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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm AST

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and to seek their consent. the tiny seemingly community has won a huge battle, but will be not necessarily had the last word. since the court ruling does leave room for exceptions in the name of overriding national interests. ah. ready russia questions ukraine's right to sovereignty, as president vladimir putin orders troops into disputed regions. he also asked parliament permission to deploy forces abroad as ukraine berries at soldier killed in don bass, the president, their law to me, as the lensky plays done, the risk of major war ah, log in on pizza w, watching al jazeera life from doha. also coming up the u. k. sanctions on banks and
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germany's breaks on a gas line project western nations act against russia. over the ukraine crisis, global oil prices hit their highest levels since 2014, after 3 years of a full blown russian invasion. ah, let's get going. we're continuing with our coverage of the fast moving developments on the standoff between russia and ukraine. the russian president vladimir putin, is now asking his parliament to formally approve a request to be able to send troops abroad. early of the russians had sent what they called peacekeepers to break away regions in eastern ukraine, which moscow has now recognised. that happened this time yesterday, that prompted a sharp response during the course of to day from the west. germany has put his gas pipeline project with russia on hold. and the u. k. has announced the last couple
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of our sanctions against 5 russian banks and 3 individuals. let's go live 1st to moscow and our corresponded the daughter, jabar it. so daughter, i guess there's a difference between asking for permission to send troops abroad and doing it. what does it mean for mister putin, the well, this means that the president, who is the commander in chief in this country, has now officially put in a written request for the upper house of this country's parliament to, to allow him to send troops abroad. now, according to the law makers who are currently debating this in this council, in moscow at president putin has asked that he will, if he hasn't specified where these troops go, he has a specified for how long they will be deployed, and he hasn't specified what exactly they will be doing in what capacity will they be deploy to and what exactly is their main objective?
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there is a general request now before the lawmakers. this is a 170 member us senators that are going to make this decision shortly. and from what we feel hearing, most of them are very much in favor of approving this request by the president. i want to also say, mentioned that the defense minister surgeon chicago has now said in the past few minutes. that the situation in the region of a don, don yaks and the guns is tense and that russia needs to protect the local population. this is a, for, of course, in reference to the nearly 800000 people there who hold russian passports in dumbass frederick. ah, we also condemn the further russian incursion into graham moscow. her sir, now moved from covert attempts to deep stabilize sir ukraine to auction of an national law. it further undermines to cranes sovereignty and tended toil integrity
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. it damages efforts to find the piece was resolution to the conflict, and as grave consequences for you to p and security. this is the crisis created by russia alone. we command ukraine for its restraint in not responding to russia's repeated provocations. we stand insulted either with the ukrainian people and it's government. allies are united in their full support for ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity within it's in nationally recognized borders. we will continue to provide ukraine with strong political support. our allies are providing equipment to help ukraine defend itself as well. us sustained financial support. for months, russia has been building up a massive military force in and around ukraine,
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including in belarus, was well over a $150000.00 troops and fired the jets and attack helicopters. many units on now forward, deployed in combat formations. they are out of their camps in the field and ready to strike, nathan as resolute and united in its determination to protect and defend all eyes. in the last weeks, allies have deployed thousands of more troops to east on part of the alliance and placed the more on standby. we have over 100 jets at higher lurch and that are more than a $120.00 and our chips at the see from the high north earth to the mediterranean, we will continue to do whatever it is necessary to shield the lions from aggression
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nato allies and the rest of the and national community warned that there would be a high cost of russia carried out further aggressive actions against ukraine are welcomed, economic sanctions announced to day by many nato allies under the session by the german government that it cannot certify the north stream to the pipeline, we urged russia in the strongest possible terms to choose the path of diplomacy. this is the most dangerous moment in european security for a generation. but europe and north america continued to stand strong together in natal, united and committed to defend and protect each other without them ready to take your questions. okay, i will go to your green form here. mentors cochran national news agency or for pain
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as neither of us quite transparent policy in this situational assessment. could you please share the vision? have you discussed was ukrainian side of the a possibility that russian troops will not stop on the clinic line and will be moving deeper at least to the administrative borders off of a little guns kinda than the oscar areas. and what really a direction of nato in that regard and the follow up question if i may, what is your assessment? how high is still aris, go or play a false flag operation from russian side. thank you. every indication is that the russia continues to plan for a full scale attack on a ukraine. ah, we see the ongoing military build up. they promised to step back that they had content to step up. we'll see that some more amorro,
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their forces are moving out or to camps on r n, a combat formations and ready to strike. and we'll see the ongoing provocations in don boss and the different the falls flag operations where they tried to create a pretext for an attack. and then of course, we saw last night that the further russian troops moved into a don boss into a pot, so donates an landscape. and then we have the threatening rhetoric, which was actually confirmed in the specialist and they put in yesterday. at the same time, it's never too late, it's never too late to not attack. and that's the reason why we continue to call on russia to step back to de escalate. and to engage in good faith in diplomatic efforts to find a political, a solution. if russia designs once again to use force against ukraine,
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there will be even a stronger sanctions, even a higher price to pay a lot is continued to broad support to ukraine and in the meeting with ukraine today, men alice pledged to continued support financial support to the support military to support her and also nate the brides a critical support to help her ukraine strengthen its simon offenses. ah, on of course naples, main responsibility is to make sure that there is sir, no regression against any natal at countries. so we have all the day increased our presence in the eastern part alliance, and we're ready to further increase our presence in the is down part alliance if necessary. and so take a press thank you, mark cross an associated press. you consider russia's latest movements, an invasion of ukraine. i think we have to recall, not russia hoss, all of the invaded ukraine. they invaded ukraine back in 2014,
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that annex the park there. okay. and crimea, and since 2014, that i've been a russian military units of forces in don boss in donuts congo homeschool. so what we see now is that a come to which is older, invaded it is suffering further invasion on the onward more a russian meant our presence on this is of course a even more serious because some because so this comes on, on top of the recognition of this so called people's republics internet skank nuanced. so what was he is further invasion of a con to which is older invaded. we'll now go online to greg falcon from fox news. thanks very much wanna and thank you. a secretary general. i really at to be precise about this because as a, there's been a bit of
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a confusion. you say last night, further, russian troops entered the dom vast. you have evidence that russian troops, vehicles, man, gear have moved from russian territory into wealth. it's really ukranian territory, but at the occupied don bass, do you have evidence of that? and it's joe, that is an invasion, correct. and if so, have you change your posture at all? but we've been specifically about that point. you had evidence that new russian troops have moved from russia into don bass. that is the occupied territory of ukraine. yes, sir. and i think you know how to understand that russia has been in don boss of for many years since 2014. but that has been in a, in a, a covert operation where to how denied their presence. but the so called separatist has been controlled by and supported by a russian troops of the russian special in special pression, or personnel,
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or for many, many years. so russia has been present in different covert operations in donuts go, no hands cur, for many, many years. what we see now is additional russian for forces andrews moving in on the, on the, this makes the whole situation even more serious. this is a step change. ah, and then the earned is, is combined with the term recognition of these territories are, which are inside the national recognized borders of ukraine as independent states. so this is adding fuel. this is making it more dangerous and more serious another. and then on top of that, we also see that continued russian hill to build up on preparation for a larger scale attack on ukraine. ok will go to nikolai, bow her from lucy gall. we
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came galler. you'll need to unmute yourself. q. do you mean and can you give us a precise view on the emitter to if ross is an asset that are deployed by russia near the border and in dumbass and into forces from the disparities to a you, you talked about earn 150000 truce, britain could be more precise and thanks. oh, well i, what i can say is that a russia has so well over a 150000 troops. and in addition to that though, of course, there are air forces. a naval forces also close to ukraine. ah, the, these forces are partly inside ukraine already in crimea, an inbound boss, and partly close to cranes. borders are both in the, in the, in the east sir,
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but also in the south. and also in the north part in russia, partly in belarus. and that these forces are a combat ready, a fence of thousands of combat troops, but also are all kinds of enablers. and besides an armored vehicles battle tanks drawn, sir, a systems for electronic warfare, air defense, iskander miss artist, which i should dual capably soils. on the a wide range of different military capabilities. so this is a force which is not on the strong and well equipped and have a lot of high end capabilities, but is also force which is now a fully a resource with ammunition and fuel. and then a more and more of the troops, some moved out of their camps and now are, are now in the, in a position where they can attack it without any wanting time. so of course,
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this makes the whole situation very dangerous. but as we have stated again and again, i, russia still has the choice to choose diplomacy to step back onto engage in the political dialogue with the nato. alice and we have demonstrated over long periods of time that we are ready to sit down or to to, to talk to russia in good faith only issues which also matters for their security arms control or transparency. and then they'll dishes and we'll go to terry schultz from our national public radio. hi, thank you very much for taking our remote questions. mister secretary general, i'm do you worry that i, that russia is declaring that it will also recognize this sovereignty. you can, can see my fingers over a parts of, of ukraine that are currently controlled by ukranian forces. that seems that it
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would, it would make the, the probability of conflict a lot higher and with the baltic states and other other neighboring allies calling for yet more support, even more, the nato has done so far. what more can you do right now, practically? not what you've done so far, but what more can you do in the very near future in the next 2 days to reassure those nervous allies? what you have seen is a bit to make signals from a moscow on the weather day. i recognise 3rd, the territory between the russian border and the conflict line, or recognized the assa donnette scan landscape. people's republics. ah, the whole territory of the 20, bloss. oh, but anyway, this is a step changed. this is a further increasing the feds and, and the violation over a ukraine's territory integrity under sovereignty. just the fact that i recognized
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these entities as independent the states. oh, and that's the reason why we condemn it so clearly. and also reason why are we welcome this sanctions about her? and a doll i said to day are indifferent for months i have decided to impulse. and also why welcome the decision by germany to a stop of the urn, the approval, older north stream, or to project. and we have all the, the increased our presence in the baltic states. and that we did so after a trend as our, of an off to a legal annexation on from young, 2014 and are we also done it over the last, the weeks and months. and then we have plans in place or we have a forces available to reinforce further, if needed. we will do that in the defense away our, our purposes or to prevent the conflicted to is to reassure our lives. and of
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course nettles, core responsibility is to make sure that there is no room for any miscalculation about our commitment to protect and defend allies, and by that also prevent any attack on anal a country. for the next question will go to jeff, shall go from task and let us. thank you, mr. secretary general, has the nato response force been activated? if so, how many troops are applying to europe? thank you. the nato response force ha. so been put on higher readiness, we're done. we did that several weeks ago about it has not been deployed. what we have deployed are older units of, of, from the dialogue countries or not, the states has deployed troops and forces in europe. i met some of them in romania few days ago. germany has deployed more troops so to the trainer. do not the kingdom has doubled its presence in the store now and with
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a bathroom there. an older allies, including a spain, the netherlands, denmark, and many others have decided to send in troops, ships, and planes to reinforce our presence. and france also may declare that they are ready to lead about to group or in, in the remain y'all so. so far, we have increased the red than us or the nato response force, but you're not deployed than i thought response force. thank you for the next question. we're going to get have on cover from immediate tv. we can hello. good evening and thank you. i now, i, mr. secretary, general latest news from russia putting asks lawmakers for permission to use force outside the russia could pay the bay for broader attack on feel grain. how would
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you comment on as this issue and also yesterday put in spoke a lot about nato expansion and you know, that we will crane georgia is also waiting for future membership. and, and such statements are so worried for us. what is your command and is it possible an acceptable about what a protein was talking to days ago, so called moratorium on a need to expansion. thank you so much. a request sir, to get permission to use sir force outside the restaurant. russian territory just adds to the pat, done over decisions and actions by russia last the months or which has led to the most dangerous moment of, for our security in decades on this just and this is just another step. i think we
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had to recall that actually in natal, i nato allies are warned this fall, or that, or we saw, ah, ah, admitted her build up by russia and plans are to reach a level or russian forces in our on ukraine. which has very much where we are today . so this is, this is something that has been predicted and many months ago. and then a russia has done what sir. we expected and the won't be warned against or they have significant earn increased, so their mentor presence in iran grain and then combined with her at weeks on an older or an older or false 5 operations attempts to create the pretext. and now her, yesterday, the recognition over the pupils to publish old and it's gone at once, all of that adds into this pant than over threatening and aggressive behavior. and the commission to use force outside the russian territory just adds
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a to that pattern. ah, is fermented, doesn't change our message. and that is that the, he continued to call on the rochelle to step back. not her to continue to step up as far as he know the last the weeks, but also, or that they are, are engage in a read diplomatic efforts. or nato has made it clear that we are ready to talk on that we have listed, or in letters or in the letter we have sent to russia. but also the united states has and aids a document to are shown palo and natal, where we list many areas. we were ready to sit down, discuss unfair to finance, political pulse or forward or, but in that document, we also made it kayla to we not compromise on core values. and one of them is, of course, the right for every nation chooses on path. on nathan lodgement has been extremely
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important for europe over many decades that helps to spread democracy, freedom across europe for decades after the under the cold war and the rule are neither compromised. no right to protect and defend all eyes when russia is demanding that we should sign a legally binding agreement. aah! to remove all natal infrastructure and all nate to forces or from the territories or dos or allies that joined the lines off to $9.00 to $97.00. we can not accept that because that will be the same as to say that then we will into some kind of 1st and 2nd class natal membership where we don't have the same right to protect those allies that joined after 9097. 0. so we will not compromise on those principles, but we are ready to engage in political dialogue on men important issues which are also important for her. the secret to russia for the last question will go to that
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. glad at and then raggedy your high debt people around the world and especially in europe are now afraid of a full on war. what you think of that share and how far away are we of this a re risk? ah, that's exactly why we have been warning against these for months. and the regrettably ought to have seen that over the last months is so that the, exactly what we predicted has happened. but it's still possible for russia to change course under to not continue demento build up and not invades further ukraine. ah, i think girls that we need to, to realize that turn ukraine is a highly valued partner. we support them up with military support with, with political support or with the cyber defenses, with equipment and different allies, provide different types of support up. but when it comes to nato allies,
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we provide absolute security guarantees, meaning that we make it absolutely clear that the attack on one ally will trigger to response from the whole alliance, one for all for long. and that, and that's also reason. while nato has increased his presence in eastern part of the lines in the defensive manner, to make sure that there is no room for mrs. calculation about our ability to defend all eyes and as long as we do that, and we will and we will prevent an attack on an edge while other countries. thank you very much, this insult him, but they're the boss of nato saying our message is unchanged. russia should step back, not step up. we are ready to talk. he said, of what's been going on across that border between russia and ukraine, grave consequences for european security. that's what it means. we commend the ukraine authorities for not responding. our allies are united well as mr. stilton
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burke was wrapping up their vladimir putin, the russian president has taken to the airwaves as well, addressing the nation as is the way with these pictures mister putin coming out of moscow. i'm not sure we're not sure right now whether this is actually live or slightly take delayed for security reasons at their end. but let's just listening to what's being said, yesterday's recognitions, all the people's republic. so the don boss and it was done not by you are not both representatives of those republics but by the key of authorities school and to other ignatius was dated by the fact of the 3rd to the great a key of government, ukrainian government. and they are not going to implement those agreements each are the new jersey of 1st officials are publicly announced. i saw
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what, oh oh, dear wage for ah, you must recall not just shoot me a look at it. we'll let you see what was happening over there. you know, that said jack and our colleagues were andrea stick to them. i'm in european colleagues and they all said, one of the things that are we have to take this out, but they couldn't force up our colleagues for on the ukrainian government to do it . that's why we were forced to make this decision. a saw in this sense early uminski agreement. aah! is not existent, any was sold? were don health to implemented granny's. now i consider in the here and you borders in the bridge borders with shell. recognize,
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are those republics of mac? are we have the mean then i recognize to as them. and that means that we, her e cognitive, them and all their under mental documents, including the constitutions, and in the constitution, it has stated the ah borders. all of the elegance and dance regions are when you get a hold of me, i came in at the borders which they had when they were in the size of the ukrainian republic when he was, was not, ah, we hope that all of those disagreements, hillburn a result in a negotiations, but we understand that and now it is in forcible but we hope that it will happen in the future. and now disposable. and regarding the use of the armed forces abroad, she can yes, obviously have signed the yesterday and agreement and
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a little so green. and the dennis of applica public and the del organs are publicly public. the rees, i sent you the fish a close as they are. 3 shall per widely ma assistance and click on military assistance as a yep. and as of there is another go in the conflict of lee, you will perform all the obligations which we took binding on ourselves. regina just with us, asking about us agency regarding the via don barzyk topic is obviously a your korean is not going to recognize you. ah, so veneta of don logan scandinavia, your credit store and you are, they are not here with our decision system and it is now youth, obsidian niggers so that's, you know, somebody sing on you doesn't,
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you didn't get out there. ah, what was that? i was to play after are what has happened yesterday and today. do you see any prospects rushing? you must leave for a variable ization all relations between moscow and kia and what steps should get taken by kia and moscow. you know, rehab in scarsdale, rural are both easiest, urine, many hours stalks with our ah, european partner and american partners and many times will be and i believe it was not announced publicly, but i will tell you naturally the grown question is you oh, what assured bill is toby, she thought, but on what should be happened on balls.


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