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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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and your ceremony has been launched. the corporations in india each was pay $5000.00. yes, dollars to name elephant. the aim bits yet is to raise one. me get on as much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, a fierce fight for ukraine's 2nd city as russian strikes pound the country. now both sides are preparing for talks. ah, i'm rob matheson, this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up anti war protests grow louder in russia, while the president puts his nuclear forces on high alert. preparing for conflicts, we visited ukrainian city where people are collecting bottles to make weapons. and
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the anguish of what they've left behind at warning, millions of ukrainians could flee to neighboring countries. ah, european allies are boosting their support for ukraine as the russian assault enters a 5th day in an unprecedented step. the e. u has agreed to fund and supply weapons to a country at war. russian president vladimir putin as put his nuclear forces on high alert, but he's indicating he'll still give diplomacy a chance. talks are due to be held at ukraine's border with bella, luce, john hall, begins o coverage from live in western ukraine. o, a sunday service with special poignancy, the 1st of the war, pres here for peace extinguished just days ago. as if in answer,
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russian and ukrainian delegations are meeting on the border with bella, bruce. it is the 1st glimmer of negotiation, but few, including ukraine's president. expect a positive outcome. it crescent, bez zordon with one more. i'll say, frankly, i don't believe in the result of this meeting, but let's try so that no citizen of ukraine would doubt that i as president, did try to stop the war when there was even just a small chance. the russian attack has renewed its focus on critical infrastructure . a gas pipeline ablaze in the eastern city of harkins, ukraine's 2nd largest russian soldiers trying to enter hockey on sunday, met, determined, ukrainian resistance. western intelligence claims the russian advance is being frustrated on all fronts. russian sources tell a different story here. defense ministry pictures claimed to show their forces, making progress in the south between the towns of song and bird janski's near
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crimea. a mis i'll strike did this to the vessel, keep bass, setting an oil deco ablaze out of ongoing efforts to knock out ukraine's air defenses and gain control of the skies. basil cave is 40 kilometers from the capital cave, so none of us have to call her mother. you have seen that during the whole day. there were a tax on ballistic missiles including to our airport which we have contained and now they are continuing shelling. but it will be good, the night will not be easy, not here neither and give, but we will withstand. oh, and it is the capital that remains the russians principal goal, frequent air, raid sirens, keep nerves on edge. if they're not in bomb shelters or subway stations, most civilians are housebound. a city wide curfew is in place until monday and any one out and about is treated with extreme suspicion in towns and cities across ukraine. civil defense units continue to form and arm themselves. rushes army may
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be much larger than ukraine's, but its soldiers are well outnumbered by ordinary ukrainians, willing to stand and fight. when i'm going to war, i'm going tore. my brother will stay with my mother and my grandmother, and i will go to war with my father. the at the station in the western city of leave, women, children, foreign nationals and international students all trying to leave. rome networks still operating, built for public convenience. and now a lifeline for all this is the revenue name is waco, lima and the mara is a medical student trying to get over to nigeria. it's been very emotional, very stressful. you didn't expect your time and ukraine wouldn't like this. i
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didn't know. i was, i was a bit hopeful was like everything will be okay. like you wouldn't get to the level the trains don't leave regularly 3 to 5 a day. perhaps. there is no time table for the evacuation of people who just days ago could not have imagined that war would turn their lives upside down like this. and now as refugees, they joined what could yet become a human exodus of historic proportions. the u. n. refugee agency says close to 400000 people have left for neighboring countries so far. it warns that number could rise to 4000000 jona whole al jazeera movies. all your friends military says sunday was a particularly difficult day with substantial russians shelling but ukrainian forces supported by civilians are fighting back. russian troops began attacking
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ukraine on thursday. they came in from belarus to the north for russia to the east and crimea down to the south. and here's the full range of mosque was offensive. it's marked out in red, russian forces entered from neighboring bellows through the area around some noble nuclear plant on the 2nd day of the invasion. it's the sight of the world's worst nuclear disaster. sporadic st fighting has been taking place in the capital give where people have been urged to take shelter, but ukrainian troops have blown up several bridges to slow the progress of russian armored columns. more russia has put its nuclear deterrence units on high alert. president vladimir putin says, is because nato has, in his words, an aggressive approach, but he's facing criticism at home for ordering. the operation in ukraine. bernard smith, reports from moscow to protest in russia takes a certain amount of courage as it comes with the likelihood that you'll be detained, of violence. this is,
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it is burg where they were chanting no to war. yeah. an independent monitoring group reported protests in 44 russian cities on sunday, including here and cousin ah, and in russia's eastern city of a coast to play in europe, or to proceed. it is a crime both against ukraine and against russia. you are, i think it is killing lee crane and russia. i'm outraged. i haven't slept for 3 nights. and i think we must now declare very loudly that we don't want to be killed . we don't want any crane to be killed. these have been the 1st significant attempts at nationwide protests in almost a year since the jailing of kremlin critic, alexia valley. in moscow, the police are making very difficult for people to try and protest any one who so much as lingers in a suspected gathering area is taken away for questioning. protest is, don't worry the kremlin. but sanctions and international condemnation of the
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invasion of ukraine had prompted vladimir putin to put rushes. deterrents forces, which include nuclear, arms on high alert, was re legally dec alex, as you can see, not only do western countries take unfriendly measures against our country in the economic dimension. i mean, the legal sanctions that everyone knows about very well. but also the top officials of lead in nato countries allow themselves to make aggressive states most with regard to our country. that is why i or the defense minister and chief of the general staff to put russian army determines forces on high combat, outweighed them outside the kremlin. at the tomb of the unknown soldier, monuments represent the losses suffered by soviet cities in world war 2. on sunday flower started appearing on the warm for keith, but only until the police realised what was going on. in russia, there can be no visible opposition to the war on ukraine. bernard smith,
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al jazeera, moscow, robert hunters or former us ambassador to nato, when he says rushes decision to put its nuclear forces on high alert as a warning to the west, not to get involved. this is a psychological ploy to try to increase his leverage. as he decides how far you want to go in your grain, i think a lot of this is happening because russia and conventional forces are having more problems taking keys than they thought they were going to have, or the grading you've been fighting back at among other things mister potent doesn't want his military to get a reputation for not being as good as he's pretending it is because he gets that reputation and other people will be less affected. so this just like a logical warfare. i don't believe it's a threat at all because the russians would have just as much to lose if not more. if they went in this direction, i would be the obliteration of,
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of everything mister proven has never hoped for. and even start, how was the concentration of a russian forces where there are most of their military or on the ukrainian border . it began if we got that far with the obliteration of the a rushing nuclear force and conventional forces. but it's not even going to get there. we did this incidentally in united states and 1973 during the cup or war. we went to what's called defense condition 3. but even now that was just like article or for people can worry about a lot of things. this is not something story about. i'll just have spoken to some of the people who've decided to stay in the ukranian cities of cheer van cock eve, despite being surrounded by fighting or a burden. manly reports by an explosion on the outskirts of kias sends a ripple of fear to ukraine's capital. the situation is pretty difficult at
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night we hear constant shooting and explosion. we can occasionally hear explosions little right like that one here now and the streets are empty. people have been told to stay indoors, so we were urged visor. so it is to stay at home in order not in order for them to see who is on the streets and perhaps to locate and distract their diversity groups. so today, the streets of keep em these of the shops are close the shell and he continues actually alexi stops filming, as his daughter calls to ask him to go to a bomb shelter the further east that's been heavy fighting in the 2nd city of khaki
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. if i could heard the, the gunfire, so shell and again, and different sort of sounds of st. price on this 3 people the high didn't inside this nice new families with kids. we'll have to go down to the shelter. i will have to go again to the underground and spend the night there. the sounds of clay and laughter, which usually fill this nursery. now an unexploded grad rocket jots from the playground. and the child too scared to say where she is in ukraine, had this message. i constantly hear sirens everywhere. ah, and there's a male voice telling, glad to go to shelter, hide somewhere because and there can be a bomb possibly dropping. it's really scary. we're
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a new reality on the ground, and no one knows how many more sleepless nights they'll have to endure. lore about a manly al jazeera, all the russian trip center ukraine, the 2nd largest city hockey. people who live as far as 2 and a half hours south and the city of nitro, or donating blood. on the hamid spoke to one of the volunteers, there is an e re sense of con, before the storm. and in the bro, people aware of the horror that could unfold on its streets and the need to prepare . here at the blood bank, the number of donors has increased 5 full since the russian is sold. blood reserves are crucial in a war. and 19 year old jaeger is donating his own in support of the ukrainian army, hoping he won't be called to join its ranks. if not, if it is old fiddle nobody, i am afraid. but if i get mobilized,
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i will go by. i have to protect the independence of my country. i will do all i can to help even if i don't have training. i wish there was some military training at school, but there was no preparation. then he pro is famous for his space industry and is at the foot of the city symbol that the civilian war effort is being made. there is a sense of urgency here. empty bottles, polystyrene and rags are being collected to make molotov cocktails. they will go to the territorial defense, eunice in charge of protecting the city, and slowing the russian advance in another corner of the square sacks of clothed blankets, mats, old from our thought, we won't, hendrick out. our soldier for vitaly is important to show solidarity with those willing to put their lives on the line. if that goes in stream of people donating whatever they can hear, they drop water t coffee pickles,
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all sorts of non perishable food. and this is the corner for medicine, all sorts of medicine, including nappies for babies. this city is gearing up mobilizing and showing support to those who are going to defend the russians good reached any pro from the south order north, east. people here watching bewildered the streets of heartache even keep turn into battle fields. we reach 15 year old camilla by a skype me, her family left her hometown of done yes. after the russian back separatist took it over in 2014. now she stuck in harkey with her mother the most scary thing that you're just sleepy. and you don't expecting anthy. and it's like a lot of noise and you understand that there's a war. and of course,
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you are so scared because not only our, our, our equal weight attacking the eye, you understand this. so i be honest, again, explain it like, with words is just stunning. happening inside you. it's shakes inside you. ah, yes. back in disney pra natalie and her husband. if danny still don't understand, like how old they started. course not even on wednesday. when we saw developed divorce. so it was just the in discussions went tuesday or thursday morning. you're shocked, and all our families were shocked. and did the expect into this, you'll stop really soon, shortly after the 1st warning that war is getting closer, making these preparations ever so urgent when that hamid al jazeera dinny pro
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thousands of people have arrived, enabling slovakia as the russian attack and ukraine intensifies. there were met of the border by volunteers who distributed food clothes and toys. slovakia says it will provide accommodation and other aid. the un refugee agencies has more than 360000 people have left ukraine since russian forces invaded on thursday. the you is preparing to give ukrainian refugees special permission to live in the block for up to 3 years without the need to apply for asylum. many are heading to poland. same bas raphi has more from the magic border crossing the uncertainties of war. disappear briefly in such moments. untold journeys of peril. days spent waiting at the busiest border crossing in western ukraine. finally, the joy of reuniting with loved ones. others look on waiting for their turn for
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their people to turn up next for their chance at a warm embrace. but at the medical border crossing and poland, not all tears being shed are those of joy. we have friends who will keep us here. i got my child and i get my child to the left, our husband. oh, 2nd. for many of the people we met here. the thought of what they have been forced to leave behind is unspeakable. people arriving here from ukraine are often exhausted and overwhelms. but there is also a great sense of relief because everyone who's coming here from ukraine into poland, they know that once they are here, they will have help. they will have support and their lives are no longer in danger
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from russian soldiers. those getting through telephone lines so long, they are measured in kilometers and delays lasting days. system crashes forcing the few ukrainian border agents to hand write the names of displaced people trying to leave. who now number in the thousands and more are coming. people waiting in poland for friends and family, say the bureaucracy slowing things down is leaving vulnerable people, women, children, the elderly, out in the open and upset and scared and added to the other. and i am friends invoice of i'm i need to go day and i pass the board didn't have no idea. do have to go through their journey is not over, but margarita anastasio count themselves among the lucky few who got out. oh yeah. oh oh, and even with the relative chaos of make shift 8 stations along the border of them
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over, they are better off displaced in poland than trapped in ukraine. were. events on the ground could be the beginning of a long term conflict, and many more refugees from war in europe. zane basra, the alta 0 medical border crossing eastern poland. anti war protests have been taking place around the world. thousands of people that gathers in the italian capital rome, to denounce russia's invasion, some called for global solidarity to end. the conflict in the netherlands or rally was held in the capital amsterdam to show support for the ukrainian people, protested demanded the russian president, vladimir putin withdraw his forces in spain. tens of thousands turned out on the capital madrid. many were ukrainian, they say they're desperately worried about their family and friends. and thousands of demonstrators gathered in paris to voice their opposition to russia's assault on ukraine. some protesters were holding placards calling on nato to do more to help
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give and tens of thousands of people gathered in the german capital to denounce russia's invasion. demonstrations have also been held and other european cities, including london, milan, and athens. germany's chancellor or la salts received a standing ovation in parliament after announcing the berlin would spend more than a $111000000000.00 us dollars on its military defences. russia's attack on ukraine has triggered several significant policy shifts as dominant king reports. for more than 30 years, defense has been a low priority for germany. military that was once one of the largest in nature has shrunk to a 3rd of its former self, which are the german chancellor rushes actions in ukraine have changed everything we have added for noon on. we will invest more than 2 percent of their gdp in defense every year from now on. i'm dollars or her president routine with our president putin, to not underestimate our determination to defend every square meter of our
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alliances territory. together with our allies. the conservative leader of the opposition believes the military reality in ukraine now needs to be seen as another part of vladimir putin political project. we would all day will climb into the threat of a war. and ukraine is not the only threat that we are seeing along with tanks put, has also been rolling out waves of propaganda throughout europe. easy to spread in the age of digitalization and social media, doing damage with great efficiency damage that's threatening the stability of our society from the inside of them. by strengthening the military, all of shots will be doing what angle america could not simultaneously fulfilling a commitment and so, and effectively ripping up the post cold war strategic playbook and starting again, but not with the intent to use the army for aggressive actions. instead to reassure both friends and allies,
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it's not just on the military side that shots is reversing previous merkel policy. for many years, germany has been increasingly reliant on russian natural gas impulse. now schultz wants to reduce that by refusing to certify the controversial north stream to gas pipeline. and promising to buy liquid natural gas from non russian sources. and to fast track building the infrastructure it will need in wider society. many feel the same sense of outrage expressed by all of shots when of return before never intend to have no good. it's unacceptable that such a man throws europe into crisis again. let's totally unacceptable. we can't support us. there is little doubt what many in this country make of what president putin in his forces have been doing in ukraine. the question is, what he will make of what's being done about it. in germany dominant came al jazeera berlin protesters in the california city of san francisco,
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or outside city hall, calling for rushes military to leave ukraine. anti war protests are being held across the united states. the casualty count in ukraine grows and the fighting continues. the un security council has called a rare general assembly session on ukraine to be held on monday. it's the latest in a flurry of diplomatic actions taken to isolate russia. for the 1st time in decades, it is called for an emergency special session. in the general assembly, the council members, his support it this resolution recognize that this is no ordinary moment. we need to take extraordinary actions to meet this threat, to our international system, and do everything we can to help ukraine and it's people. this is another ex escalate tori, an unnecessary step that threatens us all. we urge russia to
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tone down it's dangerous rhetoric regarding nuclear weapons, chicago tans, who's got more from the united nations in new york. versus the 1st time since 1982 that the uniting for peace mechanism designed to overcome deb lock in the security council has been successfully employed to call for an emergency special session of the un general assembly. there are 11 votes in favor on the security council, free of sanctions, the u. e. india and china with one no vote being russia would because this was a procedural virt. russia doesn't have vito power. that general assembly meeting is expected to begin on monday and last for several days with a vote on the resolution. similar to that that failed to pass on friday at the security council expected become as early as wednesday. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski came to politics from an unusual background, but he's managed to unite his country in the war effort. so lensky was born to jewish parents in central ukraine, which was under soviet control. his father's,
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a computer science professor and head of a university department. his mother was an engineer before being elected in 2019 zalinski was better known for his comedy. he was famous for playing a high school teacher, turned president in the cities servant of the people. zelinski was viewed as a joke. candidate alien is presidential bid. buddy has a law degree from keith national economic university, and he co founded ukraine's most successful production company. in 2019 zalinski, his anti corruption platform secured him 73 percent of the presidential vote. ousting petto, polish ankle was zelinski, took office. his 7th of the people party did not occupy a single parliamentary seat. months later, they secured an absolute majority. the 1st time in ukraine's post soviet history. hello. so is director of the open society, europe and evasion program. he says the landscape background as an actor has helped him to communicate effectively with people in ukraine and beyond. he was very
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popular unlikable before he went into politics before 2019 and he was very well known as a comedian and as an act when he lordship and pain in the 19 that was a big surprise. i think most of your hands are all your kind. yeah. but he was a unifying candidate of the very divided country of the time between the east and west. and i think that was the big appeal, and that's why he became such that he just to remind that he became a lead there of ukraine why ukraine was already in war with russia since 2014. so just say that he did and he hasn't chosen the job. i think it's not correct. he knew that he would become a leader of a nation in war. i think his transformation and the laws in the last few
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years. but also, especially in the last 30 days, is remarkable. i think his definitely keeping the morale high, it's unimaginable what's difficult time ukrainians are going through a with all the internally displaced people moving to the boards as facing shadowing . ah, and he's been always in, in, in the view of people. fever is the latest sporting organization to take action against russia, banning the gun, whose flag and anthem from international matches its order. the team to compete under the title, football union of russia. no international matches will be played in the country if a stop short of banning the national team from the world cup qualifiers associated press sports correspond and rob harris says many fee for member associations are disappointed sanctions don't go further. the fact says russia can play on an
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international football at any level just without their flag, without their and them. and the only known as the russian football union, as or are fewer sanction that we're familiar with already from the olympic world where russia has been competing as the r o c, due to the doping punishment. actually a punishment that would've applied as well for russia even if that qualified for the world cup. so this is now trying to put in some measures in response to those concerns after rushes, invasion of ukraine. but the, there are concerns. this does not go far enough. countries are still not wanting to play russia at all at international football at the moment. in their statement after the meeting, the thief at bureau did indicate how things should escalate in terms of their action against russia. depending on the progress of the war, rushes invasion, and indeed the fact it continues as we speak this night, the attack on ukraine. the decision today came from the thief,
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a bureau which is actually made up of the 6 confederation presidents from the world of football and on that would have included the way for president alexander. chevron was already taken the champions league final off russia that was due to be state in st. petersburg. so it does look like one of those fluid situations. but certainly this decision has not gone down well with it. looking like, actually fif is not taken the strong action that was being demanded. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories. the european allies are boosting their support for ukraine, as the russian sold enters a 5th at age in an unprecedented step, the e u. has agreed to fund and supply weapons to a country at war talks between russia and ukraine are due to be held at the border with bell bruce, or tell little gushing because of the motion. the man is shook. alexander lucas shanker contacted me so that russian and ukrainian delegations could meet.


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