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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm AST

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lies, dismantled, misconceptions and debate the contradictions time to get up on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter when you call home will be even use in current affairs. that matter to years, ah, 1600 hours g m t 6 p. m. in ukraine. these are the latest images emerging out of ukraine's capital. key of ukrainian tanks on soldiers are taking up positions on empty streets across the cities center in preparation for a russian assaults. this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm darian obligate. are welcome to our continuing coverage of the russia. an attack on ukraine, ukraine's president was appealed for,
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talk to ludovic putin. to end the fighting. the russian president's proposed talks in bella, roosts, where his troops are stations. though the kremlin says ukraine wants them to take place in nato member, poland. instead movie it. we can see the neo nazis are pacing heavy weaponry in essential areas of big cities by key evan khaki result, they're planning to attract, return fire from russian units. they're acting as terrorists using human shields to blame russians for the victims. ok, this is happening from the advice of foreign governments, particularly the americans. i appeal to the soldiers of the ukrainian armed forces . do not let the nationalists use your wives and parents as human shields will start things off of bernard smith is joining us from moscow burner. just clear this up for us and tell us where things stand. now, i'm on the offer of talks and what moscow is saying. so the kremlin has been giving a little bit more information on the prospect of talks of where they are are where
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they are with them. now the kremlin says that ukraine offered to have talks in minsk invited mere putin went forward with this idea on the understanding that the ukranian president was ready to discuss ukraine's new trial at sea. the russians started to organize these talks or whither the president of belarus and then ukraine said no, actually one of these talks in warsaw instead. and then moscow says, a contact was cut off, so that is moscow's version of events. it's also important to remember that the russians have put very onerous conditions on the ukrainians. they want them to lay down arms. essentially they want them to surrender. and body may putins issue clearly is with the president of ukraine. vladimir zalinski is foreign minister. surg oliver said earlier today that he wants ukraine and people to be independent and have the pos possibility to freely decide their destiny. but he says he sees no
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possibility of recognizing the current ukrainian government as legitimate and a reminder that the current ukrainian government headed by a vladimir zalinski. he was elected with a 73 percent share of the vote landslide. back in 2019, the problem the vladimir putin has, it seems, is with zalinski yet. and bernard just her look at a little bit more detail. what put in said just about an hour ago and that pre recorded statement, he addressed ukrainian service man specifically saying it will be easier for us to agree if you take power in your own hands. how are we to read into that message and heartily? ah, ah, how are we supposed to understand that? excuse me, this is a call by vladimir putin to the ukraine, a military to overthrow the government of la, amir zalinski. he describes the government as terrorist neo nazis and drug addicts
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. so it's a clear call by vladimir putin an easier for the the ukrainians to do it themselves, the military to overthrow the government in ukraine and for russia to go in and do it. now. moscow, we know militarily has air superiority western intelligence experts have said that and moscow are saying that they are advancing on positions in the east. they control a strategic air field outside chia, and they insist incidentally that they're not targeting residential areas. of course, you wouldn't expect moscow to tell us that things were going badly, but the kremlin in the moscow's military rushes military insists that their plan is going according to plan. very, thank you so much, bernard smith, giving us the latest update from moscow. while despite moscow pressing forward with that invasion, ukraine's president, as you've been hearing, as appealing for talks with vladimir putin had you ensure us,
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i'm glad you took his interest. i want to appeal to the president of russia. he, all of ukraine is involved in fighting. let's sit down and talk to stop people from dying with us. and now i want to appeal to the armed forces of ukraine. a stay strong, you're everything that we've gotten, and everything that protects and defends our country life. so that's also a name wraps up for days developments. ah, a 2nd dawn to vladimir putin's more on ukraine. i hate watching. i little there, scared above my family and above my concrete. i don't want to go away from my land or my contrary will stay here. i will fight here for my freedom, for my advantage, for my nation devastation in the heart of the capital, kiev ukrainian air defenses shut down a rushing jet over night air raid sirens. continue to pierce the sky. russian tanks are reported to be on their way to the seat of power. even if our enemy, ah,
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we'll come here. i will fate. the kremlin has launched a multi pronged attack by air land and sea military is hitting major cities across the country, including carcass maro, pull at me, bro. if you look at the numbers, if you look at the equipment and the will, i think it's pretty, pretty obvious that the russian forces will prevail at some point. what he wants to do is to, to impose the terms keyboards, probably to have a regime that he could take to to. he's a twisted vision of these great russia. ukraine has banned all men between the ages of 18 and 6 from leaving the country. they're being told to stay and fight. many are desperate to leave. after weeks of threats, people here simply didn't believe it could happen the whole country. beautiful
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people were absolutely absolutely modern and sinking society here and for us. and for me, especially this is this, this is innovation. absolutely. unbelievable. now on day 2 of the onslaught, there are fears that the arrival of russian soldiers in the heart of the capital is imminent. natasha good name al jazeera. well here's what's going on on the ground. so a video has emerged if a tank in northern t f, as you can see, swerving into and running over a car, people passing by later around to rescue the passenger inside the tank had left. the scene also weapons had been distributed to kiev residence ready to take up arms . ukraine has barred men aged 18 to 60, from leaving. as that order is general mobilization. rockets have also hit
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residential building for a 2nd day. families have been hiding and make sure basement shelter is subway stations as well as parking lots. there is also fierce fighting in several other cities. brussels military claim to seize an airport until auditors outside of u. n. refugee agency says the violence has displaced a 100000 ukranian so far with more families streaming to the polish border. and are simmons isn't here where he's been talking to a ukranian family seeking safety in one of the bomb shelters. svetlana? yes. hi. i'm out a 0 english. can i ask you a just how? no, just can i get my microphone in the better place? i'm just how are you coping with this situation? ah, but have to cope too, but really we are struggling by getting stuck in here. that's the thing that we can kind of cape at the moment. we're just trying to be honest. and what do you think about the, the whole invasion of the, the way, look, sir,
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talk to my bruton is beholden us is just terrible. it's just not on the, on the propre any sybil lost or whatever and, and what a body of use towards vladimir putin in the sort of things that he's doing and say, i said again, what about vladimir putin? what do you think about what he's doing and saying just most aligned to the russians. invading just regular international laws? are you scared? like right, you know we, we always took all fear during my don into o 12 and yet just, it's unpredictable. that's the thing. that's why we will this carrier, the what is the tank. so only 1215 kilometers away. i said again that we were
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where the tanks are getting closer. yeah. in the column here, we know that yet what you're going to do, stay here with him home safe place. at the moment. you're spending a lot of time in the shelter. yeah. to nights in iraq. and what about your son? you must be often enough to light. how are you feeling towards this? are you hopeful? ah, well, i'm scared enamel so hopefully that will have a bright future. oh, it's very terrify. hang. i work totally. and i'm sure that in about a few days, it should be fine. now, it should says little bit. very optimistic, articulate young member. a good luck to vote for hope. things progress a positive way. what are but how many does in chrome, a taurus can eastern ukraine and she explains the situation on the front line there?
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well, i think to the surprise of everybody, the front line is more or less column with ongoing shelling but not continuous, quite sporadic, and certainly not a big on float, which is surprising. many people here in the eastern part of the country, because if you recall for the past few weeks, we've been hearing all the time about the 100000 plus our troops that they were, that were masked on the other side of the border in east, in ukraine, ready to come in, that hasn't materialized. and that is actually also closing a lot of anxiety to people. they know it's going to happen at some point. they just don't know if it's just going to be a push of the separate is who on the other lot side of that front line or it's going to be this separate is with russian army i did the thinking is that the ukrainian army led disposition along that very long contact line about 420
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kilometers is quite strong. these are the bravest units, the combat ready units of the army. they are thought to be very well equipped with we saw today on the road some surface to air missiles heading in that direction. i can't tell you where, but they were certainly heading east from here. so it thought that really the separatist could not do that. bush alone, they would need some sort of military help from the russians. people here, just wondering when will that happen? they know that the end game would be to take over these 2 regions. that's what the separate is one that's in their constitution. and that's le, probably russia would want to have some sort of a buffer zone that is completely under their control. where really, everything that's happening is ordered by moscow. will nato's 30 member
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states are holding a meeting in brussels right now as discuss how to respond to russia's attack on ukraine? the alliances, eastern members are concerned about their security, including lithuania, which has now declared a state of emergency. nato is likely to decide whether to deploy its response force to eastern european countries as a result. once we have warned against 4 months has come to pulse. despite all our efforts to find the diplomatic solution. moscow bears sole responsibility for the deliberate, cold blooded and long planned invasion. we condemn russia's aggressions in the strongest possible terms on call on russia to immediately cease it's military action. or a diplomatic editor james base has more from brussels. this is the nato council.
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the main governing body that makes the decisions for nato meeting at summit level. all of them leaders. 30 leaders from the nato nations, secure video conference. most of them aren't here in brussels. the nato secretary general is here, the prime minister of hungary, victor, or. ready because he was here from last night from the meeting, most of the other european leaders have gone back to the capitals. interesting that, that being joined by the e. u. i think they're trying to show coordination with the you to show. i think not just the military aspects, but the punishment aspects on russia, of those sanctions, 2 sets of sanctions in place and other one being discussed right now. also interesting that the others that join the meeting, who are nato members of both finland and sweden, they are joining this meeting, which i think would would be something that the russians would not be pleased about that they are getting closer to nato. they also will not be pleased about the vast number. ready of trips that have been flooding into europe,
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many from the united states, but also trips being move within europe towards the russian border. the one thing that black putin said he didn't want was nato and moral nato troops, nor his border. the result of his action is more have been deployed. we now have a total of $90000.00 us troops stationed in europe just $15000.00 of those in the recent weeks have been moved here and more military assets, including helicopters and planes announced in the last 24 hours. while european union leaders may have agreed to impose sanctions on russia, but those measures stopped short of blocking russia from the belgium based swift global payment system. so banks worldwide use it to make secure across border payments. britain as pushing to block russia. but the u. s. and you are so far off thing not to do so. the u. s. president joe biden says the decision could be reconsidered. that severing an indictment came. he's joining us from br lehman. and
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to 1st discuss the the sanctions on swift, specifically dominic, according to reuters, the german foreign minister finance minister, excuse me, has said that we're thinking about consequences of cutting russia off swift, but this does not mean we are against it. tell us more about that. what christian in there, the finance minister is alluding to is this sense of unease that exists in the german government at least about whether it really is going to be such a good thing to do to take that action about swift and the russian government. and also, russian banks, russian financial institutions, because the fear here among government circles is that it might be a counter productive move that the effects on the russian economy, which would be very considerable, would also percolate back as it were here to germany. it's not just the german government that has that view has to be said that the italian government also has
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express summer as a reservations and it's understood also there is some concern in the french government, but here in germany, the sense is clearly that yes, it could be done, but what effect would it have on many german companies that have links financially with russia and indeed on the german economy at a wider level that explains why you're hearing that source of view being expressed by christian. and so dominic then how will sanctions actually be implemented the body that will oversee the implementation of sanctions is the european central bank. and we know that on friday, christine lag out of the president of the e. c. b has said we will oversee it. we will implement whatever sanctions are brought in, but she's also said that the e c. b has the responsibility to ensure stability inside the euro's own. and she
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pointed out that energy prices have been rising very considerably and that has caused consternation in many european capital saying that the price of gas has risen $6.00 times over the course of the past 12 months or so. and the, the price of oil is 44 percent higher than some time ago. so all those factors are playing out in the minds of the ministers and officials at e u level whose responsibility it will be to oversee and to implement whatever sanctions do emerge. remembering that's one thing that has been widely reported so far is that the e u is very actively considering bringing in personalized sanctions against foreign minister. love rav and president putin, which would mean freezing their assets. ok, thank you. dominic cane reporting from berlin from berlin. will take you to london and speak to me, barker said leave what is the u. k. doing to support ukraine?
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well, i, i beyond the sanctions that it announced comprehensively yesterday. i think that's fair to say. there's a degree of soul searching amongst the political leaders here in the u. k. of course, what we're seeing on the streets of care for ordinary people arming themselves with molotov cocktails in the face of the advancing russian troops. and they have been an increasing, cora allowed or allowed a number of voices coming from ukraine asking the united kingdom and other western allies, or to help militarily as well to stand shoulder to shoulder and fight with ukrainians . but we know we've said this time and time again because of the constraints listed within the founding charter of the nato alliance oversee the united kingdom cannot get drawn into a conflict in a country that it has no underlying treaty to protect that, says ben wallace. britain's defense secretary, early one of the day could potentially lead to all out war in europe in
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a situation where if britain goes ahead and honors was be requested of some ukrainian leaders and, and how to construct a no fly, fly zones over ukraine could see a situation where british fighter pilots are of having the same theatre of war as a russian fight upon it. so that mac too said one defense chief quick decisions need to be made. mistakes can be made as well. and the consequences could be catastrophic. saying that though the ukrainians are saying that war is already happening in ukraine on the doorstep of people in the capital city. that key f i response the british government to said we'll look, nothing is off the table. we will continue to help politically and diplomatically. and also potentially, militarily as well, and the authorities here have insinuated that supply chains could still be open to
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provide things like ground to surface, sir. ah, miss isles to help bring down her cross anti tank missiles as well. we know that military arms have been shipped to ukraine via the baltic states ahead of the full blown invasion. the suggestion being that perhaps behind the scenes, there are also supply chains opened from nato countries into ukraine. although that would have to be covert, given the potential consequences of what that could mean on the ground in meaning, you know, potential standoff between russian forces and, and they, so ally, alliance forces them. thank you so much. ne barker reporting from london or russia's attacks on ukraine has a challenge for china. the chinese government has refused to condemn the military action. and while the west imposed sanctions, as you've been hearing china is boosting the russian economy by importing wheat. katrina, you reports from beijing. the less than a month after chinese president, she didn't ping that vladimir putin. russia's liter launched the most aggressive
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attack in europe for decades. the china's leaders have refused to condemn the invasion or use the word invasion at all. all i want is she would, she'd have the ukrainian issue has other very complicated historical backgrounds. today. it may not be what any of us want, so we hope that all parties will work together to give pace a chance, looking to see what china is criticizing, birth united states for, exacerbating tensions and nato for ignoring what it says or rushes legitimate. security concerns. china also says sanctions are ineffective and orderly harm the general population. the child feels very strongly that the u. s. is trying to circle it and contain it. ah, russia feels the same way. ah, the combined pressure on both of them hash pushed them together and there's no question about that. so at this juncture, they feel that they are up against the us. and its allies. paging has repeated its
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claims of non interference, the affairs of other countries. it would provide moscow with military support, but it has been bolstering trade, such as increasing imports of russian wheat. you don't go and throw a lifeline to russia in the middle of a period when they're inviting another country that is simply unacceptable. but this doesn't mean china condones rushes attack on ukraine. it also has good ties with kill and relies on strong trade with europe. begging must balance it's friendship with moscow while maintaining relations with the west for the sake of its long term economic and strategic interests. which i literally support moscow in terms of trade and economic sense in ideology, but won't actually, you know, kind of violate western sanctions o d, you know, to, to, to, to physically help i think that situation will remain and that's what must go expects on same day russian forces invaded ukraine, 9 chinese fighter jets and to tie one's ad to fed cern. some analysts have joined
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comparisons between ukraine and the self ruled island claimed by china. a link chinese officials deny katrina you out a 0 paging of the usa sanctions will target russia's financial system. president joe biden says he wants to impede russia's ability to do business or white house corresponding kimberly hawkins has more after consulting with his national security council in the white house situation room and a virtual meeting with g 7 leaders, you as president joe biden made good on his promise to inflict massive costs on russian president vladimir putin for invading ukraine, who is the aggressor who chose this war. and now he and his country will bear the consequences. the new sanctions target major russian bags and russian elite and in coordination with allies,
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representing more than half the global economy, are designed to cut off russia from the world's financial system. russian assets in the us are also now frozen. we will limit russia's ability to do business in dollars euro's pounds and yet export controls to curtail rush and high tech imports are also being opposed to cripple russia's military and high tech capabilities. the moves are backed by top, congressional democrats, like senate leader, chuck sure, who condemned russia's invasion and pledge support for ukraine. ukrainians are tough and resilient. i know they will not give up their country. they will fight fiercely for it. but senate republican leader mitch mcconnell is blaming biden for the crisis. i think the precipitous withdrawal from i've got a fan and all this was a signal to put in and maybe to chinese president she as well. that america
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was and retreat across america, demonstrators protested to invasion after a generation of fighting in iraq and afghanistan. most americans are war weary. in a recent poll just 26 percent of americans support the us playing a major role in the russian ukraine conflict. the fighting has promised us troops won't be said to ukraine, but if the conflict spreads to a nato country, us soldiers already states europe would be obliged to fight a thursday side and reaffirm that commitment to collective nato defense. i will get an update right now from kimberly she is joining us from the white house. so how was the by the administration responding to criticism? kimberly that the sanctions announced so far don't go far enough. that was a little bit of cleanup that's going on right now. given the fact that the white
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house initially through v p comma harris earlier in the week had said that these sanctions were going to be, have maximum deterrent effect. in other words, punishing so that the goal would be to have blood of repute not invade you crank. clearly that did not happen. and so the promise from the by the administration was that these would be severe, but the feeling is that they did not go far enough. and there has been an acknowledgement from the deputy national security adviser to leave saying that i in fact, these were not designed to disrupt energy exports by russia. so the question has become them will really, what was the point in all this? why not go farther? and the reason for this really comes down to maneuverability, the white house really looking for that opportunity to ratchet things up. further, should things deteriorate even more or to scale these back if there is improvement in the situation on the ground in ukraine? add the opportunity for dialogue. that is something that the white house is always
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maintained. even as right now, the president says he is not willing to speak with latimer putin up. but there's another reason to and that's domestic. the price of gasoline in the united states has hit $6.00 a gallon in the state of california as of yesterday, that is very high by us standards, and that is not going to play well domestically for president. who already knows, americans are war weary. he doesn't have the support of the majority of americans for any sort of american involvement in the russia, ukraine conflict. so this is the calculations, the white house is part financial. it's part diplomatic and is per political. so the president is walking a fine line in all of this. right. so kimberly, i mean, i've got to ask you, i mean, is it likely them that we see more moves coming out of the u. s. targeting russia? certainly the white house is going to keep that close to its chest in terms of the
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cars that has still to play. but what we've heard repeatedly is that nothing is off the table in terms of not only defense capabilities should this spill over into a nato country. the u. s. president was very clear that there would be a firm commitment to article 5 and that us soldiers would fight to defend native territory. but in terms of the sanctions, as certainly there are still areas that the united states can go further. there are ways that this could have a maximum long term effect, and that has not yet been utilized. and it really would come down to how much americans are willing to sacrifice. and right now the white house is saying, we're not prepared to go that far. americans are prepared to go that far, but we certainly reserve the right to do so in the future. all right, thank you so much. kimberly how can reporting from the white house while the u. s. republicans are meeting it this year as conservative political action conference
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and talk about agenda's president biden's handling of the russia ukraine conflict. john hendern is there, he's joining us from orlando. so john, what's being said, where you are about ukraine and the unfolding situation was in 1974 c back. it has been the home of die hard, conservative, mostly foreign policy, hard to believe in intervention, alleged foreign policy. but to know what we're hearing, things have really changed since trump, who normally, who had this notoriously close relationship with vladimir putin. we just heard from trump's former secretary of state, mike pompeo, who said this happened because the u. s. was weak under biden. that's a common theme we're hearing from a lot of people here. but he said that china was more of a threat than russia. and we're hearing a lot of that number of people saying that the us should be more concerned with what's going on.


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