is, well, countries in africa, countries in the developing world, potentially affected here to say the fuel prices include the most crucial if ok,
4:43 pm
now we do, we did a local, we actually create the list. what can you call whenever you do fresh cream shop spike particularly high cost, so much fuel prices as well. so i'm going to talk to him and he i'm, i'm sorry i am going to have to leave today. we are still really struggling to hear you. they, i think it's a busy day at the, the business alien nairobi. but look,
4:44 pm
thank you for your time. anyway. we appreciate it. the same. now, journalists in mexico are calling on the president to stop verbally attacking them, following a wave of violence against news media workers. in fact, 5 journalists have been killed in attack so far this year. one more roughly reports from mexico city. this is amber. these are news professionals in mexico, protesting violence against journalists. now, the protests of mark a rift between journalists and mexico's president and this manuel lopez over another. one of the incident during a press conference with the president reporters staged a silent demonstration over the growing list of slain journalist doughty in his in a musket. emma's hops in it, but if he didn't, we would like to abstain from asking questions. mister president, alyssa said, because the principal killers of us journalists of our public servants, had we know his formerly cross your critics of president lopez, overt other see that at a time where being
4:45 pm
a journalist in mexico is becoming more dangerous. the president has instead broadened verbal attacks against reporters. many have also objected to a special press conference. the president holds every wednesday, where he names and shames journalists, who are often critical of his administration, calling them sell outs and mercenaries in but he did. the president needs to hear the voice of the journalist, skilled most of us do not agree, uses his daily news conference to generalize about journalists, society beliefs. and because he's the president, and he's creating this idea that most journalists are sell outs and work in the interest of some obscure agenda, maybe some odd, but most of us who work every day in the streets a doing it because it's on vacation. regime most recently president lopez of what other targeted gallows load it, the molar a news presenter who previously reported on the lifestyle. the president, son by attacking load at them will as journalistic integrity. so norris,
4:46 pm
is it bigger these, that it is not the kind of journalist you mentioned who has the noble job of informing the citizens and criticize bad public servants? no, this is something else. in mexico, journalists already faced threats from organized crime and corrupt government officials. transparency advocates say president lopez over what is rhetoric is only making the situation worse. it seems like you know, the power of voice because he is the president. right. and he's not only manipulating the, the public opinion, but can also use in public fun like money for these conferences to directly criminalize the press in the most dangerous country. i mean, outside of like a work done to be seen. this is advocate for his part president lopez over the board has promised there would be justice in the cases of violence against journalists, human rights advocates in mexico have condemned president lopez,
4:47 pm
overshadowed as rhetoric toward journalists, calling his weekly press conference in illegitimate use of power, adding that the president should focus on curbing violence instead of stigmatizing those who exercise freedom of expression. there have been at least 30 journalists killed in mexico since the start of lopez, or, but others presidency. and at least 12 are currently listed as disappeared. though the mexican government says federal protection for members of the press has increased human rights advocates argue the worsening murder. rate of news professionals across the country tells a different story. manuel, up, hello al jazeera mexico city. let's take a little break from the news and get a check on the weather with kara. hello, there will start in southern africa. and madagascar is dealing with its 4th powerful psycho and in a month in monte moved into eastern areas. it's working its way south. now it was a well defined storm is expected to bring flooding rains,
4:48 pm
very powerful damaging winds, and we could see landslides from this system as it works its way further south. there are fears, it could be worse than the last 3 that have come before it. we're also going to see that heavy rain affect more than areas of madagascar, and we can follow the storms up into northern areas of mozambique and into towns near. we could see flooding here from that system elsewhere across africa. it's very hot and dry in the south, but swanner seemed tempt to creep up to the mid thirties cupboard, rona at 35 on thursday. and further north of this is a hot and dry picture. she came. weston air is that we are going to see the wet and windy weather pick up for that northeast corner, the temperature in cairo, dipping down to 17 degrees. by the time we get into thursday, we could see some sandstone from that system that sweeping its way east. across the mediterranean, it's likely to be felt in the levant. by the time we get into thursday with showers in syria and some of those creeping in to saudi arabia. that sure,
4:49 pm
whether update car. thank you for that. let's take you to nigeria. now, one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world, and it is pushing to keep traditional languages alive and posting help. one person helping that happen is the inventor of a board game. julie moore has the story ari lou on the whopper hooks is new board game called uber lingo will teach children the art of his local language in engaging way or dual rain. he does fight if therefore, we have for the nigerian board game designer who lives in lagos is one of the around 50000000 people across west africa who speak your ruba. you are drones with fish. what before i literally like excited to learn what you have to pick another approach. so it's like if you finish on of the term it l. education and for finance thought. so form it kind of it is in the background. var lennon off in new that
4:50 pm
would like for the investments into trying to in a linda language and use it's more several 100 indigenous languages are spoken in nigeria. but nigeria is national institute for cultural orientation, says the nation's top 3 spoken languages you ruba, hbo, and how that may not survive the next 50 years. aderemi, a debt by a local artist who promotes linguistic awareness, says more needs to be done to promote and preserve local languages for a long period of time. in those countries our colonized the colonizers languages of been the former language is being spoken in those countries in manchuria. quite a lot of initiatives are coming up to protect the languages and the val it's, you know, in the country. the u bilingual board game is set to hit the market early next year, with hopes that it will reach children everywhere. join wolf, al jazeera,
4:51 pm
the sport is coming up with a santa and an early contender for catch of the year. we didn't shout today. you want to stick around and see this one? ah.
4:52 pm
with a whole lou. ah, news about quality is coming out of the us today's on it. yes, that while at the end, after 6 years long, while the us women's soccer team have reached a multi $1000000.00 settlement with a sports national governing body, it brings 2 and a 6 year legal battle over equal pay as part of the deal at the team has been
4:53 pm
promised $24000000.00 plus bonuses that match those of the men squad. us soccer federation has said that it's now committed to an equal rate of pay for both national teams. the women's team are footballs, a top rank side, and the reigning world champions are stop there, megan. megan, rob, you know, a said knowing that we're going to leave the game in an exponentially better place than when we found it is everything. that's what it's all about. because there is no justice in all of this. if we don't make sure it never happens again. the governing body of european football u f. i say they have no plans to move this year's champions league final out of russia due to the ukraine crisis. while you are for have not the last that said that there are monitoring the situation as of now at the final is still scheduled to happen in saint petersburg on may 28th or saying with the champions league,
4:54 pm
the holders are an action later on choose day against leila and a round of 16 at 1st leg matt tub ahead. of the game of chelsea managed to tom's to her has urged fans not to mock his clubs, $130000000.00 strike from you. the car, who in light of the belgians, a recent pool form a talk with touch the bullet just 7 times june chelsea's one know when that crystal pallets in the english brendige and has called just 5 e p l goals at this season. there are doctors out there and that, that her speak a certain language. so he was not involved in our game. it's sometimes like this with, with strike us if they, if they struggle a bit than self confidence, if they struggle a little bit to find, to find the space and, and to get involved against the good defensive side. it can be like this. and this is, of course not what we want. and of course not what romilly once, but it's also not like it's it's, it's not the time to, to,
4:55 pm
to laugh about him and make jokes about and he is in the spotlight of course, and we will protect him because he's our play now, the joke of it has made his 1st unquote appearance sophie after his ejection from australia. the world number one me the winning with turn at the do by championships . talk of it wasn't allowed to play at the 1st grand slam of game because he isn't vaccinated against coven 19. but he was given the all clear to competing to by beating him is lorenzo mississippi and his 1st match since the thought of december brockovich is vaccinations status that could still see him missing out on a series of events including next month in the wealth farm and in the united states, i couldn't for a better reception and it's been a while since i played the last match. so i couldn't pick a better place to keep the season in the best possible experience tonight. and
4:56 pm
thank you very much for your support and welcoming me on the court. the way you did well, and the murray has been speaking about joke of vaccination. the situation the british saw also boston to buy on monday, says jock of it, miss in grand slams is not good for tennis. it's something of a signature. so i don't agree with, you know, his, his decision. you know, i think it would be a lot easier for him. obviously if he, you know, was to get vaccinated you know, but i also didn't like seeing him in the situation that he was in the industry. someone, the, you know, i respect on consequences to this decisions that he's made just now and he obviously has to to accept that. yeah. but it's, yeah, the, i don't think is great for tennis. if our best player is not not competing in the than the major them gobby and melissa has booked her place in the 2nd round of the
4:57 pm
cutter open. if i had had to work harden her match against romanian sorana. casea taken the 1st set in a tie break. the 2nd said it was a one sided, the fair good without wasted little time to take the said 61 and sealed the victory . oh, and before we go, there is the saying and cricket that catches when it matches that a well here is possibly the most bizarre one you'll ever see. it happened in the pakistan super league at one of the squad filters and made a pretty. i'm going to attempt to hang on to the ball against level only for 20 old bill mohammad. how does it to swoop in and save his teammates from embarrassment. how's his effort to paying the evidence in the end with a pen was going on to win the game? that's it for me. command. that's your favorite story. that's great. what a catch that's a crack. ok. thank you. santa, we go again in
4:58 pm
a couple of minutes time, more news, more updates from both russia and ukraine coming up here on al jazeera. i'll see in a moment. i'm in the air the hours of the morning. these palestinian families are being forced to leave their homes and belongings. these are the military sometimes uses this area in the north of the occupied west bank as a training ground. explosions like these often break the piece here. i feel for the children they get scared the bombing. i tried to calm them down there, but we're scared to. these really are me tool that just either that it takes measures to protect civilians during the exercises. what is really, officers previously said that trainings are used to push palestinians out 48 families once lived in this village called zeek. now, there are only 20 people here, say they have nowhere else to go. so they have to stay out until they're allowed to
4:59 pm
return to their homes. after midnight. the military drill will continue for 3 days, which means they'll have to go through this again twice this week. and so how do you define successful 1st here charges counseling, we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we're living. what do you think's been driving the volatility market this year? counting the cost on al jazeera and i know coming all of latin america for most of my career, but no country is alike and it's my job to shed light on how and why in a notorious waterside community. what kings and thugs room, one theater director ventures to stage a play there call me missed is the ada. to empower the women that old man sitting
5:00 pm
right there with and we define their status in society. missy, that nigeria, as women walk on water, witness on al jazeera, ah russia questions, ukraine's right to sovereignty after president vladimir putin orders troops into disputed regions, which he's now declared independence, new kinds president, his warning, rushes moves only show it is preparing for a further military of souls. ah, hello again, i'm come all santa maria here in doug. how with the world news from al jazeera have been sanctions from the u. k. and germany in the brakes on a gas line project. western nations acting against russia over the ukraine crisis.
5:01 pm
multilateralism lies on its death bed to night and we're sure.


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