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tv   The Listening Post  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2022 7:30am-8:00am AST

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at international football, at the moment in this statement, after the meeting, the thief, a bureau did indicate how things should escalate in terms of their action against russia, depending on the progress of the war, rushes invasion. and indeed, the fact it continues as we speak this night, the attack on ukraine. the decision today came from the fif of bureau, which is actually made up of the 6 confederation president from the world of football and on that would have included the way for president alexander chevron was already taken the champions league final off russia that was due to be stayed in saint petersburg so it does look like one of those fluid situations. but certainly this decision has not gone down well with it. look in why actually fif is not taken the strong action that was being demanded. ah, hello, you're watching out his ear and these are the top stories. this allen european
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allies are boosting their support for ukraine. as the russian assault enters a 5th day. explosions are being reported in cave, following a period of calm talks between russia and ukraine. i want you to be how texted me so that russian and ukrainian delegations could meet, i underline without any conditions. i'll say, frankly, i don't believe in the result of this meeting. but let's try so that the border with belarus or sandra, gushing because of the ocean. the man is shook. alexander lucas shanker, caught no citizen of ukraine would doubt that. i, as president, did try to stop the war when there was even just a small chance screen. despite the announcement of talks, russia has put its nuclear forces on high alert, lead to admission in western countries and not only taking unfriendly actions against our country's economy. but some top officials from nato countries have had aggressive remarks towards russia. that's why i command the minister of defense in chief of staff to put nuclear deterrence forces on high alert. thousands of
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ukrainian residents have arrived in neighboring pile, poland, and the vodka, as the russian attack intensifies, they were met by volunteers who distributed food, clothes and toys. the un refugee agency says more than 360000 people have left you crying. since the invasion began, belarus, president, alexander lucas shanker, is threatening to ask the nuclear weapons to be sent from russia after voted, saw said to have approved to change to the constitution ending the countries non nuclear status. because jenkins says he'll take the step if the west transfers nuclear weapons to poland, only the waning and the e. u has closed its a space to old russian aircraft, including private jets in retaliation. russia has been flights from several european countries as the headlines listing, post man. look at least guides died disproportionate numbers on that everest,
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leaving behind widows who struggled to survive. one hour at aisd meets the shuttle women define tradition to conquer the world's largest mountain. on al jazeera ah below armour, to gilbert and europe, the listening post where we dig into the coverage and examine how news is reported . given what is now unfolding in eastern europe and the prospect of a wider conflict between russia and the nato alliance. we are dispensing with our usual format. our starting point this week is ukraine. ah. with the last minute diplomacy failing and the prospect of an invasion, growing from likely to inevitable news outlets were relying on open source intelligence. evidence to show their audiences the build up of russian troops and armor on the border with ukraine. i know you've been studying the satellite images
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closely, the troop movements the build on monday, 5 pm. moscow. tom vladimir putin assembles his security council at the kremlin a made for t v, meaning that if nothing else produces some political theatre lately, it her yeah, yeah. you're ready to do a lot, but do it. could be a month later that in an hour long speech to the campers, brewton denies that. an independent ukraine has a right to exist roughly 48 hours later on wednesday pollutants ukrainian counterpart, the lot emitter. lensky sends out a last ditch message. he has not at the my, your machine backup. i. she's with carson i. she does naples. i mean, ultimately above the film storm. most of the ladies like any portion, it was too late. the next day, just before 5 am local time,
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putin announces what he calls a special military operation to protect russian speaking ukrainians from a potential genocide at the hands of kia. and as the scale of the invasion made itself. no, it's tragic. it's irrational. it's also ego. many analysts on both sides of the geopolitical divide, had to admit they got it wrong. a primary reason for that was the incessant spin coming out of the kremlin and the channels that control was that misinformation or was it also an underestimation of vladimir putin willingness to go to my taking us through the russian side of this global story now including cases of misinformation coming out of moscow is johanna, who's well richard, as we've reported before, this war is as much about words as it is about weapons for months as western media
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and intelligent telfer says, warned of an imminent invasion. russian news outlets dismissed at times, even parody those reports by the yacht club, you'll still fetish, renew it. i see no grain on much in your muscle yet. the she nidia. boom, beautiful by midnight. if not simply, if you were ella by the ticket piece of precious not so the table ella, she would need ceiling. fetch beryl if you would only like 2014 leading up to the integration of crimea. when reporters on the russian airways were beating the drums of war, we were seeing very little of that kind of belligerent coverage. but that will change this past week. russian propaganda kicked into gear, notably on state owned criminal, controlled news channels. task with justifying the invasion. the doctor just because he did not finish a lot of support, gave me that. that is, that's the most. if it got sam crane, i suppose by senior jason a done by some i some of the got blood will. if someone did adobe a bit, it's a bit that shows us most of the misinformation beaming out of moscow is not new.
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russia has been honing these kind of tactics for 8 years ever since its antics crimea. it is an integral part of its hybrid war strategy. i'll explain volney. russia sealed opposition figure, and part time journalist has been tracking the propaganda closely, not by choice. state control tv is the only thing he is allowed to watch now that he's behind bars of only colleagues managed to put out a series of tweaks in his name, in which he said that the invasion of ukraine and the media spectacle rounded, are designed to distract russians from the countries real issues, faltering economy and a pattern of extreme corruption at the kremlin. thanks joe. the conflict currently playing out in ukraine involves former cold war adversaries and competing versions of history. the russian president provided a glimpse into his thinking last year when the kremlin published an essay in vladimir putin's name, where he argued that russians and ukrainians are of the same slavic nation. he did
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it again this past week, questioning the very idea of ukrainian statehood, which does not go down well in kiev, washington, or at nato's headquarters in brussels. but for putin, it's all part of a new historical discourse. one that emphasizes rush of history as a great power and mythologized as the countries passed among the victims of that historical rewrite or russians themselves. the ones who have spent years researching and remembering the victims of political repression in what was the soviet union. suddenly they found themselves on the wrong side of the story, and often on the wrong side of the law. the listening post tara can offer now from moscow on the battle over historical memory in russia, ah, december 28th 2021. an abysmal year for free expression in russia comes to
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a fitting conclusion with the judge ordering the closure of the country's oldest human rights organization. no more than 30 years memorial who lived records and artifacts from joseph style in great perch. when show trial master ret, an execution touched every level of society, more of human rights center, which has also been shut down, kept track of political prisoners in russia today. assembling a vos online database of repression and brushing of what his actual address. first of all, when you covered it, what happened in court last year was that the state exposed itself. the prosecutor spun the idea that memorial does not paint the history of our country in a positive light. that a demonizes, the u. s. r as a terrorist states are mostly,
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but when we started memorial, the true scale of their oppression was absolutely hidden. memorial did a lot to open up the archives that read what is happening today, which is not just a regression, was that it is a crime against citizens of russia because citizens have the right to know their history. roslyn, you studied madero memorial. started functioning as a political organization and that really is a pity. i remember memorial when it was created at the end of the 1980s as an organization aiming to help the relatives of people who were imprisoned and to remember them. nowadays, it has become an anti russian political organization. well, kit you, school organisers behind miracles argument echo the fact of the states which has grown more defensive of russia. historical legacy. when memorial fir therapist in the late 1980 things were different, citizens was seeking out the truth about phobia state terror. and when it little
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stood in their way in 1990 my move of memorial installed death. the fall about 15 hair in moscow on a victims of political oppression in soviet russia. it was a period of laughing openness and transparency. when russians were learning about the atrocities committed under joseph thought. the decision to put a hair in labianca square with significant. we're right across the road from what was the katie brief headquarters, now home to the f. s. b, the federal security. but 30 is on some of those dark chapters from russia's path, a being a race. history is being rewritten possibly hold the glass table at the marapoo. jana asked when vladimir putin came to power. practically all the archives were closed. if the people who exercised power in russia today was a former k g, b officers or members of the foreign intelligence and the fs being,
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they are ideological supporters of the k g, b and the usaa. they want to pretend that there was a short period of repression. but in reality, the whole governance system of the soviet state was based on violence is probably a symmetrical go for that distorted law leave for the current russian leadership. the kremlin history is a tool for introducing certain miti into people's minds on what we see today is the revenge of the state security agencies which were in retreat in the early 19 ninety's were still in the state no longer wants to know the truth about itself. it builds its own history and arranges it to fit its ideological purpose. even the video logistics campaign for thank to fire rushes more heroes if playing out in popular culture and in public space. the government have champion patriotic film that lionized the military and a firm if use a full what was the level of what me?
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logger, other or glove was at a shoot the what was the shoot girls? many of the faith funded blockbuster center stollins leadership. and what is known in russia of the great patriotic wall, which is, you know, you don't course moscow is filled with tribute to historical figures. patriot insured, the survival of faith is where you can find pop up propaganda. showcasing rushes military. often. some of these murals of sponsored by historical associations run by senior officials close to the president, including before opposite the criminal. it was commissioned by the russian military historical society where my car medical define specific director. but did they are cisco army? so the victory of this soviet army in the 2nd world war, has
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a crucial role in how russians self identified. we have to hold on to some constance such as our victories during the patriotic laura, what? 1812, the 1st world war, or the great patriotic, were these allow us to feel self sufficient in this world. what we can say to are the nations we gave you freedom where we live in a world that was created by the soviet union in 1945, a youth fulls though. fisher default photograph missing from that narrative, inconvenient periods of history like august 1939. when joseph stalin and out of hitler agreed to a non aggression pat, arguably paving the way for world war that started one week later. over time, stollins, legacy one so discredited, has been rehabilitated in 2019 the survey by the nevada center on 70 percent of russia thought he had played a positive role in russian history. a lot of city,
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mcguire, people are constantly told that without style in the russians would not have on the war stallion near dilemma by the other uh, by the other. yeah. julie mart, staggoner, put in britain, has nothing else to offer russian citizens, but he cannot offer them well from prosperity. and that is why he is only offering the myths of some great periods in history and your community come. having shaped a grand historical narrative about russia's place in the world, vladimir putin now wants to protect a new national security strategy. find by bruton and 2021 says traditional russian values and historical memory are under attack and must be defended on yet young, especially for russia invaded ukraine. this, when it putin once more rebuilt his obsession with writing past wrong. by questioning, ukraine's historical right to exist. further rescue. west it is my china. i drew it up at chippewa, cumulus bureau, chevrolet,
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stella story. so he was of that was not the same needs. she was a meeting sitting here. this is caleb salesman. he said he slew by mid 1000000 of your wouldn't go with anybody. i would never have believed it 30 years ago. if someone would have told me all this would begin to repeat itself when we have not learned any worthy lessons from history. any state, any community of people often live with miss about the past. but all miss mason begins with a value with what is valuable for the group of people now leading russia to remain in power forever to consume, to occupy them. we can see that now with the revenge of speech on ukraine and to convince everyone that the state is an absolutely sacred object which cannot be encroached on in any way when you got the one political leader who may be grateful that the eyes of the new world are now trained on ukraine and not on his country would be india is no arrange remoting with elections
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either underway or looming. in some key states, modi's bought a janitor party. the b j. p. keeps playing its hindu nationalist anti muslin card. the vast majority of india news outlets are not just okay with that approach. they adopted themselves sometimes out of fear of the authorities, should they criticize moody, or because conflict sells and attracts viewers and one of the world's most competitive news markets. india likes to brand itself as the world's biggest democracy. is that really the case? true democracies have independent media outlets that hold government to account. that is not the case in the rent remote is india. ah, politics do not get much uglier than what india has to offer in 2022. this post with its stereotyping and dog whistling, showing the hanging of indian muslims promising terrorists will see no mercy is not
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the work of a radical fringe. it comes from an official account of the b j. p. the countries ruling party and was posted by its communications team in the future, right? a state that will hold an election later this year, who gerad was once home to prime minister, no wrench remoting. it is where he shake his politics, made his knee. he knew typing it community who it's clothing and then showing members of that community hanging from a news is not something that would be acceptable in any a democracy in the world. and it shouldn't be. it has become acceptable in this country and it requires a lot of work from active is to be able to take such material off social media. good job. it's mr. moore, these home state and for the handle of the ruling party, for the instagram of the ruling party, to post an image of muslim men hanging by the news. i mean, the message could not be cleared, or i said the reaction, you know,
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on my social media and even people who usually fence it does quote unquote a political even be able to completely gob smacked by this. the reactions. ok, this is our willing body. what is happening, how is this normal, how is this completely acceptable in this day? and he is, but of course we have the con, you get this guy doing a nice relation not with what's been coming out of our pradesh. u. p. is in the most populous state, more than 200000000 people live there. it is in the middle of its own state election. one that is seen as a bellwether for national elections that are 2 years away. the wrench, remote man in u. p is minister yogi had to check when this interviewer asked him about another politician, a prominent muslim, i did not use the term to describe muslims, a slur related to the islamic practice of circumcision. one that does not quite translate into english, but was extraordinarily offensive. they can schematic if there's
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a lot on the guy i got the interviewer just to carried on the word that was to somebody who was a fanatical and obstinate and because it contained the word, it refers specifically to muslims. it is not surprising that this menu, the dominant, much worse. it is not surprising either that the division holds the asking. the question which god does respond didn't react more strongly than she should have. far too many news outlets seem to have decided that it is the position that has to be grilled, not the ruling body. you see it every night on time time, new york, the topics the hashtags, the headlines. all the combativeness is directed at the opposition audio concordia, and i've done that and get, they didn't feel salsa. is that the best when we did that? and also that dana in going to be the be some during the tv news
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continues to have a confrontation in india. it says that it's no longer speaking to power. instead of just speaking on behalf of the and providing power with the platform even when facts against the rules. this interview modi did with a and i and national news agency should not have been air since it took place within 48 hours of the post opening in e t r per dash. that is a black and white breach of india is electra law investigation. modi did it anyway, and the electoral commission, as you have to be heard from the north, at one point in fact, the crime and it's still is not even looking at the direction you just don't put on and look at the gambling this region. so there is not even like a fires of this being some sort of dialogue between 2 people just tells you what this interview supposedly was all about. that interview was then so related and
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caddied by pretty much every publication in the country. no more the in the last 7 over 70 years, that has been prime minister. he has not addressed a single press conference. he has never given john this. the chance to ask him questions off the golf. now the only media appearances that he makes are well scripted television interview. so the questions are all very softball, that we can look up ok. and we haven't really seen an interview yet where anyone has ever grilled the kind minister or aust probing question. it's not for a lack of journalists or news out india's media ecosystem is the world's largest, almost 424 hour television news. tens of thousands of newspapers and websites since 2014, when the wrench remotely was 1st elected prime minister,
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the vast majority of those channels have become pro, fee j. p. modi's brand of national, and it's built on concert pitting the hindu majority against muslims. with some anti christian content thrown in, your dr. believe where peddling conflict also happens to be a winning formula in the 24 hour news. it's bad for populations, but good for rate. straight from the consensus as ronna i you has done through her reporting and you risk facing vilification, even death threats from online activists or legal investigations in court cases brought by the authorities. we contacted multiple b, j piece folks, people with questions about this story. we got nothing back, they don't, we look necessity doris for and because we have that all ecosystem, they have their own set of news anchors who have kind of already big this image of
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the restaurant media. as again, does this narrative that but there wasn't good points that i just, you know, are new york times, they're all they offer up again, doug is not even the big guy. most critical question is of the new york times has done it again. the american newspapers latest article on the pl vall, montera attack is an example of how western media misleads, read, the goal. the government has been able to successfully entered as it is in the middle class drawing rooms, while new center is all just simply thank you. what's a good that is almost the sense of insurmountable. impunity with which the government adds to the point that no amount of criticism will get to them that we don't need the independent media or we don't need the foreign media to listen to us or platform us probably could be. and maybe we won't get this guy, he talk to leave he this other was just part of our line broke up. don't get up
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little yeah. oh, india is media ecosystem has been known to feed on itself as it did in gujarat. after twitter took down that tweet for violating its rules, the b j. p said it did not intend to target muslims, that newspapers and tv channels show images of criminals. and that the caricature was based on that. that is how, what goes around in the, in the news me, the hate comes and it does so at the expense of other stories of fundamental importance that go on. we're under report stories such as how are hundreds of millions of indians going to feed themselves today? 60 percent of in the us population is dependent on 3800000000 individuals. the living attitude in not more of
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a team that i know debates on the economy. what we feel every night is islam will be up there. not hoping newport news today and on what subject they cannot, mattie, we're looking to see what's going on with and the responsibility of this falls on the free and independent media of this country. they have chosen to do what we know what the government says and the nice and it is because of them in large measure of the present and future look like. and finally, back to the ukraine story, one of the russian news channels that carried vladimir putin speech this past monday with our t. it's editor in chief, margarita simonian has been busy over seeing the channels coverage bouncing from talk. so to talk show, often showing up on other state owned news channels like row c, a one where she is
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a frequent presence on ackerman, vladimir so lovely offs program. they have attracted big audiences. and at least a few viewers in brussels at the european union who disapprove of their kind of journalism. some money on an ssl of the off have both been hit with sanctions by the e. u, which caused them. propagandists were leaving you now with a few excerpts of the kind of news coverage. brussels is talking about and we'll see you next time here listening which will food in your shop. in the morning you gosh. we stayed, you think you were in the, in the machine, the minutes? love all what the, what a with the, what's the police said he got a new solution from you of the most be if you're still with the luminous kids and let them know that you wouldn't
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show it 1st. it's an issue. you can use michelle scheduled with the venue. would love to chat with you some of the on the chat solution only give a flood pretty chat. i see which i'm going to check the ah, marsh wanted to just either south koreans vote in a presidential election, but us scandals and controversies overshadowing policies. people in power of just ears investigate that document. the program looks at the use and abuse of power. nay, to conduct the biggest military arctic exercise since the cold war with 35000 troops from 20 countries. i'm then explore the lessons learned from the global
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h i v epidemic. how does that help quite overnight and to some nation seek to and corona virus restrictions. we bring you the latest updates and development around the globe. march on a jazz ita live. busy stories of life. oh and inspiration. a series of shoot documentaries from around the wound that celebrate the human spirit against the odds for. busy algae 0 select hunted on counting the cost argentina turns to the only method arrestee. but does the from really also a talk to finance the stability pumping past into fossil fuels? will banks ever quit bonding? polluting was wilson and the poles thus, the town how
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a farm is happening to water shortage. counting the cost on al jazeera, a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on al jazeera. ah, a st battle for ukraine's 2nd says he, as russian strikes hounds the country. ah, hello, i'm im liang when this is al jazeera alive from joe ha also coming up.


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