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tv   The Bottom Line  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm AST

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15th this year, for more information, go to w, w, w dot h t a dot q a slash e m. ah, ah . alarm around the world off to russian forces attack and seize europe's largest nuclear plants and ukraine. it was incredibly reckless and dangerous and it threatened the safety of civilians across russia, ukraine, and europe. ah . hello i mariam noisy, watching algae era live from london with continuing coverage of the war in ukraine
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or fighting rage is on with several ukrainian cities bond, including the capital, give and areas around it. russia proves a law which could put journalists in prison for 15 years and blocks independent and foreign media. ah! for several hours on friday, the world held its breath fearing a nuclear catastrophe on a scale that would dwarf the chernobyl disaster. this, after russian forces attacked and seized the supper regia, nuclear plant cranium president. rodney zalinski, want of a possible explosion that would in his words, be the end for every one. the attack sparked a fire which was eventually extinguished. a russian projectile it hit a training center, not a reactor. russian troops had took now taking control of the site. nuclear officials in several countries reported no radiation spikes following the attack.
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well, in other developments, the key port of mario paul is believed to be completely surrounded, suffering intense shelling and is also running out of food. after occupying our 1st major city caris on russian forces are now trying to take near bite nikolai of. but the regional governor there says they've been driven out after attacking the city earlier on ukraine. second city car give continues to come under heavy attack, but remains in ukrainian control. while further north russian forces are expanding their offensive and journey and on the outskirts of care of but the capital is still in ukrainian hands. natasha butler begins our coverage now from the city of live. if done, fire lit up the sky over europe's largest nuclear power plant in inherit door in southern ukraine, the ukrainian se heavy shelling by russian forces. se, so for huge fire in a building on the site, visit that the org through as a result of strikes, there is a fire at the nuclear power plant. i repeat, as
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a result of strikes by the russian federation forces on the supper easier nuclear power plant. a fire has a ruptured upon it took fire fighters 4 hours to put out the blaze. emergency cruise reportedly coming under fire from russian troops who sees the area after fierce fighting world leaders content. the attack, as reckless the cranes president accused russia of what he called nuclear terrorism, where brazil in each your gum of law, we survived the night that could have stopped the story to do the history of ukraine. the history of europe, russian troops attack separation, nuclear power plant, the largest in europe. it alone could be 60 nobles, calming international fears of a catastrophe. nuclear monitors in vienna said the plants reactors was secure. we of course, are fortunate that there was no a release of radiation and that the an integrity of the
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reactors in themselves was not compromised. the kremlin denied attacking the plant and blamed it on ukrainian saboteurs. 9 days into moscow's invasion of ukraine, russian troops continued to push into the country. moscow says these pictures show its tanks, nick eve, for days a 60 kilometer long military convoy has stopped outside the capital for reasons that still aren't clear, but his fueling anxiety and fear in the city. some wonder how their lives could have changed so fast. but prosper him of this is a genocide against ukraine, is a ukrainian people and ukrainian land. it is simply awful. since legacies are fired at homes all over the country. cities including her keys in the east and the strategic port of mario, poland. the sea of as offer continue to be pounded by russian shells. schools, homes, hospitals, all hit contradicting moscow's claims that it's not targeting civilian areas and we
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will not surrender. we will stand here on our land in our city, for as long as it thanks among the destruction many ordinary ukrainians, continue to resist. others are desperate to leave you and says that at least a 1000000 people have fled ukraine for neighboring countries. since the russian invasion began more than a week ago, thousands of people have fostered the city of levine. it is not far from the polish border and they just keep coming from them. we are very scared because our parents are staying here. i hope it's not. oh, glad the 8th of her life. i mean, for all the ukrainian or russian negotiators agreed on thursday to set up humanitarian corridors. no word he had though on how when these would be implemented. in the meantime,
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people across the country live in fear face uncertainty. and a new generation is growing up with another war. natasha butler, al jazeera levin, ukraine, and shall stratford has more now from the bank of the de ne, periphery, near the upper regia power plant. so the nuclear power plant is around 5 kilometers across the geneva river. what we know is it that it came under heavy shelling last night. we also know that russian forces are in control of the plant now, and that ukrainian workers have been allowed to continue operating it under russian supervision. the military here are saying that in the last 24 hours or so, the have been a couple of shells fired from the southern side of the geneva river in this direction. we also know that there is ongoing fighting along that southern side of the river, up to the town, at least of basilica. these are becoming new front lines. the situation here on
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this side of the river, suddenly amongst the communities here is being, is very calm. people are going about the day to day business as normal, but obviously, military operations around what is europe's largest nuclear power plant, have potentially terrifying implications. russia has been heavily criticized by the international community for its military operations around there. russia itself says that these explosions around the plant were caused by what it described as ukrainian saboteurs, ukrainian provocateurs, ukrainian president is describing russia actions around that plant. as being nothing short of nuclear, tara, or has been global condemnation of that un security council held and emergency meeting on the seizing of a nuclear power plant. western allies are demanding the credit. never allow an attack like that to happen again. it cranes,
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you and ambassador. so gay dyslexia says, russia's attacks threatened the entire wild we have survived the night that could have stopped the history of ukraine in europe. said the president of ukraine this morning. indeed every day provides us with new a new evidence that it is not only ukraine, honda russian, that back it is europe, it is the entire world. it is humanity. and finally, it is the future of the next generations by the grace of god. the world narrowly averted a new killer catastrophe. last night we all waited to exhale as we watched the horrific situation unfold in real time. i applaud the ability of the ukrainian
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operators to keep all 6 reactors in safe conditions while under attack and to report as they were able to their new to their new killer regulator. we are gravely concerned that the ukrainian operators are now doing their jobs under extreme duress, rushes attack last night, put europe's largest nuclear power at grave risk. it was incredibly reckless and dangerous, and it threatened the safety of civilians across russia, ukraine, and europe, roches ambassador, see when visiting avenger denies his country's military ever attacked. the power plant soonest is a sudan. if that should hitler book. today's meeting is another attempt by keyboard dorothy to create artificial hysteria around what is happening in ukraine. and they being assisted in this by their wisdom beckers. to day we have once again heard
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lies about how russian troops to take this apparition, nuclear power plant. and this is all part of an unprecedented campaign of lies and disinformation against russia. you're trying to present the situation in such a way as though the support is she a power plant was allegedly shelled by the russian military as a result of which a fire broke out these statements, a simply untruth. blanche. how does there is barnett's net has just arrived? and danny ask, and the separatist hell, the easter he crane, and he sent us this update of what's happening there. and how this app, which is a fancy, is going russia's defense ministry as fighters from the donuts. and the ganske people's republic armies are continuing now to move through territory in the eastern new cray. more is considered traditional area of don bass. now, before vladimir putin launched his invasion of ukraine, the forces in de next and against the separatist groups, as they were called,
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only controlled about a 3rd of the territory of dom baset. they lay claim to this is the territory that has been recognized by moscow as now. these new republics of de next and le ganske . but there's 2 thirds of this territory arrests still in the hands of ukrainian forces. russia defense minister says it's through there. but with the help of the russian army, the de next lou ganske fighters are making progress. the last 7 or 8 years, the front lines really haven't moved much in that territory, but in the last week or so, since this invasion started, then maybe advances of up 22030405060 kilometers have been made into the territory that remains in the hands or are, was remaining in the hands of ukrainian forces. well, in other development years, president joe biden is meeting his finished counterpart at the white house as the country considers, forming a closer alliance with nato. he,
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northern european nationals already it cooperates with nato, but it's not a member of finland. might push to change that falling rush as invasion of ukraine and white house correspondent, kimberly how catch wine says live. now what we know about the conversations happening now between now the last president and the finish by mr. we know that the parts of the media was allowed to see lasted about 3 minutes and we're waiting for that tape playback. and the part that we're not allowed to see is still ongoing, that meeting almost a fireside chat between the u. s. president joe biden, as well as his finished counterpart is still ongoing. now you're right, there has been a history of neutrality on the part of finland for quite some time. but given the invasion of ukraine by russia, we know that inside finland, there has been increasingly a push by the finished people to join nato in fact. and nato itself,
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or rather finland itself. a really has been a signaling. i've an increased desire through it's military purchases. just last month it purchased dozens of aft $35.00 warplanes from the united states, just signaling again, it's increased ties to normally the you asked, but also to that transatlantic alliance. so we know that these are some of the conversations that are going to come up with the u. s. president and the finish president, essentially how to strengthen european security and the reasons that finland is concerned is very much obvious given the historical concerns that finland itself has. and also the geographical concerns. it shares a border with russia of some 1300 kilometers and also the fact that prior to its independence, i was controlled by russia. so there are many reasons that finland,
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a well neutral, has been increasingly leaning towards and saying that it does retain the right to join nato shouldn't choose to do. so. we should also point out that when it comes to the relationship between these 2 presidents that it has since this invasion in the last couple of months, they have been coordinator very carefully. we know from the white house that they have spoken on the telephone at least twice. and now there is this in person meeting. so again, we are watching carefully what more will come out of it. we are expecting that tape turnaround very shortly, but i expect that it will be heavily focused on defensive security, given the u. s. or rather, given the russian invasion of ukraine and the u. s. in its allies concerned about that. thank you so much. the latest are from the white house. kimberly hell kit you're watching, al jazeera life from london will still add for you on the programming nato. foreign ministers promise strong action, but dismiss desperate appeals for
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a no fly zone over ukraine. recovering another important story, the sour in pakistan is suicide bombing inside a she on mosque is killed at least 56 worship as during friday. braz. ah frank assessments for china will benefit from the 0 call it strategy. if the rest, the world cannot get informed. opinions at all costs focused on needs on the front, on that statement. critical debate migrate would place that need to constitute an interest and she'll thread to russia, but it's precisely his actions that's created this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the things global headlines inside story on al jazeera tyran hunt is a 2000000, stray dogs, many in a terrible state, al jazeera well for those, those happen to safe and the remarkable journey to rescue lady august all the
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blue blue. welcome back. i made story. now russia's military as these control of europe's largest nuclear power plant in southeast and ukraine. a fire broke out at the complex of a night after it was hit by shelling, bought the reactors, would not affected western allies at un security council of demand did the crime
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the never it out and attack on a nuclear plant like that to happen again with the u. s, saying they put the people of ukraine, russia, and europe at risk. russia denies attacking the plant. russian forces, meanwhile, have encircled the port city of mario full, according to the city's mayor. electricity and board have also been also the vintage of j. t. northwest of the ukrainian capital has been heavily bon bonded with shelling as rush and forces pushed closer to the capital here. well, in other developments, native form indices of held another special meeting on ukraine sector general against ulta. bucks as the lines can't help imposing no fly zone without getting directly involved in the conflict and diplomatic added to james base reports from brussels. foreign ministers met at nato and then at the e you to discuss what more they can do to help ukraine as their fears grow, that the russian campaign will intensify the anal when the seeing a fully fledged rule. we know of orders a wall leased by racism within
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a gauge of grain and completely unjustified. that's great. think a lot of civilian casualties. with the use of arms is strictly prohibited by the geneva convention, nato d. u countries already agree to supply weapons to ukraine and to put in place some of the toughest sanctions in history. but the ukrainian foreign minister, who dressed them by video wants much more direct support, including the imposition of a no fly zone. we are ready to fight, we will continue fighting. but help us if you dont, i'm afraid you will have to share responsibility for the lives and sufferings of civilian ukrainians. this was the response from nato secretary general. our assessment is that though we understand her desperation,
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but also believe that if we did that will end up with something that could end in a full fledge war in europe involving many more countries on the earth, causing much more human suffering. a news conference with the president of the european commission, the u. s. secretary of state warned that the conflict in ukraine may well be a protracted one. unfortunately, tragically, horrifically. this may not be over soon. and so these efforts that we're making together, we have to sustain them. we have to build upon them here at nato headquarters. there is a section from the berlin wall. the history of the alliance can be divided into the period of the cold war. and then the period after this wall fell, the secretary general believes the alliance has now passed a new milestone. what he's calling a new normal. and for the 1st time, foreign ministers have been discussing a permanent long term presence of many more troops in the nato countries. closest
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to russia, james bayes al jazeera at nato headquarters in brussels. will enter larson as a senior research at the center for security studies, also for political advisor with the u. delegation to acquaint and joins us live from zurich via skype. so there have been these continuous call for there to be a no fly zone in the skies of the ukraine. is there an act your understanding of what that means? i mean, it's quite clear now that all the comments in the said about the head of the no fly, so that it was quite people their political responsibility on willing to take a step because that means escalation to a nato. russia, well, a no fly zone is not something that has just declared that it works. it's something that is enforced with military means. so it would be, you could imagine a scenario. and we said that mason was playing when so down in russia,
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warping. and then russia most likely would feel that we had to retaliate against the walking itself against the alcohol from where the war claim came from. and then you would have an attack on may to territory and then they would have to thing of what should we do then? because there's some attack against us then, and then you see the escalation going on. so it was quite clear that the line goes with a no fly zone, as opposed to other means of military support like arms or intelligence that is on the safe side or support. i mean, help ukrainians do defend against the russians without being at a right role itself. so the, the important thing is that nato countries would have to fly in their own aircraft that would result in engaging russian aircraft. and it could be potentially catastrophic because there could be this escalation in the war and because it means it direct confrontation with russia is there, is there any prospect that this might change, particularly if we see the conflict spreading across nato borders?
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i mean, you could imagine the scenario which russia to decide to go like making out appear so you have an immense human suffering like like showing or using farmers to destroy a lot of parts of cio. then you could it feel that the pressure would increase on a to, to do some things that the cars. but even so, i think the political will fight for your claim is not that it has never been there . it will not be there. and we have to take into consideration well that the russian president has threatened with years of nuclear weapons. so we had to count that in. we could be in a rush of war and that could be involved in that weapons. and that's why the red line goes with, like, major can only provide indirect help. i'm not saying a direct compet. well, in ukraine. how does right, how does nato read that threat to use nuclear weapons by
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the threat to use nuclear weapons? is it something that they see is likely to happen? i mean, he's trying to play on this madman image like the rich nixon did in the seventy's. so i think there's that element too, but no one would dare test the russian intentional. i mean, it's unlikely. imagine the russian attack nuclear static and the nato member, but it could try to like use technically kit weapons in ukraine to show that it's serious so that there's something we cannot take off the table. i mean, if the criminal feels that it's cornered in the conflict, if it feels that the weapon policy is regime change, for instance, then i mean, you never know what a parent or it could take place. in the credit, the credit is regime it's only charity as equivalent to national security, so i never really exclude it. i mean have to a christy this is with same
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person. thank you very much. appreciate you joining us tonight or certain rake from 0 there. oh rusher is continued to crack down on what it considers his spread of false information about its armed forces. parliament has passed legislation to choose to introduce prison terms of up to 15 years for the spreading false news. people found guilty also face huge fines. the law is likely to target social media posts, as well as news on russia's military losses and movements not backed by the defense ministry. the staff of one of russia's most prominent dependent television stations has resigned live on air near the ear, touched and yet no to war was the final statement made on rain t v. the channels suspending operations after its website was blocked earlier this week. in its last seconds on air, the channel broadcast tchaikovsky swan lake ballet which soviet state he played on
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a loop after the death of the lee. during during the night $91.00 attempt to overthrow president mikhail gorbachev. it's one of several independent outlets forced to close in recent days, will in our development, beijing's when to paralympics of opened under a cloud of controversy on thursday organizes made a dramatic u turn banning russian and better russian athletes from the event following threats of boycotts by other participating countries, ukraine's delegation was given a warm welcome at the opening ceremony after making the difficult journey to china, russian pardon pick, committee says it will not appeal the decision following legal advice. we want to move to our other top story this hour, at least 56 people have died and a bomb blast during friday. present a sham, lost in the shower, in northern pockets on nearly $200.00 worshippers were wounded. many of them are in critical condition. officials declared a state of emergency and say they expect the death toll to rise, aka sounds prime minister,
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condemned the attack. come on hyde has more for me as lama bought widespread condemnation from the bucket, tiny prime minister, mister moran conn, and the country president. after our deadly attack dog here worship by their name, maud and the old part of the city that is congested area. where narrow alley ways alone, suicide bomber getting a gun. what able to surprise the police regarding the complex killing one on the part, critically warning the other. he then went inside the march at the time because it's friday the march watch, backwards worship, and i did re detonated their wife, killing a large number of people. most of the wounded i said to be in critical condition, an emergency had been declared in the hot weather and the 3 d o a shower. that dakota d 4th is also on high alert. i did get into a hallmark of the nomic order on which i targeted the minority community nor judge
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cared and budget on my daughter across the border. and i wanted don important to know that it's not the 1st time slamming quarter sawn had got it out. the deadlier dagger against the minority just a few weeks ago, they also targeted christian priest and the video of fresh jawa. and of course showed that the dead remnants are now trying to carry out attack inside buckets done. although the security for saying that they have also void a number of other plans via this particular organization to target the minority and other security for personal across the country. one of crickets greatest players, shane warne has died at the age of 50 to the australians offered a suspected heart attack while on holiday in thailand. worn paid a $145.00 test matches and took $708.00 wickets. the 2nd most of all time across
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his 15 year international career. or he was an old dog write a wanted a century type curricula. and he's records will live on forever. we all grew up watching warning. i lodging him. he will, i'd post his on his war had, he's earrings we, we love so much about warney, you know, showmanship is karima his tactics the way he just willed himself in the time around it to win games, restaurant more coverage and analysis of the war in ukraine right here, al jazeera dot com, plenty of analysis there. that takes you behind the headlines, but also a picture of where the russian military build up is taking place. and which parts of ukraine a suffering the greatest concentration of attacks? ah
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rushes military has seized control of europe's largest nuclear power plant in southeastern ukraine. a fire broke out at a complex overnight after it was hit by shelling, but the reactors were not affected. meanwhile, western allies at the united nations security council, if demanded the crime, then never allow an attack on a nuclear plant like that to happen again. it cranes un ambassador, as rush as a tax, if you could threaten the entire world. marianna grossi director general of the would have survived denied it could have stopped the history of ukraine in europe. said the president of ukraine this morning.


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