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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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to put profits before people ah, due to water cost time of pundents coming soon on august. ah who. ready caves main tv tow a comes on to russian bombardment as a long military convoy drives to words, ukraine's capital on ukraine's 2nd biggest city coach davis hits again, including residential areas. ah, and i why money inside this is out there a line from joe hall with continuing coverage of the russia ukraine. will russian
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foreign minister again love rob defends the invasion during a speech to the un that prompted a whoop out by diplomats stock slide and oil prices such due to invest a fee is about the impact of aggressive sanctions against russia on the wars among several pressing issues weighing on us president joe biden, who will soon deliver his fuss state of the union address. ah, russia is intensifying it's bombardment of urban areas in ukraine hitting a tv town in kiev. and launching more attacks on the countries 2nd largest city. speaking from heavily guarded compound and the capital president laudermill lensky said, russia must stop bombing people if peace talks ought to make any headway. equipment in those says it's operation will continue until it's goals a met, defined by president vladimir putin as disarming ukraine,
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6 days into the invasion. this is where things currently stand. the area is shaded . red are now controlled by russia, an allied separatists in the east of the country. as we mentioned, ukraine's 2nd largest city khaki is coming on the face bombardment to the south. the port city of matter pole is under what's described as constant shilling, north of kia a russian alma. an artillery have always have been building up. john hall begins coverage from live in west and ukraine. russia has widened the scope of its war on ukraine. a suspected cruise missile hit the local administration building in freedom square, no less. in the center of the eastern city of her cave. holmes regularly come under fire now to this is an apartment building in the black sea port city of her song. and this hockey again. oh yes, how bad you think of it?
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if the, the russian liberators have come? the man shouts in the aftermath of tuesday's missiles strike, president followed him at zelinski, addressing the european union called it the price of freedom this morning. temper is miss isles, hit this, the freedom square, dozens of chill ones. this is the price afraid of the translators, struggles to contain his emotion. what am we're fighting? the fleas, just for our lad. and for our freedom, 70 ukrainian soldiers died when a military base was targeted by heavy artillery in october. but the veil has fallen from russia's claims that it's carrying out a special operation aimed purely at military targets. civilians are increasingly fair game and as night fell, ha keefe came under heavy attack again.
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a change of tactics, a possible consequence of russia's slow moving advance on the ground. satellite imagery shows a column of artillery and armour, logistics, and support units more than 60 kilometers long bearing down on the capital key of from the north. another is advancing from the south. the aim to encircle the capital, intimidate the civilian population, and force the surrender of ukraine's government. western intelligence points to poor communications and frequent mechanical breakdowns. there's a dog, good ukrainian resistance as well captured, russian soldiers are said to have been told that they'd be welcomed as liberators. this is how people actually feel at the heart of it all in the capital key of attacks have resumed, including on the main television transmitter,
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cutting public broadcasts, people already eking out an existence in conditions of unimaginable stress. know that worse is to come. and the scramble to leave the city on the few exit roots still available is growing more desperate by the our little bit deposited. fighting has not yet come to the western city of believe, but they'll be ready for it if it does. civil defense units are formed all over the country and basic training and weapons handling is available for anyone that wants it. they know the time may come when they'll have to fight the russians themselves for control of their streets. the government says it believes grutter is deliberately shelling cities including residential areas and civilian infrastructure and the goal. it says to create mass panic and civilian casualties. but one thing you don't sense here, he's panic. instead,
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the steely determination of ukrainian civilians to resist and fight back the we want to study. we don't want to be afraid of the word. the young in ukraine students multicultural, multilingual, joined the chorus for peace on bright minds whose ideals until the week ago was still intact and whose hopes and hogs, now broken, or others who are stuck. jona whole al jazeera leave the or hear all some of the latest pictures from concave in the east of the country where shelling house continued into the night. but she has been heavy artillery fire in residential neighborhoods with civilian buildings hit as well as the city's main square. reclining force is still controlled, concave and the coastal cities of cason and mateo pole. the case defense ministry
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says all 3 on now and suckled by russian forces. meanwhile, the russian foreign minister seagate lovegrove told a un disarmament meeting in geneva that ukraine had been seeking nuclear weapons. he provided no evidence of this though, and as a lover of spoke via video link, the support of his country's invasion, dozens of diplomats walked out in protest. bravo 0. that would assume that is with us to live with united states and its allies are creating their own new world order as of 2014, the key of regime is waging war against its own people. the constitution of ukraine has been changed and the new nazi's that have gained power there are waging real terror. or earlier we saw part of an emotional speech by ukrainians, president to the european parliament on diplomatic edison james bay's report. on what else volunteers, lensky said a day off to making an official request to join the e u. the european parliament,
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a strong show of support for the people of ukraine. this chamber with many parliamentarians wearing the ukrainian colors was addressed by video link from keith by president zalinski. he had one clear request. ah ha, we're almost as of july, we are fighting for our existence for our survival. and this is the main motivation for us. but we are also fighting to be an equal member of europe. and i think that today we are showing who we are. the european union is with us, with ukraine. the european union will be stronger without ukraine. it will be lonely. we've proved our strength. we've proved that we're at least the same as you please prove that you're with us. please prove that you're not going to let us go prove that you're really, europeans would. there was strong combination of president who transactions in hulu
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for to lee. you considers illegal, your charlie and up horrid. it's not only you train that's in the attach. international law or spirit international order. democracy, human dignity are also attach. this is joe political, terrorism, pure and simple. the president of the european commission then spoke about the possibility of ukraine joining the european union today. the european union and ukraine are already closer than ever before. there's still a long pass ahead. we have to end this war and we should talk about the next steps . but i am sure nobody in this hemi cycle can doubt that the people that stands up so bravely for our european values belongs in our european family. at the end of the session,
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the parliament voted overwhelmingly to call on the you institutions to work towards granting ukraine candidate status. but the vote is purely symbolic. it's the european council, the 27 member nations who make the final decision. and then there's a long drawn out process to qualify to become a member of the size of the vote. $637.00 out of $676.00 though an indication of the level of feeling in support of ukraine. here james bays al jazeera of the european parliament in brussels. the war and ukraine and heavy sanctions imposed against russia in response are throwing financial markets into turmoil. gabriel allison derek tells us more from new york us stocks again falling on tuesday given the uncertainty of the conflict between russia and ukraine. on tuesday, the dow dropped 700 points about 2 point one percent,
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s and p 500 about 1.9 percent and the nasdaq dropped to percent as well. but oil prices are going up while they reached over a $100.00 a barrel for the 1st time in about 7 or 8 years. some analysts are pointing to about $125.00 a barrel, is where oil could get to. the longer this conflict goes on right now, it's about at a 100, a $1607.00 a barrel. commodity prices are also being effected, particularly wheat, russia and ukraine account for about 29 percent of all of the wheat exports in the world. and wheat has jumped up about 5 percent to its highest price in many years as well. this is all part of worries of potential shortages of both oil, certain commodities such as wheat as well. and that is why you're seeing these prices
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go up, but the bottom line is the markets are continued to not react well to the current conflict. as investors seem to be saying that they get the sense it is going to be going on a very long time. and that does not bode well for the global economy or the global markets. and russia, of course, plays a significant role in global energy markets as the 3rd largest oil producer and exports some 5000000 barrels of crude. today that amounts to about 12 percent, the wells oil trade, most of it is about 60 percent goes to europe and the 20 percent goes to china will say, fought the u. s. on european sanctions have not bought oil or gas exports, and they are exceptions for transactions to pay for it. as b to josh young, he is chief investment officer with the san investments he joined us on skype from houston many thanks for joining the program. now we know markets hate uncertainty,
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so it's not so surprising that we would see these falls in the markets, given all these geo political concerns. are you surprised though by the size of the falls? yeah, i think i think there might be a lot more to come. i think there is a lot of uncertainty in the market and, you know, i think equity markets in general were overvalued, coming into this. and so i think there's a lot of room for markets to fall further. when you look at fundamentals, especially in the u. s. economy, things, apps not looking so bad. we've had good job numbers, growth numbers. so again, i asked is, this is this short term volatility? or how long do you expect us to go on? i think it depends on how high oil prices go and how much the oil trade and fertilizer and food trades get disrupted by this war. obviously, the war itself is tragic. but from a economic perspective,
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if we see prices continue to move, how they've been moving in the last few days. and if we see strong fundamentals like you're referencing for the broader economy in the u. s. and around most of the world, we could continue to be in an under supply situation, which is very inflationary and could ultimately negatively affect the economy as well as the stock market. ok, good point. so you talked about oil and topping $100.00 for the 1st time in more than 7 years. this is despite the international energy agency agreeing to release the 60000000 barrels of oil from their strategic reserves. that message, the market seems to think that's not enough. yes. so actually the last time i spoke with you guys was around the last few to petroleum reserve release. and my point was there that it was inappropriate of that time. it's more appropriate now given the potential supply disruption, but it doesn't mean what people think it means. and most of the time where there's
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been a release from the st. petroleum reserve. we've actually seen higher oil prices after and not lower, so i guess it shouldn't be such a surprise. the biggest surprise was just how much oil moved in response to the announcement. today, apple joined a number of companies to say would be restricting it services in russia. what do you seeing from invest a point of view? i'm more people diverting from russian stocks, russian investments. so i'm most focused on oil and gas companies and we're seeing the oil majors run from their russian operations. and on one hand, i understand and what russia is doing from us perspective is terrible, but as fiduciary as to their shareholders. it seems inappropriate to dump asked us that they're not even really actively managing wall. they're getting pennies on the dollar for them. so yeah, i've seen different corporations kind of virtue signal through announcements like what you're describing with apple. but actually for as an investor,
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it's horrifying and really concerning that management teams would virtually signal at the cost of their shareholders. and the sanctions that we've seen against russia announced recently they all resemble old school capital controls. has this come as a shock to companies and traders who of course become accustomed to moving hundreds of millions of dollars across the board as quickly. yeah, i mean it's really disruptive. it's a great point. we're already seeing, even though of formally oil isn't being sanctioned. so far, we're already seeing, i think i saw $15.00 differential for russian oil production. so if you're trying to sell russian oil, if you can sell it, you're getting $15.00 a barrel discounted versus whatever the posted price is for oil. so we're seeing it already in the market. it's obviously very hard to transact where you're able to transact. and this is really just wrapped in global flows and i think is partly why . well, prices haven't moved up so much so quickly. interesting to get your take. josh
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young chief investment officer with bison investment. speaking to staff from houston, a canada says it's reviewing the local holdings of russian. oligarchs, as it considers new sanctions. russian companies are also in canada sites with the government warning all options out on the table. canada's deputy prime minister says the g 7 will impose further sanctions on moscow for its invasion of ukraine in the coming days. more now in the fighting going on in easton ukraine, and the civilian homes being hit out as there is a mean to gummy isn't done yet. oh sure, the, the thought this is key of sky district which has witnessed a new bombardment last night at the, at the district is located north of the city of dynette can is not far from the front line between the separatist forces and the ukrainian army. leyland, the bombing targeted this house as you can see. but you may also see the extent of the damage caused to this house and its 3 floors. ah,
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the facade of the house was destroyed. as you can see, the non the separatist said that 152 millimeter shells were used in bombing the district. it also reported that 2 civilians were wounded in this body of the ha ha kiff sky district is targeted daily with grad missiles, according to the separatist o, and therefore, is considered one of the unsafe neighborhoods in the vicinity of dennis got bony, we moved to the center, which is dedicated to collect donations for the separatist internets about royal people here bring what they can they collect medicines, food stuffs, blankets, clothes, and so on and on. yes, as you can see, this is t, this is coffee, soap and other materials used and personal hygiene and necessary medicines law. the separate to say that these donations show solidarity of the residents of the separatist controlled areas are yellow to support the fighters. such as solidarity is according to the separatist gaining momentum. since the launch of the military operations end up taking more areas from the ukrainian or i am as even min hell monarchical hug. ah, well,
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as the war escalates you as president joe biden will deliver his fuss state of the union address. he's always confronted aia stole legislative agenda at home, along with rising inflation and cost the lingering pandemic. as katie, our white house correspondent, can they help? who's on capitol hill? so an important speech for president biden. what are we expecting? al, we know that the conflict in ukraine that russian invasion of ukraine is definitely going to be one of the topics that the u. s. president will be addressing. in fact, we've already got some excerpts from the white house of what the president we'll talk about, and we know that the ghost president is going to hit it hard, is going to talk about how this is a premeditated attack that it was unprovoked. he's going to talk about when dictators do when they attack, when they do not pay a price for aggression, they cause more chaos in the threats to the world. keep rising and he's also going
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to talk about foreign policy is also going to talk about some of the challenges here in the united states. because of course, the state of the union address could also and largely focuses on domestic issues. so he's going to talk about how he intends to fight inflation. one of the big problems facing ordinary americans and his prescription for fighting all of that. and to that end i want to bring in one of our familiar faces on al jazeera. that is steve clemens, host of the bottom line. come on here, steve. a little bit about some of the things the president is going to talk about making sure you are running you, you would have thought, great to have you here. let's talk 1st a little bit about the conflict in ukraine because we know that this is obviously something that detracts from the president's domestic agenda as much as he wants to focus on those domestic issues. this seems to keep taking away his attention. how much of a problem is that for the president on to that end? i really what is the challenge for the president when it comes to convincing the
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american people that this is a cause worth fighting for? it's a tough one for the president because americans already before ukraine before vladimir putin feel a lot of anxiety about their place in the world about what's going on at home high inflation cove, it all sorts of strife inside the country. and now we've got a report and taking this bold move, invading another country in a way we haven't seen in a significant way in over nearly 80 years. that that is making america feel like, who are we in the world? are we not intimidating anymore? just this our view, not matter. and so i think joe biden hasn't the challenge to nights, which is to tell americans. america is always a work in progress. but right now it's even more worker. we're going to have a, an inflection point in america's role in the world at restoring and revitalizing our alliances against a global thug and murderer. and that is going to be the message on one part of it. but he's got to assure them that things are somehow going to get better at home.
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and that's going to be a tough, tough thing to do. and we understand the president is going to deliver the message to the american public. that democracy will prevail. do you think americans are going to a, by that message and how can the president kind of reassure that? how does he have the confidence that bad is something that he can deliver with his partners and ally? he's gonna have to seduce them into thinking that he's got a real understanding that democracy can be tweaked to deliver. because a lot of americans, you may significant portion of them. feel like their jobs were shipped off the asia while they fought the cold war. they feel as if they'd been part of the portion of the population that has been demeaned, as you know, liberals in new york, you know, got richer and richer from their perspective. and so joe biden's got to deliver a message that all americans can win because we have democracy and it's just not words that they can feel it in their pocket book in their way of life, in what happens with their children's futures. and right now,
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that's wobbly. in america, americans are in a sour mood. we see it in the polls, reflected the polls jo biden's approval has been steadily going down where downward throughout this year. as he focuses on his prescription for rebuilding the middle class. something he promised to do, he's going to talk about tackling the inflation. that's been the worst and 40 years . do you think he's going to convince americans that his agenda is the right? why? a lot of america look, he won the election and he won it by selling himself as scranton joe, as a guy firmly entranced with the one, with the working middle class in this country, that one who was fired a better things than the eyes of many americans particularly independence, they saw him get captured by what they perceived to be the political left and wrapped up in environmental agendas and social agendas that the, as our dec continue to call, that many americans felt like, wow, that's not me, that's not the joe biden. i voted for, so if he is going to succeed tonight,
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he's got to show these committed to resurrecting the joe biden that america voted for. that's why his numbers are so low because they do not see scranton joe in front of them right now. and of course, that big challenge has been the fact that so much miss agenda has been overshadowed 1st by coven 19. and now of course, the conflict in ukraine health. absolutely. and talking to steve langley, great to see you. thank you so much. of course, hosted a familiar face here on al jazeera and we stay with al jazeera as we continue to talk about the state of the union, we will be highlighting a number of the issues that joe biden will be discussing. and not only is he going to be talking about building a better america, but he will also be highlighting his vision for america, what it will look like moving forward, including highlighting and really taking note of something that got overshadowed last week because of the conflict in ukraine and that is his historic appointment to the supreme court. as the 1st african american woman could tangy round jackson. this is something that still has to be approved by the u. s. senate and we expect
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that that will also be something that he will note in his state of the union address. for now we'll throw it back to the money. thanks for that white house correspond, kim to help get that for us. or president biden has mostly avoided addressing the issue of immigration and the southern us border over the past year. despite having condemned trauma hoss rhetoric and tactics against migrant critics say. the bought and administration has done little to change things. let's go to heidi joe castro, who's in macallan, texas, which is on the mexican border. so, what are we expecting president biden to say about immigration in the states of union address? well mainly and i would wager that he makes very little if any mention of the situation here on the border, of course, as you rightly pointed out by it and had made some big promises when he took office
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saying that he would not only control this border from unauthorized crossings, but that he would also do so in a humanitarian way. well now he said criticisms from both liberals and conservatives saying that he has failed them both friends. in january on the southern water, we saw a $150000.00 plus encounters between us border patrol and migrants, which is more than double the same time last year. and as far as having a humanitarian approach, well, the vast majority of those migrants were expelled directly back to mexico. and those those few who are still willing to take the risk of trying to come to the us any way across the border. they are putting themselves in greater danger before sunrise is when most migrants crossed from mexico to the united states. here in the rio grande valley of texas, they hope the darkness gives cover as they move north. but these children from
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central america are cold and alone. they've turned themselves in to a us border patrol agent. his truck is full of others, so he uses the heat from his engine to warm them. right now is the perfect time for them to be crossing people. because all of this it's, it's nothing but wooded area. sergeant who l. v. areas with the la jolla. police department takes us on his morning patrol. he says fewer people crossed the rio grande river now because it's winter. but over the last year, border patrol agents reported encountering migrants $1600000.00 times along the southern border shattering previous records. we had never seen numbers like that ever before. in the past, officers and agents were encountering hundreds and hundreds of people in it every hour. people hoping to escape poverty and game violence in their home countries. many came thinking america's new president would help them. when joe biden took
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office, he promised to reverse the harsh border policies of his predecessor, donald trump biden did hold construction of the border wall. but beyond that little has changed. migrants are still being expelled from the country using the pandemic as a reason. and most still have to remain in mexico while they wait for a chance to apply for us asylum. there are exploited by the criminal justice system in the united states are exploited by the criminal entities inside of mexico. there are exploited by everybody. startling images from september showed us border patrol agents on horseback, aggressively rounding up haitian migrants fight and denounced the incident and vowed a thorough investigation of 5 months later and still no public results. then there's this for right now. this is where we have them the still an identified bodies of migrants who died while trying to evade capture further north of the
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border. brooks county, texas is where $119.00 bodies were found last year. the sheriff's office has recovered and other 15 this year, so many dead bodies. you're looking at any given time, maybe between 7200 people walk into the rush. you know, except the ball migrants appear to be taking greater risks, walking further through dangerous terrain, to avoid being caught and sent back to mexico. they're moving that way. it's feared . many more will die as the weather warms and as more take on the desperate journey . and on the other side of this border wall and mexican cities like rain. no sir. and he was there are thousands of asylum seeking families who have been living in squalid camps for months. those are the migrants still waiting for a chance to come in. so the question is, when, well, those pandemic restrictions that are essentially keeping those people out when will
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they expire? it could happen as early as this month. moline, with the at another surge expected on its tails. thank you for that, heidi joe castro on the mexican border. ah, this is al jazeera, let's get a wrap up. a few top stories russian forces, all closing in on ukraine's capital. keith have attacked the cities, tv town, killing at least 5 people. russia has warned residence to flee the homes as they plan more strikes. me. shelling of ukraine 2nd largest city called cave, has continued into the night valley on chaisay rushing. forces bought at the city center, the mayor says dozens have been killed. meanwhile, the russian foreign minister said i love rove has told you and.


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