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tv   Al Jazeera World Women In The Wind  Al Jazeera  February 24, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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government forces when conflict started in 2014, most of the people that used to live in this neighborhood a to afraid to return because of the sporadic shilling. and now increasing phase of a potential renewed conflict. ah. ready ready ready hello, adrian showing up here in doha with the summary of the news on al jazeera, the kremlin says that rebel leaders in east of ukraine of formerly sent a request to russia for military help to fend off what they're calling ukrainian aggression. ukraine's foreign minister has asked for an immediate meeting of the un security council that'll be held later on wednesday night. military reservists civils have been called up in ukraine at a state of emergency to clad. i'll just here is hotter abdul, hamid reports now from from a task in eastern ukraine is don't yet region. it's only in terms of deep crisis
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that the country impose is a 30 day state of emergency. and that's what president vladimir zalinski asked parliament for wednesday. after sharing a meeting of his security council. zelinski also hosted his polish and ethiopian counterparts, the 3 signing a joint declaration of support and solidarity boone as president andrew, do that described russia's actions as a threat, not just to ukraine, but did the whole you. zelinski said, it is rush said it should be providing security guarantees. not the other way round . in fact, and still not rudely. to be said, this is the fact is that today there are $150000.00 russian soldiers at our border . those territories are temporarily occupied. i believe that russia should be among those countries. the provide clear security guarantees is not a secret that i have many times suggested that the president of russia sit down at
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the negotiating table and speak henri. in the west intense shuttle diplomacy continues. france's foreign minister has been in berlin, full talks and tougher sanctions are looking inevitable. who i know for you varina . we accept economic consequences. i for free, sovereign and democratic ukraine in peace and freedom in europe. have no price tied . ukraine welcomed the long awaited sanctions, even though it's foreign minister. the me throw co labor, asked for more posting on social media action. so if you hit more and hit harder and hip now in the dumbass. oh, the situation along the demarkation line is becoming more intense by day. shelling is reported by both sides. in easton ukraine, the leader of one of the rebel regions now recognized by russia, said he wants to peacefully settle its borders. however, den is put chillin added that he may need russia's hell of which floor prospect. at
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the moment, there is no presence of any russian troops on our soil, as for the future presents that is likely when it's needed. if we are not able to do with our own resources, then we may seek support from the russians. ah, his words were received as a warning to people living in the nets and new hands, regions taken by the separatist at the beginning of the war. but now under ukrainian control. i know that that is the worry among people living even far away from the conflict, lied that fighting will return to their hometown without me. i my doors and the european union has agreed to put for the sanctions on russia are expected to target defense minister. so gay, chicago, and top military commanders,
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as well as banks that finance the armed forces, which lockwood also impose sanctions on hundreds of members of russia's parliament, which voted to recognize ukraine's breakaway regions. in albany is a convoy of truck drivers has begun across country drive from california to washington. d. c. in protest against corona virus mandates. hundreds of people saw them off the town of adelanto. the movements inspired by the demonstration north of the border in canada. iceland has joined a growing list of countries ending pandemic restrictions even through even though large numbers of people are still testing positive. all cove at 19 measures will end in iceland on friday, including border controls. are those are the headlines that he's continuously on al jazeera. after al jazeera world coming up next, ah
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ah, [000:00:00;00] with me it's in with the habitual hers. but i'm not sure yet. this is going to have a good fit in cannot smith in method or playful. supple was the 80 maps
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a ship thought i would love to shut off my gum polish. glad i was li data more had she's at all. no more. i'd love that will be able to work for the any . got smart cuts. got some ready or not yet kit on that come with an m n model for silica. fuck see. and i'm in bed. no. so the membership taxi audience with me it's honestly and not that as it had been well had to say to my feet, well, let's say look, good news be a good day given them magically, hadn't up the city, missouri and i have been cut off an adult madison could send me an id and yeah, i can send them correctly. and as you know, i wasn't got a hospital connection with the federals which cannot be any physician at the moment
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. i mean the malcolm bunny office is going to have any cuts before dora to be at ubs, if ah,
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ah, in here you know that she now sharon, with
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a head ah ah calico gonna have them as vicariously and an insult. that spot abyss looks solemnly . confusion box battle ordered a beautiful you may on the bridge and i know for a party can him. she can, should he toxic,
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feel ok to walk into skin. m c m c. and i was look at how them, she was a little bit of a small son from walk, gonna sell map out in his bahamas. kid was kind of a nice little that america that and looked at what colors are toxic cortisol kids could follow their cd. i need aka to live last. i had gone to the plaza. where does the police divisions are pleasure of speaking to most learn. i'm stuck open things 1st and can to learn other to me and that also with their own bed to send a word smooth to thought him to either just not he. the shannon had 2nd mother dick davina was at 1st mother i was from school because were the medicine so corner michelle collateral, florida. so can anybody please tell you deserve that's a little floats for here. marcus. crisco associate. i forgot that i started him now
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. george outlets and oxford, when muscular i called to beta and from the research accident on democracy in ah den schieffer from near thomas a bag and a coffee. hi, any armor. she met us at the mountain, georgia. i beka allegedly been on vision blood liberty hills, gave him coffee. any mckuddle, sulk the sullen l. yeah. and your lab hadn't been can't last when they, unless keeping on saturday, lynn and hayer one at saginaw and another use of the lucy, tim. how could i get his but she elect southcourt black,
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was out of the magazines that eddie moved for. we look unless good zebra kelly took her to america. so because you can t o handled if she could little teddy set up a little bit of information do all formerly in my ripple carry reliability. hello mrs. martin, this is so that shit, lee let kirkwood m mc awesome and i it's melissa yema, customer support or adam adam will let them bettina ah jill, in a look and help me look on her poison. mac alexis, in suffolk, wickedness an additional felon broke off in the middle hovel in the pan. oh, lydia, i am exactly. oh, dead deal. yeah, that infallible. nathan, i might get that a hands, you know, funny them. oh, certainly may of can. that's off. that's. that'll help her arm again. my court. a mel, best loss husky,
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the back seat again. william at flips. mel. my sheep food was often that i'm healthy. don't yuki, annie fritz or so dearly as lots and a look unreal. any additional brochure? i would love that as for little cetera injures can been somebody deal which got him been hinting so little couldn't he won't include them until as what did i say and i can in a so i didn't think social could you one of them had to solicit in them, a conclusion was shown.
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louisa de kadelli from the school jemina jensen. where did you like a massage therapy, a birth stadium? or and i sort of hankens cumbersome, a concern dear, because i did the hilton hotel that she thought mission. we camilla did a city a local office called scott, could i'm a concerned did all i did for them? she nod or look caught up all, could i use it for sure that they could learn? so they're paul, but not to she will to throw a man on may or them and she on something i don't you supposed to whether got skirt macbeth up on mother she believe look up. hey, he lives in bad so soon as he had that full caught out all. well, i'm gonna let him old fair thought anyone sheets of you did, and i'm a little oh, well you'll them as a live is on for have others of you? oh oh,
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will you push on diligently and going out of the in the looking se infamous huddle? namath faddie of will begin with morrow and asked, la, ma'am, ma'am, on the 1st minute somebody will let him attempts m r at o. darcy, what dick can read, miss everton, seal off and knuckle, never had let us more and demand our elect via any older morale. i didn't i didn't item that i see you are the the 2nd and the vent thumb ventana. yes. that is it. last year he did, he got, ah ah
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ah ah, and glitter city in an a, an a, an article but our firm aflac lady. and you see her that's kind of you. but galleria o yoga class is bunyan quino mom arguing about right him to lead. i like, i've been had no luck on mozilla, him argue not gonna be nice. no, i had to. what had you been? martinez got a thumb a deal. where did you been actually not on the home. hell as the guardian, not a yes. ah yes sir. that sir, but what are up,
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but it's mom. good toys on melissa. did lady saw the id? will discuss, convert a will any. are you concord brand flint fell gel concord guilty, liam doors and jazz are members of you. millions at room. sheena does not for myself, let ish salinas for myself to morrow. sophie, i'm sorry, not beside the bon bons. i'm having a 1000000 madonica look at the gala and sell a house and events was then mom, mom, only the mama miss matter. that's me is and again had the other joy i wouldn't have to have them if there were headley has used in the good, kindly them do, you know, could handleywood, hey, it's
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a shock because of sheila had sent me back. i met you had to issue for the cuts gone for the good. i did that the whole column that the conflict an affiliate even maybe look good. see those dear little bitty yellow. no young sharp any in metal were methodical somebody. one of them was you wouldn't how to prove those the, any. my question. so an adverb good. mother, nearly stadium know medium mac and keisha, math, and babyish. we are say, by learn a follow up
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miss leah. funny plus you will need to hack. well, you could consider with our have a ship, which in fact bananas wouldn't it as, as you're going to come out of potentially misuse them, could shock on it. it also said that she tilted sarah and z n on her. do i do with the stuff energies and big lee then the many i didn't go to carry it took some of the other player and you get called that i'll get mad. i'll get your what lynch sierra when it's an anybody asthma as it is medium and whistles minis. yes, usa the not lives up, sir. it's chad sets of the conscious discipline a is a young black little bottles fall out and it is a young. we have little catch, we're good and she is. we have a dog dinner. can plough love my repair. when does she hadn't? so it's been a little bit of a book that they believe in the bureau for append mccaney. mary lee, bob would see lead murder, mystery of abdomen. bassett, published by you been there before you been
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a bureau that she english book. i'm probably an an a problem but also i've got good larry was one component as well. but if you look at this, when again mel. okay. and millennials only they level this contract a mess with social yo yo bins ability. it could be marianna that could be marianna le le peeling and was from a of clearly oh, a clever little mellow debility. ha, i don't you are welcome, marianne mohammed senators can come amana and i am a mom person. i and i yell or but i year and i had she may need and a half hour. and i had the what i basically have x equal howard, the when would be helpful? halifax, good layla unit to leave unicorn no less. i had the and a half hours with mental health ma'am,
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or on the part the push one. hi . with meliss, believe this gustavo, on the line up this candidate, the order was to la deal, gary don't leave her. the viola miss daniel conclave said the telephone because of
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that. good bit of one was it was that alec on its own. m a balance comp mama less of mary. i'm at the last last please. you know, you're bardello, lena darwin, oliver isil moines and has is the are, you are in the near as you duffy, i look on it or can, how will any, my uncle should director of the how and she's got a job in good seems been the smell but i know you're lucky, arms kill deal and not beep like any of you. my fish was enough, little mother stir manasseh club nor that i know talking to bon williston bizarre mother gurgling. but amelia and the bazaar model remembers at st. andrews timberly
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on coiling sugar madness. any guns it will pick, wanted look on a couple of some mold little formulas. thanks have a good day. are gonna live in our bye ella barbara and the glaucoma been good system and the goods called oh good. so gerald beats delicates of daily men, bad milk once without another good soup for hadley. hey, at the alley is causing nobility. i call la louis the inventory for our lu hammer, hammer you has always thought a loose cookies did not end up with you to hold a little bookman in the box of jamal made agreement. but i mean, karen will call you all but got stuck on are you right now?
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could the mall had already looked at? do smith and glena and of dunham? is that a moral fox and your uncle john paul? i didn't ask that question. missionary deco had asked faculty, her name is kent milligan, she does, he does calling him as food, go anywhere, but i saw her grandmother go see them that the mom burskey was kept by them long could i have asked out all it's because of the only day she'll suck bisman the goddamn ah ah
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ah, ah, a with a don't look for to be scamming that i will have you. he had gotten people by known
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by you been with her even if we're literally same as with many kids look to leave you alone. as some, if you could, could he shadows, the poor normative culture, had people give go. hitler and his men, mckinley club,
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the liquor made river side and even cold wasn't hooked sort of the but also get him anyway, look, entered 3rd morkin skins, which the m m. m m c m yes, yes, yes, ma'am, when sinner, cinnamon honor, and he'd man said i am one jim and then yelled at the salon. said, oh, hello sir, lands salt on her feet when in by framing beneath an a. m e n. yesterday, haughtiness celia, me so did am yes. 10 g to be menu and he threw felon one who are
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be he one. how can i and yet we see yeah. back nancy has some low with the dish up over the wash. nope, i've read the magazine. smack monsieur. this i was. oh, when i was look good. yeah. yeah, i wasn't. oh, i knew i knew maggie ah the oh tell that i've ever stated in the biggest box you have ever seen had it explode, ordered taken out the hotel. this was germany. we loved it when it was built and we
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lumped it even when it was bombed. a major target of the conflict in northern ireland in the late 20th century belfast europa, a new episode of war hotels on all jazeera romania is ancient forest. some of the units most prestige there, crucial for all society and crucial fall battle against the climate crisis. but illegal logging by a ruthless timber mafia is destroying both the landscape and people's lives. logging in romania is all. what are dark songs? violence ceiling with the bulls, amidst plains of corruption, and the role of powerful multinational people in power. investigate with mania weight of the forest on al jazeera, compelling journalism. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to talk about the explosion in spy program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about living under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your bro in deliverance?
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i made that al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah, i get adrian should i get here at doha badlands, love 0, v. you, i'm security council will hold of emergency late by meeting on the deepening ukraine crisis. it comes off to ukraine's foreign minister urged members of the general assembly to stop what he called russia's aggressive plans. i warn every nation in these distinguished chamber. no one will be able to sit down this crisis if president put in decides that he can move forward with his aggression against
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you. create your governments and your people will face painful consequences together with our government and our people. this is why we need to use this last chance for action and stop russia, where it is whiskey with what to west continues to go and to provoke and to arm keith. we warn you that think upon the request of the next and the hangs to see if i will be monitored by the russian armed forces. no one intends to go soft the thought, the of any violators. therefore, we urge you today to focus efforts on branding in key f and deterring it from conducting new military adventure that might cost a whole it ukraine. very daily you heard you are traveling, says that separatist leaders in eastern ukraine have formerly asked for military help to fend off what they're calling ukrainian aggression showing as intensified on the frontline between pro russian and rebels approach on promotional rebels, i'm sorry,
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a ukrainian forces the european union has agreed to put further sanctions on russia . they were expected to target the defense minister of top military commanders. it will also impose sanctions, or hundreds of lenders of russia's parliament, which voted to recognize ukraine's breakaway regions. in other news, this r a convoy of truck drivers has begun across country drive from california to washington. d. c. to protest against corona virus mandates. hundreds of people saw them off in the town of adelanto. the movements inspired by the demonstration north of the border in canada at iceland has joined a growing list of countries ending pandemic restrictions. even though large numbers of people are still testing positive. all cove at 19 measures will end on friday, including border controls. health authorities say the population has developed widespread resistance to the virus and those the headlines. now, let's get you back to al jazeera world.
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a recent study shows a venerable disease, a cancer 15 percent of all dead children. a promotion was rob with
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ah ah ah ah ah ah she said matthew no be nearly let nor do i had put in bed young. what she had mikka would love hardwood. is that another idea to ease chablis? libya by dee and how measure could be had, how could the shout body play?
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anybody in bertha critical? sure. yes. i remember she model official looking crunch the label method. but us, if men for the but i suppose now can but i see what about guess, but as the method in any portable anarchy leadership model, i web hubbell, how to book the best smell of the elephant for our good luck and the com. but the board for a book from an maybe, but i did and i'm so when will defeats? i work with you because i probably been through 3 years. lucas said was good to go. one by any must be her should be any of you had 2nd pneumonia in melissa gonna end up and then we could be what had what had the minimum the election katie mccain she and her mom. okay. she medicaid making sure and he lives sick. i'm a good while isabella, any living ma'am?
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you said mccain she was f. anything the other one will be and how much will do that? oh yes. yes. i know. so the you let us, that's great. a little bit of a knocking upon affordable. you know that almost the other company would have been if you would do come up, you know, the constituents thought would that it would be our pay was only like for locust, don't back up with anything to support on it. yeah. i know about oh, it is not nationally
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a men going with with a a maybe you're lol. thank on. if it would be maybe some he had the whole day and now we're back that we can call cousin considerably that's going to the mel museum and the one the world will give us give that about the amount of procedure we go. yeah, yeah, that's good. how long had so much fun? why malady? she said, look, no one was on. good. how will an excused look at best,
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but you will know many most med, a sheena barrack ideal, had mac, and how we install the b w light. can. how will and many of them l believe look at it. so let me get is, will matt thought okay, good has to. well, i think i had that i had the mic feel of his double good stamina and mozilla can go magellan. did he get hello coffee? i did well looking at middle intermediate connecticut, that typically should revamped no one to live up mozy mozilla to how will i know we did? lemme try that. the mother isa only out for snow, snow with a good valley or peaks vocally, that was the i don't care elders of monday with mrs. long levine video receive all of our own that we did. you know, you'll be able to give me clear answer. hudson benefits as
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did the should. the and amendment showed me and i did send a month with bash level t into and all or consciously and i thought no pets, few office than i want from other. yes. and how will man, jos hormone, who has lia this, is rudy, can i own a kid there the or pelican union honestly and not early in 18 sentinel for neither of them. well, we wouldn't if you could artistically. shoot those gentlemen. no hellish, no form. she had on i do when i think hedges need up for the conflicted nikosa who are not the and soft of moon music to the conceptual food from fossil lip. so notice i did yellow going on with an a, so could shoot bill lily, camille, coloma above the castle. i ha, yes,
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yes. hello i i eat a net in cell is social media. ok. any, any of them, or marvelously at us name a picture for marvel by company our method and kind of a to the not the not did event are lower a lower hedlam, c, m, at home. look, and i hadn't be hard clear to police. she has our next hall the know the annual method opened burnett city but was little how that even can make it up. and just image has a know you can or an anti ready. i don't can call law with a letter i received a little bit of losing a home and under 40 thought wrong way. yes,
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yes. or no, this incident with my thank you money beneath it worth it if on that lability of just be on the cover and verizon would be also would an ofac problem or hell of a couch in the morning? what is my minimum differ? mother huntington and elk, not my own already the on my gosh, kenyon ever licky looking i had a, a e budget dense and today wants ease your let is your molding and other libya, ne, are it as a matter of package? we're had the yeah. never hot as to day one mattie, and see if that bush distinguish, earn ellerby, i don't want that he did yet unsecure,
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or select will do your class if you need 29 man to sure she had a priest that out of her grandmother, come as these youth discrepancy model, she said as she had some problems with it to help me out
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with . oh, wasn't letting me come in there because there bolcom, she lives in that office and she does more often comb kenzie political munscheur. it's not a huge so, but i will mother the adult swim man. oh,
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it's played oh feler. and that was his would. can be if you had me cut off, you can be job in odonnuahgu just will the will hustle, let him keep his mortgage. so be it, guess so be our mess, your call mama, the seamless, she had a from a sub with the i it's, i mean, lydia chun, you community should have been, but i multi spectrum. they said will multicultural police. we're going sobriquet sublet bestier. no. oh, well ma'am, i'm actually good as you can and the key because she handed to ne, older she has a sheet, but city a real mom of mccain shall lupsi really the unacceptable. i'm subtle so well not to
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look at it. and miss said i'd sent emotions you woman him? okay, now i ask him enough good deal of blood outcome. she has a say that on it cause he has of a moral fis. vios hasn't ages an hour to can i bisman? yes. please let me know. measure just my shops and asked me about owning that. remember, les, oh, let's do the imaging. miss lincoln facent that were had good bureau because the you will in italy load
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excursion liquid casa walsh in the contort of wood suits, ethanol, diet, yelp. you again, had heard of that you were gaining normally, the burleigh hurley would low to sift publicity. mary, you can look bit off at the anomaly and a couple can order what sort of a r e c? not been lossy mckenna should a bit to some heavily enough. lisa told me she will. hello. i'm a mom and jamie you earn of a he a new lead, a lead hadn't heard cars with for today. it's academia. so she'd me and her on part all would in theory number, the wash kill cleveland and her to live here looking at an adamant backup of macpherson and as a full met. sorry, not a little bit, which means she's little 1st pseudo. again man than nerd. added for she'd near him and thought a softer,
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delayed signal. when somebody left over at mann that fed herschel fruits with them. theo had the entertainment admiral where he don't been so intimate. now about the middle that you didn't leah or to the saddle horse when he, upon your nest, as you know, a letter booklets with the set them the sure that in a lot of her mother ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah, mcneil hale at night a limb and a pet. no woman, man. sure had it. did you have any why limit me? i dun and miss you're absolutely in the 8th. when best must be a funny. that in there may have to see more if good laid away. why some will come out to now with the why us put the minister man in a small nearby aqua? yeah. me lucky alone. my for the home please have the or by them
4:49 am
yet. and he couldn't. i do door into like a man has shibel lubbers any of your dilemma here? a customer of our her william had scheduled a meeting. could she component any, be mom? all so it's good. cut some out and a so what should we idabel would actually be cuba to we had to call 1st got some she had the mr. berman germany at laden with kathy. i hey, i think i yeah. christy adel hasn't been here yet. barely that have been hey danny and my grandpa been so what have you been? he doesn't you tell her position. paused. and this isn't a petition for wars. haskins could do this in the morning. it was you were have
4:50 am
been what had lucca? oars. oh no, no, no, no, ma'am, it's deborah brown. ah, can i sub a misty cl animal as he may have been in an even sure a new will is mcallister haiti letting me knock? oh, will enough suffer ye nay. he at you can lend up to come get so come conklin, heresy low. so i had to as i did couple believe elements, some set where he admits me that he is biskin. how and half a felon see can how and hover valencia concede there. maria, we're going with zillow and with them a gun new one over there. can i luckily, as a lassie can collect softly as of as the problem and then what if we beat m. m
4:51 am
another my gains. so he can have bailiff on and can say, look at the muck, uncle puffy, the asked me, what have you done? of was it saudi? see, up middle back galleria. didn't seem to let her good since it is megan. hello her and i and ass needs hemisphere literacy of the it needs hammonds. will you christiane did ladies dearly hellion when a new color build up? ah ah ah some new tin zing upon a buffer my pony madam that you will have 4 wondered fisher to this of some new ha law the kid gets, has them that killer full of tips there? ah ah, and did have a beautiful, beautiful de leon, asia,
4:52 am
or some hair will look on her when she said the deposit the deposit. so that elaine, either any idea log in to whether it was a lesson i knew a blizzard. he had of course more and more. sure, haven't maggie said even more than a madly lithium monsieur merriman silently a former ra accidentally leaning . hey, what again? mosquito again,
4:53 am
where do i get the record on really bubble adam dumpster. the mother of self translation is really a bad. well again go some of those us. oh my family member i about will come probably gonna have to whether it's all with national or how to like what he does. he 2nd national identity, so blah blah, loaded the whole southeast with 13 ah,
4:54 am
we do need a with ah and you must be days. i'm with
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american for 70 and i'm about to continue on with it by default. so in a bed of, with a little hand, it has good on little when she will and floor will go ahead. look at number. surely it is due to some water syllabus. did us for dorian, kind of be a minimum, can, can lift that. he's had sin amber, logan bunch, and then add lamgadey. it's estimate avi and be w. yep. and jeff had him in talk clement in a. m a key to snell or her was he was either the media that connected fable. lemme attention was to have led trevino and i
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ah, she shouldn't fulton her fits. that has been invaded scenario yesterday for the next you with me. should it is going to be menu. nice for them. one would be he no, he couldn't. i me. i me
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hi ryan hunt is a 2000000, stray dogs, many in a terrible state al jazeera, well fellows, those help him to save him. and the remarkable journey to reston laya, has dog is all the way jim matter have a good role with ben. it, which takes an unexpected very difficult to search for her. yeah, these are for stray dog analogies. era. ah. the latest news as it breaks, authorities tell us the doodle violence like this one in b hundrend capital or just the tip of the iceberg. and
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a far more complex security situation with detailed coverage. this coastal village in white is one of the worst. his areas here in the province of ball, from around the world, things seem very normal in the city. people are still going to work or to school, the restaurant, all busy with . oh, it's been a weather roller coaster temperatures, up and down across north america. hello everyone. so we're on the downward trend right now. so new york you were what? 20 degrees the other day. now just 3. and we've got some snow for the mid west, rain south of that. so we'll pick up the story there, the potential they see some pretty heavy bursts of rain natural right through to little rock. i don't think we'll see thunderstorms here. certainly the potential of it and temperature is dropping in texas along that border with mexico are about 40 degrees the other day and also see the cooler air rushing across southern portions of california and san diego,
4:59 am
just 16 degrees. and same goes for western canada temperatures below average, vancouver, 4, we've got extreme cold weather alerts across the canadian prairies of her central america. i think our best shot have seen those showers will be along that caribbean coast as certainly some of the caribbean islands as well. but by large, many will be into that sunshine ursa brain, through the amazon basin overcast, stay for bo gets hot and lima. what are these storms around? the house and brazilian wall, but i think we've got some rock and storms in the forecast of for central portions of argentina rule and right across the river plate region. and this will clip eastern portions of paraguay. so certainly something we need to be on the lookout for. be careful out there. we'll see again soon. take care. ah, the nuclear gods di, disproportionate numbers on that everest, leaving behind widows who struggled to survive what ace needs the shuttle women
5:00 am
define tradition to conquer the world. mars mountain on al jazeera, a diverse range of stories from across the globe, from the perspective of a network janice on al jazeera. ah . as new satellite imagery shows troops inching closer to the northeastern border, ukraine's leader warns of an imminent war with russia. the un security council will meet within the hour. ah, hello, i'm adrian for again. this is al 0 alive from doha. also coming up separatist leaders in don. yet could lou hands plead for russian assistance to repel what they call


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