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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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make them as understandable as we can do as many people as possible, no matter how much they know about a given crisis or issue with the smell of that is overpowering. as al jazeera correspondence, that's what we strive to do. mm. mm. living in a state of emergency shelling, intensifies in the east in ukraine, where villages find themselves on the front line again. ah, hello, i'm marianne noisy. in london, you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. first wave of european sanctions against russia. members of the lower house of parliament to targeted, but president jim, a person is left alone for now, is clear. the president will generally,
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will not stop by himself. ukraine's appeal for strong international support as the united nations meets to discuss the crisis. ah, blown welcome to the program and we start with all the latest developments on the crisis playing out in ukraine where several state websites, including the government and foreign ministry homepage, is a currently inaccessible. it's believed to be the latest in a series of cyber attacks. moscow has denied any involvement. it's currently pulling all russian diplomats out of care of which has in turn warned that it citizens should flee russia in east and ukraine. meanwhile, on the ground shelling has been intensifying a line of contacts, and there are more reports of convoys heading to the break way regions recognized as independent by russia this week. will this uptake in fighting comes at volatile
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time for people living on the front lines of this 8 year conflict? alger there is charles stratford reports now from easton ukraine's. danielle gretchen across the river is an area of the ukrainian army call. the grazer neither ukrainian soldiers nor the russian back separatist control guerria. the army say separatists showed the bridge a few days ago. crenan soldiers on guard the river bank. we'll fill all below. they can equip latoya. they shelled it using roughly $122.00 caliber weapons. we were luckily sheltering under cover at the time. in the distance i can hear what sounds like heavy artillery and machine gun fire. ukrainian government has in the last hour or so declared a state of emergency. now i remember being here in april, there was a man fishing exactly this ball. the bridge was
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a vital connection point for people living in the grey zone, who used to come to this village to shop, to buy medicine. and some of the children used to go to school here, but that's simply not possible anymore. you can you. ready move close by 46 year old katya, unload the delivery of wood. a brother and sister lives across the front line in separatist control on ask certain numbers thou boiler to leave them a family should and should them of i should need them and i being prescriptive there and thou being conscripted here. what nonsense fishes. the 21st century and look at us running around with guns while we are tottering each other. despite the risk 27 year old michael still goes to the river to fish. he was injured in a car accident in 2013. the war started a year later and he hasn't been able to get the physiotherapy he needs since then.
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hooper barbara near her brother. we're in for london. we have shelling every day. you can hear it now. i've just come down to check that it hasn't scared the fish away. this is one of a number of destroyed homes in the village. i think 70 year old svetlana whose home was damaged by shelling in december describes what some nights are like. oh, village shadow. decoy, much of the sort of new the fireballs, this big fly over houses. and i see they pass our windows lighting the room with the explosions are so loud on the drive home. sudden and terrifying lasts hidden ukrainian, artillery fires shells towards separatist held territory. what do you crane, an army say is defensive action against the russian back threat just over the hills
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. charged for al jazeera, grinning their easton ukraine. ida adel, i mean, is life for sound come at tolorisk in easton, ukraine's daniel region. tell us more about his plans for a state of emergency honda. what would it involve? what is the 1st step will be for that to be ratified by parliament. it has 48 hours to do that, so he expects it to happen on thursday. the state of emergency is for 30 days and could be extended to 60. now what it will mean is that the most important part is that this will give authorities to local, regional government authorities to be able to take own their own decision and impose the kind of a measures they need to do depending on the situation they find themselves in, um there is talk that may be a curfew,
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would be employed at some point. but i think the for the 1st 2 regions that will be targeted with that state of emergency and wait, we might see it unfold sooner rather than later. would be did lugens and don't yet, regents. they are the ones on the frontline of this a war if there is a military escalation in the coming days. now, earlier on, readily dennis michelin was speaking, talis about his remarks, and the message he wanted to convey well, he wanted to convey that at the moment it does, his forces to one's bates and danielle said no, john says are at the forefront of a, of this conflict, and that he stood have been 9 that there were any russian presence at the moment, even though ukraine has been saying, ever since this whole call of conflict started back in 2014,
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that russia has been backing the this. the rebels there are that will provide the weapons, providing military advisors, providing intelligence and intelligence. and certainly that is something that many other people have said and have witness. now i think the most important message coming out of that is, per chillin, was to ukraine itself, saying that it wanted to regain it, its own territories, meaning the regions of the yet and look guns by peaceful means. ah, he's actually went on by saying that the ukranian army should evacuate those areas and that is something that obviously resonated very strongly among people even as far as here in grammar tours, which was a city that was taken by the separate is back in 2014, and then we take him by the ukranian army and you have many of such examples all over that demarkation line. well,
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what then is put you in the saying to these people is that you are within my historical boundaries according to our policy to should you do belong to it, to our, to the self proclaimed report people's republic of the and yes. now at the moment he is feeling strong because he is also a backed by vladimir putin who said that when he was talking about this public, when he was recognizing these republics, he wasn't recognizing them within the boundaries of the territory. they hold now on the deck control, which is basically a 3rd of what they really want. but he said about the boundaries within their constitution. so you do get that. those words certainly sounded like a warning for the people living well beyond that front line. oh, all the way you know about a 100 or maybe more kilometers away from the frontline are because they know that that means that there will be trouble in their street. so certainly
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a very confusing situation for them. we haven't seen any sort of mass panic at the moment, but when you do speak to people, no one is predicting anything peaceful anytime soon. for now, thank you very much from a tourist honda abdul. hamid will european union has announced further sanctions targeting rushes economy with the defense minister and other prominent individuals expected to be on that list. anticipated that sag assure you will be joined by a commander in chief of the russian air force in black c feet in the sanctions package. block is also targeting 351 members of russia's low house of parliament estate. duma. the package includes asset freezes and travel benz on $23.00 people and 3 banks. dominic cane has more from the german capital, berlin, president michelle of the european council of ministers, saying that he's can voting a special summer to an extraordinary summit of
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e u. leaders to discuss this crisis and harold e, you can plot its way through. it's to be held in brussels tomorrow at which all heads of government and heads of states relevant to the organisation will be present because he's trying to find a concerted, coordinated united approach. all in moscow, meanwhile, on the day russia on has its armed forces present, letting pushes criticize the west for refusing to respond to his security demands algiers. dosage of barry has more on that now. ah, a solemn reminder of the dark days of rushes past. the commander in chief of the armed forces commemorating defender of the fatherland day, which honors war, veterans, and all russians who lost their lives defending their country. prior to the reef playing ceremony by the tomb of the unknown soldiers near the kremlin president vladimir putin released the video message to the nation. but with
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a clear warning for the world. nope, of 30, i want to repeat russia's interests and the security of our people are an indisputable priority. so we will continue to strengthen and modernize our i'm in the navy, striving to increase their effectiveness for they feed it out with the most cotton h equipment. ah, an independent poland group says the majority of russians believe their president over 50 percent of people surveyed at the start of the ukraine crisis back in december. believe the united states and nato countries are responsible for increasing tensions. events like this to honor fallen soldiers are taking place across the country. but this years events are particularly poignant as the threat of war and ukraine overshadows a day that's dedicated to remembering the human cost of war. most hearsay, the thought of war is simply unimaginable. for through s b, i wouldn't like the war to start. i'd like all political powers to make efforts to
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avoid war even. and we really hope there will be no war. and it looks like at the end of a day, there will be no war by not. when you go, i think there will be no war. nobody needs war. neither ukraine nor russia, as a rule is, are politicians who start wars. they are the only ones who need wars. i think that we are all slavic people, ukrainians and russians. do you need war? i don't need it. why would young guys die? people, children, parents, mothers, fathers, i think that common sense will prevail. says russia is always open for direct and honest dialogue that has full confidence in the military military that will likely include a new generation of russians who have never ventured far from home, but must now prepared themselves for the possibility that they could one day be back here, just not as visitors, paying their respects to unknown soldiers. at dark and sobering thought on a day meant to remind the country of the senselessness of war. doors to jabari al
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jazeera, moscow with crisis has dominated talk to the united nations general assembly ukraine. foreign minister is urging the international community to rally behind his country. i warn every nation in this distinguished chamber, no one will be able to see out this crisis. if president putin decides that he can move forward with his aggression against ukraine. your governments and your people will faith, painful consequences together with our government and our people. this is why we need to use this last chance for action and stop russia, where it is, and the russian basset to the united nations. the city, ninja warned, western nations against army ukraine was let me put a good the you not see the but this conflict is by no means over the shelling of
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areas in both republics has not seized. the west continues to goat and to provoke and to arm keith. we warn you that since upon the request of diets and look hands, the ceasefire will be monitored by the russian armed forces. when you know one intends to go softly with any violators. therefore, we urge you today to focus efforts on coming down here and deterring it from conducting new military adventures, which could end up being costly for the current ukrainian government. rosalyn jordan joins us live now from the united nation. so just hearing some brief clips that from ukrainian and russian representatives, ross, did we hear any more at this meeting about the consequences of a war between russia and ukraine? well, what we heard of pharma, some of the speakers, including the u. s. a representative of london, thomas greenfield, is that an expanding of conflict between russia and ukraine with lead to
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a vast humanitarian suffering of the hour are very concerned about tub about women and children being killed. they're very concerned about parts of the ukrainian infrastructure being destroyed and thus are harming the economy and the ability of the ukrainian people in the eastern part of the country. you will be able to take care of themselves and of their families. and we've all heard from a un officials, including from the secretary general antonio good debtors who are very concerned that todd this would already a worsen and already a difficulties situation for many ukrainians. or there are a number of a un agencies, a with operations in the country. and they say that a war between russia and ukraine would simply make it that much harder to provide food and medicine, and emergency housing to people who already need it. and interesting that
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u. s. ambassador t, n lender, thomas greenfield, really wants to betray. and he said, of russian minet, traction against ukraine is not just being a threat to key have but to all member states. that's right, and that's the point that ties no, she has been repeating on behalf of the bind administration, but we have also heard that from the un secretary general, mr. go durish, who was twice now in the last 24 hours, has basically accused russia of carrying out actions that undermined the very premise of the un charter nation so existing side by side of respecting each other sovereignty not trying to change other countries. borders by force without consent of those who would be governed in a new was political entity. and we've heard that a tone picked up by a number of the speakers who have been appearing at the podium at the general assembly on wednesday. that time if this is allowed to happen to ukraine,
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it could potentially happen to other countries, perhaps in europe, if not elsewhere. and so there was this very robust call to uphold the of the un charter, to uphold the principles of sovereignty and independence and co existence. and to uphold the principle of trying to prevent of violence or a warfare between 2 countries. a. but the question is, how does that happen? what kind of a new diplomatic of strategies can be employed from the you when in order to make this of possible? that is the real challenge. now, before members of the un and the secretary general, thank you very much. rosalind jordan at united nations watching al jazeera life. i'm not to want to bring you love stories that are making headlines as well. there is a salvation crisis and see don. food warehouses are attacked and displaced children, a gutting hungry to of asia. biggest rivals put aside the differences descent
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desperately needed aid into afghanistan. ah, hello there. here's your weather pitcher for europe and africa. i'll tell you what . we still got more storm systems marching across the atlantic. this is the newest one. exiting the canadian province of newfoundland and labrador. let's get your the weather situation on thursday for the u. k. we do have weather warnings in play for both wind and snow. are there in england right across the scottish hills, and then we've got this band of rain, southern sweden, denmark into western areas of germany into eastern portions of france. now if we go a bit further toward the south, a push of some rain into southern sections of both portugal and spain, but toward the north. it's nice as stellar day. and porto with a height of 19 degrees, other side of the mediterranean,
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disturbed weather here. rain being whipped around all sides, especially southern turkey rate, into the levant, whites and wendy. to be sure different stories. central europe, high pressure and char chairs, so con condition, sorry, of o at 10 degrees. ever. that weather maker we were talking about in the east or med, it's dropping down. white and windy conditions, northern egypt, very likely to seize sand and dust storms in cairo with the high of 18 degrees. what remnants leftovers of what was tropical cyclone and nazi dipping further toward the south, but still lot of rain come natur for madagascar on thursday. that sure weather update. susan ah. julie, the debate they of black people from the american and global story was very powerful on an online your voice. the comment section is right. join our conversation. we had all protected when everyone is protected. it is not being nationalistic about
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this. you just look at it in a very different way, not perspective. men and men meeting each other and they don't have any solution. let me put it clear for you that dream on. now just 0. 0, i main stories now. in eastern ukraine. shelling is intensified along the line of contact in the dawn boss region. and are there also reports of military convoys being had heading to break? why regents, they've been recognized as independent by russia. meanwhile, russia defense minister, as well as the commodities in chief of its efforts on black sea fleet are expected
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to be included. and if you sanctioned package targeting russia, the economy block is also targeting 351 members of russian lower house of parliament. and the crisis is also dominated the un general assembly today, where ukraine 4 minutes to urge the international community to rally against russian aggression. rushes un ambassador blamed the escalation on ukraine and its west and allies. well, attacks on food aid warehouses in sudan, a disrupting efforts to help starving people displaced by years of fighting severe food shortages in camps for those fleeing the violence mean an estimated 200000 children in the da full region do not have enough to eat him but morgan poets now from alpha, russia, and norland off for where several wild food program warehouses has been looted. shop de la has never had to come to a nutrition center before. she's been living in the show camp for displaced denise in north dar for,
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for nearly 16 years now. she comes regularly as she struggles to nurse her 8th month old son. and i could have been with me and i have little milk. it's almost not there. i don't have a complete diet, only eat one male a day and it doesn't have all the nutrients i need my child nurses 10 times a day or more. so i can't provide enough milk for him unless you don't mind. malnutrition has recently increased both in the camp and elsewhere in the dark for region. many have relied on seasonal farming to feed and support themselves, but produce drain for last year meant for harvests, which cost food prices to become unaffordable for many families, especially mothers and young children are especially hard head. 8 are going to zation, be around 40 percent of all children in north star 4 are facing malnutrition. this year. that's more than 200000 kids. is that that i've heard, i've come here to get this kids for my child. he's been sick and has lost a bit of weight. he was weed and found malnourished and given biscuits. i've come
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to get him checked and pick food for him every 2 weeks. the dar for conflicts like the ended in 2020. when a peace agreement was signed between the government and rebel groups, the fighting killed at least 300000 displaced 2000000. while some move to neighboring chad, many sought refuge in displacement camps in dar for hundreds of thousands of displays. people remain in camps in the state and therefore region many have relied on 84 years, but that has been cut back due to lack of money. now aid workers are focusing on the most vulnerable, but many more need help. but attacks are hampering a delivery on groups recently. so 5000 tons of aid from warehouses for thing the world food program to temporarily halt operations. we deplore the sad looting incidence of p and the humanitarian community have requested a swift action by the authorities and to take more appropriate measures to protect
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humanitarian operations and their personnel. as well as guaranteeing the saved deliveries of life savings assistance to the people in the here in the state and everywhere in the, in india for assistance that is helping mothers such as i should keep the children healthy and alive as the endure. the hush conditions of displacement camps. he will morgan alter 0 and flash it north star for ah india pockets. dawn is buried that differences for a day to provide. i've counted stone was too much needed food. focused on is open the border to allow 50000 tons of indian, which through this is a ras sign of cooperation of the regional rival, suspended trade in 20. 19. our india correspond. elizabeth problem reports
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indian trucks carrying. we'd arrive at the border with pakistan. the cargo has been transferred to afghan trucks. the compromise reached between india and pakistan because both wanted to use their vehicles. the weight will now be transported 650 kilometers to the afghan city of gelata bought him. what i thought it took us a long time to reach india and now we are going back to a gun. it's done by a bucket sun border. we are very grateful to india for the support to the downtrodden of guns. india proposed sending the weight to have gone astound last october, but it took 4 months of negotiations to make it happen. job amount of data and several un resolutions which emphasized that any medicaid in the system being sent to have this done by the international community. and should be facilitated or trade between india and pakistan has been suspended since august 2019. the food aid is one of just a handful of areas of cooperation between the 2 countries and 2 and a half years boxed on suspended bilateral trade off to india. revoke the autonomy
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of indeed, administered cash made in 2019. both countries have no direct travel relations either and their missions and deli and lama bob has been significantly downsized. the world food program will distribute the aid to some of the 9000000 afghans. it says, i just one step away from famine. you can imagine when you have people with nothing and cold winter families having to send their little kids to su pawleys or to decide who to feed or not children. malory's, pregnant and like taking mothers, nothing to eat and the government expects the $50000.00 tons of weight to be delivered. within 3 months, elizabeth brought him al jazeera at the tardy walk at border crossing in punjab.
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ron's foreign minister is saying west and he does need to take a more realistic approach to restore the 2015 nuclear deal. says ongoing talks in vienna and now a sensitive and important juncture deal exchange the relief of economic sanctions on iran for restrictions on its nuclear program. mom and we have not received any assurances from the us officials. we have been receiving only empty words. they have not taken any tangible measures in order to prove the goodwill, the total sum of our talks in vienna. we are still very positive and constructive as well. many points are still pending. go to should i can now the government areas pay $35000000.00 to release a shipment of diesel stranded in the port of colombo for 4 days. the latest efforts, even major fuel crisis caused by a lack of foreign currency. dr. visit being faced with huge qs at the pumps, but the shortage is also triggering power costs. government is now a thing to raise funds for another diesel shipment due on sunday. columbia has
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become the latest deeply catholic country to relax its abortion laws. landmark court ruling means women will be able to terminate pregnancies without facing prosecution, as monarchy anarchy of reports, campaign as a celebrating the decision. women's rights activists shed tears of joy for years they've been fighting for the right to legal abortion. now, columbus constitutional court has made it possible that we could achieve meant for all women. we want a greater recognition of our full citizenship, more security over our bodies, and over our sexual and reproductive rights. oh, i couldn't do that. every year. colombian prosecutors open 400 cases against women, accused of having illegal abortions, or those would lie gently helped them. more than 340 women have been convicted since 2006. until now, colombian women were only allowed to terminate pregnancies,
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in cases of rape fetal deformity, or if the mother's life was in danger. but even those exceptions weren't always respected. in atlanta, both middle bank just and 202-4000 girls between 10 and 14 years gave birth pregnancies and children that young can only be the result of ripe. the only explanation for such high numbers is that women needed more protection. that's what we fought for. so 4 out of 5 judges voted in favor of extending abortion rights. despite opposition from the catholic church and pro life activists have prayed in front of the court. and i mean the feminist believe this is a step forward for women. when embryology it's a step backwards because the fight for women's rights doesn't include murdering others. if that was until now, he's young, president of undock, it was opposed his wealth. he sang, the decision is too big to be made by 5 judges. and the name was on that coy, allowing abortions until 24 weeks. columbia's court has raised the bar even
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compared to countries which have taken giant steps to defend women's reproductive rights. or what most countries the time limit for having an abortion is for shorter . in the meantime, women activists say it's not enough to have their rights on paper. they say they'll keep fighting to make sure the law is implemented. monica do not give al jazeera. ah a look at our main story. this, our in eastern ukraine shelling has intensified it. line of contacts. now, reports of military convoys being that have been deployed to break way regions recognized as independent by russia, ukraine's president roger may zalinski is called for estates of emergency countries . parliament is debating measures including limits on movement and.


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