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tv   Al Jazeera World Women In The Wind  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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o l g 0 ah with . ready ah roches accused of using controversial cluster bombs to pound ukraine 2nd city as its forces edge closer to the capitol. ah, i'm darn jordan is out as they are alive and doe also coming up reinforcing their defenses. we meet volunteers working alongside soldiers to fight back from craig. we have been in our country, we have been long falling jack gunshot. we have shown them love. i believe that the
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least it could do was to evacuate. and allegations of racism, ukraine's border with poland or some foreign citizens complained by being turned away. an old re russians faced the prospects of higher prices a sanction. see the rural promise against the dollar. ah, moscow pushed towards ukraine's capital has now entered its 6 day a russian convoy thought to be more than 60 kilometers long. they said to be advancing on keith. it's understood to be positioned north of the capitol. well, we've been getting reports of dozens of people being killed and injured in the 2nd largest city. car cave fighting has also been reported in murray. a pole and key is bracing for more. shelling declines. president vladimir zalinski is calling for no fly zone to stop moscow's bombardment and khaki. russian forces are accused of using cluster bombs. and these are banned in more than a 100 countries. more than half
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a 1000000 people have fled ukraine and international criminal court is to investigate russia's invasion of ukraine. it says there's reason to believe war crimes have been committed negotiations between the 2 countries to place the bellows border on monday, but no agreement was reached. under simmons begins, are coverage from the v. o. lethal actions speaks louder than words. this is the message russia sentences their delegates were talking with ukraine negotiators. civilians attacked in their homes over medic, ukrainian, or forces report deaths and schools of injuries in hoc heave. the attacks targeted civilian areas in and around ukraine's 2nd city. they appeared to include cluster munitions. ah, by nightfall on monday the capital key of came under heavy russian bombardment. just as the talks were winding up for the day. brave crania,
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and in the russian delegations today held the 1st round of dogs. the main aim of reach was to discuss the ceasefire and the sation of hostilities in the territory of ukraine. he just saw that the river, the negotiations lasted approximately 5 hours, during which time we went in detail through every point on the agenda. we found a few points that we can use as a prognosis about joint positions. and the most important is that we agreed to continue the process of the negotiations. the negotiations held on the bell roost ukraine boarder lasted 5 hours. there were no breakthroughs. however, the 2 sides agreed to continue talking. in a 2nd session. if anything, the fighting has worsened, shifts not before the talk started. vladimir zalinski called on the e. u to allow his country to join the block and sign that accession document while destroyed or not, he had made another defiance. let me stay more mitchell on the 5th day of the full
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scale war of russia against the people of ukraine. we stand strong, but we've lived through that much over the past days. what other people wouldn't experience and decades net. ah, in the south of ukraine where russian forces have advanced and taken the city of burg, jensen. these are civilians surrounding russian military vehicles. they shouted go home to the troops. such defiance and solidarity is seen all over ukraine. wow. it every child in every city, there is a determination, a resolve to help the war effort in any way people can. a steady stream of donated supplies for the army is being handed over to this voluntary organization in levine. it's helpers who are students don't believe russia is interested in peace. they're still fighting us. they are still launching
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their brackets there on our tertiary and the talks are going on. so i said, impossible have taught said while fighting us upstairs, donated medical supplies and drugs, all date checked, a processed and local stores ensure they meet a constant demand for soldiers, boots i and my colleagues are doing all the best here in a safe place to a collect other help from ukraine and from ukrainians and foreigners all around the world. but no matter how strong the resolve of ukrainian forces might be, these satellite images are now showing an armored column to the northwest of give and its edging closer to the capital. now, only 20 kilometers from the city center. andrew simmons, i was just 0. louise ross,
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you mentioned you claims president of call for no fly zone to stop those russian strikes. or you feel you wouldn't, you know, still got the character russian forces severely. sheldon, car, or houses were destroyed, a lot of infrastructure was strong. video has proven that the target people building up the war cry and that should be investigated in no one will ever forgive you for targeting civilians, the ballistic missiles artillery. this war has to be stopped immediately. i suggest, and i believe that the sky unable to be close to russia, nice to speak in general, joins of live now from lavette, near the border with poland jones. so just bring us up to date with a military situation. on the ground, including this huge rush and convoy outside of t e l. i mentioned at the moment the most recent news that's coming in to us is of a major ass strike on a ukrainian military base between the cities of keep the capital and car keys in
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the east. that's a base in a place called octane curve has been considerable fighting in and around october in recent days, the ukrainian side saying that 70 of its soldiers were killed in that strike apart from what has happened there. and clearly that shows that military infrastructure is still part of the russian attack, but the russian attack has widened and it is clear that in the last 24 hours they are renewing and upping the tempo their attacks on major urban centers as well. the biggest and most important, of course, the capital key of where overnight they were would appear to have been as strikes the sound of russian war planes. overhead. people reported loud explosions on the ground and it was clearly seen surface to defensive missiles, inaction, lighting up the night sky and by day. as you reporters, andrew has in his report, their satellite images show this 40 mile long russian column forming to the north
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west of the capitol. that's alma troops support logistics units, feel supplies, and so i'm ready to move on the capitol from the northwest. another column we know about also revealed by satellite satellite images continuing to move out from the south. this is part of continued efforts to try and completely and circle the capital key and enforce maximum pressure on the civilian population that and of course, also the government of presidency. lensky, the other major urban center that has been the focus of attacks in the last 24 hours. how keith again, you heard about it in andrew's report. they're appalling attacks on civilian neighborhoods to the northwest of a center of khaki. this is the 2nd largest city in ukraine. it is the biggest russian speaking city in ukraine for formally the friendly city towards russia. not any longer, the mayor, they're talking about massacre the numbers. we're now hearing. he confirms 9
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civilians killed $36.00 wounded, including a family of 2 adults and 3 children killed while they were in their car. these were indiscriminate attacks by grad rockets, including apparently the use of cluster munitions. the civilians would not a casual casualties of or this was an absolutely targeted attack and a real sign that russia is widening its tactics here, willing to target civilians as a means of subduing this country and bringing president landscape to his knees. jonah, yesterday we saw those talks between russian and ukrainian delegations on the border with better roofs. how things like that in to move on from here. do you think well, no breakthrough. certainly clearly it's better that they are talking directly to one another by some means rather than not talking to one another. at all, the delegations broke up, they went back to their capitals for consultations to talk about what was described
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by the ukranian delegate, leaving us some priority topics on which we have outlined certain decisions, no idea what those were. it is clear fundamentally, however, that the ukrainians did not get the cease fire. they wanted all the withdrawal of russian forces. there is no sign still that the russians are willing to make any concessions, a tool on any of their red lines. so really, i don't think at this moment, those talks have moved us on at all, or the agenda, how report in life are there from they've done it. thank you. well, it's russian troops move further into ukraine. many civilians are volunteering to fight alongside ukrainian soldiers and defend their towns and cities to 0. charles traffic reports now from zappa, risha and eastern ukraine. civilian volunteers help ukrainian soldiers prepare for a russian army advance. there's a growing sense of urgency in the city of zap, risha, ukrainian army says russian tank columns are less than 40 kilometers away north,
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a nauseous look only because we didn't invade them. they invaded us. he took crimea, then he took dumbass. now he's come to our city. i have children, i don't want them here giving orders some other men move equipment along freshly dug trenches on the outskirts of town. they overlooked checkpoints from positions hidden in the trees. this is one of a growing number of checkpoints around the city of zap a risha. now most of the men that you see here, a members of the civil defense forces. they are volunteers. they say that the russian army has positioned itself in the next town down this road. the men come from all walks of life cable, which he did over as i need. i wish i remember as a lanier. i used to teach math and physics at my local school, but 2 days ago the russian army took control of my town. so i signed up to fight shopper by the way. restaurants, including the local mcdonalds,
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have been donating food. pharmacies have given what medicine they can spare for the volunteers to treat the injured hazard. you are, we are here to treat emergencies, stopping, bleeding. for example. we then take them to hospital, armed volunteers prepared to be taken to positions around the city. morale is high, close by a group of men and women wait to sign on, you to fight. you don't show any casual stopper when each does randomly, i don't want my family killed. i won't allow them to march in our land. they are the occupiers, and they should be eliminated shows can yes, the law they a by the way, why if need be, i will fight, give me a weapon. i want to poison him. why? the young and old helpful bottles with petrol? yes, molotov cocktails for those who want to fight. yeah. but don't have a gun. yeah. yeah, yeah, i have a family, i can't do anything else to help them clearly, but we are honest and bright people, but the situation is dark right now. a people prepared to defend the city against
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an invader. they know is close channel, stop it. al jazeera, zappa, risha, eastern ukraine. let's come here now just here, including as economic sanctions tightened in russia will tell you which of the countries wealthiest oligarchs are feeling. the pinch and snub by the world of sport, more international events from russia, competition, mormon state. ah, this feels like representation of who i am and what i want people to remember me by markson is my get out take it is is not even just my thing is the people around like got to when i'm chatted a story about my life is going to take 50 future to do a don't so bad with the can you let you deep award winning documentary
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witness on out his era? the latest news as it breaks, authorities tell us that brutal violence like this one in the honduran capital, or just the tip of the iceberg in a far more complex security situation. we detailed coverage. this coastal village in white is one of the worst areas here in the province of ball, from around the world. things seem very normal in the city. people are still going to work or to school, the restaurant, all busy. to some, a rowboat is a mechanical reason that self driving train the apple that android today can be the ever the humanoid robust like me, will be everywhere. al jazeera documentary sniffs the lead on the weird and wonderful world of robots that learn, think clear and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i in the machine. origins of this owner,
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his serious, darkest days with one man leading the country through us, present alice out as lost legitimacy. he needs to step down. how has he retained control through over a decade of war? we examine the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? many a reason that could effect any human eyesight master of chaos on al jazeera lou . ah, welcome back to remind about top stories here at this hour. russia's drive towards
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ukraine's capital of entered a 6th day reports that dozens of people have been killed and injured in the countries. second largest city hockey graham president vladimir zalinski is calling for no fly zone to stop moscow's bombardment. russian forces are accused of using cluster bombs, which are banned in more than a 100. and it comes as a massive russian convoy estimate to be more than 60 kilometers long is said to be closing in on the key satellite images. sure, ahmed vehicles, tanks, artillery, and support vehicles position to the north the capitol. now thousands are continuing to seek refuge outside ukraine. poland sheltering more than 320000, but many migrants from africa and asia say they're being turned away at the board, up st was rob. he has met some of them. there was such an center in cordova in eastern poland a refugee crisis on an industrial scale. every person currently housed in this warehouse on the ukraine,
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poland border had their lives turned upside down. when russia invaded ukraine. the number of people forced to live like this, offers an insight into the enormous scope of this crisis. and still they keep coming bust in from the book away from the war. but now inland were here at one of the many reception centers set up on the ukraine. poland border where people have been telling us how happy and relieved they are to finally be inside poland to have crossed over the border from ukraine. that many people have also been telling us of the indignities that they have suffered on the ukrainian side of the border. people from countries in asia, africa and the middle east were living and working in ukraine when the war began. weapons of war do not discriminate. so every one ran for their lives, like foreign citizens, hoping to reach poland to contact diplomatic missions, evacuated torso, we were already lost people together to get on entity. those always laid out. so no
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further put their people 1st and us. i'll say for me it was discriminating, but i think for them it's normal because it's their country. they need to save their people. first, some of the people we spoke with said a country at war could be forgiven for putting their own people 1st. but for others, some with ukrainian families of their own. the contrast of how they were treated was to star. we understand that they need to save just it is in bed. we have been loyal to ukraine. we have been in our country, we have been lawful in january. we have shown them love, i believed that the least it could do was to evacuate us. my thought is that a refugee is a refugee interrupted, she's a human being and it doesn't matter what, what does skin color, religion political, her attitude, or whatever that is, if the record seed needs help, then we need to help the rectory. the non european refugees coming into poland, tell stories of generous strangers, giving help shelter,
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food and transport. but they also tell stories of guns being pointed at them by ukrainian troops being forced back to make way for ukrainians to get to safe havens 1st. and even in bullet tempers run high? no, you can't. so that's the way that we went out a i'm so sorry i respect you as a police officer, but what you guys are doing here, this is not the job of the county that is so in itself that they are helping refugees coming from you. great. a war as always, it seems, brings out the best and worst in people. and even if the fighting stopped soon at home on repairing the damage done to all the lives, touched by this crisis, will take much longer zane basra, the old 0 cordova eastern, pulled it up. well,
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there are fears that russia's military tactics could become more aggressive with evidence that cluster bombs are being used. these dispersed hundreds of smaller bomb let's over a large area. more than a 100 countries have signed a treaty, banning them is believed explosions and khaki on monday were caused by cluster bombs. but the weapon has already been linked to other recent attacks. and ukraine's us ambassador says russia has used a so called vacuum bomb. these are filled with high pressure explosives which absorb oxygen from the surrounding air, creating a powerful blast and rushes defense. miniature says it's nuclear missile forces. the northern pacific fleets are on enhanced combat duty, often order by president putin. we are facing a tragedy for ukraine, but also a major regional crises, potentially disastrous implications. what i was old yesterday, russian nuclear forces would put on high alert disease, a chilling development. the mere idea of a nuclear conflict is simply inconceivable. nothing can justify the use
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of nuclear weapons. for samuel romani from the university of oxford, he says, ukraine's military still appears resilient. i think that russian strategy hinged upon a very swift regime change mission a blitz into he have to change the government and that's very clearly not happening . over the course of the past 5 days, russia struggled to hold territory in car, heave, and even areas, much closer to the next territory like maria paul, which is supposed to crimea. so i absolutely believe the rush is going to expand the scope of it's at military interventions, particularly against kevin car, keith against cameron, noticing the movement of large scale up to one voice. and in deb car here, just over the past few hours, you seen rush, upgrading it's air force deployments from su, 20 fours to much more lethal f su 30 vos well, the rinney's saliva control over the skies in the areas that doubt russia has non occupied, totally and death ukrainian air force is proven to be much more resilient than many
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people have given their credit for. and now with the arrival of other weaponry, like casting grande tank missiles and a turkish drones brighter, he b choose being used against russian assets. i suspect that ukrainian military will be more resilient on around land for some time watches repeatedly warned that this is a local matter and vitamins, hoot, and even stated when the war started. that any attempt interfere by western powers will be met by a response that no one's ever seen before. but in reality, russia much like the western countries are not really willing to test article 5 and invoke the prospect of a nuclear war over ukraine by targeting western countries. so i think that the more it most likely a development that would likely follow is probably cyber attacks launch against countries that are seen. do you, particularly involved in the supplied military equipment or russians are starting to feel the financial pressure of western sanctions. the rubles sank almost 30 percent against the dollar, and that was before the us announced additional restrictions against its central
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bank. but of smith as mono from moscow. nervous about whether debit and credit cards might stop working a sanctioned bite. some russians stocking upon cash. soon they'll begin to feel the financial pain of their president's decision to invade ukraine with interest rates more than doubled 20 percent. and the rubel plunging 30 percent against the dollar . knowing that we are planning to buy flat. so for us, it is very important that we were hoping to have a certain interest rate. now it will be totally different. the only purpose, of course, i am worried anyway. first of all, the situation with the dollars unclear and what about foot prices. we are in a debt and situation. there is no way out for people. russians have been promised that central bank reserves of more than $630000000000.00 will help cushion the economy from sanctions. but much of this money is in foreign banks. sanctions will make it very difficult to get any of it back to moscow. one russian economist told al jazeera, it's a completely unprecedented situation for the central bank on friday,
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central bank head in normal reserves to be handled with your current frozen. and ellen ha is likely to be unusable as well. so this is something where nobody really can imagine what's going on. the central bank says external conditions for the russian economy have drastically changed. in a meeting about sanctions with government ministers vladimir putin described the western community as an empire of lies. russia's economy is also taking it from western firms, running for the exit b p. the biggest foreign investor here is abandoning it stake in oil firm rosin act, u. p. s. and fedex have stopped shipping services. half the passenger jet used here are least, and those contracts are being canceled, rushes political, economic, and physical isolation from the rest of the world is rapidly gathering pace. furnace smith al jazeera, moscow, and turkeys activating
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a 90 year old international treaty to prevent warships from passing through to t waterways. the 1936 montrose convention gives it authority to close the data mills and boss for straits and times of war. president, russia typo on, says the decision could prevent the crisis escalating. but dozens of volunteers from georgia are signing up to fight russian forces in ukraine. they're gathered outside the crane and embassy in tbilisi. on monday, it follows an appeal for help by ukrainian president floor miss zalinski. the georgian legion is the largest foreign parliamentary force operating in eastern ukraine. some of the wealthiest oligarchs in russia, known fabbing close ties to the kremlin, are speaking out against the war. new cray comes of the value of the rational rouble as plummeted, costing the richest billions of dollars northward manly rebels. this is through man, abramoff ich russian billionaire, an owner of premier league football club,
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chelsea, he's handed over control of the club and now has a new goal. he's accepted ukraine's requests to negotiate with russia to end the war. abramivitch has remained tight lipped about his stone. unlike from billionaire business man, once close to russian, president vladimir putin now openly criticizing its decision to wage war. although dora pascall, he's known for throwing lavish parties, a deaf off, and make your fortune from energy and allah minion. he's been sanctioned by the us since 2018 for his close ties to putin. on telegram, he caught the peace and negotiations is causing deep uneasy among rockers, elites are those who depend on access to the global financial system. and these people are the stainless and enablers and supporters of the putting regime. so on
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this, as on every other political front of, since the beginning of this unnecessary war, putin finds himself worse off, not better off. one of russia's richest men behind friedman caught for an end to the bloodshed in a letter to his london based private equity firm. and ukrainian bond businessman demetrius fear. tash is also opposing the war. he previously followed money into ukraine's campaigns. the pro russian politicians the bloomberg billionaires index shows within 24 hours at the start of war, 22 of russia's richest people for 39000000000 network. wiped out, and it's not just only got speaking out russian businessman only tinkles is the founder of one of the world's largest online banks, but has no political ties to the kremlin. he says, innocent people are dying in ukraine and that he's against the war. but opinion is
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to fight it whether this will make an impact. the business men who have an idea spoken quite openly about char visa about that need to somehow, somehow change and, and these conflict. but i don't think that it will have our direct impact on the rational policy. most of russia's political elite has stood firm with the president, but will those he broke rank put pressure on pu 10? and while others follow nor about money i'll to theorem and international supporting agencies are turning their backs on russia, the governing bodies of global and european football, a banning russian teams and all the international competitions. and olympic officials are asking other sports organizations to blacklist athletes from both russia and bella. ruth will international football? journalist gavin hamilton says, this was all inevitable. well,
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i think they please. they decided to take his turn because they are strongly in the pressure came from the players to play with the ones leading the opposition to russia. the federations responded to the, the players strength of opinions and them and see and is now responded in current. but it's, it's taken time and they will be in the criticism of christian john, the intense, you know, because he's seen as a friend of letting me post in. he enjoys the photo which we put in the other world leaders and zone the he some he's going to take a bit of flack of him for the way the hide in this thing that bounced into it really by the i see the international committee announcing a few hours earlier that they were going to lactic a ration from competing competitions. and so thesis position has been really caused by the i see. but i think there was also going international pressure on, on, speaker to act. and of course, the, the teams that were possibly going to be facing russia in the work of play off nice . the fall in sweden and the republic they refused. they said that they've refused
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to play russia in the work qualifying place next month. so that's forced the issue with the of but it's been quite a turnaround because they were with the slowest the sports organization to, to take the stand against the russian base. and if you correct all the news, of course, on our website, there it is. on your screen. the address al jazeera dot com ah, top of each other on the headlines here in al jazeera russia's pushed towards ukraine's capital as entered it's 6 bay. there are reports, dozens of people have been killed and injured. in the countries 2nd largest city car keith, russian forces are accused of using cluster bombs, which are banned in more than a 100 countries. while it comes as a huge rushing convoy, estimated to be more than 60 kilometers long is said to be advancing enclave satellite images show armored vehicles, tanks,
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artillery and support trucks positioned to the north of the capitol. ukrainian official said dozens of their soldiers have been killed in an air strike in the northeast. donahoe has latest the most recent news that's coming in to us is of a major air strike, honor ukrainian military base between the cities of he of the capital and car keys in the east. that's a base in a place called, oc t. occur, there's been considerable fighting in and around acting occur in recent days, the ukrainian side saying that 70 of its soldiers were killed in that strike. the international criminal court is to investigate russia's invasion of ukraine. it says there's reason to believe war crimes had been committed. meanwhile, negotiations between the 2 countries have taken place at the bellow, roofs border on monday, but no agreement was reached. several african countries including nigeria in south africa, say they're trying to get their citizens out of ukraine. a number of their nationals
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accused ukrainian guards of discrimination as they tried to cross the board turkeys, activating a 90 year old international treaty to prevent warships and passing through to key waterways. the 1936 montrose convention gives it all authority to close the darnell and basra straits in times of war. president, russia typo on, says the decision could prevent crisis from escalating dozens of volunteers. some georgia are signing up to fight russian forces in ukraine. they gathered outside the cranial embassy in tbilisi on monday. and the governing bodies of global and european football are banning russian teams. some all international competitions, including the 2022 world cup and the international epic committees asking sport organizers to blacklist athletes on russia and beller roofs. all right, so those are the headlines and he's continues he and al jazeera of the people in power state. you better watch the health of humanity
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is at stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health. delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments, and of vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the world and in the lab. now more than ever, the world needs w h l, making a healthier world for you. for everyone. the romania, as ancient forests are some of the most precious in europe for widespread illegal logging is destroying both the environment and people's lives. made allegations of
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corruption and violence against those working to defend this remarkable landscape. we've been to investigate. ah. the romania is blessed with the most precious forests in europe with which with the rise of illegal logging, it's getting dangerous in these vast ancient woodlands. for fool, certainly the figures are stalk 6. forest range is moved is to last altima line under further $650.00 attacked with axes, knowledge and guns. logging in romania is
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a doctor. this is where you have guns violence, cross section zones, and then killing with them both the co pay thousands was 70 percent of europe's virgin forest is fund or the scene of a desperate battle between boss has been the timber mafia and those risking that lives to protect this precious environment. if one tries to mess up with dana trace doctor forrest mafia, you get in trouble and you can even die. remain used forests disappearing fast trees, both ancient and young are harvested as an astonishing right. some of which is destined for cheap furniture in west of new york. over half of logging here is illegal. in the countries rose a full of trucks carrying timber 24 hours
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a day, 7 days a week. we have joined agent green remaining and ga, who are tracking one such lori fraud. there is no line code or the last 72 hours for their license bite. the transport is a legal call to one want to which we just did. so it, upon, it is coming and they will organize it. our old block, the truck appears to be carrying substantially more timber than had been declared if we look or the volume of the missing wood from romanian forest yearly illegally . we are talking about 20000000 cubic meters by the authorities. they only catch one percent going romania basically. you have 99 percent chances this data would and get away with it. ah,
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the wanted stage. 9 years old growth forests have changed since the end. the ice age, their variable wonderland, the time has passed by. ah, there be this example. how nature processes shape an ecosystem that on that by human all go for is have a sick factor. the composition. if this mix of old trees and young trees creat mosaic of habit that show therefore varies, each biodiversity over half of the population of best in romania, about 30 percent off the wall population. we have links, we have wildcats forest are of the say, think value, the inspirational value, the speech or value of these for us, they are fragile and they need to be protected. ah,
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the biggest player in remain is forestry. business is rome, silver which is stained and controls about 48 percent of re menus woodlands. it has been played with scandals full deal that they do a little funny things with the contract either when they sell the product, which is wood or when they buy services. so i bought up a problem and their corruption inside the tell you the door teagan, his room sill, this newly appointed director. having run their operations in early county in the east to remain here for the last decade on paper. he's the most powerful forest in the country. we asked him of our claims that there is corruption in rom, silva, north carolina capacity assets of a. did. she was one experience. i got a lot of but got a alarm,
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but they are the legal been wonderful and the financial problem. tolerance is to room so administers looking and hunting as well as nature conservation on the face of it, a conflict of interests. so little 40 dane. 2 caught efik the home. oh, she has a lot of pro but the year the don't my painted if you thought god to dollar would for room silver for 10 years. she was supposed to monitor impact on the forests of the same medic national park. but the more she drew attention to illegal logging the worse it became for her, the fear that simply not a human being would ok. ok, i'm one other piece or the integrity. talk out to the lord. god, i look when she got things came to a head when to door it was ordered to
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a remote part of the forest by the regional director. luckily, at the last minute, the driver had a change of heart. he has got pretty neat or the summer mon dorna is there today. she asked on the road race for the chicken lametre, michelle's body for some knowledge, put absolutely mika. she was going to support the shots and she no more been a canal. one thought of the story, keep them on the door for looking around for a column sent them lots of times, you know, supply chain. dora has no damage, they meant to kill her about the gabriella picardo now with the lock or ledge of the term on the cause she would feel yard tread presence on your own sealed box. not too much said of me not so it wouldn't have been the 1st time the troublesome work. as a drum silver had been dealt with in the forests. this is linton melissa.
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melissa was lived, nature in his family, looked after the fine, straight dogs for a stranger for 30 years. melissa refused to get involved in the logging stones, which he says put him on with his peers at rome. so he says, threatened him. there are many more did a 1000 ship within october to him and all me shy this position in 2018. melissa was ambushed in the forest beaten and left for dead. he showed as the hospital report. thank god it is shown. i believe she is fell not describe what you ever brought up from the store chick who for $24.00 was absent from my fees, but also for all month this onto bus for today with the plus on it. she shots, you know, speech, she forgot the age. she will also get rom,
9:42 am
silver classify the incident as an industrial accident. when, after several weeks in hospital, melissa went public about the attack, prompting media coverage. he was fired by rome silva and accused of stealing timber . that disappeared whilst he was recovering. i pulled up for him over the coast. in the shop. i still live when it, for they've been able to, to savage their distant foresters or try to defend their for it from the legal ogres. and some of them were even killed, you know, say the 2019 for a stranger living. you car was shot dead in the forest with his own gun. the latest victim. many ranges, se room. so that is part of the problem. and claim to witness widespread
9:43 am
criminality. what sort of things you witness or the cove marker, impose to close it for a while. he's a that was for the muslim muscle for the, for the commanded as of today. do people wrong? so of seeing if people do they know what's going on. i'm gonna going to go cut a shift or call that a bassoon, a lot of liter bassoon, sponsor as a. and we do our tv, select all this company she had to go. so a polish and makes the employment in order to get some money back for us. what it does on this legal chamber, the catalog into quantum. each got it on the local service, roving the gym, shrikestel and shy sofa. know what's going on. correct. of mine will cost you 50
9:44 am
pounds, industry slides have changed its name to any chance timber. after k, the recording emerged in which they admitted to not saying accepting that, paying a bonus for illegal timber they just timber, declined to be interviewed in his statement. the company said it now had an action plan for a sustainable and secure would supply chain that goes far beyond all legal requirements . and that it maintains an open and transparent dialogue with the civil society, its representatives, the company i did that it denied allegations that bring our company in connection with in the galaxies. the company has wooden, those nationwide consuming remain is forests intern astonishing speed in the county of clues we joined hoary at one of a band, a volunteer foresters who agreed to take his to
9:45 am
a site formerly known as bear valley, where we could see for ourselves the impact of a chest timber of the more than 3 years of evaluating the damage. we reached a number of 4000 big drug food with the timber that went out from here illegally. the be company that bought all the theme, but from here fire offered into the knew exactly what happened and they didn't do anything. they just made a lot of offered in it statesmen. h. s. timber contested this claim. it said there was no clear cause at all h. s. timber group in compliance with all was acquired some volumes of timber from the storm effected by the either way. the country is being stripped clean of its precious forests, and yet the secretary of state, a former senior official at rome, silver is strangely up beat lamb la, monthly cher,
9:46 am
part of that is which inflexibility, but it comes on management that i bill. i sell and good law, just that to put him put a good good that he has some template room from last year to the wilton with christine taught. yesterday she gentlemen prevent it. but still, the forests are disappearing, and there has been public outrage. government complacency, multiple examples of wrongdoing being class to the authorities. but any attempt to confront illegal logging seemed deemed to end in failure, even in the face of irrefutable evidence. in 2018 agents from romania directorate, investigating organized, trying rated h s timbers offices. the prosecutors officially stated that they are investigating a claim for managers of the cycle,
9:47 am
for the company being involved in the transactions of the legal woods and also forged auctions with from so however, inexplicably, the case was kicked into the long grass and nothing has been heard about it since despite the public outrage of the romanian authorities in theory, in practical basically nothing happens. the company enjoy to complete monopoly and remain you softwood until the strict forest code was introduced by a tough new forest, a minister in 2015. evidently, i don't want to clar, shuttling, i mean, listen out of the call and call to see if you can be good to neutral. few months, i will defeat my son. for the benefit of them. i will raise a glass suitor involved with their muscle. i'm not saying that on the shelf are good with i'm with does geo module is will not be more meaning at all. got a lock was out. good. go in from the law to my pseudo ricardo, but also lee,
9:48 am
our eve would be the 2 goals such as long as they were on. the minister also brought in a raft of measures in an attempt to close down the trade in illicit timber, which she said, incurred the roth of the forest mafia onto guzman. he said that the political cause of his scheme, but that the broken will partied the phones. yeah. few moments i'm going to was going to need to on the satellite though. how would i go to play me? not i. my physical, the minister resigned, citing ill health. only later did she reveal that she had been poisoned with near fatal doses of mercury. and yes, i am the last year cluttered in. domino but with a lot it's de la garland on. come off young. come, i would ask you, i'm contract with distributors that are system just want to coordinate. got so much water but the ministers efforts had run this occasions right across the timber
9:49 am
industry and nasa h. s timber. they were having to look further afield. and a new mill was opened in the far north of that country. there's a mill, which is very close to the border with crime, which is one of the biggest voicemails anywhere in europe vos, you can see it from spice. this thing has its own rails going into crime in order to bring the vos train. so you have these kilometer long train loaded logs and timber. coming into this back to the regular base. hatred timber there are simply 2 big ride now supplying 50 percent off their wood in mania and the other 50 percent were including auto countries of the car bases. and so for other than biologies, then specialist in ecology doesn't make a big difference because we look at the car bass, not from the country point of view, but from the ecosystem point of view,
9:50 am
the same system the but it's hard to imagine this view holding sway in the boardrooms of foreign movie, nationals, companies like furnished one another austrian timber conglomerate. his factory service chins over a 1000000 cheek meters of chip board every year. oh, nearby forests including the new tora, 2000 sides of neutral pen renewal on being illegally locked to serve is chronic spends enormous processing plant. natasha, 2000 is a network is protected areas covering europe. smith, valuable and threatened species and habits. this physician shows by activists inside the protected site shoes where trees were cut and new roads built to get the logs and it's
9:51 am
a potential death knell for the side. we filmed these 2 trunks leaving to neutral pedro new carrying illegal timber. first, the trucks go to attend the ard we have interesting, this went from that protected area to the log yard and from the yard the wood is being loaded from trucks loaded onto auto trucks. basically these log yard is functioning as a laundry for illegal woods and he's being sent to kronos bonds in celebration to be sold to furniture companies, including ikea. we asked kroner spent about these claims that the company didn't respond to a request for an interview or a statement. for each part i kia, one of the world's leading furniture retailers, insists it will cut off any supplier fine to have breached it. stringent rules on
9:52 am
sustainability, but it is easier said than done. i can only say that in a key area using about 17000000 cubic meters a year. that's quite a big amount of food. and it of course puts a lot of responsibility to toy here to really find that this food is sort of responsibly. but it would be impossible to say that there is not any single cubic meter trip. and that our supply chain that could not have a wrong could region. basically i care is the biggest consumer vote on the planet. it consumes a tree of re seconds. we will tell. and it's consuming $2000000.00 more trees every year, and it did the year before because it's growing fast. and so if you're going to save the world's forests from the consumption for timber wood products, you have to look at the biggest consumer of this word on the planet. and that's like here. and i key is very dependent on eastern europe, romania, russia, few crime. and these countries with big problems with corruption that accounts it.
9:53 am
interestingly, the biggest private forest own in romania is inc, or investment, which falls within the ikea brand group of companies. in car forest, in romania, working very hard to implement. what we believe is needed to secure legal and beyond legal requirements. it is to one of these, inc forests that thomas white's m e. p. joins lead to the european greens has come on a fact finding mission concerned, not about illegality, but environmental damage. pen to lose is another authority fans inside. as we approached the income property logs littered the roadside. the main problem i seen that forest is actually that kind of road. you see massive erosion down there . there's like dozens of cubic meters of earth,
9:54 am
and it has been spilled into the river. and that's river is on the high protection stand there down there. and if you spill all that into the river, you're effecting directly co system in the river. and that's not how we do it in the 2000 areas. this property is full of old cro forest. the key habitat which supports an abundance of flora and fauna. and just according to the forest action plan, it is the very trees which ought to be logged out as a matter of urgency. the point is also to leave some old trees for the seeds actually for spreading of the seeds. and if we look here, the big trees are completely missing and here it's not too late to save pen to lose . the plan is to extract the trees here until 2026. so there is still time. but next day, tom joins activists on a spur of remains his highest mountain mall devaney to see what the pendulum might
9:55 am
look like when the logos had finished its steep climb through another authority 1000 size. 2 2 through the mist, glimpses of ancient trees them's suggest to it must have been an extraordinary landscape. what happened, harris, that there was a complete, clear cut done on the whole mountain ridge. it makes me feel very sorry, because forests offer a huge opportunity to harvest would support biodiversity. the forest is serving us with drinking water. they're serving us with fresh air. their crucial for our society and crucial fall battle against the climate crisis. need from the act in the to scale of the devastation be fully understood. however as awful as the scenes of because you know, they term only part of the story. 2 5 this is like natasha, which just a few years ago was
9:56 am
a famous resort. the climate change remained new deforestation. so the direct impact in the past during the dry season. trees provided much needed moisture to the air, but without treat over the waters evaporated from the lake with tragic consequences . because the land is not covered by trees, the socks that needed to take it off from the wet lines, from the lake or the species this fish, microclimate disappeared in just 3 or 4 years. and if we don't act very fast, it's a disaster then we can't imagine before. but it's still much in romania that can saved. and it would be wrong to say that there is no game plan. the find of agent green has agreed to take us to the single most important
9:57 am
forest in romania. he is driving to a remote support and the government led national park where a campaign in 2019 brought will detention to illegal logging. this nation back is home of almost all existing spacious floor and phone i in europe is paradise. i would say it's the capital of by diversity in european union was in the port we find signs of fresh logging disaster. i'm disgusted and i'm angry. the government is this respecting its own legislation and the highest court decision in this nation are back in this place where we are logging should be completely stopped. and sure enough, as we leave, we pass a loading truck coming to pick up the illegal tend to those who wish to save remain
9:58 am
his forests and their endangered inhabitants. there is no rest in their fight against ineffectual governments, powerful multi nationals and the timber, marcia ah ah, now and that seasonal wind blows down the gulf as it does quite frequently during the winter. sometimes it's cold at the moment because it's warm and iraq. the wind is also quite warm. spreads out into the empty quarter and into mom has some
9:59 am
consequence. you can see with the high ground is ill color blue back through turkey as well. and even on the coast, levant, jerusalem's at 16 bay roots at 70. not extraordinary a wall nor extraordinarily cold. but there's rain up here and there are showers to south as well. that probably the zoom in to the south. iran in southern pakistan throughout tuesday, the showers will grow, give you what i hope is some welcome rains, not much. the north. you'll notice not much in afghanistan either, but there was in the growing system on existing system, which will spend a lot of rain to southern parts a took in cyprus, into syria, lebanon, possibly bit further south. obvious snow for turkey, but not including estoppel. this is an improving picture for stumble. and by take you through the 1st a, you see the snow goes into the caucasus, the some slow enough gaston, but beyond or between. it's looking fairly dry. our quick look at southern africa, madagascar and the north is still quite wet and there's showers elsewhere. the main band of rain that was edging 3030 for the north. it actuarial guinea.
10:00 am
ah ah . a military column, 64 kilometers long. russia edging closer to the outskirts of ukraine's capital. ah, hello, i'm come all santa maria here in doha, continuing coverage on al jazeera of the russia ukraine war. that is the city of her chief shells, as russian forces unleash a wave of artillery attacks on a residential.


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