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and now we understand why, because the nuclear facilities and sites are very much one of the targets for russian military. and now it's clear that that is one of the aims of this invasion . the foreign minister has also said that it is time for the united states to also remove all of its nuclear weapons from europe. and that they are ready to talk to the americans about having some kind of strategic as stability in the region, which is really very much a grave concern for the russians or i, thanks to the adults to buy their moscow. let's take you back. now i believe to warsaw or where we have the u. k. prime minister barak johnson who is speaking, let's listen it crisis and, and indeed i, we have to chose to show so many times in the last 100 years that crisis is now upon us. is 126 hours since by new britain mooney aggression. oh, cold turkey. every principals who lives behavior betweens states he's hold his
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wishing on people who ukraine fellows country. he's been bothered to been talking broad, wilkins, of loss of life. he's responsible for hundreds of civilian casualties, including growing up those children and also cause from the death of many russian and ukrainian soldiers. we must accept the room reality, that protein will continue to tighten the voice. and if you go by the sheer size and follow the bridges will machine the also always be heavily against ukrainian on forces. bah, one thing is already clear. and one prediction, the earth mateus i made last time is being proved, right? this is the nation of a free and sovereign country in tragedy. it is
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a colossal mistake. putin has lied to his people, into his troops. about how this conflict with good, he's not included in that lie. they not being welcomed to ukraine as he prophesied . then tax has not been cheered in the streets or gandhi with flowers instead. ukrainians of mounted an astonishing and tenacious resistance which was now about put into a box on kim and crockett and delayed his whole invasion because he is totally miscalculated. the nature of the conflict of the character of the people of ukraine within the hour, the passionate desire of the people of ukraine to defend their country has become more apparent. and millions of people around the world have been stirred and moved by their courage. the realities, whatever happens in the coming days or weeks,
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the ukrainian people, oh sure, only the desperate recommending will not be subdued. i spoke with almost every day to him president of the new zalinski. and when i think of the dangers and the precious physical dangers, that he must be based on mo, at his coolness under his bravery, is invisible. good humor. i think he is mobilizing the world against her. what is her? i said, in beauty, 10 days ago, russia little after 1100 hours g m t here are now to 0. come all santa maria as we continue our coverage of the russia ukraine wards, the british prime minister bars johnson in warsaw at the moment in poland. updating leadership there and now the media saying that he's been speaking to president lensky every day in ukraine. some of the other developments we can bring you up to
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date with consider the diplomatic front as well as delegates at the un human rights council walked out of the room in protest during a speech by russia's foreign minister. he was on her a video link. now this is on the ground molding 70 ukrainian soldiers killed by russians. shelling on a military base base in the northeast, according to local officials in cave blasts, could be heard and saying, look at that. on monday overnight, ukraine's president vladimir zalinski still calling for a no fly zone to stop moscow's bombardments as to some of the latest developments. let's talk about them with our senior political analyst mowing bushera. joining us from london, stay home our, our, let's talk about the you and human rights council. first of all, delegates walking out. ah, when sir gala rove spoke it, i mean it's symbolic,
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but it's still very powerful and just shows what a per i state rusher is at the moment. yes sir. on the one hand, it shows her the anger and the elimination of a number of countries taking a stand against the invasion of ukraine. and on the other hand, it shows a certain desperation. ah, that they can't do anything else. that walking out is the best they could do at this point in time. just like other things that we've seen ah, in europe today and yesterday, before. some of it is actually serious and would have to precaution the long term and terms of isolating russia. but some of it is just theatrics gammel and why? because europe, nato can't do any thing really as to what's going on on the ground in ukraine as the war grinds on. and so just to keep up appearances of doing
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something there me thing they're doing, press conferences that work, i think that walk in out there making threats and warnings and so so forth. but in real terms, the sound of tanks is silencing everything else. moment i sent a pause for a 2nd and burst johnson's taking questions and poland. and there is a journalist at the is shouting at him. i just want, i've actually hear what might be going on there. i'm glad that you, if you have to get here and i look, i just want to say that i'm acutely conscious that there is not enough that we can do a u. k. government to help in the way that you want. and i got to be honest about that, and when you talk about the, the no fly zone, as i said to vladimir a zalinski, i think a couple of times. unfortunately, the implication of, of that is that the, the, the u. k. end will be engaged in,
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in shutting down russian planes. it will be engaging, direct combat with russia. that's not something that we can do that we've, that we've envisaged. and i think the consequences of that would be truly very, very difficult to, to control. what we can do is all the things that we are doing already and providing as much help and support to ukrainians as we, as we can. and as i said to you earlier on the u. k. was the 1st european country to offer military assistance. also doing everything we can to title the economic nice around the put in regime. and we will amongst the very 1st to put that package together. and i have to tell you, i think that it will work. i think the vladimir putin venture is doomed to fail. i think that it will be extremely difficult for him to continue on the path that he
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is on. but in the meantime, as you, as you rightly say, there is going to be a period of, of suffering for the people of ukraine, of which attendant brighton alone is responsible. he's taken a decision, but i think many people around the world find absolutely explicable, as well. as an excuse arse, johnson, continuing his news conference in war. so what we're going to do in a moment is re hugh our, that video tape and just try to catch that question as a say at a corner my, i could see a very, very angry journalist, bear mountain, bashar, our senior political analyst. i think, judging by bars, johnson's response, that journalist was probably saying, what on earth are you doing? why aren't you taking more steps? and i think this speaks to what you were saying that the, the, the west nato, europe, they are still limited in what they can actually physically do. absolutely, and you couldn't, you couldn't have chosen a better sound bites. come out to underline what i was just saying earlier. it's
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kind of paradoxical in a way that the west nato europeans leaders do want to do something and they are quite angry about the fact that putin could have done what he did or is doing an ukraine. but there is little they can do about it because ukraine is not an ether. remember, i would, i would, i would wonder what they could do, even if it was a little numbered. but i'm not gonna even go into that assumption. clearly they cannot do much about it. and clearly they are trying to make different arguments. and clearly they are right in condemning, i think a, you know, an invasion or all of our, of our european countries of ukraine. what they don't talk to our about is how much the west, how much the nato, a members nudged ukraine into confronting russia. how much the incited ukraine against russia, how much they made promises to you,
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praying about this, that, and the other thing, including future membership in nato, which angered russia. so really, this is at the doorstep of moscow, this invasion, it's the responsibility of putin but the west is not exactly innocent in all of that in the lead up to this war. now when you listen to i did as we will just listening to secretary or a foreign minister lover of you would think linguistics are kansas belly that they are reason for war to what to what against that in a different another country because they are not teaching russian inserting school, which is absurd. the, the speech we've heard from love love about human rights, which russia itself, by the way, does not respect very much for its own people because it doesn't believe in it. foot in ism is not about human rights as it is understood in the west or as its
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being preached in ukraine. buddhism thinks of human rights as economic rights, security rights, not human rights as we and as it's understood in the west, in terms of the liberal freedom of speech and freedom of this and that and the other thing. so what is not being respected in russia is being preached for ukraine, which again, is a bit absurd if you will. so what we, having today is a russian foreign minister, russian spokesman, explaining the war in the most bizarre of ways. and let me just summarize in one word why it is so bizarre. it's because that's what russia stood against the last 20 years. russia has been preaching, has been lecturing the united states for 20 years. that you cannot invade them other country under the pretext of responsibility to protect under the idea that there's a human rights violation happening in that country. you cannot invade another
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country because you don't like their system of government. you cannot invade another country because they are doing this and that within their borders. because countries are sovereign. these have very long for own, for 20 years, being russia's position against american intervention. and now they are being used as a pretext to invade ukraine mowing bashar with his thoughts at this hour. and we will be back with my one a little bit later on in the day. james bass is our diplomatic editor. he is in brussels today, been moving around europe the last few days. james, something i just want to, and you may have heard me talking to my one about this just a moment ago with a journalist. what seems to be very angry journalist asking a question to borrow johnson and wolf. so let's have a little listen to that festival. i had a couple of days ago and keep my family.
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my team is in the from my team. and she that has to rush you is rated on that and she is so much afraid. she'll show hardy this is you, i was, i was born in today's food, the downtown crap. so you're talking about the slides is will be great. as you bring in women and he's going into the right deep here because all bows and me says, which are going from the sky. and even if people are desperately asking for the last to protect our sky, we are asking for the no fly zone in response digital to real world war 3. but what is that? how did you visit to observe how our children are instead of me instead of updates on protecting nate overall that nissan and bulls was that alternative?
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nope, i don't. we have place here. we have advanced system included in romania, nato has ada, please? sure. are you? great. so the children with women would come to her board, it is impossible not to go there in terms of mine. imagine crossing the border and b always to children. i'm so let's talk about race come here to the border from the polish side. let him come to the for the credit and so i can see that reason guarantees our security on the we have to move on to. so you are coming to want you to have missed it. you're not having to be because even afraid, because nato is not willing to them because maybe he's in front of a more thing that is all spotty and in children who are that taking it. you're talking about most ancient brand new stuff, but come on a little section in on them. he's children are on the ball apartments. he's
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children are back in london. what's the children are letting us in generally inventions, but always mentioned see, i don't see that. i didn't buy it that might do better and i said to be up, right, you know, to provide to rob thank you. thank you very much. right, so that happened a few moments ago, i would say ukrainian journalist there with very personal stories about how the war is being affected. and james bay is that the medicaid or no, the audio wasn't great there, but she said it and bars. johnson looked embarrassed at times there, but she said it to him, you are scared, you are afraid, and nato is too scared to actually do anything. yeah, well, she is sort of telling the truth. you could hear the pain in her voice. the call
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for more action. yes, it is in the power of the u. k, which is not a particularly big military power if it wanted to put a no fly zone in place. the u. k, with its limits today cropped could bottom that big column of russian tanks that are heading towards kiev. but what would then happen then? if the u. k, entered this war at present, prime minister johnson decided to do those things. then they chose article 5 would be invoked, would mean all of all 30 countries, including the u. s. would be at war with russia. we would then have been a drought drama if you had a war evolving nato and russia, that is world war 3. and there are nuclear weapons involved. so that is the reason that the nato powers are stopping where they are. but there are big questions about they've done until now, certainly that the ukrainians are asking they all. now, in recent days, since this all started, 126 hours, i think was,
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was said by prime minister johnson in that period, huge amounts of weaponry of being sent to you, cried the truth is that it's going to be very difficult to get those weapons from poland to the people who need them in ukraine. they've left it too late in that respect, you could argue, and it says weapons can make it to the battlefield. they could be a game changer. but there's a big question whether those weapons are going to make it to the battlefield. i think you're going to hear, perhaps not in the same in passion times you just heard from that journalist. are you going to hear very strong comment from the prime minister? johnson was just praising. he said that president zelinski had shown amazing moral courage, as well as good humour, what he's chatted with him every day throughout this crisis. while i'm at the european parliament 0 pm parliament session, which has just been called into the session, they are joining slightly the atmosphere here is an unusual one of the europe in
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parliament on the flags outside as across brussels. there's not just the flag, the ukrainian flag flying everywhere in the chamber among the european members. many of them were wearing t shirts with the ukrainian flag of their flags in the chamber. there are banners in the chain, but present soleski is going to address the european parliament. now this parliament session european parliament in this respect doesn't have power, but it is going to call for it a vote that they're going to have in a couple of hours time for ukraine to be foss track for entry into the european union. a european you members, are you to that president? i've written a letter saying that has to happen and will clearly be symbolic. it's not going to change anything with ukraine's e u membership. and even if they decided to make ukraine kinds of the country, it's very, very long, tedious process. i think what you're going to get today the europe in parliament, as we seem so much as real strong words of support at the time when the was taken
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some concrete measures come, all they haven't taken before. for example, that package of $500000000.00 of weapons that they are sending to you cry, but in terms of membership and editing further, now from here i think there is, there is not much more they can do that they haven't done already of this thing chance so the you going on more of an offensive at the moment, nato. and maybe we can just hear from jen felton. burke as well. his spoken in the last hour or so reiterating nato support. let's just have a little listen. they dollars have impulse, the severe costs on russia for it's a totally unjustified and the rector's an invasion of ukraine. and we will hold both russia and bella rush accountable for what they are doing. a nurse enabling the russian invasion of ukraine. james, it's kind of just more of the same, isn't it?
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we've imposed severe costs and we will hold russia and beller roost accountable without really taking it any further. well, and they also have a costs and the russians are certainly getting unpleasant teaching is going to fear the feel as severe costs because the sanctions and i think we could go for the started, i was a little skeptical or what they were going to get the tough sanctions policies that they'd off for, but they really are tough measures that we've never seen before. so that is tough. the other thing the russians didn't want or don't like is the expansion of nato. certainly, nato is protecting its own members that are close to russia. there are more more reinforcements of trips. the 2nd general stilton book is going on. competitive worry is now later on this afternoon to sonya. in fact, you'll be meeting with the other man. you heard the u. k. prime minister going to a stone in the u. k. happens to be the lead nation of nature in more and more
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troops and you've got the package of rapids. so there are lots of things that are being done by the nato. what more can they do beyond that to stop? and this is the big question, i don't think there is anything to stop that at bombs on cheve to stop the russian advance in ukraine, the russians clearly got bogged down. this is not gone the way they won't see it, but the russian force, the numbers involved, even if some practice fighting as hard as they might like. and we've seen those abandoned russian vehicles and other things that she and numbers are not good. a tool for the cranium president and the ukranian people, ukranian president. and i say speaking here at the europe in parliament shortly. thank you. james. bye diplomatic editor in brussel today brushes, foreign minister. we heard him speaking earlier. he accused the european union of engaging in russia, phobic behavior by supplying weapons to ukraine. delegations from the west walked
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out of the human rights council meeting in geneva during survey lab rods, comments. but those are the union ideas with a stolen with united states and its allies are creating their own new world order. as of 2014, the key of regime is waging war against its own people. the constitution of ukraine has been changed and the new nazi's that have game power there are waging real terrors should business the yes, like i live are speaking virtually there but, and maybe we'll get the pictures for later on of actually delegates walking out of the human rights council because of his comments, they're just quickly show you some pictures of the european parliament. can we take those? my pictures really quickly. glen and just show the james base was talking about this a little bit earlier. i've seen people, they are actually carrying ukrainian flags, pi cards in the light. now there will be a session of the parliament, but there is a real strong pro ukraine feeling. the james said the ukraine flag is flying
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outside there alongside the you flag absolute solidarity from the european parliament with ukraine, and will bring you that meeting of the european parliament when it happens. now let's move on to some other world news and a delegation of former u. s. defense and security official sent by joe biden has arrived in tie one capital type a visit that has been denounced by china and is taking place. says ukraine, of course is under russian invasion us officials, i. the trip shows their continued support of taiwan despite pressure from beijing. the group was welcomed by ty, ones, foreign minister, joseph woof. rough find out with us now to talk about this political and left on scott from ty pay today. i nice to have you with us and important that we always keep an eye on what is happening with the rest of the world in the context of what's happening with russia and ukraine as well. what do you make of this sort of
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visit? and i mean, obviously, beings announced by china know this quite a bit. it's something u. s. government do periodically to show their support for taiwan, especially in the context to the threat from china, which has grown in recent years. whether that's from the rhetoric that comes from china, or it's military exercises, actually you're in the or around high. why and why didn't administration center similar delegation about a year ago. so from that perspective, there's nothing unusual, of course, in the context of the invasion of ukraine. it's getting a lot of attention. and frankly, there's been ongoing public discussion with politicians and commentators back and forth on television in the media in taiwan parliament about whether or not to make comparisons between ukraine situation and the threat that taiwan faces. sorry, i've just got half an eye on some other screens here at the moment. i'm sure you
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can appreciate there's a lot going on as far as china is concerned at the moment. so china not officially denouncing what russia has done though it did abstain, didn't it from a vote at the, at the un. is there a need to almost so i'm going to use my words carefully, keep an eye on china them because while they are big things going on in russia and ukraine, there are other events which can sort of flip them to the right. and you know, something like taiwan or even hong kong, these are the sorts of things which can keep going on in the background. well, certainly there's a lot of speculation when other r, whenever there are other events that take global attention, that could be afghanistan last summer, or recent events in europe. that china would take advantage of that. whether that along the border with india, or as you pointed out in hong kong or more specifically to where i am in taiwan. i like to remind people, especially here in high pay, that whether it's the government or the military. other stakeholders here in taiwan
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after prepare for this event, you ality at all times with the people of ukraine have learned in recent days. and they really shouldn't think of it in the context of well trying to might only do something when there are some other extra will that in some other part of the world and the resources or the attention of the world is diverted from taiwan and not when china might do shopping, i don't think that's a pretty way for the government or the military of taiwan to go about preparing their national ross. always a pleasure to talk to you on, on issues concerning as your russ feingold. thank you for your time. back to you crane now, and another issue to do with this, and this is the 10s of thousands of foreign students have been trapped their following rushes invasion many been told by the governments to get out and pled to huge q that train stations the largest group of foreign students is from india,
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but 800000 of them was studying in ukraine. some of them have now made it back home . and poverty without has been seeing them arrive in new delhi, putney. think they have been talking with the sorry pop me. got interrupt you, there we go to audio problems with you there. very scratch your. you're coming from you. that pop me has been at the airport all day will morning and certainly watching some of those indian students arrived back from ukraine. ah, made interest. can we go to him? yes, i me. the truth is in a boucher because the similar situation day that a lot of nigerian students in ukraine. how the f that's going to bring them home. well, come out. there are more than 5600 nigerian students taught in the ukraine. at least
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2000 of them have crossed the borders from ukraine into neighboring countries, especially bucharest. the ambassador, i spoke to the bus with one and a half hours ago. and she said that they were expecting more, especially now that the announcement is out that nigeria will start at lifting or that you'd like to waiting. it's citizens, especially students from ukraine, from bequest from tomorrow. now she said they are running low on accommodation, hotels are filling up not only with nie jadrien or actually g s, but also ukrainian refugees and other european as well as other nationals who cross the border for safety. now she said, she's getting support from universities who are offering that campuses to accommodate some of these refugees who left ukraine on the ground. i spoke to 2 people who been displaced by the fighting. one of them was telling me that he's
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been dodging bullets, has been going bombs been here on the outskirts of care and he made it to safety. i asked him whether he's cross the border. you said he can't disclose his location for security reasons, but actually he's safe and sound and asked him again whether he is not afraid of bombs or fighting. reaching the place. he said, we live to see another student i spoke to is on his way currently, to cross the border into poland. and that's the most difficult situation for most of the refugees, because we had about 30 to 40 kilometers of cues of refugees trying to cross the border in addition to our cases of discrimination, especially ok, last the link with i did just we have in a very chip, but we've got tough mm. tall now. hopefully we can hear you this time happening. matalin utility yes,
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i am and you know, over the last few days, housing to families in the country have been struggling. trying to get in touch with children and other members of families talking ukraine, relying on news reports to get a sense of what's happening in the country and waiting for a course that brings them here at the jelly at board the arrivals dominos. but now there was fear, have come to because one student from india has been killed in shelling in park eve . now this news comes as evacuation pass picked up. hundreds of students have come back. in fact, just a couple of hours ago. hundreds of them walked to that gate. now the mood here is it's a mix of relief and exhaustion. students we spoke to said the hardest part of that journey was crossing the border. these flights are coming from neighboring countries support and, and hungry and romania. the students say they have been taking.


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