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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2022 10:00am-10:30am AST

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to al jazeera, we do believe that the threat of an invasion of ukraine is currently the biggest threat international peace and security. we listen, we are focusing so much on the human tearing crisis that we forget the long term development. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matters on our end. ah, overnight fighting across ukrainian cities as more russian troops enter its territory. ah. but i'm having to speaker this is just a live from the also coming up. me a push for new talks to stop the fighting, even as let me put in, puts his nuclear forces on high alert. thousands of ukrainians continue to flee to
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neighboring romania and poland. taking to the streets, anti war demonstrators turn out in their 1000 cities around the world. i a russia and ukraine are preparing for talks, but the fighting is continuing across the country. a missile hit another residential building in chinese after russia shell, the northern city all night. ukraine's army says, russian forces have been shelling in almost all directions. what a demon soleski saying the next 24 hours will be crucial for the country. more than $350.00 civilians are full to been killed so far. i don't know how is alive in levine force. so general what more we hearing on the discussion around these talks,
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we don't know a lot of fine, great detail about these talks. we know that they are due to take place on monday, perhaps imminently a photograph of still photograph released by the bellows ministry of foreign affairs shows a long table was not such as empty as it stands at the moment a russian and a ukrainian delegation. preparing to sit down at that table, perhaps we understand it's taking place in the town of prepared on the border between ukraine and bella roost. now if that is the case prepared, you may recall is the ghost town at the center of the exclusions own around the channel reactor blew up. of course, tragically in 1986 the whole area. busy abandoned famous pictures around the world show the a fun fare in p, accumulating rust and cobwebs of john gone to the old dodge him cause and so on. you may remember that that is the alleged location of these talks. we don't know much about the forms or substance of the talks hello may,
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may last. what indeed may be on the table because there is no sign whatsoever of russia backing away from its key demands. the fallacy of ukraine guarantees that it will never join nato. they will want recognition of the independence of those eastern breakaway regions, perhaps including new territory up to their original constitutional boundaries. you can probably throw in crimea to that as well. russia, once you recognize the crimea, is now part of russia off to eat annex crime. here in 2014, now there is no ukrainian delegation that is going to give way on all, or probably any of those demands. so it's hard to see where any of it goes in presence. let's get on sunday, said he wasn't optimistic, but no, he would send people there to listen to what russia had to say and let no one say he didn't try to seize every opportunity that gave his way to make peace and sort of hanging rather ominously over all of this is news from bella. ruth, that a very, very quickly held referendum apparently has approve the lifting of the countries
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not nuclear status paving the way for russian nuclear weapons potentially to be deployed on beller or some soil. also, suggestions coming from us sources that as soon as monday, perhaps alexander lucas sent the bellows from the president may be preparing to throw his lot, formerly in with vladimir putin and contribute his own forces to the russian side in this war, offering perhaps the direction in which things may go taking in ballard, territory, pollution forces and so on, and also a pretty gloomy assessment of all of that is true of any science hopes of success on the russian belushi side as well. and on the fighting. jonah, you're, you're talking to us from levine in weston, ukraine. you just brings up to date on, on what's been happening there on the ground and, and elsewhere in the country. in
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terms of movement on the various front lines in this conflict, probably the biggest development is, is the ukranian side. apparently conceding that they've lost control of the town of the answer on the black sea coast. it's been heavy fighting there between buddy, i'm can saw a big port city over the course of the weekend that cement potentially a land border for russia between crime in the south and those breakaway eastern regions. that now looks as though it's probably a possible land border that's been renewed missile attacks overnight around how key the big city of the east and the capital of course have no immediate word about the extensive damage of casualties. residential building is i think you were mentioning a 150 kilometers north east of here. i was hit by missile again. no word of casualties there. but as these talks go on, a real vice like group of pressure building and being held around key of that is the key price for both sides. of course, in this conflict, satellite pick to show
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a column, a russian logistics and support column 3 and a quarter miles long, making its way from the south. possibly to complete and re enforce a ring of steel built around the capital. and as you said, the landscape, the president in ukraine telling boris johnson over night that the next 24 hours could be crucial for the direction in which this conflict goes. for the moment, jenna, how life was there in the bid? thanks. jan. ukraine's military says sunday was a particularly difficult day with substantial rushing shelling, but ukrainian forces supported by civilians are fighting back. russian troops began attacking ukraine on thursday. they came in from bel roost in the north, russia in the east and crimea in the south. and the full picture of moscow's offensive, marked in red, their russian forces entered from neighbouring bell, arose through the area around the noble nuclear plant. on the 2nd day of the
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invasion is the sight of the world's worst nuclear disaster. sporadic street fighting has been taking place in the capital key of where people have been urged to take shelter with you. quine troops have blown up several bridges to slow the progress of russian arm and columns. a u. s. president joe biden will speak to his allies on monday, following russia's decision to place its nuclear deterrent units on high alert resident that he may. putin says it is because nato has, in his words, an aggressive approach. but he's facing criticism at home for ordering the operation in ukraine. burner. smith, reports from moscow to protest in russia takes a certain amount of courage as it comes with the likelihood that you'll be detained . often violently. this is an petersburg where they were chanting no to war. yet, an independent monitoring group reported protests in 44 russian cities on sunday,
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including here and cousin and in russia's eastern city of a coast to play in your paper, depress it, is a crime by it against ukraine and against russia. you are. i think it is killing me, crane and russia. i'm outraged. i haven't slept for 3 nights. and i think we must now declare very loudly that we don't want to be killed. and we don't want any crane to be killed. these have been the 1st significant attempt at nationwide protests in almost a year since the jailing of kremlin critic, alexia valley. in moscow, the police are making it very difficult for people to try and protest any one who so much as lingers in a suspected gathering area is taken away for questioning. protesters don't worry the kremlin, but sanctions and international condemnation of the invasion of ukraine have prompted vladimir putin to put rushes to terrans forces, which include nuclear, arms on high alert, was really believe you. dec alex, as you can see,
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not only do western countries take unfriendly measures against our country in the economic dimension. i mean, there legal sanctions that everyone knows about very well. but also the top officials of lead in their 2 countries allow themselves to make aggressive statements with regard to our country. but that is why, for the defense minister and chief of the general staff to put russian army deterrence forces on high convert outward outside the kremlin at the tomb of the unknown soldier, monuments represent the losses suffered by soviet cities in world war 2. on sunday, flowers started appearing on the want, the key, but only until the police realized what was going on. in russia, there can be no visible opposition to the war on ukraine. bernard smith, al jazeera moscow, a large numbers of military convoys were seen heading towards the ukrainian border, close to concave in south west russia and zeroes. iranian read the reports from
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there. i owe her knowledge. the situation here on the russian ukrainian border is relatively calm. we're here about 15 kilometers away from the ukranian border and around 50 kilometers away from harkey city. this area was the scene of big military movement yesterday where a huge number of military convoys including armored vehicles, tanks, mythos carriers, and a lot of other military equipment were moving towards the ukraine border. some of these convoys have moved towards the south, probably to go laser to the don wasik area. some other convoys took the road behind me and went probably directly to harkey city. according to the information we have, the city of harkey has witnessed fear, sparkled with ukrainian forces, the russian ministry of defense heavens that around 500 ukrainian soldiers from the air defense units have surrendered today to the russian forces. now harkey is the 2nd largest city in ukraine and it has a big economic importance because it's the industrial center of the country are key
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from 90902934. it was also the capital of ukraine during the former soviet union era, and it will mean a lot to the russians if they manage to control the city of the you and refugee agency says 425000 people have fled ukraine. so far, p e u is preparing to give you the cranium, refugee special permission to live in the block for up to 3 years without the need to apply for asylum. many are heading to poland. zane bas robbie has more from the medical border crossing the uncertainties of war disappear briefly in such moments. untold journeys of pear days spent waiting at the busiest border crossing in western ukraine. finally, the joy of reuniting with loved ones. others look on waiting for their turn for
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their people to turn off next for their chance at a warm embrace. but at the medical border crossing and poland, not all tears being shed are those of joy. we have friends who will keep us here. i got my child and i get my child to the left. our husband was coal 2nd, for many of the people we met here. the thought of what they have been forced to leave behind is unspeakable. people arriving here from ukraine are often exhausted and overwhelms. but there is also a great sense of relief because everyone who is coming here from ukraine into poland, they know that once they are here, they will have help. they will have support and their lives are no longer in danger from russian soldiers. those getting through telephone lines so long,
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they are measured in kilometers and delays lasting days. system crashes forcing the few ukrainian border agents to hand write the names of displaced people trying to leave. who now number in the thousands and more are coming. people waiting in poland for friends and family, say the bureaucracy slowing things down is leaving vulnerable people, women, children, the elderly, out in the open and upset and scared and, and the daughter and i have friends invoice of i'm, i need to go day and i bet the bar didn't have no idea how do i go there journey is not over, but margarita anastasio count themselves among the lucky few who got out. oh god. oh god. oh, and even with a relative chaos of makeshift 8 stations along the border of them over, they are better off displaced in poland than trapped in ukraine. where events on
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the ground could be the beginning of a long term conflict. and many more refugees from war in europe. same bas robbie otis era. medical border crossing, eastern poland or the valley of the russian rouble has plummeted to a record low currency dropped 30 percent since western nations impose sanctions on russian banks including blocking some of them from the swift international payment system. conflict is also pushed brent crude oil above a $100.00 about i still had on august 8 attention on the tarmac as the e. u shots. it's asked based to russian plains and fif of bands. the russian flag and anthem from international football matches ah,
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where is the spring sun approaches? so the storms go further and further north central this latest one is going to be really between scotland and iceland. again, that's where the activity will be. is it induces something or subtly breeze up the western side of europe. so things will warm up. the still a very good show of wind to down in the balkans, bulgarian around the black sea will come to that in the 2nd. first, 3rd, this next door system running and it's bringing rain through ireland and british. charles, i would think during most of monday, but ahead of it wants will probably warn things up considering it nearby cities. not thinking paris, of course, paris goes up to about 13 degrees, which isn't huge compared with march average, but we're just getting into march now. so it's just warming up quite nicely. sizeable, this wave has some useful showers in spain and portugal that are very few left. a lot of rain, even snow on the eastern atlas match the seems likely. and the heart of all this is now circulation. the western black sea with snow shall all over the balkans caught
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a strong wind down through croatian, quite windy on the italian coast as well. warnings in both these places. in turkey, then in cyprus than in syria, you'll find the rain or snow depending on your height of sea level marches in through both monday and obviously tuesday, ah. international politics to the global pandemic. everything in between it back to poor people and here are planning to ensure the safety of women. what happened just the 15 people actually have more. why is the u. k. feel hostile to play in the mid threes? all of it join me if i take on the line with men or the misconceptions and meet the contradiction time to get up front on al jazeera. oh,
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a blog and you're watching as a reminder of our top stories this out. more explosions were reported over night in the ukraine in capital cities across the country. residential building was hit. it says as russia and ukraine are due to hold talks at the border with fellow roost. russian president vladimir putin as put his nuclear forces on high alert. he says it's in response to aggressive statement by nato and economic sanctions against moscow. more people are fleeing as russian troops and to cities in ukraine. the un refugee agency saying 425000 people have fled so far. most of crossing into poland, romania and hungry. and so not to for a brief port. yeah. he's
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a former director of planning at and they tell me join us from santander in spain. thanks for being with us. so i want to ask you, 1st of all about these reports unconfirmed at this point that bella, russian forces may be made joining up with, with the russian forces in india attack on ukraine. if, if that is the case, would that be another indication that things are not going, as well as, as the russians had planned? well, i think it's person indication that the barriers is now an integrated part of the proteins great to russia. that's not such a difference, the better a sin forces and the russian ones. so that's why seen but you are right that it might also signal that putting the, throwing everything he can basically campaign that he's meeting more resistance.
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you expected, which are the other hand, we should not celebrate too quickly. because as we know, not all the russian forces fishy, the heavy forces have yet reached. so we are not see yet the, the end of what a rush i can deliver them of punch to, to take care. so we have to be aware of this. yeah, that's, that's, that's a significant point, isn't it? that while they have encountered more resistance and they had expected from the ukranian side on paper that the russians have hugely out number. you plenty of forces in weapons. and in, in manpower, because we haven't, at this point, seen the full force of rushes army in there. have we no, we have not. and this is essentially what we are dealing with. it's a race against time president. since we ever fail to hold especially care, which is obviously the seat of power and the aim for routine to be head,
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the political regime in ukraine and all the other hand putting has to kind of quickly move and take on. it basically doesn't want to face the situation where you will have to result too much more. i would say industrial. scary means of basic power me sign attacks, which when you have a huge civilian death toll and which probably in my view will, could proven the convention of nato countries. you think that's why? well, essentially, that hasn't happened up to this point. we see? no, but what we say is, is a gradual kind of involvement of nato's truck the you not just the naked american political dimensions, but just like military. what i mean? yeah. not spent this weekend that the you will deliver both from being as well as
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capabilities, especially fighter jets to the ukrainian these base significant, anything may take time to kick in and to really deliver an operational advantage. i think it means that days of military dimension that is increasingly expanding in terms of the you and they involvement. so of course it put to where to start doing a kind of change with huge civilian best. all, i think that would be a very strong case, morally for the west nato, you to start innovating. and in terms of the political backlash that russia has gotten as a result of his actions in ukraine. and we've seen it in the sporting world in the culture world, not just economically, has the extensive it surprised you at all? no. because i think it reflects to say yes,
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ness of what patina has been doing against a very significant country in europe. so i think this is, this is proportionate in my view, but this is not going to change, put teams behavior on the ground. we are now in a different sequence where nothing, the long sequence of functions, even though it's important when the very short sequence of military advantage. and i think the question is whether we can move in quickly enough in terms of finance gear and possibly a military involvement even not on the ukrainian so you can be yes base. it can be in the black and both the seats in order to remove from critique. he's military advantage. good to talk you for bri party. thanks for being with 2nd. thank you. i'd 0 has spoken to some people who've decided to stay in the cranium. cities of kiev and cognitive, despite being surrounded by fighting laura burton,
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manly reports by an explosion on the outskirts of kith, sends a rippling fear to ukraine's capital. the situation is pretty difficult at night. we hear a constant shooting and explosion. we can occasionally so we were urged by sir, it is to stay at home in order not in order for them to see who is on the streets and perhaps to le kate and distract their diversions groups. so to day the streets of keys are empty is the shops are close to the shell and he continues actually alexi stops filming, as his daughter calls to ask him to go to a bomb shelter the further east that's been heavy fighting in the 2nd city of khaki
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if i could heard the the gunfire, so shell and again, and different sort of sounds of 3 price on this 3 people the high didn't inside this night. my new friend melissa with kids will have to go down to the shelter. i will have to go again to the underground and spend the night there. the sounds of play and laughter, which usually filled this nursery. now an unexploded grad rocket jots from the playground. and a child too scared to say where she is in ukraine. had this message, i constantly hear sirens everywhere. and there's a male voice telling. legs go to shelters, hide somewhere because there can be a wall possibly dropping truly scary. what
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a new reality on the ground. and no one knows how many more sleepless nights they'll have to endure. lore about a monthly al jazeera. just update you on a new development now rushes defense ministry has says its forces has ceased areas around a nuclear power plant. in easton ukraine, russian forces of taking over the towns of bell ganske and in honda in ukraine, south eastern port, easier region as well as the area around these appreciate nuclear power plant that coming from the russian defense ministry. the european union has closed its air space to all russian aircraft, including private jet, more than a dozen countries in the us band airlines era flight since ukraine was invaded in retaliation, russia has been flight from several european countries. john strickland is an independent transport consultant. he says restrictions with force russian airlines
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to fly for longer periods. we saw over the space to russian aircraft on monday. and it was pretty what an average of all that was going to extend to other states within the u. and indeed of a passive europe. of course, one has also happened. it's been, it's been retaliation by russians each time at western european countries close to space to russia. airlines. there's been the same response by russian authorities to the use of space by european characters. the main operator overseas from russia is and flocks having a number of europe industrial nations and i see pans gave me to place their options for movement around you reduced it. it's pretty well 0 right now. so while initially they may have to on a long securities routine on some destinations, if it was outright bad looking at the way around, which is more significant european airlines who also found because it
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was difficult place space to those countries because non grocery carriers have the impact of not simply flying to russia, but really significant point to russia. headspace being closed, prohibits the use of russian flight for many service between europe and asia. now, a large number 3 flights. nobody operated tickets or markets like china to japan. for example. ordinarily that would be a significant commercial hit to those western european allies. it's significant moment very simply because since because it's ongoing large parts of asia, romaine, not these china, china is completely closed due to commercial tropical passages says that the volume as the traffic is simply don't invest over, isn't the hit on and i read
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a google says it has disabled several functions from its map system in ukraine to protect the population. users will no longer be able to see live traffic updates, or how busy areas are as follows. elan mosques, decision to activate his falling satellite system to back up ukraine's internet. in the sporting world be, for is the latest organization to take action against russia. banning its flag and anthem from international matches its ordered the team to compete under the title of the football union of russia. beef is functional banning the national team from the world cup qualifies several countries say they will refuse though to compete against russia associated press, correspondent rob harris says many for member associations disappointed the sanctions didn't go further. the phase rush, i can play on an international football at any level just without the flag, without their anthem, and only known as the russian or union. or are you
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a sanction that with 1000000, with already from the limpid world where russia has been competing as the r c due to the doping punishment? actually a punishment would have applied as well for russia even if that qualified for the world cup. so this is now trying to put in some measures in response to those concerns off the russian invasion of ukraine. but they, they're all concerned. this does not go far enough. countries still not wanting to play russia axle. i didn't national football at the moment. ines statement after the meeting, the thief a b, or did indicate how things could escalate in terms of that action against russia, depending on the progress of the war, rushes invasion. and indeed, the fact the continued as we speak this night, the attack on ukraine. the decision today came from the appeal which actually made up the confederation president on the world of football and on that would have included the way the president alex on the chevron was already taken the champions
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league final off russia that was due to the state in st. petersburg. so he does like one of those fluid situations, but certainly this decision has not gone down well with it looking why actually faith is not taken the strong action that was being demanded. ah, this place let's get around them. now the top stories, more explosions, reported overnight in the ukrainian capital and cities across the country. residential building was hit, is comes with russia and ukraine ought to hold talks at the border with bell. ruth . russia's defense minister says its forces have seized areas near nuclear power plant in east in ukraine. it says they've taken over the towns.


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