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tv   AJ Selects Hunted  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm AST

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c, food security and you know, in the worst case, hunger and it really is dependent on, you know, the extent of this crisis and how long the, the, the rushing will last and how long there can be disruptions. that's when we really see sort of crisis on it says, these are the top stories. now explosions have been heard in parts of kiev, as russian forces continued their assault. an apartment building came under attack in kiev masses. 35 people, including children, was injured in the missile strike here night was hard, but there are no russian troops in the capital in the enemy is trying to get into the city. what we will do a residential building was hit by a missile. emergency services are going there now. military police,
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national guards was in tears and tutorial defense or protecting our city. we are setting checkpoints in the capital. so moment around the city will be limited. she could be the critical infrastructure is working with public transport is working to transport workers of the critical infrastructure of the city. the metro is working except for the red line, but the stations are available to shelter people. now another launch, a convoy of rushing trucks as cross the border into ukraine. moscow sending more supplies as the fighting continues. ukraine's president says, his government is still in charge of kiev and key points around it. what damage lensky says. kiev as derailed rushes attack. he's called for demonstrations across the world to pressure russia, bears regarding in every country of the world. and every country of europe takes the streets and demands peace for europe and peace for ukraine demand and end to this war. this is our right,
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this is your rise when bombs are falling achieve. this is not only in ukraine, it's in europe. when rockets are killing our people, it's different every one for every european demand, more protection for europe, more protection for ukraine, as part of a democratic world by the opponent. interior ministry says a 100000 ukrainians have poured into the country since the russian assault began. many been taking temporary shelter in halls and train stations, rushes vito to you and security council draft resolution that would have deplored its invasion of ukraine. the resolution would have confirmed the sovereignty of ukraine and demanded that russia, in there was immediately an unconditionally withdraw its forces. those are the headlines you're up to. they were back in half an hour. right now it's a j selects
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a move from you. well, what i mean you were, are we see or not from where you are in the forget the she is new, constantly drip for them. love. bless. hebert from august or like to speak to a mr. federalist. you are watching. were program crunch company national. 23rd. we saw a mission. you needed you to up, shit, talk up. i mean it up. let the news. i'm with case number one, euro casio, north there. yeah them not. you have a roku, ruth? robert of course. probably
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show me when you, when you see it the show up to the courtroom. morgan generals us yeah, sure you, but i had never cleared him up and we just did. i didn't go in there, but he's just, you know, we can yeah. we have to get into the catch fish on a wheel. oh
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on. ready
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i am yeah. now do i quote that i hello mill mill day armoire, busy bama. i want to say that to know that your dad, i'll say p y p where glad this i about viable on that. double mark about a bottle it at the the, i don't products a vocal along the way to got those. all, you know, i have see here, 40 dawson june 14th, i'll send you a law suda don't say for sure. who is
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a war for joe gun people who do you when you do all. mm. oh no. well no. by people as a place where anything goes where you can get anything. it's the lowest place, basically annexed by china, which enables a lot less activity. kathy, is located within special ration for special reaching for is ministered by a number of different ons groups. as a constant flow of, of chinese tourist people coming in simone, love sheep drinks, jugs and prostitutes and wildlife. a good company with she knew she
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a pondered if it's only by good and i thought it was only she bought it offering the i don't my wife b. i will, i will, ya might on libya via he had an ema america on one of the america had relations. she got a few dollars and you know, she had no. yes. so you wouldn't home now, you know, i was, she had a family that i how can i go to college publishing, another thing which i thought you all work, you know, let's just go to without me, but i'm not now before i walk right now, i mean on the 4th and 4th. yeah. without. if not, then because i been almost a little float on him. she soon i went on, we don't, we ha, i don't. i threw her put on my daughter. my help was out at the longest, yummy,
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she bought it. yeah. well, yeah, he got, you got all the pink, went on top and will he does she like? oh, america. she don't want anybody from a little community like kindergarten will not you. i'm here and we don't we like it to knock out if it'll include on an honest with you or she does. ah, i need a teenage loan. i get a little peano, tim by don mcdonald, waddle, who? jonathan debbie has out of the authorities out the water hooked up with an auto knowledgeable young direct on donald done daughter. hi, jonathan, on his own. you can be a cause that'll do it. not only, not me, do i go to that? yeah, i can go to an a like a she got what she got,
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and i'm lawyer journal toriana, culturally early on that you argue home. go and get to where go to we can go a mug ya money with can q we will i get your lack of a felony. a bore for economy. you are going to be, your yama number will get a cold wall or gun love going with you on what on the let she tomachov i don't good at all and i got i you don't know ill now. okay. to deal with ah ah.
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the road to extraordinary am, isn't easing activities if you keep going with ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored by cuts on airways. now you think the season was changing, wouldn't you? but not that many signs of it?
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yes, it's raining on the pacific coast of chile and there are huge thunderstorms once again in uruguay. and if you're lucky, some parts of northern argentina, but we've seen them throughout the summer and they're right into the autumn as well . north of that, it's warming up again. essence is $37.00, they're still showers in the southeast of brazil, but the wet is well isn't to be found down here. it's been found up in columbia. possibly in the forecast, ecuador, once war has been flooding in this western side of columbia, and this would suggest we might see a repeat performance. but somewhere else in the caribbean, the trade winds all that straw blower, plenty of shout even some heavy shouts. i think in the lesser antilles, by the end of saturday, scattered around though for the land bridge between south north america, north america still in the grips of winter temperature wise for many places in fact, looked at houston only 9 degrees. but the sun is there, starting to get quite strong, is playing its part. the forecast for houston is the battle between that cold winter, the sunshine on sunday, the sunshine winds in europe 18 by the time we get to monday. however,
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there is very obviously winter coming in for the pacific still is affecting western canada quite a lot, but it's also coming across the border, other wet, or snowy weather, for the weather sponsored by cataract ways. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello has i'm seeking this is the news out live from dark coming up in the next 60 minutes. fighting reaches the streets of the ukrainian capital, kia as russia continues its military advice.


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