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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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to defend women's reproductive rights from what most countries the time limit for having an abortion, it's for shorter. in the meantime, women activists, it's not enough to have their rights on paper. they said they'll keep fighting to make sure the law is implemented. monica, you're not kid, i'll just euro. ah, a look at our main story. the salad in easton, ukraine shelling has intensified it. a line of contact now reports of military convoys being that of being deployed to break away region recognized as independent by russia. ukraine, president rhodium is landscape called for estates, emergency countries. parliament is debating measures including limits on movement and media freedom. the course is also been discussed that you, in general assembly, where ukraine's foreign minister demitra labor urge the international community to
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rally against russian aggression. i warn every nation in this distinguished chamber, no one will be able to seek out this crisis. if president decides that he can move forward with his aggression against ukraine, your governments and your people will faith, painful consequences together with our government and our people. this is why we need to use this last chance for action and stop russia, where it is a rush and by the wrestling avenger, accuse the united nations of being biased against russia and warned, western nations against army ukraine was let me pretty good. again, not see the book. this conflict is by no means over. shelling of areas in both republics has not seized. the west continues to goat and to provoke and to arm key . if we warn you that since upon the request of diets and look hands the ceasefire
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will be monitored by the russian armed forces. no one, it has to go softly with any violators. therefore, we urge you today to focus efforts on coming down here and deterring it from conducting new military adventures that could end up being costs for the current ukrainian government. and other developments to you as an out further sanctions to retain roches economy with russia's defense minister and other prominent individuals expected to be on the list. so dissipated that a sugar will be joined by the commander in chief of the russian air force and black sea fleet in the sanctions package. the block is also targeting 351 members of russia's low house of parliament, the state duma. those are the headlines this our i will be back with more news after the stream, which is next ah, ah,
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ah, ah, i actually, okay, today we focus on a contentious issue in columbia. the de criminalization of abortion this week, columbia. the constitutional court ruled that abortion was legal for any women who wanted to have one up to 24 weeks. but the debate continues. have a list and have a look. i such an immense happiness because we, if i need to use what my mental history for this is historical. this brings us immense happiness because little by little, we are changing our history. we finally succeeded in having them allow us to decide over our bodies. we fought for this for many years. clandestine abortions took the
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lives of so many women as an out of these. yes. what just happened represent sad news. the feminist believe that this is a step forward for women. when in reality, this is a step backwards because the fight for women's rights doesn't include murdering others if the solution is to kill others regardless of their age than we would approve wars within nations that makes no sense of joining our discussion today. marianna, natalia, and meghan. good to have all 3 of you with us. marianna, please introduce yourself to a stream audience. hi there, my name is marianna de la, i'm a lawyer. i mean, is an activist, and i'm why i'm one of the leading plaintiffs of the constitutional court decide on monday, get to see you. thank you for being part of the street today. natalia, welcome to the street. please introduce yourself to our viewers around the world.
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thank you so much for this invitation that you have and i am a home with attorney and offensive children and i'm a 2019. i was the attorney that went to the board a request for band all cases. the damages to life and health that they caught. thank you, natalia, we look forward to hearing more from you in just a moment. but 1st, meghan, get to have you here on the screen. please introduce yourself. tell her what you are and what you do. hi, i'm making jeanette sky. i'm a columbia based journalist who's been covering this issue for the past 4 years and are covered the decision itself. on monday for al jazeera, the new york times and sienna, all right, thank you so much. all right, so audience you have seen and heard from our panel, would you like to be in this conversation as well?
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the comment section is right here. i ask you to be sensitive and courteous because whenever we talk about abortion rights and abortion on the screen of the comments section here, it's usually on fire. i want the passion, but also the courtesy as well. thank you for that. marianna, monday evening. your mood was what and why? well, trio to hear that they go see different court may is tory ruling that is going to change the life nice already changing the lives of many vulnerable women and girls that before and mom they were forced to have unsafe abortions. because they were not having many choices and their way to pre mean allies, instead of being protected, willing to help her sees them already the 1st legal abortion on their new regime if it was provided. so we are happy that these women are safe with their
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families. now, italia, i'm looking at video of people outside the constitutional court. they are celebrating. but that's not the full story. the columbia is it. what's the of the side of this debate that is important to share when i do not, i mean, can i completely blaze a action that i have react with the regular swan pain in my like, what was the last angel with that it did for tackling the right, statute found the is attempting. he says he's young because he don't have the letter. jonah, dodie says it is an authorization to again proceed your children way. i did lie rules feature in with the lethal injections for children who cannot offend
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themselves. he'll as out on the 22nd week of gestation or madness are good when she left the school and degraded planning to take the saddle last. so have long term i can see again this getting i mean pregnancy. the others were boarded in my have dual aid and all the really have more natural equal up in my to say. and i is serious. they measure that i'll be much of children be at that and good laws. you ladies, feel that g, you had disagree with the children. i was canceled by lou director and it was at my probation. i am a risk reduction for pyramid you, mrs. laura emerging in canada. he has with eyes on he will be medical information about the damages caused by abortion. when i presented him to the prosecution boarding when they did not take them to consideration, they were more than 300 studies. they're meghan, i am wonderful that the constitutional court was split 5 votes for abortion,
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up until 24 weeks for votes against. does that reflect what the country is struggling with right now? i would say yes, you know, columbia has changed radically over the past. i mean, slowly over the past decades on this issue right on, but it's an incredibly catholic country, incredibly conservative in a lot of parts. so there is this massive cultural divide. you still do see and it's kind of similar to this divide. you see on the issue of abortion, like up until yesterday, divide with abortion access was largely split between rural areas. and i'm, you know, more liberal hobbs like, like puerto on and divided by privilege. so i think this is an issue that still, you know, it can incredibly divisive in, in colombia, although i will say it has changed, you know, quite
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a bit. and just like the past couple years i've been here and i think you see testament to that in this case on that we saw on monday. my and i want to say something about what megan was saying is that reason pools show in columbia at shift in the us. in february of this year, just days ago there was a pool that show that 41 percent of the people use is in agreement with for the can realization of abortion. and on top of that, $49.00 for sent of people using total disagreement with women going to jail for having our portion. and these at percentage increase in 10 percent just in a few months from april 2021 to february 2022. so people in columbus is starting to understand that you just heard about. if i agree with
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abortion, if i'm for or against the question here is why we use in the criminal law to prevent abortion is in effect the on the form it is putting women angers on down your i rather yes. fighting to lay here in columbia is all their needs and their formation that some people have put in people's hearts and minds how well the abortion is not insecure when it's done properly. according to the word health organization, it doesn't cause mental health issues. if you do it in a safe environment and with your consent. so this is the kind of thing that people should know to take a position not for or against abortion, because the person out but for, for or against they use of criminal law. so natalia, that boils donna
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a question that i wanted if i can put to you, which is why would you use criminal criminal law in order to legislate around abortion? why should criminal law be involved? what would be your response to marianna where no enemies broke? well, in my proposals to the constitutional court, i did not ask, you know, criminalization of abortion in the 3 exceptional cases for women that is donya in my proposal. i agree that women should not be imprisoned for having an abortion in those cases in which she has been the victim of a rape or sexual attack up any type or in cases where there are severe malformations of the teachers or in cases in which the mother has the
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physical and mental health and the risk of death. this is cynthia williams. i would or me in that position should decide either way if he's going to interrupt your boy chevy. and i'm only in those cases when it is better. sorry. no worries, but me see i your bank concern says young the level is decreased abortion my is that the on friday the 22nd we have just ation the baby could survive the will and the abortion as could fail, say that it's an additional extra money else and i don't mean you recently it and he liked me. i mean, there have been 84100 fails of what i did. he not 2000. i natalia so, so i, to me, it seems like you coming to abortion rights from
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a very different perspective. what marianna was saying was, why would you put women in prison? we're having an abortion. you have other reasons why you do not want women most winning columbia to have an abortion. i hear that there is a, we're having 2 tracks of this conversation. i, he, that i'm going to push on because i want to bring in salome into this conversation . she has notate how historic that that constitutional court's decision around abortion, and how many weeks pregnant you can be and still have an abortion. is he, she is growing up in catholic and conservative. columbian family, abortion was always painted as the worst possible said. we were taught to see abortion as deeply traumatizing dangerous and above all else as a one way ticket straight to hell. we were never taught about the importance of women's right to choose. and still today, i believe that motherhood should be a choice and not an obligation,
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which is why i celebrate the decision of columbus constitutional court to finally decriminalize abortion. it is truly a historic when for the women of columbia, and i am so relieved that our bodies will no longer be governed by fear imputed of laws. i celebrate that the women of cologne yet will finally be guaranteed the right to choose. man, this is a cultural conversation as well. it's about how foot decades, hundreds of years at women have grown up families of grown up understanding that abortion is in the catholic church, a mortal saying how's that change now? you know, i think i'm, i mean, i think it's like anything was cultural change. it happens little by little right. um and it is like still incredibly visceral because columbia is and well for a very long time be a highly catholic country. but i think there's so many stories of women now that
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you hear on that really show the realities that you know, women face in these cases. so for instance, i covering this topic have come across women who said, you know, they wanted to kill themselves because they had to go through with an abortion, or, sorry, not in abortion, but an unwanted pregnancy. they didn't have abortion access. i talked to women who have gone to hospitals because they've all had to do, you know, clandestine abortion. and basically what's happened in terms of like abortion access in columbia is that 90 percent of the abortions and the past years i'm in columbia had been clandestine. it's women that are going into high risk situations and, you know, face there, there's just this deep sense of uncertainty. and a lot of times like aloneness, that women feel going into these situations. and i think perhaps there's just on more of a conversation centered around women's perspectives or just
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a different conversation before and you know, as was mentioned earlier, it was really heavily centered around this catholic perspective. and i think what we've seen now is perhaps these hard conversations, perhaps like the one we're having now on being had, i'm and a great her amplification of women's voices, women that have been affected by this policy. ah, you know, on monday in front of the court, i think the thing that really, one woman told me that hit me the most is that every single women in colombia, no, someone who has had to go through this process has either had to get a clandestine abortion made these hard decisions. so i just think it's some, maybe a conversation that has grown and expanded a bit more and because of that has shifted. i'm going to present marianna, go ahead, please go over. go ahead. yes, on, on the, on the 1st things that megan was saying,
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there is actually something very beautiful in the casa who movement, which i am part of is that we do have come to the christian women that are part of our movement. and actually they sign alone would need the petition for the course. of course we have capital explore choice. we have christian doctors that actually do provide abortions because they, they believe that the humanity may, should come for before darkness. so they know that they the, if they do not provide the service to the woman, she will have to go alone as megan was saying to. i'm a safe place and it is very, very wonderful to see how these are very have shoes shifted over the years. now we had,
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we are in the lecture of p during columbia presidential and congress elections are coming up. every one, every single one of the politicians of the, of the candidate it is having to take a stand on these. and actually you will be surprised how many, even the, even some, some of them identify as bright wayne, for the vision at they do agree with the immunization of abortion. so unseen in social media yesterday, they all the women. she is sharing the stories about abortion, as no one has seen before in this country is really marbles we are taking these out of that of, on the rock. i'm putting the there for people to know their reality of women. why would i go back to that yet? you can post it briefly because i also wanna bring natalia into the conversation. i, meghan, go quickly and then i'm going to bring in
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a video. and then we come back to you natalia. though, i mean, yes, i would you like to add to that though that there has been, i'm a pretty heavy right wing backlash. like you see columbia's president today or yesterday, calling the decision of treasure saying that the judges 5 people don't have the right to make a decision for an entire country. and you even see that rippling and internationally . you have boston, r o r, you know, brazil has upcoming elections and likely natalie does play a bridge. a colombian president, yvonne decay as you, as you brought him up here he is talking about does the constant court, should they make that decision or should it be a bigger conversation in society? and i'm going to come immediately back to you natalia as have a listen. your girl get a key? i believe we are facing a decision that concerns all of colombian society. 5 people cannot present to the nation, something as atrocious as allowing a life to be interrupted up to 6 months gestation. i think these are the
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discussions we have to take on as a country chaise measures dentist, us you, your group. so natalia, i hate megan and marianna, really talking about what they feel are the benefits for the women of columbia as somebody who is anti abortion. for the most part, what is the pushback that you would want to bring to this discussion as presently k says, there is, there should be a discussion that happens beyond the course. what is that who is been at least as young no light station. oh, well sure. i don't either partial or total. he doesn't on garen increase in the number of worship order planned and stein or forced abortion. i had a big good about her institute. i mean, globally,
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the on board stating that in columbia, there are $400000.00, was glad to stand abortion a year is better than saying and that's not true enough. already. took the statistics of the prosecutor's office from december 26th, 2018 wally the longer there were things they 973, a legal abortions and 7140 portion c, and from 2005 to 2018. in other words, in these behalf, is there any thought that the d could like they should have the abortion we're talking about 6900. what that was interesting. thank those are what this does is 290 s that land is that 280 and see if you have 14 housing, which means that the client has that played system. each of the adults with the health services, the number of a member of the elite, of fortunately our center increase is later, you know, we think we've got a letter that was nearest occasions on the hell children the danger for dinner or should not be at the child me, the lord,
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will you order the submission as it on the 22nd of all the don't think you just station a but there's almost all the bad bad age the child could advise people mature and disabled with isn't it rather says this bill that rate for all this is after being higher than the result in there are 2 survive after those with january on there was a real thing. they didn't know the protection of the rights of those revival children were not in there with that matter. why not only have what you know there is not at your desk or if you knew, i think those were different in the wash that was bending and denies me these, or maybe put in the children who are born with the abilities. the premature is their mother. she me them nice. i assume that you know like the stay if
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you're pretty i asked with me. i live with my vehicle. was woman my food is is the name a bullet talaya georgia, dream premature marianna. would like to speak to you to spend that horse for a moment place. i think we should make clear here that in columbia there he's regulations. dad. say how to do these procedures in a safe way of doing that now and then you go and how can rent patients are that being ease out he bring the merriment. marianna, i'm losing, i'm losing your connection just a little bit. but what i hear is that there are regulations about how abortions
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should be carried out in a safe manner so that women are not endangered. i want to go back to the women's rights division research, a humana cas us who spoke to us a little bit earlier about the benefits for women in columbia. now that says the time frame for having an abortion has changed, this is any sort of decision, not only because base again or that or for practice, right? you work are we other countries let her make it that have legalized abortion like argentina up to 14 weeks or 6 is stating makes it go up to 12 weeks. but also because this is the teacher that we've used this thema and i wasn't that perpetrates in there are certain tags on woman's role in society. and also because removes the number of years that it has, i think in mostly moment whoa income from parents holding with it is
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a heal in columbia. $400.00 warm and happy cream allies for a voice of every year. for those 97 percent of them were coming from rural areas. what's really important is where columbia sits in the latin america and caribbean regions to have a look here. what show the countries where abortion is totally prohibited. so we're looking at out, salvador honduras, the dominican republic, encourage you to make us so i'm and haiti under no circumstances, can you have an abortion there? the last word in our conversation goes to octavia. let's i told, excuse me, tavia, let's have a listen. the decision of this was this whole long base really important not only for longer, but also for latin america as a whole, which we know is one of the reasons not the world, the harshest laws from abortion. so it's correct. so historically, in just this of punishing harshly disproportionately harshly,
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women are decisions that man woman 8 lightly. and it's also an important trained in terms of discarding criminal law as the solution for what they're really socioeconomic problems which we know criminal law cannot solve. and actually, mate, this is based on the worse what is really clear from our youtube comments and also from i guess it, this is the conversation that goes on. it takes many years for an entire country to come to some agreement. if that's even possible. i will look here on my laptop. i want you to follow our guests. megan natalia. well, natalie is locked, so you have to ask her nicely. maybe she will let you in. and also marianna, thank you so much for being part of the show marianne and talia. and meghan really appreciate you really describing an understanding a very complex issue in columbia. thanks for watching. see you next time. ah
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i couldn't be more proud to be thought of. you know, ah, hello mariam timothy and london a look at the main stories now and in eastern ukraine. shelling is intensified. it's the dawn by line of contact in our reports of convoys heading to break away regions recognized as independent by russia this week. ukraine president rhonda me as a landscape called for a state of emergency as rise in fighting comes a volatile time for people living on the front lines of this. a conflict child stratford reports now from eastern ukraine's don. yet screech and across the river is an area the ukrainian army called the grey zone needed ukrainian soldiers know the russian back separatists control. the area.


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