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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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ah, al jazeera, as a use ah ah invasion, russia attacks ukraine from the air, land, and sea. a full scale assault continues across large parts of the country. ah, hello, i'm adrian finnegan. this is al jazeera alive from dough, also coming up. prudence, aggression. guess ukraine, one of costing russia dearly economically and strategically. we will make sure that
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the u. s. president unveils a new wave of sanctions targeting russia. the latest attempts to punish bloody may a putin, a looming refugee crisis in the making ukrainians fleet and neighboring countries. to escape the violence of protests in solidarity with you crate across the world. the back home police cracked down on demonstrators across russia. ah, the u. s. of the european union of announced saw the sweeping economic sanctions on moscow on the day that washing forces launched a multi pronged invasion of ukraine. it follows a wave of international condemnation. e. u. leaders met in brussels to finalize what they're calling severe sanctions targeting the financial energy and transport sectors. washington has announced export controls on high tech products. and along
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with the u. k is targeting russian banks and oligarchs. it's all in response to russia's land. see an air attack on ukraine, which has been denounced by world leaders as barbaric key. it says that dozens of people have already been killed. the un estimates that around $100000.00 ukrainians have fled the homes, ukraine's president followed him. is zalinski called the attack a declaration of war on all of europe, warning of a new iron curtain. in the last hour, he signed a decree to mobilize all able bodied men of fighting age to join in defending the country. russia's president vladimir putin says the assault aims to demilitarize ukraine and to protect civilians in the east where ukrainian forces have been battling washing back separatists for years. meanwhile, have been protests in support of ukraine across the world, including in russia, where police detained more than 1700 demonstrators in dozens of cities. out of here as andrew simmons begins our coverage from ukraine's capital care. ah,
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the russian invasion was lost with terrifying speed and against a wide range of targets. right across the country. along military build up around the cranes borders. finally and least fight holder of the kremlin one helicopter gunship fighter jets miss isles tanks. convoys of armored vehicles are all involved in what russia calls a military operation. for the moment the targets appeared to be specific and strategic. they include ukraine's airfields and military bases. this video from milly to poll in southern ukraine appears to show the destruction of the cities airfield, with shrapnel and shelves are also reported to have landed in civilian areas including the capital key. if they needed
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a little hold up until the very last moment, i didn't believe it would happen. i thought it might just involved in it in the hunt, but i didn't ever think it would involve kiev huskily through. most likely war has now begun. every one is leaving everywhere, shut nobody to care you, your cup. i hate the country that started this war. i speak as a mother and as a ukrainian, and i call on the whole world to all passes and stop this aggressive train. ukraine's government declared martial law or children when i had a conversation with you as president joe biden, the u. s. is starting to gather international support. today we need you, each of you to be calm. if possible, stay at home please. we are working, the army is working. the tie, security in defense sector of ukraine is working in the russian military offensive follows a carefully choreographed strategy of russia's president vladimir putin. he unilaterally
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recognized to separate his regions in eastern ukraine as independent of give and then sent russian soldiers in, under the pretext of being peacekeepers. the battle for low hands and don't yet skin the eastern ukraine has been going on since 2014. with more than 14000 people killed in fighting between the russian back separatists and the ukranian army. now, war putin calls peacekeepers the only attack and the russian leader is warning ukrainian soldiers not to resist the when you put those, when you shake, however, we try to stop us and further create threats to our country to our people should know that russia's response will be immediate and lead you to such consequences that you have never faced in your history. we are ready for any outcome. the russian invasion began despite last ditch appeals from members of the united
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nations security council to ease tension ukraine's ambassador to the un demanded. his russian counterpart stepped down as chairman, co putting cola rove to stop aggression. there is no purgatory for war criminals. they go straight to hell, ambassador o, as news of the invasion spread in ukraine's capital, kiev main highways out of the city quickly became good luck with traffic is a mood of desperation. developing now many people just jumping into their cars, getting their families together, and heading on the road, trying to get to poland. but the main auto roots are all jammed. there are so many people trying to do the same thing. others are going on the ground taking shelter. others have been flocking to the supermarkets and frantically stalking up on essential items. this was the scene in cremmit,
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also in the east of ukraine as shoppers grab what they could to fill their cupboards. the ukrainian army and air force are putting up a fight and resisting the russian attack. this video from the defense ministry said to show a russian helicopter shot down by ukrainian forces near keith. but there will be no reinforcements from nato, and the olds look heavily stacked against ukraine's forces. andrew simmons al jazeera give. russia has been preparing to invade ukraine for months. nearly $200000.00 soldiers were deployed around the country, including there. the rebel held areas of low hands, count on the ask in the east, and in crimea, which russia annexed in 2014. russia has attacked the capital, kia from the major cities of car keys, maria pull under the pro, and it's been free immediately targeted ukraine's air defenses as well as caves main, important air bases in several other cities. russian military vehicles have been
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deployed from crimea and below roofs where russian troops were taking part in joint military drills. and in the east, the ukrainian military says that it's killed 50 troops in the hands, korean, and down 6 russian war plains. will ukraine says the russian forces have taken beach, a noble nuclear plant. this video from inside the zone appears to confirm that it's the size of the walls was nuclear disaster lives just 130 kilometers from the capitol. the exploded reactor is covered by a protective layer to prevent radiation leaking. the entire plant has been decommissioned us president joe biden wants sanctions. he's just on veiled to impede russia's ability to do business white house correspondent, kimberly. how could reports after consulting with his national security council in the white house situation room, and a virtual meeting with g 7 leaders? us president joe biden made good on his promise to inflict massive costs on russian
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president vladimir putin for invading ukraine. prudence is the aggressor prudent jose this war, and now he, in this country, will bear the consequences. the new sanction target major russian bags and russian lee and in coordination with allies representing more than half the global economy, are designed to cut off russia from the world financial system. russia, assets and the u. s. are also now frozen. we will limit russia's ability to do business in dollars. euro's pounds and yen export controls took her tail rushing high tech imports are also being opposed to cripple russia's military and high tech capabilities. the moves are backed by top, congressional democrats like senate leader, chuck sure, who condemned russia invasion and pledge support for ukraine. ukrainians are tough and resilient. i know they will not give up their country. they will fight fiercely
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for it. but senate republican leader mitch mcconnell is blaming bided for the crisis. i think the precipitous withdrawal from afghanistan in august was a signal to put in and maybe to chinese president she as well. that america was in retreat across america, demonstrators protested hooton's invasion after a generation of fighting in iraq and afghanistan. most americans are war weary. in a recent poll just 26 percent of americans support the u. s. playing a major role in the russian ukraine conflict biden has promised us troops won't be said to ukraine, but if the conflict spreads to a nato country, us soldiers already states europe would be obliged to fight on thursday,
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fight and reaffirm that commitment to collective native defense united states will defend every inch of nato territory with the full force of american power. president biden has announced a nato summit will be convened on friday. the purpose to affirm support for ukraine and map out the next steps necessary to strengthen the nato alliance. kimberly, how can al jazeera the white house that's for getting out of here is alan fisher's live for us in washington, dc. allen, president by the insist the u. s. troops will not engage on the ground with russian forces. but he's announced this swinging set of sanctions. what are they designed to do? well, they want to make sure that they can put as much economic pressure on vladimir putin as quickly as possible. and they think they're already seeing the impact of it because of the markets reporting from more score in the last few hours. the stock market is don't buy more than 50 percent. the rebel against the dollar is down to his lowest level in years. but the see these sanctions will have to be
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sustained over a lengthy period, perhaps 3 or 4 weeks. that bhillips saying who is the deputy national security advisor had just been briefing at the white house. he said that they have to make sure that the sanctions are coordinated, that they're sustainable and that everyone knows exactly what they're doing at the same time. that way they'll be able to calibrate them and have maximum impact on russia. now they haven't gone maximum it sanctioned straight away. there's still a few things that they could do. and one of those is to deny russia access to the swift banking system. nurse a messaging system that essentially makes the oil, it oil's the banking system around the world. so banks can find out what payments are coming their way through the system. it was established in the seventy's, it replaced the old telephone system. it is hugely important and they haven't taken away from the russians at the moment. a part of the reason for that is with philip
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saying, saying it want to make sure that everyone's on the same page with sanctions and that they can be coordinated. the germans and the italians are reluctant to remove russia from the swift system, so they are coming under increasing pressure at from the americans and others and ukraine as well to make sure that that eventually becomes something that is going to happen. no one thing. we've also found out from intelligence sources here in washington is that the americans believe that there is going to be in their words, a massive bombardment to night in ukraine is. so they're making sure that people, they're at aware. and there's also question too about present to leslie himself as well. they were asked, is he safe and if any plans to move them, what we have from jen sack, the press secretary, is that they are working with them to provide him with a range of support. and when joe biden spoke to him, they didn't see where he was, but the see they are well aware of where he is, joe biden, as of the number of meetings on thursday, he will have a lot more on friday,
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the intention to try and get russia to pull back the tags or face for the economic sanctions as arizona fisher reporting live from washington. ellen, many thanks indeed. bill broader is ceo of heritage capital investment group and head of the global but nick ski justice campaign. he joins us now live from new york bill. good to have you with us again. are you satisfied that these latest sanctions against russia target the right institutions and people? what are they going to achieve? well i'm, i'm generally wary of governments in action and, and in this particular case, i think the sanctions lists are pretty solid. i, i've been reading through the us canadian, u. k. sanctions with m a. they go after the biggest banks in russia, spare, bang and b, g b, bank. they go after a number of sons of major circle officials
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who hold money for them. and. and so from that standpoint, i'm pretty happy. there is a couple of things that could be done better in the the sanctions with don't include most of the people on the forbes list, put an oligarchy, big oligarchs who hold a lot of money in the west. and that's something that couldn't care about very profoundly. and i think that there could be more people sanction. and then as you mentioned before, the, the, the big sort of absolute killer blow is swift. if russia were to be disconnected and swiftly, would put russia back to the dark agents economically. and i think that's a very powerful tool. and i'd like to see that use it's commensurate with what's happened so far. and it's the one thing that we can do without putting boots on the ground. it would really have a major factor. i'm glad to, to the sanctions. i got hurt the, the russian economy. that's clear. and that's going to have
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a knock on effect on ordinary russians. what about the 1000000000 as though, is there any way they can get around these sanctions? well, the billionaires will always be getting around the sanctions, which is why the 1st thing that needs to be done is to get a list and, and the u. s. government and the canadian government and the u. k. government in the you all have these lives and go after the 50 or so rationale guards, the biggest, all the guards who look after money. and it's just so obvious. i mean, you have these guys who control almost all the major assets and businesses of the country. they're in cahoots with food and they look after money and without affecting anybody other than these people you can go after them. and so i'm surprised that there, that they haven't been sanction, but we're, we're early days into this crisis and they still can be sanctioned, and i hope they will be sanctioned. a bill. i want to ask you, what we've got you about about putin state of mind at the moment with questions being raised about his mental stability of apparent recent witness to to,
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to what extent does the crate invasion do you think mark a turning point in his rein i've heard a lot of people describe him as being kind of off his head crazy out of his mind. but the vladimir putin that i've been them in conflict with and dealing with the last decade couple decades is an entirely rational man. i don't think that he's changed in any way. hit that he's doing this for a good reason and is maybe, maybe not a good reason for any of us, but it's a good reason for him. which is that if a dictator has been in power for 20 years, people are tired of him. people are grumpy, people are hungry. and that the situation in russia is bad for the average russian person. and they would rather he wasn't around. and when a dictator faces a situation like that, and impudence case, if he wasn't around, if he was overthrown or, or kicked out in some way, he'd go to jail, he loses money and he probably lose his life. and so from his perspective,
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he needs to stay in power forever. and so what do you do? if you're a dictator, your people are tired of you, they want to have you gone? what do you do? you start a war and you have people instead of being angry at you, being angry at some external enemy, and that's what this is all about is come straight out of the dictators playbook. and so there's nothing irrational about what he's doing. this is his for his own personal survival. and the only question is that that is the upside took to his actions. and the question is, what is the downside and, and the, the sanctions to day are very strong. they go a good way towards creating downside. but i think that could be stronger. and as i mentioned, they should go after his oligarchy, trustees and it should go after swift. and that may be enough to get him to change his calculus or was good still to bill many thanks. and it bill brenda that live in new york. more coverage all ukraine crisis shortly. also ahead white people in georgia watching the invasion in horror.
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ah hey, their winter storm warnings again for north america. so let's break down those details right now. a huge swath of snow coming for new england, right into the canadian maritime provinces. boston, i think you could see up to 25 centimeters of snow. now this disturbance also stretches out further back into the gulf states. we've got some soaking rains here, a temperature, divide houston 8 degrees, bit new orleans 20 and in that boundary between the cold and the warm air. we certainly could see some freezing rain develop off to the west coast of the us. things are quiet here. los angeles has a high 19 degrees, and our next by the maker is swooping in to the northern in central coast of british columbia. its drive for now for that south coast,
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vancouver at 6 degrees in an extreme cold weather alert still for winnepeg by morning, feeling about minus 40 minus 45 with the windshield. some shower to be expected along that caribbean coast of central america and our usual berths of rain through the amazon basin falling across the andes. we've got an overcast stay though, for bogota and lima. lima is coming in at a $121.00 degrees. we've had some rock and storms across argentina including severe thunderstorms, so some hail that pushes into paraguay and also the southeast corner of brazil, puerto lay gray, high, 30 degrees on friday. that's it. ah ah, the shake hum odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w w dot h t a dot q
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a slash e n. ah, ah ah, hello again, this is al 0. let's remind you of the bad news. the sol ukraine's president says that 137 people have died on the 1st day of a full scale washing military invasion. a little amazed lensky has called up reservists across the country. the wet estimates that around $100000.00 ukrainians have fled the hopes, western powers hitting russia with more sanctions. the u. s. is blocking the assets of russian banks,
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sanctioning oligarchs and restricting access to high tech goods. the ear is targeting the trade energy of transport sectors. the u. s. president says, but he'll be announcing further measures against moscow. after meeting with g 7 of beta allies on friday, joe biden said the washing leader is trying to test western resolve. all the 1700 people are reported to have been arrested at anti war protests in russia. thousands converged on the streets of a feast, 50 cities after learning of their president's order to invade ukraine. al jazeera is bought at smith is in moscow just a few hours after launching the biggest invasion of a european countries in the 2nd world war. it looked like business as usual at the kremlin. pakistan's prime minister was the guest, but my vladimir putin vine have been elsewhere. as the 2 men talked, rushes military was advancing in ukraine. these trucks were headed from crimea to the cranium border, part of an army that surrounded
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a country of 40000000 people. a country that rushes president has said he doesn't think should exist in an address to russians on ukrainians. putin said his aim was to demilitarize ukraine, and he made clear his antipathy for the government in kiev boards and about it's equal. i have to also address the ukrainian military. dear comrade, your father's grandfather's great grandfathers fought against the nazis defending our coleman model. and she's not for today's neo nazi to take bow and keith. you took the oath of allegiance to the cranium. people, not the john to robin ukraine and bowling its own. people did not follow its criminal orders. i urge you to immediately lay down your weapons and go home. russia defense ministry says it met all its targets for thursday, destroying 83 ground facilities of the ukrainian military. and it insists they're not targeting civilian areas, so there's no model of them. are the high precision weapons or the russian armed
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forces on destroy the military infrastructure. these are objects of air defense, military airfields, evasion of the armed forces of ukraine. dr. stage to video of human with mass casualties were among the civilian population was fumed in ukrainian cities. there have been some attempts in russia to protest against the invasion. several 100 turned out in moscow. the shouting no, to war. judging the russian public reaction is difficult because it's almost impossible to protest freely here. but vladimir putin approval rating was at 69 percent in the build up to the wall. russia plans to take over the entirety of you gray. not just a don boss, not just give all over the country because you can't insure demilitarization. demilitarization means a total destruction of the ukrainian military. it's fair personnel should go home with weapons should be cash or darn destroyed. and the country as it is will not be
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any more flooding. putins diane did with a meeting of businessman, if they're worried about sanctions. no one mentioned russia central bank says he's got $631000000000.00 in cash reserve to cushion the economy. if it's closed off from the global financial system furnace, maybe i'll just 0, go should protest against russia's invasion of ukraine of been taking place. rise around the world. san diego reports now from london from start to berlin, tokyo and bay root. this is the anger over russia's invasion of ukraine around the world. in london, a crowd outside the prime minister's downing street president, making its demand loud and clear calling for complete economic isolation of russia
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. worry that many have have for their families back home. i was talk, my mom called me it was 5 o'clock 4 30 in the morning here. that it was top issue was like rationalist. really did we watch a minute by minute what's happening most of them i don't have enough so far. as john represented measures a bit, we've had hundreds, russia, many have feel that it is too little too late. and while the rest of the maybe shut of ukraine when ukrainian sniffing abroad in from home to some 30000 ukrainians, hundreds gathered outside the russian embassy in paris. singing others shouted for an end. the invasion and many more gathered elsewhere in the city or
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condemning the assault by like many others around the world, the hermine, to show the solidarity with ukraine. sunny guy eagle al jazeera london secretary general antonio garage says that the u. n. is scaling up its humanitarian efforts in ukraine. he says the protection of civilians must be the top priority garage also. robert repeated his coal for russia to immediately pull back his troops. the decisions of the coming days we'll shape old walls and directly affect the lives of millions upon millions of people in line with a chart that it's not too late to save these generation from the skirts of what we need. peace, one country watching the invasion anxiously is georgia, which russia invaded in 2000 to date people in rallying to denounce moscow in the
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capital. i'll just robin of rusty a walker is that freedom square in sibley see tonight completely occupied by thousands of georgia and also many people from approve. there are many ukrainians living in c, p. c. many ukrainian experts they've come out to show that discussed at the invasion that has been taking place in ukraine in the morning. i was feeling desperate. it is horrible. we don't need more in the 21st century. ukraine done need put him in ukraine. so please leave georgians and ukrainians. really consider themselves brothers and sisters. you know, that's because georgia experienced 14 years ago. what is happening now in ukraine? the self, the set in territory of georgia was invaded by russian forces later recognized
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as a republic, although territory. and of course, it is considered internationally part of georgia. so georgians are experiencing a sense of deja vu about what they have been seeing today happening in ukraine. there's a lot of fear about what's been going on and concert of course, about what is going to now transpire. we need to suppression mr. in may be ukraine, because next there will be other european faith. great. it was good crane and next, other country. there are very strong nation and we all support them the whole world . and they should keep from fighting no matter what the cost for their freedom and georgians will help them in any way. and the way we can, ah, children feel vulnerable. russian military base is estates in just a few 1000 kilometers away from the capital. and they're fearful about what could
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happen next. because given the unprecedented invasion, anything now seems possible in this region. ah, it is good, said he, with a slow adrian. forget hearing though, how that lines on al jazeera ukraine's president says that 137 people that died on the 1st day of a full scale russian military invasion, followed him as lensky was caught up. reservists across the country. the un estimates that around $100000.00 ukrainians have fled their homes. russia's president has said that he had no option, but to order what he's calling a special operation against ukraine. who close to yes, they didn't. you pick it shows that was to begin with we were not given any other chance to act otherwise. in the security area, we can react any other way. it all tries came to no result and we didn't move any further, not.


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