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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2022 3:30am-4:01am AST

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or school cousin wasn't, was emily, we are fed up with this is because it's been 8 years. how long can it continued? it has to and some time till we are people to. we want to live elsewhere. the moon was a curtain, won't let us down. he's a serious man and he stands for his words. so we will be fine the day we hope for the best. and we think that russia will make it to the kids a strong country. hm. they blockade us another what? we lived through the cold war in the soviet union to do. we survived. nature were lou. this is al jazeera, these at the top stories, the sons of explosions, an air raid sirens, are echoing across g. evers, russian troops and tanks crawl closer towards the city center. in cranes, president says he expects a russian forces to storm the capital over night and in a fresh plea was called on the public to defend it. miss dean did do that um, but this night will be more difficult than the last one. like the assault will be
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in key in the south. like the attention is on keith, we must not lose the capital. i would like to talk to our defenders. we need to pull together all the forces to defend our country. all of us have to understand what to expect. we must withstand the destiny of ukraine will be decided to not young. russia has vetoed the united nations security council draft resolution that would have condemned its invasion of ukraine. the resolution would have confirmed the sovereignty of ukraine and demanded that russia immediately, completely and unconditionally withdrew its forces. it also called for rapid, safe and unhindered humanitarian as, as ye shall say, 979th. me, i'm not surprised. as russia voted against russia is keen on continuing its nazi style course of action. me
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cram and resumes that now be called russian regime. the criminal regime should be called russia st. regime. several nations of unknowns. targeted sanctions against the russian president and foreign minister canada is the latest country to announced measures against vladimir putin and sergey level of european union is sanctioning all the members of the duma, the parliament who back to the invasion of ukraine along with putin and lover of while the u. s says, is going to freeze their assets and impose a travel bag. nato is sending thousands of troops by land, air, and sea to protect allies near russia and ukraine. secretary general gen stuart and bert has called the crisis a new normal in european security. it has pledge of support came hours after ukrainian president vladimir zalinski, criticized both the western nations and the alliance for not coming to his country's aid. those are the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera,
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after inside story. good bye. ah. russian tanks roll into ukraine. the target, the capital keep ukraine's president says the response from the west is not good enough. so what are the options? can ukraine defend itself? this is inside story. ah hello and welcome to the program. i'm hammer, jim's room. russia's invasion of ukraine is intensifying with air and ground
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assaults. russian troops have taken several towns and cities, and also the chernobyl nuclear disaster site. now they're attacking the capital kiff ah, explosions and gunfire have forced hundreds of thousands of people to escape to subway stations and make shift bomb shelters. russian tanks have arrived over the border from belarus, ukraine's president vladimir zalinski says russia is targeting civilian areas. he is calling for stronger sanctions against moscow, adding his country is being forced to fight alone. golly boom boom, badly together when bombs fall on key if it happens in europe, not just in ukraine. when missiles killough people, it's the death of europeans. i demand greater security for europe, greater protection for ukraine as part of a democratic weld. the u. s. australia and japan are among those countries who have
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now imposed more sanctions against russia. european union leaders agreed to target russia's financial system, state owned companies and business people. but the measures stopped short blocking russia from the swift global payment system. the kremlin promised retaliatory sanctions. russia's foreign minister says moscow will only hold talks with kim when ukraine's army surrenders sergey lab. rob accused ukraine's president of being insincere, for it was motionless to you through every local union. he is simply lying to you when he says he's ready to discuss ukraine's neutral status. we suggested all sorts of options and president, putin disgusted with mack wrong. and he said directly, the expansion of nato is unacceptable. we wanted to seek further security options, which would be guaranteeing demands for ukraine, european nations and russia. but our demands on security guarantees have not been met resist. ah, all right,
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let's introduce our panel in kev, alina young, jenko, she's a member of the ukranian parliament. in moscow, dmitri bridget, a russian political analyst, and in london, andreas craig, he's an assistant professor at the defense that he is apartment at kings college london. a warm welcome to you all. and thanks for joining us today on inside story . helena, let me start with you today. president zalinski has said that the response from the west is not good enough. he is urging europe to act more quickly and imposing sanctions on moscow. ah, he says that the west has been too slow to respond. what do you craniums want to see right now? what do they want to see immediately from the west? well, i should tell you that actually we in ukraine are shocked because of the situation . because put, he was lying to ukraine and to the whole world. he and he is close associates speaker, the minister of foreign affairs said that they will not attack ukraine.
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they will not innovate ukraine. and for the 2nd day in a row, the whole world sees it was alive. yesterday i woke up in cave and i am in cave at my home. i woke up at 5 am because of explosions in key and the situation is horrible. they are talking both military objects, but l. so civilian object today, the russians were attacking city called the utica with the cubic on walley fire system. they bombed kindergarden. and so some children died severely and children, and some adults died because of russian weapon. so what do we expect? world joe? things are urgent and should be should be
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implemented immediately. number one is loc. russia from swift until put him is in the waiting system. he can continue funding this war against ukraine in the european countries. second urgent thing is no fly zone above ukraine, because the russians are using their, the asian, they're using, they have rockets, and there are fire while the fire system to bomb ukrainian cities all over the country, all regions. and so people in ukraine, a hoary fight, a lot of civilians were murdered yesterday and sir, and today because of russian or military and russian arms. so 2
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things. block russia from switch system immediately. so they can't fund container fund funding the work and. and the 2nd thing is so no fly zone above ukraine. andreas, you heard helena there, say that a no fly zone is needed immediately. do you think that something that could eventually become a possibility and also i'm curious about your perspective about if you believe that ukraine is able to defend itself right now. yeah, great. so obviously this is a major act of aggression by russia that you know, the western world and the internet community very firmly stand behind the ukraine. but there is also, on the other hand, there is this idea of feasibility. how much are we willing to support and we are supporting the ukraine without getting direct directly into military confrontation with russia. and that's i think where the terrans of the west is kind of failed.
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but i do believe that there needs to be a full spectrum response to what, what russia is doing, because russia is using old domains all leave is of power to advance its interest in ukraine, not just the military one. so i fully agree. i mean, the swift responses is a very important one, and i hope that, you know, especially germany could really rally around that idea. but from a military point of view, a no fly zone is certainly a very, very important factor here. because i think the s a p or t of, of russia at this point is probably the most important competitive advantage that russia has operational advantage as well over over the ukranian on forces. so what the west has delivered so far, which are anti aircraft missiles, has been already fairly effective. you know, a lot of aircraft rotary aircraft as well as fixing acros have been shut down so far. but it's not enough. defense systems need to be need to be obviously boasted. the resilience of the defense and ukraine has to be increased. the problem with that is that the systems that could be delivered to ukraine don't just need to be shifted into the ukraine, but that needs to be
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a training element to it as well. which at this point in time as the wars already started, is very, very difficult. and no flies on itself, certainly would address that issue, but would come with immense risk for the west. because it would mean that you would have to enforce it classically against the russian f was way where things happening at rapid speed. with the huge, huge risk i think for, for nato forces to get direct into a kind of article 5, it kind of moment or territory where, you know, native kind of nature planes would have to fight russian planes. there's a lot of leeway, a lot of rooms on mistakes, particularly as things happened very, very, very quickly. and, you know, nature could see big, we very quickly in a space where it would have to fight russia and have to reply to aggression or reply actively against a russian aggression against its own forces. that is something that, at this point, nato is definitely a risk that nato is not willing to take. dmitri, this is all moving very fast right now. do you believe that we will get to the
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point where nato is forced to step in other things? so write down because it could be a dangerous for nathan for even congress, because right now, if nature will support to grade or other countries will be part of that war and also some, some the member's name that they don't want to have this war is rochelle turkey and other companies are open for so it's obvious like that right now that they do a legal support. greenberg giving them to defend themselves from the russian invasion, but it's obvious that they want to help them lation because right now i hear use for different and then you said that like russian armies the fall for all the ukrainian from the grand new tech to see to hear so it's obvious that who didn't want to who was trying to, to take control over the change,
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change the government there, and to put the governor and all the governments are prison that will support russian agenda in this region. and well, that's the only other option that i see booted is giving for grant is not to be part of european union and nato that was, was doing huge and wiped out helena the kremlin is saying that russia is ready to send a delegation to bella. ruth, for talks with ukrainian officials from your vantage point is the door to diplomacy open in any way right now or has it shut completely? the door of diplomacy if shot, but we cannot open it in order to open it, put in should stop, stop killing ukrainians. and stop. 5 invading continue invasions to ukraine, because we have those russian tanks on the territory that invaded territory of
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ukraine yesterday. we have those, not those and hundreds, thousands of russian soldiers, military units on the territory off of ukraine. so they should stop killing, you know, civilians in order to start negotiation. however, i should tell that negotiation means communication from 2 sides and not automatic. one of one side, what russia ones as of, as of now they want couple things from your crate. and this thing 1st, really unacceptable, in my opinion, they want us to give them part of our sovereign territory. going don't ask and who guides region the whole region, not only the temporary, aku by a territory. they want us to to delete our army and give away all our arms and weapons. so like the
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total demo reservation of the whole country they want. 5 they want some other things that actually will make us a very vulnerable because we will not be able to protect ourselves and already in 1994 if i'm not mistaken. ukraine already believed russia when we signed bucharest, memorandum and we gave away our nuclear weapon to russia. and so in return to that 3 countries, russia, great britain and usa promise that they will protect our borders. if that's the way russia protect our borders, then i'm sorry this, you know, this memorandums are not working and our country is not protected,
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but we gave away when nuclear, our nuclear power. so negotiation is 2 sides. communication and not automatic from long from russia sites, only. dimitri, what do you say? does this just continue to devolve into a long term full blown conflict? or is there any room here now for diplomacy going forward? and also, what is president putin's ultimate goal here? it's always that now you know, the like what the plan or what you, what will happen is the has the written. it will like it's your option either to stop the war either to go to something to diplomacy. so it's obvious now, it's obvious that we didn't want to try to take control over. if you want to change the governments, you want to go over with the fortune. as we know, we did the sam think in billers and the support a shank,
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a protest against the position as always the do the doing the same thing in the grain, but with other, with the, with other power, with other like political bar and frank to now he's saying is that question that he's helping questions in the grade that he's quite the against the masses or whatever. so it's august. now that buddhist plan is to change the government there to put the government that will support and our last for europe. and he also, like he does, is planning to do a grade that grading plan to john, you know, european union and that is dangerous for him because as we saw the same thing happen. a government that will support team on what britian agenda in the world. andreas, if this were to become a long term occupation,
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would president putin and russian forces be able to sustain, you know, these long term intensive fighting in ukraine? no, absolutely, no i, i do finally believe that this is a, a timely plan as a very short time called a special military operation, limited in scope limited in time it needs i think it is about decapitation. i agree with the previous speakers about kind of bringing about regime change in here, but that has to kind of happen fairly quickly. i think it, russian, i get booked down in a, in a stalemate type of operation because we, we shouldn't make the mistake of some analysts have done over the last couple of days. can today's to compare the situation in ukraine with that in syria, where you know that where the russians were firmly successful. this is a, it's quite a major war. the ukrainians are very, very well trained. they well equipped and most importantly they have quite a lot of resolve to fight back what they see as an aggressor. there is no,
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you know, this is not a divided country, whether it's 50 percent pro and 50 percent against russia. the country very from the stands against russia and in support of the give government. so the environment is very ripe for an insurgency. and anyway, so russia cannot have an interest in being dragged down in quite a while, but prolong conflict and trying to control, particularly, you know, local communities because i think already we see local communities taking up arms and fighting for, for, you know, their country. and i think this is something also their own opportunity there for western countries. and we've seen this today when the u. k. defense minister already made a reference to potential, sorry, that operations giving support to ukrainians even in territories that have already been seized by the russians. i think they're all pitching. it's easy to kind of mobilize local, very resolved a mobilized a resistance against russian occupation if it ever came to an occupation. but you
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know, there is also something this, this was very, very popular in russia. and i think as this drags on and body bags will mount and you know, rot. putin has a huge risky. i think he's taking a huge risk and potentially losing his own street at han, potentially not being able to seize objectives very firmly and a protracted conflict is not something that he will or want to sustain for in peer previous previous periods. russia is always delegated. the sort of for a was as in syria to local, sorry, gets to mercenaries. and this is not something he can do in ukraine because he's up against that very, very robust opposition. it most important thing is that the ukraine force is now retain a level of resilience, where the government retains a certain degree of resilience to actually fight back and not critically failing. because that is something over time. time is working for the ukraine, and time is working against russia. so the longer this takes, i think the more difficult we become for put into chief objectives. dimitri. andrea's was just saying that he believes that this conflict is an unpopular one in
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russia among the population. the fact that there have been protests scattered across russia. does that worry president putin at all? is there a sense that he is misjudging the mood of the russian people and could that be to his detriment? we have russia, there are some people one far people, or that's a generation support students like land or put war in a grain. great. another of our young generation support, we saw our people, they were protesting against the war. you don't want to don't want to have a war with that. they have related with the have families living there. so it's obvious. now we have now, and russia do, could people and it's all these that put in was doing that for elections in 2004 elections. you want to get more popular because now he's before just get lowest,
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not he's not popular at the position, but now he has the full control countries been do what everyone again like do award and create the or you can end or says all this. now, in russia, if all this is the war will, once and only people a question, a stop a stop to score, but it's obvious that people this scared to get it to speak really because there are problems with the money people are arrested. and this is that government is what you want to listen to them. helena. earlier in the show, you said that from your perspective, that was needed right now is a no fly zone. and you said also that russia basically needs to be shut out of the swift global payment system. if that fails to happen, if those 2 things fail to happen,
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and in the event that western allies don't step in any further. how else is ukraine going to be able to defend itself against russia? well i should tell. 8 that we already found ourselves where yes to then put today is basically ukrainian army only. and a lot of us severely on man and woman. a coming to territorial point of territorial defense to get up on and to defend the teachers from their communities. but if west, the contina, you know, being deeply concerned without no concrete action, then they should know that not only the blood of murder to be liam ukrainians will be on there. but also some potentially horrible ecological catastrophe. one thing that's not many people are talking about
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is that russia yesterday, russian troops captured cheddar nobles on is the biggest ukrainian nuclear, a nuclear plants. and else to the biggest nuclear plant in europe, which already exploded in 1986. they mess around with 2 numbers with a weapon with, with the fire system. and they actually might, might use turn on as a tool there that platform to innovate to keep. so if they, if they like disturbed their that this nuclear. 5 5 no nuclear plant or do something to cycle fog. that's the, that's the exploded part of the plant. the ecological
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test catastrophe will be not only in ukraine, but it will be the hugest ecological catastrophe of the, of this century in the world. and then the whole world should react to save the people from ecological catastrophe. andrea from us is why that is why close at no fly as though is, is even the media. it isn't the media big because russians they keep sending rockets and their their obligation to all the regions of ukraine, including you are blessed to mobile, nuclear and surf, circle fargo, andreas, from your perspective, just how dangerous a moment do we find ourselves in right now. and do you believe there is potential that this conflict could spread to a nato country going forward?
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well, i mean, 1st and foremost, i mean what i, what i disagree with generally in the discourse of the last couple of months has been that people are talking about the potential in ukraine and potential invasion and coming into credit this was been going on for at least 2014 and for the russians, it's a war that's been going on since the early ninety's. so, we already seeing aggression by russia, you know, outside of ukraine into native territory. it's just, we've now seen an escalation of that sort of warfare in ukraine with a combined arms approach. but you know, this is an ongoing conflict that for russia is all kind of connected to other what they call buffer zones in between nato and russia. and most importantly, the baltic states, so we should be under no illusion that any decision that the west is making any kind of projection of power. that nato is making any decision that nato is making at this point in time, will eventually determine how far russia is going when it comes to actually threatening native territory as they are already doing at the moment. so the
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resilience and also the results that need to ask the show now it has to be, it has to be very, very fun. we can have certain countries opting out, and i think germany has been one of the countries that has been most li, opting out of a, of a joint european joint nato decision against how to clamp down on russia. i think britain is taking kind of a lead in europe and taking a very firm position when it comes to supporting you crying and also doing more. this is a very dangerous moment, but it's also a defining moment, i think, for the next decade to determine the relationship and also the boundaries between western swing of insulin. nate, nate, us, we have inference and russians, we have influence. all right, well we have run out of time, so we're going to have to leave the discussion there. thank you so much to our guest, alina jenko, dimitria bridget, and andrea craig, and thank you to for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com, and for further discussion, go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. our
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handle is at ha, inside story. from me mohammed jim, jim, the whole team here, bye for now. ah ah. ah, look forward to brighter sky's the winter sponsored by cancel. it weighs you're locked into your weather report for asia. hello, everyone. nice to see you. here's the situation we've got somewhat weather leaking in from pockets done into the northwest of india. this could bubble up into some
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thunderstorms in a while, but otherwise seems fair. the quiet temperature is above average in hydro, bad with the high of $35.00 degrees is the situation force for longer the southern portion of the island looking at seen some rain and some thunderstorms that includes for colombo with the high 32 degrees seem pretty pretty rocking storms across them lay peninsula, because it's the dark of the color, the more intense the rain is, and it's still coming out show for saturday, draped with the rain casa into uneasy as java island. as walt. and if we look toward china, things have certainly changed for hong kong. your temperature has bounced back to 21 degrees cloud. cupboard there. same goes for grey lane. i high of 25 average temperatures in japan, and here's why we're getting a southerly push of air here. will that this snow has winded down across the western japan and for the korean peninsula, things also above average here as well. so. so it's got a high of 10 degrees, but we may see some snow over the higher ground. the young yang we've got you in
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for 6 on saturday. that's a snapshot of your weather. thanks for watching. ah, the weather sponsored by katara weighs me in a diverse range of stories from across the globe. from the perspective of our networks, journalists on al jazeera, ah explosions, reverberate across key f, as russian serves push ahead towards ukraine's capital. aah! i know about this, and this is all just have a life. and also coming up ukraine's president's residence to take up arms warning . russian troops may storm.


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