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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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till the next room i was in was underground, the tiny prison. so as a hostage, they routes the commodore war hotels on al jazeera. ah ah, a straight battle for ukraine's at 2nd city as russian strikes pounds the country. ah. hello, i am emily angry. this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up a push for new talks to stop the fighting, even, and letting me a persian puts his in nuclear forces on high alert. living among the explosions we hear from people caught in the battle for their
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country. at night we hear a constant shooting and explosion and desperate with no way back. the e. u is set to tank in millions of ukrainian refugees ah, russia's assault on ukraine has entered its 5th dame european allies have agreed to boost to their support for bloody me zalinski government, by funding and supplying it with weapons. russian president vladimir putin has escalated tensions by putting his nuclear forces on high alert, but indicated he'll still give diplomacy a chance. talks are to be held at ukraine's border with bell rose. let's take some live pitches now from cave eats 6 a. m. dorn is bragging on this 5th day of fighting explosions have been heard after
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a night of relative calm ukraine's interior ministry says at least 352 civilians have been killed in the conflict. so farm. jenna hall begins our coverage from levine in a west and ukraine. lo sunday service with special poignancy the 1st of the war, pres here for peace extinguished just days ago. as if in answer, russian and ukrainian delegations are meeting on the border with bearers. it is the 1st glimmer of negotiation, but few, including ukraine's president expect a positive outcome. grayson best. rodney, i'll say, frankly, i don't believe in the result of this meeting, but let's try so that no citizen of ukraine would doubt that i as president, did try to stop the war when there was even just a small chance. the russian attack has renewed its focus on critical infrastructure
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. a gas pipeline ablaze in the eastern city of her cave, ukraine's 2nd largest russian soldiers trying to enter the cave on sunday, determined, ukrainian resistance. western intelligence claims the russian advance is being frustrated on all fronts. russian soldiers tell a different story here. defense ministry pictures claimed to show their forces, making progress in the south between the towns of song and burdens near crimea. i miss, i'll strike did this to the vessel. keep bass setting an oil. dep o ablaze. part of ongoing efforts to knock out ukraine's air defenses and gain control of the skies. muscle cave is 40 kilometers from the capital cave. so none of us and you've got a mother, you have seen that during the whole day, there were attacks and ballistic missiles including to our airport, which we have contained and now they are continuing shelling. but it will be good.
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the night will not be easy, not here neither and give, but we will withstand. oh, and it is the capital that remains the russians principal go. frequent air, raid sirens, keep nerves on edge. if they're not in bomb shelters or subway stations, most civilians, a house bound a city wide curfew is in place until monday. and any one out and about is treated with extreme suspicion in towns and cities across ukraine. civil defense units continue to form and arm themselves. russia's army may be much larger than ukraine's, but its soldiers are well out numbered by ordinary ukrainians, willing to stand and fight nowhere and i'm going to war. i'm going to war. my brother will stay with my mother and my grandmother, and i will go to war with my father. the, at the station in the western city of leave women, children, foreign nationals and international students all trying to leave the world network
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still operating, built for public convenience and now a lifeline for all. this is remish and we call alive the morrow is a medical student trying to get home to nigeria. it's been very, very emotional, very stressful. you didn't expect your time and ukraine within like i didn't know i was, i was a big cook who was like everything to be okay. like you wouldn't get the trains don't leave regularly 3 to 5 a day. perhaps. there is no time table for the evacuation of people who just days ago could not have imagined that war would turn their lives upside down like this.
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and now as refugees, they joined what could yet become a human exodus of historic proportions. the un refugee agency says close to 400000 people have left for neighboring countries so far. it warns that number could rise to 4000000 jona whole al jazeera movies. ukraine's military says sunday was a particularly difficult day with substantial rush and shelling, but ukrainian forces supported by civilians are fighting back. russian troops began attacking ukraine on thursday. they came in from belarus in the north, russia in the east and crimea in the south. he is the full range of moscow's offensive, marked in red. russian forces entered from neighboring belarus through the area around the chin. i won't nuclear plant on the 2nd day of the invasion. it's the worse it's the sight of the world's worst nuclear disaster. sporadic stray finding has been taking place in the capital cave where people have been urged to take
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shelter, but ukrainian troops have blown up several bridges to slow the progress of russian arm and columns. u. s. president joe biden will speak to his allies on monday, following moscow's decision to place in nuclear deterrence units on high alert. president vladimir putin says it's because nato has, in his words, an aggressive approach. but he's facing criticism at home for ordering. the operation, bernard smith, reports from moscow to protest in russia takes a certain amount of courage as it comes with the likelihood that you'll be detained, open violence. this is petersburg, where they were chanting no to war. yet an independent monitoring group reported protests in 40 full russian cities on sunday, including here and chasm. ah,
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and in russia's eastern city of vehicles. probably in your paper to personally it is a crime both against ukraine and against russia. who are, i think it is killing ukraine and russia. i'm outraged. i haven't slept for 3 nights. and i think we must now declare very loudly the we don't want to be killed . we don't want ukraine to be killed. these have been the 1st significant attempts at nationwide protests in almost a year since the jailing of kremlin critic, alexia valley. moscow, the police are making it very difficult for people to try and protest any one who so much as lingers in a suspected gathering area is taken away for questioning. protesters don't worry the kremlin, but sanctions and international condemnation of the invasion of ukraine had prompted vladimir putin to put rushes to terrans forces, which include nuclear, arms on high alert, was re legally dec alex, as you can see, not only do western countries take unfriendly measures against our country in the
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economic dimension, i mean, the legal sanctions that everyone knows about very well, but also the top officials of lead in their 2 countries allow themselves to make aggressive states most with regard to our country. that is why i or the defense minister and chief of the general staff to put russian army determines forces on high combat, allowed to wait to move outside the kremlin. at the tomb of the unknown soldier, monuments represent the losses suffered by soviet cities in world war 2. on sunday, flower started appearing on the warm for keith. but only until the police realized what was going on in russia, there can be no visible opposition to the war on ukraine. bernard smith, al jazeera moscow. now let's head to south west rachelle, where large numbers of military convoys were st heading towards the ukrainian border. close to car, give out his ear is iranian drinking were pu. oh,
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not of the situation here on the russian ukrainian border is relatively calm. we're here about 15 kilometers away from the ukranian border under around 50 kilometers away from harkey city. this area was the scene of big military movement yesterday where a huge number of military convoys including armored vehicles, tanks, mythos carriers, and a lot of other military equipment were moving towards the ukraine border. some of these convoys have moved towards the south, probably to go laser to the don wasik area. some other convoys took the road behind me and went probably directly to harkey city. according to the information we have, the city of harkey has witnessed fear, sparkled with ukrainian forces. the russian ministry of defense have announced that around 500 ukrainian soldiers from the air defense units have surrendered to day to the russian forces. now harkey is the 2nd largest city in ukraine and it has a big economic importance because it's the industrial center of the country are key
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from 1919 to 934. it was also the capital of ukraine during the former soviet union era, and it will mean a lot to the russians if they manage to control the city, to mall. she is a research associate of the massachusetts institute of technology security studies program. he says, russia has met more ukrainian resistance than expected. i think certainly russia believes that it has overwhelming superior force and it does. and it has met both resistance and logistical challenges. and nato countries and surrounding countries have changed their policy and now allow the transfer of weapons that might be, you know, too little too late. at the end of the day. the russian advantage in geography and technology and soldiers, that's going to be pretty tough to deal with. but, but if the ukrainians make it costly and they are more costly than anticipated. and
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this is unpopular at home and the sanctions add to that. and on and on then, then the question will be, did putin miscalculate and is there some offering to get all of this? but that's what's going to play over the next 2 weeks. the longer this goes on, the higher the cost, and the question of what is, what is putin's end game here? what, what did he think he was going to get here that warranted this? but that's what'll play out you now. and the russians have the advantage. they have the superior conventional military advantage, no doubt about it, but they are trying to take over a population, at least in the western part of ukraine, that opposes them. and that could be very unpleasant for a long time, al jazeera has spoken to some of the people who've decided to stay in the ukrainian cds of cave and her cave. despite being surrounded by fighting laura, but manly has this report. me, an explosion on the outskirts of kith,
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sends a rippling fear to ukraine's capital. situation is pretty difficult. at night we hear constant shooting and explosion. we can occasionally hear explosions, little right, like that one here now and the streets are empty. people have been told to stay indoors, so we were urged by sir, sir, it is to stay at home in order not in order for them to see who is on the streets and perhaps to le kate and distract their diversions groups. so today, the streets of keys are empty is the shops are close. the shell and he continues actually alexi stops filming, as his daughter calls to ask him to go to
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a bomb shelter the further east that's been heavy fighting in the 2nd city of khaki . if i could her the, the gunfire, so shell and again, and different sort of sounds of st. price on the 3 people the high didn't inside this nice new families with kids. we'll have to go down to the shelter. i will have to go again to the underground and spend the night there. the sounds of clay and laughter, which usually fill this nursery. now an unexploded grad rocket jots from the playground. and the child too scared to say where she is in ukraine. had this message. i constantly hear sirens everywhere. ah, there's a male voice telling, glad to go to shelter,
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hide somewhere because and there can be a bomb possibly dropping. oh, it's really scary. what a new reality on the ground, and no one knows how many more sleepless nights they'll have to endure. lore about manly al jazeera, still ahead on al jazeera, we take a closer look at the man whose united ukraine in its war with russia. and shine the red cod faith of bands, the russian flag and anthem from international matches ah ah, look forward to brightest galleys with sponsored play cattle airways. bit of a northerly breeze in the next day or so running down the gulf and quite often to the cold and but you can see that the temperature backgrounds on it emanates from
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a warm place i. e, iraq. we got 24 in baghdad than about 35 in dough 100 coves, back through central sadie, where it could be a little dusty and nice, but now we've not seen the end of winter all the same. there's another storm winding up in the western black sea, but it's got extensions down into the east and met as well. that'll bring rain or snow to water levant amount. it's fine, but this is the picture. the tuesday range lights reach to syria, possibly a few shafts, so that in lebanon, so extensively and central and eastern part of turkey is symbols back up to 6. have been quite a strong wind with the wind is easing to some degree and the snow. beckett grease as well at heart and said wind has not gone, although if you look further east, yes will be snow showers in the round, but no part not teran should enjoy the sunshine up in cub over at 10 degrees in the sunshine in northern pakistan. one or 2 lightest showers season rain in the southern hemisphere still is
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a line more through southern towns in the back to i and go to we've seen a big shower recently as far north as kenya where they're welcomed, but they're not very common. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always dictatorships to democracies. activists to corporations, control of the message is crucial. oil companies have become very good at recognizing ways to rephrase what they want you to hear. we care about the environment, you do to usually buy our oil plea for public opinion or profit. once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. the listening post examined the vested interest behind the content you consume on al jazeera. ah,
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ah, hello, are you watching al jazeera? i'm emily anglin, a reminder of our top stories this alum european allies, a boosting they support for ukraine as the russian assault enters a 5th dame talks between russia and ukraine. a jew to be held at the border with fellow roost and russian president vladimir persian has put his nuclear forces on high alert. he says it's in response to aggressive statements by nature and economic sanctions against moscow. the you is preparing to give ukrainian refugees, especially permission to live in the block for up to 3 years without the need to apply for asylum. many a heading to poland. same bears ravi has more from the medical border crossing the uncertainties of war, disappear briefly in such moments. the untold
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journeys of paris days spent waiting at the busiest border crossing in western ukraine. finally, the joy of re uniting with loved ones. others look on waiting for their turn for their people to turn off next for their chance at a warm embrace. but at the medical border crossing and poland, not all tears being shed are those of joy. do we have friends who will keep us here? i got my child and i get my child to the left. our husband was coal 2nd, for many of the people we met here. the thought of what they have been forced to leave behind is unspeakable. people arriving here from ukraine are often exhausted and overwhelms. but there is also
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a great sense of relief because everyone who's coming here from ukraine into poland, they know that once they are here, they will have help. they will have support and their lives are no longer in danger from russian soldiers. those getting through telephone lines so long, they are measured in kilometers and delays lasting days. system crashes forcing the few ukrainian border agents to hand write the names of displaced people trying to leave. who now number in the thousands and more are coming. people waiting and polling for friends and family, say the bureaucracy slowing things down is leaving vulnerable people, women, children, the elderly, out in the open said good. and i have a daughter and i am friends in morris, and i need to go day and i been bothering her more. do you have to go through
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their journey is not over, but margarita and honestly count themselves among the lucky few who got out. oh god, oh god. and even with a relative chaos of makeshift aid stations along the border room, i think some of them are, they are better off displaced in poland than trapped and ukraine. where events on the ground could be the beginning of a long term conflict, and many more refugees from war in europe. in basra b o 0 medical border crossing eastern poland european union sanctions against russia's central bank have now come into force earlier in an unprecedented move. the e you agree to supply weapons to ukraine? it will also provide a fighter jets diplomatic editor. james bates has more from brussels. the about turn by germany, which is now decided to send arms to ukraine, lead swiftly to a change in the european union position. european union steps up once more its
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support for ukraine, and the sanctions against the aggression aggressor. that is put in russia for the 1st time ever. the european union will finance the purchase and delivery of weapons and other equipment, a country that is under attack. this is a watershed moment that just one of a series of new tough measures announced by the you targeting not just russia, but it's key ally, bella bruce. we will target the other aggressor of this war caching as reaching your caching as regime is complicit in the vicious attack against ukraine. so we will hit location as regime with a new package of sanctions. the e u foreign ministers met later by video link to formerly endorsed the new measures that also ban russian media outlets r. t and sputnik from operating in the u countries. in recent days,
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more and more european countries of imposed bands on russian plains entering the air space. now an e u wide band is going to be put in place. the aim to further isolate russia and the government of vladimir putin. e u interior ministers of also be meeting to deal with the growing refugee crisis. they fear the total number of people fling their homes could grow to 7000000. james bay's al jazeera brussels. ok, let's take a closer look. now, the man who's become the face of ukraine's fight against russia, president below to me, the landscaping. he came to politics from an unusual background but has managed to unite his country in the war. if it zelinski was born to jewish parents in central ukraine, which was under soviet control, his father is a computer science professor. his mother was an engineer before being elected in 2019, the landscape was better known for his comedy. he was famous for playing
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a high school teacher, turned president in the series 7 of the people. the landscape was viewed as a joke candidate early in his presidential beat. but he's, but he has a law degree from keith national economic university. in 29 teams. the landscape anti corruption platform, secured him 73 percent. the presidential vote asking petro power shanker. wednesday lensky took off as his servant of the pot people party did not occupy a single parliamentary. 6 months later, they secured an absolute majority. the 1st time ukraine's post soviet history viral su is director at opens his eyes. he's a europe in eurasia program. he says the landscape background as an act is helped him to communicate effectively with people in ukraine and beyond. he was very popular and likable before he went into politics before 2019
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and he was very well known as a comedian and as an act when he lordship and parent of housing the 9. seeing that that was a big surprise. i think most of your hands are all your kind. yeah. but he was a unifying candidate of the very divided country of the time between the east and west. and i think that was the big appeal, and that's why he became that should be that he just to remind that he became a lead there of ukraine why ukraine was already in war with russia since 2014. so just say that he did and he hasn't chosen the job. i think it's not correct. he knew that he would become a leader of a nation in war. i think his transformation in the last the last few years,
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but also especially in the last 30 days is remarkable. i think his definitely keeping the morale high, it's unimaginable what's difficult time ukrainians are going through a with all the internally displaced, the people moving to the board as facing shadowing. ah, and he's been always in, in, in the view of people, the european union has closed its space to all russian aircraft, including private jets, more than a dozen countries in the you had already banned russian airlines like aero flog, since rushes invasion of you crime in retaliation, russia has been flight from several european countries. john strickland is an independent transport consultant. he says a space closure in europe political response to the war. we saw over u. k. claims as space to russian aircraft on monday,
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and it was pretty what an average of all that was going to extend to other states within the u. and indeed, possibly of course, one has also happened. it's been, it's been retaliation by russians each time western european countries kind of space to rush lines. that's been the same response by russian authorities to the use of space by european characters. the name operator received from russia is as a small number of europe in destinations and i see pans gave me to place that options for movement around you reduced it is pretty well 0 right now. so while initially they may have to on a long securities, routing is on some destinations if it weren't outright bad looking at the way around, which is more significant. european airlines who also found because it was difficult places space to those countries because non grocery carriers have the
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impact of not simply flying to russia, but really significant point to russia. headspace being closed, prohibits the use of russian a flight for many services between europe and asia. now the large number 3 flights nobody operated tickets or markets like china to japan. for example. ordinarily, that would be a significant commercial hit to those western european allies. it's significant moment, very simply because since i've heard about it, because it's ongoing large parts of asia, every main place, not least, china, china is completely closed due to commercial net. tropical passages says that the volume us do traffic is simply don't. there is a hit on revenue. they say is the latest sporting organisation today, action against russia, banning the country's flag and anthem from international matches its ordered the
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chain to compete under the title, football union of russia. faith is stopped short, though. banning the national team from the world comp qualifies associated press. sports correspondent rob harris says many free from member associations. i disappointed sanctions drunk. further, the phase rush, i can play on an international football at any level, just without the flag, without their anthem, and only known as the russian or union. or are you sanctioned that with miller, with already from the limpid world where russia has been competing as the r c due to the doping punishment? actually a punishment not would have applied as well for russia even if it qualified for the world cup. so this is now trying to put in some measures in response to those concerns off the russian invasion of ukraine. but there are concerns. this does not go far enough. countries still not wanting to play russia axle. i didn't national
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football at the moment in that statement after the meeting, the fif appeal wrote, did indicate how things could escalate in terms of that action against russia, depending on the progress of the war, rushes invasion and indeed the fact it continued as we speak this night the attack on ukraine. the decision today came from the appeal, right, which is actually made up of the confederation, presidents from the world of football. and on that we'll have included the way to present alex on the chevron who's already taken the champions league final. russia that was due to the state in st. petersburg. so he does like one of those fluid situations. but certainly this dissertation has not gone down well with it looking like actually pete has not taken the strong action that was being demanded. ah, hello are you watching 0 these are the top stories this.


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