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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm AST

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oh, we need to take america to trying to bring people together trying to deal with people who could love beyond lou we are fighting for our existence for our survival, and this is the main motivation for us. an emotional ukrainian president addresses the e u parliament as he makes a strong case for membership of the block. ah, hi there, i'm can vanelle, this is angie, they're alive from dough home. also coming up. a new lead is rally behind ukraine and a special session of parliament condemning the russian invasion a walk out at the un human rights council delegates protest against the russian
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foreign ministers address a military column. 64 kilometers long. russia is edging closer to the outskirts of ukraine's capital. ah, grains president has called all european leaders to prove their support in the face of what he calls a russian owns lot. and there are signs that the conflict is widening. ukraine's parliament says bellow ocean troops have now entered its territory. these pictures show convoys moving toward the border. russian forces have been edging closer to the capital keys, a 64 kilometer long convoy of armored vehicles and artillery, and pictured a new satellite imagery released by a private american company. ah, but it's ukraine's 2nd largest city car cave that is enduring the worst violence
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for now miss ours have hit the city center president, florida resident ski is calling for urgent assistance with ha, ha! misses it was july. we are fighting for our existence for our survival, and this is the main motivation for us. but we are also fighting to be an equal member of europe. and i think that today we are showing who we are. the european union is with us, with ukraine. the european union will be stronger without ukraine. it will be lonely. we've proved our strength. we've proved that we're at least the same as you . please prove that you're with us. please prove that you're not going to let us go prove that you're really, europeans are those guy up to speed with some other developments on the diplomatic front delegates at the un human rights council. as i mentioned, walked out of the room and protest during a speech by russians, foreign minister on the ground,
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more than 70 ukrainian soldiers have been killed by russians, showering on a military base in the north east. that's according to local officials and the mayor of mary paul says that the strategic port city is under constant shelling and says, residential corridors have been shell the for 5 days straight damaging schools and houses and talks to try and find an end to the fighting. will resume on wednesday, ukrainian or russian officials met on the board with banner bruce on monday. and the discussions ended with no agreement and throwing their full support behind ukraine. major figures in the european parliament have been speaking out against russia. european councils president says that you will now have to seriously look at ukraine's request the membership. shall michelle also commend in sanctions imposed on russia. williams unless you do return or note, ladies and gentlemen, we ought to be honest about all of this. the sanctions on russia will also impose
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a cost on us, but this is a cost worth paying because this is about our values, our convictions and our common future. as for the european union to officially recognize ukraine as a candidate country, it will be up to us as the you to act in accordance with the times. it's going to be difficult. we know that there are different views in europe. the council will have to seriously look at the symbolic and political and legitimate request being made. the president of the european commission said the continents faint hangs in the balance of ukraine. she also acknowledged the anti war demonstrations in russia, noting a growing resistance against their mental ocean. the actions of the kremlin are severely damaging the long term interests of russia and its people. more and more russians understand this as well. they are marching for peace and freedom. and how does the kremlin respond to this by arresting thousands of them. but ultimately,
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the longing for peace and fries and freedom can not be silenced. there is another russia besides proteins, tanks and we extend our hand of friendship to these other russia. be a sure they have our support all foreign policy chief also spoke at the session. he's called for more unity among european nations and an efforts to put an end to the conflict. one of the lessons that you have to learn from the invasion of ukraine is done more than ever you too much to think strategically about itself. is on vitamin underworld vision not longer. a luxury is a necessity, una mas amplified his reflection on security issues and due to be on bannerman has had an important role to play. in this regard, we think we need to think about the instrument of coercion,
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retaliation and counter attack in the phased of reckless i bursaries. because of all we need to understand is that to make peace, where need to be to. but to make wall is enough to be one. this is exactly one, mr. putting is still in rush. james bases, i 1st now in brussels, james. so rel, display of unity and passionate speech is in support of ukraine. from the you today . very strong speeches from all the leaders here, but i think clearly most of the attention was on presence landscape who was speaking from his capital from his almost besieged capital. it is now directly to the chamber of the european parliament talking about the current situation on the ground, talking about the missile strikes and car keys talking about. he says russians
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targeting ukrainian children. and talking about the death toll saying that the strongest and the best in ukraine talking about the soldiers already dying in numbers. but the most important thing of his message was backing out what he did 24 hours earlier, which is writing a formal request to the european union to join the european union. that that should be fast tracked. and that is something that certainly has had some positive words where perhaps a different position that we would have been a month ago on this. the president, europe in council, charles michelle saying it's something that they need to look at. he said that the european commission needs to write an opinion on this year campaign commission being the civil service of the you and then it should go for a full discussion to the european council. the european council is the 27 members of the you when they meet together and the next summit is coming up in just over
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a week's time. in paris, i mentioned europe in commission. we then heard from the president of that civil service body level, the line. and she said at the end to her speech, the low it would take time. she said the ultimately she believed the people of ukraine belong in the european family and she means the you by that. so symbolic, i think the statements don't expect to happen anytime soon. there is actually a vote getting on right now in the european parliament. we're expecting the vote on that to come out on the, to as time the results of the vote. but even if they do go to, i mean it's probably likely they'll, but this resolution, the coals ukraine maybe member of the you. the problem doesn't actually have the power to make that happen. it's symbolic, and i think it's something that everyone is now talking about. the possibility i suppose, is that ukraine can be made account of the country relatively soon. then there are lots of boxes to take. and normally it's a process that takes quite
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a few years to meet all the criteria before you're actually allowed to join the you and james, the un human rights council has also be meeting in geneva. earlier we heard from the russian foreign minister so far as we reported people walking out during his speech about we're expecting to hear also from the us secretary of state who will make an address. what we expect from that. well i think you're going to hear the sort of similar things that you've heard from the europeans because the script here is pretty similar. they're not in any different different positions the the various members of the trans atlantic lines. so when secretary blinking speaks, i think you'll hear, i did not see ation of what has gone on in ukraine. he will talk about as it's the human rights council about the sort of tactics the putin is using. there's also questions right now whether some of these activities could amount to war crimes,
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and certainly the chief prosecutor of the international criminal court has opened an investigation into that. this will all come out. i think in that meeting of the human rights council, i'm secretary blinkin speaking. notable as you say that when the russian foreign minister, who wasn't able to travel to geneva, he was planning to go to geneva. but he couldn't get there because the space is close to his cross. when he spoke, the delegates that are actually in the room, the ambassadors, the engine, even around the human council table. most of them got up and left in protest at his speech. the events of the human rights counsel continual this week. it's a high level meeting of the human rights council which happen relatively frequently during the year. but the 1st thing they did 24 hours ago when they met was announced that we have a special session on ukraine. so that starts on thursday. so comments in the human rights council be continuing on the ongoing situation in the ongoing invasion in
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ukraine all week long. all right, james, face there for us and brussel. thank you for that. let's go to andrew simmons who live from levine near the border with poland. andrew bring us up to speed. the latest on the ground. we're hearing report said bell ocean troops may now be in ukraine also. yes, this is where we're at the i'm just sheltering at the moment after another arrayed war a very late morning, not here, but that getting a bit more frequent. now what we've heard is that russia has warned civilians and keith that if they're near any intelligence installations, military intelligence installations, or it would seem civil in the civil intelligence, which is police that they should evacuate. the clear warning is that they're going to attack buildings that relate to intelligence. the atmosphere in the capitol is getting more and more tensile over time with that army column from the north,
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which is so long. it's more than 60 kilometers long. and this front part of the column is actually now something like 15 kilometers outside the city. also advances being made from the west and the south are not at a rapid rate, as it seems. it's not clear what the, the actual forces defense forces around the city are intending to do. they've already blown bridges to hold the progress of columns, but it's a really outstanding issue now on the minds of, of everyone within cave. the atmosphere generally is one of fear because of the escalation in many areas. the latest news is that troops from bella roost are advancing over the border into ukraine. again, it's from the north of a column of 33 vehicles and along with 11 grab miss. i
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launches has been seen in an area that is quite barren, but also through a town in the north west. and again, they're heading south. this is a major development because beller roost. i had suggested that they would not actually, we is zayed like this and join russia to give a talks a chance the talks that took place on monday. but they're not really on the minds of anyone right now, because it's evident that's a better ruse is engaged in this. and the president lucas shanker is of the mind to continue with it. despite prompt reporting that he had assured every want that bell roost did not want to engage in fighting with ukraine, merely permitting russia to use its country as a base. there is hora,
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really are now at the attacks on civilian populations in hoc heave. there is also another attack on tuesday in the center of the city or where the administration, the local administration building was hit by rockets, a lot of devastation there, but no casualties. only minor injuries. remarkably because so many people was sheltering at the time. but the civilian attacks on monday were it's really, really devastating many dead and some injuries as well. considerable number of injuries, 3 children burned alive in a car according to the mare of the city. and this is meant, as president zalinski calling for action world wide, calling for the international criminal trial court to pursue crimes against humanity. allegations that has actually fallen on a sympathetic ears in the hague. they have announced that they will open up
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investigations even though the country is not a signal treat to the treaty of rome that has been applications in the past to allow the i c, c. i to have for this to be the judicial area for them to actually pursue allegations and they could apply to leave ukrainians as much as they could to the russians. so that's ongoing. furthermore, there's been a revelations that 70 ukrainian soldiers were killed in a missile attack on a base in the northeast of the country. that is probably one of the biggest losses of life so far for the ukrainians and that information coming from the ministry of defense itself. right now. yes, the president's address to the european parliament has caused a wave of support. and i hope so much pride here for the president who was at once at once on quite weak. many people rallying round this man who comes out in his
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green fatigues and gives at least 12, possibly 3 statements a day about how things are going. but the standing ovation he got in, in brussels, has really taken people back and made them feel, perhaps a little less distraught about the awful situation. this country faces and you are. 8 with her from the union today, promising more support militarily. but just logistically, in terms of actually getting military equipment where it needs to go. when you have this huge convoy of russian military equipment, as you say, very close to the capital key. if i mean, what difference in is this is this help, is this reinforce been going to make? can it get where it needs to got? whether the time frame will suit that is anybody's guess. it depends how long the ukrainian forces can hold the russian advance back. it has been hindered quite
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massively in some areas, but not all of them. so really a lot rest with the future of the capital where the keith can actually resist these advances. it's, they've had some successes in blowing bridges. and under one thing, it's for sure there's a massive civilian back up to the arm is that people are the spirit of people. it is, is alongside the, the fight for life that soldiers face. there's a fight for life for the civilians as well. you know, we've had situations where in a number of places they've actually come out and, and tried to stop ahmed columns advancing. and we've seen that in, in the southwest where there was a column coming through, according to the video that's been posted, not totally verified yet. but there's a pictures of soldiers firing into the air, a russian advance. this is,
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and people just shouting out, go home, you russians, go home. and this lasted for several will about least 1015 minutes resisting the advance of his arm a column, putting their hands on the bonnets of the vehicles and the soldiers of essay firing into the yeah, eventually it did move on. but that just gives you an example of, of what sort of resistance people are putting in here. and can they hold on in certain areas, can sir the supplies get through? they look good and tell us exactly how they would get supplies to let good all sorts of methods, some, some sort sorts of guerilla tactics. and in the way they attack the russian forces as a whole host of, of means of defense they pursue. but can they hold out over the might of the russian, therefore, russian forces and its air force? can they hold out against the backup of beller,
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russian troops coming in as well with their armory? well, that's a matter that really is just a question of fates. and time, and you're not sure what your situation is, where exactly you are. i'm wondering if you're able and i'm not sure if you've got a cameraman with you. if you're going live from your phone, if you're able to show us round a little bit, i know you said that you were sheltering during an air raid. i'm not sure if you are you able to show us where you are? what's happening there? i know there is a security aspects of this really shouldn't be filming going live anyway here. i'm afraid i can't help you with that. but what i can tell you is l d, this is a place that is not, not violence it's, it's been a sports not far from the polish border where a lot of diplomats withdrew to and still a shelter here because it's a, it's a place that has some semblance of normality and furthermore, it is also
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a city that's become the hub of the massive exodus of civilians getting out of the country. hundreds of thousands guess coming through here on the rail system in total chaos. not knowing when the next train is coming through. and in fact, the polish officials have said in the past 24 hours, more than 800000 people have crossed the border from ukraine into poland. that is extraordinary. and so as i say, these air raid sirens are not frequent compared to the rest of the country and they are to be treated obviously, seriously. people do that. but as you can imagine with that vast number of people coming through this place civilians, they can't do anything in terms of getting any shelter. they just need a train out of ukraine. absolutely high. thank you very much that i use them in their life ice in live eve the russian defense minister. 3rd,
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a sugar has denied that the military is shelling residential areas and ukraine versus get her man the russian army does not occupy ukrainian territory. it takes all measures to preserve the lives and safety of civilians. i would like to stress that strikes are carried out only on military targets and using only precision weapons where they were still in, in, in the course of military clashes. the ukrainian design does not hesitate to use civilians as human shields or multiple launch rocket systems, guns log in, kind of a martin placed in the courtyard of residential buildings in the schools and kindergartens. russia is foreign minister cues, the european union of engaging and russia, phobic behavior by supplying weapons to ukraine. delegations from the west walked out of the speech of the human rights council. but those are pretty soon, i guess, which are stolen with united states and its allies are creating their own new world order as of 2014,
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the key of regime is waging war against its own people. the constitution of ukraine has been changed and the new nazi's that have gain power there are waging real terrors. often jabari is i for us now in moscow doors. what more can you tell us about russia? apparently warning civilians and key of to evacuate will, according to the russian defense ministry, there are, are going to be targeting 2 locations in key of the 1st one being the ukrainians. special at security services. a building which is a facility that is in the heart of the capital, and it's about a, a 7 kilometers east of the u. s. embassy in key of the russian defense ministry has said that this is a warning to the civilians who live in that neighbourhood. they should evacuate as soon as possible. the 2nd location that the russians reveal that they will be targeting is the psychological operation sensor. now we don't have
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a specific location for that, but to at they have said that these are obviously buildings that are located in civilian neighborhoods within the city and they are urging people who live nearby to evacuate. now it's not clear when these strikes will take place, but the defense ministry has said that they will be precision strikes and so they will do their best to avoid civilian casualties. but that is, of course, not a guarantee. what is significant is that the, this is the 1st time that we've had any kind of warning from the russian defense ministry about a operation that is going to take place. they have never warned the civilian population in the past 6 days since their invasion to craig began. this is the 1st time that the defense ministry has shared this information. now, according to the russians, they are targeting these facilities because a, there has been a number of cyber attacks on various m, russian entities,
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including the kremlin, the ministry of foreign affairs, at the fence ministry as well as russian media outlets and also the country's railway stations. so they feel like there is a cyber war ongoing and they want to take out the source of word these attacks are coming from inside ukraine. and also one more have we heard in terms of a potential another, a 2nd round of, of talks between russian and ukrainian representatives to morrow. well, according to the russian news agencies, this 2nd round of talks will take place in belarus. the location has not been specified. the 1st round was of course, her held on monday, near the bell, russian ukrainian border and various officials from both sides were present. at this time they said that they are, the russians have said they wanted continue talks and we understand that they kremlin is also behind this. and they said that the president vladimir putin has
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been brief about the progress of the talks that have been ongoing. initially there was a lot of skepticism and there still is about whether or not they will be able to achieve anything. but i think everybody agrees that it's better to have direct talks between the 2 sides that are i at war with each other instead of not having any kind of dialogue the kremlin for the 1st time as well, acknowledged that they are do recognize that lottery are zalinski is the legitimate president of ukraine. we have heard in the past from the russian president that he was questioning. zalinski is authority and legitimacy saying that he's not a true leader of the country because it doesn't represent these hard population. even though he was elected with an overwhelming majority in 2019. so a slight change in the tone coming from the kremlin. possibly a way forward for these talks actually make some kind of a difference or i for now. thank you for that dosage. barry, there in moscow,
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trains are some of the only means for people to escape ukraine. his bus routes are closed because of the fighting. how that de la visited a station, anthony pro, in eastern ukraine, as locals, try to flee. the heart wrenching good buys loved ones, not knowing when they will unite again. women and children heading west to relative safety, often leaving men behind males between the age of 18 to 60, and not allowed to leave the country in these times of war. among them, foreigners also trying to get out. joseph is a medical student from ghana he arrived in did me pro less than a year ago, hoping to one day become a heart surgeon. now he just hoped to reach any border there. the 3rd time i've
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been at the train station, i missed the 1st and the 2nd one. while the struggle was tough because i'm returning home, rush into words. and then the 1st time i got into the train, i was literally suffocates. and so i had to get down because it was super overcrowded. so that does, how can we stayed? so this time, train rise of a free, but it's on a 1st come 1st serve basis said no one is guaranteed to leave without a long wait here at the bus station there only a few rides available and that's only to the surrounding villages. otherwise, there are no buses any more because it, the destinations are either out of reach order road is too dangerous. so people like for me and rose, now need to find another way to get out of the city. both our students from nigeria, they continued attending classes until the 1st day of russia's assault on new cray
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. reaching the decision to go was not easy. i witnessed the force towards his own on 14th last. it was, bruce always was by, which was why i absolutely g for the offensive medication. so now i just made a pre, i struggle to come back to finish my fine. i aint every. so now i'm like 3 months to rise in my finance and is up to you. so it's kind of a difficult decision for your c o noise coming. lim, gospel, bassinger, 80 young person you. they are trying to reach the romanian border with no bus inside their head back to the train station ah, only to find themselves rushing to the shelter among hundreds of ukrainians under move. this family fled to the nets region, a head of another possible peak over by the russian back separatist. they're trying
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to calm down jeannie and worried of the long trek ahead. meanwhile, rosen sumi a looking into other options to evacuate. so not to day. uh no, nothing tomorrow and next me, but for now, they like many others, we'll have to return home. hoping to morrow is a better day. hood added hamid al jazeera, didn't he pro, in the eastern ukraine, many ukrainians, a stock in their homes as rush and strike stabber se cities and villages stephanie deck and take a look at what life's been like for some of them. enough enough, she pleads in washing hulu. the kremlin says its forces are only targeting military installations, but in war there are no such clear lines. this is the result of russian shelling on the region of the next homes have been destroyed,
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wald it's freezing. nothing, make sense? but you will notice nucleus fossa, much more dusky. why is nobody saving us? is but why is it like he have city district? his cursed everything has been abandoned here. they were firing at us, but we didn't hear a single shot in that direction. who is protecting us yet because we vladimir poo jones war has entered homes and turned lives upside down. this maternity ward has been moved to a bomb shelter in the city of khaki, but has come under heavy attack. for these new mothers, these are uncertain and terrifying times above ground. people have been documenting the damage on their mobile phones west of the capital cave. what was once an ordinary part of daily life is no more.


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