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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm AST

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i fancy the mysteries all of us join me if i take on the live, dismantled misconceptions and debate the contradiction. carmen get up on al jazeera . ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello and welcome. i'm pete adobe. this is the news are on the tensions between russia and ukraine, dominates our coverage to day russia questions ukraine's right to sovereignty. as its troops entered separatist controlled areas in the east as ukraine berries it soldier killed in don bass, president laudermill zalinski pleased on the risk of a major war. what shall stratford reporting from easton ukraine,
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where there has been heavy shilling along the front line? germany puts a brake on the nord stream to gas pipeline, and the u. k. sanctions russian banks to punish the kremlin global oil prices hit their highest level since 2014 after fears of a full blown russian invasion. and it's for the usaa women's soccer team. have reached a landmark equal pay settlement, a multi $1000000.00 agreement, and the 6 year legal battle with the sports national governing body. ah, russia is facing condemnation and sanctions from the west. after president vladimir putin recognized the independence of 2 separatist held areas of eastern ukraine and deployed russian troops there. in the past few hours, germany has suspended russia's new major natural gas pipeline is called the nord
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stream to. that's what germany's done in response, the project was supposed to double russia's supply of gas to europe, bouquets, prime minister, boris johnson and, and sanctions against russian banks. and some russian billionaires. and the european union is meeting to approve its 1st round of economic sanctions, unmarked vehicles and tanks had been spotted, and don bass over night. after mr. puts in, signed a decree to deploy what he claims up peacekeepers is foreign minister is now questioning, ukraine's right to sovereignty. seeing the government, there is illegitimate and as ukraine berries it soldier kills during the fighting. and don bass, the president vladimir zalinski, says he will consider severing diplomatic ties with russia. these are the to break away ukrainian regions at the heart of the current turmoil landscape and the nets. they encompass don bass with that protest have been fighting against ukrainian
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forces since 2014 al jazeera correspondence are covering every angle here on the news. our dominant cane is in berlin. andrew simmons will be life was in key. f charl. stratford is in the outskirts of the don't ask region. just east of murray, a poll. our diplomatic editor james base is standing by in vienna. not in barbara is in london. allan fisher is in washington. ross jordan is at the un headquarters in new york 1st to moscow and daughter jabari door. so welcome to the usa. so mister putin recognizes the sovereignty of countries that used to be part of the soviet union, but he doesn't recognize the sovereignty of ukraine. how does that work? well, according to the russian president, ukraine is a special case. he made the comments prior to going into a closed door meeting with the president of us by john, who's fitting visiting moscow, l, hama ali of and that's were vladimir putin said that there are 3rd countries that
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are pressuring and using ukraine to oppose a greater threat to russia, these were his words. he said that as this is the situation, this is why he has said what he has said and done what he's done. and he is also in the past, referred to dairy a government in key f, as weak. he has said that vladimir zalinski is being used as a puppet by the west to put pressure on russia. and that is of great concern to this country. and it was one of the main issues that have led him. your putin had with nato and further expanding eastwards, he said that nato and the united states are using ukraine to try to a weaken russia's position, as well as oppose a security threat to this country. but vladimir put in is not the only official we've heard from that ch has this view. it was also shared by the russian foreign minister survey, la rob, who earlier on tuesday said that basically that there is no reason for ukraine to exist as an independent country because it does not the government and she doesn't
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represent the entire population. of course, he's referring to the dumbass region that is now very much at the forefront of all of this. and there are nearly 2000000 residents in dumbass in eastern ukraine, out of that 2000800 of them are russian citizens. and i think this is what is making the situation much more difficult. but of course, the russians have used this fact as a way of justifying their actions. and what the separatist leaders in those 2 regions have said that they are constantly under threat from the ukranian army, and that is why they wanted rushes help was the reaction there to all these sanctions that go eva, all ready and play door. so although just to pokes to be enacted, i think we have deputy foreign ministers who i said earlier on tuesday that there are no fears here and that there are no tears in moscow. i think it's very telling of the general mood within the politicians. also, the russian foreign minister had said that they were going to sanction us anyways.
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this was just a matter of time, and they were going to use any excuse to do so. i think this was very much the scene that was said for vladimir putin. during that extraordinary session of the security council on monday, which we saw on state television, when he asked sir galeb rob about the status of the sanctions from the west. and lover of basically said that they're going to sanction us anyways. there is really nothing that will change their mind. the position here is that at this specific latest information from germany about their nordstrom, to pipeline their russian foreign minister has just said that at the germans are using energy as a political weapon. and that is something that could be very dangerous, but in terms of the other sanctions that have come through this country was prepared. and that the oligarchy, oligarchy that are now facing a u. k. sanctions are very much prepared as well. but despite all that, we've seen the country's currency plummet about 5 percent since early this morning, as well as the russian stock market have declined over 15 percent. there is
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a general sense that the markets have react, that of course, it was inevitable for them to do so, but this country is set that they're very well prepared to deal with any kind of sanctions coming the way go. so thank you so much storage about their joining us live from the bureau in the russian capital. moscow will talk to dominic cane, corresponded in berlin in just a 2nd. dom stay there because this russian own nord stream to gas pipeline. that also was mentioning there was meant to operate from western siberia to germany by passing the traditional route going through. yes, you guessed it, ukraine, dominic cane following that story. dom, i mean, just over the past couple of months to what degree has the existence of the nord stream pipeline, i guess as a diplomatic issue, colored the berlin reaction or response to walk. moscow would appear to have started to do now in eastern ukraine. the thing that really stands out from the german perspective,
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if you look at the way that germany generates its energy and the energy that it uses a great deal of it. a large fraction of the energy that's being consumed in germany right now, stems from russia, from several different pipelines and gnawed stream to which has yet to be switched on. and it's now not going to be switched on until further notice. well that was just another part of it. and so the problem the german government has faced is that they know that there is the potential for the revenue that would be generates is on both sides for north stream to, to be switched on. they also know that it was their potential, it was a weapon for them as it were. these metaphorically in so far as relations with moscow were concerned. and so that's why when over the course of the last few weeks in the last few months, there have been questions to a succession of german ministers from this new government,
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the shots government about what would they really do if there was a further act of aggression could they spell out what they were good prepared to do? they never specifically mentioned nod stream to they wanted to keep it as it were, as a trump card to play. if things got really bad will now things have got really bad and mr. shots felt he had to play his trump card. this is how he did it. yeah, but has been as much as minister him hard to get bitten. i've asked in federal ministry of economics to withdraw the report on security of supply with our federal networks agency. it's the 1st step to make sure the pipeline cannot be certified at this point without certification, the north stream to can't operate. so we will reassess the situation that has evolved over the past few days. it's important to launch new sanctions now to prevent an escalation and disaster. it's justin to get title. remember one thing also pizza. this is a unilateral action from the german government,
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but they clearly liaised with other presidents, prime ministers and the like over the course of the past few weeks trying to coordinate what they might do. so it's unilateral, in the sense that this is what they could do as the german government alone. then there is the sense of what multi lateral sanctions there might be. remembering that mister shots and his foreign minister, missus burbock have said that they are prepared to take to pay a considerable price in order to bring in sanctions. but that price is not just going to be felt by the german economy by german taxpayers. it would also, potentially, if it involves shutting down some sort of gas pipelines from russia to europe. well that's the cost that could be have to be born also by other countries, taxpayers. and remember that the italian government is very wary indeed of any sort of sanctions that would really drain the level of energy. it's getting from russia right now. so that's gotta be borne in mind when we look at what multi lateral
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sanctions might, what form that they might take at an e you level and then potentially at a nicer level. ok dom. many thanks. dominant cain are corresponding there. covering the angle of the story out of the german capital. well before the german announcements ukraine's president demanded an end to the gnawed stream projects and tougher sanctions by western nations. however, loaded me as the lensky says, he believes there is no risk of a major war. veteran of this, i mean in the modem, we believe that there won't be a large scale war against ukraine, and there won't be a large scale escalation from russia unless there is one, then we will impose martial law is calling much more with aman. last, we are seeing an attack on a sovereignty and on the territorial integrity of our state. it's clear, i also want to say that i have received a request from the foreign ministry is considered the breaking of diplomatic relations with russia. i will consider this and other issues that hold on under
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simmons is a falling events for us in the greening capital key of andrew 24 hours after we had that announcement from letting me putin and his security council in moscow. it seems astonishing those comments coming from the ukranian president. surely i think they're tactical. i think he's trying to play the diplomatic card even at this late stage because so much rests on the possibility that vladimir putin may holt. a with these to break away republics and not go any further. that is the real hope there. but could it be tenuous with me right now is a luck say a hunter, ranko who is a member of parliament. so in the european solidarity party, thank you for joining us on the news. our. i'm tell me. do you agree with the president stance that this is not going to be all out war? i think there is a place for diplomacy, but not a style of
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a basement aggressive diplomacy night like noon and 19th date style, but a strong and united direction of the west can stop. now we've heard from the president saying that the future of the, your opinion, security lives here in ukraine is europe doing enough to support the country. first of all, absolutely not only to europe in because if we can behave like these with the borders, all states in the world are on the danger. that's very important about what is done . we see now. busy quite strong reaction and 1st of all. busy the top of your stream to certification pipeline, which we're announce today by german chancellor sol. that's important, but it should be final, not like a decision but can be changed. also we already see the 1st sanctions from the united kingdom and they're not to say it's like the 1st step. they're good, but we need to more. we need to stop the transfer of technologist to russia and stop finance in a freshman economy that will make we tend to feel pain. now we've seen the russian
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military move into don't yet. and indeed move also to the other republic. do you think that that could be the 4 runner to taking the rest of the don bass region? first of all, they did it. they moved to these regions, ukraine and sovereign territory in 2014. and they've been there all that time just under the full flag and kind of the be the attempt to put into a tech further. it can be, if you can, if you will feel that the reaction of the world is weak and that ukrainian society is not high and moral but funny can. but unfortunately for us to greenland societies high in moral today, we are ready to defend our homes. and also we see that the west is united around ukraine. that's the right answer. and i hope that can still put in, but very much is dependent today from the direction of the west. everyone always in a situation like this, which is
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a pretty colossal situation. asked for the mood of the people. we've seen a lot of anger subdued anger may be in places, but fury even amongst the people. how would you assess them in his curie it is our land and he declared yesterday that it is not. and also during his speech yesterday, he said that in general, he doesn't believe in ukraine as in the state. he doesn't believe that there is people like us. he doesn't believe in our language and culture. and this is disgusting makers when key of was that one of the permanent cities of europe moscow just did not exist at all. so that's the fact. and certainly a lot of fear people feel anger now. ala caruso, the president of sonia in a news conference earlier on today, was voice a great support for you, craig, and also warning about that the application for europe as a whole. do you think that is a member of the european union that country estonia? do you think that there is, there is
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a fear that spreading amongst states the border? russia in this situation? absolutely a store near phil's danger for russian federation. yesterday's feature of foot and said to not only to korea and he said that poland is not the state that is tonya lot to really 3. now not the states. he said that he wants to rebuild not even soviet union, but russian empire. that's what was told yesterday, and here once again to germans, if you put in the will be allowed to go like he said, nature should move to 9 to 9 to 7. then he will want to go to 9 to 9, to on, then to 1989, where the berlin wall was in the place. and germany was divided. that's the ambitions of put in. and that's only the question where he will be stopped. alexey hunt you and go, thank you for your insight. they were very much indeed. some sobering thoughts there about the situation here and ukraine are very dark mood amongst many people back to you and are thank you very much. andrew simmons, the urge on his life from kia charl stratford is in need. don't ask region in
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easton ukraine. charlie just walk us through what you've been seeing and hearing on the ground there today. well certainly this morning we heard a lot of heavy shelling around around mary. all pool, i suppose round towns called notice shocking out, which is a particularly badly hit town. i suppose that's about 10 kilometers outside of mary opal. as it's a heavy shilling that we heard this morning and then we moved location, moving north to this village in the same region. the reason why we don't naming it is because there are a lot of military in this village. so many of the people have left so many of their homes. i've now been taken over by the military. that's been a situation here in places like this for a number of years i should say. but when we did arrive couple of hours ago, there was heavy shilling on going it then died down and in the last few minutes as it gets dark. now we've heard heavy machine gun fire in the distance. and as it say,
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it's a very high caliber artillery being used. it seems that it's consistent with what the ukranian military have been saying today. they say that the ukraine and army has come under attack hundreds of times like various different weapons. everything from small arms fire to large artillery canons being used. we've also spoken to people inside the self declared and it's people's republic. people who described some of the russian build up of russian military hardware on the borders because we cannot confirm this independently. but of course, the russian saying that they are going in as peacekeepers. we also understand that this mobilize ation of fighters goes on the what some people are describing as even a kind of a forced conscription, if you like a number of people. we said, told us that they are afraid, young man, afraid of walking freely around on
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a scale of being forced to join up. what's really important know to mention pizza is villages like this on the ukranian side of the, the front line where there are civilians living in amongst the military. they are very concerned about their safety and they are aware of this evacuation that is going on. on the other side, we see pictures on the other side of hundreds of thousands of people being moved. we initially reported that as a false flag a couple of days ago when it started, it does seem to be happening though, on the separatist side of control. certainly here though, there's no move at all by any kind of government, any kind of local source used to potentially move people out of this danger zone. so you can imagine of great concern amongst the people still living here. as the shilling continues, just to be clear, charlie and backing us up a little bit, if you will. as far as the russian quotes peacekeepers are concerned. have
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you seen or have you seen or spoken to anyone who's seen how many russian peacekeepers are on the ground where they are, where they're coming from? and crucially, i guess as well where they're heading we haven't know. i mean, we are, as i say is stuff is very difficult to verify inside the self declared republics. we know that the russians are going in and as you say, they're going in his peacekeepers. what i can tell you though, is that somebody that we spoke to earlier said that he described the russian build up of military hardware on the russian border as being something that he had never seen before. he described tanks, he described missile systems. now, the peacekeepers generally need that kind of hardware, of course that poses lots of questions with respect to that. it may putins real initiative about what he really really plans to do. so yeah, it is
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a great concerned obviously to people inside the dpr and the people on, on this side of the border and dennis pushy, lynn, for example. today, the leader of the self declared denotes people's republic was asked by the russian media. and this will give you some idea of the kind of as a say, risk to false flags that we talk about. so often he was asked by the russian media if he was ready to fight for the restoration of the borders of the dpr and the l. p r according to how they were in 2014 bear in mind. in 2014 the separatists controlled a vastly great, larger area than they do now. they, for example, for a number of months controlled the hugely important port city of marietta hall. they controlled cremmit horse slob, yanks, these big cities in the north, further into that region of don bass. so let's listen to his reply. he told this russian journalists that the constitution of the dpr in the l. p. r. borders within
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the framework of don't nets, a new ganske, but he said as to what happens in the future that remains to be seen. so it's that kind of language in the knowledge that russian peacekeepers. so the russians describing themselves as, as being a going into that region. and yet the language of the leadership of self declared republics is suggesting that it might not be over yet. charles, thank you very much. charles stratford correspond live for the news either on the ground in eastern ukraine. well to paris now because the european union is meeting right now considering tough sanctions to hurt the russian ability to bank and trade in all those key europe. ian markets. if you've been following the sanctions aspect of the outside world, reacting to what russia is doing in and around ukraine, you'll know that the sanctions aspect to this has been a key points of leverage for various presidents and prime ministers around the
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world. the feeling is that unilateral sanctions wouldn't achieve very much, so they were all kind of waiting to move in lockstep with each other. diplomatic editor james base is following everything for us out of vienna. james, when you talk to your diplomatic contacts, do they perceive russian peacekeepers on the ground in ukraine as russian peacekeepers or is this step change is this invasion by step change? because if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's a duck. if you've got a russian soldier with a russian gun inside another sovereign country, what is it? well, certainly, no. and i think of the use side and on the western nato side sees these as peacekeepers. i think the question is, what happens clearly in terms the recognition is important development,
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but is it new? there are russians soldiers in the to break away republics. and how much of it changes bat, in terms all has an invasion take place, a new invasion of ukraine, because that have been russian troops, russian soldiers that for the last 8 years or so. and in some ways it isn't a change because they've been operating there sometimes covertly for all of this time. and i think this is one of the questions that has been calibrated by the various leaders that are diplomatic forums that are taking place right now. you've certainly got meetings going on in washington dc among the administration. you've got here in vienna where i am the o. s. c. that's an organization that has russia is one of it's $57.00 members, likely to be any progress there. but certainly it's a place where they can say to russia, very happy with the development so far. and of course there's no s c monitoring
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mission and east and you cry. and they have to decide on that. we also paris, as you say, we have a meeting taking place of the you, but actually we just had a meeting of the g 7 foreign minister, which is just concluded. but the foreign ministers in some way is the most important because we've already had the us side of the sanctions announced in principle at least. and now the you are coming forward with their version of sanctions to punish the russians harder for the you than the us. because the u. s. is one country that here is 27 countries, some of them are much closer to russia, not as they have different views. but already we know what the sanctions are supposed to achieve. because the meetings with ambassador in brussels, they say that those involved in the decision to recognize the republics need to be sanctioned. they say the banks financing the russian military should be affected as should any trade between those to break away republics and the european union. they
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say they want to have an effect on access to the use financial markets, russian access to the financial market. so those are the areas that are going to focus on clearly, not straight to the pipeline. the that's going to come up ration is i think the key news that we watching in moscow today, in terms of sanctions, the effort, i think of the western leaders to put more pressure on russia. but at the same time, they know they don't have a military option in reserve. there's no way they've said all along. they'll send troops to ukraine, so they need to leave some sanctions in river in reserve. because of course, if you did all of the sections now, the president, putin would say, well, i've got nothing to lose. now i'll take all of ukraine, we might say that. and so that's why that keeping something in reserve. james, he used to work calibration. there is the, the diplomatic calibration being made much more difficult, much more tricky for all the international diplomats. everyone involved in
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particular the sanctions aspect of this as well. i guess because we heard, i think you had my conversation. they were charlie stratford on the ground in eastern ukraine, but the, on the ground contact people who pro russian. there is this kind of under toe of aggressive ambiguity because nobody can predict what russia is going to do next. what mr. putin might want to do next, but his people who are on the ground are signaling loud and clearly loudly and clearly we will do something. you never know. i think that the degree of uncertainty is a big, big problem for those who are trying to respond to what has happened in the last 24 hours. i think they're all aware though he didn't need over 150000 troops, direct ignite republics. in fact, he could have done it as a surprise move and we'd all be talking about it would have been a un security council meeting about it to be international condemnation. and the
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probably would have been some sanctions, but then the world would move on. it's different because of a massive build up of troops of what is that build up of troops for? is it just for this recognition, or is there a next phase? i think many feel there is a next phase, and that's why they're going to think what they do in terms of the sanctions in response. and the other big question is, how much do you engage russia diplomatically going forward? is it time to shun russia? cut off relations, or do you keep talking to russia to try and persuade it, not to take another step, which could if you listen to us intelligence, be a full scale invasion of ukraine. one of the things that hangs in the balance right now is the meeting, which we know is supposed to take place in geneva, on thursday, between the russian foreign minister and the secretary of state anthony blanket. it appears to be on for now, but we're not sure whether that will take place james. many thanks, james. blaze. the diplomatic editor, talking to us live from the
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o. c. e building in vienna. well, let's go back to sanctions in the past few hours, the u. k is prime minister boris johnson has been outlining in the house of commons in london sanctions against russian banks and all the dogs. the u. k. sanctioning the following 5 russian banks, rossier. i s bank jim, but general bank a property as bank and the black sea bank and we are sanctioning 3 very high net worth in vigils. any assets they hold in the u. k. will be frozen. the individuals concerned will be banned from travelling here. and we hold further sanctions at readiness to be deployed alongside united states and european union. if the situation escalates still further, life nazi london and our correspondent, they're not in bar, but not in how much money. how much is this all worth? the sanctions package that mr. johnson is talking about well peter,
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i don't have that figure for you, but i know that it's not enough for a huge range of politicians that were listening there in parliament. boris johnson speak a while ago, both from his own conservative party, from the opposition labor party and the smaller opposition liberal democratic party as well. they were all extremely disappointed in what he's announced. those fine banks in 3 individuals subject to those measures. some of them pointed out that the individuals was already under american sanctions imposed in 2018 boris johnson fight pushing back saying that they will have an impact. but it's clear that he's being pressured to announce the bigger steps he in that. so sounds like that you've just played said, but britain did have other measures ready alongside the european union and the u. s . if the situation escalades, but then he was pressed by a labor m p to say that if the situation remain just the russian troops go into those self declared independent republics in the east of ukraine,
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whether britain would still go ahead with extra sanctions. boris johnson seems to say yes, that was inevitable without really committing himself. he knows that there's a lot of criticism around not just what's happening now, but british politics in general, there were questions about what so many people call the damaging influence of russia. in britain's electoral process, and in terms of donations to boris johnson's own party, he says he is taking serious steps. we will, we'll see whether he's going to do more in the next few days. not even thank you very much. not even bother there for us at the shop in london while the us white house issued an executive order banning us investment and trade in those ukrainian separatist regions. landscape and nets. further measures are set to be announced live now to washington, outside the white house for us as ever. is our correspondent,
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the alan fisher. alan, is there a sensor for the bite and ministration? they've got to keep something when it comes to the sanctions in reserve. they can't just do a blunder bus and apply all the sanctions that they could possibly apply. exactly, right, i don't thing the joe biden is going to go with a full range of measures that he has talked about for several weeks. we certainly had a senior white house official tell as late on monday night that this really what had happened with vladimir putin announcement was just reflecting the reality on the ground. and then the deputy deputy national security advisor, no television to be in the last couple of hours said that he saw this as an invasion. now joe biden has said that if there is an invasion, then there would be fool sanctions placed on russia. i don't think he is ready to go that far simply because as james is pointing out, if he impose fool sanctions, no, really vladimir putin has got nothing to lose. so they might well hold something back . we're expecting an announcement in the next couple of hours about
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a new level of sanctions. we expect it will target russian banks. it will target the technology sector. it will target people who are close to vladimir putin himself. there may even be some sanctions on put in himself, although that might be seen as a step too far, but they're not going to snap pin with the full range of sanctions that had been discussed even know. joe biden is under pressure from both republicans and democrats to do a lot more. he is pleased that the germans announced that they were postponing nord stream to that is being held as a diplomatic win for the biden white house. he has been pushing the germans very hard on that. it was a topic of discussion when the german chancellor was here at the white house just a couple of weeks ago. and he believes the united front there has been presented by nieto by the e. u. by as other partners that this is sending a message to vladimir putin just whether or not vladimir putin is paying any attention to joe biden. allen, thank you very much, unofficial,
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that there for us life outside the white house here on the news up. now russia has brought the danverse region further into its influence at sphere of influence across recent years. let's take a look at how we got to where we are to date. now. in 2014 pro russian separatist in the da nets and lohan screeches declared independent republics after moscow friendly president. then petro polishing co, was ousted by the protect protests. moscow has issued 800000 russian passports to don bass. residence president vladimir putin signed an order in april of 2019, allowing them to apply for citizenship. both separatist regions have abandoned the ukrainian currency in favor of the russian rouble as their official currency. last year, mister putin ordered the russian government to lift curves on exports and imports of goods between russia and parts of the 2 nets and la hans regions. let's bring in now richard sack what? he's a professor of russian politics at the university of kent. he joins us from the
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county of can in the u. k. richard sat quite welcome to the news. our 1st things 1st. why is the ukranian president down playing the chances of an all out conflict when he's been doing that for some time? but because clearly you can is susan investment, people are leaving and of course, there's a sense of could be a sense of panic. so i'm trying to play down also here in the starting factor, an attempt by russia to occupy a country of over 40000000 would be an impossible task. it would need at least 4 times as many forces as they have got. so a full scale invasion is unlikely, but what is quite possible is a push against maybe a 15 to 20 kilometers zone are gone days. now newly independently recognized publics to ensure that the motors snipers and so on are not attacking the civilians . because clearly one of the factors prompting is move now is the fact that 80 percent of the violations over the last few years, according to un and casualties have been on the done by side,
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which doesn't seem to get much coverage in the west. and they, they feel they've been gather, like, sorry, ever, in the early 1990. how can the russian president vladimir put into public go global and say he does not recognize the sovereignty of ukraine? there is nothing in international law or in the ukrainian constitution that says or could be interpreted as meaning. it is nothing less than a sovereign country than a sovereign state. of course, i know in his questioning that he's questioning the historical background of how the bits were attached to you, whether when it is entirely with him, this is not the point, but don't forget the other issue today is the minister courts. and of course, the whole point of uminski codes was to turn the door back to you, king and sylvia into the one you've just referred to. and of course, you know, she has been hammered every 6 months by you with sanction for not fulfilling it.
6:37 pm
but of course, the 1st and immediate move was to have been done by kiff, which was given a pass and more and more frustration built up over there in normandy format didn't work. i was revived a couple of weeks ago, but didn't get anywhere because kev was openly saying that it was not going to fulfill the man's cook code, which was going to your store. you can so we can take over these parts if it's land . indeed. what's the mandates of these russian peacekeepers that we understand are now across the border in east and ukraine? when i have not seen the tech to think of mandate, but obviously it has to push it back to you or to save and stop the. i'm going to both sides of stuff. i'm not saying it's just one side or the other. but this unstable situation, which they feel simply had to be resolved. obviously, it's not the best solution by any means and it's going to and trench a conflict for generation if not more. but of course why the forces of n y,
6:38 pm
the whole issue is exploded. now isn't a larger failure of a, you hear your pain security order, which is what this whole process has been since the 17th of december. when russia put forwards it to model. so security teaches, then they go to non so which they weren't happy with and, and responded earlier this week. and now we are where they are to laughter. you can now we, all we are, which is of course a, what is going to happen is across the heart for a generation. i don't moscow failed that was put on kids to fulfill it part of the man's record to understand why they didn't discuss. but nevertheless, you know, it seems to be one sided as far as most concerned, and this was reflected in putting together emotional speech last night. a large part of our conversation at the top of the program was about this nord stream to gas pipeline avoiding ukrainian territory. but taking energy from russia essentially taking energy from russia to germany. one remembers the conversation
6:39 pm
that was kind of off in the wings off the radar when it came to the german relationship with moscow over the past decade of building the thing. and the conversation was, be careful because depending upon what the kremlin wants to do territorially, that might become a very dangerous situation. is that what we are now seeing, always seeing of glad to be a putin who is prepared to use the supply of energy or not as a pinch point as a point to be leverage. so he gets what he wants and europe be damned. no, i may do it 1st sanctions and if the pressure gets more because we're in a cycle now and this endless talk of more and more sanctions is a sign of as far as i can see, if a bankruptcy, the point about diplomacy is that you talk and that's so nordstrom, to don't forget the united states has been opposed to got from the start. so we're talking about even before the end of 2014 and failed under pressure and
6:40 pm
does not factor. it's not stream to 2000 kilometer shorter from the new gas fields up in yama. and you canyon pipeline is extremely inefficient. you, i sure did offer several times for the way modernization with the european union. of course it was dismissed at all. i did good or bad sometimes i should be, but sometimes i shouldn't be. and so you know, this, so notes chain to was never designed to be. it was a purely commercial creation. if the germans have been saying, russia probably expected that somehow would never get completed. $10000000000.00, it cost to be built and obviously ships energy and pilot significant since the western loses, our energy prices are shooting up. russia has not used energy and pipelines as a form of blackmail. it's what the west us and moscow would argue, and you are projecting onto us what you would do and have been doing to us for the
6:41 pm
last decade. if not more, which is good to get your opinion on, on what's unfolding in real time, i guess out any snow korean. thank you so much respect with talking to us from kent in the u. k. well, on monday there was a 10 session of the un security council speaker, after speaker expressed very in degrees of condemnation of russia's recognition of the independence of den, ask and handsome rosalind jordan, his life for us here on the news at the un rose was the tone of the conversation last night and into today. well, the toner, last night here at the united nations security council was a one of almost universal condemnation. all the members of the security council, except for russia condemned vowed marapoo tens, a decision to recognize a don yeske and lou hans as independent republics. all of them argued that todd, this is an up ending of the post world war 2 order in which on nation states are
6:42 pm
boundaries, are supposed to be respected and not to changed by force, which is what they all accused. the russian government of trying to do the president of the security council, who also happens to be the russian ambassador to the un in his personal capacity, basically accused everyone else on the council of whining a. now, while we don't know what is coming up next, in terms of of further security council action of today, they're dealing with the matters involving the central african republic about tub. before that time, morning session began the irish ambassador to the un told reporters outside the council chamber that tugged the pressure is on russia, that russia must dial back its provocative actions. now on thursday we are supposed to see the ukrainian foreign minister image rogue labor address, the general assembly about the situation and ukraine of the as far as we know,
6:43 pm
that meeting is still supposed to happen. okay, rosemary, thanks you'll keep us posted. i'm sure rosalind jordan that john is leih from the u . n. in new york. well, western sanctions are designed to punish and deter russia, but there are implications for the global economy to russia is one of europe's biggest energy supply. as far as the market could be constrained or cap, so oil prices jump to almost $100.00 a barrel on tuesday. it hasn't been that expensive for a g is global stop, markets are down as well. but russia's is the hardest it, with the moscow exchange, losing around 10 percent of its value. on monday, the conflict even has implications for food supplies to russia and ukraine, together export around a quarter of the world's wheat. this will disrupt its biggest buyers in the middle east and asia. joining us from london is dara mcdowell, specialist on russia, and the former soviet union. dora is a political and economic risk consultant durham del welcome to the news our. the
6:44 pm
impact of sanction around the world. do you think will be wat? well, we're not really quite sure what the entire sanctions package is going to look like at the moment. and there's no means degree to which the us and you have wanted to maintain a certain degree of surprise in what measures they will take against russia. mainly to prevent a crime from taking steps to, to contract them. what we should expect if, as it looks likely this incurred into the time to ask, becomes a much larger invasion, is a greater restrictions on russia's financial sector interactions, banks, other than some talk about really making it extremely difficult for a russian corporate entity to interact with the dollars on potentially the years on sterling greater restrictions on the ability of russian companies to,
6:45 pm
to raise financing abroad. and potentially even the sanctioning of rushing death. but we should know that these are primarily long term options aimed at increasing the russian accountability to grow in a sustainable fashion. but they are really going to shift rushes, calculus, or deter from taking certain actions right now. energy costs for the consumers around the world. they've gone up anyway over the past 6 months, quite dramatically in some of the main e u countries. so put that together with the cost of oil going up the supply of wheat potentially going down. does that surely not increase inflationary pressure around the world on the global economy? that absolutely correct and contract one of your previous correspondence. there was a degree in which russian was for energy market to try and drive that up
6:46 pm
to single potential cost of greater economic punishment applied to russia and gas, specifically, which the politics of more stream to the main pipeline still can ukraine or russia do still sell this gas to european markets, to benefit from it, and it's a non commodity oil. it can simply just ship to another country. so the question of how supplies will be affected, it's still in the air. grain is really the big one, particularly if we see the same combat cross a lot of pain or any russian attempts to move into ports along the black sea coast . it's not just the fact that these are huge producers, a lot of the greater export in coming along that black cc of us off region is that also me becomes contested territory where it to people to,
6:47 pm
to ship or export green from. you've got a real problem with how you construct import market from that. we also need to factor in the fact that we're coming out of a long time, which has done a great deal with economic pressure damage to all countries as one of them's inflationary pressures. so yes, the consequences of any sort of invention, regardless of sanctions, but, you know, exacerbated by sanctioned, is going to be a significant increase in basic energy through prices for consumers all over the course. dora, don't go any place please, because we just want to take a quick look at how western allies have responded to moscow so far. germany as we've been hearing on here on the news suspending all of that major gas pipeline from russia nord stream to the u. k, sanction 5 russian banks and 3 billionaires and says more of that could follow the e. u has already sanctioned 5 members of the russian parliament, the duma,
6:48 pm
the lower house, the parliament, they were involved in elections in russian annexed crimea, remembered the crimea, and the u. s. as bart finance and trade with any one from or in the separatist or nets and law. handsome regions. let's go back to dora dar in the world of finance. is there anything that russia could do now that would be very damaging as a targeted response to what we guess now will be the 1st tranche of sanctions, because clearly washington and all the european countries want to keep some other sanctions as a kind of a back stop that they can go to in a week or 2. if at that point the diplomacy is dead and buried. it's important to know that these initial badge of sanctions are very much symbolic, particularly u. k. sanctions that were announced today that individuals who are already on a fact stm listen,
6:49 pm
the u. s. they're already under pretty heavy sanctions in terms of the broader financial world stocks in terms of bang, that sort of thing. and there's not really much that russia can do. it's already attempted, if you don't rise economy and it's reserves, and it's also in terms of raw g, p, a much smaller player than virtually any european state of consequence. this is going to be something that it's done to russia in terms of, you know, financial sanctions. but there may be 2nd order effects. particularly if you think of russian capital view center on the markets in various sectors, real estate, all forms of investment that made some problematic the handle. but on a grand scale there's, there's not really big retaliatory steps on the sanctions like russia can take to,
6:50 pm
to really stabilize western economies. we could see around margins are things like the termination of joint enterprises. there's a p s f more nickel. i'm a ship to manufacturer electric batteries from a film, and this is the long term strategic priority of you to kind of get its electric vehicle manufacturer going supplies, a certain minerals again, nickel cobalt. they're vital to the energy transition. russia may take steps to restrict their export to the west, but there are other sources up. and then again, these are global markets to point hon. um so you know, again the sanctions are something that the west is going to be doing to russia and not really something were voice. tit for tat ah, initiatives that well would you dance to western conjure. ringback or fantasy. okay . durham, any thanks, sarah mcdowell, they're joining us from london, dora as
6:51 pm
a specialist on russia and the former soviet union, i suspect will be talking again very soon. dora, thank you so much. okay, just joining us here on the news, alice to summit for you, where we are with this crisis in and around ukraine. this time yesterday, the russian president vladimir putin recognized those 2 states, those 2 regions in east and ukraine law hands and don't ask russian that so called peace keepers are now on the ground. we understand very difficult to get eyewitness reports as to what is happening. charlie stratford, our correspondence on the ground in another part of that region. his source is a telling him, there is shelling there is some sort of conflict going on. are we saying it is these russian peacekeepers fighting against ukrainians? no, we are not saying that nobody is saying that nobody is reporting that there is a fight going on, who it's between very, very difficult to pin down. we've been hearing from various correspondence, especially sir on the news out that the 1st trunk of sanctions is coming together and it is a multi country, multi agency approach. although the guess we were just talking to their direct dial,
6:52 pm
who's a specialist on russia, and what was the old ussr, he's making the point. this 1st crunch of sanctions is largely symbolic. the powers that be the u. s. president joe biden, boris johnson, emmanuel mack wrong, the new jersey, the relatively new german chancellor. they have got to keep some sanctions in reserve because if they just go with a blunder bus approach now on sanctions, there is a distinct feeling for people like the either the diplomats, people like the o s. e, that vladimir putin reaction might boil down to, well, they've shot everything they've got in form in the form of sanctions. i may as well do exactly what i was going to do anyway. possibly, perhaps it's that aggressive ambiguity that's now coming out of the kremlin. that is so difficult to pin down past the latest on what's going on in ukraine still to come here on the news are for you. the sports news with andy and amazing recovery at the mexican opened from the tennis player who looks to be out on his feet
6:53 pm
a with a pool
6:54 pm
. ah ah. we always pause for andy with the sports news. quite right to thank you so much pizza. all the us women's soccer team have reached a multi $1000000.00 settlement with the schools national, governing body kingston. and the 6 year legal battle of equal pay as part of the deal. the team has been promised $24000000.00 plus bonuses to match those. the men score us stock federation has said it's now committed to an equal rate of pay for both national themes, the women, same of the reigning wheel champions and ranked international side stop. by making
6:55 pm
rapid, i saying, knowing that we're going to leave the game in an exponentially better place than when we found that it's ever think that's what it's all about because there's no justice in all of this. if we don't make sure it never happens again. well, the governing body of european for wife insists and now it has no plans to move this year champions league fund a lot of russia due to the crime crisis. wife has said its monitoring the situation . the final schedule happened in saint petersburg on may the 28th u. k. prime minister force johnson saying this should be no chance of holding football for them. it's in russia that invades sovereign countries or champions, a candle holders. chelsea reaction lights are on this tuesday. they're up against lill in the 1st, like the last 16 time head of the game, thomas, to go as you fans to get behind rama lula co qu mccockriel such the ball just 7 times during chelsea's last premier league. there are doctors out there and the doctor speak a certain language, so he was not involved in our game. it's sometimes like this with,
6:56 pm
with strikers. if they, if they struggle a bit than self confidence, if they struggle a little bit to find, to find the space and, and to get involved against the good defensive side. it can be like this. and this is of course not what we want. and of course not what romilly once, but it's also not like it's it's, it's not the time to to, to laugh about him and make jokes about him. he is in the spotlight of course, and we will protect him because he's our play. one of the champions league game on its way you wrote playground is villareal that taking on events is in the days of the games was under you into the event as a favorites. and most likely they feel that if they play the best they would go through in the knockout stages, it's normal. and so we have to as humble as we are to respect that. but also we have to take a step forward. believe in us l don't have confidence. could we say we'll play with a ton of arrogance. yes. perhaps. not quite a performance from american tennis play stuff and causal of in the mexican open
6:57 pm
causal of going down with trump, body one leg, but both legs during as much going to struggle. dimitra gary, now she went to his opponent aid in an act of sportsmanship. you may have gone to regret because causal was able to recover and eventually on the contest in 3 sets and a record breaking effort from alexander's verify, the german defeating jensen brooks being 3 set. this contest finish just before 5 am local time making the latest of a finish to a tennis match plan i can pull can not starting for 6 pm because of the humidity and a real team if it's in the field during the pakistan super league, one official was failed is doing his best to hang onto this chance to get a horse. and if it's twins, your old comment harris, the suite of pain and save his teammate harris, his efforts, paying dividends with michelle going on. when much. okay. that i say sport is looking for an andy, thank you very much. when we come back, we'll get you across all the latest developments coming to us from moscow,
6:58 pm
the washington. and of course, the ukranian capital key of to stay with us here on out to 0. a 9. 0152, now posted to remote villages in morocco. ah allison follows the personal journeys of 3 women teachers. their daily struggles with isolation and battles with physical hardship. sacrificing their family lives for the education of future generations. women in the winter on al jazeera
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romania is ancient forests, some of europe's most, christine, their crucial fall society and crucial fall battle against the climate crisis. but illegal logging by a roof with tim, the mafia is destroying both the landscape and people's lives. logging in romania is our drug guns, violence dealing with roles amidst plains of corruption and the role of powerful multinational people in power investigates. romania rate of the forest on al jazeera with generations. this indigenous community has lived off of what the rain forest provides. but when they discovered that their territory was being invaded by gold mining projects all along their river, the community brought a lawsuit against a po to us government. you've won, you wanna be unprecedented ruling obliges the state to consult communities over oil and mining projects that impact their land and to seek their consent. the tiny
7:00 pm
scene away community has won a huge battle, but may not necessarily have the last word. since the court ruling does leave room for exceptions in the name of overriding national interests. ah, russia questions, ukraine's right to sovereignty, as president vladimir putin orders troops into disputed regions. he also asked parliaments permission to deploy forces approach as ukraine, berries, and soldier killed in dumbass, the president. they have loaded me as the lensky plays done, the risk of major war ah, again on pizza w, watching.


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