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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night when your reason that could effect any human ah, sight master of chaos on all jazeera ah . explosions reverberated cross kia via the russian troops push ahead towards ukraine's capital. ah, i'm to clog this is out your life and also coming up ukraine's president judges residents to take up arms warning russian troops may soon storm p f. in the couple of hours. russia vito's un security council resolution deploring aggression in ukraine. china abstained from great, wasn't the united states and pays the sanctions on vladimir putin and his foreign
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ministers. so gay lever following similar analysis by britain and the european union, ah, the explosions and air raid sirens had been heard overnight across. give a sh. yes, russian troops and tanks. so pushing ahead towards the city center early. ukrainian media said russian troops hit an army base in capital, but the attack was repelled. ukraine's president says he expects russian forces to storm the capital in the coming hours. the cold on the public to defend it. under simmons begins our coverage from q ah, the sound of sporadic gun battles echo across the ukrainian capital give russian invasion forces closing in on the city. the president vladimir zalinski made
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a bleak but defiant video address him the ravage. good evening everyone. our troops are here. all our citizens are here. all of us are here protecting the independence of our country. and it will continue to be this way, glory to our defenders. glory to ukraine, gloria to heroes, too. but satellite images show massive russian reinforcements, waiting in reserve at various staging posts just across the borders from ukraine. russia has the number stacked in its favor and vladimir putin shows no sign of relenting ye. sure. of the pressure once again, i appeal to the service men of the ukrainian armed forces. don't let neo nazis unbundle knights use your children, your wives, and old people as human shields, take power into your own hands let. it seems that it will be easier for us to come to terms with you than this gang of drug addicts and neo nazis. come on,
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who settled in here and took all ukrainian people hostage. ukraine's army is putting up a fight. this russian artillery convoy near the southern city of her son was wiped out as it traveled along the highway from crimea. and the defiance of the soldiers in a ukrainian position on snake island in the black sea has captured the public imagination . oh, oh. oh . oh, minutes lights of the entire garrison of 13 was wiped out by a russian bombardment. russia says ukrainian civilians need not be worried, but this civilian motorist would disagree. his car run over by a russian personnel carrier which appeared to deliberately target his vehicle.
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remarkably, the man was pulled out alive from the wreckage. in contrast to the situation elsewhere in denise pro, a city with a population of a 1000000 people, it's relatively quiet. but even here, there's no escaping the sense of foreboding and tension. i don't want to go away from my land or my counter. i will stay here. i will fight here for my, for enough, for my dependent, for my nation, for us. and for me especially this is this, this is innovation. i absolutely and unbelievable. we're in the center of the capital of ukraine in a war that's costing so much in lives, money and faith. yet, there's an eerie silence here. no want to be seen around this area. the streets over there, pretty deserted. those that are around are invariably in palm shelters have to
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cope with really as a struggling by getting stuck in here that the thing that we can kind of cape at the moment. her son, voice some optimism. it's very terrifying. um, we're closing and i'm sure that in about a few days it should be fine. now it should says little bit to those who want to escape. time is running out, and the kids main railway station, the plant rooms have been crammed with people trying to get on to trains and flee the city. oh, this exodus is regularly interrupted by air raid sirens, which send anyone out in the open scurrying for the safety of the nearest metro station. more than 100000 ukrainian civilians have already fled to neighboring countries. a steady flow of people crossing into romania,
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hungary and poland in the country they've left behind. cases full of weapons are being handed to any one who wants them. all men aged between 18 and 60 a band from leaving the country. now, their president is telling his soldiers, you are all we have. this is turning into a bloody war. this country believes the fighters for ukraine's very existence as an independent state. andrew simmons al jazeera keir well in the ukrainian capital of give residents are being urged to take up arms against russian forces who had just a few kilometers outside the city center. moscow says its troops have captured a key strategic airport and hostile and landed paratroopers in the area, not me, confirmed by ukrainian authorities. me, while russian tanks have been spotted in the northern districts of ukraine's capital authorities, italy residents to stay off the streets because of the fighting. this is just north
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of the presidential palace in the hearts of the capitol, ukraine's president for the mid zalinski says, russian forces have marked him and his family as their top targets. while a president zalinski has released a message saying, russian forces intend to take the capital overnight. miss day. damn. this night will be more difficult than the last one. but the assault will be in cave in the south. like the attention is on keith. we must not lose the capital. i would like to talk to al defenders. we need to pull together all the forces to defend our country. all of us have to understand what to expect. we must withstand the destiny of ukraine, will be decided to not avenue and as this lava your ashes. the youngest member of ukraine's parliament, he says, the residence of give will defend the city from russian forces. the reality is that the silence are going off. every 30 minutes and you can hear the
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shooting happening and lose her presence everywhere. i myself have spend most of the day trying to help organize trying to help mobilize, trying to help divide the weapons, told those who are willing to take them up to defend our capital. and i can say that pretty much everyone i met in the capital who has stayed here as expressed willingness to try and get those weapons and help out. and we see that very clearly today those incursion is key where basically the fact was just crushed. exactly, because of taking weapons that were distributed basically were trucks arriving with all the guns you could imagine so that people can try and take them up and push on the russian raiders in every way they can for my country. this is a moment great. just test in its existence and we need to handle that
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test assets to continue on building our state state future in my fall grandfather, the great grandfathers were fighting for this child. so we're dying for the show speed and the 2nd war in terms of a kremlin soviet experiments. and now it is all time to have the same test. and we are going to, we're going to, we're going to with ukrainian soldiers being praises the harem of sacrificing his life to slow down the advancing russian army. italy was part of a team that was supposed to blow up the bridge bridge was mind, but with the russians quickly approaching, there was no time to detonate remotely, radiated his unit to say he would do it. russia has vetoed a un security council, draw a resolution condemning its invasion of ukraine. it would have confirmed the
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sovereignty of ukraine and demanded that russia immediately withdraw its forces. she advertising this report as president of the security council had failed to russia to list the un member states who co sponsored the resolution opposing its use of force against the ukraine and calling for an unconditional withdrawal. but so on and the angry with him ali, the resolution did gained the support of 11 members of the council with china, india, and the united arab emirates abstaining as expected russia, its veto power, russia, you can veto this resolution, but you cannot veto our voices. you cannot veto the truth. you cannot veto our principles. you cannot veto the ukrainian people. the russian basset accounted that the resolution was imbalanced for not mentioning the shilling of don bounced by the ukrainian government, nor the failure by kiev and the west to implement the 2015 piece deal. and he added
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this. now, i'm going to go to the new, the new start, the new i will refrain from listening out the aggressions carried out by the united states in their history. but you are in no position to moralize. the u. s. succeeded in avoiding a chinese veto with its final version of the resolution. but waging once again agreed with russia that the crisis had developed over time as a result of nato's disregard for russia, security and caution. the security council taking any action should be truly conducive to defusing the crisis rather than adding fuel to the fire. ukrainian bassinger accuse his russian counterpart of having no idea what was in vitamin hooton's mind. but he did reaffirm ukraine's commitment and negotiations, even as he despaired for the safety of his people. and i will ask all of you to pray automated days if you do not believe in god
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for peace. it's expected that a similar but non binding resolution will be introduced at a special session of the united nations general assembly, where russia does not have the veto. already. it appears to have the support of more than 80 of the us 193 member states she ever time see al jazeera, the united nations with us is among a growing number of countries planning, financial sanctions, including asset freezes on russia's leadership. the coordinated restrictions aim to force russia to the against getting table is alan fisher. it's another step to put pressure on the russian leader in alignment with the decision by our european allies. united states will join them in sanctioning president putin and foreign minister laugh roth and members of the russian national security team. 44 hours after president fight and said he still had further options with sanctions. vladimir putin with a came one of only a handful of world leaders in the me personally sanctioned by the u. s. this step
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sends a clear message about the, the strength of the opposition to the actions or by president putin and the direction in his leadership of the russian military. yes, president talk with president zalinski for 40 minutes on friday. he promised to continue humanitarian, military and security support. but what isn't clear from the white house reading of the call, as if the disgust more scores offer of peace talks an offer dismissed by the us state department. now we see moscow suggesting that diplomacy take place at the barrel of a gun or as moscow's rockets mortars artillery, target, the ukrainian people. this is not real diplomacy. those are not the conditions for real diplomacy. oksana market over the ukranian ambassador in washington says they are gathering evidence of possible war crimes. ukraine has been victim of unprovoked aggression by russian federation. the 2nd day was even harder.
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ah, the attacks have been more brutal. but am very pleased to say that they were not successful, definitely not successful as the enemy planned him. the decision to sanction vladimir putin is a significant escalation. but the white house says it still has more tools and its tool box. and we'll judge what's needed. the by t alan fisher al jazeera at the white house where nato is sending thousands of troops by land, air, and sea to protect our lives near russia and ukraine. secretary general john st oldenburg, has called the crisis a new normal in europe. insecurity notes as pledge comes after ukrainian president vladimir zalinski, criticize the lions for not coming to his country's aid. diplomatic editor james bay's reports now from brussels. troops, tanks and weapons are on the move across europe. as nato continues to reinforce its
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eastern front, it's member states who are closest to russia. now the alliance is activated elements of its response force. thousands of extra troops over a 100 jets are on high alert. 120 warships are in position. nato leaders met by secure video conference for the 1st time. since the start of the russian invasion, as fears grow that the ukrainian capital could be taken soon. how fearful are you about the possible fall of key? and if we move to a resistance, insurgency type situation, what support can nato then give? what we have seen is that on the or cranial forces are fighting bravely and are actually able to inflict damage on the other invading russian forces. ah, but again, it is a very fluid under anglo,
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an evolving situation. nato allies expressed her at them. some it today that they are, they are provide support to ukraine. they are ready to continue to rise report to ukraine here at nato headquarters. the plan is to fully protect their members on the eastern front, the countries closest to russia. but at the same time, they're sending a message to president putin. you're getting exactly what you said, you didn't want an increased nato presence on your doorstep. it's part of a coordinated effort. the european union was invited to the virtual nato meeting. at the same time, e u foreign ministers met in brussels to agree a fresh round of sanctions. the 3rd in just 3 days. this time they decided to directly sanction the personal assets of president putin and his foreign minister, sir galeb, rav james bays al jazeera brussels. with the un says about $5000000.00 people could
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flee the fight in ukraine into neighboring countries, and more than $1000000000.00 will be needed for 8 operations over the next 3 years . many in the capital of give, have been crowding into train and metro stations with trying to leave the city, or seeking shelter and low ground alexia brock. as was o. 2 tailspin keith is thousands. johnson with the train station desperate to leave, the ukrainian capital soldiers reportedly fired into the air to disperse the crowd . so again, with home for the throng, they've been trying to leave all day from da morning here. but as you can see, that's unrealistic, like russian troops are edging closer with explosions. heard around the city earlier this apartment block with his yes polo. i was sleeping, there was a sharp explosion and i was thrown 3 meters from the room. i was in into the
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corridor, the glass shattered there were sounds coming from the street. i got scared and started crawling on the floor. oxen glencoe made it out alive, and emergency workers went door to door, searching for victims. and as russian tanks rolled into the city below, ground, people crowded into metro stations, exhausted and uncertain about wants to come home with them. are you with a shelter in our building is known as for underground as the metro station. that's why i think it's safer to come down here. at least a 100000 people have been displaced by the fighting. but the united nation says the number seeking refuge outside ukraine could reach 5000000. gladly got over, give me a letter we had to leave behind everything our whole lives work. it's a terrible feeling to leave your home. you can't imagine how i feel our these families have crossed the border into hungry, hoping it won't be too long before they can return. right on the market. there are
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long queues at all the banks and the gems have been emptied. there are throngs in the shops and you pretty much can't buy anything any more. and even paying by card is not possible because some banks are not working. and there are our long queues at petrol stations. further along the frontier and poland, hot food and drinks are being served with temperatures hovering around 0 degrees celsius. some people walked 18 hours to get here. many with young children escape and lot rides group, say indiscriminate attacks by russian forces. i think you can have her piano thing, crania national anthem, and she threw up her after the attack when they were gonna, despite the devastation, an air of defiance remains alexia brian al jazeera. when, when are you?
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great. ians had been rushing into neighboring poland to escape the fighting embers . robbie sent this update from america on the border were post authorities are preparing to receive more refugees. now we've seen scenes of people coming across with as much as they can carry. we've seen children in hysterics. we've seen families, cars full of families. people very frustrated and angry and unsure of what comes next polish authorities. the polish government has mobilized an enormous amount of resources to help. the government here has announced help centers as well as medical facilities in the towns near the border. and the government has said that so for an estimate of $20.00 to $30000.00 people have already crossed in the 2 days since the invasion of ukraine began. and what we're hearing from the government is they are preparing for as many as 1000000 to 4000000 people displaced by the
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fighting, to cross over from ukraine to poland in the coming days and weeks. and that may seem like a staggering number, but with reports from the mayor of that there is a chance of air strikes tonight and into 2 more a warnings to people in key to find safety to find cover. that number does seem to be realistic. and in some cases, the inevitable of a many in east in ukraine. this is an escalation of a conflict that's been raging for 8 years in the town of olive cur, which is controlled by russian back separatist. people say shelling from the ukranian army has hit a secondary school shall far, has intensified the rebel held errors. dom of the net can hence can recent months. ahead of their recognition as independent by russian president vladimir putin on monday rather eulu, the 4th wilkerson warden were similar. we are fed up with this if it's been 8 years, how long can it continue to thought it has to and summer time till we are people to
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we want to live healthy. the moon was at clayton, won't let us down. he's a serious man and he stands for his words. so we will be fine the day we hope for the best. and we think that russia will make it to the cliffs, a strong country. huh. they blockade us and learn what we lived through the cold war and the soviet union to do. we survived nature or vote may putin as encourage ukrainian soldiers to seize power on his latest on camera address. but it smith has more now from moscow. this was an hour long speech from vladimir putin, in which he exit essentially blamed the collapse of the soviet union on the creation of this independent state of ukraine called into question, ukraine's very right to exist as a country outside of russia. vladimir putin's tone was at times frustrated, and at times bleak, and he blamed after that long historical lesson of why he believed ukraine was not
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really a legitimate country. he then went on to blame nato for its failures, to address a situation in the east of ukraine. he accused nato as his frequently accused. nate, in the past of expanding into all of those eastern european countries are that were released from the soviet union at the brett when the soviet union broke up. he blamed, ain't accused nato of a deliberately expanding into, into those areas. and he said that in east of ukraine, nato has failed to address the situation in don bass. this is where there's been a 7 year long, more than 70 along now. conflict with these russian separatists. and what vladimir putin has done is essentially ripped up the minks agreement. this is the 7 year long ceasefire between ed negotiated with ukraine and russia and with the french and the germans, that were supposed to find a solution to the situation in east and ukraine. and say in said, vladimir putin has said that it hasn't worked. that isn't working. i'm now going to
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give a, recognise these 2 countries as independent states, straight after he finished his speech. he went on to sign that agreement, which included a friendship and cooperation agreement. which means that if the leaders of lou ganske and don't ask, need help from russia, they can call on it. it means russia could send in troops to push back ukraine from its own sovereign territory. where this night, people have been arrested at an anti war protest in the russian city of saint petersburg. his scuffles broke out when the police moved in to break up the demonstration and detain, one of the protest this on thursday, officers arrested more than 1700 people taking part in similar railings across russia. protest as have gathered in new york to denounce russia's invasion of ukraine, anti war demonstrations of being held in time square and close to the russian federations mission to the united nations. hundreds of people showed their support
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for give and demanded an end to fighting. or russia as being banned from the upcoming eurovision song contest with produces saying its inclusion would bring the competition into disrepute. european broadcasting unions as it made the decision based on the crisis in ukraine just 24 hours earlier. the e p. you said russia would be allowed to compete state broadcasters from iceland, norway, in the netherlands, all called for the ban and finance as it wouldn't participate. if russia takes part . well, russia's evasion of ukraine is also impact of the world of sport. in one of the more high profile examples football's champions league final has been moved from st . petersburg to paris as peter stem it, our pals. the champions league final is one of the biggest events on the global sporting calendar hosting. the match brings prestige and tourism among of the benefits. paris will now host the seasons. final of the st. petersburg was stripped
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of the honor by european footballs, governing body. you wafer, they've also decided russian and ukrainian club, and national teens are to play home games at neutral venues. fifo, we'll have to decide whether or not russia's wilka playoff in moscow next month against poland will go ahead as planned. fever has already spoken out against the conflict. fever express his hope for a rapid cessation of hostilities and for peace in ukraine. the for condemns as well. the use of force by russia and ukraine, and any type of violence to resolve conflicts. meanwhile manchester, united of cancel their tenure sponsorship deal with russia's national airline arrow flight. the airline had been united's official carriers since 2013, and the deal was thought to be worth more than $53000000.00. football is not the
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only sport taking action formula one has canceled this season's russian grand pre. the race was due to be held on september 25th in saatchi. if on drivers of backing the decision to boycott, russia, like everyone said, you know, innocent people losing their lives, you know people losing their homes and, and families and dont tough safe places to, to live in. it's just not right booked at all. we can hope that everything gets resolved in the best possible outcome and, and way that is, that is possible and for now, i think is the right decision by, for me, one not to go to russia. but ukraine has also been hit. the national basketball teams home match in kiev against spain has had to be postponed. russian tennis star andre rube live made clear his views on the matter after when in dubai, on friday. but unless there is a swift end to the conflict, more sporting events are likely to be postponed, cancelled or moved to neutral venues pita, same it al jazeera,
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conservative republicans are gathering in florida for the conservative political action conference. the meeting began on thursday. the day of the most recent russian invasion of ukraine and that assault has been the primary topic of conversation on 100 reports now from orlando the conservative political action conference is one part political carnival. ah, ah, one part serious policy discussion. and with russia now invading ukraine, u. s. policy on that conflict took center stage no matter where you stand on this ukraine, russia situation, what we should have done beforehand, what we should do now. the one thing i think everyone can agree upon is that the people of ukraine are inspiring to the world. for many republicans, it's also a chance to bash president joe biden. my campaign, the republican secretary of state under president donald trump said his old boss would have handled it better added we prevail, it was peace through strength. it was reg,
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it's model. it was the model that we used for 4 years in the trump administration. we put america 1st and we told people around the world, you cannot tread on us. the former president impeachment overcharges he withheld nearly $400000000.00 and military aid to ukraine was not mentioned since 1974. the conservative political action conference has been home to die hard. conservative mostly foreign policy hawks that change under president donald trump, who had a more non intervention was policy and a notoriously close relationship with vladimir putin. that's why a lot of people here say the invasion of ukraine would not have happened under trump. i think that it would've been different because he had a better understanding of how to communicate with pin and let him understand that we as the united states are the lead, the world's leading power. and that we would not accept such bad actors that you'd refer to have president trump dealing with it. yes. 100000 percent has its leadership. trump won't be here to put his own spin on it until late saturday. but
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reminders of the 45th president are everywhere here, where in the minds of many attendees, he is still president. john henderson, al jazeera orlando, florida. ah . services out there, these are the top stories and explosions, an air raid sirens have been heard overnight across here. if yes, russian traipsing tanks of pushing head towards the city center elliot ukrainian medius, had russian troops hit an army base in the capital of the attack was repelled at ukraine's. president says he expects russian forces to storm the capital in the coming house called on the public to defend ms. da da da da da m. not this night will be more difficult than the last one.


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