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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 6, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm AST

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subscribe to you choose dot com, forward slash al jazeera english ah . another attempt to move civilian from southeastern ukraine failed after a claim that states fire in your pole has been violated by both sides. ah, watching all the 0 from headquarters in ohio getting together also ahead. russia steps up, it's offensive around the capital key. the ukraine leader makes another appeal for a no fly zone. i'm here at the high school number 25 and she told me it. and that's actually just west of the capital key f, and i'm here at what's left with the school. the un says more than one and
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a half 1000000 people have now fled to fighting in ukraine. it's the fastest growing refugee crisis in europe since the 2nd world war. last, visa, mastercard, suspend operations in russia, becoming the latest corporations to stop business in the country. hello, a 2nd attempt to evacuate thousands of people out of a see city of mario poll has failed with ukrainian or russian officials accusing each other of violating a cease fire. 400000 people live in the coastal city which has been subjected to heavy russian shelling the international red cross. as the humanitarian situation there is catastrophic. well, the humanitarian quarter was meant to allow civilians to flee from my pulse of the city of the upper reach. they were earlier told to drive along the corridor in their own cars or by taking a bus. we can now bring in charles stratford,
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who's joining us from close to the ukrainian city of upper reach at charles, why has the cease fire failed? or both sides are accusing each other of violating the c spar of firing. first, if you like, i can tell you that in the last 5 minutes though we have heard an old light, he large barrage of shells landing to the west of where we are now. you won't be able to pick it up on the, on the phone that we're using to do this life, but there is smoke rising from multiple positions, i'd say so sorry, 4 kilometers away from here. so yes, the ceasefire as as failed. and yet again, another attempt to getting what we understand could be more than $200000.00 civilians out of mary. apple has also failed. we spoken to people inside the city today they describing horrific scenes of,
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of panic and of shelling. and they say that there are huge areas of the city without electricity, without water. and the situation one can only imagine, is utterly terrifying. and there we know that the russians have been pushing in russian army has been pushing into the city from the west. we are the separatists, the russian back separatists have been pushing in from the east. there been some horrific pictures showing some of the thing in mary awful. scenes are to panic as well as civilians try and get as much as they can out of the shops or something, or large shopping mall that we were actually in only a week ago. which has are all manner of shops selling everything from food to you know, technology and closing. we know that that shopping center was shelled pictures inside of as i say people scrambling to, to, to get to get stuff out of there. i mean, looting is one way you could describe it, but also, you know, arguably it shows
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a degree of panic as people have so little access now to food water and the basics we earlier today saw around 20 buses in is upper asia, which is in that directions apparatus, city that were getting ready to depart and getting ready to go to mary. awful. carrying humanitarian aid, we understand they never moved. we do know, however, that there are an additional 20 or so buses that did make it into mary awful. but haven't made it else. and interestingly, the international red cross has come out with a statement in the last hour or so the international red cross describing itself as an impartial, an impartial voice in this somebody trying to mediate between the 2 sides. the red cross saying that both parties should not and should a group should not just agree on principle, but should be a lot more detailed in their plan. they talk about lack of details with respect to
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the timing of the, of the pick up of people in the city, the locations in the city where they should be picked up. and for example, whether indeed there is any agreement on if humanitarian aid can be taken in on the buses or from as africa to mary opal. what we do know though, as i say is that the shelling has started very much. an intensification of the shelling in the last half an hour or so. we know that there are a lot of the ukrainian positions and russian positions in this area is going to be very interesting. what happens over night. and one can only imagine very terrifying for as i say, at least 200000 people still trapped in marielle. paul, thank you so much. charles stratford reporting from therapy chinese crane close as arkansas while the village off of august. so i set to receive people from the evacuation areas and it just fall and under the control of rushing back,
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forces from done yet scan is now just a few kilometers from the latest front line. bernard smith is there. well, gas had only been secured in the last few hours, and it still feels very much like an active battlefield. certainly on the way in here, we saw very close by to our tillery shells, continuing to be fired. but for the meanwhile, it is quiet here. humanitarian aid is being given out to the local residence of gas, and this will be the village where refugees, if they want to come from vulnerable her will comments a few kilometers down the road. there is this cease fire that is supposed to be in place at the moment. we have heard some shelling, but we're told that if the refugees want to come here, this is one of the options they can come to or they can go separately in to russia
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. but it is an extremely dynamic situation. there is certainly continued shelling and it remains a very dangerous area. and you can hear that are hillary. that's really no, not far away at all. so a very tense situation really. and if there is a c, sorry to a very, very tenuous one. well, the ukranian president of all of them are zalinski, says the russian forces have completely destroyed the airports of the city of any emergency. services are still trying to put out fires at the air field which was hit by 8 rockets. sure enough, we need the lead wrong. i strikes against our city, which is never threatened russia, a cruel and cynical missiles striking the airport has been destroyed completely by continuing to destroy our lives,
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which generations of ukrainians have been building. we're asking every day, close to sky. it's russian missile, close it to a, the asian make a humanitarian needs are and we have people and this is your humanitarian jews. defend the people. and if you don't do it, and at least give us planes so we can defend ourselves, you can make one conclusion that you also want us to be killed. he will not cross over to the west of the country and bring enjoying a hall. he's joining us from the v of joan. i just wrap it up for us and tell us what you're hearing about fighting in other parts of the country. while those miss alice strike strikes on the airport in minutes here are interesting. of course, this is part of rushes evolving tactics to bring in much, much heavier artillery and long range missiles strikes. these are said to be a cruise missiles that piled into that airport. and part of why this is a strategy,
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as president landscape said, of cutting off and destroying civilian infrastructure to ensure essentially that what that there is little left for this country to survive upon when it comes to negotiating a piece. another arm of that strategy potentially present itself down to the south of the country around the course of the, of a desa at where he spoke earlier. mister didn't the saying that he believed that the russians were about to start bombarding. odessa, we've been reporting several days now, the expectation that something like that is about to happen. we've not seen any evidence to suggest that it is about to happen. so he may be going off intelligence were not aware of, but certainly movements of russian forces out of hash on the next. the port city they take took a few days ago, appeared to suggest and have appeared to suggest a movement, westwood, perhaps the double back and attack or desa, whilst the residence of the day has been preparing beach defences against the possible naval landing by black elements of the black sea fleet that they can see all day and hovering on the horizon in front of that would be an extraordinary
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development. it is an enormous economic thoroughfare. the country accounts for 70 percent of commercial shipping. it would be a widening of strategic objectives across the black sea coast, perhaps potentially to deny this country access to the sea at all. and of course, attacks continue involving civilians close the capital key of in that. so the colorado to the north and west of that will do a dormitory towns in one. in particular, we've received pictures in the last hour or pin a little town on the pin river through which a lot of people escaped in care of her been passing. in recent days shelling, continuing the civilians caught up the latest death till we understand 3 people killed. 2 of them. children. thank you so much, john hall reporting from the even western ukraine. well, our correspondence that boston has more from just from the year that's in the west of ukraine as well. well, this is just an,
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a very ordinary residential area in told me. and this is how an s strike or the impact of an s, right. looks like a russian air strike was done here on friday, a missile hit this area. this house, there was a young woman, a 28 years old. she died here. we just spoke to her father in that house over there . you see some people on the roof. 3 children got severely injured, ended up in hospital, the youngest was 3 years old. this is a pure residential area. it's not very far from an air base or military base. i have to say the military base is like hundreds of me to that way. and it's very hard for these residents to understand. what was actually the purpose of this strike was it's really the military base or was it was this the target? so there's a lot of anger here in this area because this is a 3rd residential area that i've seen struck here. and she told me,
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since i've arrived here, there was another one over there also in the vicinity of the military base, but not quite there. also residential area, lots of shops destroyed. and people are here just picking through the rubble. they're still like, completely in shock. lots of emotions, heartbreaking stories, people really completely don't understand why this area was hit. people have nowhere to go. they say because this is an unsafe area. lots of people have left. they don't know where to go. and it just picking up the pieces, trying to find something that is still valuable, that they can that, that they can keep. but the anger here is unbelievable. the people are really defiant. people are still here. say we're not going anywhere. and if the russians come, we will fight them personally. still ahead on al jazeera, why iraq is set to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world. and what's being done about it. a high profile author,
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critical of uganda us government has sold out 0. how he was forced to leave his own country after being tortured for a month. a has been sitting in barley recently. this is the last months of the wet season. ready for indonesia, and you get an idea that maybe the cats are trying to be a bit further north. not reliably yet because in the forecast, you've still got a good part of borneo sl away sea and java in the area where shares going to be deep. that's also true though. you'll notice up in the philippines. it's true still in sumatra, potentially malaysia, todd and louse and me and mark so it's just about everywhere to be quite honest. now we haven't got quite a seasonal change just yet for the north. there is rain is just come out of mainland china. so say in taiwan it will probably miss japan,
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and this may be the 1st day for quite some time. it hasn't been significantly snowy in at least some part of japan. temperature wise. that all the way up slowly it a good part of nolan. central china. incense is been up and down. anyway, hong kong, back up to 23. now the rain has gone. that rain guards the ocean. the sun is now the most dominant thing weatherwise throughout east asia. by time we get to tuesday, as it is throughout india, bangladesh, and pakistan, there are so shout in the finals of pakistan. there is rain in time will not of the could even be a bit of flooding here because it's the remains of a tropical depression. but by this time monday, there's just a few showers ah, take take the ships to democracies activists, the corporations control of the message is crucial oil companies and become very good at recognizing ways to phrase what they want. here we care about the environment you do to you should buy our oil plate for public opinion or profit.
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once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. the listening post examined the vested interest behind the content. you can see on al jazeera. oh, oh, oh, the me hello, we got the top stories on al jazeera, this, our russian and ukranian officials say a 2nd attempt to open a humanitarian court or to evacuate civilians in the city of variable hosp fails. the 1st time on saturday fell apart after both sides accused the other of violating a temporary cease fire. ukrainian president voluntarism and it says russian forces
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have completely destroyed the airport. of the city of any emergency services are still trying to put out fires out the airfield. which was hit by a rocket. us secretary of state anthony, blinking is an moldova for talks, and the former soviet state faces a surge of refugees from ukraine, blinking has placed his support to one of europe's poorest countries. $250000.00 ukranian refugees have already streams intimate over which is putting a strain on the countries social services rushes unprovoked. unwarranted war on ukraine has kicked off monitoring crisis that is already having a vast effect across the region, including here in the republic, moldova, as of today, as the president said, and estimated 240000 people from ukraine, across the border intervals over, fleeing for their lives there, mostly women and children. their number will grow only through joint efforts,
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consistent efforts to walk to airports of all the partners that we can help out green. we do need rob p a c stuff and the voltage of the international community festival in order to seize their bottles and to restore the piece id. hope that the tool that you are taking over those days in the countries of these region contributes to get there. we have a day visits of some other high ranking officials to the peace and foods of the cream. this is what we all want. this is what we all deserve, especially the crating of our correspondence and bas rob is following the situation at a border crossing between ukraine and poland. spoke to felipe grande's, the united nations high commissioner for refugees. it's very difficult to even listen to their stories. days and days of travel in the cold from their bomb
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cities, to seek safety here in poland. i saw the same 2 days ago in moldova, in romania it's all over, but poland this is taking the brunt of this enormous avalanche of people. 1.5000000, as you said, just today will reach this terrible figure. and what we also hear is that hundreds of thousands are on the move. so, and this is the prediction of the border guards here, who by the way, are doing a very good job. and they predict that the flow will increase not decrease in the next few days and perhaps beyond now, as you said, 1500000 people have already crossed. it hasn't even been 2 weeks. your prediction of 4000000 you were saying earlier might be too small in estimation, and it is a country of more than 40000000 people, a country that is currently under siege. what are your long term predictions for
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what might happen, or how much worse do you think it's going to get? is there any way to plan for it? it really depends on the conflict. if bombs continue to rain on cities, people will leave the yesterday or the day before i can't even remember in moldova . many people told me that they were leaving odessa all. this is not under attack because the sirens started the a resounding and they're so afraid that they leave. so it really depends on that. that's why it's so important. yes, there's a lot of talk about humanitarian corridors. that's very important. we are in my organization like others are in ukraine, will participate in any such operation to bring any relief to anybody who is trapped in the cities. but we need more than that. we need is his far, we need a cessation of hostilities. visa, mastercard,
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say they're suspending all operations in russia effective immediately. it means any credit card issued in the country can no longer be used and cards issued elsewhere won't work in russia. the block applies worldwide. they're the latest companies to whole business in russia since it's invasion of ukraine, allister model, and as a professor financial economy, a love for universe city, he says, economic sanctions against russia aren't enough to stop the war. it actually shows that private companies, banks, in this case, the car associations of they're actually taking their own action without waiting for government to say, you can do this. you can't do that. they're just drawing back from russia completely. so, you know, i think this is one of many examples of the private sector sanctioning russia a visa, mastercard that primarily used for personal spending. so you know, shops and restaurants and travel, that kind of thing. so it's, it's going to have further impact on the hospitality in the restaurant industry and
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travel industries in russia. and it's gonna have a big effect on the middle classes who use those services are employed by the services that i then see a very direct effect on the military machine. the military machine and in russia is not very externally dependent. doesn't need external financing in the long run. it needs technology from the west, but they've been planning this invasion of the 10 years. they've got, they've become food secure, they grow more grain and they need they eat, they can keep this will going for, for months. if not years, without, without sanctions directly affecting it. israel's prime minister, that's tele, bennett, has spoken to ukraine's president for the 3rd time in 2 days. on saturday, bennet made a surprise visit to moscow to discuss the ukraine crisis with the russian president vladimir putin. your crane's behest, israel has offered mediation to resolve the crisis. while the russian offensive in ukraine could pose
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a challenge for efforts to restore the 2015 iran nuclear deal. russian foreign minister a circuit live. rob is demanding a guarantee that sanctions imposed on russia won't affect its trade with iran. lab says under the 2015 deal, russia and china were allowed to help iran with a civilian nuclear program. he says russian investments shouldn't to be obstructed . lunch or that issue. and sung seek the catalog of aggressive sanctions that started to erupt from the west and hasn't finished yet in my understanding requires reflection 1st of all, by the lawyers. and we want to receive a very precise response. guarantees that the sanctions won't by any means effect mode of trade, economic and investment corporation with iran on the nuclear program. we've requested the american colleagues as they rule here, to give us written guarantees, at least at the level of the secretary of state. so that the current process launched by the united states will not by any means affect our rights for
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a free and full fledged trade, economic, military and investment cooperation with iran. mohammed mirandi is an advisor to the iran delegation in vienna. he says iran needs clarification about lab robes, comments about iran's nuclear program, negotiations. the iranians are waiting for verification from the russians because there were some comments made by other russian representatives. and it's not quite clear exactly what the russians mean. if it is linked to the actual implementation of the j. c. p. always, especially with regards to the iranian nuclear program itself. that is relevant because the russians play a role in resolving issue, they will be dealing with enrich, uranium and other elements of your program. so we're,
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we're still waiting for clarification. we're not the same time the negotiations on to over anyway. we are still waiting also for the americans to respond to a number of issues that need to be resolved in order for the j. c. u 8 to be revised because the ryans expect a full implementation of the j. c pos, over the last few months that we've had negotiations, they've been dragging their feet. and finally, we are getting there. but we're still not there. iraq is set to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world. transparency internationals index as bribes kickbacks on fraud are prevalent. many iraqis complained that corruption is still the main cause of political and social instability. osama bin job aid reports from northern iraq. steep slopes and narrow alley have forced the centuries old city to hold on to some of its traditional ways. dating back to 600
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b. c. across is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. and for generations, this has been the only mode of transport even bringing home the groceries is a challenge. downside have thing. every day i use my donkey to transport household needs and things can be carried without the help of donkeys. almost all of the residents of these neighborhoods own a donkey, which is technically their vehicle that they rely on. and the most basic services are affected. 8 of us municipality decided to use donkeys years ago to carry out the task of cleaning and transporting garbage from these neighborhood. our work is exhausting, but it may sound strange to any one who hears about it. but even the use of donkeys has led to charges of corruption. in recent years, local officials have been accused of making money by hiding donkeys that only exist on paper. and the mayor argues at bagdad budget gods have left many public
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employees working for free. $100.00 a month. i mean, we had many irregularities. many of the municipality workers, including some animals, were paid salaries even if they do not report to work. it became a court case at a later stage. ultimately, many of those workers ended their employment with the municipality, which has taken the heavy told on our operations. despite these irregularities, those workers were exonerated by the court. as for the donkeys, they continued to work before it goes fuel employees is a microcosm of the endemic corruption in iraq. recent research suggests that the way the system of government was that power brokers accumulate wealth and influence without providing basic services to the people. here, security forces caught inefficient taking bribes. it's an open secret, murphy as controlled ministries, and many government officials benefit and the rockies, blame corruption for poverty and unemployment. less than half the population voted in last october's election,
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and iraq still doesn't have an official government. but while the politicians struggled to form a government in baghdad across donkeys, carryon, their daily tasks oblivious of the corruption allegations against them, i'm a majority down to their northern iraq. a prominent author from uganda has been explaining why he fled his home country last month. he says he was tortured after being arrested in december, and he's known as an outspoken critic of uganda government, malcolm web reports. and quincy tier of a shy jer says this is the price he paid for, criticizing uganda, the ruling family. he says it ordeal began in december when soldiers broke into his house beat him, tied him and blindfolded him for driving him to a military barracks. i don't know. what do i use him to beat me in the buck? put, i must weep or away or something that really gets her into the skin
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was very pain for excruciating pain. he was detained for 4 weeks. he says he saw and heard several other prisoners being tortured to including one man whose skin was repeatedly burned with an iron. he says the interrogations were brutal, getting players. they start blocking flesh from my phase or this. he believes he was arrested because of the 2 books he's published. the 1st was a satirical critique, if you can, the president, yo re mas 70 and he says he was detained and tortured for it 2 years ago. he described what happened in the 2nd book. the ugandan government denies running torture chambers. this mother is being investigated by government within the facility. but the last rule, william says that the people who are deemed in new vendor, if you look through this as it is off the them of
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a speech in your vanda credited him, the 70 has rule you can do for 36 years. his regime is faced growing accusations of rights abuses. it's his son general ma hose. he kind of re gabber to cleanser blames for his detention and torture. mosey denies it and says he's never met cleanser. the cleanser says mozy saw him 3 times during his detention forced him to apologize, made threats, and offered him money to take his books offline and stop writing. and that is when i met general harvey for that time. and he was like, he wanted to be sure whether if i am ready today, i'm going to write another book about my daughter cleanser was taken to court last month and charged with insulting the ruling family. the court kept his passport, but he fled to germany, where he says he plans to write another book documenting what happened to him. they
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have the money, they have the gun but the bus the wrong, but the joker bo so traumatized. he can barely sleep for more than an hour before being woken by nightmares. he says he'll seek medical treatment in germany, but plans to return to you gander, and continue writing malcolm web out his era. ah, hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, russian and ukrainian officials say a 2nd attempt to open a humanitarian court or to evacuate civilians from the besieged city of rifle has failed. the 1st attempt on saturday fell apart after both sides accused the other of vile.


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