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tv   War Hotels Beirut - Commodore Hotel  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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difficult, of course, to speak about the efficiency of international law. but this is the only tool of civilization of civilization that is available to us to make sure that's in the and eventually all those who made this war possible will be brought to justice. we should point out that the foreign minister didn't provide any evidence for the claims he made. russia is continuing to crack down to what it considers to be the spread of false information about its forces and deal peroration in ukraine. parliament has passed legislation to reduce prison terms of up to 15 years. people found guilty also faced huge fines. the b b. c says that it's suspending reporting from inside russia. as a result, the law is likely to target social media posts, as well as news on russia's military losses and movements not verified by the defense ministry. so may i put, it is
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a senior fellow and urban security or hybrid warfare with the international institute for strategic studies and a former sci fi monitor in east and ukraine. he told us why the initial days of the war of gone poorly to russia's ms military. there are so many mysteries about the rushing campaign is it's unfolded so far. but the one fact that we can be sure of is that russia, unfortunately has a considerable amount more of military power that it could yet apply to as offensive that it could yet bring to bear across the cities that we've just seen footage off of already devastated and to cities of yet to be reached by the russian evolves in columns. but the question about the air power, i think that have been instances where russia is at force, now deploying ammunitions in a way that seems to support their advancing soldiers on the ground. perhaps in a way that the air force wasn't being used in the 1st few days of the campaign to be fed to the russian armed forces. here, as mike tyson once said, everyone has
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a plan until that punched in the face. and that's a good metaphor for wolfy, which is new plans of ice contact with the enemy. a test of a military's ability is its ability to see through the inevitable setbacks of war. now, it could be a deliberate pause. it could be a pause, enforced by a logistical breakdown. we don't know. there is some speculation that because those vehicles stayed in bella luce, in that staging area for quite a long time. i have december january. it's possible that they sort of fell out of repair, and it's also possible that the russian commanders were actually caught by surprise, that order to invade from just over a week ago. but at some point that convoy will either be used to in cycle key f or to assaults it or perhaps to do each of those in succession. stanford, one of russia's most prominent independent television stations have resigned live on earth. yes, i, yes, and such. and yet when no to war was the final statement made on rain tv. the
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channel is suspending operations off to being threatened with closure by authorities. in its last seconds on the channel broadcast the swan lake ballet. it was often played on a loop by soviet t, v, and radio either at times of political crisis or following the death of a soviet leader out there as dawson, you bobby, has more from moscow. there are very few independent media organizations laughs than those that are very worried about their future. but i just want to 1st talk about that to a t. v rein departure. it was sam, really something to see them. a give a nod to russian history, of course, the at swan lake ballet, tchaikovsky, s. ballet debuted in moscow in 1877. and since it was used during the soviet era, during times of crises and it was also broadcast during the attempted coup in 1991 in this country, which led eventually to the fall of the soviet union. it's really known as
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a as symbolic ballet. and this channel that was founded in 2010, oh, really and delivered and final message that nothing is forever. and that the political leadership in this country also has to remember this country's history. also been hearing from a very prominent editor in chief, one of the well known russian journalists who one who shared the nobel peace prize last year. dmitri moore, a tough who's the editor of the newspaper. no, via gazette. and he's said that at he is not sure his and newspaper will survive until next week. and this is a publication that has seen 6 of its journalists murdered over the past few years. so they survived a lot of things. but now this an editor in chief who's very well known globally, has said that at basically everything that's not propaganda is being eliminated. so dark days ahead for sure. for this countries media,
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this is the scene at the un security council right now where i, a, an emergency meeting is about to be called into session. when that comes on the way we'll bring it to you live here on al jazeera. in the meantime, fedex, microsoft, the latest major companies to announce that there. suspending sales and services in russia. thousands of companies have taken similar action including software giants . s a p at oracle british retailer john lewis and the waitress supermarket chain have confirmed that they're no longer selling products made in russia. staff at the zoo in keith have found themselves with something of a unique challenge. the zoos director is colleagues and their families have been living on site since the invasion began. they look after $4000.00 animals during the day of hide in a shelter of night, hoping that that zoo and its animals will be saved by james winter paralympics of opened the door. a cloud of controversy on thursday organizes made
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a dramatic you turn by banning washing and bellow russian athletes from the event. but not everyone in beijing is happy about it. i'll just is katrina ye reports from the chinese capital baiting is once again welcoming international athletes to the city for the 2022 winter paralympics. and just like the winter olympics, which closed a few weeks ago, the event is again, sparking debate ration and bell russian athletes have been bad due to widespread condemnation of moscow's invasion of ukraine to the profits from the impacted countries. we are very sorry that you are affected by the decisions or your goal that your government took last week in breach in the olympic truce. you are victims of your government's actions. their exclusion was a sudden reversal of a decision by the international paralympic committee. 24 hours earlier to allow them to compete. but that sparked immediate criticism and boycott,
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threats by several paralympic delegations, ukrainian team. welcome to the announcement describing the difficulties of traveling from their war torn country to china. a superpower was to destroy my country, our country, and our presence here. the paralympic games is not merely a presence. this is a sign that ukraine was, is a will remain, the country liberally organizer say tension within the paralympic village have been rising as the war in ukraine intensifies the 71 russian team members and 12 from bella roofs have been asked to leave the aging immediately several other international sporting bodies, including fever and you wafer have suspended russian teams until further notice what you should luster on of cba. our country is always out here to the principal that his boy is beyond politics. but we are constantly joined to the politics because we understand the importance of his fall in the laws of our rotten peoples miss garcia. some chinese internet users have denounced the decision to ban russian
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and bellow russian athletes saying the move is unfair. chinese take media here are covering the war in ukraine, selectively minimizing destruction by russian attacks, and emphasizing peace hopes taking place between both sides. russian leda vladimir putin was the guest of honor and beijing, before the opening of the winter olympics last month. china's ambassador to the un says the sovereignty of all countries must be respected, but its leaders have refused to condemn the invasion and continue to do business with moscow. beijing has repeatedly stated it on the side of peace, but as the war in ukraine escalates, that diplomatic type rope is becoming increasingly difficult to walk to you al jazeera teaching. all right, now we're going to take you to the un security council on that emergency meeting is just getting underway. let's lisman miss rosemary. the carlo under secretary
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general for political and peace building affairs. and mister rafael, mariano grosse, director general of the international atomic energy agency. who is participating, as you will see from the screen on an aeroplane, and we hope the connection will hold. it is so decided the security council will now begin its consideration of item 2 of the agenda. i now give the floor to ms. rosemary decarlo. madam president, the secretary general is gravely concerned by the escalating fighting throughout ukraine. ukrainian cities are to day under siege and facing repeated attacks over 1000000 ukrainians have already crossed ukraine's borders and have been welcomed by their european neighbors. we applaud such solidarity and support every one seeking refuge should be afforded protection without any form of discrimination
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. millions of ukrainians who remain in the country are being subjected to heavy, often indiscriminate bombardment and shelling. there are thousands of casualties and their number is growing. the u. n. is significantly increasing its humanitarian assistance in ukraine to respond to the escalating crisis. madam president, the secretary general has followed with great alarm reports of heavy fighting around those upper asia nuclear power plant in ukraine. we understand that the fire affected a training facility and not the cooling system or power center military operations around nuclear sites and other critical civilian infrastructure are not only unacceptable, but highly in risk. irresponsible. ukraine knows only 2 will the devastation of a major nuclear accident. the chernobyl disaster in 1986 stands as
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a lasting example of why it is vital to ensure all nuclear power plants have the highest standards of safety and security. every effort should be taken to avoid a catastrophic nuclear incident. the persistence and bravery of the ukrainian personnel who continue to keep power plants safely operational during this crisis are to be applauded. madam president attacks a nuclear power facilities facilities are contrary to international humanitarian law. specifically, article $56.00 of additional protocol one to the geneva convention states that and i, quote, works or installations containing dangerous forces, namely dams, dikes and nuclear, electrical generating stations shall not be made. the object of attack, even where these objects are military objectives. if such,
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attack may cause the release of dangerous forces in consequent, severe losses among the civilian population. and quote, the secretary general welcomes the statements and actions by the international atomic energy agency on this issue and is ready to assist. however, he can. it's vital that all parties work with the i a to establish an appropriate framework that will ensure the safe, secure, and reliable operation of ukraine's nuclear power plants. urgent and safe passage should be great. granted to i. e, a personnel should they need to travel to ukraine to work with regulators. madam president, we welcome the reported agreement between the ukrainian and russian negotiators during their 2nd round of talks and belarus. yesterday. we understand the discussion focused on the establishment of humanitarian corridors,
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to allow safe passage for civilians and the delivery of humanitarian assistance. we hope that this reported agreement is implemented without delay and that a full and unconditional ceasefire is quickly agreed and enacted. we urge the sides to continue negotiations and to make urgent progress on security, humanitarian and other issues. when i'm president, as the secretary general has emphatically stated, the sovereignty independence and territorial integrity of ukraine within its internationally recognized borders must be respected in line with general assembly resolutions. what we are witnessing in ukraine today is inconsistent with the principles of the un charter. only diplomacy and negotiations can achieve a last, truly lusting solution to the current conflict. the fighting in ukraine must stop,
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and it must stop now. thank you, madam prison. i thank miss decarlo for her briefing, and i now give the floor to mister rafael marianna grossi. we're hoping the connection will be working from the airplane. we cannot hear you. we can go to the lease and we've lost mr. grossi for the moment. we're going to start with our list of speakers, and then come back to him. when connection is re established, i'd like to therefore invite those council members who wish to make statements,
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and i give the floor to the representative of the united kingdom you have for thank you madam president, and i'd like to thank under sector general decarlo for her briefing and we look forward to hearing the briefing from mister grossi, the united kingdom and our partners, called this urgent meeting. because russian forces last night attacked the largest nuclear power station in europe. we're grateful to the ukrainian firefighters and authorities who got the fire under control and are working bravely to ensure that the plant remains safe. we support the work of the i a, a in ukraine and are relieved that so far they have reported that none of the safety systems in the plant was affected and that there was no release of radioactive material. colleagues,
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this is the 1st time that a state has attacked a few old and functioning nuclear power plant. international law requires special protection for nuclear facilities. and it is difficult to see how russia's actions were compatible with its commitments. under article $56.00 of the additional protocol of the geneva conventions. it must not happen again, even in the midst of an illegal invasion of ukraine. russia must keep fighting away from and protect the safety and security of nuclear sites. colleagues, president putin said yesterday that the special military operation,
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or as everyone else calls it, the war was going to plan. every one around this table knows that is not true. president putin misjudged the strength resilience and will all the ukrainian people to his invasion. he underestimated the world's condemnation of his actions. $141.00 votes in the general assembly and the unprecedented sanctions on russia demonstrate the strength of the global response. every day, this war continues, the destruction it brings to ukraine, the suffering it inflicts on ukrainian or russian people. and the risks it poses to international peace and security increase. this must stop. we call on russia to end this violence,
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withdraw its troops and enter into serious peace negotiations. i thank you madam president. i thank the representative of the united kingdom for their statement. i will now try and give the floor to mister rafael. mariano rosie is raising the counselor. thank you, ma'am president. i hope you can hear me now. yes. yes. can you hear me? yes. we can hear you. very good. so i will try to proceed with my briefing on the current situation. i'm in the ukraine abbey and especially after the events
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last night, we have been in contact with the new care regulation agency of the ukraine, from the very beginning of the conflict and the we have in everything update any information from them or without interruption. in general, education could be described as follows. the urban new care installations and the new carefully these in ukraine. it, i'm going to put 4 big sites, 15 reactors associated facilities, plus the sight of chernobyl regarding snuggle already last week. we were in bold and it was so termed afterwards
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that they, russian facial military forces took charge of the site. at the same time, the operators are off the plant of ledger nope. plant continued to do ran that day by day operations over there. a few days ago, we were informed again by the russian government at military of thought this were moving in the area of suppers and nuclear power plant with the similar admission to a call control. ready of this facility we thought information sense that advance towards the perimeter of the
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nuclear power plant. it was net with opposition and some group the villians of tracking the exit to the plant fire leak. this happened at night it early hours of morning. we got information that a projectile had impact a link building adjacent to the block of reactors, 6 of them the projectile impact this building. and a fire ensued, which was after some tie put out by the fire brigade at the station at berm through
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our contacts at the regulator. but also directly from the plan. we were able to confirm that no security or safety systems have been comp iced. neither the reactors themselves themselves had been hit by this a projectile only as i say and repeat this building which got fire and perhaps you saw. ready ready some images of that in the social media. after this, the operation of an art, the plant had continued. we cause it from a technical point of view. that operation continues normally, although i have stressed to the border governors of the i. e, there is no of course,
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no mercy about the situation when that are military forces, of course, in charge of, of the site the, in terms of the next steps, we continue our permanent contract. we that the ukranian authorities, governmental nuclear, regulatory and also an article out on the company which offer these facilities and also operators. there. these is own constituents, the basis of the regular updates. more than 10 or 12 is point, which you have been seeing on the web i'd of the i. e. a. at the same time, the day i indicated in the morning my readiness to travel as soon as
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practicable to chernobyl. in order to consult schools with our ukrainian counterparts, but also if necessary and when necessary to the forces in charge in order to establish an stable framework. so the observance of the basic principles. ready of safety and security starting with the physical integrity of the facilities can be observed. basic elements of these initiative proposal have already been paired with the ukranian counter bars and the russian authorities. ready which are this point and evaluating that, we believe that having received direct request for assistance, it is our duty at the i. e to hear this goal and to try to provide assistance.
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needless to say, in particular, madame president, to your buddy and the distinguished representatives over there that this mission of the i. e. if and when it takes place. or not, of course, have an anything to do with the political and diplomatic aspects that are in the purview of the security council is nathan would be strictly restricted and circumscribed to the safety and security of the nuclear installations in ukraine, which are evidently an as facts have shown under constant danger of uh, damage and accidents. so, but i'm president, i hope this basic elements will help you in the evaluation of the situation.
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we request members of the council, as i have done a in vienna at my board of governors to support. i efforts as director general and those of the i e h, in order to ensure a basic element in this very difficult situation, which is the safety and the security of this important infrastructure of the country. i thank you very much for that. i'm president, already in case there are questions or particular points that might not be clear to clarify them. i thank you very much and i excuse myself, for the pure quality of my connection. as you know, i'm bored now. i'm on my way to a ted on to deal with another issue which is of direct interest of the council, which is the hopefully solution of the outstanding aspect of that
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nuclear power program in the islamic republic of iran. thank you very much. i think mr. gracie for his briefing and will now continue with the list of speakers and then come back for any questions to the briefers. i now give the floor to the representative of albania. you have the feeling. thank you madam president. i'd like to thank you. the figures g, because we got to leave the un security council meeting with the moment. we may come back in a few minutes, but i want to take your life now to i think it's brussels. where are you a secretary of state and sleep? lincoln speaking, following his meeting with his you counterparts, let's listen. we have done some remarkable things in so many different areas from climate to covered, to emerging technologies. but now, now ah, we're being tested in a moment of crisis. and i think that precisely because we have invested together in this partnership,
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we're responding and we're meeting meeting the test as the president said, across so many different areas, the support for ukraine, the sanctions against russia, the helping provide it to people in distress were standing up together, but i have to say that as someone has watched this all over the years, both from europe and from the united states, i am it's hard to find the right word for it. but let me simply say, it's been almost overwhelming to see how quickly, how effectively the european union has come together and acted in the face of this aggression of things that none of us thought were possible. weeks ago. now a reality because this union is strong, it's united and is active and we're grateful to have this partnership because it is making a difference. i. i think we know something else and the present alluded to it.
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unfortunately, tragically, horrifically of this may not be over soon. and so these efforts that we're making together, we have to sustain them. we have to build upon, we have to get to the point together and with the president said so many other countries around the world who are united in their importance of what president putin is unleashed. ah, we have to sustain this until it starts until the war is over. the russian forces leave the for any people regain their independence, their sovereignty, the territorial integrity. we're committed to doing that. thank you so much. all right, but z anthony thinkin, speaking after a meeting with his e. u counterpart counterparts in brussels. we're will go back now then to that un
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security council meeting the council in the emergency session at the moment to albany as ambassador to the united nations is speaking with you next to hear from the us ambassador to the you. and let's continue to to listen while we're waiting. let's bring it out of correspond. kristen salumi, who's at the the you and listening in to what with hud sofa? kristen, the you and political affairs chief. i said at the beginning of this meeting that attacks on the attack on the nuclear power facilities in the country are contrary to international humanitarian law. yes, and we've heard from the united kingdom, which called for this emergency session of the security council as well. and they've called it a violation of international war in the geneva conventions, the united kingdom being one of 38 countries that has asked the international.


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