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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 5, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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is yes, where we know my nigeria on al jazeera ah they committed an act of nuclear terrorism while shouting and seizing the upper region nuclear all plan ukraine on its allies, condemn what they say was a russian attack on europe's biggest atomic facility. russia though, blames ukrainian, sabotaged ah hello money inside watching out. is there a continuing coverage of the war in ukraine? a southeast and poor city is encircled and shell. the cities elsewhere are
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bombarded from the f. h. i stands firm in staying out of ukraine skies, saying that would lead to an even more brutal war. and russia clamped down further on media with new jail terms is what us bands for social platforms in foreign based news outlets. russia has drawn world wide condemnation not to being accused of attacking a nuclear plant that had seized in ukraine fiber account, a b zappa regional planned in the early hours of friday morning. it was extinguished without any radiation spikes. russia says ukrainian saboteurs are to blame elsewhere. russian forces haven't circle the port, city of mario pole where food and water are running out. having captain kevin, so they're now trying to seize the nearby city of mich alive ye. all in the north,
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russian bombing has intensified in the cities of car cave and turn a heave, which isn't far from the capital. give you acquainted authority say 47 people were killed by a russian as strike in china. have pictures from the city show days residence, wandering through the wreckage of foam doubt, apartment blocks and buildings. osh insists it is not targeting civilians from the very natasha butler takes us through all the major developments. gunfire lit up the sky over europe's largest nuclear power plant in inherit door in southern ukraine, the ukrainian se heavy shelling by russian forces, se, so for huge fire in a building on the site, visit that the walk through as a result of strikes, there is a fire at the nuclear power plant, or i repeat as a result of strikes by the russian federation forces on the supper easier nuclear power plant. a fire has rocked into a browser. it took fire fighters for hours to put out the blaze. emergency crews
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reportedly coming under fire from russian troops who sees the area after fierce fighting world leaders content. the attack as reckless the cranes president accused russia of what he called nuclear terrorism were brazil in each your gum of law. we survived the night that could have stopped the story to do the history of ukraine. the history of europe, russian troops, attacks upper region nuclear power plants, the largest in europe. it alone could be 60 nobles, calming international fears of a catastrophe. nuclear monitors in vienna said the plants reactors was secure. we of course, are fortunate that there was no a release of radiation and that the an integrity of the reactors in themselves was not compromised. the kremlin denied attacking the plant and blamed it on ukrainian saboteurs. 9 days into moscow's invasion of ukraine,
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russian troops continued to push into the country. moscow says these pictures show its tags, nick, eve, for days, a 60 kilometer long, military convoy stopped outside the capital for reasons that still aren't clear, but his fueling anxiety and fear in the city. some wonder how their lives could have changed so fast, but prosper him through. this is a genocide against ukraine, z graham, people and ukraine, and land. it is simply awful. since legacies are fired at homes all over the country. cities including ha keith in the east and the strategic port of mario, poland, the see of as off continue to be pounded by russian shells. schools, holmes hospitals, all hit contradicting moscow's claims that it's not targeting civilian areas and we will not surrender. we will stand here on our land in our city, for as long as it takes among the destruction many ordinary ukrainians continue to
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resist. others are desperate to leave you and says that at least a 1000000 people have fled ukraine for neighboring countries. since the russian invasion began. more than a week ago, thousands of people upholstery, the city of la vive. it is not far from the polish border and they just keep coming to them. so we are very scared because our parents are staying here. i hope it's not our oh, our blood date of our life. i mean, for all the way ukrainian or russian negotiators agreed on thursday to set up humanitarian corridors. no word yet though, on how when these would be implemented. in the meantime, people across the country live in fear face uncertainty. and a new generation is growing up with another war. natasha butler, al jazeera levin. ukraine. well,
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we had that some of the exchanges from an emergency meeting of the un security council. kristen salome has more on what was said there. ambassador some bus one. so you'll hear the loop in the polls or rushes un delegation under scrutiny. as it arrived at a security council meeting hastily convened at the united kingdom's request. this is the 1st time a state has attacked a fueled and functioning nuclear power plant. and it is clearly outlawed by international law and the geneva conventions nuclear facilities in you ain't the director general of the international atomic energy agency briefing via video link from on board a plane confirmed building adjacent to this operation. nuclear plant was hit but said it's 6 nuclear reactors remain intact. russia blamed ukrainian saboteurs for provoking its forces in the area. she understands the seductive today's meeting as
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another tempt by key of authorities to kindle artificial hysteria around what is happening in ukraine. and they're being assisted in this, by their western backers, ukraine accused russia of nuclear terrorism and warn that no one is safe. we have survived the night that could have stopped the history of ukraine and europe. indeed, every day provides us with a new, a new evidence that it is not only ukraine. honda russian attack, it is europe, it is the entire world. it is humanity. as many countries demanded rushes withdrawal, and expressed concern for the ukrainian crews. left manning not only does apparition facility, but also the chernobyl site, also under russian control. so this imminent danger continues. we narrowly avoided a disaster last night. the international community must be unanimous in demanding
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russia's forces stop their dangerous assault. the director general of the i. e. a is offering to meet with russian and ukrainian officials at the chernobyl nuclear site. and the hopes of reaching an agreement to secure all of the country's nuclear facilities, amid dire warnings that the worst of this conflict is yet to come. christian salumi al jazeera, the united nations or ukraine's president laudermill zalinski has thank the people of europe for their support while urging countries to take further action against russia. he address thousands of anti war protesters in european cities via tapes. recording crowds gathered in places including frankfort leal and prague. yup. would not belong to the people of europe. i would like to call on you, not to be silent. i would like to call on you to come out to the streets and support ukraine supporter efforts and support our fight. because a few crane does not stand. europe will not stand. if we will fall, you will fall,
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so please do not be silent. do not turn a blind eye on this. come out and support ukraine as much as you can. on presidency . lensky is maintaining his pressure on nato to intervene more heavily on ukraine's battlefields and in the skies. but the alliance is foreign ministers meet again. brussels today reiterated that such a move would only bring more death and destruction. he is our diplomatic eta, sir james bass. foreign ministers met at nato and then at the e. u to discuss what more they can do to help ukraine as their fears grow, that the russian campaign will intensify. we are now when the seeing a fully fledged war now of orders. a war her least by letters and put in your gauge a grain hand. completely unjustified war. that's great and a lot of civilian casualties. with the use of our arms is strictly prohibited by
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the geneva convention, nato and e. u. countries have already agreed to supply weapons to ukraine and to put in place some of the toughest sanctions in history. but the ukrainian foreign minister, who dressed them by video wants much more direct support, including the imposition of a no fly zone. we are ready to fight, we will continue fighting but help us if you dont, i'm afraid you will have to share responsibility for their lives and sufferings of civilian ukrainians. this was the response from nato secretary general. our assessment is that her we understand her desperation. but also believe that if we did that will end up with something that could end in a full fledge war in europe involving many more countries on the earth, causing much more human suffering at
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a news conference with the president of the european commission, the u. s. secretary of state warned that the conflict in ukraine may well be a protracted one, unfortunately, tragically, horrifically, ah, this may not be over soon. and so these efforts that we're making together, we have to sustain them. we have to build upon here at nato headquarters. there is a section from the berlin wall. the history of the alliance can be divided into the period of the cold war. and then the period after this wall fell, the secretary general believes the alliance has now passed a new milestone. what he's calling a new normal and for the 1st time, foreign ministers have been discussing a permanent long term presence of many more troops in the nato countries closest to russia. james bows out to 0 at nato headquarters in brussels. or caves mayor says as many as 15000 people are now sheltering in the cities, subway system, italy catch go, and his brother vladimir visited some of them in
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a metro station on friday mattresses, suitcases and plastic bags fill the whole ways. with many people unsure of how long it will be there. meanwhile, beijing's winter paralympics have opened under a cloud of controversy. on thursday, organizers made a dramatic you turn banning russian and bellow russian athletes from the event following threats of boycotts by other participating countries. equations allegation was given a warm welcome at the opening ceremony after making the difficult journey to china . coming up, we'll have all the rest of the day's news, cricket fans, green, one of the sports, greatest players, the australian polishing auntie. ah
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hello winter hasn't quite done this just yet across north america. we've got a fair but a cloud to spilling into the western side of the continent. 30 distinct terrace of low pressure, just coming through here. and we're seeing how snow across the rock is southern parts of california that the over the high ground could still see some when she weather. and that just runs its way up towards the great lakes. pushing into ontario into quebec. tennis rate is it pushes across the great place because we've got some warmth ahead of that suddenly winds in kansas, pushing their temperatures up to around 21 celsius on saturday afternoon, falling back to 10 degrees on sundays. our system sweeps through the northeast corner rule out across new england tradition, new york getting up to around 19 celsius of that state, but some very wet weather around the appalachians, all the way down across arkansas. pushing across into a northern parts of texas. say some rather wet weather, recently into some areas of central america. some live showers just around costa
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rica into panama. joining up with some wet weather that we have around haiti casa dominican republic, was seen a few showers to into jamaica. women are lindsley with alice, not too bad to one or 2 showers coming in. he was he go on through sunday. that wet weather transparent was east and parts of the caribbean. dryer to the west. ah. ah, the shake hammer award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year for more information go to w, w w dot h t a dot q a slash e m. ah lou
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. oh okay, back he watching out his era minds. if our top stories this, our russia has drawn world wide condemnation off to being accused of attacking a nuclear plant that had seized in ukraine fiber account at the pacific in the early hours of friday morning. it was extinguished without any radiation spikes and assign a global alarm about the nuclear plants. seizure, the un security council scramble together for an emergency meeting. western allies demanded the kremlin never allow and attacked by that. again, the u. s. saying it put the people of ukraine, russia on europe at risk. you courtney authorities say 47 people were killed by russian asteroids in china. have pictures from the city show dazed residence,
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wandering spree. the wreckage of p. formed out apartment blocks and buildings la correspond. charles stratford isn't far from the parisian nuclear power plant and has more the situation that so the nuclear power plant is around 5 kilometers across the geneva river. or we know is it that it came under heavy shelling last night. we also know that russian forces are in control of the plant now and you craning workers have been allowed to continue operating it under russian supervision. the military here are saying that in the last 24 hours or so that have been a couple of shells fired from the southern side of the geneva river in this direction . we also know that there is ongoing fighting along that southern side of the river, up to the town, at least of basilica. these are becoming new front lines. the situation here on
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this side of the river, certainly amongst the communities here, has been, is very calm. people are going about the day to day business as normal, but it was a military operations around what is europe's largest nuclear power plant, have potentially terrifying implications. russia has been heavily criticized by the international community for its military operations around their russia itself says that these explosions around the plant were caused by what it described as ukrainian saboteurs, ukrainian provocateurs, ukrainian president is describing russia actions around that plant as being nothing short of nuclear tara, all attacks are going on in and around keith out there as well as these mcgarr heads reports from shaky village on the capital of outskirts. and we'll see what this is the aftermath of the engagement of fighting between the cranium and the
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russians militarily on the ground. we can say that the capital in the north, east and west, where we are now on the forefront to be fighting the fight. thing is taking place and very close proximity. in addition to that, selling continues on the heart and the middle of the capital. the defense ministry won't be ready to leave a mediately simply because the russian army is preparing to enter the capital key. if this is alive and from this threat to the north of the capital here, we can continuously hear the fighting gunfire. selling the selling from bar by the russian army and fierce gun fighting between the russians and the grania and within close range. there is no civil defense or ambulance here in this district. that's why the majority of residents have already leg russia's
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government has blocked facebook, restricted access to twitter, and bounds some foreign media websites. this is often approved a new law against what it regards as fake news in response. bloomberg announced and will pull his journalist aus of russia while cnn said it would seize bull costing there on the social social media front. russia's communications watchdogs that it had documented more than 20 cases of discrimination. i facebook's ona meta platform since late 2020 facebook recently bound the accounts have state back channels ot he and the r i 8 news agency from moscow, dasa jibari, his mall and the new media law and its implications. and yet i here and switch them . no to war was the final statement broadcast on russia's last independent tv channel, tv, rain, all its employees walked out and protests against what the c,
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a severe government censorship. and in its final seconds on air. it showed this with a nod to russian history. this one like ballet performance was broadcast on state t v in the soviet era, either at times of political crises or after the death of a leader. it was famously shown in 1991 during the attempted coup that contributed to the end of the soviet union. for many here it's now become a symbol of broken dreams and political instability. tv rain was founded in 2010, with the motto, talk about important things with those who are important to us. now, after the start of russia, so called special military operation in ukraine, this channel is no longer able to continue because of government interference. on
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friday, both houses of parliament passed the new law aimed a targeting media outlets that are accused of spreading fake information. it is now a criminal offense to spread what the government considers misinformation about its military, a crime which could land a journalist in prison for up to 15 years. members of the russian government believe this is crucial in protecting the armed forces mission, which you should thoughts are taking into account the situation that is happening in the media space. all those id company is starting for instruct them to say, and others are located in the united states of america. it is understandable that they use as weapons. they're bringing he trade and lice, must counter it, and protect our armed forces. the hammer of state censors have also targeted one of the most well known radio stations in the country echo of moscow took to the airwaves in august of 1990. shortly before the fall of the soviet union, the following year, its motto,
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all significant points of view about events should be presented no longer appears supply to journalists in russia. tatiana fell gower was a journalist working at both tv, rain and echo of moscow. ethel, jasmine, it pulled off my at the, at the, it's terrible, it's a catastrophe, a true catastrophe. an absolutely terrific mistake by vladimir putin who decided to plunge russia into this. i will say it again. catastrophe. and i'm terribly scared both for my country and for ukraine. i'm terribly ashamed in front of ukrainians. it's incredible for me to realize that the president of my country started this and i'm afraid that there's nothing go ahead for my country. and for me, as a citizen, russia's independent media are slowly disappearing, accused of falsely depicting the war in ukraine. no, why? yeah, because that is one of the last independent newspapers here, and it's editor, me to morris hop who share the nobel peace prize last year. says his paper could be
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on the verge of shutting down. that's because according to him, anything that's not propaganda is being eliminated. door safari algebra 0. moscow. let's get moon. this were joined by kathy kelly. she's the li hills chair and free press studies at the university of missouri, school of journalism. thank you for your time today. how would you describe the situation for independent media outlets in russia today? well it's, it's over for the short run, and i, 1st of all, i want to say i salute your journalists for the work they're doing in a both russia and ukraine because it is dangerous. and we're seeing that it is now dangerous, not just on the front lines in ukraine, but in russia as well, because of the threats that have been issued by the russian leaders. and i think what you're seeing is that this is kind of the end of the great era of freedom that, that was spawn by the fall of the berlin wall. and then as you are correspondent,
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i talked about at the end of the soviet union. and i think that's why you see you here. so much disappointment in the this was a generation of journalist that grew up knowing how knowing how to do it right. and they see it crumbling before their eyes. i just thought just russian, janice, it's foreign media clearly also very concerned about the crack down for their own. we've heard in the last few hours, bloom bag, cnn bbc, cnbc, they have all announced a temporary suspension of reporting from the grounds and russia. how significant is that? well, it's very significant, but i also think it's strategic. i think this is a really smart move by both the russian media and the western media, the outsiders to really underscore a point that, that russia is now the iron curtain of censorship has fallen again across this country. and they are not going to even play ball,
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and i think that's probably the better the better solution here, rather than try to pretend that to try to weave between the lines of censorship to just say we can't do our jobs here. the good news, i think, cuz it sends a very clear message about what putin is doing. but the good news is, i think there's a lot of great journalism that can be done across borders. and what i hope is that some of these journalists will de camp move to a place where they can continue to do their work, and through the internet and through social media. and through those sources, they have on the ground of be able to, to keep telling the truth. what is interesting to me is that people in russia, ah, trying to find out what is going on, that it's looking at some figures released by the baby. see saying that weekly visits to it's russian language websites triple to 10700000 at the bbc english language sites are also saw a 252 percent uptake. i mean,
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people in russia do seem to want to know what is going on. i it's, it's a real shame, isn't it? well it's, it's a shame, but it's also that's a great sign of hope because people are finding ways around that iron curtain. they're, it's a lot more porous than it used to be in the days before the internet. and so i think ultimately, you know, i think short term hootin is winning long term. he loses because history tells us that when you stifle dissent, you get a revolution and the, the more you, you cut down the ability of the public to express itself through the free press. the more you bottle up that descent and build up a pressure of that, that ultimately will explode. how pervasive is the influence of russian state media and the narrative. they're currently propagating about the wool?
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well, you know, i, i think that's the thing. i think that's why putin is so frustrated because nobody believes is propaganda. and um, and so it's, it's very difficult for him to get his message across them. he thinks that by stifling other voices, somehow he'll be able to dominate the conversation. but instead, you know, it really shows him the gas lights are off. now. this is a guy who's been gas lighting world through social media through spreading lies on social media. that's why i find that the shut down of facebook. so ironic. i'm and now he's turned up the lights and exposed himself for exactly what he is, which is i'm a strong man, a dictator. somebody who will brook no descent and doesn't want a free press and, and really isn't interested in the truth. but i think in the end it's a very sad day right now for journalism, particularly, and not part of the world, but in the end. truth is mightier than tanks. lusty put,
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thank you for that. kathy kailey, speaking to that from columbia, missouri. she is from the lee hales a she is the lead hills chair in free press studies at the university, missouri school of journalism. thank you. let's get some of the nice know a suicide bombers killed, at least 56 people and injured 200 others in a sheer mosque in pakistan, funerals happened held for some of those killed in the north western city shower police, say the suicide bomber 1st opened fire on offices before forcing his way inside and then detonated his suicide vest during friday. chris. while of crickets is in shock and warning after the sudden death of foremost railing place. shane warne 52 year old stuff at a suspect at heart attack and thailand, son hamish looks back in the career for man idolized by fans around the globe. ah. in 1993 shane warne
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delivered what became known as the ball of the century. gotta go for it. first of all, i wouldn't have to say that that is the perfect, like spin, delivery curving, and then spinning. it was one's 1st ever bull and, and ashes test. and was the start of something special said he breathed new life into the art of leg spin, bowling, and is widely regarded as one of the greatest cricketers of all types. incredible. he went on to take 708 test wickets. a total that put him 2nd on the old timeless masses. ah booster and his legs were useless, believe it claimed more than a 1000 wickets in all forms of the game. after his international career ended in 2007, he kept in the rochester royalty to the very 1st indian premier league title in
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2008, who was also a coach. and one of the most prominent cricket broadcasters, for channels all over the world, a larger than life character, one, did much to take cricket beyond its normal audience, such as my thoughts and i, and i had to choose a shoes that's like, i think it's pretty good the cricket community and why the sporting world has lost one of its most unique talents. ah, this is our desert. easier to help stories? russia has drawn world wide condemnation off to being accused of attacking a nuclear plant that it seized in ukraine. fiber account at the facility in the early hours of friday morning. it was extinguished without any radiation spikes. or she says ukrainian saboteurs. i want to blame and assign a global alarm about.


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