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tv   Up Front  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm AST

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house yeah, the next moved there way can come from faith or it's a big call for them to may do they throw russia out of the well camp the into the semi finals in the playoffs. the qualifying, all that i stand by, poland, poland had already said, it didn't want to play this game in moscow in a month time. that request came in the other day to faith that we hadn't heard a response. and now they ratchet things up. today, the request thing actually there, indicating they all refusing to play at all regardless of the location and be called for free for, for johnny and today, johnny frontier, you know, someone who received the order of friendship meadow from russian president vladimir putin, after the 2018 woke up in russia. ah, it says, let's get around. now the top stories explosions have been heard in parts of kiev, as russian forces continue. their assault. an apartment building came under attack
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key of mass as 35 people, including children, were injured in the missile strike. a coffee was extended at any one seen on the streets at night. will be considered the enemy. here tonight was high, but there are no russian troops in the capital in the enemy trying to get into the city. what do we will do? a residential building was hit by a missile margins. her services are going dared. now. military police, national guards will then tears into total defense or protecting our city. we are setting checkpoints in the capital. so moment around the city will be limited. she of you could, the whole critical infrastructure is working with public transport is working to transport workers of the critical infrastructure of the city. the metro is working except for the red line. but the stations are available to shelter people or ukraine's president says his government is still in charge of kia and key points around it. one of them is
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a lansky says kia has derailed russia's attack. he's called for global demonstrations, basilica in every country of the world in every country of europe. take the streets and demand peace for europe, and peace for ukraine demand and end to this war. this is our right, this is your rise. when bombs are falling inclusive, this is not only in ukraine, it's in europe. when rockets are killing our people, it's different every one for every european demand, more protection for europe, more protection for ukraine, as part of a democratic world. a poland interior ministry says a 100000 ukrainians afford into the country since the russian assault began. and many have been taking temporary shelter in halls and train stations. those are the headlines. we're back in half an hour right now. it's up front. the people have come to expect a lot from now to 0 over the years if they're reporting the commitment to under
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reported type of the commitment to the human story. but it's also the idea of challenging those in power. if a politician comes on this channel, they will be challenged and that's what people expect, what they want. the question answered, that is what we've always done. that's what we will continue to do. russia has launched a full scale invasion of ukraine following week. the bread truck build up along the 2 country, shared border and failed attempts at diplomacy with reports that russian troops have entered here. we speak with your korean member of parliament. last year about the link hope was currently in the capital. and we asked how we got to this point and what's next for her country. the actually about the linkage. thank you so much for joining us on upfront as we speak, you are in ukraine on the ground there in the capital of what is the situation
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there right now? it's one of the nice 1036 hours that ukrainians have had at least ukrainians of my age. you great as us war li tool, which is firing up all throughout the country. russia is targeting by military and civilian target. we are being hit all from all over the place on the ground and in there and also from the side. and i guess. 6 ukrainians, a shock of what we are seeing, what we are experiencing, and what we are living through this was than any kind of my math you could have ever dreamed of. you say you craniums are still in shock until very recently. ukrainian president vladimir vilicki was downplaying, the risk of an invasion to avoid panic. and
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a pull from earlier this month out that only 20.4 percent of ukrainians thought that a full scale invasion would happen soon. did you see this coming? i was hoping this was never come. i learned in these 80 to her is for the best and the back with the was of the many other ukrainians. but to be honest, nothing can prepare you for a full on war with the biggest military power in europe, the biggest military power, the walls, and the nuclear power. there's nothing that can provide you with stand that on your right. so really when the president of ukraine was saying that, ok look, we're actually for a t as we know we're going down, we had this threat of escalation and so on throughout the years. all of that was actually true. and i mean, to have the population in panic,
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in fear would have caused tablets in the streets and would have actually played very well into groups and big master plan to eradicate independence ukraine from the face of the earth. but instead, the population state bird was there was the ceiling of unity which was growing. and that's the feeling of unity is what is helping us right now with stand in put a speech to announce this attack on ukraine. he talked about how quote ukraine is not just a neighboring country. he said that it was, quote, an inalienable part of russia's history, culture and spiritual space. and that modern ukraine was entirely created by russia . given this mindset, was there any chance that ukraine would have a chance to function as an autonomous, a truly autonomous state? yes. on this is what you bring as a fight in or,
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and this is why myself or my mentary colleagues, the government, the present been, are asking a lot less than allies. politically, what fusion has declared in his the crazy my speech is the path of life carefully draw this for him by some credibly. and most of my it was an equally provides his mind on lack of knowledge about history whatsoever. so you print as an independent country, ukraine, not russia. are you bringing in people love their freedom. we fight for our freedom . we bring our children up with the law of freedom. and this is what we're doing. and she, now we are fighting on the defensive, against an offensive from russia to have the right to exist and to live. and i think that while any nation in the world and then he would be doing the
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same, they would be fighting for that country of the right of that country to exist in that same speech. right. and i put and also made the point that nato exercises had been taking place in ukraine over the past few years. and he said that military contingency of nato countries have been almost constantly present on ukrainian territory under the pretext of exercises. given that nato has always been used as an excuse by moscow. do you think that needles, involvement, and ukraine carrying out exercises, but falling short of giving ukraine actual natal membership? has it ultimately hurt the country? look, ukraine needs nato. nato need ukraine in order to stabilize relations with russia. that is, a sooner crane becomes on member of nato. that's it. which has nothing to fight for the spheres of influence, as she likes to call, it would have been decided and,
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and over and game. but what, respectfully, the, the approach that's been taken so far, that is to say, the nato exercises, the lack of full nato membership, did give, put in the pretext necessary to engage in the actions we've seen over the last 36 hours. if it wasn't for an acre, which i would have found another pretext, because brouge and one ukraine inside of russia does not admit an independence ukraine. fujen is crazy on this has been proven time and time again, starting from his speech starting from the show shows a trial style the way he made his decisions to invade ukraine and have recognition, so to speak from his people to invade ukraine. look, we are dealing with a psychopathic leader of a very, very big country of a very big army and other nuclear states. and i think that the world should really
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be mindful of that and not give into his lives on his manipulations. and be aware that if we are all to code this, normally we should follow the rules set up for us after world war 2, which works pretty well, i guess. and one of countries followed them. but when one country starts pulling out from those rules, it's the responsibility of the international community to stand up to which it says so. and the un charter which all these countries that are now nato allies, as they have signed it together with the great. so it's now been around ability of the international community to stand up for ukraine, because ukraine has done nothing wrong. we have made a free choice as the sovereign state. we have not threatened russia in one way or the other. we have made a decision about how we act with our own directly,
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with our own military and who are partners. russia didn't like it. so russia uses its force and it's might to invade ukraine. i think you can sort of fans here. ah, what the who is in the role and who is in the right a how can ukraine much, much smaller country was a much, much smaller and less developed army a be a threat to, i'm sorry, i repeat myself, but the sad, biggest song in the world and the biggest, i mean your house, we can, we can agree that russia is the aggressive last week. president zalinski appealed to the international community as well as you have just done thing. we don't need your sanctions after them. barduage will happen. and after our country will be fired at or after, we will have no borders or after we will have no economy. why would we need those sanctions then? multiple countries, multiple countries of now announced that they will impose unprecedented sanctions
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on russia. do you feel that this is ultimately too little too late? what are these unprecedented taxes? where are they? i don't see them on the see them president sanction would be the swift white crane wants to switch russia from swift. swift operations are used with russia to buy oil and gas while on gas on the main commodities resources which feeds the russian, the condoms. if they're switched off from the swift means that they don't get the payments for the oil and gas. so immediately we sort of took 2 birds with one stone . there's also to know isolation of russian markets and of russia's biggest market . and clearly this would be the sanction which, which had the most just switching them off from the swift and finding and not the way to pay for the oil and gas. well, of course they won't care about switching off from this list in that regard. so it's, it has to come together today. i think that the,
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the early right and correct most morally and legally thing to do. do you not the of the international community is a, provide you great with enough defense to abilities and actually just contingent here. and you can see that we can stand for the blitzkrieg that back from russia. and to is to import such factions that will actually isolate that country or rather that's crazy leader from the rest of the world because the world does not need to be poisoned was the successes he offered to tell terry and regime in an address to the nation on the 1st day of the invasion, president zalinski said we have been left alone to defend our state who is ready to fight alongside us. i don't see any one you've talked about the kind of thanks and you'd like to see the type of moves you'd like to see the international community engage in. is there anything else you need the international community to do to recognise, to engage in order to see the current crisis in quickly?
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but the international community can choose either to act or to continue to was just political statements. political statements are very nice. we are very grateful for them. do they show who side to who people are on. but look, when you do tweed the hash tag, stand with ukraine or support ukraine. it's not the mouth. you know, it's not the most stop. the russian miss 1000, the russian lanes hovering over the cave and the russian thanks. moving into our roads and destroying them completely along with villages and along with innocent civilians. what needs to be done to really show us if you are prepared to stand with us because you are standing with us, not, not just on the state of ukrainians and a pretty big country in europe as well. you'll standing with your own safety and security. what we need now is actually un peace be be skipping contingency in ukraine since we are not nato members. ok, fine. fair enough. but to un,
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with the general assembly can adopter solution on sending peacekeeping contention since ukraine. they don't need the security council for that. we can go the same way that the van in korea and mentioned that we've seen pictures of bombed out residential buildings. amnesty international says that it's confirm that civilians were killed in a ballistic missile strike outside of a hospital. in vall had our in eastern ukraine, ultimately what would be the human cost of all of this for the ukranian people? it will be huge because it's not just the need yet casualties of war that we are still counting. but it is also the future of our children. the mindset was which they are often i'm of those 3. my oldest is 8 years old. he's a boy. and already i can see the damage. this is doing to him hearing older as dry the sirens. i is seeing old, the playing,
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having to constantly go down and seek shelter. ah, you know, this is what of the future. ukrainian generations are going to grow up out with lots of psychological issues because of the war. and i have to also be known and understood, but so far as about civilian targets, such as 3 civilian targets have been hit. in the last 36 hours. this is absolutely and humane and unacceptable. 3 of those targets work in the gardens, children. they don't stop at nothing, those people and they are crazy liter. will you stay in? yes. i'm staying because i am a member of parliament. i have responsibility to my people and i have responsibility to, to my country as the national one. and then the credit was born and you will rate them also,
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i have responsibility to my family today. ukraine is mobilized, meaning that everyone who can hold a gun is fighting and is holding that done against the russian aggressions does not the way i can lead or a whole bunch of reasons that she has to go. thank you so much for joining us and upfront. ok, ah. in the past year the ice cream company been and jerry's was accused of terrorism. actress emma watson was called an anti semite actor. mark ruffle faced, virulent attacks on social media. and a 4 page ad in the new york times portrayed musician do a lipper and models bella and ged deed superimposed over an image of a hm as rocket. what do they all have in common? speaking out and support a palestinian rights, but the backlash isn't limited to high profile companies or even celebrities. in recent years, there have been hundreds of cases involving censorship. and silencing of those in
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the west to advocate for palestinians is the label of anti semite being used to suppress voices calling for human rights. joining me now to discuss this our demo holiday. she has founder and director of palestine legal and barry trachtenberg. he's a professor and historian of jewish history and wake forest university. thank you both for joining us on up front demo. let me start with you. how is it that standing up for the human rights of one group of people, palestinians as come to be equated with anti semitism? well, i think we have to understand that this has been something that's decades in the making. we're talking about a state israel that has done everything in its power to prevent a people that it occupies that it has dispossessed, that oppresses that it practices apartheid against it. it's done everything in its power to prevent palestinians from gaining self
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determination from gaining their human rights. and so one of the main tactics that again has been decades in the making is an effort to sneer. anyone and everyone who questions israel foundation on the dispossession of palestinians as anti semitic. the other pillars that, as you noted is too near them as terrorists if they resist, if they, you know, question israel's practices. and so we have to see it in this broader and much longer historical context of the ways that israel has been trying to repress it. growing solidarity movements with the palestinian people and this effort to typically redefine anti semitism in a way that encompasses basically any criticism of israel is, is, has,
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has really gained ground in the last several years. in particular, to the extent that this definition has been codified in the laws around the world, including in the u. s. and europe, especially very backlash against celebrities and companies. makes the headlines of course, but there's also widespread retaliation against those who are less high profile, including really especially college students. academics, how has this issue affect the campuses and scholars it what this does is it forces students and professors to really self censor in profound ways. we've had a number of high profile cases in the academy for professors who have lost their jobs been denied job offers who have space, regular assaults, on account of their scholarship, which is peer reviewed. it's accepted by the profession itself. but very often it's
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outsiders. you know, potential donors to, to university supporters of israel, who amount to large media campaigns to try to get those professors defunded to get them stripped of their titles and get them kicked out. the university's student groups also face this, you know, fordham university. there's a group of students who been advocating for justice in palestine for years, who cannot get their organization formally recognized by the university because that message is gone out that they are anti semitic when there's no hint of that whatsoever. and there's many jews who want to participate in this movement, who are also banned from doing that work dema to barry's point. one of the things that is remarkable about the backlash is that it has effected even jewish people. even jewish people have been accused of anti semitism, senator bernie sanders, who is jewish, and lost family in the holocaust. he's been accused of anti semitism based on his view that the us should not be an apologist for the israeli government as well as for his support a palestinian rights. a le could minister accused natalie portman,
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who is, is really and american of engaging in borderline antisemitism. when she declined to go to israel to accept an award out of protest against former prime minister benjamin netanyahu policies. oh, what do you make of the fact that even jewish people are being censored and accused of anti semitism? well, as barry alluded to, you know, this really is about policing 1st and foremost, palestinian expressions their own history, their own experiences, their own reality under israeli oppression. and it also functions to make pariahs of anyone who stands in solidarity with them, who expresses support for palestinian freedom, who criticizes israel and practices. and so i think it's part of the current developments over the last 10 or so years where you've seen
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increasing questioning within that jewish community of israel's practices. and that's in large part due to a strong grassroots palestine solidarity movement that has really integrated palestine into the progressive move. very, there's also a generational piece to this as well. we're seeing divisions grow between younger and older generations of jewish americans as well over israeli politics. one jewish writer for rolling stone put it. she said she was raised to quote, unequivocally support israel. but she also explains that because the conflict is defined by quote, either you support israel or you support its destruction, it's difficult to quote, even consider the other side. do you see a move toward younger people, younger jewish american to particular supporting a critiques of israel and if so, why it's happening. i think because of the gap between sort of a promise of israel and the reality of israel has just grown so great. and as,
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as younger generations are paying more attention to questions of races in america, systematic oppression of people of color engaging in issues of, of queer rights. people recognize that there can't be this exception for the, for israel. and you know, my students, when they come into my class that i, that i teach on the history of dian, is that many of them have gone to israel on the free trips that are provided to college students for jewish college students called birthright. they've been res, going to jewish summer camps. they've been raised having a full on sort of zionist education, but they come to my class, really troubled by what they see on the news. right. so many students in the class this fall who are really worried because when at the time when they're signing up for classes last spring, there were there was the takeover checked her on communities and checked her out just out of sight of jerusalem. and students signed up for my class because they
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want to know more about this history. so i think larger and larger numbers of students are starting to engage in this question critically and they're looking to professors to teach that work. but very often teachers are sort of held back there with strained for, from teaching this kind of history because the penalties for doing so can, it can be so high. dimmer anti semitism is on the rise with sharp increases in anti semitic incidents and acts of violence in recent years at the same time. so as the suppression of palestinian advocacy in 2020 alone, your organization documented at least 213 incidence of suppression. including a severe and harassment campaigns for those supporting palestinian writes. what are the consequences of restricting the range of opinions allow about israel and completing antisemitism with criticism of israeli policies? the consequences are quite stark. you know,
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this is about people's reputations about people's jobs, about the way that we can operate and talk in a civil society. you know that what we see at palestine legal, we're hearing from hundreds of people every year is that there are, there is what we have termed a palestine exception when it comes to free speech in this country. and it's, it's just the tip of the iceberg, right? when we look at the ways that israel and israel advocacy groups here in the u. s. haven't tacked palestine advocacy to harassment campaign or a legislation that is curtailing our right to boycott for palestinian rights. these are templates for how the far right in this country is attacking other movements as well. the same kind of legislation is now being used to attack the
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environmental justice movement to attack the efforts to curtail gun rights. you know, the proliferation of guns in the us, we already see legislation being used against them. so we know that palestine might be easier because it's a less popular opinion to support palestinian rights in general. it might be easier to suppress speech for posting. right. but it, it's, it's, it really is the kind of icebreaker for the curtailing, of, and the undermining of all of our 1st amendment rights. so it starts with palestine, but it doesn't and there, and that's why we all have to care about this. very, thank you. so much for joining me on up front. that's our show up front. we'll be
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ah, this is al jazeera ah, here washington is all her life from a headquarters in del. hi, i'm debbie and abigail coming up in the next 60 minutes fighting reaches the streets of the ukrainian capital key vas russia continues its military advance. in a new video message, president valez and her zalinski says the ukranian army has managed to derailed a russian offensive and won't surrender. meanwhile, thousands of ukrainians flee across the.


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